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The term “I’ll have the last laugh” is funny because during the healing process, life takes you on another path and by the time you return and things transpire in the way you predicted, you’re so far ahead in self love and growth, that you no longer care. Instead you find yourself wishing the situation and all of the people involved, peace. It also fulfills you with gratitude and appreciation for how beautiful life has become, since you took the step and started protecting your space and removing yourself from toxic environments.

Allow yourself to let go and grow without holding onto to grudges and bitterness. Karma will handle the rest.

It’s such a beautiful feeling when you acknowledge how far you’ve come, and the things that once used to break your heart, doesn’t even cause it to skip a beat.


- Meggan Roxanne

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My pet hate is pushing email sign ups. Like PUSHING them, if a customer refuses, fine, but Area Manager expects us to keep pushing until they say no 3 times. I hate doing that shit. It's not fair to the customer and makes me the badguy when I keep talking it up.

How I handled that situation was to when they said no i would say “would you please say that again” they would repeat no then I would go “One more time please” they would say no most kind of aggravatingly. And I would go “And that’s three times you said no so moving on to the next question.” and some would chuckle along some would get mad and I would tell them to direct complaints to the manager and even call him out for them customers. Some of the regulars would just walk up and say “NO NO NO now let me pay.”

We didn’t do that ask three times for very long.


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One day Yata hugged Fushimi and kept crying because he felt so tired. He always smiles in front of people to hide his sorrows, his burdens so just once I want him to releases it all

Imagine this like post-ROK and maybe it’s been a year since everything went down, the destruction of the Slate and the defeat of jungle, and by this point most of the casts’ powers have started to fade. It’s December and cold and Homra has some kind of remembrance thing for Totsuka and Mikoto that Yata goes to and the whole time he’s somber but he’s also trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, like they’re all alive and together and Mikoto and Totsuka would be proud of how the clan’s come together and all that. Plus he’s trying to support Anna and Kusanagi especially, the two who in some ways lost the most when Totsuka and Mikoto died and Yata’s really just trying his best to not burden anyone with his own sorrows. At the same time though he’s been a little depressed lately over the waning of his powers and the memorial just makes it worse, a reminder that this red that he stills sees as some remnant of Totsuka and Mikoto is going to be gone soon and all he’ll have to hold onto are Totsuka’s videos that he’s watched a million times, memories of a time long gone and warm place that he can’t ever get back.

So finally after the memorial Yata walks home alone in the snow, back to the apartment he shares with Fushimi. When he walks in Fushimi’s there on his computer, doing more paperwork for Scepter 4. He mentions that Yata’s late without really looking at him and Yata gives this strained smile as he apologizes and says he’ll start making dinner. Fushimi hears a strained note in Yata’s voice that makes him look up and he notes that Yata looks worn out. Yata tries to smile as he says yeah, something like that. Fushimi gets up and walks over, about to say something when Yata just grabs him and pulls him into a hug, bursting into tears. Fushimi I think just goes stock still, having no idea how to handle this as Yata just cries out all his strain and stress, hiccuping and apologizing and everything. Finally Fushimi just puts an awkward arm around Yata’s shoulders and pats his back, trying to do what he thinks Yata would do if Fushimi was upset and his movements are really unsure and stiff but Yata doesn’t mind because he knows Fushimi can’t handle emotion stuff but here he is trying, like Fushimi has no idea how to handle Yata’s crying other than to stand there and let Yata cry it all out. Finally Yata’s sobs slow down and he wipes his eyes, smiling at Fushimi and thanking him for being there and Fushimi looks away like ‘I didn’t do anything,’ Yata’s like ‘yeah you did, you’re alive and you’re here’ because after everything that’s all he needs, knowing that he’s got Fushimi by his side again.

I know a child who I can only describe as sociopathic and I’m not saying that in a hyperbolic way. I mean they show signs of being a sociopath. They’re extremely manipulative, they take pleasure in hurting others, they’re extremely aggressive and inappropriate especially with younger and more vulnerable children, and they seem to have a hobby of harming animals. They once tried to strangle a dog with it’s leash by dangling from stairs and was having a blast doing so. Like this is obviously not a good kid. They even have the ability to make me uncomfortable, and I’m a grown ass person. But this kid is a fucking outlier. You won’t find kids like this one everyday, this child doesn’t represent all children. So there’s no reason to parade around saying you hate children and justify their abuse because not all children behave this way. And you know how I handle the situation? By avoiding him and making sure other children are safe when in his presence. I don’t actively wish for bad things to happen to him or whatever the fuck you freaks wish upon kids who behave slightly bad. I wish for him and his family to get the help and support they need. Y'all really don’t know how to deal with kids and it’s a good thing y'all don’t want any because I don’t think a child would be safe in your hands

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Nr. 172

Amy tries to close the door quietly, but she lets go of the handle too soon and the door slams mercilessly.

“Oops,” she giggles.

“Amy!” Sheldon calls her. He has entered the room and turned on the light, “It’s very late. What are you- You are drunk!” He realizes at last.  

She bites her lips “No! I’ve just had a drink or two with the lab guys,” she says, “We found out how… wait, I know that.”

Sheldon raises his eyebrows, but Amy continues, “You know that! We discovered… the stuff in the brain that does that stuff, you know?” She makes a big smile and puppy eyes, and almost stumbles in her own legs.

He rushes to offer his support, but she refuses, “I don’t need it, I’m fine,” she insists.

“No, you are not,” Sheldon retorts, “You’d better admit it and let me help you.”

“No, no, I’m proving you I’m not drunk. I’m reciting you your wedding vows by heart!” She offers.

“My wedding vows?” Sheldon is surprised, “How can you…?”

Amy wiggles her hips with a naughty smile, “I peeked…”

“Amy!” He scolds her again, but she circles the couch and solemnly declaims, “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you and – Oh, screw it!” She abruptly interrupts to gracelessly collapse on the sofa.

Sheldon sighs, and moves to reach her. “I am greatly disappointed by you right now,” he says as he offers the hand again, “However, I’m going to help you undress and go to bed.”

“Ooh, you want to get me into bed!” Amy says with an attempt of seductive tone, “Oh, wait! We already sleep together. We’re getting married!” She exclaims then like she had just found out it.

Sheldon shakes his head, but he also smiles, amused. As far as he disapproves of her behaviour, he does enjoy her drunken candor.

“Yeah, we’re getting married,” he confirms, “so would you please trust your fiancé and let him bring you safely to bed?”

Amy melts in another big smile and nods, finally taking his hand. Sheldon helps her stand, but she immediately falls into his arms. He soon realizes there’s only a way to cut things short.

In one swift move, he picks her up. She quickly grabs his neck, and rests her head on his shoulder, “See, I am even training to carry you across the threshold on our first night…” Sheldon jokes.

Cautiously, he tries to move with her toward the bedroom. She closes her eyes, and murmurs, “I knew you could lift me like this…”

They arrive at the bed, and he gently lays her down. Amy has essentially fallen asleep, but she keeps talking, “… since the moment I first laid eyes on you, and this is the one thing I know with absolute certainty….”

“That’s right,” he says, starting to get her shoes off.

“you haven’t lost your voice. you’re screaming, ms. hart.”

UNPOPULAR OPINION: maya didn’t become riley, maya was finally being herself. letting herself have feelings about a guy that her best friend wanted too. dressing and wearing her hair the way she wanted to. she didn’t lost her voice, she was screaming. she was screaming because she didn’t know how to handle it. before, she was a mess, always doing what was expected of her. the problem wasn’t that she wasn’t maya anymore, is was that she didn’t know who maya was. the real maya isn’t just the one who mess with people and makes fun of lucas, like she thought. the real maya is a broken smart beautiful girl who would do anything for her friends, which happened to be in love with the same boy that her best friend. so she believed that she was becoming riley because she didn’t think that she was that person. she believed she lost herself because she wouldn’t do anything to hurt riley in any way. she must have become riley to do such thing like take interest on someone she liked. she convinced herself that she was protecting her. but maya wasn’t acting like riley, for example, in girl meets texas (where the two girls have they different own ways to show they love for him: riley supports lucas and maya is scared that he is going to get hurt because they care about him). 

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maya was always maya. until they convinced her she wasn’t.

so, yeah, i’m still bitter. maya deserved better. 

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23 on the trip to Bespin maybe 👀

23. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight.”

This follows on from #3. “Could you be happy, here, with me?”

It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, snuggling together behind the dejarik table and envisioning how they’d spend their time if they never returned to the Alliance.

“Just think,” Leia said. “No High Council.”

“No shitty rations,” Han said. Leia looked at him. “Okay. Fewer shitty rations.”

“Definitely,” she agreed. “You’re a good cook. Maybe you could teach me.”

“Flying lessons and cooking lessons. I think I could handle that,” he said, grinning. “Oh yeah—no more ice planets.”

“For certain. Though we’d probably be better at keeping each other warm, now.”

Han shook his head, chuckling at her. “Best pickup line on Hoth, and I never got to use it on you.” Leia elbowed him in the ribs, then went in for another kiss.

They held each other quietly for a while, then Han had to go and throw cold water on the whole thing.

“Y’know, there’s one problem with your little fantasy, here,” he said, stroking her hair gently. “It wouldn’t last.”

Leia pulled back from him, surprised. “What do you mean? We—wouldn’t last?”

Her earlier admission that yes, she truly believed she could be happy here with Han had been the closest she’d come yet to saying those three words, the ones she felt but couldn’t quite get out of her mouth. The same words that had fallen freely from his lips throughout this trip—but did they mean nothing after all?

“Sweetheart, ‘m not saying that, no. Not us. The running away thing, that’s what wouldn’t last.”

She looked at him, her eyes doubtful.

“Think about it. We’d make it maybe six weeks doing the whole running around the galaxy thing. And don’t get me wrong, it would be great. But ‘bout a minute later we’d be starting rebel cells and freeing slaves and saving pittins and whatever else needs doin’.”

Leia nodded, but didn’t say anything.

He took a deep breath, and continued. “I’ve seen a lot of bad shit, and I spent a long time pretending it wasn’t there. Had to, to get by. You have to do something about it,” he said. “You can’t help it.”

“No escape, eh?” Leia said ruefully.

Han tipped her chin up to look at him. His eyes were soft. “You give a damn, Leia. It’s just who you are. ‘S why I love you,” he said, and kissed her.

Of all the times he’d said those words on this trip, this was the time Leia would most remember, and treasure.

“And hell—you make me want to give a damn, too.”

Leia clutched him tightly. Suddenly the reality she’d been staving off for the last few hours was running back in, and she didn’t want it, she didn’t. But she knew he was right. “I still want to run away,” she admitted, holding back a sob.

His arms were warm, comforting, and his voice was soft again. “Nothing wrong with that. And y’know, just because we’re gonna go back sometime doesn’t mean we couldn’t still play hooky for a little while. Even after we get the ship fixed.”

His eyes were wet, too, but he was smiling at her in that way that made her melt. She nodded.

“And for now, we’re both right here,” he said. He put a palm gently on her cheek. “I don’t need to be the hero tonight. And neither do you.”

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How do you think Killua would handle a drunk Gon? Also any hcs on how Gon would act drunk (I think Killua would be unaffected by alcohol due to his training right)

oh gosh you asked the wrong person about this haha ^^; I rarely drink so I’m not sure…but I guess I’d imagine Gon as an emotional drunk? So, like, he’d get really clingy with Killua and practically drape himself all over him. And Gon would go on and on in a super loud voice about how much he ‘loves Killua’ and ‘Killua’s his best friend in the whole world’ and ‘he’s so glad they met’ etc but with a lot more tears and emotion and volume ahaha

Killua would just stand there, scarlet faced, and hiss at Gon to ‘shut up for the love of all things holy and good there are pple everywhere-’ but that would just get Gon to be even louder with his proclamations of love lol. Eventually Killua would drag Gon back to where ever they’re staying at in the moment so Gon can go on as much as he wants and Killua won’t get embarrassed (as much ahaha)

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What would Papa Penny do if he saw his significant other curled up in his chair asleep because they missed him?

I’m pretty sure he’d cry,, you look so small and soft,,, his big dumb heart couldn’t handle it

So like holding back tears, he’d lift you up and sit there with you curled in his lap. Probably petting your hair and just taking in how much he adores you

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I know you've written dick reacting to tims depression, but how do you think the rest of the family would react???

Bruce would be really concerned, but the thing is he’s not very good at dealing with feelings, so I don’t think he’d really know what to do? He’s pretty awkward when it comes to his kids, so he wouldn’t exactly know how to handle it when his son is depressed, bc he knows he should comfort him but he doesn’t know how? Should he hug him? Should he try asking him about it? Should he ignore it completely? He has no idea what to do. So he keeps his distance for the most part, but he shows his affection by little actions to let Tim know that he’s there for him. It’s complicated, but hey, Bruce is a complicated man.

Jason checks up on Tim once a week, like he’ll randomly show up in his apartment and be like “guess what we’re going out for burgers grab your coat.” There’s this diner he always takes him to and he asks about Tim’s day and if he’s taken his meds and if there’s anything he needs to talk about. He just wants to make sure Tim is doing okay he’s honestly such a good brother I love him.

Steph knows him better than most people, so she knows all about his depression and what helps and what doesn’t. Her way of helping is by small reassurances and ways of reminding him that she loves him and no matter what happens he’ll be okay. She leaves little notes for him around the apartment when she can tell he’s having a bad day, like he’ll go into the kitchen and on the fridge is a post it that says “I saved you some pancakes in the microwave - Steph” or in the steam on the bathroom mirror he’ll see that she wrote “You’re perfect

Cass is the one Tim goes to when he needs to talk because she’s the best listener in the family and he knows that no matter what he says, she won’t ever comment or bring it up later. So she’s the one he goes to whenever he needs to vent.

Damian tries not to care about Tim’s depression, but maybe one of his pets will occasionally “just so happen” to wander into Tim’s room and sit with him when he needs cuddles. It’s not like Damian purposefully sends them there when he can tell Tim is upset and needs comforting, of course not. 😉

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What would you do if you felt like your client was lying to you? Or if you knew they were, how would you (or a therapist in general) handle that?

One of the most important things I ever learned from a supervisor was this: there is The Truth, meaning the official, objective, unbiased facts of a situation, and then there is your truth and my truth and that lady down the hall’s truth. Everyone has their own personal truth, and that truth is always- always -biased because we are looking at the world through our own lens, filtering facts through our own perspectives, and our beliefs and emotions color how we interpret things. 

So when a client tells me something, no matter what it is, I have to keep in mind that they are telling me their truth and not The Truth. That doesn’t mean they are not being honest or that what they are saying is not true. But it’s always- always -biased. It’s my job to understand and accept their truth while also trying to figure out where the bias is and how that might be impacting their truth. 

I’m saying all this because people ask “do clients lie?” and that word, “lie” has this connotation that the untruth is being delivered intentionally and maliciously. And sometimes that does happen, but more often, people tell me what they think of as the truth, but it’s got bias and errors in there. Are they lying? I would say no, but that doesn’t mean I should interpret what they are saying with a grain of salt. 

So anything a client says to me, I’ve always got to question a little bit. Not because they are necessarily deliberately trying to pull the wool over my eyes, but because I am going to be more effective I can be if I understand the difference between their truth, The Truth, and the truth of other people. 

When things don’t make sense for whatever reason- I just get more information. If I think someone is deliberately lying to me, then I might need to more directly discuss that with them. It’s a lot easier to be effective as a therapist when you are getting as much of The Truth and the client’s truth as possibe. 


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‘  you taught me the courage of the stars before you left. 
light carries on endlessly,  even after death.
with a
shortness of breath,  you explained the infinite. 
rare and beautiful it is to even exist. 

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You're really good! Do you have any more Ben Platt headcanons?

Thank you! And I have some more. I’ll put down some fluffy ones though because I’m all out of smut

  • Ben is a cuddle machine
    • If he’s tired, he’ll come home after preforming, sit on the couch and text you if you’re no where near the living room. 
      • You turn off the lights and TV, and get the fluffy blanket and cuddle
    • Ben also likes to cuddle whenever you’re feeling down, he’s feeling down or if you’re cooking dinner
      • One time, you were making frittatas and he comes behind you to hug you while you make dinner
        • The salami got burnt but it tasted okay anyways
      • Ben once saw you crying and asked if it was okay to hug you, in which you clung onto him for dear life
  • Ben is a great person to talk to if you feel down, and knows how to handle depressive episodes
    • If you’re having a depressive episode, you can either get cuddles and kisses or wrapped in a blanket, tea in your hands and watch Grey’s Anatomy or Bojack Horseman
      • You’ll mostly want Ben to cuddle you and tell you good things while watching Netflix
        • “You’re so cute I love your eyes I love your hair, I love the way you laugh and when your teeth show because I can see your dimples”
        • “I’m just so invested in you, I want to spend the rest of my life and future with you because I can’t see myself with anyone else honestly you’re so perfect and adorable”
        • “Things will get better, Peachy. We’ll grow old together, have kids run around the house, go to the beach, get married, play monopoly with our kids, and this is gonna pass, I know it.”
      • He’s too cute for you to handle
    • List of the nicknames
      • Peachy
      • Jellybutt (meant to be Jellybean but he thinks its funny and cute in its own sense)
      • Strawberry Vanilla Baby
      • Cactus
        • When you had prickly legs he called you a Cactus
      • Buttbutt
        • He just thinks the word “Butt” is a good nickname for you
      • Bean
        • We all have this nickname but he uses it because its cute and plain
      • Queen Platt
      • Jokey Pokey
      • Sea Lotus
    • He’ll never stop with the nicknames and uses them to his best ability
      • “Hello my little JellyButt!!!!” 
      • “Ben omg stopppp,,,” 
        • “Does my Sea Lotus not like my nicknames? :(” 
        • “Ben I’m talking to my momm,,” 
          • “Okay Buttbutt, tell her I said hi!”
  • Will sometimes sneak you into the set just to get a backstage feel
    • Lauren loves spending time with you while Ben is off on stage. During intermission, Ben will come back to kiss your face and tell you he missed you!!!!
      • “Ben it’s been an hour?”
      • “I KNOW!!!!!”
    • When he has to go back onstage, he dashes to you once the curtains fall
      • He tripped one time and the cast had to make sure he didn’t break his nose or something
  • You loved him during his chub Pitch Perfect days because you’d play with his stomach
    • Pat it like a drum and he’ll start singing
    • When he started exercising, you got upset because yoU’RE HUSBAND HIS CHUB ITS FADING OH NO
  • You make sure he gets enough water during his performance because crying every two-three hours isn’t good for your health kiddos
    • You literally fill up his water bottle and bring in spare Nirvana ones in case he looks dehydrated and his bottle is empty
      • Every intermission, you tell him to drink water and bring in a chicken
        • The chicken is for the rest of the cast too because you feel guilty for not bringing in one for everyone else

A/N: Word of advice kiddos: If you’re dehydrated, drink at least three bottles of water per day. One way you can keep up is downloading Plant Nanny, which is where you take care of a plant based on the amount of water you drink. You put in your weight, how often you exercise, and what units you go by. I personally have to drink 59 oz per day, which keeps me hydrated. The app is completely free

Also make sure you get protein, iron, and carbohydrates in your body because you can’t function without them! Get good food flowing through your body! You can have gentle snacks like skittles, but eat some protein or have an apple once in a while. ITS NOT FUN TO PASS OUT TAKE IT FROM ME!!!!!!

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Damn. Your "vague blogger" is one nasty piece of work. But I shoulda known that when she went on a bitter entitled rant over Martin's career, saying he basically shouldn't even be an actor if he didn't conform to her very specific standards on how to handle his career and promotion. That got an unfollow so fast. Ain't got no time for that negativity. You on the other hand are a lovely ray of sunshine and positivity and fun. I guess if you got jealous haters you are doing something right eh lol

Thank you for your support Anon! I wasn’t aware of that rant at all. I clearly don’t follow her and from time to time some friends tell me when they think that she’s talking about me and send me screen captures haha it’s funny cause i’ve never done anything to her ?? I am only trying to have fun in this place and forget a little bit of real life. I’ve even tried to be supportive and even tried to look past all that hate I get. But I guess it’s no use. 

As I was saying I wasn’t aware of such rant. I detest entitled fans!!! These people are adults and as ourselves (well myself at least), we know the decisions we make and the things we chose to do and not to do. I mean, as always whatever we write on our blogs is just our opinion and that’s it, it will hardly ever reach our famous person of choice haha and if it does, they will give 2 fucks. Martin in particular will tell you: MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. And you know he will :P

If we know Martin we know he has done pretty damn well for himself, in fact he is highly esteemed between his colleagues and as he has always said - and since some people claim they are “better” fans than me should know this better - he chooses what he finds interesting and he doesn’t like all the Hollywood things. So if he doesn’t want to become something he is not, he won’t and we should be fine with that and accept it as we’ve always done. I love every moment when we get a photo with his fans and is always happy to do this, when there’s an announcement of some of his new work, when we read that he was seen having a coffee in Bar Italia or walking around Soho and he can do this and not be disturbed (sometimes haha) and he  - and he said this himself - is in a position where he can choose. 

He’s a big boy and knows what he wants for his life and career. Who are we to say that he’s doing things wrong when he clearly is so happy and relaxed as we have never seen him in … well… ever. He looks healthy, happy, and absolutely devoted to his work, he loves his fans (as we can tell), his kids, and he loves his life outside work, so how can we say anything negative? I find it SO selfish! You miss him? well rewatch his stuff, go to your own blog and look at it since day one, re-read his interviews, etc. I just can’t see it. If you don’t like his profile - meaning the way he handles his career - then you’ll have some decisions to make, because this is what you are going to get and not what you want. Take it or leave it. You know what i mean? I am 100% sure he gets hundreds of projects but he chooses not to do  because they don’t interest him at all. As he said in that radio interview when he was in NY, some actors can choose what to do, some others can’t because they don’t get so many opportunities so they have to get anything they can and some others just chooses everything only to be away from their house. We know exactly which kind Martin is. 

So after this long reply (i can talk about martin all day long hahaha), THANK YOU for saying those very kind things about me ♥♥ that’s so sweet and i really appreciate it, because it’s not nice to know someone hates you, but what can you do? i laugh and keep loving martin and all the people that like me and show me their love ♥♥♥  Again, THANK YOU. 

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Are people complaining about how you shared the Edinburgh photo, Soka? Good grief. I thought you were very very respectful to everyone (including Sam and Cait). You handled things the right way and I admire you.

What would this world be if people did not complain ? I have nothing against people having their own opinion; I have no interest in making anyone belief or disbelief the existence of the photo. Some people are salty because I won’t share the photo so the narrative becomes why share at all if I don’t want to share the photo. As I have clarified, it is not my photo to share. Edinburgh anon allowed me to share my observation but not the photo. If people can’t deal with that, I suggest moving on instead of fixating on associating the non-sharing with the intention to fabricate information. There is also a hierarchy in this fandom where some people are allowed to get away with anything while others get called out for doing things perceived as not falling into what is “acceptable.” I don’t tell anyone what to share or not to share or how to share information on their blogs and I hope people have the respect to grant me the same courtesy.

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can i get uhhhhhhh solangelo vampire au? thks bby

fun fact while i was trying to think of what to write for this list i organized an all-paramore mix cd for my mom that shes probs gonna get for christmas bc i love forcing my music taste on her lol

another list i did that involved vampire!nico

  • think of it as like the first episode of teen wolf but with vampires instead of werewolves where will is scott and nico is derek
    • or for those of you that arent huge losers like me will gets bit by a vamp and gets turned into a vamp and nico finds him or he finds nico idk its been a while and nico teaches will how to handle being a vampire
  • so nico has his own supply of blood for drinking and sometimes will forgets to drink for kinda long periods of time bc its not the same kind of hungry sensation that hes used to and sometimes he wont even realize that he might be about to do something monstrous until nico forces a bag of blood into his hands and tells him to drink it
    • will has no idea where nico gets his supply of blood??? maybe he robs red cross trucks??? who knows not will
  • they get together (i hate doing that but like these lists can only be so long u know) and keep an eye out for each other make sure theyre both taking care of each other and not forgetting to eat and not forgetting what time of day it is and walking right out into the sunlight
  • will still wants to work in the medical field like he wants to be a surgeon and nicos like,,, “uhh,,,, around all that blood all the time???? bad plan probably” and wills like oh right i didnt even think of that dang
    • he ends up becoming a nurse instead bc he wont be all up in that blood all the time and after a little while of him working there hes like hey,, uh,,, great plan actually??? bc he has 24 hour access to the hospital’s blood supply???
    • he still has no idea where nico gets all the blood they drink but like now will can help him out with that and if he ever forgets to bring something to sustain himself on those long shifts then he can just,,,, sneak some blood from the hospital,,,,,
  • they live happily immortally together the end???

sorry this is real short and like,,, bad ending,,,,, but,,,, its been a v busy day sorry

anyway thanks for the suggestion!!!!

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Here's the thing. Watching you handle hater after hater is inspiring. I got a rude Ask and thought... hmm.. what would Zumpie say? So I channeled it and responded accordingly. People piss me off and also you should write a "how to handle haters 101" blog. Or I guess your regular blog works just fine. ;-) xoxo

Bwahahaha!!! I created these as questions for them….feel free to crib any you so desire…..(also, did you clown/try stars them???)