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How do the Fae interact with math majors? It's weird because on the one hand math is beautiful poetry written in the language of the universe, but on the other hand it's logical and is science adjacent. I have a theory that maybe time/space warping doesn't work on some of the more advanced students, and that a few professors can take it and use it to their advantage (based on the principle that Everything Else Is Just Applied Math (the source of our immense egos)). Ill send astory once corrected

I honestly love the concept that being good enough at math can force the world back into order around you - would you even realise that’s what you’re doing? After all, nothing would be weird to you; the people to notice it would be the ones who’ve just found an endless corridor come to a halt as you’ve join them there, or the ones who have been living in one long drawn out Tuesday afternoon for years and when you step into time with them the sun begins, finally, to set.


they literally changed the original movie bcs they had their own agenda of how things should go, I don’t have any other words for this other than “ugly” bcs they didn’t resepct Zack’s vision for the movie but went with their own thing, altered HIS work how THEY think it’s right and tried to sell that as a “movie”. I can’t even call it a movie, it’s a compliation of scenes, pardon, unnecessary reshots, where you can clearly see what is Zack’s and what is from the backstabbing duo. If they wanted to change the direction of the universe, they should’ve done that with the next movie in line. And robbing us of all those scenes? It’s just vile in my eyes what they did.

Out of all directors. Wb and Geoff brings Joss. Fucking. Wheadon. WB wanted jokes? You entire movie is a joke now, congratulations! I’m so happy it’s flopping.

Zack deserves better than having his name as the director on that atrocity.

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How do you pick a college/ make sure it’s the right one for you?

Choosing A College

1. Find your interests. Spend the remainder of this year zeroing in on what interests you the most. If possible, take classes in lots of different areas during your final years of school. Talk to people in the career fields that interest you and find out what their day-to-day work duties require and how much money they make.

2. Do your research. Spend a lot of time researching the different universities that offer the programs you’re interested in. Weight their pros and cons. Here are some to consider:

  • Do they offer housing?
  • Their respective costs
  • How in-depth their program is
  • The average earning salary for graduates of the university
  • The campus aesthetic
  • The location of the campus
  • Is there free transportation or will you need a car?
  • Free amenities (like athletic facilities, gardens, etc)

3. Speak to university officials. Speak to university officials (guidance counselors, admissions representatives, etc) before formally applying. See if they can set up a time to meet with you and show you around campus. Find out if they have any insider information on the specific program you’re looking to enroll in. Find out all the deadlines for applying for everything you need to. Have them recommend you popular teachers.

4. Visit each campus. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of universities, visit the campus and get a feel for the atmosphere. Meet with as many offices as possible and get as many of your forms/payments in.

5. Decide on your living situation. Lots of campuses require first year students to live in some sort of dorming situation. Is this something you’re interested in doing? Would you rather rent an apartment? Share a suite with some friends? Or save money living out of home?

6. Apply early. Apply to colleges as early as possible! Don’t wait until the last minute and spend the rest of your summer stressing about where you’ll be off to next. Also, get any financial aid applications in ASAP so that you’ll receive a decision on time. Same thing goes for housing applications.

7. Hold off purchasing school supplies. It’s impossible to know what supplies an instructor will require you to have, so hold off purchasing the bulk of your things until after meeting with them for the first time. Don’t purchase textbooks without talking to them first! Find out if they’ll accept an older edition or if you can just download a PDF and save mucho $$.

8. Meet roommates. Spend some time getting to know your future roommates! Go out to eat with them and discuss roomie-type-things. Exchange contact information and keep in touch with them to ease yourself into living together.

9. Furniture. I’d also recommend holding off purchasing your furniture and room decor until seeing where you’re going to live. Essential things like bedding and toiletries are fine to purchase ahead of time, because these are things that you’ll need no matter the space.

10. Check it. Check out my freshman advice post! Check out this advice from @robotigirl. Good luck to you.

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Hi! I have a question about how ~succumbing to the dark side~ works in the SW universe (bear with me). The thing is, I feel like the OT and the PT as well as the clone wars series all try to make a point that Anakin and Vader are two seperate entities in a way - having Vader say he destroyed Anakin because he was weak, the "there's still something of Anakin left in Vader" narrative, making a point how his force ghost looks like young Anakin. So I feel like I'm supposed to read everything (1/3)

onwards from the end of RotS so that Anakin doesn’t exist anymore and that makes me wonder about to what extent the story itself wants me to forgive or justify everything that happened after. Am I supposed to believe that Vader is controlled by the dark side at least to some extent? Could he make the decision to Just Stop any time or is he supposed to be read more as, like, a Vessel for the Evil Force? And then how does that fit with the new trilogy and how Kylo Ren is portrayed, i.e. (2/3)         

obviously in full possession of his mental power and making a conscious decision to kill Han (which at least in my mind clashes with how Anakin is shown to kill the younglings, i.e. with yellow eyes, not looking like himself, acting as if in a haze). I’m sorry if this is something everyone has discussed 3000 times before, I’m really new to Star Wars! I was just wondering if I’m missing something or if there’s any non-movie canon information or meta on that, or if you’d like (¾ woops)        

to share your own thoughts on it. Have a nice day! :) (4/4)            

First of all, welcome to the Star Wars fandom!!! Thanks for the sharing your thoughts, my super polite Anon <3 I hope you’re having a nice day too <3

You have stumbled across one of the most divisive topics in the Star Wars fandom: the Anakin/Vader Discourse lol There’re basically two lines of thought here:

  1. Anakin and Vader are two different beings or two different sides of Anakin’s personality.
  2. Anakin and Vader are the same person.

To be completely honest with you, there evidence supporting both theories. The different perspectives go beyond the fandom too. Lucasfilm’s writers and producers have different opinions too and it shows. It’s less about what it’s right or what’s canon and more about your interpretation of the facts. Look at Obi-wan’s “He ceased to be the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and “became” the Sith Darth Vader. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed” line, some people see this a proof that Anakin and Vader are two different entities while others see it as Obi-wan being in denial and trying to manipulate Luke.

Personally, I believe Anakin and Vader are the same person and that the Dark Side doesn’t “force” your do anything. The difference between the sith and the Jedi is how they get their power, how they channeled it, etc. The Dark Side doesn’t make anyone do bad things the same way the Light Side doesn’t make anyone do good things.

A Sith has as much free will as anyone else. The Dark Side didn’t make Anakin kill the younglings or Kylo Ren kill Han Solo. That’s on them, and them alone. Despite of any event that might have happened to them, ultimately, it was a choice, their choice. IMO, saying “it was the dark side” is a cop out. In Anakin’s case, I can see his actions being the result of a dissociative state, psychotic break or something like that (which still doesn’t mean he was not responsible for his actions) but I don’t like to put the responsibility of this actions on a “higher power”. It takes so much away from the characters. I think “it was Anakin/kylo Ren” is much more interesting than “it was the Force or a more powerful being making them do it”.

Again, that’s the way I see. Doesn’t mean people who see it differently are wrong. If you’re looking for a definitive answer I doubt you won’t find it because the facts are the same for both theories. The only difference is how people look at them.

A message from your friendly neighbourhood admin Nicola (aka enigmaticpenguinofdeath) -

Hello! Several years ago I offered to do a bit of blog-sitting for a previous Fuck Yeah Mark Gatiss admin who was going to be away for a few months. One thing led to another, and I’ve been sort of running the blog ever since. I now find myself spending less and less time on tumblr, just with life the universe and everything. So rather than let the FYMG blog dwindle away due to lack of attention, I was wondering if anyone else was interested in taking it on? 

While I didn’t set up the blog, I tried to keep to the general spirit of how it was when I adopted it and don’t use it for personal commentary or shipping stuff; just for sharing interesting and pretty posts related to Himself and his work. Ideally that’s sort of how I’d like to hand it on, but obviously it would be up to whoever took it over! You might have all sorts of jazzy ideas for it and hey I say knock yourself out.

So tl;dr if you might be interested in taking over the admin responsibilities for this blog, please drop me a message either here or at my main blog. :-)

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Hey Hypaa! I don't know if you need this but I totally feel you in that "work is my life now, I only go home to sleep" thing. This used to be me before I quit and started studying in uni again. I regret not keeping my job now, though, because university is WAY harder and it's making me go nuts. Please keep being you and please keep working just as hard and don't forget to call it quits when you're down! We believe in you and your Ignis-loving trash ass!

Yes, it’s definitely something I needed to hear. I hate that we’re commiserating on something so shitty, but I wish you the best of luck in powering through uni and kicking ass all along the way. Working really is easier than school in a sense, but at least in school I felt like I had more time and energy to do things I liked (martial arts, video games, writing, etc). Now it’s like my job sucks the life out of me along with things in personal life compounding to the point where all I have energy for is listlessly scrolling through Tumblr or rage quitting a mobile game I stg I don’t know why I bother with this piece of shit, my blood pressure rises every time I waste a power up-


But I’m trying to get better. I made myself come home and clean part of the apartment I let go to shit in the past month or so, then I… promptly injured myself but like hey, progress is progress! Then I made myself write drabbles instead of just letting my depression steal my muse from me again, so… hopefully I can work myself out of this relatively pitiful cycle I’ve found myself in as of late.

You’re so sweet to have gone out of your way to reach out, anon. ❤️ I’ll try to keep thotting and smiling, just for awesome folks like y’all.

Snake Eyes (Brian De Palma, 1998) 
June 2016

Jonathan Rosenbaum asserts that ‘an entire universe in any De Palma film is closer to a floor plan than a moral vision — that’s how his style works and that’s why it can become limited.’ Instead why shouldn’t a floor plan assist us in achieving a moral vision - what would a moral vision, perhaps of tracking shots, be, if not a vision that allows for a mapping of our situation? How would we be able to act, or move, within a space, without a floor plan, how would we know if our actions constitute true actions without a consideration of our ground?

There is an optimism in that even if the video screens only show one part, the continual attempt to see each angle of the original tracking shot (which itself includes video screens, or television transmissions) shows that if there is an idea of cinema it can include these separate angles of the television, but the television does not include this cinema’s mode of reflection: a montage that cannot be immediately transmitted. If the cinema can be film, or digital, or whatever else it is or will have been, its mode of self-reflection entails the use of multiple types of recording to tie its knots, its bits of string, to differentiate one from another, to write together changing subjectivities and its typing can accommodate without having to reduce to a shot-counter-shot.  

If much of Taste of Cherry takes place within the car, in the shot-counter-shot, with Kiarostami on either side as the camera set up which revolves around him, and in this revolution, he disappears in a swirl of self-relating negativity, and, in the end, this vortex is itself localized as one possible mode of self-reflection among others by situating it with the video footage (which initiates another form of reflection between these two types) what fascinates in Snake Eyes is the mixing of the two.


Both movies map out a space of subjectivity, and each act of totalization does not necessarily exclude the creation of others. But this invention of a floor plan, whether it is the investigation of the different angles of a single shot or the localization of a form shot-counter-shot as reflection, is necessary to have a moral vision. Without a floor plan we would have a moral vision without any strategy and can be left with a repetitive mode of exposing our frustrations, confusing the map for the territory, the real for the appearance, the cinema for the television, ethics for morality. But if we see the forms of appearance as such without worrying what is ‘behind’ them (there is nothing), study the territory, or superimpose the different television transmissions, we may yet see a map of what Serge Daney called the supplementary country of cinema. And yet it is not a question of fusion:

Only by working-through the television image does the cinema come back to itself: there is nothing there by itself, cinema is nothing but the working-through of the different forms whether it be television, painting, or any other condition (the cut remains, despite any new techniques of image making, it is invariant). 

Even if these are all actors, labour is always real. This is working-through. In De Palma, there is always an effect of a split screen, even if it is not present, as the screen is always split by the tension of apperception. If each screen is a pair of dice that roll snake eyes, then in each screen we see a one, placed differently, but they do not add up to two, in fact it adds up to nothing, just different modes of failing to see. But there is no whole to see; it is not a question of what was a thing before we named it - rather it is through the work of naming that we can grasp the negativity of the thing. Whether it is De Palma working-through Hitchcock or Sabzian acting as Makhmalfbaf or Kiarostami thinking he is Kiarostami. 

boyfriend! doyoung

• how you met

• both you and doyoung were in the same university but you were a business major whereas doyoung was a law major,,, so you guys didn’t really get to meet often,, you only shared like one class together

• bUT

• that was until your first meeting at the café,, which was quite interesting,,,,,,

• you were working as a barista at a café near your university along with barista!taeyong

• the situation was really hectic that day,,,, and you and taeyong couldn’t even take a break due to the overwhelming number of customers on that day,,,,,

• when it was near the closing time, you figured that no one would come to the café anymore, so you asked taeyong to flip the sign over to the “closed” side,,,, but before he could do that,, he was stopped by doyoung,,,,,,,,,, who pushed the door harshly and let himself into the café…

• you may or may not have a tiny crush on doyoung,,, and you were about to complain to taeyong who had a kind heart and would definitely let doyoung be your last customer for the day even though you felt worn out by that time ,,,,,,,,,,,, but because it was kim doyoung,,,,,,,,,, that didn’t bother you and you were more than willing to serve him,,,,, like hey take all the coffee you want,,,,

• ever since then,,,,,

• doyoung would frequently drop by the café to finish up his assignments,,, and he would always be so concentrated,,, staring intently at his computer screen and busily typing away,,, I mean,,, they all say a focused man is always the most handsome kind of man and that sight always made you have that thought

• you started to write small encouraging messages or doodling cute things like a smiley face or a bunny on the transparent drinking cup for doyoung because you realised that he would get really stressed out and frustrated at times so you thought of how you could try to help him out a little,,,,,,,,,,,

• and that cute lil smile on his face upon seeing your drawings and writings on his cup simply made you want to continue doing that,,,, it was,, like a way you guys communicated with each other,,,

• overtime, you guys exchanged numbers and became closer to each other,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

• doyoung eventually confessed to you,,,,, on a chilly winter sunday morning

• he asked you out on a date and you were supposed to meet him outside the café you worked at,, but when it was time for you guys to meet,,,,,,,,, he was nowhere to be seen

• you found it a little weird because doyoung was never late for your previous dates, in fact he would always be earlier than you

• taeyong spotted you waiting and gestured for you to come into the café since it was freezing,,

• little did you know,,,,,,, this was all part of doyoung’s plan and taeyong was in it with him

• about 20 minutes passed but doyoung still wasn’t there,,, you were getting a little impatient and also a little upset since doyoung ignored all your texts,,, at the same time you were getting worried since the weather was so,,, terrible you wondered if anything happened to doyoung

• but then,,,,,,,, lee taeyong suddenly asks you mend the counter for a while because he had to go settle some logistics and since you had nothing to do you were like okay

• and you,,,, being the oblivious person you are,,, totally didn’t realise how oddly empty the café was,, like,, there are no customers kinda empty even though usually people would be scurrying into the café to hide from the cold,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

• that’s because the café was closed,,,,,,,,,,,, for a while,, but you didn’t know that

• deciding to kill some time while waiting,,, you brewed a cup of coffee for yourself ,,, and because you were deep in your thoughts thinking about what might have happened to doyoung plus your back was facing the entrance of the cafe,,, you didn’t notice that someone had entered the café,,,,,

• he cleared his throat upon reaching the counter,, catching your attention,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and you turned around only to see,, KIM DOYOUNG,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

• “Y/N”

• “Doyoung!!! Where have you been? Are you okay?”

• he nodded quickly and you also took in the sight of this,,, cute boy in front of you,, dressed in a slightly oversized baby blue sweater which made him look extra cuddly and soft,,, his hair was styled really nicely today too,,,

• without saying a word,,, doyoung carefully lifted up a transparent coffee cup,,, which you recognised that belonged to your café,,,,,, and it was your all-time favourite caramel macchiato,,,,,,,

• doyoung passed it to you and pointed at the cup,,, asking you to read what was on it,,,,,,,,,

• it said,,,, “Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?”

• you widened your eyes,,, and shifted your gaze to doyoung who had a hopeful smile on his face,,,,, he looked at you and was like,, “so….. what is your answer?”

• you nodded excitedly as a ‘yes’ to his question and couldn’t help but smiled too,,,,,, and,,, doyoung’s smile became even bigger snd he leaned over the counter to give you to quick peck on the lips,,,

• the both of you were still feeling giddy,,,, from whatever that just happened but ,,, you were interrupted by taeyong who was like “yay congratulations now please leave my café and take your date somewhere else I need to open it for business”

• he pushed the both of you out of the café,,,,,,,, and then you went on that date doyoung promised you,,

• dating doyoung

• doyoung loves skinship,, so his arm would always be around your shoulder,, or he would interlock your hands together,, sometimes when you’re just over at each other’s place he would just lie on your shoulder too

• a big baby

• he would be the one to initiate skinship more often,, but then sometimes you would also lean on his broad shoulders and it always feels so nice,,

• now when it comes to cuddling,,, doyoung is DEFINITELY the big spoon

• he’d hold you close to his chest with one hand on your head and the other wrapped securely around your waist

• his hugs are always SO WARM and you love cuddling with him more than anything else in the world

• sometimes he’d also kiss the crown of your head,, and then hold you even closer to him,,,,,

• “Doyoung, you’re crushing me”

• doyoung doesn’t respond,, he would!!! hold you even closer to him,,, if its even possible

• when doyoung is bored,, he would play with your fingers,,, your pinky in particular because its so tiny as compared to his,, and he finds it so ADORABLE

• that one time he was playing with your fingers,,, he suddenly held your ring finger and was like,, “one day, I’ll be the one who puts a ring on this finger” with an accomplished smile on his face,,,

• you get shy and tell him to shut up but he says that he’s being serious about it but youre like no omg doyoung s to p

• most of the time, doyoung is always the more cheerful one,,seeming as if he never faces any kind of problems whenever you spend time with him,,, but as time passes,, he becomes very soft and lets his guard down BECAUSE ITS YOU and he became extremely comfortable with you,,,,

• he’d constantly whine to you,, about almost everything and you’re just like a sponge absorbing all of it,, not that you minded because you honestly find it so cute whenever he does that,, like,, a big baby indeed

• “Y/N, today was so-”

• “did you know!!! the teacher was really boring today I couldn’t even-”

• stop it doyoung

• having doyoung as your boyfriend would mean getting serenaded by him with his honey-like vocals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

• his voice calms you down a lot and it really helps you to relax,, he would always sing to you before you go to sleep every night,, like even when you’re not physically together with him,, be it through a phone call,, sending an audio message,, a n y t h i n g,,, he would make sure he sings you to sleep no matter what

• you’d compliment his singing and sometimes he gets all shy and would act as if it was nothing much,,, but on the inside he’s actually super happy and just wants to sing more,, just for you

• pet names,,,, like

• “babe”

• “sweetheart”

• “this is for you,honey”

• fights with doyoung

• rather than fights,,, it would just be disagreements on some things which results to conflicts and the both of you would give each other the cold shoulder or worst,, the silent treatment

• it wouldn’t last long though because lets be real,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the both of you love each other too much and wouldn’t be able to stand spending time away from each other and not being able to talk normally and everything,,,

• doyoung though,, he’d be the one making it up to you,, because he feels bad,, like you feel bad too but he’d be extra nice to you to show you how apologetic he is if he had shouted at you or said harsh things to you when you guys argued,,, that means endless of kisses from doyoung or more cuddling or just!! more dates with doyoung wanting to buy like the entire store down for you but youre like no doyoung its okay i’m not mad anymore!!!!!!!!

• he’d be like “are you sure???? but I still feel bad” with a pout and you’ll just pinch his cheek and assure him that everything is fine

• on your anniversaries, doyoung,,,,,, would be extremely sweet and he’d show you his gentleman side,,, giving you a bouquet of flowers,, taking you out to a posh restaurant for dinner ,, giving you really really special treatment and you’d feel so loved

• you don’t really know what to do for doyoung and you know your gifts can’t compare to what he does for you but you’d silently observe him whenever you went out together,,, seeing if there was anything that caught his eye and then keeping it in mind to buy it later on,,

• doyoung knows that you don’t really know how to express your feelings well but he understands!! your heart for him and is always very thankful for your gifts because ,, hey,, he actually did want to get those stuff,,, but you did instead,, and he doesn’t even have to tell you that he wanted them

• you would definitely have movie nights with doyoung as well,, the both of you cuddled up on the couch with a comfy blanket,,, but sometimes the movie is ignored and you guys end up making out with each other,,,,,,

• or you guys would just build a fort using the blankets and then hiding inside it,,,, which ends up becoming a heart to heart talk session,,, or just you and doyoung talking about the most random things ever,,, singing to songs!!!!! just enjoying each other’s company in general

• doyoung would get really stressed out by school and let’s just say that he can’t really manage the stress well and because he doesn’t want you to worry about him,, he would shut people out and just isolate himself from the rest of the world including you for a few days,,,,,,,,,,

• the first time he did this,,, you didn’t know that it was his way of coping with the stress he was facing,,, but the unanswered texts you sent to him definitely didn’t go unnoticed by you,,, or him rushing home right after lectures ended

• but soon enough you tried to understand what he was doing,, but you knew!! that doyoung would skip his meals,,, so you’d go over to doyoung’s place and show up with his favourite fried chicken,, and pizza,,

• he would be really surprised at first but then he’d also be really thankful and appreciated what you did for him

• “what would I do without you by my side Y/N……”

• doyoung would stop isolating himself from you because he’d trust you enough to rant to you about his problems and you would try your best to comfort him,,, he’d be extremely clingy during this period of time though because he becomes even more vulnerable and it hurts you to see doyoung stressing himself out so much so you’d try all ways to cheer him up,,, like cracking really lame jokes,, and making funny faces,,,

• doyoung would end up laughing really hard,, and then he’d be fine again afterwards

• whenever you’re upset or feeling down,, you would always turn to doyoung and he’d wait for you to calm down first if you were crying,, not even pressurising you to tell him what’s wrong because he knew that you’d tell him anyway,,,

• after listening to you and showering you with kisses and hugging you to tell you that everything is going to be okay,,, he’d make sure that you’d take a nice nap afterwards,, or have a good night’s sleep,, and of course,,, he would sing you to sleep,,

• sometimes you would steal doyoung’s oversized sweaters and he’d pretend to get angry,, and then you’d tease him for looking like an angry bunny and he would start to pout and everything,,, he would act as if he didn’t want to talk to you,,,,,,, listen he knows hes cute when he does this that’s why,,, but then you’ll just gush at how adorable he is and then he’d shut you up by kissing you

• doyoung would also wait for you until your shift ended at the café and would walk you home or something,, to ensure that you would get home safely

• a true gentleman

• doyoung would also cook for you whenever he goes over to your house because he doesn’t want you to eat so much instant noodles,, since its unhealthy

• the sight of him cooking is undeniably attractive to you and sometimes you’d just mumble out just how husband material he looks,, but doyoung would hear what you said and ask you to be quiet,,,

• like doyoung could be watching over the stove and then you’d go over to where he’s standing and then backhug him, burying your face into his back,,,,,with your hands wrapped around his waist and then he would smile so widely!!! because you’re so tiny and he wants to protect you like forever

• basically, having doyoung as your boyfriend would mean getting treated like a princess 24/7 and he’d always be so supportive of you, and always making sure to let you know how much he loves you

• and even though sometimes you guys are always sarcastic to each other ,,, you get all mushy and everything when you get sappy and express your feelings for each other

• “I’m so lucky to have you Y/N, I love you.”

• “I love you too, Doyoung.”

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How often is chim a little ? Like does he work or go to college and then come home and get into his little space after having a long and stressful day or what? I’m curious about your daily lives and what both of u do for a living?

🍆 He isn’t a 24/7 little. Whenever he gets stressed or just feels like it, he goes into his head space. And for what we do for a living, well, I’m the CEO of a Performing Arts university, and Jimin does professional contemporary dance on top of still going to school.🍆 -JK

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Hi, I am falling behind on some stuff at University and have my deadlines coming up soon. Can you give me some advice on how to catch up. Thank you 🙂

Hey there! We understand that it can be hard to catch-up once you fall behind because you constantly have new things coming in. Our best advice would be to either just better manage your time so that you can just about tackle everything (aka work on what’s due tomorrow today, and progress in that way) or really just take a day out, sit down in your room, a coffee shop, wherever you can best concentrate, and then finish up all your work so that you can be ahead again. There really is no easy way to catch up >< but getting a friend who might not be as behind to help out would also be a good idea (: GOOD LUCK!! We believe you’ll catch-up in no time <3

how to avoid education burnout
  • have 3 achievable goals a day: having a laundry list of things to do everyday is super unrealistic, and you just end up feeling bad about yourself because you didn’t accomplish your goals for the day.
  • leave your sundays open: i love sundays because they’re my day to chill out and catch up on school work that i wasn’t able to finish during the week.
  • recognize when you’re at your emotional limits: forcing yourself to get work done when you are unable to comprehend your study material does not benefit anyone.
  • learn how to say no: people will ask you for your time and it will stretch you to the limit, whether it be at your job, in your extracurriculars, or in your personal life. know when to step back and say no.
  • take care of yourself physically: take breaks, go for walks, shower regularly, get enough sleep, eat healthy, see your friends
  • celebrate your accomplishments: go out to eat with friends after a big exam, indulge in a night off after a busy week with some netflix and wine
  • make a study plan beforehand: it can be daunting to see how much work you need to put in to a class or task beforehand, but this allows you to spread your work evenly so you don’t become overwhelmed.
  • learn how to ask for help: it is very rare that people make it through school, whether it be high school or university or any graduate program, without needing the advice of others or just a kind soul to vent to. find that person.
  • never forget your hobbies: you will need things that keep you sane. if you love to play music, write, play volleyball, or cook, make you sure you don’t lose these things. they will become your escape when times get tough.
  • log off from time to time: it is exhausting to be constantly connected to social media and your email. just physically disconnecting from these for a night to take care of yourself can really help you clear your mind.
BTS’ Ideal Types (Based on Their Venus Signs)

Note: This is just my very general interpretation using the stars and is by no means correct! Remember that this is just astrology and nothing is finite. Every individual is different and there’s always exceptions to a rule. With that in mind, enjoy!

Jin - Capricorn Venus

  • the classy successful type
  • he wouldn’t be into a childish silly kinda girl
  • he wants someone he can take over the world and buy bighit with
  • mature 
  • business oriented
  • serious 
  • someone who positively effects his goals
  • either a charming younger girl who would impress his coworkers at a dinner party
  • or an established older woman who’s creating her own empire
  • speaks her mind
  • reliable and responsible
  • a sophisticated lady in streets 
  • but a real freak in the sheets

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Yoongi - Aries Venus

  • the energetic sporty type
  • despite his lethargic personality, i think he’d want a girl who can energize and excite him
  • someone confident and sure of herself
  • makes herself heard
  • fights for what she believes in
  • he’d love seeing that spark in her eyes when she gets determined to do something
  • i can see him being really proud of his girl when she stands up for herself
  • “yes you go jagi” “that’s my baby”
  • feisty
  • assertive and dominant (sub!yoongi rise)
  • independent
  • goes after what she wants
  • not too girly, maybe even a bit tomboyish
  • a girl who can get down and dirty and not worry about breaking a nail

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Hoseok - Pisces Venus

  • the sensitive and sweet type
  • i think he’d just love a sweet and innocent girl
  • who’s kind to everyone she encounters
  • and loves nature and animals
  • dreamy and imaginative
  • s o f t 
  • a girl who’s not afraid to bust out some aegyo
  • which makes him just melt
  • would actually like if she’s a bit needy or clingy 
  • someone he can protect and take care of
  • vulnerable and open about her emotions
  • someone he can give a shoulder to cry on and be that sunshine she needs in her life
  • feminine yet fashion forward style

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Namjoon - Scorpio Venus

  • looking for his expensive girl
  • the femme fatale type
  • a woman with a magnetic aura
  • that draws him in instantly
  • mysterious
  • dangerous
  • not one to mess with
  • someone who’s not afraid of her sexuality
  • and can send him smoldering stares from across the room
  • wears risque/edgy clothing
  • likes to show some skin
  • but on the inside she’s a big nerd
  • a sexy girl with brains
  • who he can have philosophical 3am conversations with

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Jimin - Scorpio Venus

  • a toss up for me
  • he has a scorpio venus, like namjoon 
  • so you’d think that he’s also into the femme fatale
  • but he has said many times that he prefers cute small girls
  • so i think he’d be into a princess in the streets 
  • but queen in the sheets kinda girl
  • if u know what im sayin’
  • someone small who can pack a punch
  • just like him

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Taehyung - Aquarius Venus

  • the quirky type
  • what he’d want the most is a girl who’s different
  • not another pretty face with no personality
  • he wants someone who stands out in a crowd
  • an unconventional beauty
  • has odd habits that he’d find adorable
  • very fun and silly
  • her humor would get his cold capricorn to open up 
  • a meme queen
  • always willing to try new things
  • a rebel
  • who doesn’t follow societal norms
  • has a unique fashion sense, similar to his
  • gucci™ couple

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Jungkook - Libra Venus

  • the girly girl
  • libras are naturally attracted to aesthetically pleasing things
  • so he’d want a beautiful girl
  • (but really every girl is beautiful in her own way)
  • someone confident and charming
  • and has effortless grace
  • a girl who dresses well
  • very feminine
  • skirts, dresses, black lingerie
  • uses sweet smelling perfumes 
  • (that’d he’d take a whiff of when she’s not looking)
  • ((in a totally non creepy way of course))
  • someone with class and manners
  • artsy !!
  • interested in film, photography, or music
  • refined and polite
  • rude or crass people turn him off

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I made a post last year about how SU is brilliant at showing how communication is essential for any kind of relationship, and how it’s key to solving conflict. But the element they add in Kevin Party is that sometimes, you need time apart first. To calm down, to realize things, to gain perspective. In the heat of the moment, emotion can really blur your judgment, and that just makes things worse.

There are times you aren’t ready to talk, and that’s okay. Communication is two-way, and if one person isn’t ready to accept or hear what the other wants to say, then that’s not communication, regardless of how many hours you spend “talking”. And the scary thing about it is this pseudocommunication can happen without you realizing it. You can feel “calm” and “open”, but it turns out you’re only hearing the other out to shut them down and invalidate them with what you think. And that’s what drags out conflicts.

Relationships involve people, and people have feelings. Hard logic and a self-centered perspective aren’t the best tools for issues like these. What’s key to resolving conflict is communication, true, but that only works if you have your head, you’re truly open to understanding the other person’s side, and you’re humble enough to accept and take responsibility for your contribution to the conflict. 

God, this show.


Hey, a new video! <3 6000+ followers came so fast that I didn’t get the chance to work on the video I really wanted to work on, so I tried to do something else quick, but aa! It was a lot of work and super fun to do! Hope you guys like! Thank you so much for following, so so excited to have you all here! <3 Thank you for the support and have a lovely weekend! Keep it going so I can work on the other video, but I think you all would rlly love it! <3