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I just want to say that your drink mix posts inspired me and two of my friends to go to 5 guys and try combinations until we literally couldn't continue. I have to say that Sprite 2 was by far my favorite, and Brown Sprite was a close second. Also, Cursed Beverage should never have been created, how dare you. Thank you for being the cause of one of the most entertaining afternoons and please don't stop making drink mix posts!!!

I tried “Acrid Citrus Requiem” today at Jack in the Box

I took one sip and couldn’t handle this. This shit was just way too intense for me. I had to dump it out and when I tried to put regular rootbeer in that cup? Fuck dude, the entire cup was just tasting like orange. i couldnt get any drink to taste normal again after being tainted by the acrid citrus requiem

you ask them to father your baby through surrogacy (exo)

request; EXO reactions to their gal bff asking them to be the surrogate father of her baby. How will it affect their friendship?

a/n; as far as im familiar with it, a surrogate father is like a sperm donor so here ya go ps ive decided to just add photoshoot/other gifs to all of these lmao theyre more about the written bits imo (and i write a lot compared to other reaction writers bye)


minseok would happily agree because he saw it as a way to make you happy. he knew you could handle the responsibilities of a child while he was away, and he knew he’d be a great uncle when he was home.

“you’d make such a great mother, y/n!”

as a friend, there wouldn’t be any changes really. it would be as if someone else had fathered your child, and he was just along for the ride.

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jongin would kind of be opposed at first because he had a girlfriend (krystal). he’d warm up to the idea more when you explained that (like minseok) he would only be like an uncle, anyway. “as long as we dont have to have sex,” he’d say while scrunching up his nose.

following after, he’d become even more of a protective older bother, if that’s even possible.

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baby yixing would blush while trying to “let you down gently,” saying that he didn’t like you in that way, and didn’t want to have sex. and as you explained that sex wasn’t needed, his mouth would form a surprised ‘o.’ he loves babies anyway so :^) “ooh! then of course,” he’d respond with a sudden smile.

in terms of how it effected the friendship, he would constantly be at your house now, or calling to check up on you, because its “his little baby in there too.”

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“i knew you wanted to fuck me!” he’d shout triumphantly, like he’d achieved something great, also adding that chanyeols going to be pissed that he “lost the bet.” once you firmly denied his assumption and thoroughly explained what you really wanted and why, he’d probably agree (because you’re his best friend and he loves you), but would be sure to add, “well we can still fuck, if you're up for it ;))”

your friendship would stay nearly the same tbh, but he wouldn’t rough-house as much when he was over, in fear of hurting you or the baby.

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ok tbh i see kyungsoo as someone who would say yes because its you and after hearing you admit to being lonely when he’s away (and a long ass list of other reasons) he’d want nothing but your happiness.

“i guess i’d be up for it, if it’s what you want.”

anyway, i dont think he’d want much to do with the baby until its been born, if that makes sense. like, it would kind of just be a thing, and he’d act casual around you, like nothing happened, and he would go out of his way to not talk about it. but once he stares into those little eyes for the first time, he’d fall in love let me tell you.

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i feel like chanyeol wouldn’t really know how to say or react. like, you’re his best friend, so he obviously wants what you do, but i don’t see him as someone who would be entirely ready? if you really think it over, donating sperm doesn’t give you any parental obligations, yet i still think he would see himself as having a few?? if that makes sense??

he’d probably ask for some time to think about it, which he would just spend pondering over ways to say no without hurting you. the answer would probably come in the form of a text, one that said something along the lines of, “i dont think im ready to see you with a baby :^(” it would be directly followed by a cover up text, like, smh i need all your attention anyway.”

following that, he’d ignore you for a week, because he was afraid you were hurt or angry. you’d probably have to show up at the dorms or something, just to get him to grow a pair and talk to you.

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im 90% percent sure that junmyeon would want to actually talk it out before agreeing or denying. once he’s gone over the pros and cons and given it a few days worth of thought, he’d agree, because he isn’t getting any younger,” and he hasn’t met a woman he loves as much as you yet.”

i really hate the “$uho” jokes (PSA he is not a wallet with legs), but from then on, he would insist on purchasing things for you, claiming that he was happy to buy things that went toward the baby. basically, it would be a relationship without romantic feelings or gestures, honestly.

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jongdae’s first response would be to joke about how “you’re not fit to be a mother because you can hardly do the laundry on your own.” but once you’ve slapped him in the arm, he’d ask for twenty hour hours to think it over. an hour later, you’d receive a text saying “ok ill do it.

from then on, you’d always be getting random texts of baby names that he thought were cute, but every ten or so, there’d be something atrocious, only because he knew you would hate it. he’d still be the same dick you befriended, really. little to no changes, i don’t think.

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the first thing he’d say would be that he “needed to call suho hyung for advice” because he wasn’t sure if he could make that decision without a much more responsible, third party opinion. because he was leaning toward saying yes, he would actually listen to what junmyeon had to say, even in terms of downsides.

of course, he’d then see that the goods outweighed the bads, and would agree. he’d be much more gentle with you, with words and with hugs and such because baekhyun hyung warned him about how crazy your hormones would be.”

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i feel like luhan would gently say no, but give a few valid reasons as to why, so that you didn’t get hurt. “it’s not something i want to happen if i’m going to be away all the time. i’d like to be able to be there for you,” he’d say with an apologetic glint in his eye.

things would be so awkward at first, until you both got back into your old habits. since you’re stubborn and claimed you’d just do it without him, lu would offer to go with you while deciding on another surrogate, and he would be so happy for you !!

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softie!yifan would probably say yes on a whim, without giving it any thought. “we’d make good looking kids anyway, so why not?” he would say with a shrug when you asked if he was sure.

as a friend, he would act nearly the same toward you, except for checking up on you a little more frequently than he used to. he would be buying things for the baby, but he would be very secretive about it. like, you’d come back from a weekend holiday with friends and he and one of the guys had built an entire nursery out of the spare bedroom in your house.

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tao would be honored that you asked him and not someone else, and would happily say yes.

i can already see him spoiling you a lot (lets face it he was already super doting so), despite your protests.

“i said i didn’t need this!”

“but what if the baby needs this?”

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Why is everyone annoyed at the new Climon sneak peak? In my opinion, it's nicer to see them flesh out their relationship a bit more than it was in the books and to not just have it as a filler relationship.

Because for a start, nobody wants Climon. At least not in a romantic way. All would be fine if they would stay as the awesome brotp that they were but dragging them now down this romantic lane. Nope, nope, nope.

It’s just wrong because a) apparently a girl and a boy can’t be just friends for once, b) Clary only shows interest in Simon because she can’t have Jace and c) Simon doesn’t deserve this because we all know how this ends.

Besides, they’ve been “dating” for like one episode?! And we already have to witness them making out now? When we waited 1 year for the Malec date to happen? And especially after their first time was so poorly written/handled? When you see Malec being sidelined because apparently talking about having sex (not to mention the fade-to-black-scene AND ignoring Magnus’ feelings) is not as important as Climon “defining” their “relationship”?

Talk about different treatment of a straight and a lgbt+ ship here.

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How do you know the surplus theory of value is real? Like.. you know? And what about situations where you lend a hand for a neighbour and they give you cash for helping idk, clean their garage or something with them. Is that an appropriation of surplus value - how so? Thanks so much!

I’m not sure what you mean by the first part. We live in a class system where the owning class gets to handle the material surplus (generated by the working class) by virtue of their ownership over society’s productive gears; it’s an objective fact that class stratification is real, and class stratification is materially realized in the exploitation of labor and the appropriation of the surplus. 

As for the second part, the communist goal is to make money and market transactions obsolete, not to send some bureaucratic committee around constantly blocking them when they do show up. Like, we don’t concern ourselves with some feudal baron coming into our towns and forcing us into serfdom because we have advanced beyond feudalism, and to suggest that we arrange ourselves in that way is just, well, silly – no one would take you seriously. Modes of production change according to material factors, which in turn influence social factors, which in turn acclimate people to different ways of living, and so on and so forth. Once socialism/communism firmly cements itself, the idea of subjecting everything to hierarchical market transactions and private property rights will seem absolutely ridiculous. Common ownership over the common inheritance will just be taken for granted. 

There’s this persistent argument coming from ancaps and right-wing libertarian types: “If someone wants to sell their labor to me in exchange for a wage, who are you to stop me??” This overlooks the fact that pretty much everyone does not willingly submit to wage labor if they have, ya know, literally any other viable option. If your needs can be more readily provided for through democratic production, in a scenario where you actually get a say in the work you do, why would you “voluntarily” choose to work beneath someone else who takes the bulk of the final product? To reiterate the above point, imagine some feudal landlord asking a bourgeois revolutionary in 1730, “if the peasant prefers to be tied to my land and prefers to pledge loyalty to me, who are you to stop me??” In the end, the bourgeoisie gained power and used enclosures and state violence to drive those peasants into cities to become industrial proletariat, forcing them to adjust to a new system of production. Class stratification isn’t voluntary. 

That tangent aside, it’s about transforming the material realities of society by harnessing power and technology for democratic/grassroots ends, not about dogmatically trying to institute the changes from above. Hopefully I was clear in my explanation, and thanks for the question!


Finn handles a blaster like no one else

Do you want to talk about how badly The Force Awakens shortcharged Finn’s character? One thing that no one to my knowledge is talking about is his phenomenal skill with blasters. This is LucasFilm’s fault, not the audience’s, because it was shown right on the screen but never properly foregrounded.

I don’t mean the time he picked up starfighter gunning with a ten-second tutorial, then combined that with lightning-fast tactical judgment in a thirty-second firefight to get himself and Poe out alive while still minimizing Stormtrooper casualties. No, that was an amazing scene that blurred by too fast for almost any reasonable viewer to fully appreciate, but it wasn’t… what’s the word… unthinkable.

What’s unthinkable, and what passed right under the audience’s noses because LF filmed it but didn’t emphasize it, is what Finn does with a handheld blaster. As I will discuss, his style at least as shown in the battle at Takodana is very different from the way we’ve seen the heroes use blasters but also different from the way Stormtroopers use them, combining his training with his own astounding skills and strength.

I hesitate to even call this style “good,” because it could be very bad indeed for certain purposes, e.g. survival. It does, however, showcase his athleticism and sheer boldness in a breathtaking way.

This is hard to tell, though, on a casual viewing because it goes by so fast and is treated more as background action to Poe’s aerial acrobatics than a focus in itself. I didn’t realize just what was so special about this sequence until I did a deliberate comparison with how other characters and groups used different types of blasters in different situations. Let me explain below the fold just why Finn’s blaster style shown here is incredible and unique.

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together, or not at all.

Recently, this fandom has been toxic. Perhaps some have genuine concerns but, the way these concerns have been dealt with has been appalling. There is a difference between constructive criticism and hate. The showrunners, writers, producers, directors, actors do not deserve the constant abuse being thrown at them. 

If you did not like the way a certain aspect, for example how Alec and Magnus’ first time was handled, insulting the creators will not solve it. Bring it to their attention in a mature way - they do notice, many responded acknowledging their mistakes. What is unacceptable is when people fail to take this apology and continue their barrage. They shot the show months ago - they cannot change the content they did shoot, even though they want too (both Todd and Darren have mentioned wanting this). They also shoot the scenes within each episode multiple different ways, as Matthew Daddario has previously said, - so if a still has been released and the scene plays out slightly differently from the single image we were shown from a certain perspective, it does not mean anything has been cut out, only a different take was used. 

What I think is also startlingly prevalent, is the constant comparison between the different medias. The books, the movie, the TV series. They’re not something we should compare - they should be seen as different medias, as different projects and each, should be respected for the hard work that has been put in to make them what they are. The movie, most likely, will never have a sequel. But the TV show is ongoing, it’s currently being aired and filmed - if you love these stories, these characters, this world - try to support it for what it is, not what it could be if they changed this or that. None of the actors from the movie and TV show are at odds, they are not a competing force. They all just share a love for the amazing original characters and story and wish, as Lily Collins put it, ‘to keep our Clary alive’.

If we want this story to continue; if we want this cast to come back as Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Magnus and Luke; if we want a season three: we need to stop taking apart every single detail we’ve been shown - I’ve seen people attacking Alec (and in turn the creators) based on a 10 second snippet. This cannot continue. It’s brutal and leaves the show and characters with nowhere to grow, because somehow their actions will disappoint somebody no matter what. If we want a season three, we have to show them a fandom that is behind them and one that supports and is willing to give these characters and this show’s take on this wonderful story, a chance.

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have you seen that fans are gonna trend #malecdeservesbetter? I really hope they acknowledge race in the way malec was handled lately. Magnus's feelings weren't allowed any recognition by the narrative. And also yes it robbed lgb people of a scene but it could've also done a lot for asian representation since asian guys are often desexualized in media. There's other things i'm forgetting but people need to stop forgetting that magnus is an asian man and I hope they bring it up in this trend

there’ve been ppl who have brought it up but it tends to get drowned out because you know how people are….no one remembers/cares about the racial aspects or how it affects magnus as an asian man.

but regardless at least there are people trending about malec and talking about how his lack of explicit consent was an issue even if they aren’t quite connecting it between that and the racial undertones so…i can only expect so much from a predominantly white fandom. but frankly from the way matt hastings has been responding i don’t have much faith; he’s been a bit of a piece of shit about it and telling people expressing concern about the way their first time was portrayed by just going “it’s developing over 20 episodes” like…way to miss the point, I didn’t know malec’s first time was going to take 20 episodes hahaha fuck me right  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

im rewatching TBB and honestly i never thought i’d say this but it’s a p good experience bc i’ve seen all the others at least three times

sherlock is so pretty?

also, it’s like … peak sherlock having no idea how to handle his feelings with john trying to break into all of these locked rooms like “for gods sake!! let me in!!! answer your phone! i keep calling and you won’t pick up!!”

look at this poor boy @ the beginning of his character arc

my goodness

if only you could see yourself in seven years smh

// Warm-up, wanted to try some of Aylen’s different styles while still with long hair. Any bun would be basically her usual braid just twisted into a bun in the back of her head, and sometimes she’ll just braid it differently, or not braid it all the way to the tips but tie it halfway down the braid into a low ponytail.

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I wonder if someday Chichi told Goku that Yamcha was the first man that talk to her about love, he said he loved her (in Chichi's point of view he was genuine). I'd love to see how Goku would react to it. I like how the anime handles it, Bulma was so jealous :D but I don't remember if the manga touched this point. I'm just curious, how do you think he would react, especially if she told him after Gohan was born and he understands more about marriage.

Ya I don’t think the manga ever touched this part with goku. but it would be really fun to see this idea into a mini fanfic. xD

And I can imagine something this:…

*Goku playing with baby gohan in the living room while chichi is sowing some of goku’s cloth*

Chichi: Goku honey….I have a confession to make… (this has been on Chichi’s mind for a while but she didn’t know how to go about it. She was going to tell her husband sooner but he didn’t understand marriage that well. But now that he had a better understanding she felt it was the perfect time to tell him her little confession. Besides, married couples aren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other correct? )

Goku: Hmm? what’s up?

Chichi: umm….You know your friend Yamcha…? well….he had a crush on me back when we were kids and he told me he was “madly in love with me”…..

Goku: Heheh is that it?

Chichi: Huh!? You’re not jealous or anything?

Goku: Why would I be jealous? He’s not the one that got the girl right?

Chichi: Ah…..I guess you’re right


Ya…..that’s how I will see it if they ever bring this conversation up about Yamcha. I just can’t really see goku getting jealous/upset or anything. ^^;

BUT if you do want to see a jealous Goku then maybe something like this? It could be more comical:

Chichi: Goku I have a confession to make….

Goku: Ya?

Chichi:  You know your friend Yamcha? Well he once told me he had a crush on me and he was madly in love with me…

Goku: He what now?

RE: Supercorp on Wikipedia

I support this form of resistance. It’s a wonderful way to garner attention to the ship and how poorly the whole situation is being handled.

However, I want to suggest that we also try to make changes that won’t get immediately flagged or rolled back as well. For instance, adding this to the television section: “There is speculation that Lena Luthor is a potential love interest for Kara Danvers, noting the chemistry between McGrath and Melissa Benoist[10] and the flirtatious nature of the characters’ interactions[11][12]. “ By doing this, we’re doing our best to follow Wikipedia’s guidelines. It means it’s harder to justify removing it. I’d suggest that if you have examples of journalists noting the chemistry between the two or commenting on their blatant flirtation, cite it in that section.

And come up with other ways of citing the living hell out of your claims! Lena brings Kara Danvers flowers? Find a recap and cite it. Cite everything. Yes, the stuff that’s more egregious and hilarious (those wife/daddy edits, tho) should also happen, but getting Wikipedia’s editors to say “FINE, we’ll accept that at the very least the media is commenting on the possibility of a relationship between Kara and Lena” is a huge step. In fact, the more egregious stuff makes the compromise of something that’s well cited appeal. So raise hell! Cite your sources! Get Supercorp into Wikipedia!

Also even if thomas being alive sounds like bad writing, have we still not realised how talented the writers are?

I mean, in what world would this sound like a plausible idea: ‘hey, you know that legendary dead pirate everyone was scared of in treasure island? What if he was actually working with his boyfriend to civilise an island of pirates, but then decided to fight england because of its brutal homophobia??’

It sounds insane, yet it’s freaking perfect, so whatever plans the show has in store, I can’t prejudge them based on how other shows would handle it.

I’m ready for whatever they throw at us. And by 'ready’ I mean ready for them to break my heart in the most amazing way.

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I've just found out some difficult news.... can i please have a hug? I know you don't really think much of hugs or give them unless it benefits you... but please?

“Difficult news.. I knew just how to handle this. I saw this once and immediately whatever horrible news was ripped from their memory for quite a while.”

Dark flung to a stance, striking a mildly heroic pose as he adjusted the hem of his jeans, and slid his shoes against the ground like some kind of bull in preparation to charge.

“Be prepared for some goose power, lovely!”

And with a gallant stride he plummeted himself forward.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH💙💙💙💙 (and no i don’t :’(( i can’t handle the blood and gore. my sister reads it tho and tells me about how much she hates sangwoo and the story is very interesting. messed up. but interesting)

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Hey Jab, what do you think of the drama going on in the Let's Play YouTuber fandom?

i’ve never been a follower of any of those people, mostly because i don’t really “get” youtube culture. like i can see the appeal of doing a Let’s Play and stuff, but the rest of it honestly sorta confuses me, i guess it’s a bit after my time

i will say that i’m pretty disappointed in their reactions from a general standpoint, especially in the face of how the fandom seemed to handle it. the gaming community at large (if it could be said to have one) has been gradually infected by this really nasty undercurrent of white nationalism over the past decade or so, and it’s really ramped up in the face of the last election. when a prominent youtube personality lost several lucrative endorsement deals because of his antisemitic content, i was not at all surprised to see the gaming community rally around him, crying “censorship”, “SJW” and “special snowflake” like they always do- regrettably, this has become the new normal, i no longer expect anything else from people that self-identify as gamers

if other prominent personalities in the youtube circle had been more willing to openly condemn their disgraced peer, specifically doing so WITHOUT attempting to justify or defend him, it might have been shifted the tide somewhat. instead, they largely pulled their punches, trotting out the old feeble “oh he isn’t a bad person, i know him personally and he isn’t like that, this was just a joke that got out of hand/was taken out of context, he made a mistake but you all should take it easy on him” song and dance. whether this happened because it was genuinely how they felt, or because they wished to address an unavoidable issue without risking the loss of income that would come with an exodus of subscribers, is really a non-issue, because in so doing, they sent a very clear message: propagating hatred is both acceptable and defensible, as long as there’s profit to be had

extremely disappointing, especially considering how young some of these guys’ fans are. you’d think they’d want to set a better example by showing a little backbone. but then again, like i said, the hateful element has been building in the gaming community for years, the pressure to pick the “correct” side must be enormous for these gaming celebrity types. it happened to that GameGrumps guy, after all, i guess no public figure is immune anymore