this is how will do


names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave

One of the huge over-arching themes of Harry Potter was that nothing is black and white. The world is not split into good people and death eaters. Why is it so hard for fans to accept that the majority of characters were well written representations of just normal people getting by, and whether they’re good or bad they all have tangible flaws and positive qualities? Exactly like the people defending or bitching about them?

Jon wanting to hang out with Damian is what I live for. 

Superman Issue #33

It was nice while it lasted.

I’m not even finished with the first chapter of It Lives In The Woods, but I already know that I’m willing to shell out however many diamonds it takes to protect this precious doggo.

Entry #33

Sometimes, the twins plan being theatrical and dramatic

Other times, the twins find an ancient dragon and ride it into a war, laughing and blasting fireworks and magic in every direction… somehow without any forethought of their actions

Every time, it looks absolutely fantastic and horribly reckless

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I'm crying I never imagined that u and johanna eve knew each other but now that I know it feels like the stars have aligned and my favourite artists are good buds

ANONNNN ;~; without vika or johanna you wouldn’t have kkumri today!!!!! if i hadn’t come across their art 3 years ago i wouldn’t have been motivated to start fanart….. it was a dream to even get noticed by them but now i’m so happy that we’re buddies who can yell a lot gwaa

I was thinking about what Shiro’s modus operandi is supposed to be if he is a clone or brainwashed to sabotage voltron from the inside, and literally all I got is that he’s been sent out as a honey trap for Keith and I’m fucking dying cuz that’s hilariously awesome if it’s real. I mean what is ~Kuron~ even doing to mess anything up?? What, a few weak attempts at blowing up the team through questionable decisions, which they’d face in a normal episode anyway?? 

But then you look at him with Keith, and it’s so damn obvious he would’ve been specifically sent in to fuck with Keith’s head because even the Galra know Keith is jacking it to this guy on a nightly basis. Like seriously, if this is a plant he’s very clever, being in a noticeably wounded state around Keith that keeps triggering Keith into proclaiming he’ll do anything no matter how many times it takes to protect Shiro’s heart. AND ON TOP OF THAT he’s simultaneously undermining Keith’s confidence, up to the point where it all comes together into one big ball of self-deprecation and desire to see Shiro smile again and take back control of black lion aka voltron which results in him leaving the team. And you’d think if he was a clone just sent in to mess with all of voltron they’d be dropping hints with more characters outside of Keith?? Or maybe show Shiro snooping around the ship suspiciously even if he’s unwitting?? But no, this Shiro doesn’t care, he’s just there to seduce Keith by looking all vulnerable and in need of love then cutting Keith back down to size when necessary. All Shiro’s gotta do is show Keith his tits and cry at him it’s game over for the universe, because this Shiro got Keith out of black lion, out of voltron, and about to blow himself the fuck up all over the span of about 5 episodes