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Mycroft Chapter 9 SPOILERS

So I finished reading Mycroft chapter 9 and oh my god my heart can’t handle that!  Chatting with @guardmesherlock-rowan, we thought it could be just a little bit better with a different background.  So I decided to see how it would look in Hyde Park at sunset!

The following images are SPOILERS!




Okay, I think that gets the idea across.  Images under the cut!

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n0t-int0-y0u  asked:

7, 10, and 12 for the Golden Boy x Dollface (aka Gav and Meg)

7) Who drives “like an old granny” all the time, and who is the “speed demon”

Ever since Gavin crashed into her car, Meg has been cautious about driving. Which drives Gavin crazy.

“You weren’t even driving at the time! The care was parked!”

“And that just proves how dangerous they can be! Stop yelling at me!”

Meanwhile Gavin is used to drag races with Jeremy, Michael and Ray. So he never pays attention to speed limits. Meg refuses to be his passenger. 

10) Who watches the scary/suspenseful movies, and who tries to scare them during the movie

Gavin hates scary movies. But he tries to watch them when he finds out it’s Meg’s favourite genre. 

They can never watch scary movies in the penthouse though. Michael always sneaks up behind the sofa and jumps out to scare poor Gavin. 

12) Who plays or tries to play the piano, and who climbs on the piano and tries to lay “seductively” on top

Meg learned a variety of instruments as a child, one of which being the piano. 

Gavin can’t take anything seriously. So the first time he heard Meg play, he climbed on top of the piano like he’d seen in films.

Unfortunately the pianos lid was more slippery than he’d expected and after two seconds he fell off. 


The reason why i love to tease Jimin is because i love him. There’s no special reason behind that and teasing him is really fun because he’s really cute. - Min Yoongi


“The first episode that I was on, we go and have a beer together, and it’s extraordinary writing-wise to look at the dialogue from that scene. It maps out the next four years of our relationship. We brought these things out in each other that only happens when you meet the person that you want to end up with. The writers let it unfold in a real and lovely way.” —Adam Scott