this is how we adults fight))

the harry potter books rated by Harry's Sass™
  • the sorcerer's stone: dudley asking harry if he wants to practice sticking his head down the toilet and harry replying "no thanks, the poor toilet's never had anything as horrible as your head down it - it might be sick" like ooo!!! sick burn!!! good for an 11 year old but overall still in the developmental stage. 6/10
  • the chamber of secrets: dudley (once again lmao get rekt) telling harry "i know what day it is" and harry replying "well done, so you've finally learned the days of the week." lockhart trying to be all Amazing Teacher™ and shit and telling harry "just do what i did, harry!" and harry saying "what, drop my wand?" overall good but not with as much of an Oomph™ factor as the sorcerer's stone. 5/10
  • the prisoner of azkaban: ah yes!!! Harry's Sass™ in its adolescent years!!!! no longer a toddler, now solidly about 11 years old. draco making fun of harry for fainting at the quidditch game bc of the dementors and saying "shame [the broom] doesn't come with a parachute - in case you get too near a dementor." and harry replying "pity you can't attach an extra arm to yours, malfoy. then it could catch the snitch for you." 8/10 purely because he fucking MURDERED whiny bitch ass baby malfoy ha ha take that
  • the goblet of fire: a good amount of sass!! a healthy amount of sass! perhaps a bit held back though (come on harry get it together). rita skeeter annoying harry and asking for a word and jk rowling LITERALLY writing "'yeah, you can have a word,' said harry savagely. 'good-bye'" like FUCK he is canon savage in this book!!!! DAMN!!!!! and then he reks malfoy AGAIN "you know that expression [your mother's got], like she's got dung under her nose? has she always looked like that, or was it just because you were with her?" MOTHERFUCK GO OFF 9/10
  • the order of the phoenix: HOLY GRAIL OF HARRY'S SASS™. THE MOTHERLOAD. GOD DAMN. when vernon asks him why he's listening to the news again and harry replies w/ "well, it changes every day, you see." when hermione's warning him about picking fights w/ malfoy bc malfoy will make life hard for him and harry's like "wow, i wonder what it'd be like to have a difficult life" like fuck harry!!! tell us how u really feel!!!! literally ANY TIME he talks to an adult he doesn't like. sassing dudley left & right, putting him in his place w/ "this is night, diddykins. that's what we call it when it goes all dark like this" like fuck harry brought out the big guns w/ "diddykins". overall wonderful, truly. a good healthy teenage dose of sass. 100/10
  • the deathly hallows: "it's time you learned some respect!" "it's time you earned it" sassing the minister of magic hooooooo boy. not much else bc harry's too busy like saving the world and shit. so extra points for multitasking and being an overall well rounded sass-er. 8/10
Renamed Musicals
  • • Les Miserables: Breadsticks Meme Gone Wrong ft. The Only Cop in France.
  • • Miss Saigon: Americans Fuck Shit Up, the musical!
  • • Legally Blonde: This is Harvard, not a Stripper Bar.
  • • Wicked: Misunderstood Green Girl and Sparkly Witch Hide Lesbian Feelings
  • • Little Women: That Story Where All the Girls Fall in Love
  • • Book of Mormon: Spooky Mormon Hell and Crude Gay Humor Clash w/ Sparkly Tuxedoes.
  • • Shrek: Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover; Another Show About Diversity.
  • • The Last Five Years: How Not to Adult: A Manual
  • • Joseph and the blah, blah, blah: Fifty Shades of Bible Humor
  • • Suessical: Always Trust that Weird Voice you Hear PS Elephants Can’t Fly
  • • Songs for a New World: I’m Sure There’s a Story Here Somewhere…
  • • Thirteen: Puberty Sucks Plus Jewish Jokes and Weird Sexual Tension
  • • Matilda: We’ll Fight Like Twenty Armies and We Won’t Give up ft. Miss Honey’s Self Esteem Issues.
  • • Spring Awakening: Why Sex Ed Matters, the musical!
  • • Next to Normal: The Story of a Sexy Ghost
  • • Avenue Q: Horney Puppets Use the Internet for Porn and Then Build a School For Monsters.
  • • Children of Eden: Bible fanfiction.
  • • The Drowsy Chaperone: Hallucinations of a Man in a Chair
  • • Violet: Sutton Foster and a Sob Story ft. Indecipherable Accents
  • • Anything Goes: Into the Woods, Except on a Ship
  • • How to Succeed: A Dummies Guide to Making an Ass Out of
  • Yourself
  • • Once on this Island: Why Gods Should Not Interfere With Humans
  • • Into the Woods: Fairytale AU on Crack
  • • Fun Home; Gay Tears, the musical!
  • • In the Heights: Everybody has Issues in the Barrio.
  • • Chess: East West Relations Under Different Masks and Various Plots
  • • RENT: Diversity, Death, and Drugs.
  • • Annie: My Life Sucks: By Me.
  • • Sweeny Todd: Revenge Means Killing Everybody
  • • Young Frankenstein: It Runs in the Family.
  • Adult Fiction: "I'm a Sad Woman who can't remember the last time I was happy. My husband doesn't satisfy me and I'm constantly searching for something Else™ to give my life meaning."
  • YA Fiction: "I'm an Angsty Teen with a Mission I didn't ask for, but I will find a way to survive it and givE MY OWN LIFE MEANING."
  • Adult Fiction: "Sad: It's 'happy' for deep people."
  • YA Fiction: "Somehow she managed to smile and laugh, despite all that had been done to her."
  • Adult Fiction: 300 pages long - dragging, how can there be that much left?
  • YA Fiction: 750 pages long - YES, good, no wait... EVEN MORE PLEASE!
  • Adult Fiction: Welp, our audience is basically halfway to death anyway, so the moral is: Just try to stay alive until it's time to die.
  • YA Fiction: Hey there, we know everything sucks, but you're not the only one feeling that way. Find your people, keep your fire going, fight your way out! Make a better world!

Eight years ago, when I first started coming out, I felt that I was resigning myself to a life alone. I didn’t believe that I would one day stand in front of my dearest friends and family, and proclaim my love for the kindest cutest sweetest person in the whole world. And I did it all while wearing the floofiest floofiest dress! 

After the ceremony, my Dad pulled me aside briefly, and held my hand. He said that eight years ago he, too, couldn’t have imagined my wedding. It was so beyond his realm of experience, he said, that to say it was beyond his dreams was an understatement. Today was better and happier and waaaaaay gayer than anything he could have foreseen. I am so happy that I came out, that I transitioned, and that I stayed in touch with my family, even through the hardest of times, however painful it was, and how far away I had to go. We are all better for it. 

To all you trans kids and youths out there struggling right now, it’ll get better if we fight for it. Keep fighting, keep loving, keep going. 

“I would have come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”


Did you know  it was mostly students and young adults people between the ages of 14- 25  from California and Texas made up 72 % of the people fighting for the cause. There was also a big number of people in Arizona considering the population at the time was hardly what it is today. 

So basically young people with not many resources ‘’unlike how we do have unlimited today’’ made this happen. So just imagine what people can do today if kept peaceful. Because at the same time statistics also show people killed during these events were ‘’students and young adults’’ as well.

a list of compromises offered by tony during cacw:

  • we agree to this now or it’ll be done to us later
  • we don’t have to follow shield or hydra, but we should follow the UN
  • i just want steve as part of the team, let’s come to an agreement and we can forget all this bad blood
  • wanda has to be in a prison or contained, and i’d rather put her up in a house where she can be comfortable and kept company by vision until i can have her reinstated
  • i’ll admit bucky to a psychiatric facility in the US where he can be cared for and kept safe
  • sign the accords now for show, and we can amend all the details later
  • i believe you that bucky is innocent and that zemo is behind this, and i’m coming to help you to fight him even though you didn’t trust me enough to explain any of this

a list of compromises offered by steve during cacw:

  • footage not found

I love how as children, Azula and Zuko were always together. Even though Azula teased and taunted him, it didn’t affect their bond. Yes, their relationship is messed up and confusing later on as adults but in Zuko’s flashbacks, we are shown something different. They played together when they weren’t fighting for their father’s love. 

-In one scene when Ursa receives a letter from the battlefront, Azula and Zuko run past, laughing and smiling, enjoying each other’s company.

-They fed the Turtleducks together at the pond, Azula showing him a less than friendly way of feeding them but he mimicked her regardless.

-Azula dragged him into her games with Mai and Ty lee quite a bit. 

-Azula watched him play with his knife and I am assuming he watched her train.

-Azula tried and succeeded at times to drag him with her to spy on certain people or in other cases, she wanted him to explore the hidden tunnels with her in the palace.

-They played together at Ember Island and reenacted the play “Love Amongst Dragons”, Azula always playing as the Dragon Emperor and Zuko as the Evil Water Spirit. 

The important thing to remember here is that they were closer than they are now. Once Ursa disappeared, Ozai was their only influence and it drove them to have this love/hate relationship we see in the show. As we know though, from “Earth Kingdom Chronicles: The Tale of Azula” –and comics–she doesn’t hate him as much as the fandom thought she did and it’s proven in there from her own words/actions, that she loves him rather than hates. Zuko is also shown in the comics and show that he loves her. Since Ozai is gone now from both their lives, they can start to mend what was once broken.

Their relationship is very complex and complicated and I think this quote from Zuko seems fitting for their relationship:

“Keep in mind, these are dual swords. Two halves of a single weapon. Don’t think of them as separate because they’re not. They’re just two different parts of the same whole.”

blackcur-rants  asked:

So in honour of the new Justice League trailer, can I ask you what you feel are the top ten worst things about the DCEU movies so far?

*grins evilly, cracks knuckles*

Let’s get this one out of the way:

10. This fucking shot right here

“Pretentious” does not even begin to cover it. And that expression! I don’t have much nice to say about Henry Cavill in these movies, but I do enjoy his utter inability to hide his embarrassment at what he’s participating in at this moment. 

9. The Why Did You Even Bother Club: Lois Lane, the Daily Planet, Rick Flag & June Moon, the media, the military, Congress…

Remember how The Avengers had this idea of Agent Coulson as the in-universe fanboy who understood the team better than anybody, and how the best part of Age of Ultron was the trip to Hawkeye’s farm? So why do the “human” elements of the DCEU feel so forced and stale?

8. Someone needs to go to jail for these action scenes

I thank the gods that I (unlike many of my friends) walked into Man of Steel sober, because Snyder’s destruction porn in that movie is a truly bad trip. Everything you need to know about the dude is in this juxtaposition: when he’s showing a building breaking apart, he wants you to see details, dammit, this is his canvas. When he has to cut to, y’know, humans, they’re dully shot and horribly lit, and his impatient desire to get to the next orgasmic splash-panel-shot is palpable. Elsewhere, the Doomsday sequence in BvS not only extends the plot far beyond its logical climax (the dictionary definition of overkill), it’s an unbelievably dull and drab nesting doll of mushroom clouds, pure headache-inducing sound and fury signifying nothing, my least favorite superhero throwdown on screen…until the Enchantress fight in Suicide Squad, which had me in tears in the theater, I was laughing so hard.

7. Pa Kent wants you and your children dead, you hear me? DEAD!

This may be the single worst aspect of Man of Steel specifically. I hate it on every level. I hate that Pa Kent spouts this BS, I hate that we’re supposed to take it seriously, I hate how it bogs down the post-Krypton story with no real weight or payoff (since we already know that Adult Clark is saving people by the time we get his Dad’s speech about not doing so), I hate that entire unbelievably dumb tornado scene, and I hate how freakin’ casual Snyder and Goyer are about death throughout this SUPERMAN STORY. Supes kills Zod, screams that scream…and then he’s downing satellites with a smirk, and biking through an apparently just-fine Metropolis, and hahaha look, glasses! Tone? Stakes? What are those? What was the point to him killing Zod other than Snyder getting that fetishistic close-up of the scream? Man of Steel was always going to be a bad movie, but this is where it became a Bad movie.



5. Batman v Superman is I Took Half a Philosophy Course, The Movie

Every single second of this insufferable thing is screaming at you to take it seriously. Every. Single. One. And it’s earned maybe 2% of the time, usually when it directly swipes a line from a comic. There’s nothing else to most of these scenes—just This Is Dramatic, with no attention put into the “this” from the basic “we need to care about these people” angle that Marvel generally has a lock on. The ambition falls flat. In particular, the worldbuilding sequences in BvS (the Injustice future, the Flash visitation, the videos of future JL members) constitute some of the clumsiest and most misguided scenes ever in a comic book movie, because they thoroughly ratfuck the tone, pacing, and focus in the most masturbatory manner imaginable outside of literal porn. (Has there ever been a less appropriate use of Exciting Pump-You-Up music than when Wonder Woman is…sitting at her laptop…watching QuickTime videos?) 

4. Scene to scene, line to line, end to end, every storytelling decision in Suicide Squad is wrong

I don’t demand a movie make perfect logical sense for me to like it, and nitpicking about plot holes often aggravates me, because there are many more important things to making and watching movies. What I demand is that you not assemble your movie like a dozen different food-poisoning-induced fever dreams all happening simultaneously. When you have to literally actually reshow parts of your “villain launches their evil plan” sequence (kind of an important part of a comic book movie!) because it was so confusing and poorly communicated the first time through, you’ve lost any semblance of structural coherence. This isn’t clever nonlinear storytelling. This is an abysmal, abyssal editing fail. Honestly, given the garbage fire behind the scenes, Suicide Squad barely counts as a finished movie.

Final three slots reserved for the fatal performances. You know the ones.

3. How did you let Jared Leto keep doing this after day one

How did you not brain him with a shovel or something

2. Why, though

Why would you do this to us

And of course, at #1…

1. This ostensibly sentient block of granite you insist on calling Clark Kent

Ok, that’s not entirely fair. He’s poorly cast, written, and directed. The DCEU is fundamentally broken because its central character does not work. He’s got two modes–deadly boring and straight-up deadly–and neither is compelling. I’m far from the first to say it: this is a Superman for people who never liked Superman.

Monster Analysis: Raishan, The Diseased Deceiver, Part II

Thanks to @Viktormon for this art piece!

  • First Appearance: 39 Omens
  • Encounter Appearance: 83 The Deceiver’s Stand
  • Armor Class 22 (suggested 21)
  • Speed 40 ft, 80 ft flying
  • Immune to poison and poisoned
  • 3 Legendary Resistances per day
  • 4 Legendary Actions per round
  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 385, 594
  • 520 HP, 541 taken, 28 HDYWTDT by Kerrek
    • 314 taken invisible, pre-Feeblemind
    • 227 taken while Feebleminded

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We’ve been paying attention to the wrong thing in The Last Battle by CS Lewis. 

“She’s interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations.”

And that seems to be the only spot where we just… stop. We’re all rightfully pissed, but we should’ve paid more attention to what was said afterwards. 

“Oh Susan!” said Jill. “She’s interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations. She always was a jolly sight too keen on being grown-up.”
“Grown-up, indeed,” said the Lady Polly. “I wish she
would grow up. She wasted all her school time wanting to be the age she is now, and she’ll waste all the rest of her life trying to stay that age. Her whole idea is to race on to the silliest time of one’s life as quick as she can and then stop there as long as she can.

As readers we have every reason to be pissed and feel for her. Why didn’t he elaborate? If I lost my whole family in a train accident I’d be devastated, why didn’t he talk about that? But Lewis was concentrating on Narnia, on the characters who went back and chose to continue remembering. 

What we didn’t notice was that second part. The bolded part. Reading a number of Lewis’s other work, he’s brought up how toxic that mindset is for a child and an adult. That he became an adult when he stopped trying to rush at it and stop looking at children’s work like fairytales as “too childish”. It’s kinda blowing my mind that he blatantly put it for Susan since the beginning of the series, blatantly had a character mention it, and all we noticed was the “nylons and lipsticks” part. 

I guess I can understand why people see it as misogynistic because Lucy and Jill are always seen as more tomboyish than Susan, but that’s still up for interpretation. Lucy may have done more fighting than Susan, but she cared about her looks at times too. Peter’s “no friend of Narnia” line is very Peter and and Jill’s “nylons and lipstick” one is very Jill. They’ve always been very hot-headed characters, at least Jill has. The downside is Edmund and Lucy should’ve said something, but that doesn’t mean she’s NEVER gonna see her family again. 

Also if we ever got a movie, I feel like a lot of our sadness and misgivings towards leaving Susan behind will actually be addressed. In the LWW and Voyage movies Edmund and Eustace are a lot more likeable than their book counterparts. Edmund tries to use humour to mask his sadness and Peter takes it as rudeness. Eustace is a bit of a brat, but he’s not nearly as snide as he is in the book. Even when he grabs Reepicheep’s tail it’s completely accidental, as opposed to in the book when he sneaks up on the mouse and grabs him out of malice. 

Sometimes Lewis can be pretty tone-deaf with the way he writes every character, not just Susan. I think that has a lot to do with how children and fantasy were perceived in the 1950s when he wrote these books. 

But my main point stands. Susan didn’t forget Narnia because she got into makeup and parties. She forgot about Narnia because she tried too hard to grow up. 

me: i’m fine

also me: “we didn’t start the fire” is such a good song for the vfd both on the level of being a joke, but ALSO because the song details all the events that made the world go to shit and how everyone’s blaming the younger generation who had no part in it, thus relating that most of the current vfd adults had no part in the schism or half of the issues they fight about now

slow and steady.

we’ve been together for seven years, married for two and a half. we’ve had ups and downs, we’ve had times where we feel super close and in love and so on our marriage game, and we’ve had times where we feel distant and so tired of fighting.

we’ve learned that we need to make space for each other to thrive. we need to continue making goals, personally and in our marriage. we’ve got to make our own sacrifices, to help each other with those goals. always working towards something, always moving forward.

we’ve learned that it’s ok to have bad days, it’s ok if every day isn’t a fairy tale, it’s ok to be boring married people. it’s ok to stay home and eat pizza and drink beer and do laundry together and watch Friends on Netflix for two hours before falling asleep. it’s ok to skip the party and use the kid as an excuse. it’s ok if everyday isn’t exciting, because life is hard work and marriage is hard work and parenting is hard work. real life can be mundane and boring and super lame sometimes.

but our love is never mundane, it moves slow and steady and strong. I choose him everyday, and he chooses me. there is always a basic understanding that, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how big the fight, no matter how helpless the situation, we are on the same team and we will work everything out, together, eventually.

so my relationship advice to you is this: find someone who you want to work hard with. someone who you want to work out the big fights with. someone who you can go through the mundane everyday of life with and still be so happy at the end of the day. someone you could be poor with, someone you could figure out money and adult life stuff with. someone who loves your quirks and pushes you towards your goals. someone who balances you out and compliments your strengths and fills in your weaknesses. someone you can always laugh with, someone who eases your mind, someone who keeps you safe. someone who chooses you, and who you want to choose everyday for forever. someone who still excites you even after seven years or twenty years or fifty five years. find that person and you’ll be golden.
Young Avengers: 15 Reasons The Gillen and McKelvie Run Was Great
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers run is a unique reading experience. Here are 15 reasons why.

For fans of Marvel’s comic book and inematic Universes, “The Avengers” is a team whose name brings to mind different members. Some may think of Captain America, The Hulk and Ant-Man while others think of Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. As amazing as these teams are, there is something special about the teen lineup of the “Young Avengers”, especially the team put together by regular creative collaborators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.

While the Young Avengers’ original lineup had members that were connected to The Avengers, this relaunched roster had each member attempting to distance themselves from the past. With a backdrop of gorgeous art, creative comic panels and a youthful spirit, the Young Avengers could strike out on their own and save the world. Here are 15 reasons why this run is the best.

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If you still hate Pewdiepie

You need to watch this to the end.

At this point I’m thinking the only people who actively hate him (not just dislike his videos, but the man himself) have either not been watching him closely or are just jealous and jumped on the bandwagon of hating a very generous man (millions of $$ to charities you guys) because it’s popular or edgy.
I understand not liking let’s plays, but ffs, when you attack someone and celebrate their downfall just because OTHER PEOPLE like them, you have gone too far.

I like Pewdiepie. He isn’t an Anti-semite. Anyone who would believe he is clearly has not watched his most recent videos, and you don’t have to stop watching Mark or Jack because they support their IRL friend. They are literally friends in real life. How many of you know how it feels to be abandoned? How many of you would wish that feeling of abandonment on someone else?

Lastly, I hate slander because honesty is one of my core virtures. How many of you got in trouble when you were a child because someone lied about you to an adult (parents, teachers)? Slander is the same thing, but on a wider scale. How many of you would wish that on someone else?

We need to stop buying into the hype and stop clicking on these shocking, clickbait headlines. All it does is show them slander pays off, even if you click on the link to correct them. All it shows them are clicks, not wheather they’re right or wrong or if people like it or not.

Try to fight me on this. I have piles of evidence to back me up.

I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together— knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.
—  Leigh Bardugo // Crooked Kingdom
Comments on child!Hux.

Some responses that I would like to signal-boost, to a post that asserts Hux has always been evil incarnate, and his behavior as a small child in Empire’s End s proof.

@reserve said:

1) I am inherently skeptical of [this post’s] interpretive merits because OP has stated on several occasions that they truly dislike Hux.

2) I am skeptical of anyone who denies the idea that abusive behavior is learned behavior. Children raised by parents who value violence and control over affection and nurturing will most likely suffer some level of maladjustment. [… Children] are not held accountable for their behavior as a predictive measure for their future selves.  

3) This post wildly misses the point that Armitage Hux is terrified of these children, nearly on the verge of tears, and shaking as he makes this command. He clearly hopes to assert some small, self-protective authority and ensure that he’s not about to be murdered by a trained gang of murder orphans. He is wildly outnumbered, and they are much bigger than him. He responds in a way that a) he was likely taught, and b) that seeks to assuage his fear.

4) Hux feels a strange and sinister buzz of excitement because he has never felt powerful before. This feeling is entirely new to him. Again, I’m not saying that it won’t define his future actions, but I am saying that exerting control when you’ve always been stripped of it, and taking pleasure in that, does not a future sadist make. Maybe it was formative, sure, but Hux has been told his entire very short life that he is weak and useless, and that’s canon. And welp, here is he, showing his canonically abusive father that he is not weak, that he is not useless. Just saying.

5) Rae Sloane, a grown woman, and a seriously high ranking imperial official, is afraid of these very same children. Tell me again that they are Hux’s peers.

PS: OP fails to mention that HUX IS FIVE YEARS OLD.

@sleepyowlet said:

I’d like to add that most five year olds have no concept of morality yet. It’s downright silly to expect them to know right from wrong, especially in extreme situations.

Also here we go again with the realistic villains/unrealistic heros thing - Rey and Finn are written with just as horrible backstories, but they are never tarnished. they came out of horrid circumstances as normal, well-adjusted people with functioning moral compasses (that kind of thing doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t; these things need to be taught). The more realistically written villains (Kylo and Hux) look twice as bad in contrast.

It all boils down to the good old portrayal of mentally ill people as monsters.

@illusion9 said:

Those children could kill without batting their eyes, but no one will comment them as “naturally evil” since they certainly  had been taught so. Then a five-year-old  who had been scared into tears by them is judged to be “evil out of his own choice”. Ironic comparison.

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Long Time No See

I found this cute prompt on tumblr and i want to see what you can do 😇. “Hey we kissed once in kindergarten but I haven’t seen you since and I couldn’t remember why you were so familiar.” can you do this with 4Min’s Jihyun x Fem!Reader?

Character: Jihyun (4Minute)
Word count: 967

Originally posted by infinitblaq

It’s funny how quickly life can pass by.

It felt like only yesterday, you were fighting for dominance in the sandbox at kindergarten. And struggling through teen years while trying to understand why triangles, of all things, were necessary in maths. Now you were an adult, with a job and bills to pay. And those years you had wished away, wanting to be a “big girl” were now times you longed for. Even those hormonal breakouts and that time you got detention were good memories, in comparison to working nine to five in a thankless job.

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Sam Drabble Request

This was requested by @sam-w: Love lyric #17 “I won’t let you slip away.” with Sammy please? 

Word Count: 416

Warnings: angst

Sam set down the book he was reading for research.  You and Sam had been at this for hours now.  Dean gave up hours ago, but you weren’t willing to give up.  If you gave up now, you would probably give up on everything else.  You were barely holding on to your own sanity as is.

Sam was sitting next to you.  He would take glimpses here and there, making sure you were okay.  He’d noticed a change in you lately.  He could see the pain and the hurt in your eyes every time he looked at you.  He wished he could take away whatever was bothering you, but he knew it wasn’t possible.

“[Y/N],” Sam mumbled, looking away from his book.  “I think we should take a break from researching and get something to eat.  We haven’t taken a break in awhile.”

“No Sam,” you protested.  “We have to find the answer.  If we don’t find it, we won’t know what to do.  If we don’t know what to do, how can we fight what we’re looking for?”

Sam stood up, sliding the book away from you.  He made sure to keep it open so your place would not be lost.  He could see that you were trying to distract yourself.  He knew it from the moment your eyes met his.

“Sam what the hell,” you shouted, standing up from your chair.  “I’m an adult, I don’t need you to take care of me.”  You looked away from Sam briefly, your eyes welling with tears.  “I just… I just need to find the answer.  That’s all I care about.”  Your voice was small and fragile as you spoke.  You felt as if you were going to crumble standing there.

That’s when Sam pulled you into his arms, holding you tightly.  You could feel the muscles in his arms tense up as you wrapped your arms around him.  Your body shook as you finally broke down into sobs.  Sam rested his head against yours as you cried.  

“Shh,” Sam soothed, rubbing small circles on your back.  “I won’t let you slip away [Y/N].  Whatever is bothering you…  Let me help.  Researching can wait until tomorrow, okay?”

You nodded, as your tears puddled on his shirt.  You were thankful for Sam.  He took you into his room shortly after that and spent the rest of the day with you.  Every time you felt like things were getting out of control or overwhelming, Sam was there.

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*rolls around quietly on Isabela, Merrill and Anders feelings*

I just

Merrill is so good and she has such a good heart?

And she wants so desperately to save this one relic of what the Dalish used to be

And she’s willing to take her own risks and pay her own prices and she knows damn well what she’s gotten herself into

And she tries so hard and just can’t predict how the others will react. 

And she makes mistakes because of it and she still believes in second chances and in people and she’s so kind to Anders and Fenris even when they’re awful to her, because she believes in them and she knows what they’ve come through.

And so much has gone wrong for her but she still sees the beauty in everything.

And Isabela! Isabela who believes in freedom and has been through so much. Isabela who closes off, trying to protect herself, because she’s seen what happens when you don’t

Isabela who knows who she is and who embraces her mistakes and who fucks and drinks and fights and will not fucking be shamed for any of it (and shouldn’t be) and who believes in finding your own way and making your own decisions

(And who is goddamn hilarious too like oh my god, I have so much fun with her and my purple Hawkes. Like I don’t rival b/c it comes off as like super judgey of her choices to me and I am not about that but there are some definite lines with really unclear summaries that have caused reloads and while it can’t be in my canon b/c it gets like ridic amounts of rivalry I can’t stop fucking laughing at “I always knew you had a heart of gold. We just have to dig it out and sell it.” Because I mean, she does have a heart of gold, she really does, she is good and she is kind and she’s had to do some terrible things to survive for which I do not judge her but she hasn’t let any of it steal away that good heart)

And she’s slow to love and slow to trust for good reasons but goddammit if you stand by her she will stand the fuck by you in the end. She can’t help it, not even when she knows this book in her arms could buy her freedom

(And her interactions with Merrill oh my god. Literally the only Companion I can think of who I have never once wanted to smack upside the head over at least one potential line about Merrill and just. ‘Because you have a good heart and you deserve better’ and she treats Merrill like a fucking adult, because she is, and she’s the only fucking one to walk up Sundermount with you and Merrill in the end and ask “Are you sure?” but support her no matter what.)

And Anders. Anders. I mean we all know how much I love him but I just.

Anders the runaway, Anders the rebel, Anders the symbol of revolution. 

Anders in Awakening the ‘not nearly as selfish as he likes to think’, seizing his chance at freedom again and again but when you let him go he comes back to fight darkspawn with you, no matter the risk. Who speaks up if you decide to burn Amaranthine, who plays at cowardice and self preservation and hides his pain with bad jokes and who knows how fragile his position is and how few people get to run away as many times as he has, who knows from a fucking year in that cell with no one but a cat what they have already done to him. 

Who banters with Justice about the impossibility of more rebellion than this. Who comes to wonder if he really can do something, who sees that the Templars will never stop coming after him, who is so fucking angry at what has been done, to him and to Circle mages everywhere.

Anders who sets up a Clinic in Darktown, who loses the man he thought he could run away with, who is bright and bitter and jagged at the edges, who is mentally ill in unpretty ways and who I don’t always agree with but goddammit who burns with passion and belief and love brighter than any sun and who does not has not will never submit.

And I love them all so fucking much.