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Giving In

Summary: Negan wants you. Plain and simple. His problem? You are deliberately playing hard to get. Your problem? His wives. But you should have known better than to cross him.

This story is rated E for Explicit. This ain’t for the faint of heart. I’m not even kidding. This is very graphic.

Smutty smut!

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Latte Art

“Why the hell are you staring at a cup of coffee?” Nishiki asked as he walked into the kitchen.

“No reason!” Touka insisted.

Okay…Not the first time she’s acted weird within the past couple of days. Not like he cares. “Well if you’re not drinking it, fork it over.”

He reached over to grab the cup but she shouted,” No!” before snatching it out of his reach.

“What’s the deal? It’s a stupid cup of coffee and if you’re not going to drink it yourself-” Touka quickly downed the cup, leaving Nishiki more confused than ever. “Ok… What’s your problem?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. Just go get some more milk. We’re out.”

“Huunh? I just got some yesterday! How are we already out? Unless you just poured it out like it was shit, we should still have some shitty Touka!”

She slammed the cup down, nearly cracking it. With a glare, she said,” You heard me shitty Nishiki! Just get the damn milk!”

“Fine.” What’s her problem anyways? Ever since Kaneki came back with them, Nishiki thought that they would just fuck like rabbits but- Wait, rabbits, milk… Latte art? Didn’t he say something about liking those foam rabbits that she drew? “Even if it doesn’t have latte art, I don’t think he cares.”

“What are you-”

“He probably just misses having some good coffee. Why ruin it with milk? It’s not like that latte art does anything to improve the taste.”

Touka blinked. “So you can say things that aren’t stupid, shitty Nishiki.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” he said right as he heard Kaneki’s footsteps down the stairs. “Just enjoy that he’s here, shitty Touka.”  


“Want some coffee?” she offered, feeling nervous that she was alone with him. She poured him a cup and slid it towards him. He liked the coffee before so it should be fine, even if it doesn’t have the rabbit art that he enjoyed all those years ago. (Though now thinking about it, he probably doesn’t even remember that.)

“Ah” a faint smile broke out on his face as his eyes lit up, “It tastes just like the manager’s.” She smiled in return. “Next time, if it’s not too much trouble, do you mind drawing a rabbit for me? You were really good at drawing them.”    

Did he still remember something like that?

Her smile grew a little wider. “Sure.”  

Peace in the Rain

Thomas Jefferson x Reader


Rain was peaceful. Rain was comforting.

Most people thought that you were crazy for thinking that, but you didn’t care. You were at peace when it was raining.

But you were not at peace right now.

A storm was brewing, one out side, and one in your home. You and your husband Thomas Jefferson were fighting.

About what you couldn’t remember, but it seemed that all of the internalized problems were coming to light.

Right now you were fighting about how much he traveled.

“Thomas you’re never home, and you never take me with you! How do you think that makes me feel?” you pleaded with him.

“Y/N I know that it’s hard, but you’re strong! You know that this is my job, so you should just learn to deal with it!” he retorted.

You wiped teardrops off your face with the sleeve of you gown. He just wouldn’t listen to you!

“Thomas please-”

“Don’t you ever stop? I need to get work done!” he yelled at you before going into his office and slamming the door.

You let out a broken sob and ran out the door.

You ran across the fields of the plantation and down the road, not even knowing where you were going.

You walked for an hour or two, the storm getting bigger and bigger the longer you walked.

The wind picked up, the sky lit up with lightning, and thunder rang through the fields.

It had an almost calming affect on you. Almost.

As you were turning the corner you didn’t see the runaway horse that was charging right towards you. Someone screamed but you didn’t hear. By the time you looked up it was too late.

You were trampled.

Everything hurt. Your head, ribs, chest, legs, you couldn’t breathe.

The owner of the horse took off for some help, trying to make sure that you would live.

You don’t know how long you laid there for, it felt like hours. Throbbing pain corsed through your body.

After awhile you heard galloping, someone was coming for you.

“Y/N!” a horrified voice called. Thomas was here.

He ran to your side and looked at you, his eyes filling with tears. He carefully pulled you into his arms, holding you close to him, knowing that this might be the last time he could do this.

“My love,” you tried to say. He hushed you.

“Darling don’t speak. You need to keep your strength up. Please, just fight for me, I need you. I-I’m so sorry,” he started sobbing.

“I’m sorry too Thomas. Please, can you ever forgive me?”

“Of course I will. It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I blame myself for all of this,” he told you, stroking your cheek.

“No Thomas. Do not blame yourself. It’s all okay,” you told him, smiling tiredly. “Will you sing to me? The lullaby that we would sing together when we were tired?”

He choked on his sobs, knowing that this would be the last few moments of your life.

But he swallowed his cries and cleared his throat, readying to sing to you in your final moments.

‘Lavender blue


Lavender green

If I were king


I’d need a queen

Whoa-oh, who told me so


Who told me so

I told myself


I told me so

If your dilly-dilly heart

Feels a dilly-dilly way

If you’ll answer yes

In a pretty little church

On a dilly-dilly day

You’ll be wed in a dilly-dilly dress of

Lavender blue


Lavender green

Then I’ll be king


You’ll be my queen

Then I’ll be king


You’ll be my queen’

“You’ll always be my queen Y/N. I love you.” He buried his head into your shoulder and started to cry softly.

You used all the strength left in you and raised your hand, running your fingers through his wet hair.

“I love you too Thomas.”

Your hand dropped next to you in the puddle, the rain washing away all the blood.

Your eyes closed softly, and you could hear the rain hitting the ground.

“Be at peace Y/N.”

You were able to say one last thing before all the life faded from your body.

“I find peace in the rain.”

anonymous asked:

kinda a weird question but here it goes! i am very anti donald trump and strongly believe that hillary should have won. BUT i'm only 15 and my parents although not super pro-trump believe he was the best choice. this leads to a lot of arguments over these candidates because i am very firm in my beliefs that this is setting our country back decades. so my question is how do you deal with intolerant parents? especially ones that are against the women's march (something i am 100% for) thank you!<3

i understand your problem. my grandparents are pro-trump, and i usually just avoid any political discussion with them whenever possible. but they live far away, so i can’t imagine what your situation must be like. both of my parents, while conservative, are anti-trump, so i don’t have to live with people whose political opinions i strongly oppose. it must be so difficult for you to live in that kind of environment.

it sounds like you have tried on multiple occasions to sway their opinions. maybe instead of arguing with them, have you tried framing it as an emotionally-focused discussion? you can start by stating how their support of trump makes you feel, and then ask them how you make them feel. it probably won’t change their minds, but talking to one another candidly and respectfully might build an understanding between you that can eliminate the arguments you mentioned. since you are only 15 and will have to live with your parents for at least another few years, this might be one of the safest options.

if that doesn’t work, my advice would be: if they won’t listen to you, let it be. i hate to have to say this, but if you want to maintain a good relationship with your parents, barring all political discussions might be a smart move. (this is what i’ve done with my grandparents.) there are some people in our lives who won’t change their views, and sometimes we can’t do anything about it. if the arguments are jeopardizing the state of your relationship, you might want to consider waiting it out.

soon, trump will cross a line, and your parents might see things differently. until then, you might want to make your opinions known and then wait for them to catch up with you. i hope you come to a peaceful solution soon!

wishing you the best,


different kinds of food touching each other has never been a huge problem for me - if one kind of food is covered in some kind of gravy of sauce or whatever I’d prefer it not to touch the other foods, but it’s not a big deal if it does - but I still always only eat one food at a time

when I lived at home, my parents were always telling me “no, you’re doing that wrong, you should put different kinds of food on your fork at once and then eat it” and I just kept thinking “why the hell do you care how I eat my food?”

anonymous asked:

Hi Seo! How should I deal with always getting lower grades than my friends? I feel like there's so much competition between us and it just genuinely ruins my day whenever I think about it :(

are you the only one feeling that way or do your friends feel that way too? try having a talk with your friends about it because tension in friendships isn’t rlly good ahahaha

How To Deal With Sunken Ships

So the characters you so desperately hoped would end up together didn’t end up together. All the little teases, the “will they won’t they” moments were all for nothing in the end. Truly, a travesty. 

Now that your ship has been sunk, what should you do? Kill yourself? No, because it’s simply a piece of media. If your life and self-worth are rooted that deeply in a television show or book or movie, you have a lot more problems to worry about than two characters not ending up together.

So what should you do? It’s simple. Move on. It’s a television show. So the characters didn’t end up together. Bummer. But life goes on. If that’s the biggest problem in your life, then you need to get your priorities straight because it sounds like you have a pretty good life. So the writers/producers/directors didn’t cater to you and your headcanon. Get over it. Grow a spine and get over it.

This has been a PSA


haven appreciation week | day two: favorite episode
who, what, where, wendigo? 

you were there
you were small
there was screaming down the hall

Relationship Meme
  1. How do you view people who are similar to you?
  2. Is copying the sincerest form of flattery?
  3. Do you believe people are either good or bad?
  4. Do you believe certain people would be better off dead?
  5. Would you trust anyone to protect you?
  6. Do you need to have a leader role? Would you fight someone if they competed or just let it go?
  7. Do you you believe your parents know best? If not, then who?
  8. Is it best to have friends who are convenient to you or friends who are genuine?
  9. Is marriage for love or for business?
  10. Should people be judged on how they look? Would you judge others in such a way?
  11. Do you believe being disliked makes you stronger or more of a threat?
  12. Are problems best shared or should people keep them to themselves?
  13. Do you believe people who force you out of your comfort zone are helpful? Annoying? Do you want to deal with them at all?
  14. Even if you know nothing about a subject do you feel the need to take part?
  15. How do you view people who are your opposites?
  16. Do you interact with others with a special or different persona or attitude?
  17. Do you prefer to be around extroverts or introverts? Or does it not matter to you either way?
  18. If you need help are you more likely to accept it from anyone or only close friends? Do you ever accept help in general?
  19. How do you feel about party games like truth or dare? Do you wish people would leave you out of them?
  20. Do you wish people paid you more attention?
  21. Do you wish no one ever paid you any attention?
  22. Do you think authority figures are looking out for your best interests and should be trusted?
  23. Do you believe people would be upset if you disappeared one day or more relieved?
  24. Do you get along better with people older than you or younger than you? Perhaps the same age?
  25. What does it take for you to consider someone an enemy?
  26. What does it take for you to consider someone a friend?
  27. What are your thoughts on public displays of affection or skinship?
  28. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and everyone’s got an agenda. Do you believe that?
  29. Do you consider it creepy or undesirable if someone knows too much about you?
  30. Would you do something horrible in order to save your friends even though they’d loathe you for it? 
  31. Do you remember anyone you used to get along with? Why did you stop getting along?
  32. Would you be happy being thought of as a subordinate to someone?
  33. Is family more important than any other relationship?
  34. Do you think friendship is better and more powerful than love?
  35. Would you rather hurt people or let people hurt you?
  36. Do you believe peace is best and as such, avert your eyes to misdeeds?
  37. Do you believe it’s fine to be alone so long as you’re true to yourself?
  38. Do you think honest people are foolish people?
  39. Do lies bother you even if they’re for a good cause?
  40. Do you believe there are some relationships that can’t be broken by anything?
  • Casefile #0117
  • The Riddler
  • The Riddler Speaks

Casefile #0117

culandra asks: I don’t know how up to date the hospital you currently reside in is, but there has supposedly been a recent breaktrhough in immunotherapy. It should be more focused on the cancer cells rather than the healthy tissue around the tumour. Might be worth checking out. Get well soon.


captaindemitrios asks: Do you have a plan for dealing with your illness? Are you just giving up already? There are endless resources in Gotham and Metropolis for these kinds of problems, you know.

gr8estwulfluvreva  asked:

Can I have a scenario where Kid and his crew have to combat their greatest foe of all: Kid's female s/o on her period. I'm not expecting much, just fluff and maybe some crew members being scared of her rage should they choose to annoy her. If you dun do this then that's okay :3

Hcs because I have no clue how I should appproach this as a scenario

  • This is really something that Kid doesn’t want to deal with at all
  • Like this redhaired idiot your poster child for getting annoyed over his girlfriends “women problems”
  • brushes all of his boyfriend responsibilities off to Killer
  • Killer is more undestanding but honestly he doesnt wanna deal with her either, help
  • Which sucks for him because everybody on the ship is pretty scared of Kid’s girl (including Kid himself) safe for Killer so hes being chosen every month to take care of her
  • Killer usually drags Kid with him or throws a “fuck you all” into the room

Cas stepped forward and put an arm out to stop your ex’s progress towards you. “What are you doing here? I believe Y/N has been very clear about not wanting to see you,” he said plainly. His stare was steadfast.

“Excuse me? Who the hell are you to stop me?” your ex demanded, clearly angry at Cas’ interference. “Are we going to have some sort of problem?”

Cas didn’t flinch. “I think we already have one. I’d suggest that you concede and leave immediately.” Cas refused to step aside even as your ex stepped in closer towards him, getting in his face.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do. I guess we do have a problem,” your ex snapped back.

Cas had been trying to avoid a conflict for your sake, but inside he could only think about how much he wanted to “deal” with your ex. “Then I guess we do. Perhaps we should step outside.”

You watched as your ex laughed heartily. He was taller than Cas, but he didn’t realize that he was instigating a fight with an angel. A smirk grew on Cas’ face when he realized that he was going to have the opportunity to put an end to something that was causing you a great amount of stress. “After you,” he said, gesturing to the door leading into the parking lot…

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm planning on going to the Phoenix 2017 SPNcon this year. My parents are making me a deal; If I get good grades this term, they will pay for it (including a photo op with Misha) and take me + one friend there. The only problem is, I'm afraid that it will sell out by the time this term's over. Should I ask for them to pay for it now, or should I just keep my fingers crossed and hope that tickets for Saturday are still avaliable?

Hi there

How long is your term? You probably should be fine, but you never know. Sunday usually sells out and sometimes Saturday. I always recommend getting tickets as soon as you are able.

So fingers crossed, and good luck with your studies!


upfrog  asked:

I did what you advised with the hyenas and all, but now animal control is after me, and my friend is no longer talking to me. Also I now have a basement full of dead kids. How should I deal with these problems? And is there any chance of saving the resale value of my home?

More bad advice:

House: arson
You: steal your friend’s identity
Start drinking heavily

  • Wise Mind: Okay. Things are heading in the direction of Not Good™ and it would be best to remember this line of thought is only temporary and will pass. Go to sleep. Take on tomorrow refreshed.
  • Emotional Mind: okay that sounds Great and thanks for your input, but what if we just stay up and remember all the ways you're failing and think about how everyone else hates you and you should hate yourself too
Question for Women in Technical Theater

Do any of you feel the need to portray yourself as “one of the guys” in order to not be objectified constantly, or as less competent than your male coworkers?

I’ve been dealing with it all summer, and I’m getting tired of it. I don’t think it should be necessary to pretend to be more masculine than I am in order to be taken seriously.

Any advice from those who’ve dealt with this on how to handle this in the future, for me and other women who have this problem?


Captain America Imagine: It’s my favourite

Reading was something that let you find piece in your day, working with the Avengers was tough and sometimes you needed to do things alone, just to recollect your thoughts and just get at peace with yourself and your job. Reading took away all the stress and the worry and gave you some time in someone else’s world, not having to deal with your own problems, but rather reading about hot the character dealt with theirs.

Part of you loved your job, being the hero, saving the civilians; this is all you ever wanted to do; help people. Although there was a negative side to your job which scarred you more and more each time, you had to hurt and kill. I mean sure, they were bad guys, but you were taking their lives, and no matter how hard you told yourself that they should be dead, it hurt each time you fired a bullet or threw a blade.

You had just returned from a mission and it had gone much worse than you were expecting. You had to shoot a small child, yes he was a murderer from HYDRA, he had been tested on and given drugs after drugs until he was more drug than boy. The power he had been given made him too dangerous to not be taken out. Steve had planned to kill him but was being held back by the boys power, so you took the shot, watching the boy fall in pain, the scream still ringing in your ears now.

You slammed your door closed shut and fell to the floor screaming loudly into your hands letting the tears fall, each drop feeling like acid. Standing up you walked over and grabbed a couple tissues from your bedside table before sitting with you back against the headboard, once again letting the tears fall. A knock at the door made you take a shaky breath in, you sniffled away your tears the best you could before opening the door to reveal a concerned looking Steve. “Oh y/n” he mumbled wiping away the tears with his thumb and rubbing his hand over your shoulders.

“Oh come in, come in” you whispered trying to hide your sadness. “I’m fine honestly, I just erm” you struggled looking desperately for an excuse as Steve showed you a sympathetic smile. “Y/n, here” he handed you a book with a title you could not pronounce. “This is my favourite book, I had it before I was in the ice, it is one of my few old belongings. It’s what I used to read to take my mind of things, and well I thought you could use it” he chuckled as you pulled him into a tight hug, only with one hand though, the other keeping a strong hold on the book, running a hand down the spine, feeling the frayed edges. “Thank you” you whispered pulling away from his strong embrace and looking into his attractive eyes. “Anytime, y/n” he spoke moving forward so the words were hitting your lips, “Anytime” he repeated before placing his lips onto yours.

witchesbitches101 It’s Halloween, are you summoning a demon?

Don’t fuck with demons guys. My sister started fucking around with a ouija board and now there’s a spirit in my house.

1. Deal with the spirit and you should be fine. In fact the post you reblogged with this comment has links to protection and house-cleaning articles so there you go. I mean by your URL I’m guessing you’re a witch so you need to learn to deal with spirits tbh. Many spirits are not malicious and most are multi-natured, they’re just like people in that regard.

2. If you are having a problem with ouija summoning unwanted spirits then you need to learn to not do that. @theouijagirl has great info on how to do spirit boards so check that out.

3. Demons and ouija aren’t the same thing, one is a very broad category of spirit or god (yes really, Ba’al and Astaroth for instance are deities rebranded as demons) that has been claimed rightfully or unrightfully by someone or some culture to be malign, one is a divination board game based on spirit boards. Neither are inherently evil, just like witches aren’t.

4. The post you’re responding to has links to detailed instructions on how not to screw it up with demons.