this is how wonder woman should look like!

I don't think people who say we're overreacting about Wonder Woman understand

When you’re a girl, you don’t get to see women be cool, not as often as boys get to see men be cool.

You don’t get to see them fly and fight bad guys and be people you want to BE, do you know what I mean?

Guys get the cool super powers and girls get romance subplots.

Girls with powers are reduced to smaller roles and we have to make up fanfics and extended material that makes them the main character cuz male writers don’t need them for anything but romance plots.

Just look at girls on Tumblr.

Obsessed with white males.

Love em.

Can’t get enough of that white guy named Chris.


I assume because they’re attractive in every socially constructed way.

And because they get to be the telekinetic, edgy angsty guy whose mom died who deserves all of our sympathy and attention.

So when people say Wonder Woman is a great movie but people are exaggerating how important it is that she be a role model, or that girls should look up to their mothers…

Like you don’t get how cool it is to be able to see someone like you do cool stuff. Your mom is great but she’s mundane, no offense to mothers. She’s not magical, she’s the kind of person you don’t appreciate until you’re older. And she’s not the type of person EVERYONE knows and recognizes and looks up to. Wonder Woman is, well now she really is. And she’s visible, she’s much more tangible, as fictional characters always ARE to mainstream audiences. So little girls get to see this awesome fictional lady…

-and you don’t have to pretend you’re a guy.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re not different from the people we’ve been told are the “desirable” people to be.

Wonder Woman is not only a great movie and a lovely social commentary.

But on a basic level, the more subconscious level of internalized feelings, of self identity and self love ?

I mean, are you a heartless monster or do you really have a problem with girls, and boys too, seeing a woman kick ass and not be the object of desire.

But the person everyone wants to be?

You show girls that they can be awesome, that they have more of a role in human existence than just being shallow love interests and you show boys that there are women they can look up to.

You got this larger than life woman acting as an icon for everyone, and for ONCE, this icon is female. Yes, the human race is represented, and idealized, in super heroes. Who are often male. Which says that our idealized self…is male.

So Wonder Woman being an idealistic superhero, our perfect self, the human shaped being we want to be…well. She’s female and BY WANTING TO BE HER…we say that there is nothing wrong with being female.

And yes yes yes yes argue that they have real life women they could look up to.

But do you really think most little boys want to learn about Madam Curie or Queen Isabella or Antoinette?

That’s boring history stuff.

Wonder Woman reaches a huge audience.

She’s more tangible, for children that is.

She feels more real than stuffy historical figures.

Stop acting like Wonder Woman being a role model is to be underplayed or devalued.

It’s important for people to feel EXCITED and exhilarated by a super hero who’s not a straight white snarky nihilistic male.

It gets their dusty little hearts beating and their minds thinking, hopefully.

Will it change anything politically, no.

Wonder Woman can’t impeach trump unfortunately.

But can it change how girls see themselves, how boys see women, how people look at what it means to be human?

Well maybe.

So TL;DR- shut up. Wonder Woman is amazing. And shame on you for trying to take her away from children, you’re a menace and I need to talk to you, adult to adult.

I need a moment. Today at Tampa Bay Comic Con, I had a little girl run up to me screaming “STARFIRE STARFIRE MOMMY OH MY GOSH LOOK!” She told me all about how I was her favorite Teen Titan and how much she loved my show. She kept looking into my eyes and telling me how beautiful they were. I was wearing green sclera contacts, you can see them in he video I recently posted. She also played with my hair and I thought I was going to melt because of the cuteness. When I said I liked her Wonder Woman outfit, she said I should put stars on my shirt since I was from “space and stuff like that.” I told her I’d have to ask Robin first, and she literally squealed. “You have to because Robin’s the leader!! Is he here today too?!” I told her yes, but he was on a secret mission and hiding somewhere.
Moral of the story - whenever you talk badly about the new Teen Titans Go, remember who it’s geared towards. Yes, I miss the titans I grew up with, but I adore the fact that little ones will grow up loving the same characters I do today.

       Although I respect people’s opinions, I can never bring myself to understand why there is so much hatred for Hinata. She loved Naruto since the very very beginning. I think that itself is enough reason to adore her because she was never against him. He didn’t have to prove himself to her and she acknowledged his beautiful personality before anything else. Meanwhile, mostly everyone had to witness Naruto’s physical strength before actually taking him seriously. Hinata was on Naruto’s side even before he could summon a shadow clone properly, before he could call himself a ninja, when everyone was so fixated on the nine tails that they treated him like he wasn’t human. 

     Forgive me if it seems like I’m comparing but when people put team 7 before everything, I close my ears. Don’t get me wrong, I love team 7 but when I think about Naruto, I don’t just solely think about Team 7. When we put team 7′s bonds before everything else, we are demolishing the bonds that Naruto shared with others. We are demolishing the fact that Naruto was alone. Every aspect (even the bad ones) in Naruto’s life should all be taken into account and not just a fraction of it. The fact that he found the woman of his life, I would think that people would be happy because the manga starts with this…

And ends with…

     If you truly think about it, Naruto’s life is being told chronologically from his years as a boy, to a teen, to a young adult, to a full grown man. The ending is quite beautiful because it shows us just how much Naruto has grown; the fact that he found love! Who would have ever thought that knucklehead Naruto would get married… being the first one out of Konoha 11 at that?! It shows that in the very beginning, he was bereft of love… and the ending is basically his earned blessing because now, he’s united with the woman who loved him even when he was just that kid who sat on the swings and sadly watched everyone from afar.  It depicts his adulthood. When watching this wedding, we shouldn’t be thinking “Why did it not end with team 7!” Instead, we should be thinking “Naruto has grown up” or “He’s not that kid anymore!” It’s his wedding. That marks one of the best days of his life. 

     Meh, everyone’s entitle to think what they want. This is just how I look at it. This is why I truly adore Hinata and the ending. While I do feel like Kishimoto should have added more into the ending, I am still grateful for the results. In fact, it makes me want to cry when taking in the beginning of the manga to the ending. Watching Naruto as that lonely kid and seeing him now…Kishimoto did such a wonderful job with explaining the aspects of Naruto’s life. I am so proud of Naruto. He’s accomplished so much and now he’s gifted with a woman with such a beautiful heart.

   She even faced death for him. We see this puny little kunoichi fight a super strong evil shinobi like Pein and lost with the intent of  protecting and revealing her love for someone who has saved her from herself; someone who broke the chains of insecurity and self affliction out of her. That itself tells you that Hinata has a story of her own. She went through spiritual battles herself so you shouldn’t trivialize her feelings and the role she plays in Naruto’s life. She’s a person too… and she is not perfect. People spend so much time with expressing their hatred for her character when even Hinata herself admits her flaws and expresses her need for change; expresses how she doesn’t even like herself. 

    In a way it’s kind of like you tell someone “I hate you” and they respond “I hate myself.” She’s not ignorant of her character flaws and that itself makes her even more of an incredible character because this whole time, she acknowledged her bad sides and it gave her more of a reason to want to change into someone stronger. Naruto was the prime source of her strength because he is the perfect example of what she’s trying to become. He motivated her to pick herself up and continue to work hard as both a person and a ninja. In return, she felt like she owed him her life which is why she didn’t care if she died on the battle field. Her sacrifice confirmed how strong and genuine her love really is. This moment in the manga defines just how strong Hinata had become over the years as both a person and a ninja.

      I don’t see why it is a problem that she wants to be by Naruto’s side. We are already aware of the fact that she loved him since young. When you love someone, being by their side is more like an instinct. This is why she impulsively intervened in the battle the way she did… and other times…

    And, you wanna know something that I find hysterically hilarious? Is that she actually makes it her duty to be by his side. She legit wants to protect Naruto more than he does for her. She wants to be there for him more than she is actually capable… and she BLAMES HERSELF for why he always ends up being the one to save her in the end. It’s hilarious because this girl legit loves this guy and there are still people that don’t actually realize that (I respect your feelings though, but still). Even when she is tired and out of energy, she still tries to make a way to be by his side. Even when she knows she will die, she still tries to find a way. It is plain and simple… Hinata LOVES Naruto. Period, point blank.

    But then again, who’s to say that she’s the only impulsive one? 

              Those subconscious feelings are stronger than a bitch. 


Every time she helps Naruto, it is suddenly a “problem”. But, the crazy thing is… every time she DOES help him, he BENEFITS from it completely.

   He even admits it every time. If it wasn’t for Hinata’s encouragement, he would have never had the confidence to defeat Neji in the final competition. In fact, he probably would have gotten his ass kicked simply put ^_^ He even THANKS Hinata for uplifting him so sincerely. Naruto’s depression vanished very quickly and now he is back to being himself… positive and full of energy; full of life and strength. Turns out, he actually likes Hinata as a person and understands her better.

   Even her intervention during his battle with pein benefited him seeing that Naruto was going to die on spot after all. Next thing you know, he was able to meet his father, he was able to defeat pein, rewarded the title of the village hero, and luckily for him, he is still alive.  He even acknowledges that Hinata’s sacrifice was a “save” on his part. He knows that Hinata wants to protect him hence he clearly assured her that she has already been doing that.

        You want to know what’s really interesting about this panel? It reminds me of this…

     Mind you, Naruto wasn’t exactly confident about his match against Neji (Like I mentioned before). Hinata uplifted him very quickly just like Naruto was able to uplift her as soon as he sensed how dejected she felt for being saved by him during the war. They are both very good at encouraging each other. It’s like an “eye for eye” sort of thing because they have the answer to each other’s insecurity. You would think that Naruto would have shared his worry to this team mates for those who believe that Team 7 is EVERYTHING. But apparently, he didn’t. For a girl that he considered weird, gloomy, dark , and timid , it truly amazes me that he entrust telling her about his weaknesses than the people he’s been “bonded” with throughout his early journey as a ninja. I’m not necessarily belittling the importance of Team 7 but rather proving that it is NOT the most important thing in the series. We have to be mindful of other characters too because they contribute a lot to Naruto’s character alone.

     He even acknowledges the fact that she saved him from falling into the traps of Obito.  He genuinely thanks her and also acknowledges that she “stayed at his side.” So, if Naruto can happily come to terms with that, then I don’t see the “problem.” In the end, he is back on his feet and being the happy knucklehead that we all know and love. We should be happy that Naruto has people like Hinata in his life that will sacrifice a leg and an arm for him; like his parents, like neji, etc. When putting Team 7 over everything, you are forgetting about those other precious people and things that were put in action to ensure his growth, his potential, and the extent of his passionate feelings as a character. Deny it or not, Hinata aligns with all of that and there is nothing no one can do about it. 

   “But Hinata isn’t relevant to the series because she doesn’t get a lot of                                                screen time.” 

Does the quantity of moments dictate how strongly Naruto feels about a person? Are we really going to let time away from a character dictate someone’s relevance to another person? Because, as far as I’m concern, Naruto has never spent a day with his mom or dad… but they are still upheld as important to him. Sasuke has been away from the leaf village for over 2 years. Even in their adult life, Sasuke has been away from the village for around 12 years (if I’m correct). It doesn’t change the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are very close. If screen time was genuinely relevant, then he would have let Sasuke go over the years that he actually spent time trying to find him. Jiraya has been dead for quite a long time… but Naruto’s feelings for Jiraya hasn’t changed. He still cherishes his god father with every drip of blood in his body. Gaara and Naruto are from different villages (we don’t get to see Gaara all of the time) but even that doesn’t dictate his bond with Naruto. Shikamaru is not even on Team 7 but he and Naruto are basically close as well… just like the of rest of konoha 11. Iruka hasn’t had all the screen time in the world but who did naruto ask to be his father in the wedding? Naruto even cherishes that sweet adorable ramen guy (the dude who NEVER gets screen time).  So, can we please stop making everything about screen time? It doesn’t necessarily matter. The QUALITY of the moments he share with another character is what truly defines those special bonds. Believe it or not, he shared quality moments with Hinata hence there would be no point in the genjutsu meaning anything to him. Once he was able to genuinely decipher those moments, that is when he came to terms with his own feelings for the Hyuga. He was able to realize how he felt about Hinata all along… and it didn’t take THOUSANDTHS of moments for that to happen.

I came across this short documentary in an ice show and through this, we can see how much the disaster affected Yuzu (this cut is from yusu01207′s video, thank you so much for uploading it)

Earlier part for context:

He went to Ishinomaki, Miyagi (an area that was hit really hard in 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami) in June 2014 to thank the junior high schoolers there for their support for him during Sochi.

Narr: He decided to go there after much hesitation

Y: I was wondering if I should go. I’ve been thinking a lot whether anything would change if I go. It feels like (going) would be trampling all over people’s feelings.

Narr: His sensitive heart continues to shake/waver

[He went to a hill where you can see how the disaster destroyed a very big area where there used to be many houses and people.]

Y: I wonder if they made it up this far (to the hill to escape)…

Rough translation of this cut:

[talking with local people who recognized him]

Woman: You look great now that I see in person, your face is so small, and you look really smart….

Man: So you get recognized everywhere you go?

Yuzu: Just recently….*laughs*

Man: Everything, from my wife, my house, my dog, to my cabin, prefab,… everything and everyone were washed away, there was nothing left.

Woman: Even his wife were washed away…

Narr: the harsh reality of Ishinomaki, the harsh reality of the earthquake disaster

Woman: Thank you very much!

Man: Please keep doing your best! I will be watching you from TV.

Yuzu: Thank you very much! (after parting with them) It’s heart-breaking, so painful! Though I’m happy that (my performances) pleased them, afterall, it’s hard/painful! Though they are smiling right now, to come this far, how much troubles they had to suffer through,… when I think about it, I feel so guilty *laughs* This is hard, so painful, it’s so painful I tell you *laughing while holding his chest and wiping his nose*

[when he walked down the path where many houses were washed away; it is reported that 3529 people died and 436 are still missing]

Yuzu: When I think that there used be real houses here, at night everyone slept here, the weight of those numbers is just… (too much)

Personally this is just so heartbreaking for me. Also, you can see how hard it is for Yuzuru, his body language clearly showed he was suffering: he keeps blinking, wiping his nose, and tried to laugh it off while holding his chest.

Still, the latter part of the video is actually much more positive so if please watch more of it in the link guys!

[edit] I made some correction in the translation. Thank you so much to @tadakixd for pointing out my mistakes. Please message me if you guys see any mistake in this as well, mistakes are a part of learning afterall :D

People before the movie comes out
  • "Critics": Heath Ledger is going to be the WORST Joker EVER! He looks like a member of Backstreet boys!
  • "Critics": Robert Downey Jr? Are you serious? That drunk? How are you even considering casting him as a superhero?
  • "Critics": Ben Affleck is WHAT now? You're joking right?
  • You're joking! He is the WORST!
  • "Critics": Who is playing Wonder Woman? Some Israeli chick? Idiots! You should cast Megan Fox!
  • "Critics": Jared Leto is going to be the BEST Joker EVER!
  • conclusion: People are dumb. Watch the movie first.
A Meta on Fandom Bullshit

So while I continue to work on the Flaming Arrow Meta, you get a overly long and detailed analysis about this fandom’s drama and all the bullshit with it.

warning: long and picture heavy. Includes mentions of violence, gore, sexual themes, vague spoilers for Wonder Woman and The VVitch, swearing and sarcasm. 

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I was at Walgreens buying my brother a birthday card. An elderly woman was also in the aisle. She said “can you believe they have wedding cards for two men and look even two women!”

[screams internally]

But she then said “I’ve seen so many changes in my 80 years, it’s wonderful how things are moving forward.”

[internal tears of joy]

She then mentioned that she didn’t know any gay people but that everyone should be treated like they would want to be treated. I smiled and said “you know one now” and pointed at myself. She smiled, patted my shoulder and said “now I do”.

Sorry. He’s Busy Right Now.

Norman Reedus x Reader | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Summary: Reader meets Norman at a con and things get heated. I just, I had to. ;)


Your lips beamed the brightest smile you had worn in quite a while as you watched the man in front of you usher you down the hall, his hand in yours, as his eyes darted around the empty hallway. You stared up and giggled at him as his eyes shifted nervously around in the elevator as you rode together, side by side, to the 18th floor. You stared at the button as it lit up and your eyes darted over to the heavy metal doors as they opened. Your heart starts to race as you nervously think about what is to come next, your body was wildly on board for what was about to come next.

Norman pulled you down the 18th floor’s hallway, winding around a time or two, before finally reaching his room, number 1890. You rub your hands together and self-consciously look down, trying to calm your racing heart. It was like the first time you’d kissed someone, your heart was pounding and your breathing became heavy. It was the first time in a long time you had been with anyone, not to mention Norman Fucking Reedus!

You stare up into the dark doorway and you see his amazing silhouette in the shadows beyond the threshold, beckoning you with his arms open, to cross over into his heaven. You bite your lip, take a deep breath, and nearly run into the room. You instantly wrap your arms around him, now that you know it is just the two of you, and lean your body against his.

Norman catches you with a huff and a smile as you lay your head on his shoulder and look up into his eyes in complete loving wonder. Norman nudged his nose down to yours before walking you both backwards into the door, he used his right hand to lock the deadbolt and the chain, while his left arm wrapped firmly around your body, holding it to his. 

He didn’t stop there, he walked further and further back until your back pressed harshly against the wooden surface behind you as he pressed his body into yours, pinning you to the door with his hips. He removed the arm that was wrapped around you and put both his arms domineeringly up over your head as he pressed his core into yours and stared darkly into your eyes.

You stare up at him with innocent, yet wild eyes, as your breathing becomes heavier and you feel yourself getting the urge to put even more pressure onto your core because of his actions, you press your hips up into his harder, needing to find some relief to the way he was making you feel.

He grunts and rocks his core and clothed cock into your body a few times, causing your eyes to close and your mouth to moan out in praise, “Oh yeah…” You moaned quietly, as if only to yourself.

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comic // peter parker

summary: peter parker meets you and is given a new vision of what girls can be when he sees that you fearlessly stand for what you believe in and that you don’t sit around waiting for your prince charming. mild dc universe references.

word count: about 2k

a/n: hey! wrote this lil thing for 4 hours today! unedited as per usual. i just went to see Wonder Woman for the first time recently and got a little inspired. warning for WW spoilers and mild profanity. not very angsty or anything but i wanted to switch up that trope of a girl being hopelessly in love with this cool ass guy! and I thought it’d be cute to see him fuss over little things she does, just like the usual trope but switched around. also i needed a break bc writing simple took a lot lot of work lol love you guys!! ok this is getting long so enjoy this fic and give me feedback <333



“Hey, Penis Parker!” Flash yells at the top of his lungs as he hits the gas and speeds past Peter.

Sighing, Peter turns away. He knows Ned would want him to do something about the prick, but he knows better than that. It’s not as if it doesn’t get infuriating sometimes, because it fricking does. But he can’t do anything but keep letting Flash punch him, trying to get a reaction.

Sometimes, he just wants to hit back. And by “hit back”, he means metaphorically of course. He just wants to say, Here’s your reaction, Flash. And then totally roast him. He thinks that would be the coolest thing ever, but pissing off a dude like him is dangerous territory that Peter just doesn’t want to get into.

Peter picks up the earbuds hanging from the top of his sweater to slide them into his ears when he hears low laughter. He glances up and turns to see who it was. He frowns a little when he sees no one, turning back to find you on the bench nearby. He jumps a little, surprised.

You’re sitting with your legs crossed and a book held in front of you. Correction, not just any book. A comic book, Wonder Woman. By the looks of the cover, it dates to just after the bronze age of comic books, late 80s maybe. Who are you? You look up to see Peter, his expression a synthesis of confusion, curiosity, and excitement. Gently, you close the comic and set it beside you. He’s glad you’re being so careful with it, because that thing looks like it might just fall apart.

His expression turns a little serious. You say, “Oh, sorry. Was I not supposed to laugh? Flash hardly seems threatening to me, that’s all.” A few seconds of silence pass. You look away, and then back at him. “So…do you speak, or…?”

“Uh, sorry. I just, um…Flash isn’t threatening. To me, that is. So…just to set that, like, straight…” Peter fumbles over his words, his eyes still on you.

“Really? Then why don’t you do anything about him? I hope you’re not waiting for Spider-Man to swoop in and punch him or anything.”

“I’m not. I think Spider-Man has better things to do, like beating up actual bad guys and hoping to be apart of the Avengers,” Peter says, sounding a little too annoyed. He quickly tries to take a step back, though. “Uh, I mean, that’s what I’d guess. Not that I would really know, though.”

You raise your eyebrows and tilt your head to the side slightly. “Please, you’re not fooling anyone.”

His eyes widen, and he slides his hands into his pockets to try and look more casual about it. “W-What are you talking about?” How could you know? There’s no way you know anything if he’s never even seen you, right? Maybe he should tell Mr. Stark about this. Oh, who is he kidding? He can’t lean on Mr. Stark forever, he has to deal with his own problems here. He has to prove to him that he can be an Avenger.

“You know what I’m talking about. You’re a fanboy for Spider-Man. Head over heels, I’d say. You couldn’t be more obvious.” Peter almost breathes a sigh of relief, his tension gradually draining away.

But this doesn’t stop a mad blush from flushing his cheeks and ears. “I dunno, I just think Spider-Man is cool, that’s all. I’m not crazy over it or anything.”

“The body betrays the mind.” You give him a lopsided smile, which practically melts him inside. It makes him want to make you laugh, just to see how it would look. “It’s okay, I don’t really care. But between you and me, I think Spider-Man isn’t as impressive as people make him out to be.”

“Why not?” Peter shoots back almost immediately, getting a little defensive.

“I mean, he can cling to walls and ceilings and can shoot a few webs. Big deal. Come back to me when he turns out to be an Amazonian princess that still stands today as a feminist icon. Or when he uses his powers to beat up the Axis Powers in World War Two. So tell me he’s amazing when he saves the world. Then he’ll be a hero worth regarding.” He watches you, seeing your passion for Wonder Woman practically radiate off of you. There’s a glint in your eyes, and for a second, Peter’s almost convinced.

Almost. “That’s not a fair comparison. Wonder Woman spent her whole life training for the threat that she overcame. Antiope was, like, this crazy good general! So she had basically the best training she could receive until she had to go and kill Ares in the war. Not to mention, she’s a goddess! How can you blame a kid like Spider-Man, who just started out, for not being like her?” And just like that, Peter is caught. His cheeks flame up again as he curses himself internally for not being able to handle a hit on his pride. You’re better than that, dude.

You look genuinely surprised at all of this. Slowly, you start laughing. It’s a joyful, sweet sound that lights up your whole face. Peter looks like he might just faint, both out of embarrassment and from seeing you laugh.

“Well, well. Looks like I might not be the only Wonder Woman stan around here,” you grin playfully and straighten out your legs. “But I have a question for you. How do you know that Spider-Man is a kid?”

Peter is in stunned silence at first, but he quickly scraps together a lie to save himself from exposure. “I-I…saw pictures, and his, uh, physique isn’t…one that you’d see on a grown man.”

“He should call himself Spider-Boy, then,” you snort.

Don’t say anything, Peter. Just laugh and be done with it, don’t do anything stup- “Just ‘cause he’s young doesn’t mean he’s not manly!”

You look slightly taken aback. “Okay, okay, sorry for insulting your golden boy. But anyway, I gotta go home.” You open up your backpack and slide in the Wonder Woman comic. Before you close it, you pull out another comic and hand it to Peter.

“…Justice League?” Peter asks questioningly.

“Yeah. Read that, and then you might not think the Avengers are so cool anymore. The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, and the rest. And if you ever get the chance to meet the guy in the spider costume, give it to him too.” With that, you zip up your bag and slide it onto your shoulders, starting to turn away.

“Wait,” Peter calls out. You turn back and look at him. For just a moment, he gets lost in your E/C eyes. He doesn’t know what you’re doing to him, but he doesn’t want it to stop. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. What about you?”

What a beautiful name. But instead of voicing his thoughts, he just says, “Peter Parker.”

“Peter Parker. That’s a cute name. If you ever need someone to throw a punch at Flash Thompson, I’ll be there if your Spider-Man can’t.”

He grins a little, trying to play it cool even though you just called him ‘cute’. “Thanks, but I think I can handle myself.”

“No offense, but with what arms?” He glances down at his worn blue sweater, which is just baggy enough to hide the lean muscle underneath. He smiles modestly and shrugs.

“Exactly. See you later,” you give him one last smile and get going. He watches you walk, and then stop as you pull out earphones and untangle them before setting them in your ears. He wonders why his face is starting to hurt when he realizes he’s been grinning like an idiot the whole time.

That night, you occupy Peter’s thoughts for the longest time. He loves that you fight for your opinion, and what you believe. Because after all, it’s about what you believe. He reads the Justice League comic, which is practically a relic. It gets him thinking about the Avengers, and who he is as Spider-Man. In ways, the League is similar, but also radically different. He kind of wishes the characters could pop out of their stories and be apart of his world. Wouldn’t that be cool, having Batman on the Avengers? You were right, and now Peter wants to read more.

He still reminds himself of the distinction between fictional superheroes and the real ones. The Justice League doesn’t really exist, but the Avengers do. So he has to make the best of reality. Maybe he could even take a page or two out of the fictional characters’ books and become a better Spider-Man. Inspired by these thoughts, Peter falls asleep.

The next day is rushed. Peter practically darts from class to class, trying to get all of his work done so he can stay out longer as Spider-Man. On his way to his math class, he passes through the gym as a shortcut.

“Ninety-four, ninety-five, ninety-six…” A group of students chant, making him glance over. The whole class is crowded around a single student doing pushups. Her arms effortlessly move up and down, and he can’t help but admire her muscled biceps and forearms. He takes mental notes on her form. Looking a little closer, the face looks familiar.

Is that…you? You momentarily lift your head and give him your lopsided smile, your forehead pouring sweat. Peter stares in shock, and the only thing that jolts him back to reality is the late bell. He sprints out of the gym to get to class.

Was that really you? Of course it was, there’s no mistaking that smile that makes his heart pound. You really could throw Flash a mean punch. He flinches a little thinking about it, but now he has a whole new admiration for you and your strength. A girl with both a comic obsession and probably a six-pack? Peter’s heart flutters. With enough convincing, maybe he could get you to believe in Spider-Man, too.

After school, he sees you on your bench again. You’re in the same position, but this time, your hands hold a dated Superman comic. “How was Justice League?” You ask just as he opens his mouth to speak.

“It was really good, actually. I liked it.” He takes a seat beside you, suddenly nervous as you set the comic aside. You stare at him, and he gets even more nervous, not knowing what to do.

After a long silence, you say, “So…where is it?”

“Oh. Oh! Right, sorry.” He sees your patient, awkward smile and quickly digs around his backpack. “Uh, here.” He hands you the comic, hands shaking slightly. He stares at you, hopelessly lost in memorizing your features until you snap him out of it again.

“Peter, you realize that you have to let go of it for me to take it,” you say slowly.

“Right!” He quickly lets go and tries to give you a smile. He swallows, trying to calm himself down.

You smile back. “So you liked it. I thought you would. Do you want to read more?”

Peter grins a little. “That would be awesome. Oh yeah, I saw what you did in the gym today.”

“I know. Impressed?” You grin back.

“Not embarrassed to admit that I am,” Peter nods, starting to break free of his anxious shell as he sets an arm around the bench.

“Good. There are too many guys out there that take it as a challenge to their masculinity and get worked up over it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t really like those kinds of people, honestly.”

For some reason, this makes you smile widely. You tuck away the comic and turn to look at him. “Hey, do you want to, like, go out sometime?” You ask directly.

Peter blushes for about the millionth time, but he looks a little confused. “Uh, we met like yesterday -”

“Do you like me?”

“W-What?” He stutters slightly.

“I said, do you like me?” You gaze at him intensely.

“I-I…yeah, I do,” he admits, thrown off guard once again.

“Pete, there’s no time like the present. I’m not exactly the kind of person who waits for things to happen. I’m the one who goes out and does them. So do you want to go out or not?”

Peter realizes you’ve nicknamed him and is internally fanboying. There are so many things he admires about you right now. Your initiative, your straight-forward and non-hesitant manner. You’re so…strong. You’re what he aspires to be as a person, but instead he’s shy and can hardly speak in front of you.

“Yeah, I do,” he finally responds, blinking a few times.

You give him that crooked smile that he likes so much, nodding. Things are about to get a lot more interesting for Peter Parker.


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Changed Education (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Requested By: Anonymous

Summary: You are a strong, independent, and outspoken woman who fights for what she believes in. Your passion just so happens to be changing the education system. Watch as you meet Alexander and try to achieve your goal.

Warnings: None

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 2000

A/N: Yes, I am alive. I know this took way longer than it should have, but I needed to take the time to get it so I liked it. To apologize, staring today, I will post a new story every day for the next 5-7 days.To the requester I hope this is what you were looking for. I enjoyed writing this so much, it was an interesting topic I wouldn’t have explored without this request. I hope you and enjoy and have a wonderful day!

It was extremely difficult for a woman to advance far in education, especially during the 1700′s. Most narrow-minded men believed a woman should only need to know how to write her name and read her religious book. Other than that, men only expected a woman to know how to cook, clean, and take of children.

Luckily, you had grown up in a household with your mother who was a strong, independent woman, and you father who supported women in their fight for education equality. They both disagreed with society’s expectations of a women and began educating you from a young age.

Unlike many girls of your time, you had the opportunity to study literature, writing, arithmetic, science, and even a bit of politics. This combined with your upbringing, turned you into a woman who was unafraid to stand up against egotistical men who believed women were beneath them. Many a times, you had almost gone head to head with somebody over a comment on your knowledge.

However, while you were extremely proud of your intelligence, it made it hard to hold friendships and even harder to find a man who wanted to court you. Most times when you would start a relationship, you were told by the men to stop reading because it wasn’t right for a woman. If they ever did say this, you would slap them, remind them that woman were just as, if not more, capable as men, and would leave.

For this reason, you tried to avoid balls and other social situations as much as possible. They were often an uncomfortable event where you found yourself off to the side, alone, while you watched your best friend Angelica Schuyler dance the night away.

Angelica was similar to you, really. She was intelligent, witty, outspoken, and very stubborn. So stubborn that she was able to convince you to join her at the Winter’s Ball that was being hosted at the end of the week. Although you tried to get out of it, she begged and pleaded with you until you couldn’t say no.

The night of, she let you borrow one of her dresses and helped you to curl your hair to perfection. As you stood in front of the mirror, gazing at your reflection, you had to admit that you looked beautiful. With all the work you did, it was uncommon for you to dress up, so it was a nice change.

Walking side by side, Angelica made you promise her something.

“Promise me you will find at least one man to dance with tonight.” she pleaded.

“Angelica, you know it’s unlikely I will find anyone to dance with tonight.” you sighed, fiddling with your dress.

Eventually, you ended up promising her that you would dance at least once tonight. Not long after you both entered the ball, Angelica was swept away by a solider who had been tripping over himself just to impress her.

You smiled from the side as you watched Angelica go from one man to the next, dancing the night away. The familiar feeling of awkwardness feel over you as you stood alone. Looking around the room, you sighed once you realized nearly every man was dancing with a woman already.

In all honest, you were about to leave when someone began to head your way. As the mysterious man drew closer, you groaned internally when you recognized him as Charles Lee. While you had never met the man, you had heard from multiple people that he was highly annoying.

Now standing directly in front of you, Lee gave a small bow, and you curtsied back only because it was polite. He held out an arm for you and had to restrain yourself from rolling your eyes.

“Would you allow me the honor of accompanying you for a dance?” he asked you.

Silently, you nodded and let him lead you to the dance floor. He rested his one arm on your waist and took hold of the other hand, while your free hand rested on his shoulder. Then the dance began and you prayed for it to be over. Eventually, he tried to make small conversation.

“Tell me something about yourself, Miss. (y/ln).” he commanded gently with a smile.

You thought for a moment before you spoke. “Well, right now I am trying to raise enough money to become a certified teacher and then open up a school for girls, I-” you stated explaining passionately before you were interrupted.

“Ha!” Lee laughed after you. “I would quit your dreams now. Women have no reason to get an education, and it makes even less sense for them to be teaching.” he jeered.

Instantly, you stopped dancing and stared incredulously at the man in front of you. “How dare you?” you accused. “Do you not realize that education is wasted on egotistical men who are too blind and stuck up to appreciate what they have. Woman are just as capable, even more, as men and we do deserve to get out education.” you shouted.

“Do not attempt to contact me the rest of the night.” you warned and slapped Lee before storming away back to the corner you stood in originally.

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The Other Side of the Ocean - Chapter 2

This is a Taylor & Joe fanfic. FYI this chapter is long (8800 words), basically two chapters in one. 

Need to catch up? Read the prologue here and Chapter 1 here.

The next week was a busy one for Taylor. She’d flown back to Nashville to rehearse for her upcoming concert, taking time to check in with her mom and dad. Every time she went home to Tennessee, it was her tradition to go to her mom’s house for a long, relaxing dinner. Taylor loved to cook, but, she also appreciated the opportunity to go home, sink into her mom’s huge couch with a glass of wine and just… be.  Let her mom take care of her.

And Andrea, she wasn’t quiet about the chance to have either or both of her kids back in the house, pamper them, dote on them, make their favorite foods, and just … be their mom.  It just wasn’t the same having adult children. ‘Mom’ takes on a whole new meaning when the kids are grown and out of the house, and she enjoys the chance to be ‘Mom’ again just as much as her kids enjoy the chance to just be (sort of) kids again.  

This time around, Andrea provided a little extra pampering, because as the first half-day of rehearsals wrapped up, Taylor found herself knocked to the ground with a staggering cold virus. She tried Echinacea tea, honey tea, cayenne pepper tea, both a nebulizer and an inhaler, hot steam, drank two gallons of water a day and slept ten hours at night. She spent the whole day on the couch tucked under a giant blanket, Netflix quietly playing from the tv while she dozed on and off. But this cold was relentless. She had the chills, runny nose, fever, headache, body ache, … basically the whole nine yards.

And with the concert just days away, she was slightly freaking out about the fact that her voice sounded like a frog.

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  • “There’s a war going on out there somewhere.”
  • “He spends his money on women and wine.”
  • “The war can’t touch us here.”
  • “___’s family– totally messed up.”
  • “It’s dawned on me suddenly, and for no obvious reason, that I can’t go on living as I am.”
  • “I used to be better.”
  • “Right now my friend fights and bleeds while I sit home and read.”
  • “I never thought that I’d end up like this.”
  • “The women, they all pity me ‘cause I’m married but not in love.”
  • “How beautiful you looked in the show.”
  • “He loves me only. He’ll come home one day and take me away. I want nothing more.”
  • “How wonderful to have you here instead of these gossips and crybabies.”
  • “He’ll be the family’s saving grace.”
  • “I never go anywhere, I’m never invited.”
  • “I don’t have any friends. All my friends are dead.”
  • “It’s my money and I’ll throw it where I want.”
  • “I know they’ll like me. They can’t help but like me. Everybody always likes me.”
  • “How can anyone sleep?”
  • “No, I am enjoying myself at home this evening.” 
  • “There’s a woman one should stay far away from.”
  • “He’s handsome up close as at a distance.”
  • “Gonna drink tonight, gonna drink tonight!”
  • “The doctors warned me that with my corpulence, vodka and wine are dangerous for me.”
  • “Keep drinking, old man.”
  • “God has made me as I am. All I care for is gaiety and women and there’s nothing wrong with that.”
  • “How dare you touch her! You can’t love her!”
  • “So I shall be killed! What is it to you?”
  • “Just tell me where to go and tell me where to shoot.”
  • “Is this how I die? Furious and reckless, sick with booze?”
  • “They say we are asleep until we fall in love.”
  • “Don’t let me die while I’m like this.”
  • “She’s first-rate, my dear, but she’s not for you. Just wait ‘till she’s married.”
  • “I can’t bear to think of it. I’ll shut myself in my room and try on new dresses.”
  • “My brother is quite madly in love. He is quite madly in love with you, my dear.”
  • “I don’t know good from bad.”
  • “Don’t speak to me of that when I tell you that I am madly, madly in love with you.”

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i have a supercorp prompt for ya! :^) lena's been dating kara long enough to get used to her near constant physical contact but one day kara is exposed to pink kryptonite and boy howdy kara's bi ass is (touchy x needy)²

Pink Kryptonite

“Kara, darling, you’re practically in my lap.”

Lena rubs her girlfriend’s back trying extract herself even a little from Kara’s nearly suffocating warmth.

“Sorry, I just want to be close!” Kara mumbles into her neck.

“How long, exactly, is this supposed to last?” Lena half turns to Alex, who’s studying a tablet on the other side of the medbay.

“A few hours, maybe? I’m thinking she was exposed to the pink kryptonite last night, so it should wear off at least by tomorrow morning. Have there been any other symptoms?”

“You mean besides the fact that she’s been glued to my side all day?”

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OK but comics!Diana and Steve need to get married and have a beautiful superpowered baby girl. Jon and Damian start arguing all the time on how she should be raised.

“What are you doing?”

“Training her. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“She’s only four!”

“I know, she started way too late. I started training as soon as I could walk. Catching her up will be difficult.”

“Are you crazy??”

“Of course not, we don’t want her to end up like you, do we? We need a Wonder Girl ASAP to pick up your slack.”

“Better than her turning out like you, weirdo. Come on, Etta.”

“Hey, bring her back here!”

“Only if you can catch me, shorty!”


Going to a sex shop with Dylan

I wrote this when I was sad that Dylan never had the chance to experience something like that. I don’t mean just sex but someone who shares his desires and is willing to participate in his fantasies….

Today was shopping day. You and Dylan had driven to the mall to get something to eat and later look a bit around. Right now you where in a bookstore, you were searching for Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the book you had to read for school while Dylan looked through some Stephen King novels. It did not took you long and you found it, returning to Dylan who had moved over to the magazines, having some history magazines already stored up his arm.

“Found something?”

You asked and he nodded.


Dylan showed you the covers of the magazines he had taken, World War 1, World War 2 and stuff like that. He liked to read about history and therefore also knew a lot about it. Dylan almost never studied for any history test, he knew everything by heart. 

“Aye look.”

You said laughing and pulled out a magazine with the title Kinky fetish sex. On the cover was a woman, bound with some ropes. You opened the magazine and found even more pictures of women entangled with even more ropes and more knots.

“Oh wow that does look like much work. Who could do all these knots and have that much patience anyway?”

You asked, really impressed by the work of whoever tied these women.

“I could.”

Dylan rasped.

“No you could not silly. That’d require probably months of reading and looking at stuff like that. And interest of course.”

He didn’t answer you and just swallowed, his adam’s apple bobbing up and down. You had to admit that the bound women in this magazine had something aesthetic about them. They looked kind of beautiful like that and you wondered at the same time how it would be to be completely unable to move or touch your partner in any way during sex while bound. It allured you somehwow. You placed the magazine back in the shelf and took his hand with a smile.

“Should we buy it?”

You asked bluntly, looking up at Dylan.

“You’d be into that?”

He asked, his voice almost cracking mid-sentence. You regarded the picture of the bound woman once more and nodded.

“Yes I think I would be into that.”

You said confidently and pressed the magazine to his chest.

“And it’s not like I haven’t found the ones you have already under you bed.”

You grinned at him and Dylan took it, blushing hard with a shocked expression. You had not sniffed about in his room but Dylan was simply not good at hiding stuff. You knew how much he wanted to try something like that but you also knew how he was always ashamed of his interests so you had decided that you’d adress that topic today. The magazine had just been a means to an end to get this conversation starting.

“You saw them?”

He asked huskily, his face as red as a tomato now as he followed you to the cash desk.

“Yes and I don’t understand why you never told me!”

Dylan quickly looked away as the cashier came to the BDSM magazine and gave you both a condemning look.

“It’s not normal.”

Dylan said quietly while fetching his wallet.

“It is.”

You protested and stuffed his magazines, your book and the other magazine in your bag while Dylan paid. You both exited the store and you took Dylan’s hand after he had put his wallet away.

“I don’t see the problem honestly, you could have talked to me about it. I want you to be happy Dyl and as a couple we should try new stuff for each other.”

You looked at him, he was still feeling more than just uncomfortable that you knew about his preferences. 

“I guess so.”

He mumbled and you quickly raised yourself on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek.

“Come on.”

You said with a smile and Dylan gave you a confused look.

“Where are we going?”

He asked warily, already suspecting that you were hatching something.

“We need some equipment silly!”

You said with a grin and watched as the poor boy’s eyes grew even wider, glistening as if it was christmas but at the same time he stiffened. Though that was no problem for you, you just pulled your giant in the direction you wanted to and Dylan was too nice to fight you. He was stronger and taller then you and could easily just remain standing there on his spot but he let you pull him forward. You had already googled the sex shop this morning before the both of you went here and therefore found it quickly. Dylan made a sound that sounded like a pleading whimper when you both entered.

This was exactly the way you had imagined a sex shop to look like. Dim light, lots of colorful stuff, a lot of magazines and video tapes, outfits hanging on the wall and stuff that you couldn’t even tell what it was for by the way it was formed. A ventress aproachd the both of you with an inviting smile.

“Can I help you? Do you search for anything specific?”

She asked and you nodded with a smile.

“We’d need stuff for BDSM but more B than DSM for now.”

You tried to leaven the situation for Dylan but only you and the ventress laughed.

“And what did you have in mind? Ropes, ties, chains?”

“He’s the pro. He knows what we need for what he wants to do with me.”

You answered and looked at Dylan, expecting him to say something but he was a blushing and sweating mess. You realized that he did not feel comfortable with the situation at all and was not able to get anything out. You smiled at the ventress.

“I think we’ll look around for a bit on our own at first.”

She nodded and you pulled Dylan away.

“Dyl everything is okay.”

You said gently while carefully squeezing his hand and stroking his arm, trying to calm him.

“Just look around and tell me what you like.”

You said and Dylan nodded, his eyes already wandering around. You went along. He was almost running through the store, trying to get out as fast as possible, his eyes darting around but not really concentrating on anything. Only when you felt him getting slower and saw as he stopped in front of a shelf you stopped too. You caught him starring at some red leather straps.

“You like those?”

You asked and Dylan nodded.

“I like those.”

He whispered and his hand reached out to slowly stroke over the leather like a shy little puppy.

“They would be really practical for tying you up.”

He whispered and your flesh crawled at the way he had said that with his low barritone voice. It was also the first time he said something concerning this kind of sex out aloud and you were proud of him.

“Good let’s take them.”

You said and wanted to take them off the bar they hung on but Dylan stopped you.

“Wait, let me look at them first.”

You rolled your eyes but smiled, it seemed like right now he was in his element. You watched him as he stretched and rolled them around and were made aware that he knew more about the topic then just looking at the magazines under his bed. After a while of putting the leather against your wrist and tugging to see if it’d hurt and other little tests he had insisted to perform he seemed to be very pleased with the product and took it. You saw him blushing as he realized that there was another couple coming around the corner and swiftly wanted to place it back but you stopped him with a smile.

“They are in the same shop as you are.”

You reminded him.

“Neither they nor us have to be ashamed.”

From there on Dylan was more laid-back. He began to wander around on his own, sometimes even so fast that you were almost not capable to keep step with your tall boyfriend.

“Dylan wait!”

You yelled laughing while he arrived already at the the next corner, turning into the next aisle. When you reached him again he held something wood like in his hands that looked like a paddle. You laughed and took it out of his hands, placing it back.

“Whoa babe, let’s stick to the harmless stuff for now okay?”

You said and kissed him softly, Dylan grinned at you and agreed. You took his hand again. The store was bigger than it looked from the outside and there were like three aisles only with restraints. Dylan bend down and picked some handcuffs, examining the metal.

“Those too?”

 You asked him and Dylan nodded eagerly.

“Yes those too!”

“You really want to make sure that I can’t move what?”

You joked and Dylan blushed.

“It’s okay Dylan.”

You once more tried to calm him about his preferences and the shame he felt for them. You found a black collar that you thought to be very appealig and judging from Dylan’s gaze he did too.

When both of you arrived at the cash counter you had decided to take the red leather straps, the metal handcuffs and you had found a pink collar with the word kitten embroided instead of the black one. Dylan had agreed that you were tiny and adorbale and should have the kitten collar instead of the black one.

“110 $.”

Dylan paid and both of you exited. You looked over to your boyfriend, he had a growing smile on his face, clearly excited and happy.

“We can do what you want now! Anything or anywhere you want to go, just tell me!”

He said, clearly trying to reciprocate for what you had just done for him while unlocking the car.

“Are you kidding? Dylan, I want to try that right now!”

You jumped into the front passenger seat but Dylan pulled you out again and pressed a kiss to your lips.

“I love you, you know that right?”

He said with a smile and you smiled back.

“And I love you. Now get your ass in the car so you can tie me up.”

I can’t help but feel like setting Wonder Woman in WW1 is a lazy writing technique when it comes to writing ‘strong’ women, like… there’s something very specific about setting something far enough back that any misogyny WW faces can be written off as “that’s how it was back then because History” and played as a joke (haha! she struggles with Edwardian skirts! haha! women back then! so repressed! look, men don’t think she should be in a war, aren’t they silly!) while simultaneously and conveniently avoiding having to address that modern misogyny is Still A Thing.

So I just gotta say something about Wonder Woman. And it’s gotta do with one of the themes at least I saw in the movie. And that’s the “goodness of humanity”.

Cause let’s face it. That’s something that comes up in a lotta movies, especially superhero movies. How many are there where the hero is about to give up but then they see some small act of kindness or some sacrifice and they are suddenly infused righteousness and faith in humanity?

A whole heck of a lot.

And sure there’s some of that in WW. But i wanna say that there’s also some of the opposite.

Look at the scene in the base after Diana kills General Ludendorff and she’s talking to Steve about how the fighting should have stopped and he’s cupping her face talking about humanity. Normally in a scene like that you’d expect the monologue to be about how humanity is good and stuff. But that’s not what’s happening. Steve is honestly trying to explain to Diane that humanity is rather bad and screwed up and terrible. But he’s still fighting to “save today” and he wants her to “save tomorrow”.

Wonder Woman doesn’t say humans are inherently good.

It says maybe we’re not.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not worth saving.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1

Chapter 2

Caroline paced around the main entrance of her school trying to make sense of the events from two days ago while downing her third cup of coffee that morning. Besides the needed caffeine intake her appetite was insatiable. She’d eaten a three egg western omelette, five pancakes, three waffles and more bacon then she’ll ever admit to. She knew she needed to chill, this was a completely normal occurrence after all, well “normal” being relative to the balance of magic and nature creating doppelgangers of the first original immortals, but normal none the less. This wasn’t even the first Stefan-ganger she’d encountered, thinking back to poor Tom Avery who ended up being a sacrificial lamb to the travelers decades ago.

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Gal Gadot Was Pregnant When She Filmed Wonder Woman, And I Was Lazy and Full Of Rage

I just took Frankie on our relaxing evening walk. On our previous relaxing walk, Frankie had a seizure, and on this one, she lunged at a pit bill, so as usual, my anxiety levels are through the roof. It’s 8:13pm, I don’t feel like working, I have so much to do, and I haven’t even touched my fairy novel yet. I walked 18,000 steps today, and I made a delicious sweet corn pasta for dinner.

All of this to say, I need to weigh in on the Gal Godot playing Super Woman thing. People say Gal Godot is too good looking, and also, to talk about how good looking she is is offensive to women. I hate using two verbs in a row like that.

Do you know what, I’m sick of that. Why can’t beautiful women also be smart, strong, badass, and fucking wonderful? Why can’t they be representative of women in general? Just because Gal Godot is a genetic freak – as are all great beauties – it doesn’t mean we should judge her. We should feel happy to be able to watch her on screen because trust me, if Gal Godot was played by Emma Watson the whole movie would have been “eh” just like Beauty and the Beast.

Today I found out that Gal Godot was 5 months pregnant when she was filming Wonder Woman. I’ve been thinking a lot about my pregnancy lately because last year, at this time, I was fucking miserable. I was about 7 months pregnant, and I looked like God played a cruel joke on me and stuffed me full of either an obese 9-month-old or a very tiny Chinese pre-teen gymnast. 

I could barely walk. I was in literal constant pain. I did not sleep. I was depressed.

When I was five months pregnant, it was a little bit better, but I remember having to go review a show, and being so exhausted from the effort of having to go see the show that I literally went to bed at 3pm. Not a joke. I went to bed, and stayed in bed for the rest of that day until 10am the next morning. That’s how tired I was. Shit, I could barely fucking walk to the dog park, forget about having to pretend I thought that a guy named Steve played by Chris Pine was the love of my life.

Anyway, this post is fucking stupid, but I’m happy I wrote it. Let’s celebrate that beautiful women exist rather than exclude them for their beauty. It’s clear Gal Gadot wasn’t starving herself, by the way, and even if she was, she has a disease.  Am I even spelling Gal Gadot right. Who fucking cares. See you later, fools.