this is how you know i have a lot of homework and have done none of it

1. Take a clipboard to school.
You have to be prepared to do homework ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Carry it in your hand with some paper and your homework clipped onto it and get work done whenever you can. Don’t keep the clipboard in your bag.

Keeping track of assignments and important dates helps clear your mind. You don’t have to worry about remembering everything because all of it is written down. If you have a lot going on at once, start a bullet journal. If you can, divide your planner into sections based on different activities. For example, my bullet journal has 4 major sections: school work, extracurricular activities, community service, and general life issues. This creates order in the midst of chaos and also enforces the idea of taking everything one at a time. Your planner shouldn’t overwhelm you.

3. Get the biggest calendar you can find and hang it on the wall.
The purpose of the calendar is to allow you to establish a general time frame for everything you need to do. PLAN AHEAD. Make sure EVERYTHING is on that calendar. Being overwhelmed by your planner is bad because it leads to a stressful day; your calendar takes on the role of allowing you to see the big picture. Having everything written down on a calendar creates a sense of urgency that’ll decrease the likelihood or duration of procrastination.

4. If you’re taking multiple AP classes, dedicate at least one day of the week to each subject.
I had 7 AP’s so I studied a different subject each day. For example, every Monday was Macroeconomics day. I took my econ review book to school on Mondays and studied whenever I had some extra time. Start doing this 3 or 4 months before the exams in May to avoid cramming and excessive stress.

5. Sleep whenever you can but avoid sleeping on the way home from school.
If you enter your home feeling sleepy the bed is going to be extra enticing.

6. If you NEED to pull an all-nighter (try to avoid them), drink a cup of straight up black coffee (no sugar) and take a 20 minute nap.
It takes some time for the caffeine to kick in so you might as well get some sleep. You’ll eventually get used to the bitterness.

7. Sometimes you need to skip school but don’t skip unless you absolutely have to.
If you do, you better not sleep in! Wake up normally and get to work ASAP. Do the makeup work and turn it in the next day, even if you don’t have to.

8. Study smarter, not harder.
Figure out which study methods work for you. Note-taking is time-consuming so try to find alternatives. You don’t have to make everything aesthetically pleasing to post it on tumblr. In fact, if you’re compelled to take pretty notes just to post it on tumblr, LEAVE NOW. DO NOT WASTE TIME.

9. Do homework for the learning experience instead of the grade.
Don’t copy work from your friends. If you use homework as a study resource, you won’t have to worry about long review sessions before a test. I have never studied for a Spanish test but the lowest score I’ve ever gotten on one is a 93. How? I did my homework.  

Perfection = waste of time. Don’t spend 10 hours writing an essay if you know you can get the same grade by only spending 2. I used to believe that the most important thing was being proud of everything you put your name on but none of that matters when you haven’t slept in 48 hours.

11. Complete the difficult tasks first.
One of the many reasons people procrastinate is to avoid difficult tasks. If you save the hardest assignment for last, you’re more vulnerable to wasting time.

12. This one is very bad because it involves lying but it saved my grade a couple of times: ALWAYS turn in your homework.
Why? Rarely missing an assignment gives you a good reputation and teachers tend to trust hardworking students. If you ever forget to do an assignment and you’re known to be a good student, your teacher is more likely to believe your excuse. Or, if you really left it at home, he/she/they might give you an extra day.

Can’t turn in your essay because you told yourself you’d print it in the morning and forgot? No worries! It’s in google drive! Need a past assignment for reference but have the copy at home? No worries! It’s in google drive!

14. Your study space significantly impacts productivity. Organize your room/space to maximize concentration/productivity.

15. MOST IMPORTANTLY, give yourself some time off.
If you don’t, you’ll eventually burn out and nothing will be able to motivate you again. I like to go watch a movie alone once in a while because it clears my mind for 2 hours. Being constantly bombarded with due dates can lead to massive anxiety issues. And guess what? You can’t get anything done if you’re having multiple panic attacks or if you’re in bed all day because you’re depressed. Take care of yourself. School can wait but your physical and mental health can’t.

A Little Like Whiplash

(based on this, part two of this, Russian translations under the story itself) 

Jonathan isn’t generally a judgemental person. He likes to think that he sees the best in most people, even if they don’t deserve it.

For some reason, he’s never been able to do that with Yuri Plisetsky, the Russian bombshell that nobody knows or cares to know because he’s terrifying and has a tendency to be an asshole.

He has the distinct impression that Yuri, despite clearly not being a scholarship kid (he’s wearing designer everything, and he drives a Maserati; there’s no way that he came to Portland State for any reason other than that he wanted to), would rather be anywhere but here. He sleeps through the two classes that he shares with Jonathan, and for some reason, the professors allow it. If he was a bit less of an antisocial shit, though, Jonathan would probably have a crush; for all his faults, Yuri is one the most attractive person that he’s ever seen outside of magazines with his immaculately braided, waist-length hair and pouty lips and perfect eyeliner (Jonathan is sure he’s the only one that’s noticed that last bit; the subtlety of it is the reason it’s so damn perfect).

The first time he ever actually says anything, it’s one of those days that the professor decides, for whatever reason, not to show up for class. Until the fifteen minute limit passes, the class hums with a low buzz of noise. Yuri, predictably, is asleep.

Jonathan has a few friends in this class, Anthony and Thomas, and they’re chatting quietly about the baseball game on Saturday. Somehow, the topic shifts to that one asshole that’s always sleeping through class.

“Fifteen minutes!” The girl by the door calls out, and the class gets up.

“I’m just saying, why pay for the classes if you’re just gonna sleep through them?” Anthony says, shouldering his bag and heading for the door.

There’s a snort from behind them. Veronica. Jonathan really doesn’t want to deal with her right now; she’s even worse than Yuri, if only because she isn’t quiet about her disdain for the rest of them. “You know they only accept applications from people like him because he’s part of a minority, right?”

When she sees Jonathan’s raised eyebrows, she mistakes his irritation for curiosity. “Come on, don’t tell me you can’t tell. He’s a goddamn fairy.”

He’s wondering if outing himself here and now would make the situation better or worse when there’s an angry “Huh?” from behind them. The loud bang that follows terrifies all of them, but particularly Jonathan, Veronica, and the other two. Jonathan hadn’t even noticed that Yuri was awake, much less that he was nearby. Now his foot is against the wall, not even an inch from Veronica’s head (flexible, Jonathan can’t help but think). The look on his face pumps shards of ice through Jonathan’s veins.

“There is nothing wrong with being gay,” he growls.

His voice is different than Jonathan would have expected; maybe it’s a bit stereotypical, but he’d expected a low tenor, rather than a mezzo baritone, and his accent is there, but not nearly as thick as Jonathan expected. He stalks out of the room dangerously, and the entire class just stands there in shock for a moment.

Next week, when Veronica stops coming to class and he hears that she’s been expelled, Jonathan is sure that it has everything to do with the rich guy sleeping two seats behind him.

“Jonathan, there are only three people in your group for the upcoming term paper,” the professor says, jolting Jonathan out of his thoughts. It’s true; he, Anthony, and Thomas are planning on working together, since there were an odd number of people in the class. Now that Veronica is gone, that’s not true anymore. “I’m assigning Yuri to your group.”

Fantastic, Jonathan thinks, glancing at Yuri.

He looks up blearily and mutters something in the most snide, sarcastic voice Jonathan has ever heard– yoroshiku onegaishimasu –before dropping his head back on his arms. That didn’t sound like Russian, Jonathan thinks, packing up to leave.

Thomas nudges him. “Dude!” he whispers. “He speaks Japanese? What the hell? And I think that was supposed to be polite, but it sounded like an insult.”

“He can also hear you,” comes from behind them. Yuri has apparently given up on sleep since class is over, and has his phone in his hand. The one that isn’t texting reaches behind him and tugs on something that releases the bun he’s sporting today, letting the waist-length braid fall down his back. He leans his face in one hand and stares at his phone boredly. “You three aren’t the most oblivious people I know, but you’re definitely in the top twenty.”

Jonathan doesn’t know what to say, really. The hottest, laziest guy in class is in a group with him for a paper that’s worth twenty percent of their grade, and their first conversation has gotten off to the worst start possible.

“So,” Anthony says awkwardly. “When do you guys want to meet up?”

“I’m only free on Tuesdays. Yuri, I’m pretty sure you only have class twice a week? Maybe we can meet up for lunch,” Thomas says, trying a friendly approach.

“I can’t meet up on my days off. I have training. It’s a paper on the Japan’s involvement in World War II and how it affects today, right?” Yuri asks, still looking bored.

“Yeah. What do you mean? Do you practice all day on every one of your days off or something?” Anthony sounds mildly teasing, but there’s an undertone of disbelief there.

Yuri looks at Anthony, as if he can’t believe he would ask such a stupid question. “Um, yes? What else would I be doing?”

None of them really has a response for that. Yuri doesn’t look like the athletic type, really. He’s lean, almost willowy; not skinny by any means, since there’s definitely muscle there, but it’s not the build Jonathan would expect from an athlete who practices as much as Yuri claims to.

“Anyway, I’ll deal with the history part,” Yuri says, standing up and stretching. Jonathan tries not to stare at the thin strip of skin that appears when he does. What? He may be an asshole, but Yuri is gorgeous. He’d have to be dead not to notice. “I’ll have it to you by… Tuesday, right?”

“I can do Tuesday,” Jonathan says, not really sure what’s happening anymore.

“So can I.”

Yuri blinks and glances at the table searchingly. “Right,” he says, picking up a sticky note he’d left there and scribbling something down. “Here’s my number. Text me your emails and I’ll send you my part of the project. Bye.”

He walks out of the room, phone already at his ear. “Beka! Vy prikhodite na obed segodnya?

Jonathan looks at Anthony and Thomas, not totally sure what just happened. “So who’s going to pick up the slack on his part?”

That’s not actually necessary, it turns out. Jonathan sent Yuri his email out of courtesy, but when he rolls out of bed on Saturday morning, he finds four pages of 12 point Times New Roman font on Japan’s involvement in World War II, complete with instructions to let Yuri know if there’s anything else that they want him to do (but he won’t be doing the whole damn thing, he doesn’t have time for that).

Except for a few grammatical errors, there’s almost nothing wrong with the work. Jonathan is floored. Maybe this is why the professors let Yuri sleep through class. It’s disrespectful as all hell, but from the way he writes, it’s almost like he doesn’t need to be there at all.

When he’s awake and recovered enough to send a reply, he does. He lets Yuri that there’s nothing wrong with the work, and that he’s looking forward to class on Wednesday. He’s not, but it’s the polite thing to do.

Apparently, Yuri doesn’t planning on extending the same courtesy. “Can’t make it,” he says again, looking bored as he taps away on his phone.

This time, Jonathan actually speaks up. “We could meet up after you’re done with practice or something. It actually works out better for me and Anthony, since we have class on Tuesday.”

“That would work, I guess, but I’m going to be in Japan on Tuesday.” The tone of Yuri’s voice doesn’t change, despite the bomb he’s just dropped.

Why the hell would anyone just up and leave for Japan in the middle of the semester? No matter how rich Yuri is (and he’s definitely rich; they may not know anything about him, but he’s definitely a rich Russian of some sort) it makes no sense. He’s going to miss at least three days of class even if he’s only going to be in Japan for one day, which Jonathan highly doubts. He doesn’t care how pretty or smart this kid thinks he is, there’s no way for him to pass his classes with the way he acts.

“Then cancel it.” He doesn’t even realize that he’s saying the words until they’re out of his mouth, and by then it’s too late.

The look that Yuri fixes on him is as dangerous as it was that day with Veronica. “Fuck you.”

Jonathan backpedals. “I didn’t mean–”

Yuri’s phone rings, cutting him off. The ringtone in itself is enough to cause all three jaws to drop; it’s some classical thing with a boys’ choir singing in what sounds like Latin. Yuri sneers at them, and Jonathan can’t help but think he may have fucked up pretty bad. “Just send me whatever part you want me to handle for the presentation and I’ll do it. Tell me to cancel my trip again, and I won’t do my bit. I’ll still pass without this stupid project.”

He gets up and stalks toward the door, picking up the phone. “Yeah, yeah. I’m on my way to the parking lot now. Shit! Would it kill you to wait a minute and a half, Dad? I said I’ll be there in a minute! Katsudon, get your husband off the goddamn phone when he’s driving. Do you want to die?”

Yet again, there’s this feeling of not really knowing what’s happening by the time Yuri is out of sight. I’ll still pass without this stupid project, he said. That’s almost impossible, unless he has an A in the class. Which he shouldn’t, because he sleeps through it. His participation grade alone should have dropped him to a B unless he’s gotten A’s on every single assignment. There’s no way.

“I need a drink,” Jonathan mutters, and there are murmured agreements from Anthony and Thomas both. “You guys want to go to Shizuku?”

“I’m down.” Anthony says. “Hell, I’ll pay. My treat, after all of that bullshit.”

It’s not even ten minutes to their favorite restaurant by car, but they figure it’ll be easier to walk. There’s no point in driving three cars to get to one place, and none of them are keen on getting their cars out of the student lot right now, since it’s nearly rush hour.

It takes them about thirty minutes to get there, and it’s blessedly empty when they do. There are only a few occupied tables. Still, it seems louder than it usually does, Jonathan notices as they’re waiting to be seated. There’s one table in particular that seems to be making more noise than the rest of the restaurant combined. That makes sense, he thinks, eyeing the back of a silver-haired man’s head. There are a lot of them. At least six, it looks like.

Posmotrite na kotenke, Beka! Eto tak milo! Posmotrite na svoikh malen'kikh lapakh i khvoste.” That voice… it sounds way too happy to be him, but given how the day has gone, Jonathan wouldn’t be surprised.

The silver haired guy moves slightly. It looks like he leaned his face on his hand. “Yurio, don’t be rude. You and your friend aren’t the only people at this table, you know. Richard and Estephania are here too, and they don’t speak Russian.”

“It’s fine,” the person on silver haired’s left says. She has long, dark hair that swishes when she shakes her head. “It’s funny to see Yuri so excited about something for once.”

Jonathan gets a partial view of someone with dark hair and a very serious face. It’s almost scary how quickly he realises that he’s being looked at, and he looks Jonathan dead in the eye. The man nods once, then looks away without acknowledging him further.

“Beka? What are you looking at?” A head of blond hair comes into view, and Jonathan finds himself looking directly into the eyes of Yuri Plisetsky.

I fucked up, Jonathan thinks immediately, watching the mirth drain out of Yuri’s eyes almost instantly, replaced with irritation.

“Johnny? What is it– Oh, shit.” Anthony hides behind a menu.

“If you’re stalking me, I swear to god I will shove my silverware up your respective asses,” Yuri says, looking dead serious. “I have more than enough stalkers.”

That’s cause enough for Jonathan to pause and wonder what he means, but then the strangest thing happens. Instead of looking even remotely alarmed, the way any normal person would, the three people with their backs facing toward Jonathan, Anthony, and Thomas all turn at a totally normal, unhurried pace. Two of them, the silver haired man and the Asian looking man next to him, are even smiling.

“Hello!” the silver haired man says, waving. “Are you Yurio’s friends? Here, come sit with us! We’ve never met any of his friends from school before.”

Who the hell says something like that after hearing him call us stalkers? Jonathan thinks, feeling out of his element and way too overwhelmed. There’s really nothing to do but accept, so the three of them walk to the table as a group.

“Ya dumal, chto u vas ne bylo druzey v Amerike,” the serious man says to Yuri quietly, probably trying not to be heard.

Yuri looks murderous. “Ya ne.”

There’s a split second war between Thomas, Jonathan, and Anthony as to who is going to sit next to the scary serious guy. Jonathan loses. It’s fine. He’ll take scary serious guy over angry Yuri Plisetsky any day.

“My name is Otabek. Yuri is my best friend,” scary serious guy says, holding out a hand.

Jonathan takes it hesitantly, but Otabek’s grip isn’t anything but polite. “Jonathan. That’s Thomas, and that’s Anthony. We take American History with Yuri.”

“My name is Victor, and this is my husband Yuuri! Not your Yuri, we call him Yurio,” the silver haired man says. The Japanese man next to him blushes, and Jonathan supposes that he’s the other Yuuri.

“I will shove my knife shoes so far up your ass, Nikiforov, that you won’t be able to sit for a year,” Yuri warns.

“Yurio is our son. We’re so glad Yuri is actually making friends at school, I was worried for a while. I’m sure you know how tricky he can be sometimes,” Victor continues, ignoring the incredibly violent threat as if it happens every day. What the hell did Yuri even mean by knife shoes, anyway?

“You shut the fuck up, old man!”

It doesn’t surprise Jonathan in the slightest that Yuri has two dads; it explains a lot about the whole incident with Veronica earlier this year. What he is surprised about is the fact that Yuri’s dads seem so… nice.

Jonathan isn’t sure if that’s pleasant or terrifying.

“Victor and Yuuri are my figure skating coaches,” Yuri mutters, sounding like he’d rather be doing anything but this.

“Wait, you’re a figure skater?” Thomas asks, looking intrigued; seriously, how that guy manages to be so laid back all the time is– wait, what?

“Is that what you keep missing meetings to practice?” Jonathan asks. Suddenly it all makes sense: the lean muscle, the crazy flexibility and precision it would require to nearly kick someone in the head, the whole random flight to Japan.

The entire table erupts into laughter, even the Hispanic woman and the other man that they haven’t been introduced to yet.

Yuri turns bright red, looking both flustered and annoyed. “Oh, fuck off, all of you. Especially you, Katsudon! You have no right to laugh after what happened with these two.” He points aggressively at the two people Jonathan and the others don’t know.

The Japanese man, Yuuri, is the first one to manage to stop laughing. “I’m sorry, Yura. I’m laughing because I know how you feel.” He turns to Jonathan, Thomas, and Anthony, still smiling brightly. “He actually medalled at the Olympics last year. He’s won gold for Russia several times, as well.”

Jonathan isn’t the only person at the table with his jaw dropped. The waitress comes by and sets waters in front of the three of them. Even when she leaves, he still can’t figure out what he’s supposed to say. He’s pretty sure that earlier today, he just told an Olympian medalist to cancel a trip to what was probably a competition at the last minute. He wants to die of embarrassment, even if he had good reason.

“He probably didn’t mention it because he’s too angry that he let that Canadian get gold and he only got bronze,” Victor teases. He slings an arm around his husband. “Still, my son and my husband on the podium at the same time! It’s any man’s dream. I’m so proud!”

There’s a scraping noise on the table. When Jonathan looks down, he sees that Otabek slid over a phone with the screen open to a news article about men’s figure skating and yep, there’s Yuuri. And that’s definitely Yuri, but he looks… different. Happy. Jonathan looks from Otabek to Yuri to the article, then back to Otabek. He knows he’s panicking, because there’s nothing he can really say to make himself feel less awkward but maybe someone calm like Otabek can help him out.

Otabek gives him a thumbs up.

Translations (let me know if I need to fix any, I don’t speak Russian) 

yoroshiku onegaishimasu - Japanese - I look forward to working with you (yes, he’s being a sarcastic little shit here)

Vy prikhodite na obed segodnya? - Russian - roughly translates to “we’re still on for lunch today?”

Posmotrite na kotenke, Beka! Eto tak milo! Posmotrite na svoikh malen'kikh lapakh i khvoste. - Russian - Look at the kitten, Beka! It’s so cute! Look at its little paws and tail.

Ya dumal, chto u vas ne bylo druzey v Amerike - Russian - I thought you said you don’t have friends in America.

Ya ne. - Russian - I don’t.

New Perspective - Peter Parker

Request from Anonymous: Hey! Can you do a Peter Parker imagine during civil war (reader is in team cap.) in which the reader is a class mate of Peter, and a Avanger with ‘sort of’ the things that 'Mistique’ can do (with all the shape shifting), which gives gives reader a lot of advantages while fighting against poor Peter, and she just makes a lot of fun of him for just not getting anything on her. Sry I Just imagine it pretty cute and funny ^^

Words: 1255

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I hope I’ve got everything in here that you wanted (I didn’t really know what I was doing so I just played with the shape shifting part but I hope it’s okay). I’m team Tony so writing about the reader on team Cap was certainly interesting. I hope it’s funny :)

You weren’t exactly scared, but you were definitely nervous. You knew what everyone on the team could do and the thought of fighting half of them was not on the list of things you wanted to do in life.

This was even going to have an effect on your school work. Going to Germany so close to finals had also not been on the list of things you wanted to do.

“Ready?” Steve asked everyone.

You nodded and soon you were out in the middle of the airport with your team, facing the people that you had considered to be people you would never fight with, in front of you.

Honestly, you had hoped that this wouldn’t come to a fight - you thought everyone was better than this. But if it came to a fight, like it had, you knew that you had to stand up for what you believed in.

Steve spoke to Tony. You noticed that they both really didn’t want to fight like this. But seen as they both had conflicting ideas, there wasn’t any other option.

All of a sudden Tony called “Underoos!” and someone in a red and blue suit flipped in and grabbed Steve’s shield. You were glad you had one more person on your team but now everything was even if this person, whoever they were, was on Tony’s.

“Hey everyone.” They said. It was a guy, you noticed, and not an old one.

“Who’s that?” You whispered to Wanda.

“I don’t know.” She said, “But give him hell.”

You grinned at this and then turned back to the opposing team.

You saw this new guy looking at you with his head tilted slightly as if he was trying to work out something. When he saw you looking back at him he returned his attention back to Tony. You were now starting to question what you had gotten yourself into. Maybe homework would have been better.

Now the niceties were over and done with, the proper fight started. It really did hurt to see your friends fighting each other.

You ran over to behind a wheel of one of the planes and looked out of what was going on. Everyone seemed to be engaged in little fights of their own. You didn’t know where that new guy had gone but you knew it wouldn’t be long until you ran into him again.

You had decided on going to help Clint fight Natasha and ran out of your hiding place when something dropped down in front of you.

“Going somewhere?” This new guy was just asking for it.

“Not anymore.” You said and spun round and tried to kick him but he quickly moved out of the way using a string-like substance to pull on.

“That stuff coming out of you?” You asked.

“Not really, Y/N.” He answered and you stopped dead.

“How do you know my name?” That was probably the fastest reaction you had ever had to anything.

“Uh… I don’t.” He said lamely.

“Who are you?” You demanded.


“No really?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does.” You ran at him and kicked his legs out from underneath him. While he was on the floor you grabbed at his mask and pulled it off.

What you saw was something you never thought you’d ever see.

“Peter!?” You exclaimed wondering what the hell he was doing here. “What the-?”

“I could ask you the same question.” He said and grabbed his mask back and quickly put it back on.

“Don’t think this means I’ll go easy on you.” You said getting into a guard stance with your hands in fists by your face.

Peter chuckled. He really didn’t know what he’d got himself into.  

Right in front of him you used your power to morph into his Aunt May that you had seen a couple of times.

Peter took a step back in surprise.

“Yes, Peter, I’m not going easy on you.”

He didn’t have anything to say to this and you understood that.

After he had paused to decide what to do he fired one of his webs towards your legs but you moved quickly.

“You won’t want to hurt your Aunt now Peter would you?” You teased as you dodged another one of his webs. You crouched down behind one of the big crates.

You could tell Peter was struggling. And you weren’t planning on making it any easier for him.

You shifted into the form of Liz Allen and rolled out into the open.

“I know it’s still you, Y/N.” Peter said.

“Yes but at the moment I’m Liz and she’s about to kick your ass.”

Peter didn’t move out of the way in time as you brought your leg up and firmly kicked him in the chest. He fell to the floor and landed on his back. You sauntered over to him stood over him.

“Bet this is where you want Liz to be.” You said as you lent down and properly straddled him now.

This was definitely turning into a weird day - you were basically straddling Peter Parker, the guy who you saw in Physics class, in the middle of a fight, in an airport.

If this was the effect that the Avengers were having on you, then you didn’t want to know what the future had to hold.

Peter brought his knee up and it connected with your side so you had no choice but to role off him.

You shifted again into his best friend Ned.

“Having fun?” You joked. “It’s hard trying to hurt the people you love.”

“Yeah but I don’t want to hurt you either.” Peter said.

“What because I’m a girl, Parker? It’s 2016 - let that go.” (Because Civil War happened in 2016)

“No because I don’t want to hurt you.” Peter repeated.

You were about to throw another punch but stopped. “Why then?”

“Just don’t want to hurt you.”

“Peter, at the moment Spider-Man isn’t being pitched to me very well so let me see what you’ve got.” You stood in a relaxed position with your hands by your sides waiting to see what he did. You decided to make it even easier for him by turning back into yourself.

Without warning, Peter shot two webs at both of your arms and pulled you quickly over to him. You fell into his chest and you knew you couldn’t get out of this.

“I think you’ve fallen for me.” Peter stated.

You rolled your eyes. “So this is what Spider-Man does huh? Hits on girls in the middle of fights.”

“It’s been known to happen.”

“Not anymore I hope.”

You didn’t even know why you were flirting back with Peter. It was just an unconscious decision. He was cute, you had to admit, and the fact you were thinking that as well just changed your perspective on the whole thing.

“Ok I’ll let you off punching me, if you take me out one night next week.”  

“Are you blackmailing me into asking you out?” He laughed back.

“It’s been known to happen.” You grinned.

You pulled your arms out of the webs and Peter’s hold and stepped away from him.

“It’s been fun, Spidey!” You called as you ran off to re-join the proper fight.

“So I’ll see you next week?” Peter called after you.

“Yes if one of us doesn’t get killed before!”

You didn’t hang around to see Peter’s reaction but you were pretty sure you knew that he was smiling, almost as much as you were.  

Starlight [Jason Scott x Reader] [Power Rangers x Reader]

Author’s Note: Wow, that’s a new thing in the title–multiple pairings! There are hints of Jason ScottxReader in this, but it’s also a general Power RangersxReader sort of deal too, just a team bonding moment. I like writing snippets like this to help establish your relationship as a team, so there’s already some background when I write some more plot-heavy stuff. So this is just a random little thing, and I hope y’all enjoy.

(Also little side note that may or may not matter to you idk: I pictured the reader to be the purple Ranger, and in the Dino Charge season of PR, the purple Ranger has a plesiosaur Zord. So… that’s why you have the Zord that you do here haha)

Word Count: 953

Keep reading

this is real

Adrienette/Ladynoir reveal fluff

Rating: G+/T
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Characters: [Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir and Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug], Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee, Alya Césaire
Words: 4,563

“Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.”

In which Adrien finds out and is not quite sure what to do with that information.


Adrien Agreste has had it up to his eyeballs with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He wants to catapult her across Paris, serenade her on piano, and kiss her so hard that neither of them can breathe.

At first, his wild, racing brain seems completely unreasonable until he lands on the third thought. Because firstly, Marinette is wonderful and sweet and gentle and he’s been so oblivious to her feelings all this time and now he can’t even take his eyes off of her. Secondly, he’s been wildly in love with her since the first time they met and he doesn’t mean the time where she saw him trying to remove gum from her seat.

He’s talking about crashing into each other headlong at full speed and subsequently becoming tied up in her yo-yo. Because Marinette Dupain-Cheng is Ladybug and he’s not sure how he has missed it for so long.

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10 Years of SteveTony Fic Rec

As I’m sure you all know by now, today (March 14th) is the 10th anniversary of The Confession and the 10th anniversary of the SteveTony ship!

Since my fic wasn’t done in time to post today (homework and midterms are a bitch), and I wanted to post something today for the anniversary of The Confession, I’ve decided to post a fic rec with my all time favorite stevetony fics of all time! Here we go! Hopefully my anniversary fic will be done by tomorrow lol

It’s long, you’ve been warned. Also, this is in no way an exhaustive list of my favs and when I think of more I might add them lol

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Masquerade 2.1: The Birth of Red Mask

Nothing changes people more than other people. 

These 2.somethings will consist of little drabbles related to the characters in Masquerade II. (Mostly, Red Mask, because he is a complex character and there is still a lot to tell about his story, but the other characters will probably get their own drabbles eventually too ^_^)

If you haven’t already, please read Masquerade II first !!

Summary: Join Red Mask in this flashback to find out what exactly happened in his past that led him to become the very alluring man we had grown to love so dearly. 

Park Jimin ft. other characters

High school au

Some fluff, some smut, a bit of comedy, a bit of angst

A/N: I made this drabble in first person so hopefully it’s not a bit weird. It’ll be told from Jimin’s POV because I wanted you all to get a little bit deeper inside his head and hear his hopefully somewhat relatable inner monologues, so I decided to stray from my usual POV style. Please read it as if you were listening to Jimin telling you this story! Enjoy! ^_^

Originally posted by 9taefox

            I wasn’t always Red Mask.

           Contrary to what I made everyone believe, I wasn’t always this charming, good looking, attractive, sexy, incredibly skilled –

           “PARK JIMIN, please get on with your flashback!”

           You get the gist.

           I wasn’t always the person that you’ve all met. In fact, I was pretty much different. I was naive and gullible. Unconfident and timid.

           Back in my younger days, I didn’t think much about love. Love and relationships, to me, were just some sort of rite of passage. Everybody would get love. Everybody that was older than me was in a relationship. And one day soon, it was going to be my turn.

           Love to me back then was probably what most children envisioned. The passion, the romance, the butterflies, the awkward moments that end up being romantic and cute anyway. The perfect girl was someone whose hair billowed in nonexistent wind when she walked into the room, and she would flash you a smile that would stop your world for a few seconds. And when your eyes locked, you both would know that you two were destined for each other.

           Love to me seemed so simple.

           Once two people liked each other, that was that. Happily ever after!

           So I fell in “love” constantly. I use quotation marks because who, at such a young age, could truly say they were in love with someone they hardly knew? Someone they fantasized about; someone they saw through a beauty filter; someone who they thought was perfect.

           I had many, many crushes. And while I was always a proponent of nice guys being the best choice, it never turned out that way.

           I was just average in all fields. I didn’t stand out particularly. I was decent looking, but not enough to turn heads. I still possessed some of my baby fat and I later found that that made me look more childish than attractive to others. While all the girls were sweet and friendly to me, I soon realized it was because I was harmless to them.

           They didn’t even consider me an option.

           I was always, always friend-zoned.

           But I didn’t give up. No, I just stepped up my game. I found things I was good at– dancing, drawing, singing– and I tried to use that to my advantage.

           You could say Red Mask was born from the culmination of rejections and excuses that I was given throughout my years. Every time I heard “I’m sorry I don’t think of you like that” or an “Oh you’re a great friend Jimin, but I don’t have feelings for you” or my favorite one, “Oh no. I really like your friend…does he know that you like me? Can you put in a good word for me?”, I began losing my ideals and beliefs about love. That foolish yet elusive feeling.

           I became frustrated. What was I lacking? What was not good enough about me? People who I considered less talented and less good looking than me were getting girlfriends, why was I asking all the wrong ones out? Why wouldn’t anyone give me a chance??

           But then in high school, someone finally did.

           Let’s call her Temptress.

           Because she was seduction personified. She was one of the girls that bloomed early and filled in her uniform well. She walked with dignified confidence, with her large chest out and a bright smile. She knew that the boys went crazy when she smoothed her fingers through her hair, and she would lock eyes with you if you were staring, just to fluster you. Even the girls befriended her out of envy.

           She was the alpha female of my class.

           And like most of the guys in the school, I immediately fell for her.

           I gave her homework when and if she forgot it, which was often. I let her copy off my tests just so she would flash me one of her smiles and nudge me while saying, “Thanks, stud!”. I literally melted into my seat whenever she called me that.

           Eventually, I confessed that I liked her, expecting to get rejected of course, but I just couldn’t hold my feelings in anymore.

           "I like you!“ I yelled as I handed her a bouquet of roses.

           She smiled sweetly and took the flowers out of my grip. I perked up expectantly.

           "Jimin.” she called as she cupped my chin with one hand so I could look up at her.

           I gulped. “Yes?”

           "Have you ever been with a girl?“

           I, of course, being the honest, innocent kid I was, shook my head. "Never.”

           "So you’ve never…kissed anyone before?“

           She traced my lips with her delicate fingers and my heart was racing faster than an ambulance at this point. No girl had ever been this close to me, much less touched my face. It was almost always a light smack on the shoulder as a sign of gratitude or a reflex if they were laughing at something funny.

           "N-n-no.” I stammered foolishly and then mentally kicked myself for being so uncool.

           "Aww…“ she pouted. "Poor Jiminnie.”

           She leaned closer to my face, and I can honestly remember my eyes bulging out of its sockets. I wasn’t prepared. Yes, I had fantasized kissing girls more often than I’d like to admit, and in middle school, I embarrassingly tried teaching myself by watching videos and kissing pillows, but obviously those never prepared me for the real life event.

           I panicked as ten thousand plans and questions ran through my mind.

           Should I stick my lips out? Did she want tongue? What the hell do I even do with my tongue when it’s in there? (Videos don’t really show us what’s happening in there, you know, for aesthetic purposes.)

           Oh my goodness, did I brush my teeth? What did I eat for lunch? Oh no, do I have bad breath? What if she hates it after this? What if I’m TERRIBLE? How should I move my lips? Is it slow? Fast? What is slow or fast? Should I just run? What if she’s not even kissing me and I’m freaking myself out? Oh wait, I should close my eyes. Right, that’s step one.

           So I shut my eyes tightly and pursed my lips out.

           And she chuckled.

           I felt my cheeks warm up immediately. Well, chuckling was definitely not what I expected to happen in this situation. Did I screw up already?

           "You’re so cute, Park Jimin.“

           The Temptress called me CUTE. I was literally soaring, having an out of body experience.

           "Relax and follow me.” she whispered.

           Surprisingly, she didn’t back away. She simply traced my lips again to relax me and I felt my knees buckle with the sensation. Suddenly, I felt her soft lips against mine, and I pushed forward eagerly. She pulled back and laughed.

           "I told you to follow me.“ she repeated. "I’ll show you how to kiss.”

           My heart was beating rapidly. The most popular and gorgeous girl at my school just KISSED me and she’s KISSING ME AGAIN. She leaned back in and this time, I closed my eyes slowly, and took in the full feeling of her lips.

           It was steady at first. Like what little kids do to each other because they were mimicking their parents. Lip to lip, we stood there for a few seconds not moving, but despite the lack of action, I still felt my entire being tingling. Then without warning, she parted my lips with hers and slipped her lips into the space between easily. She grabbed arms and pulled our bodies flush together. I literally felt like I was on fire.

           The kiss was a bit…wetter…than I had imagined it to be. And there were no big fireworks or angels singing or anything, but damn did it feel good, especially with her breasts squishing into my chest.

           I was a hormonal teenager (but I guess that much hasn’t changed about me) and I felt my male instincts being enflamed. I followed her lead clumsily. Our teeth clashed together a lot because I really had no idea about the spatial awareness between our lips, or anything for that matter. I was just so enthused about being kissed by my crush that all I could think about was keeping my lips on hers forever. Kindly, she didn’t scold me or make fun of my lack of skill. She just pulled back a bit, adjusting herself, and kept on kissing me until I found the proper rhythm.

           Every time I made a mistake, I would apologize, but she would hear none of it and just grab my face to go back at it again. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to grab her waist, and as if I had passed the first round boss, she gave me a reward that caused my knees to buckle immediately. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and slid against mine.

           OH. That’s what it did.

           "Oh Jimin.“ she cracked up as I literally gasped for air and stumbled back. I had lost all ability to breathe with the new sensation. Frankly, everything about the moment was overwhelming.

           Here was a beautiful girl kissing me…a lot. And not to mention that I had had the biggest crush on her for a year now. I had my first kiss and my first French kiss on the same day with the hottest girl I had ever seen.

           Talk about saving my luck.

           "Breathe Jimin. You did good.” she smiled and patted my back. “Would you like to learn more things from me?”

           My eyes widened. Was that her way of saying yes? Who was I to turn that offer down?

           "Yes, please.“ I squeaked out breathlessly.

           "Perfect.” She kissed me deeply and I swear I almost fainted on the spot. “I’ll meet you here, same time, tomorrow?”

           Obviously, I showed up bright-eyed and eager to learn the very next day. Maybe a little too eager because I showed up an hour early.

           But anyway, for an entire two weeks, we made out constantly after school. Each day, I learned new techniques by following her lead. And soon, I was pulling her moves out on her and she would become more aggressive. Until one day, on our third week of us being girlfriend and boyfriend, she invited me over her house.

           Boy, I was REALLY not prepared for what she had in mind.

           Shakily, I rang her doorbell, holding my books to my chest tightly. When the door swung open, she welcomed me wearing a thin, satin robe that left nothing to the imagination. My grip slackened and my books scattered onto the ground as I gulped. Immediately, my hands flew in front of my face to cover my eyes.

           "Wh-wha– I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have come so early before you got to change!“ I panicked.

           Temptress chuckled and pried my hands away from my face. My eyes respectfully stared above her head, not wanting to gawk at her clearly exposed body. I had never seen a naked girl in real life before. Sure, there were magazines and videos…but it was like watching a movie or reading a book. But this…this was beyond anything I had imagined, my body was hyperaware of all her curves and I found myself wondering how soft women actually felt.

           I shook my head and turned around, embarrassed as she bent down to pick up my books. Her cleavage was deep and the sides of her breasts were peeking out from the thin fabric.

           "You’re so cute Jimin.” she giggled. “Come in. I’ve been waiting for you like this.”

           I stepped inside backwards, still not wanting to rake my eyes over her body, in fear that I would do something she didn’t like.

           "I-I thought we were just going to do homework and watch TV together.“ I stumbled a little.  

           "No Jimin.” she chuckled as she grabbed my shoulders to turn me around. “When a girl invites you over after making out with you several times, they most likely mean they want to have sex with you.”


           "Yes. Please tell me you’ve at least HEARD of sex, my innocent little nugget.” she squeezed my cheeks.

           "Of course I have…I just…well… I thought we’d at least…you know love each other before thinking about that.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she shook her head and threw off her satin robe boldly. “So are you saying you don’t want to have sex with me?”

           I felt my cock twitch as my eyes were now fully allowed to peruse her body. Nothing compared to seeing a real, live, lingerie-clad female in front of me.

           "Can I?“ I reached my hand out towards her breasts curiously.

           "Please.” She took my hands and put both of them on each boob.

           "Oh my gosh.“ I gasped as I just cupped them awkwardly; my hand a little stiff, like they would pop if I pressed too hard. "Now what do I do?”

           "Massage them Jimin.“

           "Um…okay…” I moved my hands in small circles.

           "Jimin, they’re not going to break, massage hard.“ she guided my hands. "Make me feel good.”


           I was sure my entire face and neck was red. Was it out of embarrassment? Out of excitement? I couldn’t exactly remember the emotion that overwhelmed me at that point. But regardless, I had never seen, much less touched a real breast before and there I was, massaging two for the first time. I hadn’t even gotten this far in my research on women.

           "Come here, Jimin.” she whispered, tilting my chin up so she could swipe her tongue across my lip.

           I moaned as her lips traveled down to my neck, as it usually did when our make out sessions escalated passionately. As a reaction, my hands worked her breast hard. My thumb accidentally swiped across her nipple through the see-through lacy fabric and I felt myself harden when she breathed desperately into my neck. Enlightened, I repeated the motion and found that it had her react in the best way. She nipped at my neck and brought her hips closer to my erection. So mustering my courage, I began drawing small circles around her nipples gently. She began grinding into me, her voice breathy and needy.

           "Come with me.“ she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. "Get on the bed.”

           I nodded meekly. I was unprepared, but there was no way I was going to break this series of events. She wanted me. She wanted to have sex with me. Something I had only dreamt about. Something I thought I wouldn’t get to experience until much, much later in life.

           I lay on the bed and watched her shut her door softly. She had a supple ass, round and perky, and her legs were fairly toned. If I remember correctly, she was an athlete of sorts. My thoughts stopped short when I watched her hands come up behind her to unclip her bra. My mouth immediately became dry and there was a fire of need brewing in my lower region. My pants suddenly felt too restricting.

           "Would you like to taste?“ she smirked, probably seeing the way I was gawking at her like a starving child.

           All I could do was nod and she climbed over me. My eyes were wide with awe as she lowered her breasts in front of my face. What was I supposed to do?

           "Have a taste.” she urged.

           "Um…“ I looked around nervously. "Is like…milk going to come out or something?”

           She threw her head back and laughed. I felt myself press my body further into her bed, ashamed.

           "No, Jimin.“ she looked down at me amused. "But it’s going to make me feel really good.”

           "Um so…like…“ I nervously stuck my tongue out and licked her nipple.

           Her body reacted almost instantaneously. She sighed and her elbows buckled a little. I felt empowered so I did the same thing.

           "Suck on it, please.” she pleaded and I covered as much of her breast with my mouth. “The other hand, play with my other one.”

           I followed her instructions obediently, and watched in surprise as those simple actions had her whispering my name and rolling her hips into mine. What was this magic?

           "I’m so wet for you Jimin.“ she hummed.

           I raised an eyebrow. Wet? Did that mean I was using too much saliva on her boobs? But it didn’t sound like a bad thing.

           As if seeing my confusion, she chuckled and pulled herself out of my mouth.

           "I’m wet for you down there.” she explained.


           I gulped as she tugged her panties down and rolled over on her back beside me.

           "Would you like to feel?“

           I nodded, my words still failing me.

           "Give me your hand.” I did so, and she guided my fingers lower and lower…until I felt something sticky and warm. I flinched a little. What the heck was that?

           "That’s how good you made me feel.“ she smiled. "I’ll show you how to make me scream your name and beg for more.”

           I blinked. Those words flustered me, but something inside me really wanted to hear her screaming my name and begging for me, so I moved down so I could see her entrance clearly. It wasn’t as attractive as I thought it’d be. A valley of pink folds lay in front of my fingers, and I had no idea what to do about them.

           She still held my hand, guiding my thumb over a certain part of herself and she gently had me rub it. She winced and moaned, throwing her head back. I panicked, thinking that I was hurting her, but she gripped my wrist to continue. Worriedly and carefully, I continued as she writhed under my touch.

           "Put a finger inside me.“ she instructed.

           I furrowed my brows. "Where…uh… ”

           She smiled and grabbed my index finger, pushing it into one of her holes as I spazzed out at the tightness. Something was clenching around my finger and I was afraid to go any further inside. Just how far did this go? It was a weird feeling. My finger felt like they had just dipped themselves in a narrow jar of thinned out honey.

           But she shoved my finger inside and cried out. My cheeks were flushed because as scared as I was that she was in pain, her noises were turning me on. My boxers were soaked already just from how she sounded and looked. She hadn’t even touched me yet. I shivered at the thought.

           "Push in and out.“ She panted, and I began moving my finger in and out of her hole, mesmerized by the way my finger disappeared and reappeared; by the way she clutched the sheets and bucked her hips up at the command of my index finger. "Add another.”

           "But–“ I protested. There was no way another finger would fit.

           "Do it…please.” she begged.

           Did she like pain? I pushed both my index and middle finger inside her and found her stretching accordingly to the size, much to my surprise. She yelped loudly.

           "Oh my god, Jimin.“

           I decided that I very much loved hearing that phrase, in that manner, in that tone. I smirked and began pushing in and out of her with my finger.

           "Jimin…” she heaved. “Remember that place where you rubbed your thumb before?”

           I nodded as I concentrated on my fingers staying in the proper hole, maintaining the proper rhythm.

           "I need your tongue there.“

           I looked at her in disbelief. She wanted my tongue…where?

           "My tongue?”

           "Yes, taste me. Please.“

           My ears warmed at her request, but I couldn’t refuse. I licked my lips nervously. Was it edible? Would I die? Would I gag? Would she taste okay? I flicked my tongue out and pretended like I was licking ice cream; my fingers still continuing their motion.

           "Mmm…” I hummed. She didn’t taste bad at all. It was soft. It kind of felt like a small version of her lips. Her hips began moving wildly as my tongue worked its way again.

           "Oh my gosh. Yes. Like that.“ she moaned and it ignited my confidence. My body took over, wanting to taste every inch of her nether region, wanting to see how deep my fingers went. Suddenly, I felt myself being ripped from the steady motion, only to have her tongue enter my mouth. The thought of her tasting herself was a bit nauseating, but I shoved that thought away when I felt her unzipping my pants.

           "Wh-wha–” I was flustered and climbed off the bed nervously.

           "I need to return the favor.“ she grinned as she approached me, and pulled down my pants, boxers and all, in one motion.

           I covered my cock timidly. I felt so exposed. I was worried about what she thought of my body.

           "Hands off.” she swatted them away as she knelt down, and stared at me hungrily.

           Was that a good or bad thing?

           Then she opened her mouth and dipped her head down my entire length. I stumbled backwards slightly, but her grip on my hip steadied me. My eyes rolled back at the wave of pleasure that had just coursed through my body.

           "Oh…oh my…“ I moaned as she bobbed her head back and forth.

           I looked down and felt like I was about to faint at the sight. For some reason, it was extremely hott. She was on her knees in front of me, humming happily as she pleasured me expertly. And to top it off, this wasn’t a dream. It was reality. She was sucking me off and enjoying it. And when she added her tongue to the mix, my hand instinctively grabbed her head and slammed myself deeper into her throat. Then I realized what I was doing.

           "I’m so sor–”

           "Do it again.“ she looked up at me in pure delight. "I liked it.”

           She covered my length again and I bucked into her, gripping her hair tightly to keep my sanity. I needed more. I wanted more. This felt so good, it was indescribable. I was addicted. But just when I thought it was already wonderful enough, she pulled away and stated something that had me leaking shamefully.

           "I need you inside me.“

           When I agreed with her using a subtle nod, she handed me a condom wrapper, "Here. I’m not planning to get pregnant anytime soon, so I always have some protection on me.”

           I nodded understandably and fumbled to open it with much difficulty. I must’ve looked extremely foolish because she gently ripped it open for me. With my hands shaking, I took the rubber and tried to line it with the tip of my cock, but it kept missing. I was growing anxious by the second.

           "Relax.“ she guided my hands and I was able to roll it down easily.

           I took a deep breath. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this was all happening.

           "Since it’s your first time, how about I top for now?”

           "Top what?“ I tilted my head inquisitively.

           She looked at me amused. "Lay on the bed, Jimin.”

           I got back into the sea of blankets, my heart racing incredibly fast. I was dazed and beyond myself. I wanted the pleasure back, the high that I was climbing to a few minutes ago with her mouth around my dick. I felt the bed dip a few seconds later and she soon straddled me. Her warmth was right above my cock and my breathing became labored as she pushed herself down. I groaned and grabbed her thighs tightly. What was this feeling of unrivaled pleasure and electricity? My blood rushed downwards and I was sweating profusely. This had to be illegal.

           But I was wrong.

           When she started riding me, first slowly then roughly, THAT was illegal. Embarrassingly though, I finished quickly, releasing myself before she even built up to her climax. But she didn’t press further; she slid off of me with a satisfied smile.

           "It happens during your first time. Don’t worry.“ she cuddled beside me after I had thrown the condom out and plopped onto the bed. I was extremely sleepy and exhausted for some reason. I hadn’t even done much, but it felt like I had worked out intensely. "We’ll be doing this a lot more often and you’ll be great.”

           She whispered into my ear as I was lulled into sleep.

           And she was true to her word. Every time we met up, it would end up with our bodies tangled in her bed, sweaty and panting. She taught me a lot, and I learned a lot about women and my own body from our sessions. We hardly saw each other in school, but knowing that we had a set time to meet up afterwards, made it all better. I mean, girlfriends and boyfriends didn’t HAVE to be attached to each other all day. Although, I did really want to walk to class holding her hand, flaunting that I, Park Jimin, was dating the Temptress.

           But I soon found that I had been deluding myself all along.

           I decided to search for her during lunch time one day. I had seen her walk out with one of the popular guys so I followed her, worried that he would ask her out or something like that. I lost their track, so I wandered around. They were heading towards the bleachers for some reason so I perused the area. I was about to give up when I heard a very familiar moan coming from underneath the bleachers.

           Nervously, I journeyed there and found the popular guy rocking into her roughly while she grinned, her face painted with pleasure. I stood there in horror. I knew I should’ve ran. I knew I shouldn’t have stared, but I was floored. What was she doing? Why was she looking so happy to have someone else inside her? Why?

           They both finished and only then did she notice me.

           "Oh. Jimin. Hi!“ She beamed as she patted down her skirt. She dangerously had no underwear underneath, but it had given the other man easy access. "Did you want some to? It’ll be easy to slip inside me now.”

           I stared at her, nearing tears.

           "Why…what’re you…“ I couldn’t form any coherent sentences because I was so overwhelmingly upset.

           "Oh honey. Did you really think I was your girlfriend?” she chuckled as she walked over to me.

           "But you kissed me and we had…“ I leaned over to whisper (because I thought it was such a taboo word at the time). ”…sex.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she looked at me sympathetically. “I felt sorry for you. It was clear you were new to everything and I wanted to help you out.”

           "What? But the sex…you said I was amazing. It felt amazing!“

           "Oh sweetie.” She giggled as the popular guy approached her, giving her a warm embrace from behind. “Sex feels amazing even when you don’t love someone. And most of the time, people don’t do it for love anymore. That’s so old fashioned. And if you wanted it to be so special, don’t you think you should’ve been more careful about who you had your first time with?”

           She cupped my face gently, and I was torn between chucking her hand away, having seen her touching another man with it, and holding onto it tightly, afraid that the only girl who had ever shown interest in me would disappear.

           "You have a lot of potential, Jimin. I sensed it in you all along. Out of all the guys I taught, your skills genuinely turned me on. And if you’re looking to learn more in the bedroom, you know how to reach me. I really think you would be fantastic in bed with more lessons. But let’s make it clear that this doesn’t mean we’re in a relationship, okay?“

           I hung my head down, mind blown. In those few minutes, my entire notion of love and sex was shattered. But I nodded. If there was one thing I understood from everything she said, it was that she didn’t love me at all.

           But I refused to believe that she didn’t like me.

           I remained naive and foolish, and I continued to go for lessons at her house, doing my best to learn how to please her, reveling in the way she focused on just me when my fingers or my dick was inside her. Just for that moment in time, I wanted to believe that she was attracted to me, that if I could show her just how amazing I was in bed, she wouldn’t need to go to anyone else. I was determined to make her fall for me, by being the best of her pupils.  

           But one day, my plans were foiled.

           "Jimin. We have to stop this.” She smiled warmly. She had asked to see me after school and I thought we were going to try something new excitedly. But she had actually called me out to sever whatever it was that we were doing. “I found someone that I want to keep forever.”

           "What?“ I felt the wind get knocked out of me.

           "I have a boyfriend now, and you’ve honestly learned everything I could teach you and mastered it.” she grinned as she caressed my cheek. “I am so proud of you.”

           In anger, I slapped her hand away and sprinted from her, ignoring her calling my name. If she had wanted a boyfriend, why hadn’t she chosen me? If she had wanted to be in a stable relationship, I was always there, waiting for her. I was infuriated and couldn’t see which way I was going so I ended up bumping into someone in the middle of the hallway.

           In my rage and pain, only one thought coursed through me –I wanted to feel someone want me, even if it was forcefully. The girl looked up at me surprised as I stared at her. She was pretty. So I grabbed her face and pressed my lips against hers. She struggled a bit, but soon relaxed and kissed me back.

           "Do you want to have sex with me?“ I breathed desperately against her lips.

           Surprisingly, she nodded, blushing profusely. So I took her to an empty classroom and pleasured her the only way I knew how. I touched her the way the Temptress enjoyed, finding that it wasn’t just specific to her; it worked on girls in general. I was prepared with a condom, and I released my frustrations and desires into this girl, who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But she had agreed without questions, so I just let go and did what I wanted until we were both satisfied.

           "Wow…that was great…” the girl heaved as she slipped back into her uniform.

           "Yeah. Thanks. I needed to just get that out of my system.“ I ruffled my hair.


           "Thanks for that.“ I smiled at her.

           "Wait…you didn’t have feelings for me?”

           "Oh…no. I’m not even sure who you are.“ I blinked.

           In the next second, I felt a sting on my cheek, and it didn’t dawn on me until a few seconds after that I had just gotten slapped.

           "We’ve been in the same class for years you asshole!” She hissed and ran out of the classroom, leaving me stunned, but not feeling guilty in the slightest.

           It was her fault for making assumptions, just as it was mine with Temptress. 

          So with renewed vigor, I pursued Temptress seriously this time around. My pride and my social standing didn’t matter anymore as long as it ended with me getting her. I professed my love to her childishly and boldly. In front of school, in the middle of school, after school. I showered her with roses, made her lunch, anything that I could think of to have her look my way.

           But she soon had enough.

           "I need you to stop this, Jimin. I will never be with you. You need to get over me and move on.“ Temptress crossed her arms angrily.

           "You’re the only girl I ever wanted to be with. I wanted the person I shared my first time with to be my one and only. I truly believe that we’re meant to be.” I confessed desperately.

           "Jimin, whatever you think we were is only in your head. I was seeing about five other guys while we were having lessons. And I slept with someone right after you left my house every single time we had sex.“ she admitted.

           I gawked at her, not believing what I was hearing. I really wasn’t the only one. I never was the only one.

           "Jimin. You’re forcing your ideals and desires on me when you don’t know the first thing about me. And besides, love hurts. So why bother with it? Sex is enough to keep me happy. I don’t want anything other than that. It’s too much.”

           "But you have a boyfriend?“

           She laughed. "Yeah. He’s hott, fantastic in bed, and rich, but I don’t love him. I do want to keep him as long as I can though.”

           I collapsed on my knees, overwhelmed.

           "Goodbye Jimin.“

           As she walked away, I felt my world crashing down and I wondered if everybody around me was actually the person I was seeing. Did everyone have a darker side to them? Did everyone feel this nonchalant about hurting someone else? Did everyone think of love as something so trivial and unnecessary? Was I not worth loving?

           I was filled with doubts and trust issues. I was terrified of getting hurt again. Day after day, I was traumatized by past memories and the unknown future, all the times that I had gotten rejected.

           To make matters worse, the girl that had turned out to be in the same class as me, had told everyone about how I had used her. I was permanently labeled as a playboy and gossips ravaged that I toyed with women’s feelings, that my nice facade had all been an act to get close enough to use them for their body. 

           I was isolated, bullied, and looked down upon. The girls that had been so nice to me before distanced themselves and began looking at me with wary eyes constantly, like I had betrayed them, when in truth, it was I that had been betrayed. 

           And finally, one day, as I stared at myself in the mirror, it all clicked. A switch was flipped inside me, and I smirked at my reflection. I had had enough of it all.

           "Fine. If it’s a playboy they see,” I combed my hair up, exposing my forehead. “then a playboy they’ll get. Park Jimin doesn’t need love. Sex is enough to make me happy.”

           I accepted my fate, and became the bad boy openly. Once I embraced that side of myself, I realized that women fell and swooned for me. I had the power of seduction at my fingertips all along, but I had been suppressing it, believing that nice guys were what girls wanted. Even women thought they wanted good guys, yet they still found themselves magnetized towards the bad boys for some reason.

           No longer was I friend zoned. No longer was I not seen as an option. No longer did I take a backseat to all the other guys. No longer did I set myself up to get hurt.

           Until of course, I fell in love with someone just as excellent in bed and just as attractive as I was. And it made me realize that I no longer wanted to live that kind of life and be that kind of person. So now, here I am with a successful job and a beautiful girlfriend who I am insanely in love with. And hell, I have the best sex life ever!

           Yet, when I received an ominous letter, I sat in my living room, staring at it in horror; the flood of negative emotions coming back to me. Three simple words froze time and whisked me back to the days when I was the most vulnerable, to the days that had started it all, to the days that had given birth to Red Mask: High School Reunion.



Since it’s Yoosung’s birthday today, I decided to post a HC where MC leaves the kids with Yoosung for a week. I’m still working on the other characters. So please be patient with me my lovelies. 


- The moment you told Yoosung you were leaving on an all girls trip, you could see the color drain from his eyes.

- “But…. But MC…” he got a little teary eyed.

- Don’t get me wrong. Yoosung wanted you to go on that trip. The boy wants you to be happy. He knows how hard you’ve been working. You really deserved that trip.

- “BUT THE BOYS !!!!” he screamed as he clutched the sides of his face, “I CAN’T HANDLE THOSE DEVILS!!”

- “Aww c’mon hon!!” you tried to cheer him up, “The boys aren’t so bad!! This is a good opportunity for you to get closer to them.”

- “THEY ARE ONLY NICE TO YOU, MC!! You don’t know what they’re capable of!!”

- “It’ll be fine hon,” you say as you kiss his forehead.

- The both of you had twins aged 6. They were such cute things when they were young. So shy and sweet. But it’s like one morning they just decided to become these naughty little things sucking the life force out of everyone…. Well except their mom, of course. They loved and respected their mum. But God knows how long that was going to last

- But everyone else from their teachers, to the neighbors and even their own dad had to face their shenanigans.

-They were cute little boys tho. With dark brown hair like their dad but none of his personality.

- The day you left, Yoosung was about to cry. You had to cheer him up a lil and reassure him that it was gonna be fine.

- “And boys, take good care of your dad, alright? Don’t trouble him too much.”

- “Yes mommy~~” they sang in unison with that sly grin on their faces.

- A chill went down Yoosung’s spine.

- You laugh and shut the door. The moment you shut the door the twins turned to each other and smiled…. that villainous big smile.

- Before Yoosung could catch them, they ran away.

- The game had just began.

- So it was just day 1. The boys had already tried to paint the windows with toothpaste, covered themselves in toilet paper and tried to walk over an egg without breaking it. They actually broke it

- When Yoosung forcefully carried them both to bed, they were kicking and screaming.

- He scolded them a lot. Threatened to revoke their tv privileges. They groaned and Yoosung stayed till they went to sleep.

- When Yoosung woke up the next morning it was already 9 am!!

- He had slept through the alarm.

- And he had to get the boys ready for school!!!

- When he got up, he was in for a shock.

- The boys were neatly dressed with their bag packs waiting for him.

- “Did you brush your teeth?” he asked.

- They did.

- “Did you guys finish your homework and arrange your books?”

- They did.

- Yoosung was growing more skeptical by the minute. They were being unusually sweet to him. They never complained about the food he made

- He dropped the boys off at school. And the boys gave him a goodbye kiss each??

- What was happening?

- It was like the calm before a storm.

- He was half expecting to get a phone call from school. He couldn’t concentrate on his work. Were his real boys abducted or something?

- When he picked up the boys from work, he was even more shocked. Their teacher told him that they behaved very well that day, answered all the question in class and got an A+ on their test??

- What was going on??

- When they got home, the boys wanted to talk to him.

- “So daddy, we’ve decided to be nice from now on!” the youngest exclaimed.

- “But,” the oldest continued, “We want to watch The Exorcist!”

- “WHAT?” Yoosung screamed, “There is no way Im letting you guys watch that movie. You’ll have nightmares for an entire week.”

- “Then I guess we’ll just clean the toilet with your tooth brush,” they sighed.

- “YOU DO WHAT?” he screamed

- “Relax daddy, we haven’t done it yet!! But who says we won’t?”

- This was emotional black mail.

-But the off was kinda tempting. An entire week of peace and calm for one horror movie?

- Yoosung finally gave in.

- “Al right,” he said, “If you’re good for this entire week I’ll let you watch the movie the day before you mum comes back.”

- The boys were so happy!! They were jumping with joy.

- For the entire week, the boys were such angels. Yoosung wanted this to last forever.

- And the fated day finally arrived. All the three boys huddled around the tv and put the movie on.

- Usually the boys would be screaming and laughing but this time, they were really quiet. Yoosung couldn’t really see their expressions in the dark. The boys hadn’t stirred from their place.

- When the movie was finally over, Yoosung yawned and switched on the lights.

- “Ok guys!! This is a secret between you and me. Don’t tell your mum! Lets go to sleep now so you can meet your mum early tomorrow.”

- The boys looked really pale and they seemed terrified.

- Yoosung chuckled .Must’ve horrified them.

- Well joke was on yoosung. The boys screamed in the middle of the night. Yoosung had a heart attack.“ He wasn;t able to find the lights.

- “WHAT IS IT??”

- “Daddy!!” they screamed as they caught his two hands, “There is a monster outside”

- “That’s a branch.”

- “What about that creepy man standing there?”

- “That’s your raincoat.”

- And then Yoosung had the most radical idea.

- “Guys…. just who’s hands are you holding? I’m right here,” he said.

- The boys started crying and they clung on to his legs, “DADDY JUST STOP!! WE’RE SCARED!!”

- Yoosung had a good laugh.

- The boys slept on your bed with Yoosung.

- They clung on to both his arms tightly while sleeping.

- When you came home, the next morning, you wanted to surprise the boys.

- You unlocked the door and got in. You searched for the boys in their room. You were a little worried when they were not there. But when you tried to call out for yoosung, you saw such a cute thing.

- All the three boys were curled up against each other, sleeping so peacefully,

- You didn’t have the heart to wake them up so you took lots of pictures instead.

- And you embarrassed the heck out of them by making it your Christmas card.

tobeflyhaikyuu  asked:

not believing with bokuaka

Why do I always end up torturing my children?

Akaashi Keiji did not believe in love, and he definitely did not believe in soulmates.They just didn’t exist, he had seen love go wrong so many times, it’s no surprise that he had lost hope. When Keiji was three, his mother walked out on him and his father, leaving behind nothing. His memories of his mother were scarce, even when she was still around she spent most of her time holed up in her office. It didn’t take long for his father to start bring home other women, none of which ever lasted long. In the twelve years since his mother left, Keiji’s father has been through three failed marriages, and countless failed relationships. It wasn’t for lack of trying, Keiji knew that, but it didn’t make him feel any differently.

By the time he was in middle school, Keiji had had enough. The women were changing constantly and he just wanted a way out. He began to stay at school longer and longer, always with the excuse that it was easier to concentrate, but his father was skeptical. Keiji loved his father, he really did, and that may have been the reason why he never told him how he felt. He hated all the women he brought home, he hated how they always acted nice around him just so that his father would like them. He loved his father, and he knew how hard he was trying, so he kept his mouth shut. 

When his second year of middle school began, Keiji’s father made a comment. During breakfast on his first day, his father sat across the table, newspaper in one hand, coffee in the other. Mornings like this were rare, just the two of them, and Keiji would be lying if he said he didn’t like it. He preferred times like these, no nameless women, just him and his father.

“Keiji,” his father said, setting his paper down. Keiji glanced up from his meal, staring over at his father, waiting for him to continue. “You did well last year, almost perfect grades and you were at the top of your class. I’m proud of you, I really am, but is it really necessary to spend all that extra time at school? I feel like I hardly ever saw you.”

There it was, the guilt. He knew his father wasn’t trying to make him feel guilty, but that didn’t make the feeling go away. He didn’t want to tell his father the real reason he had been out of the house so often, so instead, he decided on a different tactic.

“I guess I can do my homework here,” he started. He felt bad, seeing his father’s eyes light up; he wasn’t done yet. “I’m going to join a club this year though, so I still might not be home a lot.”

“A club?” his father asked, forgetting about his now cold coffee.

“Yes, though I’m not sure which club yet. Being involved in a club looks good on your transcript,” he explained, finishing his meal. What he said wasn’t false, being involved did look good, but he wasn’t exactly doing it because he wanted to.

Somehow, during that first day of his second year of middle school, Keiji joined the volleyball team. He had never been athletic, never much of a team player, but somehow he managed to get scouted by the current volleyball captain, Shiba-san. The whole series of events were rather odd, and Keiji still wasn’t quite sure how things managed to work out how they did. He had been walking in the courtyard afterschool, wandering around looking at the various club tables set up, when he heard a shout from behind him. Curiously, he turned to see a tall third year running straight towards him, one arm extended and a look of worry on his face. As a shadow appeared overhead, Keiji looked up to see a volleyball a few feet away, rushing right towards him. While most people would have run out of the way or blocked their face, Keiji put his hands up, allowing the ball to land perfectly within his grasp. He wasn’t sure why, but he pushed the ball back into the air, were it arched perfected in front of the third year. 

“You’re a setter,” the third year called, his voice full of amazement. Keiji furrowed  his brow, he wasn’t anything.

“I’m not a setter,” he replied, staring oddly at the other boy. He knew enough about volleyball to know what a setter was, and it definitely wasn’t him.

“What do you mean you aren’t a setter? That was the most perfect toss I’ve ever seen!” the third year yelled, looking between where the ball had landed and Keiji.”Are you in a club? I’m Tatsumi Shiba, third year captain of the volleyball team, and we really need a setter, especially one of your level.”

“Akaashi Keiji, second year. I’ve never played volleyball, but if you’ll have me, then I will gladly join your club.”

When Keiji first began volleyball, he didn’t think he would like it as much as he did. He learned the rules of the game very quickly, and he somehow was a pretty good setter right away. He worked well with his team, even if he only considered them acquaintances at best. His team quickly realized that Keiji wasn’t one to make friends, he was realiable on the court and friendly enough, but they didn’t push it. The closest thing he had to a friend was Tatsumi, but Keiji still didn’t consider it friendship. He didn’t form relationships with people, that just wasn’t something he did. He would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy Tatsumi’s company however; he felt oddly lonely during his final year of middle school without his former captain.

Graduation came and went, and before Keiji knew it he was headed for one of the best schools in Tokyo. He knew he could have gotten into Fukurodani with his grades alone, but spending two years on a good volleyball team was a good backup. Fukurodani had one of the best volleyball teams in the country, so being considered a good player himself was definitely helpful. Keiji’s plans going into high school was to focus on school work, quitting volleyball entirely, and he felt oddly disappointed about that. He knew that he wasn’t a bad setter and that he would probably make the team, but he also knew that there were much better players.

The morning of his first year of high school, his father said something. It was another rare morning, just the two of them together at the table, a similar atmosphere to that same morning just two years earlier.

“Keiji,” he began, setting down his newspaper and looking over at his son. “Are you going to continue volleyball?”

“No,” he replied simply, picking at his breakfast. Even though he said that, he wasn’t sure if he actually meant it.

“I think you should,” he father responded, taking a sip of his coffee. Keiji froze slightly, this was not how he expected this to go.

“And why is that?” he asked, putting his fork down. He really was curious; normally his father would want him to spend more time at home, so why was he pushing for him to continue volleyball?

“I know that you haven’t had the best upbringing and you usually just do what you have to in order to get by, but whenever I went to your games in middle school, you just looked so happy. You aren’t one to show your emotions, but when you were playing your eyes were the brightest I’ve ever seen them. I just don’t want you to stop doing something that makes you that happy,” his father explained. Keiji had never really thought about it, but he did enjoy volleyball, a lot. There were many other high schools in Tokyo with better academic programs that he could have easily attended, so he couldn’t help but wonder if there was another reason he chose Fukurodani.

“It won’t hurt I suppose,” he answered, turning back to his food. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his father smile, true and genuine, 

Volleyball try outs were right after school, and Keiji felt weird. He assumed this was what nerves felt like, but he wasn’t sure. nothing had ever made him nervous. When he arrived at the large gym, he was greeted by a tall and energetic second year.

“Hello! I’m second year Bokuto Koutaro, wing spiker and soon to be ace!” he smiled, his joy reaching all the way to his eyes. Keiji felt strange, but not in the same way he did before. It was, almost nice.

“Akaashi Keiji, first year. I played setter in middle school,” he answered politely. As soon as he said the word setter, the other boy began to bounce around the room.

“Konoha he’s a setter!” he yelled to another second year across the gym. Konoha glanced over and gave Keiji an apologetic look.

“Bokuto, don’t scare the poor kid away,” he called back, walking over to them. “Konoha Akinori,” he greeted when he reached them. “I must warn you, this guy can spike for four hours straight and not get tired.”

“I could never get tired of spiking!” Bokuto cheered, jumping into the air and swinging his head in a spiking motion. “Hey Akaaaaaaasghi will you set for me?” he asked, already running towards the court. Keiji sighed and looked over at Konoha, who just shrugged at him in response.

“It’s Akaashi, by the way,” he corrected as he got into place by the net. 

“Sure thing Akaaaaashihi,” Bokuto replied, still somehow managing to pronounce it wrong. Keiji shook his head, Bokuto was definitely odd, but for some reason he really didn’t mind.

“Ready? Here we go!” Bokuto called, tossing a ball into the air. Keiji waited patiently, watching the ball. Bokuto’s throw was perfect, so he wouldn’t have to move in order to set it. As the ball got closer, Keiji watched Bokuto out of the corner of his eye; where he was going, the speed at which he was getting there, how high he was going to jump. As soon as the ball touched his fingers, it was gone again, speeding right towards Bokuto’s swinging arm. With a loud bang, the ball smashed against the wood floor, perfectly landing on the other side of the net. When Bokuto landed, he looked between his hand and Keiji, a big smile growing on his face.

“That was perfect Akagagashi! You’re really good!” he cheered, a goofy grin on his face. Keiji smiled slightly at the praise.

“You’re a good spiker. You have good form and power,” Keiji responded, he wasn’t great at complimenting people, but by the look on the other boy’s face he assumed he did just fine.

“I am the ace!” he grinned, smacking Keiji hard on the back. He flinched slightly, but he didn’t hate the contact.

“Hey, do you wanna stay after and set to me? It’ll be really fun!” Bokuto promised, looking directly at Keiji. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Konoha shaking his head violently, but something felt different about Bokuto, so he did something he never thought he would.

“Sure Bokuto-san.” The other boy’s grin lit up the entire gym.

Akaashi Keiji didn’t believe in love, and he definitely didn’t believe in soulmates. He did, however, believe in Bokuto Koutaro, and that was good enough for him.

Masked - Part 6

Word Count: 2111

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader 

Warnings: FLUFF, Mentions of blood, Language

A/N: Yay part six!! Hope you’re ready for some Reader x Peter fluff ;) Also thanks for supporting the series everyone it means a lot! 


Masked Masterlist

Part 5 

Originally posted by relationshipaims

The walk to the pizza place wasn’t very long, but with crowds in New York, everything took longer than it needed to be. Peter suggested to swing there, but you just wanted a night with no powers and no responsibility. Besides, you liked taking time and enjoying what the city had to offer. After taking on the role of Rouge Hex, you didn’t have much time to yourself and that time only got shorter once you joined the Avengers. You had training, school work, and crime fighting one after another - which made your head spin.

Nights like these, however, you grew to cherish. You were (Y/N). Not an Avenger, not an enhanced individual, not Rouge Hex, just you. You loved how the city shined during the evening, the loud noises from cars stuck in traffic, the different smells of fast food, you loved it all. What made it even better was the look on Peter’s face as he pointed to some of his favorite spots. A smile never left his face as he continued talking excited while you chuckled at his cuteness.

“Oh and that alley over there has this really cool spot you can sit on to take amazing pictures,” He added as you chuckled once more. Peter smirked at you while you continued laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, you’re just cute. That’s all,” You winked as his face turned red.

“Oh,” He laughed nervously, taking your hand in his. “The pizza place is right over there. Come on, I’m starving.”

Nodding, you were dragged along by Peter trying to squeeze your way through people. Some got out of your way, while others gave you nasty looks as they continued whatever they were doing. Arriving at the entrance of the Pizza place, you looked at the sign that said “Joe’s Pizza.” Walking inside, you listened to music playing softly as your eyes landed on the pizzas up front. Your mouth watered as you placed your order with Peter.

“Here, I’ll pay,” You said taking out your phone that was hook up with your bank account.

“I got it handled,” Peter responded handing the money over before you could say anything else.

Peter gave you a small grin as you rolled your eyes playfully. This boy was going to be the death of you, you knew it. Once the pizzas were handed to you, you followed Peter to a booth carrying your drinks as he carried the pizzas. Taking a small bite of the pizza as you sat down, you let out a satisfied moan. Spiderling was right, this was a great pizza place.

“I’m guessing you like the pizza then,” He giggled with as you took another bite.

“It’s so damn good,” You muttered with your mouth full.

Peter laughed loudly, earning a few looks from a couple customers. You began to laugh as you watched the random strangers mumble to themselves about your peculiar behavior.

Every time you’re with Peter, you find it so easy to be yourself. You felt like a normal person when you were with him. He saw you as you are, not some freak with weird alien powers, and that made you fall head over heels for him. You didn’t even realize he was snapping pictures of you until you glanced up from your pizza.

“What are you doing Parker?” You asked with your mouth still full of food.

“Taking pictures of you?” He sheepishly responded while he set his phone on the table.


“You look cute.”

Feeling your face flush, you smiled a bit before taking a sip of your drink. Dinner continued to go smoothly as you two took the time to get to know each other. Even after spending so much time together in the past few weeks, you still had a lot to learn about each other. Of course, you went over the basic stuff like favorite color, food, season…  the basic twenty questions gist. Then it switched to embarrassing moments of when you two started crime fighting.

“Wait, hold on, let me get this straight,” You said trying not to speak so loudly. “You, a guy with senses dialed up to an eleven, managed to swing face first into a building? And somehow you only ended up with a nasty bruise on your shoulder?”

“Yeah, not my finest hour,” He said as you were in the middle of a fit of giggles.

“You think that is bad? How about reading the police scanner wrong and showing up at the wrong bank.”

Peter choked on his drink. “You didn’t.”

“I did and I’m pretty sure one of the bank tellers fainted. I wouldn’t know because I got out of there as fast as I came in. It’s a good thing I wear a mask,” You whispered.

“Well, I haven’t done that, yet.”

“Well, to be fair, I was up late the other night doing homework and - wow is that the time?” You asked glancing at your phone. The team was going to be back soon and you knew if you weren’t back at the base, they would worry. You learned that the hard way when you left your phone at the compound when you were out on patrol by yourself. You had never seen so many adults with worried expressions at once.

“Wow I didn’t realize it was that late,” Peter said checking his phone. “I guess we should go then. I know how the team gets when you’re out late.”

“Yeah,” You said half-heartedly thinking about the events that happened before Peter came over.

“You okay?”

“Let’s get going,” You suggested while throwing your trash away.  

Peter followed you out as you shivered from the gust of cold air. You forgot to grab a jacket since you were so caught up in Peter asking you out on a date. You tried to warm up by rubbing your hands against your arms to make some heat.

“Here take my hoodie, it’s cold,” Peter said taking his hoodie off and handing to you.

Being too cold to refuse, you slipped it over your head and thanked him. Walking through some crowds you felt a hand grab your arm and pulled you into a nearby alleyway. Confused you turned around only to find it was Peter.


“You never answered my question back at the pizza place and you been acting weird ever since. What’s wrong?” Peter asked with concern.

“It’s nothing, Pete.”


“I swear it’s nothing,” You said trying to push your way past him.

“(Y/N),” he said grabbing onto your shoulders.

You sighed. “Promise not to freak out?”

“Why would I freak out? (Y/N) what’s wrong?”

“So ever since I got these powers I had you know these side effects. They mostly happen when I overuse my powers but lately they been happening randomly.”

“What kind of side effects?”

“Well at first I use to get nose bleeds and then my eyes started to bleed once in awhile. Sometimes they both happen at the same time and I feel lightheaded. I didn’t tell anyone because I knew they would freak out. Which was proven today when my eyes randomly started bleeding in front of Steve, Sam, Bucky, and Tony.” You said looking at the ground.

“So you’re worried that…?”

“That the guys will tell everyone else and I’ll look like this weak person. Which I’m not, I just have a lot of things wrong with me. I know everyone wouldn’t want to deal with me if they knew so I didn’t tell everyone.”

Without saying anything else, Peter wrapped you in a hug and held you tight. Smiling into the crook of his neck, you breathed in his scent, not wanting to let go. You oddly felt safe in his arms, and normally this was a feeling you never felt.

“Thank you,” You mumbled into Peter’s shoulder as he broke the hug.

“First off, none of us see you as a weak person. In fact, we see you as a badass hero with amazing powers. And secondarily, the team won’t abandon you so easily, especially me. You’re amazing, your laugh is adorable, and I-”

“You what?” You asked noticing your faces were inches apart from each other.

Without saying another word, Peter smashed his lips onto yours and you gasped in surprised. Smiling, you leaned into the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Peter then wrapped his arms around your waist deepening the kissing for a few more moments. Breaking apart, the two you tried to catch your breath as you grinned wildly.

“Wow,” You said breathlessly trying to get your thoughts straight.

“I-I don’t know what came over me,” Peter sheepishly said.

Giggling at his antics, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for another quick kiss. With your arms still tightly wrapped around his neck, resting your forehead against his.

“I would kiss you again but it’s started to get really cold,” You giggled again.

“Says the person wearing my hoodie,” Peter scoffed.

“Is the itsy bitsy spider upset?” You teased grabbing his hand and walking out of the alleyway. “If you want to kiss me some more let’s get back to the compound.”

Without another word, Peter picked you up as you like out a squeal. Running down the street carrying you bridal style, the both of you couldn’t stop laughing. Sure, you two got nasty looks from strangers, but they weren’t having as much fun as you were. Surprisingly for a guy Peter’s size, he was able to run pretty fast even through the crowded streets. You made it back to the compound in record time and he barely broke a sweat.

“You are a man of many surprises, Parker.” You said walking into the elevator to go to the living room. “I’m pretty sure the team isn’t back yet.”

“Then it’s our lucky day,” Peter said pulling you closer.

“Someone’s a bit eager aren’t they?”

“Shut up and kiss me already.”

Rolling your eyes, you leaned in for another kiss completely ignoring the elevator doors opening. Not aware of your surroundings, the two of you didn’t notice that in fact, the team was watching your makeout session.

“Parker got some game!” Sam yelled as the two you broke apart quickly.

“Oh God,” Peter muttered as his face went as red as his suit.

“Hey, guys…” You mumbled walking out of the elevator. “How long were you-”

“We saw the whole thing sweetheart,” Tony chuckled.

Covering your face in embarrassment, you let out an awkward laugh as the team continued to tease the two of you. Pietro started singing love songs as the others asked for details that you wouldn’t be telling. While this was happening, Peter’s phone buzzed and he let out a sigh.

“That’s my Aunt May, she wants me to come home.”

“Oh,” You answered sadly giving him a hug. While hugging him you glanced over to the team mouthing for you two to kiss. “You guys are actual five-year-olds.”

Letting Peter leave, you watched the team gesture over to him.You sighed while quickly grabbing his arm and spinning him back around to face you. The team knew how to get on your nerves but if this was going to shut them up, you were going to do it. Giving Peter a quick peck on the lips, you heard the whole team burst into cheers and whistling.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” You said sending the spiderling on his way.

“Details now,” Natasha demanded before eyeing the hoodie you were wearing. “You’re wearing Parker’s hoodie.”

“I’m going to bed,” You grumbled.

You stepped into the elevator and pressed your floor button repeatedly, waiting for the doors to shut. Before you could question what was happening, Wanda sprinted in holding the doors open.

“Nat, hurry your ass up!” Wanda yelled as the assassin carried some junk food. “Boys don’t you even dare come near me.”

Natasha then pushed Clint out of the way and gracefully landed inside. The doors shut quickly and then you were left with two grinning Avengers. You should have seen this coming the moment you and Peter were caught.

“I think it’s time for a long overdue girls night,” Natasha added adjusting the junk food in her hands.

“If we run out of junk, I’ll make Vision grab it. He won’t question anything and, unlike some people, won’t disrupt our girls night,” Wanda said.

“I’m assuming I don’t get a say in this do I?” You asked. They both nodded. “I hate everyone.”

“Love you too,” They both responded, dragging you into your room.

It was definitely going to be an interesting night whether you like it or not.  

Part 7

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Misunderstood - Jungkook story

Originally posted by sugutie

Misunderstood (a request short story inspired by the Manga “Kimi ni Todoke”)

Parts: One

Pairing: Jung Kook x Y/N

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 2.801

Synopsis: being an outcast because people think you look like the girl from The ring, isn’t easy but the minute you meet Jung Kook everything changes.

The minute that people started to compare you to the girl from the movie the rings, your social life was over. You became an outcast and everyone avoided you, just because they were afraid or apologetic. They acted like you could actually see and talk to ghosts, which was ridiculous, to be honest.

You were walking alone to school when you saw a guy looking completely lost, he had a document in his hands and was trying to figure out where to go, he had the same school uniform as you, so he must be new.

“Excuse me? Are you looking for west high?” The guy turned around and your heart stopped for a second because he was the most handsome guy you had ever seen. “It’s that way.” You quickly finished your sentence and you were surprised to see him come closer. You tried to hide behind your hair but couldn’t help but look at him. “Thank you.” He sounded really nice and you just had to look up, you nodded and wanted to walk away, when suddenly flower blossoms started to fall and he actually picked one out of your hair, which gave you a good view of his handsome face.

“It has a strange shape, take a look.” he gently put it in your hands and you were surprised that it was shaped into a heart, you were studying it and couldn’t help but smile a little. The guy was looking intensely at you and even smiled, which had never happened to you before, there were no guys around here who even took a glance at you and stayed by your side, so this was something new. He actually looked genuinely friendly and a bit curious.

“Jung Kook-ah!” His eyes roamed to where the voice came from and behind me were his friends and he quickly bowed and ran off, leaving you standing there in the morning sun, completely shocked about what had happened and your heart fluttered a bit. “So his name is Jung Kook.” You muttered to yourself and nodded in joy, maybe this could be a start to something new.

You quickly found out that Jung Kook, was really popular and good in everything he did, He loved to dance and boy could he sing! You were totally in love with him but he didn’t know this as he didn’t even look at you after that first day at least that was what you thought, little did you know that he was quite curious about you, especially after hearing those rumors. One day you had to collect homework but of course like always nobody dared to come near you and as everyone put the homework at the table at your left he suddenly offered his homework to you, he was even saying your name. This startled you and you actually grabbed his homework together with the rest and ran out.  

Everything changed from that day on, you even gained new friends, you started to feel more comfortable in your own skin You even got asked out by them and it was like all the clouds were disappearing, you were slowly lowering your wall and actually let people in. The girls even taught you how to play soccer, which was not easy as you couldn’t even kick a ball at first but slowly you learned. “Y/N, wait up for a second.” you stopped and waited until Jung Kook caught up with you, he looked really handsome today, he had a new hairstyle, it was a shame you didn’t see him that often as he was on the road with his band, which was really awesome because they made good music but the times he did spend on school he always made sure to spend time with you.

“Is something wrong?”

“Ani, I just wanted to ask you if you would like to come to one of our shows, together with the others of course.” his eyes were twinkling as he waited for your answer. “Really? But what if your band members don’t like me?” You were already worried that they also would see you as that girl from the ring. Jung Kook knew that they bullied you with this and his smile disappeared slightly, this always happened when you talked about that and not because he felt pity for you but because it made him angry.

“Don’t worry about that because there is nothing wrong with you, you’re just shy and there is nothing wrong with that.” You nodded but you didn’t really listen, it was like my brain didn’t want to hear stuff like that.

“So, will you come?” You nodded and smiled at him, which earned you his bunny smile. Whenever you saw interviews with him, he always seemed so quiet but in real life, he was actually the opposite of what you saw on tv, it was fascinating. “I will send you the details later okay?”

“Okay, do you have to go already?”

“Ye, I have a tight schedule but don’t worry we will get something eat soon.” he ruffled your hair like he often did. He did this when he thought you looked cute, which was weird because you didn’t think you’re cute at all but you also didn’t mind him touching you, actually every time he touched you, your heart skipped a beat but you already saw how people were looking at you two and it wasn’t good, there were rumors everywhere and every time something happened to him or his band members, you got the blame for giving him bad luck, so you did try to keep some distance but he always found you.

You talked to the girls about that show Jung Kook had invited us to and they suddenly smiled at me, they were looking mischievous, which you couldn’t really place so you let it go. Not long after you got a text from Jung Kook telling you when the show was and that he would bring the backstage tickets himself. “Ya Y/N, you should stay away from Jung Kook!” You were shocked to hear a girl yell at you and when you looked up from your phone, you locked eyes with the most popular girl in school, everyone knew she had been spending a lot of time with Jung Kook and people even said they were dating and now she had her eyes on you because of the amount of time Jung Kook spent with you. “Okay.” you quickly agreed because even though you wanted to defend yourself, you lacked courage. You let your hair fall down around your face, so it was hidden, this made the girl chuckle.
“Good, just focus on your ghosts and play with them.” she was being extremely cruel today, maybe she would leave you alone if you would give that ticket to her. “Don’t even think about that!” one of your friends told you right away, she was getting good at reading your thoughts, she said it was because you were an open book. “JK gave them to you!” This really wasn’t the time to talk about that.

“What did Jung Kook do?” when you didn’t answer her she grabbed you by the collar, she completely forgot about her fear for you and that’s when it all clicked, she was probably one of the people who made the rumor, now that you thought about it, she was indeed at the playground the day everyone started to compare you that that wretched girl from the ring but was it really worth getting all angry at her, yes did she ruin my high school life and did she made me into this shy, socially awkward person but on the other side, it did give me these friends. “It’s none of your business.” she was shocked in hearing you talk back to her and it actually felt good and to think that you finally had friends who would back you up if needed, this made you feel a bit better.

“You better tell me.”

“And if she doesn’t?” you all turned around and were shocked to see Jung Kook standing there observing us, the way he looked at her, made you feel good for some reason because it made it perfectly clear that he didn’t like her one bit. “Y/N, are you okay?” you nodded and even stuck up your thumb, which you had never done before and that made him chuckle. “Just so you know, I invited her and her friends to a show.” he quickly came closer and put his arm around my shoulders, you could hear people whispering when he did that and you were already trying to pull away but he held you firmly in place.

“Don’t you think you guys have taken it far enough? You should stop making stuff up. How in the world does she see ghosts and did she kill someone? I didn’t think so, she just has long hair and when she bows down it gets in front of her face, the only reason why she looks scary according to you is when she tries not to cry.” he was actually scolding everyone and it had never been this quiet before, no one was whispering right now but you felt their eyes on you, which made you feel anxious because before they acted like you weren’t even there and they only made fun of you once in awhile but now that this had happened, your life was about to change but was it going to a be a good or bad change.

“Let’s go!” he pulled you with him and didn’t stop until you were at the dance studio, there was no one right now because the school was over for today. “Why do you always let them talk badly about you?” he was angry, which made you feel flustered again, you hated nothing than people who raised their voice at you, for whatever reason.

“It’s a habit I guess and I think it’s easier to let them talk.” you shrugged as he suddenly pulled you in his arms, this shocked you but you still stayed still. “Have you been living like this for a long time?” you nodded against his shoulder and you felt him sigh deeply before he buried his head into your hair. “Don’t worry about those rumors anymore okay?” he asked you sounding worried, you couldn’t ignore the warmth that spread through your body when he said this. He was like your personal sun and there was no way you would ever let go of him as a friend even though you secretly wanted more but he probably didn’t feel the same. He must’ve seen you as a little sister instead of a woman and you couldn’t blame him, you looked younger because you sheltered yourself for this kind of things, so maybe you were slightly naive but that was only because you didn’t have any experience with guys.

“I have to go now but call me when they try to make fun of you again!” he ruffled my hair again before running out. This was an annoying but cute little habit between you and as you put your hair back up you decided it was time to let that wall down, the minute you did that people were actually starting to talk to you, which was refreshing.

The day of the show had finally arrived and to your biggest surprise, there was actually a car waiting for you and your friends. For the occasion, you had put on black skinny jeans and a light pink sweater, your hair was pulled into a high bun and you were wearing puma shoes, which you got for your birthday, which was on new year’s eve. You didn’t know who had sent them to you as there was no note with it but you absolutely loved them and they were really comfortable. The minute you stopped at the stadium, you couldn’t help but feel proud of Jung Kook because you really had to see all those people waiting to get inside. They were singing happy birthday to one of the members and that’s when I knew that I loved these fans already. You were being steered into a different direction as the fans and the second you reached the door, it flew open to reveal none other than Jung Kook himself.

He looked impressed when he saw you and you couldn’t help but see him swallow a few times before opening his mouth. “You look amazing.” he smiled at you and let you guys pass, you didn’t get far though as he grabbed your hand. You felt the tiny shock but didn’t say anything about it as you all walked towards a certain direction. Before he opened the door, he actually yelled if everyone was decent, which made me giggle. I felt their eyes on me the minute that it happened “Did you just giggle?” Jung Kook asked in complete shock.

“Ya haven’t you heard someone giggle before?” you were embarrassed to admit that this was the first time you had ever giggled in front of others but they apparently had noticed. He pulled you in his arms and cuddled you before opening the door. “Guys these are my friends.” he introduced you to the guys but stopped for a second before telling them who you were.

“This is Y/N.” the guys chuckled as they bowed in front of me, you did the same and that’s how the remaining day went, we talked and hung out with the guys and watched them do soundcheck. We even ate with each other, you could really tell this was one big family and the old man jokes were flying around. You knew that Jung Kook was watching your every move and normally this would bother you but when he did it, you didn’t seem to care. “Thirty minutes before it’s showtime.” one of the managers mentioned and you quickly went to take your seat so that you could enjoy the show and that was exactly what you did. They were amazing and you eventually danced and sang along to all the songs. The way they were with their fans was amazing and the way the fans sang along was really emotional. You couldn’t feel more proud and you couldn;t wait to congratulate them on a successful show. When the show was about to end, one of the security guys came to get you and he told you to get into one of the rooms, this was not the dressing room but it was funny because this room had a comfy couch and there was food but you didn’t touch it just out of fear it wasn’t yours.

After a while, the door finally opened and Jung Kook entered, you could tell that he had come straight from the stage and that he didn’t have the time to get changed yet. He looked really good even with him sweating like crazy, what surprised me was that he didn’t smell bad. “Did you enjoy the show?”

“I did, you guys are awesome, congratulations on your first show.” you stuck up you thumb, which was really lame but you were already doing it so there was no way back without it being awkward. “Did anyone at school give you any problems?” you shook your head because after his tirade no one had said a thing, okay some people were still avoiding me but that was about it, which was nice as you could enjoy school after so many years. “Thank you for that by the way.”

“It was all I could do. I only returned because I was worried about you.” he came closer but as you didn’t feel uncomfortable with him you just stayed there and let him pull you into his arms even though he was sweaty. “You are sweaty.” you tried to tease him but he immediately let go of you. “Right, I’m sorry!”

“Ani, it’s fine, I really didn’t mind.”


“Ye, I don’t mind your hugs.”

“You don’t?” he was observing you as you shook your head. “I really don’t mind.” he came closer again but didn’t touch you at first. He just studied your face to see if there was any resistance but to be honest you really did like him but were afraid to tell him first. He saw it in your face as a smile appeared on his face and without any hesitation he put his hand gently on your face and traced the shape of your lips, which made your heart beat faster, he put his other hand on your waist and gently pulled you closer and when he finally had you were he wanted, he bowed slightly and kissed you.

Help! Not Just Anybody

Props to @louiseeleanorbee for helping me come up with the title way back when I wrote this.

Also…. So Y/N was Ella’s Mom in Secrets And Lies but in this story it’s a COMPLETELY different character. I was gonna use an OC but in my experience, people prefer reader characters sooo… Don’t get confused.

“How many more have we got left?” Spencer asked JJ with a loud sigh.

His friend look at the page in front of her and squinted. “Two. The next one should be along any second now. I’ll go put another coffee on whilst we wait. You doing okay?”

Reid nodded, grasping Jen’s hand when she squeezed his shoulder as she stood.

“I’m good. Just tired. And fed up of listening to people tell me how they’d raise my daughter for me. And then seeing the judgement on their face when they hear about her sister.”

“What’s funny is watching them struggle to hide their judgement. From two profilers at that. Nah, don’t think so,” JJ grinned at him, collecting their mugs.

“You’re doing the right thing Spence. A live in nanny will help you so much. And it’s not like you can’t afford it. You won’t have to worry about finding last minute sitters or having to run Ella over to Georgia or Amanda in the middle of the night. And I know you’ve missed being out in the field.”

“I know. It just….it feels like I’m asking someone to replace her mom. And that’s not right.”

Jennifer tilted her head to the side and gave Spencer another smile, a sadder one this time.

“You’re not though and she knows that. But you miss your job and Hotch can’t keep you out of the field forever, not unless you switch departments. And it’s not often were out of state for more than two or three days at most recently. I can’t remember the last long one…. ”

“Seventeen months and four days ago. We were out for thirteen days. The Edison Strangler.”

“See, good run. And you’re offering a great deal here. Accommodation, a car, an amazing salary. Jessica was doing all of that for free when she was looking after Jack. And you can’t rely on Georgia or Amanda forever. Amanda loves her grandchild to pieces but she’s getting on a bit herself and expecting her to take care of a nine year old constantly is a bit much.”

Reid shoved his hands through his hair. “I know, I know that you’re right. And I’m sure once we find the right one I’ll feel better about this.”

“You will, I promise. Now, coffee?”

JJ left the room leaving Spencer to his thoughts. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about having a stranger live with them and looking after Ella but both JJ and Georgia had convinced him that it was the right thing to do. Gee would still have Ella on the last weekend of the month but she couldn’t keep picking her up from school for him, not now that she had gone back to work full time. It hadn’t been so bad before when the girls were at the same school but when Gee had remarried and moved in with her new husband it meant a new school district for Ellie.

After Ella’s mom had died and Spencer had finally managed to pull his head together enough to care for his daughter, he’d made the decision to move Ella and him to a two storey town house near to his old home with Georgia, changing her schools so that she was in the same one as Ellie. But now, he hadn’t wanted to uproot her again, she’d already changed schools twice and although Ella and Ellie were obviously close, they hadn’t actually been in the same class so had both made other friends. It didn’t seem fair to make her change schools just so that it would be easier on him because she could go home with Ellie and wait there until Spencer could collect her. So for the past six months Spencer had been relying on Ella’s Grandma Amanda to travel across town to pick her up or Georgia and Tim, Gee’s new husband, to watch her until he could get home from work. Occasionally even Will would pitch in and Ella would spend time with Henry.

It was all affecting Spencer and Ella badly. When he had free time he wanted to be able to spend it with Ella, and when it was his weekends to have Ellie he wanted to be able to take the girls out. Instead, because he was rarely at home until late in the week because of work and then having to drive to various places to collect Ella from whichever caregiver was looking after her, chores were piling up which meant he needed to spend time doing them. He was also neglecting his job because he was constantly having to think about making sure he was in a certain place at a certain time, or what things he needed to do that night before he could finally rest. Hotch had been fantastic about letting Spencer stay at HQ but that wasn’t what Spencer had signed up for when he joined the FBI. He actually enjoyed travelling to the different states on cases but because of his situation, he’d had to pull back from that a lot. And so JJ had suggested he look into a nannying service. He had the room at home for a live in and he could afford it. Having someone there all the time would make things easier for him and Ella, she could come home from school and start her homework straight away and be in her own home. And as part of the role would be basic housekeeping, he wouldn’t have to worry about chores so could spend more time with Ella, and Ellie when he had her.

He was just apprehensive about having someone in his home with him. But he could see the benefits of it so had finally called JJ and had sh to and Derek help him redecorate and kit out the spare bedroom, as well as contacting agencies to put in ads. As Ella’s godmother, JJ was helping with the interviews although he could tell that she was getting exasperated with him. They’d interviewed last weekend too and none of the eight applicants they’d seen had been right in his eyes. They’d seen another five today, with two more to go. Hearing a knock on the front door he realised that the next applicant had arrived. He sighed deeply to himself.

Y/N had been sitting in her car for the last twenty five minutes, parked slightly up the road from the home of her next potential employer.

Her current family that she’d been with for four years were leaving for England in three weeks time and although she’d been offered positions with three other families, she hadn’t felt that initial click with the parents that she liked to. Whilst her main focus was of course the children she’d be looking after, Y/N had found that most children liked her and that she could adapt to them. It was the parents that were the problem. If she couldn’t work with them, she wouldn’t enjoy the job and that would have a negative effect on the children and her. And she wanted to be happy with her work, especially when it was one that involved her living in on the job.

Her next prospective employer was Dr Spencer Reid of the FBI. Her existing employers had actually informed her of the current new position, suggesting she go for it. The mom of her current charges had heard about the job from another mom at the school, a woman known as Jen. Jen was one of Dr Reid’s colleagues and friend, and had asked that Y/N go and interview when she learned that she wouldn’t be joining the family in England.

Y/N had done her research on the man, discovering that he was 37 years of age and had numerous degrees and accreditations, more than seemed humanly possible for a man his age who’d had a full time position within the FBI since he was 24. His resume was impressive and sightly intimidating to her but she wasn’t going to let that show. Her lack of degrees and honours had no reflection on her abilities as a caregiver. Interestingly enough the articles she’d read had not mentioned the fact that he was father, only stating that he was divorced and resided in Virginia. She guessed that given his job he liked to keep as much of his personal life as private as he could.

Checking her appearance in the rear view mirror a final time, Y/N gathered her bag and her resume up, locking her car and making her way to the front door. She was surprised when a pretty blonde woman answered the door, a woman she recognised from the gates of the school. She wasn’t there often but when she was, her son would always run to her beaming.

“Hi. I’m JJ. You must be Y/N?” her smile was welcoming and Y/N grinned back, extending her hand to be shook.

“Hello! Yes, I am. I recognise you from Green Acres.”

“Ah yes, Henry loves it there. Come on through and I’ll take you in to meet Spencer. I’ll pre warn you now, he’s a little cranky. This is the second weekend of interviewing.”

JJ was feeling optimistic about this applicant. Another school mom that she talked to had recommended her, singing her praises and lamenting how sad the family were that they couldn’t convince Y/N to join them in England. Jen had seen her too at the school gates, picking up her charges and they always seemed pleased to see her. Maybe that families loss would be Spencer and Ella’s gain.

JJ led Y/N through to dining room to where Spencer was sitting gripping a cup of coffee like his life depended on it. She felt bad for her friend, but she truly believed this was best option if Reid wanted to keep working at the BAU.

“Spencer, this is Y/F/N. Y/N, this is Dr Spencer Reid.”

Y/N crossed the room quickly and held her hand out to him, surprised when he didn’t take it. Behind her she heard JJ sigh.

“He has a thing about hand shaking…. ”

“The amount of bacteria passed during a single handshake is….” the man began to speak.

“Spencer, really? I’ve heard you say that line to every single applicant. You really should just shake their hands, it’s polite.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t worry Dr Reid, I completely understand,” Y/N did to an extent, the amount of germs and bacteria the human came into contact with each day was immense and she always drilled good cleanliness and hygiene practices into her charges, carrying bottles of antibacterial gel in her bag at all times.

JJ touched her arm and gestured to one of the chairs. “Please, take a seat. Can I get you a drink or anything?”

“I’m fine actually, thank you. I have bottled water in my bag, one of the habits of being a nanny, always having snacks and drinks with you wherever you go.”

She didn’t mention the apple, boxes of raisins and the zip lock bag of carrot sticks she also had, or the bag of Reeses miniature pieces.

“Alrighty then,” JJ pulled up the seat next to Dr Reid. “Let’s begin. I’m Ella’s godmother, so I’m helping Spencer out. We’re trying to keep this relatively informal. If you could just tell us about yourself and how you came into this profession?”

“Okay, erm… So I’m 26 years old and I’ve been nannying for eight years with two separate families.”

“So you started when you were eighteen?” Dr Reid furrowed his brow slightly.

“Yes,“ Y/N replied, knowing where this was going.

“Did you not go to college?” he asked.

Had he not even read her resume at all?


“Can I asked why not?”

“You can. You see, I had a bit of a turbulent time during my teenage years, I’m not going to lie and cover that up. My mom passed away when I was eleven leaving my dad and I, and my three younger siblings. Up until I was fifteen I was the good little daughter, helping to raise them and ultimately taking over from my mother. It felt natural to me, I’m great with kids hence why I do what I do. Then a few months after my fifteenth birthday I seemed to hit a brick wall and suddenly careered drastically off course. I started hanging with a bad crowd at school, skipping classes and generally being a teenage tearaway. My school work slipped massively and I suddenly had no ambition in life. I finally managed to pull myself back a few months before graduation but by then it was too late. I barely scraped together enough credits to graduate.”

Y/N paused to take a sip from her water bottle that she’d pulled from her bag.

“After I left school I started waitressing at this little diner. A family used to come in at least three times a week. A mom and her two kids. They were regulars, the mom worked long hours so didn’t want to waste time to home cooking so she took the kids out to eat most nights, and the dad worked away a lot. I started making small talk with them and getting to know them and after around four months, the mom approached me and asked if I’d ever consider nannying. She’d seen how good I was with her kids. She loved her job dearly but was feeling pressure to give it up because she felt like she was neglecting her kids. They had different sitters a few nights a week and she was constantly being let down. They had a spare room at the house and she offered me a better wage than what I was making at the diner. It was a no brainer really. I ended up staying with them for five years, until the youngest was headed off to middle school. I still see the family regularly. During my time with them, I completed some courses at the community college so I at least had some basic qualifications. I found my latest family, the Thompsons through my first job. The moms worked together. I’ve been with them for three years and would stay with them longer still except I don’t wish to move to another country despite the very attractive package they’ve offered me to go. My own family and friends are here, and two years ago I started taking a weekend class at the college, working towards a degree in psychology. It involves some online learning modules which I’ve been doing when the children were at school. Eventually I want to become a guidance counsellor so hopefully I can help other children make the right decisions instead of flying off the handles like I did.”

Both JJ and Dr Reid were nodding by the time she finished, JJ a genuine looking smile on her face. JJ then began to explain the ins and outs of what this particular position would entail. Only one child which Y/N wasn’t used to, but she would be on call pretty much all the time. Due to the nature of their jobs Dr Reid could be away for days at a time.

“The last weekend of every month you’d have free though. My ex wife looks after Ella then and she would still be on call for emergencies as would Ella’s grandmother. I am home most weekends, in recent months our unsubs seem to have been thoughtful enough to keep their activities to weekdays,” Dr Reid chuckled nervously at his joke and Y/N indulged him with a grin.

“Ella’s mom only has her once a month?” she did ask, feeling confused.

“Erm no,” a glance between Dr Reid and JJ.

“Ella’s mom passed away four years ago. Ella spends time with my ex wife so she can see her sister. You’ll meet her too and part of your role could also entail looking after her if I’m called into work suddenly on the weekends I have her. That’s only happened a handful of times though,” he explained.

“Oh okay. So how old is Ella’s sister?”

“She’s also nine. Ellie is four months younger than Ella…. ”

Y/N’s brain did the maths and took in the slightly sheepish look on the man’s face, noticing how attractive he actually was. It sounded like Dr Reid hadn’t quite been the oh so faithful husband which was odd. Y/N was no expert but she somehow didn’t expect that from the man sat in front of her, but then again people change.

Dr Reid sighed loudly, an annoyed look crossing his features.

“I can see you judging me. The same look every applicant has had so far when I’ve mentioned Ellie.”

He was right, she was.

“Sorry,” Y/N apologised. “I thought I was doing a better job of hiding my judgement, I guess I’d have to work on that being around a profiler. You do kinda deserve it though, you’ve got to at least expect it, especially when you don’t give the whole story.”

Dr Reid looked shocked and JJ’s grin grew wider. Every other applicant had stumbled over their words and blushed when Spencer had called them out on it, which he’d done every single time. He knew he deserved the judgement, the girl was right. This one though, was the first applicant to actually respond honestly and openly to his accusations.

Jen was pleasantly surprised though when Spencer pushed back his chair and stood.

“Y/N, would you like a tour of the house? I can show you the bedroom that would be yours if you accept the job offer, and you can see Ella’s room.”

“Wait… Job offer? Is the interview over?”

Dr Reid nodded. “It is for me at least. I appreciate how honest you’ve been with me about your past, and I respect that you didn’t try to lie when I called you out just then. As a profiler, you learn to read people and from what I’m reading from you, I think you’d be very good for my daughter. If you want the job, it’s yours.”

A silent ‘yes’ went through JJ and she resisted the urge to fist pump when Y/N stood up next to him.

“Show me my new bedroom then, Dr Reid.”

“Please, it’s Spencer.”

ask : ❝ 2P! italy college au headcanons. ❞

1. wakes up super early every morning.

• tries to cram in extra study time before he has to get ready for class. gets out his notes from yesterday, any study guides, reads the material online, uses the flashcards he made, or finishes up any homework he didn’t do the night before.

• he’s always at the local coffee shop during early hours. he tries to stay away from well-liked places, though, because a lot of people he dislikes goes to them. but, he always keeps a couple coffee machines in his dorm, just in case.

• hardly ever eats breakfast, only eats when he is actually hungry which makes for him having a really messed up eating schedule. when he does eat, though, it’s usually just a bagel or scone. that and a hot, black coffee. that’s his “usual”.

• never bothers waking up his roommates or anything. they might wake as his alarms go off. he sets 5 or 10, just depends on how little sleep he got the night before. they are always really loud because he can be quite the heavy sleeper.

• he doesn’t need to wake up as early as he does, though. usually, he’ll wake up at either 4 or 5 AM. he just likes to have a head start on the day and have some time to himself, honestly. you know what they say, “early bird gets the worm.”

2. always early to class. 

• the first one in there, probably. so, he has to wait just a tad before others get in. usually, he takes that time to go over notes, send any emails, finish any last-minute homework, or edit an essay. he doesn’t like to take any breaks, truly.

• if he’s not early to class, he’s super, super late. there’s no in between. even if he is way late, he’ll still come to class and sit down during the lecture like it’s not a big deal. he’s not going to let that keep him from getting an education.

• always takes either the really early classes or the night classes. between class time, he usually just stays in his dorm and studies. he’ll take a break to nap or go for a coffee run but, other than that, he’s not one for going out all that often.

• pays super close attention in class. honestly, he tries his very best to not get distracted or anything. always taking notes on everything his professor says. it’s a little over the top, actually. but he’ll do whatever it takes to pass, truthfully.

• he might doze off in class once or twice. he hates when that happens, though. so, he always brings a large coffee with him to class. everyday. in fact, he usually finishes them before the lecture is over. it’s become a bad habit of his.

3. he’s in a few clubs. 

• on the debate team so he spends a pretty good amount of his time prepping for the debates. most of the time, he wins. he’ll stay up all night if he has to, he hates losing. literally hates it. actually, he would rather not try at all than lose. 

• gets super, super bitter when he loses against someone and he definitely won’t hesitate to hold a grudge. it’ll be even worse if he spent extra time/effort to help him win. he thinks that hard work = the right to win. which, it does not.

• actually tried to be a part of the student council. he even ran for president. but he ended up losing to someone else. that really put him in an awful mood for the longest time. so much so, he would not leave his dorm except for classes.

• in the math club, as well. because of that, he goes to a few competitions every year. actually, he’s really, really good at math. in fact, his teacher invited him to the organization personally. this comes as no surprise but that boosted his ego.

• also, helps write the school newspaper and edits the yearbook. super, super good writer and he sure knows it. in fact, a lot of students look to him when it comes to bettering/improving their essays or other homework that’s similar. 

4. believe it or not, he’s a really bad student.

• sure, he gets straight a’s in all his courses but he has an awful work ethic. like, he might study and whatever but he doesn’t put a whole bunch of effort into his assignments. he cares more so about having them done on time than accuracy.

• everyone says time and time again that he’s a great student but ? in reality, he isn’t the best. he just assumes he is, basically. that being said, he has a huge ego and literally hates being told the truth; that he might not be all that amazing.

• that and he puts far too much work into his studies that he forgets to keep up with some of his club duties. and, because of that, he’s been threatened to be kicked off a massive amount of the teams he’s on but … he never actually has.

• none of his teachers actually like him, actually. they all wish they could fail him because, honestly? that’s pretty much what he deserves. he is constantly giving them a difficult time, never stops correcting them or making snide comments.

• that being said, none of his classmates really like him either. i mean, sure, he has a couple of friends but he hasn’t really met anyone new since he came to college. he just sort of always hangs out with the same few people, you know?

5. not social, at all.

• well, since he literally stays in his dorm all day ( aside from classes. ), he does not waste his time trying to meet new people. in fact, he could care less about making friends or “getting out there”. to him, that’s not what college is all about.

• actually, he has a good amount of contacts in his phone, though. but most of them are just people from his classes. he only really gets in touch with them for emergencies, for all that. just in case he forgot when the homework was due.

• his friends always push him to join even more clubs than he is already in or run for student body president, again. but, no matter how pushy they get, “no” is always the answers. he doesn’t need anymore work piled on top of him, honest.

• does try to talk to others, at least. he might tell someone one to have a good morning or engage in really awkward small talk. however, it usually ends up failing. he already has such a bad rep, no one is really up for a chat with him.

• although, that in no way means he’s shy. because, trust me, he isn’t. he is way more than willing to speak his mind and he does. a lot. if someone’s wrong, he won’t hesitate to correct them or give them the truth. he’s almost never wrong.


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Author’s Note: This is an Opie Winston imagine based on Take It Outside by Brantley Gilbert as requested by the lovely @thesearejustmyvices . I hope you enjoy! This imagine is rated M for language, mild violence, and SMUT. You have been warned!


Back in the good old days
They knew how to brawl 
I’m talkin’ real gunslingers
I’m talkin’ real outlaws
They’d saddle up and ride on into town
When it was high noon in them old saloons
You knew what was goin’ down
When they took it outside

Took it outside
When it was man to man
Toe to toe
You know they had to go
Where nobody’s gonna break it up
Not until you’ve had enough

And if you think you’ve got the guts
Then let’s take it outside
If you think your man enough
You really wanna knuckle up
If you wanna shed a little blood then let’s
Take it outside
Let’s take it outside

Cara thought dates were hard to come by before but with most of Opie’s brothers stuck in Stockton for fourteen months’ one on one time has become the thing myths and legends are made of; so, when Mary offered to take the kids for the night Cara and Opie jumped at the chance.

“Babe, you almost ready?” Opie’s voice drifts through the bathroom door and giving one last glance to the mirror Cara smiles.

“What do you think?” Cara asks pulling open the door and the way Opie’s eyes widen just slightly as they run the length of her she knows he likes what he see’s. 

“You uh-you going to be able to ride in that?” he asks as she smooths her hands over the dress.

“Baby,” she murmurs winding her arms around his shoulders, and thanks to the heels she’s sure she’ll regret later, she rubs her lips over his.  “you know I can ride in anything, that’s one of the things you love most about me, remember?”

“Mmm well this dress will certainly remind me,” he laughs as he grasps her ass with a wild palm giving a playful squeeze.

“None of that Mr. Winston,” she laughs wiggling out of his hold, “you keep that up and we won’t make it out of this house and I look too damn good to not show off a little bit.”


Forty-five minutes later they’re packed in tight at a little bar, music so loud Cara can’t even hear herself think, but with her Old Man so close to her, the smell of his aftershave and leather mixing together in a heady combination she couldn’t be happier. For the time being she isn’t worried about homework, housework, or the club.

It’s just her, Opie, and overpriced alcohol.

“Going to the bathroom, be right back,” Opie’s voice sounds in her ear and smiling she nods and watches him walk away, and when he disappears she turns back and gets the bartenders attention.

“Another Jameson and an Amaretto Sour please,” she says offering a smile and since she knows it’s going to be a while before her order is attended to she turns, bracing her back against the bar, eyes scanning the crowd.

She’s always loved being surrounded by people, and music; but when she met and fell in love with Sophie Winston she was all to happy to give up weekends at the club for weekends with his kids, or at a different type of club entirely.

A soft tap on her shoulder draws her from her thoughts and turning she finds her drink order sitting behind her.

No sooner is the glass pressed to her lips before she feels the hand slip over her backside and eyes narrowing she knows it isn’t Opie. She whirls around, finding a clean-cut suit standing behind her, biting his lip as his eyes feast on her.

“You are gorgeous,” the man shouts to be heard over the music and rolling her eyes she shakes her head.

“Do you make a habit of just assuming you have the right to put your hands-on women you don’t know?” she asks keeping her voice cool as she steps away from him.

“I’m sorry,” he laughs tucking a well manicured hand that she knows has never known an honest-days’ work into the pocket of his slacks. “An ass that gorgeous is just begging to be touched.”

“Neither my ass or I am interested…”

“Come on beautiful, we could have a good time,” he says leaning into her, pinning her to the bar.

Fire is just starting to bubble up in her blood and her mouth is starting to form the words to tell the stranger just where the hell he can go until she sees Opie stalking towards them. “You’re so fucked.”

The man is all but lifted from his feet as Opie drags him through the crowd and knocking back the last of her drink she follows close behind.

These days things have changed
A lot of talk
Lot of pushin’ and shovin’
Well if you wanna walk the walk

Let’s have some respect
Got girls in here
Just pay your tab
And lay down your beer and let’s take it outside
Take it outside

It’s man to man
Toe to toe
You know we need to go
We’re all here for a good time
But don’t start no trouble
‘Cause it won’t be the first time
I put a scar on my knuckles

Now brother I don’t mind
I’ll be glad to stomp your ass
But if both of us walk out that door
One of us ain’t comin’ back
Let’s take it outside

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are…” the man says straightening his rumpled suit.

“I’m her fucking husband that’s who I am,” Opie’s words are punctuated by every blow he lands, and to the suits credit he manages to get in a few blows of his own before he staggers dazedly, taking a few haphazard steps before falling to his knees, and she knows he’s had enough.

“Opie, that’s enough,” she says and because she recognizes the gleam in his eyes she positions herself between them. “He’s done Opie. It’s done.” The crowd grows and because she knows it’ll only be a matter of time before the cops show up she grabs his hand, tugging. “Come on.”


The door snaps open loudly as Opie lifts Cara from her feet so her legs can wrap tight around his waist, and moaning against his lips her fingers dig into his shoulder. 

He circles her through the house, hands and mouths feasting on each other until finally they’re in the bedroom. He drops her onto the bed and she can help the giggle that escapes her lips but her laughter is quick to disappear as she watches him shrug out of his Cut, pulling his shirt over his head, and when his hands drop to the button of his jeans she stops him, hooking her fingers in the waistband and tugging him toward her.

She stares up at him as she pops the button open, sliding the zipper down slowly, and when he springs free from his boxers she moans. She loves every delicious inch of him and to prove it she wraps her lips around the tip of his cock, feeling empowered by the deep rumbling groans she draws from him.

She knows that she could easily finish him this way, and while she does enjoy it, that’s not what she’s after, not tonight.

Tonight, she wants to ride.

She gets to her feet and turning Opie she gently pushes watching the easy smile that comes to his lips when he lands on his back. She makes a point of keeping her dress in place but makes a show of losing her hands up her dress and sliding her panties down her legs. She straddles him, and when he slides between her slick folds, filling her inch by wonderful inch she moans.

His hands come up, cupping her hips as she rocks. Her head falls back, breath tearing in and out of her lungs as she feels herself drawing closer and closer to the edge; and when Opie sits up to bury his face in her neck she shatters against him.


The silence that’s hangs in the air between them is comfortable as Opie holds her hand up toying with the the thin silver band around her ring finger 

“Told you so…”

“Told me so what?”

“I told you I could ride in anything…”

Headlines pt.II

part 1

length: 2069

genre: a mix; rapper jimin au

a/n: so I have an idea for where I want the story and like relationship between the reader and Jimin to go…not sure if it will like be an actual relationship or just a friendship, but that’s why there starts to be a slight change in Jimin, just an fyi

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Second Chances//Part 9

Second Chances Masterlist

Words: 1098
Pairings: Bellamy x Reader; Octavia x Lincoln; Clarke x Finn
Warnings: Injury?
Episode: 1x09 Unity Day

Authors Note: I’m sorry this is so late and really short! I’ve been so busy! I’ve had so much homework and exams all this past week plus a lot of soccer and UIL. I’ve just been swamped, but none the less here is Part 9! I hope you enjoy even though it’s really short.

        “My friends, this is a historic Unity Day. Every year, we mark the moment our ancestors of the twelve stations joined to form the Ark, but this is the last time we do so while aboard her. Next year, on the ground.” Jaha recited through the monitor as the delinquents crowded around it to hear.

        “Right. After we did all the work. Someone shut him up.” Miller grumbled.

        “You shut up, Miller. No one’s forcing you to watch.” You snapped, eager to hear what Jaha was saying. This was history in the making, and you were a part of it, you wouldn’t let anyone ruin it for you.

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Why your art isn’t getting attention from professional clients. | Insight from a client’s perspective.

So a lot of you guys don’t know this, because I don’t like to show my hand, but I am actually an author and the leader of an independent business [we’re JUST getting started so nothing too flashy]; but we’ve got 2 major projects in the works and we’re going to work closely with a lot of artists/designers in the very near future.

As someone who’s been on the “other side” of it, actually seeking professional artists for quite some time, I thought I’d share some insight as to why you’re maybe not getting the responses you want when you submit your portfolio for jobs. 

1: You’re too young.

| When I tell my graphic designer to find an artist, one of the requirements I have is that you must be 18 years or older. I don’t do this to be “ageist”, but there are a lot of things we’d have to take into consideration if we were to work with a minor. Here are just some of my personal reasons why I don’t work with minors.

| +Do you have your parent’s permission? Yes its just drawing, but it’d be frustrating to have to constantly go through your parents every time we wanted to work with you. You are not able to sign any sort of legal documentation [such as a contract to grant us rights to the work] and therefore they’d have to sign for you. 

| +Time vs Workload. In the United States you are legally required to attend school until you are 16/17 years old. You being in class for 8 hours a day, then having homework plus whatever other obligations leaves you a very small window to work for us, vs someone who does artwork full time or controls their own schedule. 

| +Ethics. When adults interact with minors there is a certain set of boundaries and power dynamics that need to be observed. I require anyone who does ongoing work for us to provide a secondary means of communication other than email; this is to make sure we can reach them if there’re any problems. It’d be inappropriate for a high school student [you] to exchange contact information with us, 25-30 year olds. While I know my team and none of them would ever behave inappropriately, this is to protect both us and you. 

So I don’t work with minors period.

2: You require payment up front, but don’t want to sign a contract. 

| When I purchase something online, whether it be from a store’s website or Amazon, I don’t have any problems paying up front. This is because I know it is an accredited retailer with a lot of people and systems in place that ensure I receive what I pay for within a certain window, as required by law. There is also quality control which ensures that I get exactly what I was promised. 

There is no entity that holds you legally accountable aside from me. Even with a contract, the legal process is a strain on time, energy, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. I’d have to get a lawyer. They’d have to review the contract. They’d have to determine if we have a case. We’d have to wait months for a reply and a court date, then we’d have to show up, and then pay said lawyer: meanwhile for all the time and money spent I could’ve just hired somebody else.

It’s time, its money, its an entire ordeal that isn’t even worth it for whatever work we’re getting 80% of the time anyways. “I promise!” is not sufficient for me to give you a portion of our very limited budget.

If you require your clients to pay anything before you start drawing: expect to sign a contract. 

3: You have no variety/You look just like everyone else.

| I have personally looked through over 140 portfolios submitted to me and I can tell you all but maybe 8 of them: Looked. Exactly. The. Same. Both to each other and to all the other work in your portfolio.

For example: I said I was looking for an anime-style artist for my dark fantasy novel. Every single artist except 8 who showed me their work only had cutesy doe-eyed anime girls posing with pastel colors. They had the same faces, the same body types, the same poses, etc. Which is fine if that what you like to draw. But if you submit to my ad and I’m wondering “okay, but can they do a fight scene? Can they do a different style [chibi? shounen? shojo? etc] What about clothes? Weapons? Different facial expressions? Poses? Different genders? 

[Seriously, why do so many of you only draw young girls/women? 

If I have any male characters (like the protagonist!) then you just disqualified yourself right off the bat! 

Please think about this when you’re putting your portfolio together!] 

Different ages? Different skin tones? Different body types? Hair Textures?” 

- Then I’m going to pick someone else.

No matter what kind of artist you are, variety is so important. Because even if someone says “I need somebody to draw a lamp!” and all you literally draw is lamps- somebody else just submitted a portfolio that looks like an Ikea catalog. Why should I pick your lamps? Especially if all your lamps look the same. If all you draw is one thing and you have no range, it looks amateurish compared to someone who can do what you can plus more.

Telling me “I can draw guys!” when your portfolio doesn’t have one guy in it, vs someone who has male and female characters at the very least- right away I’m looking at them over you. 

| +You never know what someone is looking for. Don’t show them only what you think they’d want to see. It’s always best to show them a little bit of everything you can do. Your portfolio speaks for you. No matter what you tell me, the evidence is right in front of my face. Make sure your portfolio is always an accurate reflection of your skill and range. 

4. You come across as unprofessional.

| This one is a little bit harder to define, but please make sure you present yourself as a professional. Even if you’ve never done this before, approach it like a job interview because it essentially is. 

| +Always use proper spelling/grammar to the best of your ability. At least at first, then once you become more familiar feel free to relax a little. But you want to show people you’re taking this opportunity seriously. Someone who puts effort into their communication vs “lol ok xD” simply looks better. Your personal page/website can have whatever, but the important question you should ask is “how do I want to present myself?” If you come across like you don’t care about whatever you’re doing for me, I’m going to assume you don’t.

| +Keep your page/website active. If your page looks dead then you may get passed over for someone who appears more “present”. It can be as simple as having a blog update every once in a while or uploading a quick sketch of something, or even having a link to a twitter. Something where clients can see “Oh hey, this person is still around.” Even when there’s nothing going on, always try to have recent updates. 

| +Avoid harsh negatives. This is the big secret right here folks! Having your own set of guidelines and boundaries is important for anyone. However, if the first thing someone sees when they go to your page is a giant list of things you “ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT DO!” it makes you appear inflexible. 

A technique I suggest is one I call the “vague refusal”, at least when it comes to professional quarries. Instead of, for example, “NO PORN” a better phrase is “Unfortunately, I’m unable to accept work with sexually explicit themes at this time; however feel free to contact me with any other ideas you have!” This communicates 3 very important things.

|++1: That you understand and sympathize with the client’s needs [Even if you don’t really].

|++2: That you are not necessarily unWILLing, but unABLE [wording is important!]. Even if you’re unable because you’re unwilling- never say you wont, only that you cant. If they ask why then feel free to say whatever, but if a client is professional then they will not challenge your refusal.

|++3: That although you cannot do those things, there are lots of other things you CAN do, and you invite clients to approach you.

[This is a technique often used when it comes to rejection emails.]

“Hi Sarah! Thank you for your interest in a position at ___. Unfortunately we are UNABLE to offer you a position AT THIS TIME, however we will keep your application on file and encourage you to seek employment with us in the future.”

5. You can’t meet their needs.

| Sometimes you just aren’t what they need right now. Maybe your style isn’t what they’re looking for, maybe your price is outside of their budget, or maybe they need more done than your schedule allows for. Chances are it has nothing to do with you personally and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad artist. It just means that they’re looking for a very specific person right now and you simply aren’t that person. Keep drawing! Keep your portfolio up to date! Practice with expanding your range! 

In Closing

I wanted to write this to give a little bit of insight to what goes on in mind of a client who’s looking through your work. Whenever an ad is posted we get hundreds of submissions so it really becomes a game of choosing people who have that perfect storm of prices, quality, and professionalism. Hopefully you guys find this helpful! I had a lot of fun writing it. 

Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 6

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.7k


Part 5 <<<

Iris was in her room to change into something a little more comfortable before going to Pop’s when the familiar jingle of her phone interrupted her train of thought. It took her a good thirty seconds to shake the duvet of her bed to find her phone; it hit the floor and she picked it up, looking at the incoming message. It was Jughead’s address, very factual, nothing else. The girl slipped into her shoes and grabbed her laptop before rushing downstairs. She entered the address in her GPS while walking to her car and drove there without thinking much about where the hell it was taking her.

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Youth | Pt. 1

Hey guys! I wrote this series on my old blog but never ended up finishing it. But after reading it again, I’ve decided to rewrite and try finishing it this time. Hope you enjoy! - Hana

Focus: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2k+

Genre: Fluff, Angst, College!au, Gang!au

Summary: A gang of delinquents go to your university. After your first encounter, things have been a crazy ride.

Warnings: Light alcohol and drug mentions, swearing.


Originally posted by hyyhwings

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