this is how vampires and werewolves should be like



You couldn’t really remember how you ended up being pulled into this whole other world but somehow it had happened. Nowadays your every day life consisted of werewolves and vampires. It should have been a little weird but it felt normal, like that’s how it was supposed to be.

You smile as you lie on top of Paul, your head resting on his chest. You can hear his heart beating and feel the slow rise and fall caused by his breathing.

You were fascinated by it. A few years back you had dated Emmett, which had been totally different. There had been no pulse or warmth anywhere.

“You’re so hot…” You mutter, letting your fingers trace over his body.

He chuckles a bit and runs his fingers through your hair, “Thanks you’re not so bad yourself.”

“Ugh.” You groan and roll your eyes at him, “That’s not how I meant it and you know it.”

“Well it’s how you said it.” He answers, smiling at you.

“You’re a little smartass.”

“Hmm.” He laughs and flips you around, pinning you under him, “What do you want to do today?”



“Yes I want to stay in bed.”

He bows down and presses a kiss to your forehead. You take the opportunity to flip him around again and sit on top of him, smirking slightly.

atomicbob93  asked:

Vampire ponies are awesome, yours especially! My question is have you ever considered incorporating other monsters (werewolves, mummies, etc.) into your art?

I haven’t actually, but now that you mention it maybe I should give it a shot sometime. It could be an interesting challenge. I haven’t watched EqG but someone showed me how some of the characters in the movies are these water-dwelling monsters so maybe I can try drawing them to venture out of my comfort zone.

I’m glad you like my nibblepones though! They are completely harmless, really!

Trust me!

Engaged To A Wolf [Sehun]

Originally posted by katherine80595

Summary: In which you’re a vampire and you end up falling in love with Sehun, who’s a werewolf, as well as the son of the family your family hates.

Word Count: 2 195

Type: Slight angst/ fluff’

Member: Sehun from EXO

A/N: It feels good posting something EXO related again! I’ve been so busy with other new groups I’ve gotten into that I sort of neglected the groups that actually got me into Kpop. I promise to post more about EXO in the future (that is, if you baby stars request more stuff for the boys) I’ve been really interested in NCT U and Day6 lately and was wondering if you baby stars could send in some requests for members in these groups so I can see if I should start writing about them. I hope you enjoy this scenario and enjoy your weekend, baby stars! x

Happy reading! x


“If I ever see you mutts on my territory again, I won’t hesitate to snap your necks in half.” Your father threatened the most famous werewolf family and only werewolf family in your town, his eyes illuminating as a fierce look spread across his face.

You stood behind your father and other family members that came outside to see the werewolf family on your terroir, eyes strictly looking down at the ground as you crossed your arms over your chest. You dared to look up at the werewolf family, your eyes instantly landing on the youngest son of the family, Oh Sehun.

He looked back at you, his intense features softening as he sent you a fond and warm smile, causing your cheeks to instantly turn a bright pink color, noticeable from meters away because of your pale and glistening skin.

You tried to wipe the smile away from your face, try to make it seem as you hated the Oh family so much that you would kill each and every one of them if you had the chance, but you didn’t. Well, not anymore.

Everyone knows about the long-lasting feud between werewolves and vampires and since this was intact true, you grew up in a world where you were taught to hate werewolves and not exactly think for yourself and have your own opinion or thoughts on the werewolves, but this didn’t stop you from being curious. Oh, how your family hated this trait you possessed, but it was partly their fault in the sense that they hadn’t allowed you to think of werewolves as other supernatural beings and only think of them as the scum of the earth.

    Finally, when your curiosity completely got the best of you, you had gone to investigate about werewolves yourself one night, just to observe their behavior and think of reasons why vampires hated werewolves. Sehun was on guard duty that night when you snuck out of your family house and went to investigate the lives of the Oh family. He picked up your vanilla mixed with blood scent and immediately found you, pinning you against a random tree trunk and giving you the fiercest look.

After you had explained why you were there, Sehun had urged you to go back home, complaining that you were wasting your time there but yet again, your curiosity kept you asking so many questions and being annoyingly persistent. Eventually, after hearing you out, Sehun had reluctantly allowed you to come inside his house, all his family members completely surprised by the presence of a vampire, especially a vampire from the family that had always had problems and troubles with.

Luckily, the family had welcomed you with partly open arms, not treating you like scum, but treating you as someone they didn’t hate. Sehun gave you a tour of the large house that seemed to have so many rooms that you couldn’t count on your fingers, but alias, you two ended the tour in his bedroom where he talked about the feud between werewolves and vampires, saying his thoughts on the matter.

You didn’t want to admit it, but the way his eyes shimmering with the dust from the stars as he talked with passion about how werewolves and vampires should be with each other, not against each other had caused you to fall in love. Despite the fact that your two supernatural groups never agreed on anything, you didn’t care and allowed yourself to finally feel something after many years.

  You two had shared a kiss that night, one that was sweet and innocent, but lead to less innocent acts, the bed completely shattering that night which quickly alerted the family of what was currently happening in their house. Embarrassed, you had left the house but found Sehun standing just meters away from your house the next day, confessing to you that he had caught feelings for you and yet again, despite your two supernatural groups feuding with one another, he wanted to make whatever between the two of you work.

Now, many years into your relationship, the two of you were madly and head over heels in love with each other, also engaged. You both were beyond excited for the glamorous and elegant wedding you would have, but there was one thing that was stopping your whole wedding for happening.

Your parents.

Your parents didn’t know that you were speaking to Sehun, let alone marrying the boy which was another reason they might not want you to go through with the marriage, as well as the fact that he was a werewolf and you were a vampire. In their much older eyes, they saw werewolves as the enemy, people they had no respect for - as trash. You wanted to change this, but you knew you couldn’t change their views on werewolves to your own, but you could at least try and get them to see werewolves as something more than trash.

  The evening was just like any other evening at your house, your mother standing in the kitchen cooking up a recipe from centuries ago that still tasted delicious today, your father sitting on the couch in the the large living room nearby the kitchen with a book in hand while your older brother was scrolling mindlessly through whatever was on the screen of his phone and your older sister played the piano like an expert.

“This is a bad idea, (Y/N). They won’t accept this, at all.” Sehun whispered to you as he trailed behind you walking up the stairs towards the living room where you knew your family currently was.

You stopped climbing up the stairs, turning around and facing Sehun, for the first time you had been together with Sehun clearly seeing fear glowing in his bright eyes. You placed your cold hand against his soft skin, the warmth of his body invading the ice that your body was. You sent Sehun an encouraging smile, saying to him a soft tone, “They will, Sehun. You’re too good of a person for them not to accept.”

“My personality doesn’t matter to them, only what species I am.” Sehun mumbled underneath his breath with a frown, the both of you knowing this was in fact true because of the many times your parents tried to set you up with a vampire who could potentially become your husband, but all of them were all the definitions of assholes and weren’t Sehun, that’s why there was never a second date between you and the asshole vampires your parents set you up with.

You leaned inwards and gently pressed your lips against Sehun’s forehead, pulling away and looking the boy directly in his glowing eyes as you whispered to him, “I love you.”

For the first time that day, he smiled before saying, “I love you too.”

You turned back around, both you and Sehun making your way up the stairs that became the longest staircase you had ever climbed as you felt more and more breathless and light-headed because of the nerves that invaded both your body and mind.

Eventually, the two of you had made it up the stairs and were walking towards the living room, but before you could even enter the living room, you heard your father call out for you, “(Y/N), is that you?”

“Yes, father.” You confirmed with a nervous smile, feeling grateful that Sehun stood behind you so he couldn’t see your nervous smile and begin to feel even more nervous.

“Have you been playing with the mutts again? The house wrecks of their stench.” Your father asked, his question causing you to stop walking and turn around with widened eyes, witnessing with your very eyes Sehun begin to grow angry, his eye color quickly turning a glowing red to express his anger while his sharpened teeth began to show as he began to growl lowly.

You took Sehun’s hand in yours in an attempt to calm him down, your touch seemingly working as you witnessed with your eyes him slowly begin to calm down, his eyes returning to their normal eye color and his wolf teeth hiding away in the space of his mouth.

You bit down on your bottom lip as you turned around, still holding Sehun’s hand as you began to move yet again as you answered your father’s question, “No, father. I wasn’t hanging out with the Oh family.”

“Then why does the house smell like-” Your father began to ask, but was interrupted by your brother who witnessed you walking into the living room holding Sehun’s hand as he walked behind you.


Your sister had now stopped playing the keys of the piano, slamming against the keys with closed fists while the keys let out an ugly cry. She turned her head, eyes glowing their red color as her fangs began to stick out as she stood up from the piano bench and made her way to both Sehun and you in the blink of an eye.

“What is the mutt doing here?” Your sister asked rudely with a hiss at the end of her sentence, staring Sehun down who wasn’t having any of your sister’s attitude as he moved to stand in the front of you, letting go of your hand and staring your sister down with the same red fire glowing eyes.

“I was invited, mosquito,” Sehun retorted with a low growl afterwards, your sister hissing once again as she exposed her fangs to Sehun, who didn’t even flinch as he said with an annoyed facial expression, “You don’t scary me, and those fangs don’t either.”

“What’s Sehun doing over, honey?” Your mother asked you, you now standing next to Sehun as you stared at your mother who had made her way into the living room during your sister’s and Sehun’s little cat fight.

  You swallowed the nervous lump that developed in your throat, admitting to your mother, “We wanted to tell you something,” You then went on to taking Sehun’s hand in yours, the action causing your whole family to gaze down at your held hands and look up at you moments later with a look of disbelief, “…We’re getting married.”

The smile your mother always wore on her never aging face for the first time faded before your eyes, the sight causing you to let out a small heave, feeling rather empty inside when you witnessed that. In all the centuries you lived, you had never seen the smile on your mother’s face vanish like that, the disappearance of her smile making you feel as if maybe this wasn’t the wisest idea to go through.

“I’m sorry,” You apologized sincerely as you looked down at the ground, tears beginning to well in your eyes as you sniffed before saying, “I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry that I fell in love with someone who treats me like a princess, makes me feel both happy, safe, beautiful and loved all at the same time, someone that loves me as much as I love him. I’m sorry that he isn’t a vampire because for some stupid reason I must marry a vampire, even though the entire male vampire population in this town are complete assholes. I’m sorry, okay?”

Through your blurry eyes, you found black combat boots at your feet before you felt your head being lifted upwards, Sehun gently wiping away your tears with your tears before kissing your forehead, whispering to you that he loved you before kissing your forehead again.

You let out yet another heave, closing your eyes tight and getting rid of the last of your tears, your eyes widening when you heard, “He has my blessing.”

  You looked at your father, watching him place his book down on the couch before he crossed his legs and said, “Although he’s part of a family we can’t stand because of a feud long ago, they somewhat have my blessing. Even though I was always against this, I can see how much you love him and it’s technically not his fault because of the feud between our family and his, so why punish the two and not them get married if they’re in love with each other like they say they are?”

You sniffed once again, almost going ahead to speak before you heard your mother say, “If you’re honestly happy with him and in love with him, I can’t stop you two from getting married or going any further. You’re in love, and I’m sorry that you were so scared to tell us this even before you were engaged but I’m also proud of you for standing up. I’m proud of you, honey.”

You smiled, feeling tears of happiness beginning to pool in your eyes as you said to your mother, “Thank you, mom.”

Just then as began to chuckle at the fact you were crying in front of your whole family, you felt your hand gently being held. You turned your head to see Sehun standing right next to you, as he always did, a proud smile spread across his face as he said, “I’m proud of you too.”


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R knew that they were sick. They just didn't know what they had. They felt hungry for something, but whatever they ate couldn't satisfy it. Whenever they tried to eat food, they felt nauseous. They were more tired during the day than usual for them (which says a lot), and they could hear heartbeats from far away. They were just tired and didn't want to be like that anymore.

Ale tried his best to help R. He didn’t know what was wrong with them and he was as patient as he could be. He searched the internet as he had the news playing in the background. They were talking about how the vampire sightings have increased and so has the violence between them and the werewolves from the old part of the city. He sighed and shook his head. “God, the vampires should just quit all their shit and move uptown.”

Old Enough - Part 1: Legacy

Prompt: “May you do a DeanxReader where she is younger and live with them and have a big crush on Dean and try to seduce him and at first he didn’t want to (cause she’s younger) but the he is like ‘screw this!’ and idk…”

A/N: I’m taking a few liberties with the request simply because the idea intrigued me. A lot. First off…I’m definitely making this a series. I hope the anon who requested this doesn’t mind :)

Part 1: Legacy

Links: Tumblr | | AO3

Chapter Summary: Few months after Dean and Sam Winchester move into the bunker, they find out about another legacy of the Men of Letters - a very young, civilian legacy, and they don’t know what to do with her.

Warnings: Language because my characters are colorful when they are put out.

Sam had been obsessing over the files and documents he came across in the bunker for days at an end. He was totally geeking out to his heart’s content. They’d been there for a while now, getting used to the comforts and many perks of the bunker. Men of Letters was one wonderful, glorious ‘club’ and their hideout was badass. They were both starting to understand what Henry Winchester – his grandfather – had said and why he had felt so regretful of the fact that he hadn’t been able to initiate John and eventually Sam and Dean officially to the organization as the legacies they were truly meant to be.

Dean was no different from Sam. He just couldn’t get enough of the Samurai swords and all the other weaponry carefully collected and gloriously displayed throughout the bunker. The journal by Samuel Colt was the best find so far. That was what he had been rifling through when Sam had barged into his room.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Dean sat up, barking at his brother.

“Why? Were you jerking off?” Sam threw back at him with a smug smirk on his face.

Dean rolled his eyes. “I could have been. Jerk.”

“Bitch,” Sam laughed. “So anyway get this. There just might be another legacy. Someone other than us.”

This made Dean bolt right up. “You mean another descendent of an original member of the Men of Letters? I bet he’s one badass hunter!”

“She, you mean…” Sam corrected. “No hunter activity as far as I can tell. She’s an artist, actually.”

“An artist, huh? How’d you even come by this information?”

Sam shrugged sheepishly. “I research? A lot,” he said simply, not wanting to go into detail about how he had spent hours getting to know the past members. It had been purely by accident, and with a little help from the internet that he’d come across Y/N Y/L/N.

“Geek,” Dean taunted, but Sam only laughed at that. “So what are you saying? Are we going to drag that poor girl into the bunker and this life too?” Sam stared at his brother without a word since that had  been exactly what he had planned. “Bad idea, Sammy! Dude, what the hell!”

“She’s a legacy, Dean,” Sam said in exasperation. “She has a right to know, and as the only surviving members of the Men of Letters, it is our responsibility to initiate her. Beyond that, she can choose whether to stay or go.”

Dean shook his head. Sam was getting way too into the whole Men of Letters thing. If he didn’t know any better, Dean would have thought Sam had been in the institution pretty much all his life. He was acting like a true member – an insufferable know-it-all. “So what’s your plan?”

“Grab the keys,” Sam said grinning way too giddily for a 31 year old grown man. “We are going to an art exhibition.”

Y/N had led a pretty simple life. Her parents had died when she had been sixteen, and she had taken care of herself ever since then. It hadn’t been easy but she had managed just fine. She was twenty two now and she had established herself as quite a well known artist. The pay wasn’t great but it was a way of expression for her abundant energy and creativity. All in all, she had done quite well for herself.

So when two weirdly attractive men had shown up to her exhibition with an even weirder tale about some secret organization she should have called them crazy – because that was surely what they were – and told them to go to hell. Except, her curiosity had gotten the best of her.

And that was how she found herself in a hole of a bunker somewhere in Kansas with Sam and Dean Winchester.

When they had told her of demons, werewolves, vampires, ghouls and ghosts, she probably should have run the other way. When they told her that they hunted all those things for a living, she should have called the cops or something. But she had a feeling she couldn’t just shake off. The tales they told, she felt like she had known deep down for them to all be true. She couldn’t understand why or how but she knew. She just knew.

Their first hunt together had proven how right they had been. It was nothing major – just a simple ‘salt and burn’ ghost case as they said, and that was probably why they even let her tag along in the first place. Seeing that flickering visage of a now dead human had made a believer out of her.

They’d let her in on the researching part of it, and her ability to read with twice the speed as an average person came in quite handy. “It’s like you’re just scanning a book and downloading its content,” Sam had said completely impressed, unable to hide his awe. “Just check this out, Dean! She’s a total natural at this…definitely a Men of Letters legacy.” Dean had only grunted in response from where he sat.

Dean Winchester, the older of the two very attractive ‘hunters’ and her mentors. When Sam went out of his way to make her feel comfortable and welcome in what was supposed to be her new home and new life, Dean made it his life’s mission to skeptically stare at her as if her presence was the vilest thing in his vicinity.

She hadn’t understood his dislike of her until one day she had overheard him say to Sam, “She’s too young, Sammy! A little suburban artist for god’s sake! She might be good with her paint brushes but she sure as hell doesn’t know how to shoot a gun or basically just not get killed. She’s a liability!” She had only known them for a little while but still the words hurt like knives in her heart. He didn’t even know her damn it! He knew nothing about her. Nothing.


Ever since then, she had done her best to keep her distance from him. He left her to her own devices, meaning research, research and more research. She tended to ignore him and his rude staring whenever she could.

Not today though. Today she had a bone to pick with the arrogant asshat.

She burst into his room right behind him. “Dean! Don’t you dare walk away from me when I’m talking to you!”

“What?” He turned back to her with his bitch-face on.

His glare wasn’t going to faze her. She knew what she wanted and she was going to get it one way or the other! “I am going on this hunt. I’ve trained, done my research, learnt everything I could from Sam,” she listed holding up her hand and folding a finger with each item on the list. “Sam thinks I’m ready. I think I’m ready. So what gives, damn it?”

He folded his hands and looked down at her with and intimidating stare. Y/N held her ground. “I don’t think you’re ready. End of story,” he declared and turned around to switch on his music player.

Led Zeppelin started playing. Usually, Y/N would lean back and enjoy Dean’s music from her own room. She liked his taste. Today she reached out and shut the player off. “Not end of story!” Folding her hands in front of her chest, she glared daggers at his back.

He turned back around to face her with a look of utter disgust on his face. “Seriously, kid? Are you going to throw a tantrum about this?” There he goes again, stressing on the ‘kid’ and throwing her age around as if it was an epithet. Yes, fine, she is twenty-two and thirteen years younger but she was not an infant, even though at times that’s exactly what he made her sound like.

“This is not a tantrum,” she said lowering her voice and trying to appear calmer than she actually was. “What I am trying to do is have a discussion with you. Can we discuss this like adults, please?”

He scoffed in disdain. “Adults? Fine. I’m telling you in a very adult-like manner to your very adult-like self that you are just not going on this hunt. End of discussion, capisce?”

She rolled his eyes. “Who’s the kid now, Dean?” She stepped closer, invading his personal space. She knew he hated it, for she’d seen him berate Cas for the same thing.

As they stared at each other, her eyes narrowed in determination, and his observing her warily, she couldn’t resist noticing how good he smelled – all leather, whiskey and man. It didn’t help that she was incredibly attracted to him, down to the little crow’s feet around his eyes and the prickly stubble on his cheek that she itched to rub her face against. Still, Dean Winchester was an insufferable moron and she just hated him sometimes!

She was up in his face, all but spitting fire with her eyes. Dean wanted nothing more than to wipe that smirk off her pouting lips – preferably with his own. Sometimes she pushed him so far that all he wanted was to push her against the nearest hard surface and show her who was in control. She was just a baby – a gorgeously attractive, fiery, twenty-year old baby that drove him crazy in more ways than one.

“Why don’t you test me, Winchester?” she hissed, and for a moment he thought she was reading his wayward thoughts about her. Then he realized that she meant about their argument. “Why don’t you test me and see if I’m ready or not?” To him, the taunt held so much innuendo and he knew she was saying it without realizing what it did to him.

He thought about her suggestion. He hadn’t been part of Sam’s training sessions with her so he didn’t know how far she had progressed but the suggestion was enticing. He would love to put Baby Face in her little rightful place – back in the bunker, doing her research. He was all for equal rights and all but she was new to this still, and he wasn’t going to be the reason why she got killed. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to let her be the reason why they end up dead or worse.

“Fine. I’ll test you,” he said, smirking right back at her. “Get out of these stuffy clothes,” he instructed making her eyes widen with surprise and sending a pool of heat to her core. “And meet me at the gym,” he continued with the smirk still plastered across his face. “Let’s see what you got, Baby Face.”

Part 2: Two Out of Three

Part 3: Slice of Heaven

now look i know Teen Wolf hasn’t been good for a while

but I’m interesting in the concept they’re doing

I mean, fuck Gerard. but the best way to build an army is through fear

they’ve been almost exposing themselves from the begining.

this is interesting to me, to see. cause we don’t really see it in supernatural tv shows, not at this magnitude. the entire town finding out, not just the founding families in vampire diaries or some person here and there in supernatural.

i mean… this is gonna be different from Buffy getting a “protector” award at prom. i’m interested to see where they’re taking the story.

it’s kinda nice that it’s gonna end where it started: fighting hunters. I hope the fear isn’t induced by some sort of creature, because I fell like this is how it should be. werewolves fighting hunters.

30 day writing challenge

prompt: outside

ao3 here

word count: 2.9k

“So,” Oikawa’s still trying to come to terms with the fact the “new pet” he picked up off the street is a werewolf, “are you housebroken?”

“Of course I am, moron,” Iwaizumi snaps back, anger coloring his face and tone. “I spend most of my life as a human, remember?”

“Do you always transform at night?”

“Am I transformed right now?”

He stares blankly, looks the werewolf up and down, and shakes his head. Iwaizumi returns to lounging across the couch, done with the conversation.

“… So do you like going outside or inside more–”

“If you don’t stop asking me stupid questions,” he growls low enough for Oikawa to remember that he is definitely not entirely human, “I’m going to enjoy inside even when I’m a wolf.”

He wisely shuts up.

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acclimation - minkey

~9.4k words, modern supernatural au, fluff

side jongyu, continuation of this prompt

Kibum meets a werewolf on the bus and they’re kind of a perfect match. Kibum falls (in multiple ways) without even noticing it. But maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe.

hi guys! this is just a really quick update with something I’ve had kind of done for a month. I was saving it for this moment because I knew I’d be busy; I really wanted to post a jongtae I’ve been working on today but it totally just got way longer so that may be another week or so. I’m so sorry for the inactivity but yeah I’m swamped right now. also I apologize for any pacing issues/typos because my beta is also starting school and I didn’t want to bug her uwu

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anonymous asked:

I'm writing a story where my main character is a young werewolf and she's best friends with another girl who is a vampire. They want to be friends, but werewolves and vampires have a blood feud that goes a long way back in history, plus their parents would never tolerate their friendship. It's not the plot of the book, but I want to show the tension in their relationship because of the werewolf/vampire difference and because of their families. Any advice?


Give a good reason for this feud

Vampire/werewolf feuds in fiction have always been common, but especially so since Twilight came out.

To make your story stand out, you should come up with a reason for the feud that isn’t simply “vampires vs werewolves”. Often times, when writers come up with a reason behind this feud, they mention the origin once or twice and then let it go to let the “vampires vs werewolves” fight take over. Avoid doing that.

Let the origin be known. Let both families have their own versions of the story. Because your origin goes back a long time, the facts on both sides will probably be skewed and the stories may be vastly different.

The origin of the feud doesn’t even have to be related to them being vampires or werewolves, which would be somewhat refreshing in vampire vs werewolf stories, but you don’t have to do that. If you do:

  • Vampire/werewolf prejudice could have existed prior to the feud. The feud could have amplified it.
  • Vampire/werewolf prejudice could have come about after the start of the feud, either as a whole between all vampires and werewolves or just between these two families/populations. The feud could have amplified it or the prejudice could have made the feud worse.
  • Vampire/werewolf prejudice could be used to “cover up” the real reason behind the fight, for various reasons.

These are just a few options. There’s a lot you can do with this, but there should also be some history behind the general prejudice between vampires and werewolves if it exists beyond these two families.

The reason for the feud is going to have an effect on your characters and their friendship, which brings me to my next point:

Prejudice may exist in both characters

When these prejudices exist in these families, there are some points to consider when creating tension:

  • These two characters will have been raised in different environments. Depending on their families, how their families view the feud, what they have been taught, how their families deal with fights, etc., they will most likely participate in the feud to varying degrees.
  • One may be more prejudice than the other due to these environments. Or maybe they’re both equally prejudice, but one is just louder about their opinions than the other. There are many possibilities.
  • Because your characters may have been socialized to think or behave a certain way, they may say or do something to offend their friend. For example, they may make assumptions based on stereotypes or call their friend a slur (if you created them) during a fight.

Even though your two characters may love each other, their prejudices will probably show up every now and then. Some will be more subtle than others.

They may be uncomfortable when the other talks about vampire or werewolf things. The vampire friend might believe a misconception about how werewolves smell like dogs, so they might wear lots of perfume to avoid getting that smell on them (either to avoid their parents smelling it on them or to avoid getting that smell for their own reasons or for both).

Friendship doesn’t magically make prejudice and discrimination disappear. Let your characters mess up. Sometimes they’ll be sorry because they didn’t know what they said was wrong and sometimes they won’t be sorry.

How they react to each other can also cause tension and change their relationship. For example, if Character A offends Character B, a fight may occur and, depending on how it goes, Character A might end up regretting it and fearing for their friendship.

Subplots Affect Main Plots

The tension in their relationship doesn’t end with this subplot. What happens in your characters’ relationship should have an affect on them throughout the story. It can affect major decisions, relationships with other characters, general behavior, motives, and more.

When you’re writing a scene concerning the main plot, thinking about how the current status of these characters’ relationship affects whatever character you’re writing. If the vampire friend said something that offended the werewolf friend and the werewolf friend was too afraid or shy to say anything about it, they may be feeling a bit sad or betrayed. Other people may notice this.

And on the topic of other people noticing, there’s always a chance the families will suspect something. And, if one family starts to suspect something, this may affect the relationship. One might want to see the other less often out of fear or they might want to come out with it so they don’t have to hide. There are a lot of possibilities.

Subplots Shouldn’t Take Over Main Plots

Since you said this isn’t the focus of the story, I would suggest looking at this post. It’s about romantic subplots, but a lot of the points can still apply to any subplot when it comes to not letting them take over the main plot.

I like to imagine that someday when Dean and Sam and Castiel have finally saved the world, and are able to settle down that Dean and Cas will get married and settle in a little town and Dean will make friends with all the neighborhood kids.  He’ll keep an eye on them, and keep them out of trouble.  And he’ll tell them stories….

“C’mon Eddy!  We’re gonna miss the first story!”

Just as excited as his friend Cayson, Eddy grabbed his flashlight and bag and came banging down the stairs.  “I’m coming!”

“Eddy, stop tromping around like an elephant!”

“Sorry, mom!” he hollered as he slid to a halt at the front door.  He grinned widely at his friend.  “Me ‘nd Cayson are leaving now!”

“Wait a minute!”

The boys groaned but stopped in their tracks to wait for Eddy’s mother.  She was wiping her hands with the apron tied around her waist, and was frowning.  “Where are you two off to?  You know you’re not supposed to go Trick or Treating without a grown up.”

“We’re not going this year,” Cayson chirped excitedly before Eddy could answer her.  “Mr. Winchester invited all the kids to his house for a Halloween party.”

It had been all the kids could talk about at school.  Mr. Winchester was like a favorite uncle, and everyone thought he was way cool.  He would sit out on his porch and watch the kids walk home from school and if he saw anyone getting bullied, he’d step in and stop it.  But even the bullies liked him because even though he’d give them an ear blistering, he’d always invite everyone involved into the house for rootbeer and he’d tell stories about monsters and ghosts, and eventually everyone was friends again. 

And the other Mr. Winchester, who told the kids to call him Mr. Cas so they wouldn’t get him confused with his husband - which was kind of weird at first since Eddy had only ever known men and women who got married, but he didn’t think it was weird anymore - would sometimes bring out a pie and sit and listen to his husband’s stories with them.  And that was really the best because Eddy loved pie.  And when Mr. Cas told Eddy once that Mr. Winchester’s favorite food ever was pie, it had made him so proud to know that he had something in common with the man.

Eddy’s mom immediately relaxed and smiled.  “Did he now?  Well alright then.  I feel better knowing he’s watching over you boys.”

Taking that for permission, Eddy and Cayson shouted their goodbyes and hustled out of the house before she could change her mind.  They ran all the way to the big house on the end of the street where Mr. Winchester and Mr. Cas lived.  

The lights were on in the house, and the porch was lit up brightly.  It wasn’t decorated for Halloween except for a line of carved pumpkins leading up the sidewalk to the door, which stood open.  Eddy could tell by the noise that there were already a lot of kids inside, but since they were being noisy, the story telling hadn’t started yet.  He grinned at Cayson and they hurried into the living room which was already crowded with their friends, and they found themselves a seat on the floor.  

Mr. Winchester was sitting in a recliner in the corner with a bottle of home brewed rootbeer in his hand, and he was watching all the kids with a smile as he waited.  He was an old guy; older than his mom, anyway.  His hair was turning white and when he had to walk, he had to use a cane.  He said it was an old wound from when he was in The War, but Eddy had heard Cayson’s mom whisper to her friends during a book club meeting that she didn’t think he was ever in the military.  She’d lowered her voice again, and all he’d caught was the word Apocalypse, but he didn’t know what that meant.

After a few minutes, when no one else came in the house Mr. Winchester spoke loud to get everyone’s attention.

“Alright, alright,” he grumbled.  He sounded grouchy, but he was smiling at them.  “Settle down, you noisy little minions.”

All the kids, including Eddy and Cayson fell quiet and waited with rapt attention.

Mr. Winchester’s smile widened.  “Alright, what story should I start with?”

“The drowned ghost boy!” shouted LeighAnn from near the front.

“I wanna hear about werewolves,” Joey called from a few feet to Eddy’s left.

Several other shouts erupted throughout the room.  “The Wendigo story!”  “Oh oh, I wanna hear about vampires!”  “Shapeshifters!”

“How about the one about the angel?”

The room fell silent again as everyone turned to see Mr. Cas standing in the opening that led to the kitchen.  He was smiling at Mr. Winchester in that embarrassing way that Eddy’s parents sometimes did.  

“Gross,” Cayson whispered.  “When my mom looks at my dad like that, they end up kissing.”

Eddy elbowed him in the side to get him to shut up.  Grownups were gross, but that’s what people who loved each other did.  Eddy didn’t ever want to meet someone that made him want to look at them like that because kissing looked way too slobbery for his tastes, but to each their own, right?

Mr. Winchester was looking back at Mr. Cas with the same look.  “That’s a pretty long story, Cas.”

“Awesome,” Dani, the girl who lived across the street from Eddy, sighed happily.  “Tell us that one.”


“Yeah, we want a long story!”

Mr. Winchester laughed as more and more kids, including Eddy and Cayson chimed in.  They’d never heard any stories about angel’s before.  

With a pained smile, Mr. Winchester turned back to the room full of kids.  “Well, okay,”  Cheers met this announcement and he laughed again.  He waved a hand at them and they all went quiet again.  “But it’s a love story.”

Eddy and Cayson exchanged glances with each other and the kids sitting around them.  It was Halloween, and love stories were for Valentine’s day, right?

Cayson raised his hand, and Mr. Winchester focused on him.  “Is it a scary love story?”

Mr. Winchester tilted his head back and laughed, and Mr. Cas joined in.  They exchanged a glance that made Eddy think they might be talking to each other in their heads like Professor X could do in his favorite comics.  When Mr. Winchester looked back at Cayson, he was still grinning.  “Kid, it’s the scariest story I know.”

The room erupted.  Now everyone wanted to hear it, including Eddy.

Mr. Winchester leaned forward in his chair, and the kids all went quiet because they knew the story was going to start.  “It all started when a guy sold his soul to save his brother’s life.”

“Well that’s dumb,” LeighAnn interrupted.  “Especially if his brother was anything like mine.”  Next to her, her brother Doug let out an offended yelp.  

Mr. Winchester rolled his eyes.  “His brother was the most important person to him in the whole world.”

“Weird,” LeighAnn muttered, but when her brother pushed her in the shoulder, she laughed and wrapped an arm around him.

Eddy wiggled impatiently, wanting them to shut up so that he wouldn’t miss a thing.  Luckily she did, and Mr. Winchester continued.

“And after a year the Hellhounds came to collect on his debt.  The guy died and went to Hell, but then he was saved.”  Mr. Winchester’s voice cracked a little, and he glanced over at Mr. Cas. 

Eddy noticed that his eyes seemed shiny.  Like he might cry.  But when Mr. Cas smiled at him, he cleared his throat and turned back to the kids in the room, his smile back in place.  

“… He was saved by an Angel of the Lord…”

Oh man, Eddy thought excitedly.  This story is going to be freaking awesome!

Be mine?

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 Warning: Fluff, Feel attacks

Requested by: anonymous 

Y/N P.O.V 

I dragged my feet on the ground, carefully rubbing my eyes, trying not to smudge my poorly attempted makeup. I was faced with my locker. Number 321. I glanced at the locker next to mine. Number 322. The locker owned by none other than Liam Dunbar. Major jock. That boy lived and breathed lacrosse. I’ve gone to a few matches with my friends. My eyes never leave him. Cliche. I know. Major nerd falling for the jock. I turned my head back to mine as soon as I saw him walk towards his locker. “Hey Y/N” He greets casually. “You know me?” I asked turning my head to look at him. “Yeah? We have classes together.” He chuckles and takes his books out of his locker. I shrug. “Yeah but I thought I was just another face in the class.” He turns around this time and looks at me. “Well I don’t think you’re just another face in the class. Are you going to the lacrosse game tonight?” He asks turning back. I nod. “Yeah I think so. If my friends are I’ll be going.” I saw a smile creep onto his face. What was he smiling at? “Cool, well i’ll see you there.” He winks and strolls to class. 

“Ok what the actual hell just happened?” My best friend asks from behind me. I jump slightly at her unexpected voice. “Weird right?” I commented closing my locker and turning around to her. “More like alien activity.” She remarks, still shocked. “Who knows, maybe he’s like a vampire or something?” I giggle. “For the love of God Y/N how many times do I have to tell you? You should be team Jacob! Not team Edward! Werewolves are hot! And so is Taylor Lautner!” I roll my eyes at her opinion. “I’m not saying werewolves aren’t hot, I just choose to be team Edward Ok?!” I argued for the hundreth time about this topic. She laughs at how annoyed I got. “Ok, ok lets get to class so you can drool over Mr. Dunbar.” I punch her arm. “Shut up! He might be close!” I whisper. “Oh please Y/N he’s hardly gonna hear me say something like that. I didn’t even say it loud.” I shrug. “Still, If he found out it’d be the end of me.” “Y/N why do you crush on him if you’re not gonna make a move?” She asks. “I’ve already explained this before. Jocks and Nerds never work.” She rolls her eyes at me. “Oh my god do you watch any movies?! What about High School Musical?” She asks as we walk down the crowded halls. “It’s a movie. They can make anything possible in movies. This isn’t a movie. It’s real life. It’s just never going to happen.” I sigh as we walk into class taking our usual seats as class begun.

I checked myself in the mirror for the millionth time to make sure I looked as good as I possibly could. Now that I know he knows of my existence I have to try twice as hard. I decided on  this. My grey crop top with a little alien in the corner, a pair of black ripped jeans, my white Nike cap and my white Superstars. Ignoring the fact that I looked like the female equivalent of a fuckboy I made my way downstairs and joining my friends in Alisons car. “Hey guy” I smiled sitting in my assigned seat. I heard a whistle come from Lydia. “Look at you. Liams gonna be impressed” She winked at me. I roll my eyes in response. “Ugh, please I have more to be doing than trying to impress that asshole.” My best friend laughed at my remark. “Sure, well that’s not what it looked like when he was talking to you at your locker.” She smirked. I ignored her and turned to face Alison. “Can you please start driving.” She nodded and started the car driving towards the school. “What’s this I heard about Liam talking to you?” Alison asked curiously. I shake my head. “It’s nothing he just started talking to me at my locker and asked if I was going to the game.” The girls looked at me in disbelief. “Wait a sec, he knows of your existence?” Kira asks shocked. I roll my eyes for the second time. “Yes, aparently”

When we arrived the girls travelled across the field to their boyfriends. I sighed and took the stairs to a row of vacant seats. I pulled out my phone scrolling through my Tumblr account. Various gifs popping up. I was so invested in my phone that I didn’t even notice Liam walking towards me. “Damn he kind of looks hot as a werewolf.” I mumbled to myself, referring to an edit of Harry Styles. “So you like werewolves huh?” Liam asks sitting next to me. I jump not expecting his phone, nearly dropping my phone. “I would’ve killed you if you made me drop that you know?” I smile looking up at him. He returns the smile and waits for my answer. “Oh. Well yeah I guess so. It’s just this picture I saw and I thought it was hot.” Liam smirks at my response. “What?” I asked confused. “Oh nothing nothing.” I was about to question him on it again when I was interrupted by the coach. “LIAM GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND PLAY THE MATCH!” He yelled. Liam chuckles standing up. “I must leave you princess, hopefully I’ll see you after” He winks jogging down the steps to the field. “What was that about?” Kira asked sitting next to me, followed by the rest of the group. “Werewolves…”

Liam made 3 goals in that game. Doesn’t really suprise me. In fact, I kind of expected him to get more. Everyone was on the field cheering and congratulating the team on their win. I travelled down the steps with my friends as they congratulated the team. I congratulated those that I knew until I felt a large hand grip my shoulder and turn me around. “Hey Y/N” Liam smiled brightly. “Congrats on your win. Only 3 goals? I would’ve expected more.” I giggled as he pulled me away from the crowd slightly. “Yeah well someone was distracting me.” I felt my heart drop. “Oh really, who’s the unlucky girl…or guy. I don’t judge.” I ask nosily, not really sure if I wanted to know the answer.             “You”                                                                                                                    Now that I did not expect. “M-Me?” I stuttered in disbelief. He nodded, a hint of nervousness evident in his expression. “You’ve been distracting me since the first day I arrived here.” He confessed. I felt his warm hands travel to my waist and they rested there. “This isn’t a joke is it? Cause that would be seriously cruel. Like killing a puppy cruel” I commented, hoping he was being truthful. “I like you Y/N.” I step on the tips of my toes and whisper into his ear. “I like you too Liam.” When my feet returned to the way they were before, I felt his hand rest on my cheek while his other hand remained on the small of my back. He leaned down slowly and lightly brushed his lips over mine. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck bringing his face closer to mine, trying to deepen the kiss. His lips moved in sync with mine, tugging lightly on my bottom lip to create an entrance. He moved his tongue, finding mine and they moved gently together. I heard a group cheer behind me. “Finally!” My best friend yelled. I pulled back reluctantly as turned to face her. I glared at her for interrupting such a perfect moment and she gulped. “Whoops sorry.” She laughed turning back to the group. Liam chuckled and leaned down to my ear. “Be mine?”


FEELS! I am sorry if i have messed with your emotions but y’all searched for Liam Dunbar imagines and i’m here to deliver. Send me requests cause I’ve actually lost my other ones cause my phone reset itself last week and I lost the screenshots so yeah!


Who’s excited for seaon 6 in June?!

I’m getting real tired of the shit I see in my tags. Who the fuck cares if you ship incest or underage. If you seriously think that shippers don’t know how to distinguish reality from fiction than you have another thing coming for you. I mean really? I should be a fucking wizard, demon, demigod, werewolf, ninja, vampire hybrid/ lost child of House Stark and Targaryen.

So, like. Let’s assume an urban fantasy or contemporary Gothic setting where the supernatural is known about.

Like, your Teen Wolf, your Supernatural, your Twilight, your Vampire Chronicles, your Vampire Diaries, your World of Darkness games, but without the masquerade of, “no there are totes mcgoats not supernatural beings running around here not even a little bit why would you think that nope none of that here they are totally made up don’t let’s be silly.”

My current pondering is this: in this setting, would supernatural beings be able to get various accommodations made and considerations given over to their needs under things like the Americans With Disabilities Act and similar provisions in other countries?

Like, could vampires who need access to blood bags and can’t leave the house in sunlight get disability checks? Could werewolves put in for extra necessary time off around the full moon or get meds for the chronic pain they deal with due to the physical toll of their monthly transformations and/or trying to resist then? Would they have to deal with all kinds of fantasy prejudice and marginalization that’s coded like ableism, e.g. rhetoric that talks about the basic needs they have as “special needs” and as if it’s some kind of imposition on humans, rhetoric that favors the supernatural beings who make their conditions less obtrusive and who can pass as not experiencing things that they need different accommodations for, rhetoric that condemns people who chose to become supernatural non-humans because sure Scott McCall didn’t have a choice when he got bitten but Bella Swan actively tried to get Edward to turn her for a long time before he finally did so these people think she doesn’t deserve to have basic dignity or any basic considerations for her needs as a vampire because “she knew what she was getting into”?

Monsters are so often coded as the Other, as any kind of Other, and the most frequent types of Otherings that go on in monster stories are racialized Otherings (e.g., Dracula as a reflection of racial anxieties, the ways in which Frankenstein’s monster can be read as Orientalist), queerphobic Otherings (e.g., Remus Fucking Lupin, full stop. but also every single queer coded vampire story ever and the “coming out” narrative that people see in how Melissa finds out about Scott’s lycanthropy, not t mention all the cissexist and/or transphobic Otherings that I can’t think of right now because I’m sitting in my car in the Kroger parking lot and procrastinating on running errands), and misogynistic Otherings (e.g., monster mothers, female monsters who are terrible because they reject things like marriage and babies, Medusa, and so on)… but there’s a lot of territory that as far as I know has gone unexplored with regard to ableism and disability.

I mean, I’m sure there’s stuff out there like this but I don’t know it and I know that supernatural non-human monsterhood is not an example of disability itself (e.g., there can be vampires with mobility issues, there can be werewolves who are on the spectrum, there can be banshees with lupus or fibromyalgia or something, etc)… but I think a lot about how our monsters are coded and I think I want to write more disability coding into my monsters because that’s not being explored and it should be.

Also, monsters good, humans bad, rah rah monster supremacy and all that.