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My Personal Top 10 Villain and Hero Prompts so far List

10) “Such faith…” the villain looked at the other in wonder, reverence, shocked awe that quite stole their breath. Such beautiful, stupid, blindness. They were the most perfect creature the villain had ever seen. “Tell me, if I asked you for your heart, would you give it to me?”
“You have it already.” As if they hadn’t just met. “Or do you mean literally?
”It was all the villain could do not to grin, wolfish. They didn’t want to scare this miracle, after all. But oh, how strangely ensnaring it was to be trusted so completely.“Come with me.” X

9) “So protective…” the villain murmured. “You were never so protective over me.”
“You never needed anyone to protect you!”
The look on the villain’s face stopped them dead. X

8)   They knew it was wrong, they knew they shouldn’t like seeing the antagonist like this. A shell of themselves, fragile, held together by stitches. But oh they were so pliant like this. So scared of doing wrong and so desperately needing reassurance.
“I forgive you.”
“It’s going to be okay.”
“You’re not a monster.”
The hero had never felt so addictively needed in their life, so redemptive, so powerful to have the villain breathless and overwhelmed with the smallest of kindnesses. They felt like god. X

7)  The villain prowled closer, gaze intent.
“Mm. The last time someone looked at me like that we didn’t get out of bed all weekend, good times.”
“Cute bravado, it won’t save you.”
“You’re blushing.” X

6) “Fix it.”
“I can’t.”
The protagonist dropped to their knees, a sick feeling curdling in the pit of their belly. “Please - see, I’m begging and everything - fix it.” They swallowed hard. “Please.” Their voice voice cracked.
“I can’t,” the antagonist said. They tugged one hand through their hair, jerked the other in a gesture for the protagonist to get up. “I’m not saying it to spite you, I literally can’t. This is beyond my power. I’m sorry.”
The protagonist stared at them in numb disbelief. X

5) “Go on,” the antagonist rasped. Their eyes were intent upon the protagonist’s, their lips startlingly red with blood. Breath panting. “Finish it.”
The protagonist’s hand wavered, head spinning, adrenaline coursing nauseously through their body. Some distance away, their allies were starting to approach. The antagonist’s expression softened. “Finish it.” They reached up a hand to steady the protagonist on their weapon. “You’ll be a hero, everyone will love you, the world will be yours for the taking. You’ve come so far and grown so much, you’ve fought so hard. You can do it. It’s alright.”
“You want to die?”
“Don’t ask me that. I’d rather it be by your hand than theirs.” X

4)  “Let me tell you something,” the antagonist said. “You want to get away with being a monster, you act like a hero.” X

3)  “Dearest. Darling. Sweetheart,” the protagonist flatly recited the list of endearments the antagonist was most likely to wield in their conversations. “You’re play acting at intimacy again. God, it must be desperately lonely being you.”
“Oh, love. I’m not the one play acting at anything – if I wanted to be intimate with you, baby, I’d bother to learn your name.” X

2) “Beautiful girl in need of saving, you’re predictable,” said the villain. She circled the hotel room, removing the silken scarf from around her neck and letting it drop.
The heroine set her weapon slowly down on the bed beside them. “Compulsive need to play act a girl in need of saving,” she returned. “You’re transparent.” A smile flickered across the villain’s lips. “I like pretending to be you. It’s intimate.”“You think I need saving?”
“Of course,” the villain purred. “I know who you’re up against.” X

1)  “Shh, it’s alright,” the villain said. “You’re doing beautifully and I’m so proud of you. But that’s enough now. It was cruel of them to make you fight me - you could never have won. It’s not your fault.” X

+ 1; AKA the first heroes and villains prompt I wrote, of the classic style you might know me for (I wrote villainous prompts before this one, but they wouldn’t be what you guys call my villain and hero prompts in the same way)

“What happened to you?” He strained against the cuff, face twisted up and flushed. “You’re not like this - this isn’t you.”

“And how would you know what I’m like?” he drew the knife, caressed it along Marco’s cheek. “You left. And now you want to leave again…but the boss won’t be so happy about that, old friend.”


There's no such thing as a perfect person

No matter how hard you try to be good, every once in a while you’re going to slip up. And that’s OKAY!

As long as you keep Trying to do better. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. There will Always be people who don’t like you or won’t forget your past. AND THAT’S OKAY!

Just keep trying to be a better You


Practice Makes Perfect | Jimin Fluff

@kookiexdae: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a scenario in which Jimin (BTS) is attempting to teach you how to dance save me? thank u love <3

Character: Park Jimin (gn!reader)
Word count: 1184

a/n: It’s not especially long so I’m sorry but I hope you enjoy regardless! :D

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As the cleaner moved throughout the BigHit building, it was as eerily quiet as always. By this hour, the trainees and idol groups had gone home. Even the behind the scenes crew, all the stylists, the lyricists, the producers, managers, the people who played vital roles in the music industry yet were faceless; they were all gone too. Left behind was a silent, darkened BigHit.

With the desire to go home and sleep, the cleaner pushed on, earbuds in as he vacuumed up the traces of human life from earlier.

When the vacuum chord could go no further, he knows he must unplug the machine and takes an earbud out to do so. Only to pause.

What was that noise?

He takes out his other earbud and pads softly down the hall, around a corner, to the only room with a light on. Music is being played, at a low enough level. It was late and you needed to hear his instructions clearly, so Jimin didn’t bother to blare the music.

The cleaner peaks his head in.

He sees Park Jimin, flushed and sweating and giggling. His round cheeks are bunched up to his eyes, while someone he didn’t know, you, stomped around in frustration.

“I can’t do it! I can’t move my feet quick enough! I can’t - “

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Just wanted to stop by and say I hope ur having a great day and I'm really proud of you and everything you've accomplished! I have a really serious question that's been on my mind for a long time okay so I was wondering what's the best fries you've ever had like where were they from and like was anything on them k thanks this is v important cause u know getting that perfect fry is a blessing also just realized how long this sentence is wohooo!

this is a really serious question that requires a lot of research but I really do like shake shack fries is that a bad one idk

What you did. || Veronica Lodge

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Requested : Hi! Could you please write something with “Tell me what they did to you, please.” and Veronica? Maybe with a bullied reader but it’s up to you. Oh and could we use other prompts, too?

[A/N] : hey there! thanks for the ask anon! well not so anonymous hehe.. don’t worry i won’t tell anyone your identity and i won’t post the ask. I’m sorry i made cheryl an asshole, but i couldn’t find anyone else… oh, and yes, you can request anything but im not very comfortable in doing smut, thanks!


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what if yandere ht sans had a perfect partner who was comlpiant and ok with the violence and cannibalism and sex amd was ok with the isolation


++ Sans ++

Horror fell in love with you, and actually felt bad for you. You two had originally been friends before that, so he wasn’t too worried, seeing as how you’re easy going, but his emotions are things that he can’t control. When he wants something he’s damn well going to get it, and because of your sweet personality, he thought you were fucked. He confesses his love to you and you smile, telling him you love him too, and you two get together. As he becomes more controlling, he becomes impressed with your ability to comply, and he seriously does fall head over heels for you. At first, it was something that was just to fill his lust, but you had really stumped him. How are you so perfect..?

The first time he feeds you human meat and tells you, your eyes widen and you get a little nauseous, but it actually doesn’t bother you that much. You have no clue how to feel about it, but judging from his impulsiveness, you won’t get him to stop, so you go along with it. You compliment every meal he makes no matter what it is, telling Horror he’s a great cook, and whenever he hits you, you don’t complain. This actually makes things less violent between the two of you, and even when you don’t want the sex, you always get into it, because it DOES feel good, and you can’t help that. It’s also because you love him, and he loves you, so he goes softer sometimes, starting to ask for consent and being gentle- but you all know that he has to relieve himself sometimes.

As Horror continues to isolate you, you decide to just stay close with him- as long as you have to comfort of ONE person, you don’t technically need anyone else, and you tell him. Everything you do for him, everything that you sacrifice, it shows Horror how to be a better person. Even if it takes almost a whole year, it later becomes a normal relationship. You are allowed to talk to some people because he fully trusts you to never leave him, and he doesn’t kill/eat so many people anymore. You potentially “fix” Horror by being so compliant, and you’ve never loved anyone more than you do him. Oh, honey- you’re a keeper, forever.

#SaveHannibal Countdown: Aperitivo

We’re 65 days from Bryan’s two years ultimatum now, counting down for S4 news!
Today is S03 E04 Aperitivo two years anniversary!
To celebrate, reblog this and add your favorite Aperitivo scene pic, meme, quote, gif etc. - or your own fanwork. Or just reblog :-)

It’s never easy to choose only one scene, Hannibal is simply full of perfection! So I hope you will point out some other scenes here with me ;-)

My favorite scene is this one. Even more because I remember some old Q&A where someone asked Hugh how it would be if Will decided to run away with Hannibal - and Hugh told them that this was never a possibility… I guess Bryan or Hugh or both of them later decided the answer hadn’t been right :-D Or basically, do you remember the moment when Hannigram feelings slapped Jack in the face? :-D


And Will, I found a song for you! :-P


#SaveHannibal Countdown: S2 / S3: Antipasto - Primavera - Secondo - Aperitivo - Contorno (soon)


Days after becoming a young adult Hudson’s parents surprised him by giving him his share of his inheritance in advance. He knew his parents were well off, but he had no idea just how well off. He spent a week searching for the perfect home and eventually made an offer on a Spanish style mansion in an upscale part of town. After getting settled the first person he called was his girlfriend, Hanna.

Hudson - “Hey babe, do me a favor okay? I’m gonna text you an address, meet me there, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

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Tentoo x Rose and shattered glass (bc Some drunk adult just dropped their wine glass and some shards got in my ankle rip i hate drunkards)

She stares at the broken glass for an hour after he leaves, unable to move or think or try to do anything to fix what just happened- how their insecurities and old pain had bubbled to the surface and led to both of them screaming at each other for things that weren’t their fault.

(it’s okay he loves you it’ll be all right it’s just a fight he loves you breathe)

When he comes back, hours later, he curls behind her in bed and whispers apologies and words of love of how he’s never going to leave her and she’s perfect and everything is going to be all right…and it is.

Send me a pairing and a prompt- I’ll write you a 3 sentence fic!

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It's so frustrating to have had your very soul touched by someone so perfect but be unable to express how you feel. I just can't do it, I don't have the words. I love her beyond all words. They're not enough. How can these clunky tools of speech possibly communicate feelings this deep? They can't. Even now I'm frustrated with the ugliness of my speech. I love you. It sounds so feeble. Just words. But they're all I have. I love you. I love you. I love you.

FatPhobia and Fat Hate is NEVER the right thing to do!

You are beautiful and should love your body, no matter how big you are. If you want to be bigger than get bigger! You are beautiful no matter why your size is. Pudgy, Big, Heavy and even more. If there is anyone who tells you otherwise then ignore them and focus on the more perfect and wonderful thing in your life. You.


Something personal but

So something happened to me recently that I feel the need to share with you all. It won’t effect my writing but it’ll effect me personally and how I’m doing.

Cw/tw: homophobia, Greek life, internet altercations, religion

I am officially going back in the closet to anyone outside of this tumblr and my close friend group. I am bisexual and was open about it but because of something that happened recently within my sorority I felt the need that for my safety and comfort I have to hide again.

A girl we recently initiated as a sister decided that pride month was the perfect time to post public Facebook statuses about the entire LGBTQ+ community going to hell and homosexual and being trans as sins. Now her sorority, as well as her favorite fraternity on campus, have numerous LGBTQ members and we were all insulted. My friend group immediately saw this, jumped on it, and attempted to shut her down. It turned into a huge argument where adult members of this girls church (she’s an adult but I’m talking like 40s-60s yr olds) throwing slurs at us and reciting scriptures. Being genuinely hateful under the guise of “loving the sinner hating the sin”. But the real kicker is that several of our sisters then started, in our private active member page, attacking our small LGBTQ community because we were “silencing her religious beliefs” and “being hateful towards HER” and it more or less broke me. After that, and after the admins kept rapid deleting posts, I let them all know that I no longer felt comfortable sharing myself with the fun part of the sorority, and that I was leaving the page.

This is an organization I have given YEARS of my life to and dedicated myself to. I have held so many leadership positions and put so much effort into this sorority only to spend my last semester as an active member looking people in the face knowing they support that kind of hate.

Thankfully, they are getting nationals involved to terminate the girl that was spewing all the hate, but my experiences and a few others will sadly be tainted for a while. Thankfully also, my friend group and my partner are so so so supportive of us.

Sorry, but this has been weighing heavily on me recently and I needed to vent. I feel you all deserve to know that I’m not in the coolest place right now emotionally but this changes nothing for my blog.

Love you all and thank you for listening,


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4 for Rin please! :D

As you wish my anon friend!

20 Questions Key

4) How do they express love?

Rin’s love language is a mixture of words of affirmation and acts of service. He gives out lots of compliments to his partner, always telling them how beautiful and perfect they are. When his s/o is down, he knows just the right thing to say to pick them back up. He also enjoys cooking for his s/o, and going out his way to get anything they might need or want.

Training Day

Context: You are a part of the Avengers team with unparalleled powers. During training day, your power gets the best of you and tries to backfire, only to have your heart captured by a certain someone. 

Warnings: None

Tony was the first person to see how your ability was of use to the Avengers. He was even more surprised when it worked on him. He, of course, always reminded everyone of who he was always, and was so full of himself you thought there was nothing he could do to ever get the image of him being an egotistical asshole out of your head.

It was training day and you were more than ready to train. Your power, the ability to manipulate your surroundings which included people as well as objects, was one that you had spent years perfecting. Tony was the first after you to walk into the training room followed by the hulk, captain A, and Natasha. You all waited as Hawk got his life together and walked in.

“Nice of you to join us.” You smirked. He shot you a side glance before standing next to Natasha.

“Alright ladies, get ready for a heavy day of training.” Tony said, standing in front of us. “We have to be ready for anything.”

On that note, the sound of thunder erupted from above and Thor stood next to Tony, his hammer swinging at his side.

“Good to see everyone here. Let’s begin.” He said. Tony just rolled his eyes as Thor came and stood next to you. You and Thor were like best friends but you felt more of a brotherly connection to him. During the last fight, he had been very protective of you, making sure you were mostly out of harm’s way.

Tony seemed to look irritated as he broke everyone off into groups. He decided to put you by yourself so you could work on a certain part of your manipulation, the weather. You walked out onto the roof and looked over the edge. The city below you boomed and roared with everyday life. You wondered how it would change if it suddenly started raining.

As you looked up, you saw clouds forming above you but not as fast as you wanted, so you pushed a little harder with your mind before they moved at the speed you felt was just right. As soon as the clouds were above in the right place, you pushed again for rain and it started pouring. You felt cool drops fall onto your face as the water started to fall.

It wasn’t enough, you thought. You wanted a storm. Standing back from the edge you pulled energy from around you to push towards the clouds above for thunder and lighting. You saw a flash of light before you heard the hit of thunder. It felt so good to hear your work that you hadn’t noticed how out of hand it had gotten.

You heard your name before you felt your body being tackled to the ground. You stared up into the sky before looking to the spot where you had been standing previously, a black indentation from where a lightning bolt had struck. Hearing a grunt, you looked up to see Tony on top of you.

“Are you okay?” He asked over the rain. You could only nod before looking back at the spot again. Tony’s hands pulled your face from looking at it and made you look at him.

“You scared the shit out of me. Be more careful next time.” His face was so close to yours, you could smell his morning breakfast drink on his breath. His lips were soaked by the rain and the intense urge to kiss him was rushing through your body. Tony must have felt it to because he didn’t hesitate to bring your lips to his in a heated kiss.

You felt a presence and pulled back. Thor was standing on the roof, calming the storm.

“What’s going on?” He asked as soon as he controlled the storm, “Are you alright, Y/N?”

You nodded before Tony got off you and helped you up. You looked at Tony who was running a hand through his now wet hair. You felt your chest tighten at how the water glistened on his body in the sun above you, and you knew that there was no way this egotistical asshole had just captured your heart.

This is my first time writing a fic about any avengers and I hope you like it. If you do, I can do more. much love. 

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Hi Honeyyy- Do you still accept the muse question? If you do may I ask BUZZ Yoongi, how is life with Y/N now and DTMS Yoongi how is life and relationship with Y/N Thank you LOve

Buzz Yoongi: “Life is perfect. She’s my best friend and my girlfriend. I’ve never been happier. I’m so glad I barged into her room that fateful night!”

Dtms Yoongi: “Things are great. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember that Y/N actually gave me a second chance. I still don’t think I deserve it but I’m glad she did anyway. I’d spend every day with her if I could. I love her very much.”