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Monsta X As Shit My Friends Have Said

Shownu: “He looks like a younger, less stressed version of me" 

 Wonho: "You know when how when you move bricks little pieces break off? I’m shitting those right now" 

 Minhyuk: "I will fight you" 

 Kihyun: "I will stop being salty. I can go back to being sweet and savoury" 

Hyungwon: "I’m not a source of entertainment. I’m a source of art’" 

 Jooheon: "I’m happy 95% of the time but you don’t have to walk around smiling all the time to show you have a good life" 

I.M: "Hey imagine this” *silence* “Sorry I was imagining it”

✨Box Braids✨
Model source: So this is from yesterday’s Livestream! Thanks for tuning in. People wanted to see how I worked with glow so I went ahead and did a quick demo. Hope someone found that useful! Thank you guys again 👌😊❤️️

friday dressed up as glados for halloween & scared the bejeezus out of everyone

Dream team!! Hagu and I drew the girls!!! 

It was a dream come true to get to do a collab with my art IDOL, source of so much inspiration, the WONDERFUL @haguberry!!! Their sketch brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful an d I can’t believe I got to work side by side with one of my favourite artists ever! Hagu!! It was truely an honour!! AH This was so fun and I can’t get over how pretty the result is!!! I am crying happy tears :’0000 THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS WITH ME <3

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what do you mean i can’t post more

The Ultimate Master AU Post 

(I finally did it XD hehe)

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i actually genuinely really like the su critical crowd cause we bounce ideas off each other to make something actually good, well-rounded, and well-crafted. it’s a ton of passion projects, people doing a bunch of brainstorming for no reason other than that they love(d) something enough that they want to make it better. and cause it’s basically crowd-sourced for the best ideas, anyone can contribute to the end of better writing, better pre- and post-production, and how they’d improve something if they were on the team. passing comments can spark in-depth analysis. whether you’re good at art or writing or character design, you can put your two cents in, and everyone just rolls with it. working together for the end goal of making something better than what we already have is just so great and i really love it??

OKAY, SO… This sigil isn’t mine. I found it on Tumblr, and decided how great it would be embroidered on a placemat type dealie for when you bust out the cards. I just ordered my first deck and am waiting for it to come in the mail… I’m super excited. As for who’s sigil it does originally belong to, in my notebook I have it sourced as being from @dailysigils. HOWEVER… I went to confirm this before posting, and I can’t for the life of me find the original art!! Can anyone confirm this?.. Ahhhh!


To end the year I wanted to do a tribute to @taylorswift as she is a huge source of inspiration to me! Taylor wore so many beautiful outfits at the 1989 World Tour so I decided to draw some of my favorites (it was hard to chose they were all incredible!) :)

As you think: you are, you do, you have, you be.
—  Art Lindell, on how your concept of yourself determines the portion of life you experience.

“The New Empress’ Consort”.

A commission. ‘Some sort of AU where Fef becomes empress and Rose is there and they’re in love.’

I’m always down to draw femslash. I liked the idea of Feferi having a room in her palace built with big windows and air to breathe so Rose can see out into the ocean. How that works scientifically, I have no clue. It’s like a reverse aquarium. I’m an artist, not an architect.


Do not remove source, do not use without permission unless you are the commissioner.


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Reposting (which is stealing art) is a huge problem in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom right now, but it shouldn’t be. This post shows that it can take less than a minute to find an artist. Everyone should always reverse image search and ask permission from the artist - no excuses.

Unfortunately, because art theft is a problem, this guide can hopefully help you find artists. Let them know when their work is posted without credit and permission.

Thanks to @portentous-offerings for letting me use Marinette and Her Romeo as an example here :)

How to Not Be a Chloe | Tips for Searching (coming soon)