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I Can Do It

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1670

Warnings: Angst, serious injury during a hunt, and loss of hearing…I think that’s it.

A/N: This is for @little-red-83 ’s Love Your “Flaws” Writing Challenge. My prompts are Deafness and Human by Christina Perri. I grew up with a sister that has been hearing impaired since birth but have never really experienced what it is like first hand. That being said, I hope I got what this experience is like close to accurate and if not I apologize. Many thanks to my wonderful beta, @inmysparetime0, who also submitted the gif to me quite a while ago. It’s been a long time coming, this fic has haunted me for months. It has taken me several computer crashes and three times longer than usual to get this posted using my daughter’s computer…but here it is. Hope you like it.

Dean’s words echoed in your head, “If you can’t protect yourself, then you shouldn’t be hunting.”

But that was years ago and wasn’t directed at you, but damn if it didn’t apply to you now.

You know that it wasn’t your fault that this has happened to you. It was a freak accident that no one saw coming. It was a risk every hunter took every day. You had never stopped to think of this outcome though. Death, sure. Major injury, absolutely, but not like this.

When the explosion happened the last thing you remembered was Dean yelling out for you, then darkness. When you woke up nothing but pain and silence. It was different than any silence you had ever heard before. What most people think is silence, isn’t. There are still tiny noises in the air that are so small the average person doesn’t register them. A true silence was void of all noise. That was exactly what you were experiencing now and it was terrifying.

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worth it (1/3)

zimbits,~4k, buzzfeed au where they’re both tasked to do a video that’s similar to the Worth It series with Andrew and Steven. why? because johnson.

read on ao3

Jack has been working at the desk next to Eric Bittle’s for the better part of three months now.

Over those three months, he’s become quite acquainted with the character of his blonde neighbor. He’s now familiar with his small, lithe frame, is quite aware that he can fold his legs into a pretzel even in his swivel chair, and knows when he’s approaching by the scent of butter and sickeningly sweet coffee. He’s well acquainted with his warm Southern tendencies, the subtle drawl over his vowels and the abundant y’alls in every sentence. He knows he always places his coffee to his left, though he’s right handed, he likes to write schedules and reminders on sticky notes that fall off of his computer screen and onto Jack’s own desk every-so-often, and that he has a soft spot for Chris Chow, the intern he’s been supervising these past few weeks. He’s even vaguely aware of his amazing pie skills, having tasted some of his baked goods because oh, no, Mr. Zimmermann, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this, and because they’re ever-present in the snack room beside the plethora of cereals. And also because Eric Bittle has become somewhat of a Youtube celebrity, and everybody and their grandmother knew he was a pie-making prodigy.

God knows why he was placed next to Bittle in the first place. Sure, they were both executive video producers for Tasty—Jack for much longer than him, for sure—but Jack very much preferred to stay behind the camera while Bittle was usually in front of it. Jack mostly liked to keep to himself, anyway, and if he worked in teams, it was usually with Shitty or Lardo on the more artistically demanding videos. They’d been at brainstorms together, almost every other week, really, but never really collaborated on anything. There was also the glaring fact that Bittle tended to mindlessly chatter, and Jack was practically allergic to any and all forms of small talk. Most days, he was just grateful Bittle was so busy, he rarely spent long hours at his own desk.

But he and Bittle sat next to each other everyday, give or take, usually minding their own business, sometimes idly chatting about the new series coming out or their co-workers, with Bittle occasionally shooting him a warm smile and Jack answering it with a trying-hard-to-be-a-smile grimace. They’ve never once been assigned to same project, and Jack isn’t really sure if he’s relieved or dismayed, but he tries not to think about it too hard.

That is… Well. That’s all until one Thursday morning in November.

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Swifthaal/Gyllenswift Timeline 2010

Following the modifications of the Buzzfeed article about Taylor last week, I decided to make a timeline of Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal’s relationship. (Might be helpful for the newbies, you got to understand the PR side of her short-lived ‘relationships’.)

Do I think that it was a real relationship? No, I believe that it was purely a PR stunt, though somewhat more believable than Connor, Harry, Calvin and Tom (IMO). Now, this brings State of Grace, All Too Well, WANGBT, The Moment I Knew, and other songs on the table. Did she write those songs about him? Who knows; she wrote them, not me. Anyway, I’ll explain more after the timeline (at the bottom). 

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‘Produce 101′ the Hunger Games Edition [part 2: the Serial Killer’s Killer]

Part 1

Everything plunges into darkness.

Ready to survive?

apparently not

definitely not

The participants greeted the dawn to the accompaniment of the singing birds and someone’s hysterical laughter

well, everything fell into place

The most dangerous squad in the area

Сan you believe it?

A bit unexpected, but acceptable

And what about Seongwoo

I wonder how he will cope with the loss of Daniel

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So, our current results

Ongniels flew

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Well, continue

Do you know that serial killers are mostly pretend to be friendly and nice to other people?

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Honey, it won’t help 
Just revenge

Awww ^^

What? Reunion Nu’est?

Never thought I’d say this, but I hope that their trees are next to each other

On this day there was nothing interesting, except

Yep. He did it

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And what are we have now

very depressing

Next night!

What’s going on?

I think even this generator random solutions ship them

That’s right

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Seems like the night really will end without incident

Ah, yep, I should have known

That’s all, guys
I hope you like this one

let’s see what happens next

I found his jumper part 10 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part,Eighth Part, Ninth Part

A/N: Warning! SMUT. Apparently I am a huge tease. sorry. It’s just mild smut btw. The next chapter is going to be intense though. 

Word Count: 2k


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“Daniel darling, is that you?”

The surprise in the voice of Dan’s mother was evident. Her clear voice echoed through the calmness of the neighbourhood. She stood in front of her house in comfortable clothes, probably enjoying a lazy night. Mary Howell eyed his son’s car that he had parked in front of the house without telling anybody that he was home.

 It was pitch black outside, but bright light flooded through the windows of both our childhood homes. We had just walked out of the forest that held so many memories, returning from our first date. His mother could only see our dark silhouettes. One tall dark frame and a slightly shorter one walking next to each other.

As soon as we reached his old house and the yellow light revealed our faces his mother wrapped her arms tightly around her son, welcoming him back home. One could tell that she had missed him by the way she held him close for more than a minute.

“What are you doing here, Daniel. It’s late, shouldn’t you be at uni?” she asked still hugging him. Although she had usually intended to sound reproachful, she couldn’t hide the fact that she was actually happy to see her son again. Mrs. Howell had the same eye and hair colour as Dan, but the shape of her face was completely different than his.

“I should be at university mum, but I thought my date is more important than-” before he could even end his sentence his mother noticed me. I thought she’d be surprised or confused to see me, but instead she let out a high pitched squeal of excitement. She warmly smiled at me as if I were her long lost daughter. It actually felt good to see her again. Since I had spent at least half of my childhood at the Howell’s we knew each other quite well and I could always ask her for advice.

“Dear God, finally! I missed seeing you and Dan together, Rosie.” she joyfully smiled and gave me a bone crushing hug.

 We decided to skip our classes the following day and just stayed in our home town over night. After Dan’s mum had greeted me she immediately scurried over to my house to tell my mum the news.

“We should have made a bet, Linda.” I heard her say to my mum and we spent the rest of the late evening catching up on things and me and Dan had to obviously tell everyone how we got together. Everybody including me was totally delighted about his first date idea and nobody seemed to even remember that me and Dan had a major fight in high school and hated each other for at least two years. Apparently everybody but us had already known that we’d end up together one day.

“Should we watch a movie, baby?” I asked my boyfriend of over a month as I walked into his apartment’s living room, carrying drinks for both of us. Phil was at a party with Caleb so me and Dan had their flat to ourselves.

“I’d rather just make out.” Dan grinned, sounding is if he was joking although he obviously wasn’t.

He was sprawled out on the couch, taking up all the space. His hair was a bit messy but still looked perfect. He wore dark sweatpants and a black t-shirt. What a surprise, right? His pink lips turned into a cheeky smirk as he noticed that I was checking him out.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare?” he asked me while playfully rising his eyebrows. The teasing sparked a little fire in the pit of my stomach, causing me to swiftly walk over to where he lied. Before Dan could even realize what was happening I was already straddling his lap. His eyes widened at my sudden braveness and at the feeling of my crotch pressed against his. 

Dan swallowed hard, his gaze focused on my lips. Suddenly the room was filled with sexual tension. I had the craving desire to kiss him, as if his lips were air and I was out of breath. I could feel my cheeks heat up with excitement as I bent down to lean in. My lips lightly brushed his, sending chills down my spine. My whole body started tingling as we finally kissed. We had made out a lot of times before, but I was still not used to getting to kiss Dan Howell whenever I wanted to. No matter how often I got to kiss him the butterflies never left. We moved our lips in perfect sync, like an experienced team. He carefully but not too lightly bit my bottom lip, asking for entrance that I gladly granted him. We explored each other’s mouths. I could still taste the chocolate we had earlier on his tongue. Since I was that close to him I could smell his sweet cologne. Although I was used to it, it still dazed all my senses. My hands were pressed against Dan’s broad chest for support while has large hands stabilized me by holding my waist. I left open mouth kisses on his sensitive neck while he sensually ran his hands up and down my back. Every spot on my body he touched started to tingle. His eyes were pressed close as I left a trail of love bites along his collarbone. I could tell by the look on his face that he was trying to hold back his moans, but I couldn’t let that happen. Dan’s moans were supposed to be heard. I started to explore his upper body by running my fingers along his chest and strong biceps. Since his shirt had short sleeves I had access to a little bit of naked skin. As I traced his defined arms I suddenly had the urgent desire to take his shirt off to feel his bare chest. I tugged at the dark fabric before I slightly pushed it up to reveal a little part of his stomach and happy trial. After fully removing his shirt I left wet kisses all over his broad upper body, making a silent whimper escape his lips.

“You are so beautiful.” I whispered, causing Dan’s cheeks to turn a deep shade of pink. His hands had by now wandered to my bum. I decided that it would only be fair to take off my shirt as well so I pulled it over my head and carelessly threw it over my shoulder. I was glad that I remembered to change into a sexy bra before a came here and I could tell that Dan was pretty glad too because he couldn’t take his eyes off my chest. It seemed like his eyes had grown ten times bigger as he stared at my breasts almost drooling.

“Fuck.” He gulped and reached around my back to unclasp my bra. I quickly pulled the straps off my shoulders and let the fabric fall down, revealing my naked boobs. My nipples had already grown hard and were demanding Dan’s touch. Within a second he had cupped my breasts and teased my nipples with his thumb. I felt the wetness form between my thighs and started needily rocking against Dan’s crotch to ease the burning desire. The sudden movement finally made a moan escape his perfectly shaped lips. His fingers dug into the skin around my hipbones and I could feel his length grow harder underneath me by the second. Dan left kisses all over my body and his hands were exploring every centimetre of my skin. I was still rubbing my crotch against his, knowing that my juices were already staining my panties.

I tugged my finger under the hem of Dan’s sweatpants, but just as I was about to free him from his trousers he made me stop.          

“Rose what are you doing?” Dan chocked out. His cheeks were a really deep shade of red. He nervously scratched the back of his head while he tried to not stare at my boobs.

I suddenly started to feel uncomfortable as I noticed that my boyfriend seemed like he wanted to push me off his body.

“We have the flat to ourselves. So I thought we could you know…” I whispered embarrassed and covered my naked chest.

Dan swallowed hard.

“Well, I uhm.. I have a really important game tomorrow. I don’t think it would be clever to do that on a night before a game.” He babbled while avoiding my gaze.

 Dan and I had been together for over a month. We met in kindergarten and he was my neighbour and best friend for most of my childhood. When we started dating I thought we’d have sex after one week since I was well aware of Dan’s fuckboy reputation. But I was wrong. We made out, we had taken each other’s shirts off, but never had we gone further than that. I wasn’t the one holding us back, he was. I had tried to make a move a couple of times but every time Dan had a reason why not to do it. And after nearly a month and a half of us being in a relationship he used his Football game tomorrow as an excuse to not have sex with me.

 “If you don’t want to have sex with me just tell me, Dan!” I loudly snarled at him. I searched the room for my bra and shirt so I could cover myself and stop feeling like an idiot.

“Rose that’s not-“ he tried to defend himself, but I was faster.

“Am I not sexy and slutty enough for you to have sex with me? Am I not good enough for you?” I asked him, my voice shaking.

“You literally bang every single girl you can find, but you won’t sleep with your girlfriend?” I shouted and bitterly laughed. Honestly I felt humiliated and hurt. The biggest fuckboy in the history of fuckboys won’t fuck me although I was already trying to take his pants off. Great, just great. Another blow to my self esteem.

 “Of course you are good enough, Rose!” Dan assured me while pleadingly looking at me. He tried to calm me down by rubbing my left thigh, but considering the fact that I was actually insanely turned on it just made everything worse.

 “Why won’t you have sex with me then?!” I shouted angrily.

“Because I’m afraid of ruining everything if I do!” he shouted back. I could tell that his confession took him a lot of strength and I finally calmed down after his words.

“Why would that ruin things?” I asked and scooted closer to where Dan was sat.

“I have never been in a relationship before. I know how to fuck around, but I don’t know how to ‘make love’ or something like that. I just wanted to be careful with you, cause I’m really afraid of losing you. I also told you that I’d stop being a fuckboy and fucking you wouldn’t really prove that I have stopped right. And yes, I may also be a bit nervous.”

 “Babe, I’m sorry. You don’t have to feel like that. As long as we are together nothing can go wrong.” I gently played with a strand of his brown hair and softly kissed him.

“I do want you Rose. I want you all the damn time.” Dan whispered cupping my left cheek.

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Is it rude to ask a d/Deaf person how much they can hear?

That’s a good question, and an important one too.

I personally never got bothered by this question, but from what I’ve been told by interpreters that it’s actually pretty annoying for the d/Deaf person to be asked that question. Apparently it is one of the very first few questions that they are asked, before the initial greeting/introduction (asking what their names are, getting to know each other, etc) 

It becomes a focus on them rather than their own personalities, and that’s something to keep in mind. However, I believe it’s okay to ask, just not right when you are making introductions unless it’s a very brief meeting (I.E. meeting someone that you won’t see again anytime again)

Back to my personal view on this question: It’s alright to ask, but it depends on how you approach that question. It’s okay to ask someone where on the spectrum their hearing loss is.

Keep in mind, if they say profoundly, that means almost 100% hearing loss if not close to that, and severe is just a step below “profoundly”.

But it’s not okay to ask a d/Deaf person “Can you hear this?” or “Can you hear me? / that thing over there / etc”. That is pretty offensive, and it’s basically like letting water know how wet they are.

I also want to clarify one more thing:: It’s alright to ask them if they’re Deaf or not (or even HoH). Such a simple question is totally alright. Because sometimes you see people signing, and the first thing they want to ask, is if they’re Deaf or not.


Meeting Bart’s family is something Jaime’s been nervous about for weeks now. He’s managed to avoid it so far - except Wally, but that’s different, they sort of already knew each other. Meeting Bart’s grandparents, though, is something else. He has no idea how they’re going to react. Really, it’s amazing he hasn’t met them already considering he’s known Bart for all these years.

Things are serious now, though. And somehow that lead to him meeting up with Iris for coffee. To get to know each other, apparently. Somehow, Jaime can’t help but feel like he’s about to get the shovel talk, but Bart’s always talked about how nice she is so he’s giving this whole situation the benefit of the doubt. He takes a deep breath as he sees her approaching and stands up to greet her. “Hi, Iris. Nice to finally meet you.” God, he hopes he doesn’t sound as nervous as he feels.

Lapidot: Jealousy

Throwing an arm around Steven’s shoulder in her wild tale and waving exaggeratedly with her free hand, Lapis barely caught the look Peridot had on her face. She had given Steven a look she had never seen before, and then the look was transferred to her. Since she was in the middle of her story, she didn’t bother stopping to see what was up. Instead she continued on telling the wild adventures she had had as a young gem, capturing every morsel of the young boy’s attention with her story as she wove the intricate tale of how she had gotten stuck in the mirror to begin with. So enraptured as she was, she barely noticed Peridot storm away.

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Kagami and Aomine liking the sane girl? ( OH DAYUUUUM ;D))

[oh daaaaaaang i think i was a bit biased because i like aomine gomen feel free to yell at me ok]

You jolt in surprise the moment you hear his voice behind you - but your lips spread in a wide grin as you glance over your shoulder away from Kagami to clarify that it was him.

“Aomine-kun!” You greeted him happily, turning sideways on the bench to face him - unaware of how Kagami’s jaw had tightened at the intruder. The two aces glare at each other, silent - although their scowls are acknowledgement enough. 

Aomine finally dips his head. “Hey.”

You continue to prattle on, oblivious to the tension between the boys. “Kagami-kun was just telling me about his summer training camp! Apparently his coach is so bad at cooking, that he ended up having to -“

“Great,” Aomine interrupts, shifting his gaze to look at you. “Oi, listen…”

You blink expectantly at him, waiting as you watch him scratch the back of his head - it was rare for Aomine to go to the effort of cutting someone off for the sole purpose of initiating a conversation, and you were curious as to what he wanted to say. 

“If you don’t have anything to say,” Kagami cuts in from beside you, glowering at Aomine. “_____ and I were in the middle of a nice conversa -”

“I’m kinda hungry.”

You tilt your head questioningly. “You’re hungry, Aomine-kun?” You repeat him. 

“Yeah.” He mutters. “So let’s go grab some food." 

"Sweet!” Kagami chips in, delighted at the prospect of eating. “I know just the place -”

“Not you, teme.” Aomine growls at him, before turning back to you. “You.”

At some point, Sigrun gibed Nathaniel about his calling Velanna “my lady”, saying he should refer to all the women at the Keep as such, not just the ones he wants to bed. Nathaniel apologized profusely, claiming it wasn’t anything like that. Sigrun laughed it off, but later on, he got a little cocky, insinuating the dwarf just might have been jealous. That got him a fierce kick in the shins.

Eventually they made up, and from then on they would jokingly greet each other with exaggerated bowing and curtsying and a “My lady” and “M'lord”. 

Okay, I know I’m already waaaaaay too late with this, but happy Halloween! I hope all of your costumes rocked!!

Anyway, here’s a little Halloween facfic from me because I just couldn’t resist. Enjoy!

EDIT: since I’ve been notified I was being offensive with the last lines of the story, I felt obliged to change them a bit. Thanks again for reminding me and I’m so sorry for ruining the reading of your fic the first time!

“Seriously, Dean?”

Dean Winchester looked down at his cowboy costume and back at his best friend.

“What? You don’t dig cowboys?” he asked. “How are we even friends?”

“I like to think it’s because of my ability to put up with all of your foolish behavior,” Cas sighed. There was also the case of having a very pathetic crush on Dean Winchester, but that was not really worth mentioning. Ever. “Aren’t you a little old for this?”

“No one is too old for Halloween,” Dean defended himself. He reached over and gently flicked the set of angel wings on Castiel’s back. “Not even you.”

“I meant the trick-or-treating,” Castiel rolled his eyes and held out the bowl in his hands. “I’m guessing you want some?”

“I’m with Sam, but your sweet little neighbor seems to be occupying his time at the moment, so I decided to come wait for him here,” Dean said as he grinned like a child and reached inside. Castiel glanced over his shoulder to see Dean’s little brother, dressed in a Superman outfit, talking to Jess, a blonde girl his age, dressed like a nurse. He could see them blushing from where he stood, which he found adorable. He smiled, knowing fully well he would get the entire report on their conversation from Dean the next day, as his friend was way to invested in the twelve-year-olds’ love life.

Noticing Dean finally picked his candy, he placed the bowl back on the cupboard by his front door. When he turned around, he found Dean grinning wickedly and holding up a Hershey’s kiss.

“Giving out free kisses, I see?” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Castiel chuckled at the implication.

“You are despicable,” he said, shaking his head and praying to whoever might be listening that his blush wasn’t too visible. Dean laughed and tore the wrapper off the chocolate goodness before throwing it in his mouth.

“Hey,” he said as he chewed, “what do you think about some ‘quid pro quo’?”

“I think you’ve seen the Silence Of The Lambs way too many times,” Castiel laughed. “And it’s not like you have any candy on you right now.”

“I meant a kiss, Cas,” Dean said, his tone suddenly far too serious to make the suggestion sound like one of the many jokes he usually teased Castiel with.

“A-a kiss?” Cas stammered. Dean chuckled and scratched the back of his neck.

“Well, yeah,” he said, shrugging and averting his gaze. “You know, you gave me a kiss, and now I could … Forget it.”

“Why would you want to kiss me?” Cas asked. Dean finally looked at him.

“Well, it’s no secret I’ve been crushing on you since ninth grade. You knew that, right?” Dean asked. “I just thought I’d move things along, since I’m getting kind of tired of us dancing around each other, no matter how cute you look every time you try to hide your blush from me.”

“Wait, what?”

Dean raised an eyebrow at Castiel’s dumbstruck face.

“Me, in love with you, you, in love with me. The classic friends-turned-lovers kind of love story. The betting pool our families have to see which one of us will make the first move?” If possible, Castiel’s eyes only widened, making Dean gape in realization. “Really? You had no clue?”

“I … Subtlety isn’t something I am good at picking up on, you should have known that.”

Dean busted out laughing as soon as he heard that, and Castiel joined soon after.

“Dude, I try to flirt with you every chance I get,” Dean pointed out. “I couldn’t have been more obvious than that.”

“Well, apparently I need you to spell it out for me,” Castiel said. “And, seriously? A betting pool?”

“Yup, apparently we’re worth thirty bucks,” Dean said, making Cas giggle again. He stepped closer to him. “So how about that kiss, then?”

“Hm, just one?” Cas asked, locking his eyes with Dean’s. Dean shrugged.

“Well, I did get just one candy.”

“But it was a very good candy.”

“I’ll make it a very good kiss, then.” They leaned in, hesitating and at the same time barely containig their excitement. Once their lips locked into a long overdue kiss, they melted against each other. It was like meeting for the first time and like greeting each other as old friends at once.

“Moooooom! They’re kissing!”

Dean broke away at the sound of his brother’s voice, an irritated sigh accompanying his unwanted actions, while Cas chuckled.

“I wonder who won those thirty bucks,” he murmured.

“Like I give a damn,” Dean answered, pecking Cas’ lips again. And again. And again. “I’m gonna need three more candies, though.”

“Are you serious right now?”

“Hey, it’s Halloween. You can get free kisses tomorrow. Right now, I want my candy.”

“I’m already tempted to break up with you,” Cas rolled his eyes as he moved back to retrieve the bowl of candy. He offered it to Dean, who started picking out Hershey’s kisses out of the rest.

“No, you’re not. You love me,” he said with a wide grin. He had eight pieces of candy in his hands. “Now I’m all set.”

Castiel laughed.

“You know, if you eat this much candy, your stomach is gonna hurt,” he warned him.

“Hey, I’ll blame you. They’re your kisses.”

Castiel leaned in to kiss Dean once again.

“Happy Halloween, Dean.”

“Happy Halloween, Cas.”

Communication Error

Summary: When Geoff calls Ryan in the middle of the night professing his love, Ryan reaches one immediate, obvious conclusion: he’s drunk. 

Except he’s not drunk the second time, or the third, and suddenly “Lone Wolf” Haywood is left re-evaluating his feelings for his boss, and, surprisingly, opening up to him more. There’s just one problem - there’s been a mix-up with their phones, and thanks to Team Same Voice, neither of them realise that Geoff thinks he’s talking to his boyfriend, Jack.

(ramwood/gents ot3/mayvin GTA AU)

a/n: Thanks to houseofhaywood for the amazing prompt!


This is not set in the Sealand verse, although there may be some similarities in Ryan’s characterisation, as this was originally a suggestion for something that could happen in Sealand which I’ve instead written as a separate GTA story :)

Later Ryan would look back and wonder how, exactly, such a monumental misunderstanding could have occurred. How was it possible that a man who had been in a loving and committed relationship for four years should be unable to recognise his own boyfriend’s voice? How did two of the most notorious criminals in modern America manage to find themselves entangled in a drama more suitable to a teenaged soap opera? Who was to blame?

The answer to this last being, as usual: Gavin. Gavin was to blame.

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About Rick’s two-fingered touch...

In “What Happened And What’s Going On.”  I realize how that sounds and I swear I didn’t mean to go there.  That and he has a better tool.

It isn’t hesitation to touch her on his part.  He’s quite comfortable touching her.  Like here–

I didn’t notice after the first, or even second viewing.  It took some brilliant person in this fandom to point it out.  But he grasps her hand in reassurance as he passes her by.

But back to the two fingers on the arm deal–

He would have used his whole hand, but couldn’t cause he was holding some keys.  Rick isn’t afraid to touch Michonne or sit next to Michonne or talk to Michonne or reassure Michonne or attempt to make her happy.  In fact, if Michonne had insisted on her “let’s use the garage doors for reinforcement and clear the forest and chill here for a bit,” he would have given it an honest go.  He wasn’t keen on the idea, but if she had truly wanted to try, he would have made the call.  Washington was more feasible, so I’m glad they went with that plan, but… 

Anyway, Rick’s there; he’s present.  He has been since at least “This Sorrowful Life” when Michonne’s kidnap scare made him really think about her and what she means, and readily apparent in how he runs to greet her in “30 Days Without Incident” and asked her in the first two minutes if she’s staying for awhile where he can see her and she can see him and they can see each other.  He really was just waiting on her to choose what she wanted.  Rick was booed up to Michonne long before she was booed up to him.

Thank god for breath mints showing the way, amirite?

PSA to everyone confused about Sabrina & Corey rumors

A lot of people are taking Sabrina’s most recent Instagram video seriously which for one thing I don’t understand how you could because it had me laughing so hard. “It only took 3 years” *people laughing in the back* I really don’t get how people are falling for it… Then Corey’s tweet was again adding to the joke

For those that do not know a few days ago the Peter Pan show that both Sabrina, Corey, and August are in had its opening night. Peyton was there to support (along with other costars and friends) and he brought flowers for Sabrina which led lots of people to believe Sabrina and Peyton might be dating. There was a Twitter user that was at the premiere (had pictures to prove it) that was stating all these moments between Peyton and Sabrina that night that supported the rumor of them dating. She stated about the flowers, how they were flirting with each other, how Sabrina took his hand at one time and led him across the room (btw this was during a meet and greet after show of the premier), then how Sabrina came up to the fan and Peyton and asked the girl “are you cheating on me” as a joke and apparently Peyton was really confused leading to again the rumor of them dating.

A lot of these rumors were starting so I believe Sabrina posted this joke video to take away from the rumors of her and Peyton a previous night ago and it’s obviously working. NOTE: There is no clear answer of if Peyton and Sabrina are dating but the recent events point to its likely, and the video Sabrina posted is just further evident to something going on between the two. If you guys would like any links to the Peybrina events just DM me :) hope this cleared up for anyone confused

Jealous!Lucas: Context
  • Lucas: *beelines to Maya without hanging up his coat, without properly greeting Riley or saying anything directly to her* says hi.
  • Maya: says hi. *is distant*
  • Riley: *butts in* says hi.
  • Lucas: ...
  • Charlie: *magically appears, blabs mouth about awkwardness*
  • Maya & Lucas: *look at Charlie*
  • Riley: *looks at Charlie*
  • Maya & Lucas: *look at each other*
  • CUT TO
  • Riley: *alone in bay window*
  • Maya: *going to couch*
  • Lucas: *chatting with other kids over by tree, has apparently hung up his coat*
  • Me: Wait. Since when do they even talk to the other kids except in passing? Why isn't he with Riley or Maya? Maybe he JUST hung up his coat? How much time has passed? Charlie must have hung his up too. idk idk Anyway.
  • Charlie: *is sucking up to Corpanga. wants to play Couple's Game even though Cory warned him.*
  • Me: Just to put it in context. Lucas didn't get mad at Charlie out of nowhere or all of the sudden just because he was talking about the Couple's Game with Riley. Lucas didn't just start blowing up out of nowhere when he saw them together. Lucas was ALREADY annoyed at Charlie (has been all episode really, and with good reason IMO. Charlie is a dick to Lucas). And now Charlie's pulling this "let's play the couple's game" shit? AFTER he awkwardly pointed out the awkwardness of it all? That's actually a huge dick move. Charlie knew shit was awkward FOR THE HOST OF THIS PARTY AND THE GIRL HE LIKES AND HER FRIENDS, but he busts out the "Couple's Game" even though Cory warned him not to and there were other options? You're not slick Charlie, that is a LEGIT dick move. I officially don't like you now, I can't believe I didn't notice before.
  • Also me: I'm kinda surprised Lucas didn't punch him, tbh.
  • Me again: Seriously Lucas, I kinda wish you HAD punched him. I mean, not really. But kinda.