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You know, I like the idea of Zuko making the wrong decision in Ba Sing Se and being able to recover from that. But like, I’m also lowkey upset we didn’t get to see Zuko run off with the Gaang at the end of Book 2. What we had was good and dramatic but just imagine:

- 78% of Zuko’s S3 angst comes from his decision to side with Azula in Ba Sing Se so if he never had that moral quandary, it’s arguable Zuko would be more at ease with himself and the others especially given how good he was doing at the end of Book 2. Plus the Gaang (Katara especially) would be much easier on him so instead of being angry/suspicious, it’d just be super…. awkward… getting used to another member plus an ex-fire prince who used to chase them? Classic

- Also so like it’s very possible the Gaang could’ve escaped Ba Sing Se unharmed with Zuko’s help. The city was going to fall no matter what but Zuko probably could’ve stopped Azula lightening at Aang. My point being, that spirit water is still available and she did offer to heal Zuko’s scar… just a thought. It would come in handy when undercover if the traitor prince no longer has his obvious identifying mark.

- After about 5 minutes Sokka decided that Zuko was his new best friend, he’s a guy around his age who’s mature but also mischievous with a love of weaponry and strategy and yes. Zuko and Sokka are attached at the hip and it drives Katara crazy cause they get into so much trouble but she’s never seen her brother happier. Oh my god, when Sokka gets his meteor sword the two of them will spar all day. They get their weapons taken away frequently.

- Chief Hakoda sees Zuko has repented and hears .4 seconds of his story before trying to adopt him. (“You’ll love the Water Tribe Prince Zuko! Don’t worry, your new grandmother will fatten you up” “!?!”) Toph has to break it to Hakoda that Iroh has already claimed Zuko and Zuko meanwhile is overwhelmed by all this affection. Still, he’s honorary Water Tribe now

- Zuko interacting in normal Fire Nation towns. Think about it, he was a crown prince, he’d probably never been outside the capital city and then he was banished from the Fire Nation. He’s likely never seen regular Fire Nation life. It’s just as new and exciting for him (plus he helps them blend a little better)

- Zuko starting Aang’s firebending training, being a bit more gentle once he hears the reasons for Aang’s block. They walk through the basics and soon Aang slowly but surely begins to develop his bending. Zuko is able to learn from everyone too and, on a whim, decides to practice lightening bending. His mind is free of turmoil and is shocked when he’s easily able to summon the electricity. He scared the pants off his sleeping companions who think Azula has come to them.

-  Katara and Zuko, mom and dad of the group. They just fall into sync parenting the often wild Aang and Toph while keeping Sokka in line. Zuko insists on helping her with cooking and cleaning up and is surprisingly good at it. She nags all the others about following Zuko’s example. Also awesome playful bending battles between opposing elements that always gets crashed halfway through by the others.

- Appa and Momo adore Zuko, Aang and Sokka are totally jealous. Appa because he knows Zuko saved him from Lake Laogai and Momo because Zuko is a literal heater and he can almost always be found snuggled with Zuko. But Zuko is, in general, very good with animals. Even better than Aang.

- Joking about Zuko’s past mistakes becomes a thing, it’s not awkward or snippy, they just love bringing up embarrassing memories and teasing him about it. It helps Zuko feel more at ease, he still feels bad for the things he did in Book 1, but they tease to let him know he’s forgiven.

- Like in canon, Iroh is captured in Ba Sing Se and Zuko is half mad with grief for a while afterward until he hears that Iroh was not executed but merely thrown into prison. He cried happily and openly when he learned he hasn’t lost his only remaining family member who loves him. He makes plans to break Iroh out on the Day of Black Sun.

- On a side note, Zuko tells the story of his mom and you know, you fuckening know, that Operation: Find Zuko’s Mom is a go. He doesn’t have Ozai’s confirmation but he still suspects she’s alive. They all agree to search after the war ends.

- Zuko gets along with Toph better than all the others, they get the whole idea of nobility and honor but also know when to let things loose. Firebending and Earthbending have similar principles so they gel together. Katara and Aang are relieved that Zuko is there to balance out Toph’s brashness with his own quiet stubbornness. He fits in so well, it’s weird to imagine him not always being there, he’s able to complement everyone.

- The Gaang realizes very quickly that Zuko’s self-esteem and sense of worth is below nothing. Years of emotional (and physical) abuse from his family, being told he’s weaker and worthless plus those years of shameful banishment means he’s got no confidence. Aang breaks down into tears when Zuko casually remarks that he likely won’t survive the war. He’s legitimately shocked to hear the Gaang would be devastated if he died. The team works hard to build up his confidence and let him know that they love him. It works wonders on his mood and even his firebending improves without that mental block. Team Avatar swears that they’ll defeat Ozai not just for what he’s done to the world, but what he’s done to their friend.

- Once relaxed and assured of his place, Zuko really opens up. He’s never had true humor in his life but he develops a cutting but wry sense of humor and more often than not finds himself chuckling at Sokka’s terrible jokes. His protective, stubborn nature is in full force and he would do anything to keep his turtleducks safe (he’s usually put in his place but he’s trying ok). Temper’s still there, it’s a firebending thing, but it’ll flame and go out quickly and people just get used to it. He gets playful with his bending and is not above pranks. He’s smiled more in the time before in the invasion than he ever remembers in his whole life.


This powerful BFF video shows how painfully harsh we are to our own bodies– even when we are sincerely loving to our friends’

We often view and speak about ourselves far more critically than we would to other people, and a new video by The Scene called “Best Friends Get Brutally Honest About Their Bodies” proves that. In it, two best friends write down what they dislike about their looks, and then they have to say them out loud to each other.

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How about INFJ?

1. Have I met anyone of this type?                                                                  - Yess! Two perhaps the closest people in my life are both INFJs, one of them is my cousin (basically my older sister tho) and another is my friend whom I’ve known for around eleven years now. Also one acquaintance.

2. Do I have any Tumblr friends/faves of this type?                                        - None comes to my mind right now.

3. What type of relationship do/did we have, or how well do/did we know each other?                                                                                                         - I have this “bff” thing with both of the INFJs, we always hang out together and talk about everything from daily events to big future plans and abstract stuff, we bond extremely well and always just get each other. We just kind of speak the same language, there is always a great mutual understanding. They can see sides of me that no one else really does, and I’m able to understand them and help them with their problems. We are different enough for it to feel complementary, but we share same kind of views and opinions.                        

4. First impressions?                                                                                        - Can seem a bit distant and cold at first, hard to figure out, calm, emotionally intelligent, quiet and polite.

5. Positive impressions?                                                                                   - So understanding and emphatic, know what they’re standing for, very deep, excellent balance of feelings and logic, intelligent, interesting, good sense of humor, knowledged, good at reading between the lines, for me very easy to get along with, good talkers and listeners, consider others, consider the bigger things in life.

6. Negative impressions?                                                                                  - Struggle with spontaneity and getting out of their comfort zone, sometimes draw their own conclusions which don’t actually add up to reality, can be overly stubborn about their views, sudden lashes of emotions which can be very tiring to deal with, may be waay too paranoid and insecure of what others think of them, have many huge plans for the future but rarely actually execute them.

7. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do with this type?                                            - Travel somewhere far away.

how did we end up talking in the first place?

by minamis (1/1 | G | 1,068) 

“They bet you couldn’t get my number?”
“Yeah. Well, straight boys, you know?”
“You think I’m straight?”

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I Know Your Dirty Little Secret - Chapter 2

Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your re-blogs, likes and comments, they are a huge encouragement. Sorry this has taken some time to post but real life has been a bit chaotic and that combined with writer’s block has not made for productive writing, but here it is.

There is one more chapter to come so keep an eye out for that one

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“So what is the plan guys?” Veronica broke the silence on the table. She wanted to know who it was so that she could support Betty through it. Unless she wasn’t telling them who it was because it was someone she shouldn’t be seeing. Then she may need to talk some sense into her. Either way she needed to know. Part of the new and improved Veronica was being there for her friends.

“Well Kevin I think you need to go full Gossip Girl on this. Check all your sources. Someone must have seen something.” Cheryl started fully embracing her role as leader of team “Find Betty’s Dirty Little Secret”. She couldn’t bring them this gold mine to see them squander it away.

“On it.” Kevin nodded in agreement. His phone already out and at the ready, sending texts to his most trusted sources on all that was Riverdale High. Cheryl turned to Veronica next.

“Veronica, you need to work that BFF vibe you got going on, see if she will open up to you.” Archie decided that this was getting out of hand, if Betty wanted to keep something private then maybe they should let her be.

“Is anyone else concerned that we are currently taking direction from Cheryl to spy on one of our closest friends.” He then thought about what Cheryl had just said. “Anyway aren’t I the best friend.”

“Archie if Betty is dating someone the last person she is going to tell is you.” Veronica interjected.

“Yeah especially after the dance after party incident.” Kevin added, still not quite forgiving Archie for that move.

“And don’t worry Archie there is a role for you as well.” Cheryl concluded. “You live across from Betty’s house, you are going to be our eyes and ears at her home.”

“And what will you be doing exactly Cheryl. Besides ordering us around.” Veronica asked.

“I, my little sad breakfast club, will be getting my best minions on the case, they will sniff out whatever is going on here. Trust me, they learned from the best. Although lately they have been starting to lose their game, they need something like this to re-invigorate them.”

They all nodded in unison at the plan, except for Archie who just watched on at the madness unfolding in front of him.


Veronica found Betty the next day sitting on her own in the student lounge. Her notepad was on her lap and she was chewing on her pen staring off into the distance. Veronica sat next to her, handing her a caramel, white chocolate which she had recently learned was Betty’s hot drink of choice. Betty was broken out of her day dream by the hot drink thrust in front of her face which she took gratefully.

“So Betty, you know how we are basically BFFs now?”

“Yeah.” Betty answered cautiously taking a sip from her cup.

“Well you know you could tell me anything.” She was sincere in her statement, she liked Betty and felt that although they had only know each other a short time that theirs was one of those friendships that would be forever.

“I’m not sure I understand what you are asking?”

“Well let’s say hypothetically that you were seeing someone romantically, or not even romantically just you know” She let the statement hang there, a quirk of her eyebrow to get the message across. “You could tell me. No judgement.”

“I’m not seeing anyone.” Betty answered chirpily. Returning her gaze to the drink in front of her not wanting to look Veronica in the eyes.

“But you could tell me.” Veronica continued noticing the blonde’s nervousness at her line of questioning.

“I know I could, but really there is nothing to tell.” Betty insisted.

“Cheryl saw you covering up hickeys in the boy’s locker room.” Veronica could not contain it any longer, she had been holding onto the information since yesterday and needed to get it out.

“What?!” Betty’s hand automatically went to her neck.

“Ah-Ha.” Veronica exclaimed. “OMG Betty you need to spill.”

“Honestly it’s nothing.” Betty muttered through clenched teeth, hoping that Veronica would lower her voice in line with hers. She didn’t need the whole student lounge hearing about this.

“Oh my god, it’s Trev isn’t it?! I knew that whole nothing happened was a lie. Betty Cooper you are in so much trouble.” Veronica excitedly whispered.

“I guess.” Betty took another sip of her drink admitting defeat. It technically wasn’t lying if she just didn’t correct her. Besides it would but her sometime until she knew exactly what her and Jughead were before opening it up to the full scrutiny of their friends and the student population.

“We need to find Kevin so he and I can grill you together.” Veronica stated excitedly, dragging a reluctant Betty along with her to go find Kevin.


“Did you guys hear?” Kevin managed to get out while he furiously tried to catch his breath so that he could continue. “That Betty.” He held out a finger to them indicating that he needed them to wait for him to catch his breath. He leant over bracing his hands on his knee, and took a couple of deep breaths.

Jughead was patiently waiting for what Kevin had to say, he hadn’t seen Betty at school today and she hadn’t texted him, so he wanted to know what about Betty had Kevin so worked up.

“Is dating Trevor, Betty is dating Trevor, ex footballer.” He exclaimed, the pride clearly showing on his face and his tone that his girl had nabbed herself one of the good ones.

“What?” Jughead was the first to speak.

“You missed this yesterday at lunch. Cheryl found Betty in the boy’s locker room covering some hickeys, which led Cheryl to organising a man hunt to find out who gave them to her.”

“And the result of this manhunt is Trevor!” Kevin said excitedly, practically beaming. “I knew it wasn’t just a fact finding mission. Didn’t you?” He directed his question to Jughead who still had a blank expression on his face, trying to comprehend what was going on. “Never mind.” Kevin said exacerbated. “I know you don’t care about these things anyway.”

“Well as long as she’s happy.” Archie replied. “Isn’t that right Jughead?” He turned to his friend who was already grabbing his bag and making a move from the table.

“Yeah, sure. I need to, um, get something before next period.” He said as he stuffed his laptop into his bag.

“Cool man, see you in history.” Archie replied casually.

“Yeah sure.” Jughead answered not really listening already on the move.

“I cannot believe I made the sprint across the lawn for those two lack luster reactions. My gossiping skills are truly wasted on you two.” Kevin sighed.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the lack of Bughead interaction but there is more to come next time.

In other news sooo excited for the new episode tomorrow.

Chapter 3


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Hi! 💕 I was just curious, and of course you're not obligated to answer, but are you and kismet-sims related? 😮 P.S. I love you. 😙

hi!!!!!!!!!!! how cute q!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is my bff since we were lil but we r kinda like sisters tbh!!!!!!!!!!!!! not 2 b sappy but shes like the only person i can spend like DAYS AT A TIME w/ w/o getting annoyed AF and i would prob die w/o her lol anyway cue @kismet-sims replying to this saying “Touched” ps love u 2 xoxo

Boyfriend! Chen

Requested By: @luckiyeol (so sorry it took so long and I hope you like it!!)

When He First Sees You

  • I feel like you’d probably first meet Jongdae at a music festival (ikr that’s soo ideal) (I’m kidding.)
  • So just imagine its summer and the day is..July 18th(?)..and you and your best friend are just giving each other looks like “why did we even sign up for this” and “you agreed to this so its not my fault.”
  • Did I mention that its like 981 degrees outside?
  • It isn’t! but thats how it feels
  • “Maybe we should get up and walk around, Y/BFF/N.” (Y/BFF/N= Your BFF’s Name) “You know to feel the breeze and while keeping our cool?”
  • “Isn’t that the same thing lol”<< you said that
  • “Don’t say ‘lol’ in public. That’s weird.”
  • “Lol.”
  • “Why are even friends.”
  • So the two of you are walking, laughing, and lowkey judging people’s poor fashion choices because “who on earth thinks that it was a great idea to wear a faux fur jumpsuit in the middle of summer while at an outdoor music festival?!”
  • But before you could even add more things to say..the wind was actually knocked out of your lungs.
  • No, seriously. You could not breathe.
  • Was it the sun who showed no mercy? Was it the football that rammed right onto your chest? Or was it the insanely attractive boy who was running up to you apologizing, and apologizing, and apologizing..
  • “Oh no, s/he’s drooling. CHAD! BRO! I TOLD YOU NOT TO THROW IT THAT FAR. C’MON.”

How He Asks You Out

  • It felt like it’d been awhile since you were wiped out in front of literally everyone.
  • For some reason, though, you were being lifted up..
  • “Am I dead?” you asked.
  • “Nah, some really hot guy is lifting you up though,” y/bff/n said.
  • “Is he an angel?”
  • “Probably.”
  • “Nah, I’m anything but that.”
  • Ok. It was time to see who this mystery man is.
  • 1..2..3. 
  • “Jesus..” you muttered to yourself hoping he didn’t hear. His perfectly tanned skin and toned body and deep eyes..oh my..stop staring. (snapback! + muscle tee! chen? I’m here for it.)
  • “No no.. it’s ‘Jongdae’..say it with me.. ‘Jong-dae’..”
  • “..’Jong-dae’’re hot..I mean–no! I mean you ARE..ITS JUST REALLY HOT OUT HERE OK.”
  • “Yeah, I know. I know. Look, your friend over there gave me these two tickets for the ice bar down the street. I’d love to take you, and maybe I can get to know you a bit better?”
  • “So you basically just wanna chill without the netflix?”
  • “Basically!”
  • “Let’s go!”

Your Relationship

  • After the festival, you were a bit nervous about continuing your feelings for this kid.
  • After all, he did tell you that he lived 1,000 miles away from you..
  • Was the long distance thing really worth it? How do you know how he really truly feels?
  • For him, it was. A few months after talking to you over the phone and through text Jongdae decided to prove to you how passionate he was about you. He decided to purchase a house near you and near your place of work/university and move you in with him because he only wants  what’s the most beneficial for the leading lady of his life.
  • And that’s what your relationship consisted, compassion, and laughter with a hint of lowkey judging each other because “who eats pineapple on their pizzA?!”
  • “The same person who has fansites just for being stylish.”
  • “We both do, though?”
  • “…ANYWAYS.”
  • Oh! and don’t expect a night to fly by without his
  • “(Y/N) know I love you..but I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how much..”
  • And you’d respond
  • “Chen know I know how much you love me..but I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how much I love you more..”

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NurseyDex Friendship

Ok, I love these two as mushy saps but that’s unrealistic, so what’s the part of their relationship outside of fighting, roasts, and lovey dovey gross shit.

  • It starts when Nursey goes stiff in one of the classes they take. At this point they still don’t really get along, but Dex can’t fight someone who won’t fight back, and someone so collected as Nursey being thrown off, it’s bad
  • So Dex switches seats with the LAX bro next to him in exchange for a slice of pie, since people are defensive over their seats.
  • Nursey notices, and as soon as Chad leaves, Dex immediately is like, “What The Literal Fuck Happened and Do I Need To Fight Someone.”
  • Nursey is actually alright it’s just that he’s bad at the subject and he gets ye olde Anxiety so Dex is like, I will mcfucking tutor you I just can’t take you acting like this please let me help

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Joe Toye had been at the aid station for three days and everybody was glad to have him back. Especially Bill Guarnere.

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Your climax was building to an almost blinding high, toes curled in tightly as TJ sucked and flicked at your pink flesh until you felt the telltale signs of release approaching. TJ moaned against your core, fingers curling inside you. "Cum baby."


And how can I argue with that?

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i just wanna say that you're such an inspirational cosplayer. my bff and i constantly talk about how we wish we were as cool as you! thanks for being such an inspiration to us!

Thank you so much!  I hope I inspire many memes 

Hamilton - A Summary

Right so. Basically Alexander Hamilton was born in the Caribbean poor as shit. His father left when he was 10 and his mother died 2 years later after they were both ill. He moved in with his cousin and started reading, writing, and working, moving up very fast in the ranks of the trade firm. Then his cousin committed suicide and a hurricane destroyed the town, but the town put together a fund to send him to America to study and make something of himself. He gets there and gets into Kings College, but wants to graduate in 2 years instead of 4 so he can go fight in the revolution, but the college is like nah fam and he’s like “FIGHT ME IRL” and then punches the bursar. Needless to say they kick him tf out and he rolls into town to see Aaron Burr (who had graduated in 2 years cause his parents died and left money to the college - rich kids amirite). Burr tells him to talk less smile more, and is like generally “Hamilton sit down”. Hamilton ignores this then meets some other revolutionary peeps (Laurens, Lafayette, and HERCULES MULLIGAN - You’ll understand later why his name must always be capitalised). He gets them all riled up and drunk as shit and is like we should go fight someone. So they roll up to a guy called Samuel Seybury who doesn’t support the revolution and they’re like HOW DARE and try to fight him.

While this is going on the Schuyler Sisters (Angelica, Eliza……… and Peggy) are rolling through NYC trying to pick up dudes, and Burr tries to hit on them but they tell him to fuck off and start talking about how women should be equal to men (amen sisters)

Then King George III rocks up and is like why are you doing this America I thought we were BFFs how could YOU. And then he’s like that’s it definitely sending my army in now.

So ding dong it’s all aboard the revolution express and George Washington is emo because he needs someone to help him out and his soldiers are demotivated. In rolls Burr like ayo I was a captain before and my previous commander got shot so… HIRE ME. It gets awks. Real fast. But Hamilton shows up and Washington is like THANK FUCK Burr you can go. Hamilton then agrees to be Washington’s right hand man.

Back to the sisterhood of purity and now it’s time for a LOVE TRIANGLE 0.o - So Angelica sorta fancies Hamilton but also Eliza loves Hamilton and they’re like omg what shall we do. But Angelica is like aha I’m probably too good for him he can have my sister instead. Then she has the regrets and is like to her sis please share him ;-) And Eliza is like A HAHAHA GOOD JOKE but pls don’t steal him.

So Eliza and Alexander get married and Burr rocks up to say congrats but then Alex and the crew wail on him for zero reason other than fuck Burr I guess. Also turns out Burr is having an affair with the wife of a British officer and Alex is like oh damn son but srs why are you scared go get her why do you wait. And Burr is like LEMME TELL YOU A STORY about waiting.

Burr explains his parents and grandad were great people who did amazing things but then they died and left him with only their legacy to protect and that is why he is so cautious. He has one of the most heartbreaking lines in the show “If there’s a reason I’m still alive when everyone who loves me has died, then I’m willing to wait for it”. He also expresses sorta admiration/disbelief that Alexander keeps taking and taking and not waiting, and yet he keeps winning.

Ding dong it’s back to revolution and Hamilton wants a promotion. He’s like PLS George Washington give me my own command. And Washington is like nah fam imma appoint this other dude Charles Lee instead. This goes badly when Lee nearly gets everyone killed, and Hamilton is like SOMEONE SHOULD FIGHT HIM. Laurens fights him and wins but then Washington is piiiiiiiiissed and sends Hamilton home where it turns out NEWSFLASH Eliza is pregnant and just wants Alexander to stay home as that would be enough for her. But Hamilton is like nah fam war isn’t done - ANGST.

Back to revolution and Lafayette is rapping REALLY FUCKING FAST cause he’s suddenly learned all of English when he wasn’t very good at it before. He explains how he brought reinforcements and shit from France but is like Washington you really need Hamilton back and Washington is like omg you’re right Hamilton pls come back I’ll give you soldiers to command BUT first listen to my song about the first time I was in command and oopsed and got my men killed so yeah DON’T DO THAT also bear in mind history has its eyes on you they may even make a musical someday ayo ;)

So Hamilton comes back and they end up winning and King George gets SUPER UPSET because parliament won’t pay for his war anymore but he’s like good luck lmao now see what I’ve had to deal with being in charge. So revolution is over and America is born, meanwhile Burr and Hamilton both have kids at the same time and turns out they’re pretty similar in that they wanna build a good world for their kids to live in.

Hamilton moves back to New York finishes his studies and becomes a lawyer, where he ends up working with Burr on the first murder trial in America. He shows off as usual and Burr gets pissed, but is also like how do you keep doing all this stuff oh my God you’re non stop.


So yeah now we’ve skipped forward a bit and Washington is President, Hamilton becomes Treasury Secretary. But UH OH Thomas Jefferson is back from France where he has been getting hella high and sleeping with loads of women, and he’s here to fuck Hamilton’s shit up. They have a straight up rap battle in a cabinet meeting and Hamilton wins but realises he’s outnumbered anyway and need to change tactics if he wants his financial plans implemented.

Meanwhile Eliza really wants him to take a fucking break and listen to his son play piano and rap, and also go with her and Angelica on holiday. Hamilton is like nah fam I have to work soz and they go away anyway. But then Hamilton fucks up. Literally. He sleeps with a woman called Maria Reynolds who rolls into his office asking for dolla. But UH OH turns out her husband knows and blackmails Hamilton to keep it quiet, and he agrees because he’s an atrocious human being.

Back to politics for a sec and Hamilton makes a deal with Jefferson to move the capital to Washington DC from NYC if his financial plans go through. But Burr gets super angry because nobody invited him to government camp, and then Hamilton is like I got what I wanted but WHAT DO YOU WANT. *side eyes emoji* And Burr is like I wanna be in the room where it happens. So finally in the second act we know what Burr actually wants.

And apparently his first step is to get elected a Senator. So ofc he’s like lol I’ll just kick Eliza’s dad out of the Senate how could this go wrong ^^

Surprise surprise it goes poorly and Hamilton is piiiiisssssed. And Burr’s dropping mega shady vibes like Hamilton your pride will be the death of us all ;) ;) Beware it cometh before the fall ;) ;) ;)

So there’s another cabinet meeting now and France is fighting Britain and wants America’s help. Hamilton is like NUUUUPE we can’t do that it’s a mess lol sorry France. Jefferson meanwhile is like WHAT THIS IS OUTRAGEOUSSSSSSS. He forms an alliance with Burr and they call themselves SOUTHERN MOTHER FUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS. He then resigns from the cabinet and is like imma run for President.

Washington by this point is too old for this shit and is like I don’t wanna be President anymore. And Alexander is like A hahaha ha good joke. And Washington is like no fam I’m serious. And Hamilton is like 😭😭😭 so they write a farewell address to the nation and everyone is sad but then Washington rides off to go enjoy his retirement.

So Jefferson loses the election to Washington’s Vice President, John Adams. But Jefferson is the new VP. Adams fires Hamilton and is super racist towards him but then Alexander is like HOW DARE and destroys him in the paper.

Jefferson and Burr have at this point noticed some weird payments coming out of Hamilton’s accounts to James Reynolds and think he’s been doing some dodgy financial corruption shit. So they roll up like hey we got the cheque stubs boy explain this. And Hamilton is like oh shit so he confesses his affair but is like please keep it secret omg. And they’re like k I guess.

Hamilton then remembers how he wrote his way out of the Caribbean and so OF COURSE he can write his way out of this situation as well. So he decides to write and publish the Reynolds pamphlet where he is like “yall think I’m guilty of financial crimes but JOKES ON YOU I actually had an affair ayo” and everyone’s like wait what. And Eliza is like wait WHAT. And Angelica is like MOTHERFUCKER WHAT. So Hamilton definitely fucked up his whole political career never to be fixed woops.

Angelica shows up and Hamilton is like thank gawd someone who understands me and Angelica is like BITCH I’M NOT HERE FOR YOU I’m here for my sister so go away.

Eliza is v angry and basically burns all Hamilton’s letters to her and is like I hope that YOU burn (also a fucking chilling emotional line).

Ding dong. It’s time for a time shift and now Hamilton’s son Philip is 19 and just graduated from King’s College. But UH OH someone talked shit about his father and he’s like IMMA FIGHT THEM and Hamilton is like fine but pls don’t actually shoot them and Philip is like fine when we duel I won’t shoot dad omg.

So they duel and Philip aims for the sky intending not to shoot but they other guys pulls a dick move and shoots before they count to 10. So Philip is deceased and Eliza and Hamilton r upset.

So Hamilton is pretty :’( and now wanders the streets by himself, finds jesus (not in the streets, in like his heart), and eventually him and Eliza make everything right.

But hold up its politics time again and now it’s an election year. Jefferson is running for President again and John Adams is gonna lose but uh oh Burr also runs for President. It’s a tie and the whole party goes to Hamilton like Bro who you want to be Pres? And Hamilton is like leave me alone. And then they say it again LOUDER and Hamilton meets Burr whilst out campaigning and is like “is there anything you wouldn’t do to win” and Burr is like “no and I learned that from you”.

So Hamilton finally agrees to endorse someone and SHOCKER endorses Jefferson. His reasoning is I’m enemies with Jefferson but at least he has principles cos Burr has none. And Jefferson is like wait what. And Burr is like MOTHERFUCKER WHAT.

So Burr writes some angry letters to Hamilton basically blaming him for everything that’s gone wrong in his life. Hamilton responds with an itemised FUCKING LIST of the disagreements they’ve had. Burr is like take it back. Hamilton says no. Burr is like fight me then. Hamilton is like k fam let’s go.

So they’re gonna duel but before that Hamilton writes a letter to Eliza explaining all this shit. He then rocks up to the dueling ground across the river and Burr is like Wait is he actually gonna shoot me omg THIS MAN WILL NOT MAKE AN ORPHAN OF MY DAUGHTER (also a tearjerker moment) so they count to 10 and shots are fired. Hamilton is hit and does a death soliloquy like oh shit what is my legacy. He sees the light and all the dead people he loves and is like imma go there too.

Back to realtime and Burr is like he’s aiming his pistol to the sky? ? WAAAAIIIIIT. But it’s too late he’s shot Hamilton in the ribs and he’s rushed away and gets a drink. He’s told he’d better hide cause Alexander died. He now laments that history obliterates and paints him in all his mistakes, and that he’s now the villain in our history. Basically he has the mega regrets.

Then everyone gets together and sings about Alexander’s life and Eliza explains how she’s telling his story to everyone, and how she lives another 50 years (time that he always wanted). She raises funds to build the Washington Monument, speaks out against slavery, and is basically the real MVP for the rest of her life. But her proudest achievement is establishing the first private orphanage in NYC and helping loads of kids grow up and she’s like “in their eyes I see you Alexander I see you every time”. She now wonders if she has done enough and if people will tell her story, and that she can’t wait to see him again

Musical over.