this is how to park

Just imagine debut Bangtan asking each other for help with school work. Them trying to have a study group, but end up mucking around (or deadly silent). “Hyung! Can you help me please?” heard every like five minutes. I’m crying this is a concept.

is it normal that everything jimin does just makes me feel really soft inside? like, my heart starts beating real fast and i just want to fight him and ask him why he’s hurting me like this

“kiss me on the lips, a secret for just the two of us” is like the gayest thing you could possibly say other than “what’s up we’re bts and we like dick” how are you all so blind being straight must be so boring

“dude isn’t this all really familiar? I saw something just like this on that show-”

“Stranger Things. Stranger Things is the show. I saw it too…”

just a couple of kids in the spooky forest from a show that’s definitely not stranger things


This is how you trigger a Jimin stan