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Girls I can’t believe we’re finally getting on this trip, I remember how we were joking about going to Rio for Carnival 2 months ago 😂 I’m hella exited and can’t wait to spent the best time with you guys.
YAAS WE’RE GOING TO BRAZIL! Please don’t get jelly about that - we’ll make you feel like you’re with us with posting our daily adventures 📷
So I hope the weather in NY gets better while we are away and you don’t miss us too much. Yours Truly @itsmishamisha @siobhanchap @amberphoenixx @caratempelton and of course me ✌💕 

after personally witnessing countless muslim men attribute their shitty behavior and carelessness, especially when it comes to their wives and children, to “fitra.” that God created them to be heartless. that Allah SWT created them to “not care as much as mothers.” so they never even bother to live up to the expectations that women are “naturally” supposed to embody. after seeing so many of them, it really makes me wonder how after 1400+ years of this religion being sent down to us, we’re still struggling with the same tired ass problems that we refuse to get past. we refuse to evolve, and the worst part is that we use our dear religion to trip ourselves up. how will you explain to God that the reason you refused to try is because you twisted His words to fit your idea of what a man is supposed to be? can you tell Him that you really tried your best? or that you kept the bar just low enough for yourself to sail by? aren’t yall ashamed? 


This is from Now3..And this scene is very interesting..Now..I don’t speak I dunno who says what..But the last one is J-Hope saying..basicly that he would go alone..since he isn’t in a relationship..and “use"ARMY as a girlfriend😆
So…there is kind of evidence about Namjin,Taekook&Yoonmin..😊

Then..a radio interview..V,about Jimin..when Jimin talks about how he’d like to go on a trip with JK..

We all "know” Yoongi is most likely bi,since another radio show he said that..

V..on V-Live..when he heard JK had to put smt on..His face😉😆

Then the iconic Australian tv show..where Jin declared his love to Namjoon😊

Again their annual BTS birthday show..kisses JK..

When I was in kindergarten we were having a class party and like a dozen people had brought their parents. My teacher figured that would be a good time to announce a field trip we were having and talk about how they needed chaperones. The first thing said after it was announced was my dad shouting “can we bring alcohol?” I wasn’t aloud to go after that._.

can we talk about how fucking heartbreaking it was for keyleth to trip into the lava? as in character as it was thats terrible her friends, her family, all drifting in and out of consciousness and she just wanted to save them and she almost fucking killed herself on a rock? like how fucking heartbreaking that must have been? and how she crawled out of the lava and just healed vax? her desperation was palpable and heartbreaking and i cried bc i love my awkward druid daughter so much

That is 45 minutes I will never get back {8x09 Review}

As those of you who read my reviews know, I do write in real time so whatever mistakes I made in the beginning of the post I may have rectified at the end. I am anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Bonenzo/anti-Steroline and I will probably mention misogynoir, anti-black treatment and make references to other shows. If you do not like it, keep on scrolling. I also did this on my phone so bear with me. Alright. Let’s go.

1. It’s actually refreshing to see Stefan feed on a dude because it seems like we only ever see them feed on women lately.

2. Why aren’t cops interested in a string of murders happening throughout the States? They aren’t exactly keeping a low profile. Stefan massacred an entire hospital and Anger Management group.

3. TVD really fails the Bechdel test and I like how we don’t actually hear about Bonnie’s trip to Paris, just that she’s wearing a vial of Enzo’s blood.

4. “Is that it? We’re due at an event” Candice’s delivery was actually on point.

5. I’m confused now, so Sybil is on the “war path” because she wants a weapon that can destroy her and now Seline wants to kill her to make amends (did I miss something? Because I know Sybil didn’t forgive her but, like, did they declare war on each other?)
I still don’t understand why Caroline would team up with Seline? Or why Caroline would care about what’s happening with the sirens? Why are they relevant now that Damon and Stefan are Cade’s servants?

6. So this year the carnival was before Miss Mystic when Miss Mystic was before the carnival in seasons 1 and 2?

7. Stefan and Caroline looking at each other did not move me at all, it’s not even like they “locked” eyes, like it’s so underwhelming. Makes me miss 3x03.
Sybil and Damon actually look so much better together than Damon and Elena since Sybil looks age appropriate.

8. They are REALLY trying to romanticize 1x19, fam, it was a dance and not even a “it all makes sense” dance like SE’s 3x14 and 3x20,it’s a “wow Damon, I didn’t know you could dance like that” dance and a “suck it, Stefan!” dance. They really need to fucking chill.

9. It’s also transparent that Stefan doesn’t have a flashback to Elena even though it’s been repeated that SE was the foundation of the show. And not even that, Caroline, Bonnie and Matt do not have flashbacks of Elena and Jeremy isn’t even mentioned but oh yeah, season 1 feels.

10. “Sybil just “sirened” that girl.” Lol, compelled.

11. Bonnie and Enzo actually just look awkward, they’re very stiff and Enzo is SO monotonous.

12. “What did that woman do to you?” Caroline, my girl, it isn’t that serious. He doesn’t know why the necklace meant something to him and he’s a little upset. Maybe if Ian actually played tortured well I’d feel something but right now, I’m just like why DOES the necklace mean anything to you? You gave it to Elena because it was an SE symbol and you wanted her to have it because it reminded her of Stefan. Why would YOU have any attachment to it? And you giving it back to her in 2x08 is about the fact that you gave it back, not the necklace itself. LIKE?

13. LOL yeah Caroline’s “a love so deep and magical” speech really just sounds like she’s trying to convince herself about her relationship with Stefan because when did Caroline actually see anything of the Damon and Elena relationship? Like honestly.

14. “Take it from me, Elena Gilbert never really goes away.” Mmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm.

15. Oh this is why DErs are going to freak out because he broke the necklace and he said that he only gave it to Elena to protect her from Damon, lol, but this season is full of retcons anyway, so.

16. I find it strange that Caroline is more focused on saving Damon than Stefan.

17. Oh my GOD, we’re only 20 minutes in?

18. Bonnie and Enzo do not look good dancing, they look uncomfortable.

19. I’m actually getting really annoyed at seeing the same footage of Elena and Damon dancing because it’s aggravating! There’s nothing more to this episode THAN the dance. Are we forgetting that the moment it’s over, Elena is all about Stefan? SELECTIVE MEMORY.

20. Why are we acting like Damon’s humanity will crush him? He was fine with killing Lexi, turning Vicki, killing Jeremy, killing Aaron, kidnapping Jeremy, trying to kill Caroline, raping and abusing Caroline, etc. Like why wouldn’t he be fine with this? Elena won’t care.

21. Why do they keep saying Matt is stupid? How is Alaric any smarter? A fucking siren was his nanny for months.

22. The battle for Damon’s subconscious is really underwhelming because I don’t see the big deal? Why does Sybil even want Damon? And what exactly is so strenuous about what’s going on in his mind? The fact that he’s remembering someone he can’t have feelings for?

23. This entire fight is ridiculous to me because I don’t know what Stefan and Damon are fighting about? Damon is feeling and Stefan isn’t and it’s a problem? Like? This is so underwhelming.

24. Bonnie and Enzo are just … ehh sure, whatever. Fine.

25. LMAO Caroline doesn’t even seem sad about what’s happening to Stefan. But Damon got all this pity? WHAT are the writers doing?

26. LMAO Caroline leaving Stefan just reminds me of 3x07 when Stefan is like, “So you’re quitting” and Elena being like “Oh hell no, I’m just done for the day, fam.” Like Elena was IN it. And Stefan actually had the capacity to look ashamed and moved and the language was a lot more passionate, not this “we had a deal” business, are you two engaged or business partners?

27. I honestly don’t get the storyline with Damon and Sybil, like it just seems so small potatoes, like what is the POINT?

28. So Sybil giving Damon back his humanity is Tessa giving Stefan back his memory.

This episode was a mess because absolutely nothing happened. Caroline left Stefan. OK? Damon got his humanity back. Sure. And Bonnie asks Enzo to be a human. Fine? WHO GIVES A SHIT? WHO CARES. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? I also don’t get how Sybil made Damon’s life a living hell, because she forced him to kill people he didn’t want to but he did it anyway? That doesn’t seem to be the issue, the issue for Damon seems to be that he got a taste of his own medicine by being compelled, I’m sorry I mean “sirened” and that he couldn’t say no to Sybil even if he wanted to. And the fact that he feels nothing for Elena but still sees her and feels warmth because of a necklace is like … what, is it like you get one taste of happiness but then suddenly it disappears and you’re lost and alone and … WHAT? Like be LOTR, Frodo about it where Frodo doesn’t remember what water or food tastes like or the wind, have it be like Damon remembers ALL of these things when he holds the necklace but then Sybil manages to take that away from him and so he’s tortured with remembering happiness and he’s fighting to push out Elena’s memory because it hurts him too much to feel but she won’t budge. I feel like that’s what they’re trying to do but they’re doing it poorly. LIKE EVERYTHING DELENA. And Stefan.
No one seems to care that Stefan is going off the deep end, like they just take him at his word that this is what he wants and this is what he was made to do and he’s his Best Self this way. He has no humanity! Why is Caroline just like, whatever, fine, sure but Damon is the one who needs saving? WHAT? And why is Caroline acting so superior as if she didn’t turn off her humanity two seasons ago and went around the country killing people? So it’s not OK for Damon to spiral, everyone needs to bend over backwards to stop Damon but if it’s Stefan, they just let him do the shit he wants? WHAT? This is how you know the show isn’t interested in story and only interested in their fave, which is Damon.
Bonnie and Enzo just keep telling each other how much they love each other without us ever seeing why that would be. Old news.
This was an excruciatingly bad episode.

Ramblings of a fanboy

King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.

can we just talk about how fucked up the “ties that bind” episode was
  • Lola’s first instinct upon hearing her parents want to disown her was to kill  them 
  • “They can’t kick me out if they’re dead” Lola Loud 2k16
  • all the siblings openly acknowledging that Leni is an idiot
  • Lincoln being told he might not even be his dad’s????
  • Lola’s biggest concern was her princess bed
  • Rita and Lynn saying really harsh things and the kids believing it? 
  • The loud siblings actually thinking their parents would kick them out??
  • seriously 
  • did no one think that maybe that’s a little ridiculous   
  • do they really think so low of their parents help 
  • Lincoln being near thrilled about the thought of being an only child
  • Lincoln why don’t you love your sisters
  • Lisa’s unavoidable sass
  • “But what do I know I’m just the gifted one” Lisa Loud 2k16
  • If they can hear Lynn sr and rita so well from their room I bet there were a lot of awkward nights for Lori as a kid
  • Luna’s the first one who got called out??

“a moment of silence for our fallen sistren”

“but also a silent cheer cause we ain’t booted just yet lmao”

  • Lucy somehow looking… more sad????
I don’t understand people who don’t think the universe is amazing. Like you literally can look up and see stars that are millions and billions of light years away that might have exploded before our earth was even created. How does it not trip people out, knowing that we are so small and insignificant. Nothing we do is going to leave a big impact. And we don’t know what could happen. The sun could explode turning us all into stardust or an asteroid could hit earth leaving no trace of our existence. So tell me, how can people not be amazed by our universe.
—  Me, every time I look up

Will just throw this out there… Duncan was in London the same time as Sam and now he is commenting about the MPC crew on SM. Lotte was in the streets of Amsterdam the same time that supposedly Sam was. Finnie has been hiking in the same area that Sam just posted a pic in. We know Sam travels with MPC folks based on that NYC trip.

How are we so sure she is around? You can post a pic of anything and tag a location from anywhere. Who even knows if they hopped on the same plane in London. Or maybe she is apart of the MPC crew…

I was talking with a friend about our RP and how there would be a road trip at some point. We both agreed that Hal and Barry probably won’t enjoy it that much though. Hal drives like a madman and Barry fears for his live, whenever Hal drives. He also complains a lot about Hals notorious illegal parking.
Meanwhile Hal can’t stand when Barry is driving because he is so slow. They take turns, but at the end of the trip they both are just really stressed and glad, they don’t have to take the car anymore and can actually enjoy their time together.

ooc;; who remembers that one game
what was it called
it was like. a game that had themes of nihilism, death, heaven and hell, despair. betrayal, possession, brainwashing, insanity, fear, fighting fate, self-sacrifice, forced self-sacrifice, cessation of existence, choosing between oneself and the greater good, choosing between others and the greater good, and even fighting your friends and the people you care about in order to save all worlds in existence

oh yeah. i remember

ooc;; it was called Super Paper Mario.

They are everywhere
  • Katelyn: *drives like a bat fresh out of hell while controlling the radio*
  • Radio Host: "Hey Violet's new single 'Guys My Age.'"
  • Me: "Turn it off!"
  • Katelyn: *smirks at me and turns it up, rolling down the windows and begins to sing at the top of her lungs* "CAUSE YOU HOLD ME LIKE A WOMAN (DO DO DO) IN A WAY I'VE NEVER FELT BEFORE...."
  • Me: *slowly begins to die inside and considers committing suicide by opening the door and throwing myself out like some action-movie type shit*
  • Random-ass classmate in the back seat: "Turn it up! I love this song!" *takes a breath* "GUYS MY AGE DON'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT ME, DON'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT ME, DON'T KNOW HOW TO TREAT ME."
  • Me: *slowly beings to feel homicidal*