this is how the internet works right


In this season’s exploration of Isak and his sexuality, this might have been one of the scenes that hit me hardest. This show lets you in to Isak just by watching him and it kills me how they lay out his current thought process through googling. The way he lingers on Emma’s picture, the way you can see his jaw clench and work as he contemplates these ideas, the way he hesitates and can’t quite be honest with himself on the quiz; tries to give the ‘right’ answer, the way you know he’s thought much further about his identity than he wants to admit when he asks “how to get turned on by girls if you are gay”… it’s just so raw. So utterly heart-breaking to watch, as it’s a window into the crushing reality for so many people. His face is blank and quiet, like everyone’s falls to as they browse the internet, as he considers these stifling and repressive ideas. The violence that the world can wrought upon people like him.

And it makes it so relatable too. It opens up the topic to everyone because we all have our own fears and secrets and private thoughts that sometimes we can only explore by the questions we ask through our keyboards at night. We try to arrange the quiz so it spits out the answer we want while typing the truth into the search bar. 

Seriously though I feel SO satisfied by that 3 second interaction betwen dan and phils mum like… i have ALWAYS wondered about the relationship between dan and phil’s famalam - they go on holidays together. In their younger years dan basically lived at phil’s house (slight exaggeration okay) like… how does it work? What does she think of him? Is he a second son to her? Does she think he’s Phil’s best friend or internet friend or husband or work partner or what?

All I know is that it took Dan approximately 0.00003 milliseconds after she came on the phone to transform into a polite, charming little fucker that sounded a hell of a lot like a suck-up trying to schmooze his boyfriend’s parents 

“Hi, by the way, how are you?” 

I see right though you, Daniel

Perks, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous actress and gets shipped with Lin by the Internet.

Word-count: 1,385 (oh boy)

Warnings:  A lot of casual cursing whoops. Are we really going to count how many times I said “fuck” in this? 

Note: Here we go. Part one and it is a doozy. All right, tell me what you think, and shout out to @manuelmiranduh because reading her work was kind of instrumental to how I cam about to write for this fandom anyway? So, girl, thanks. 

Part Two

The Internet was truly weird, and even if you’ve spent a good decade-and-a-half (although when put that way, you sounded way older than you actually were) in an industry that put you underneath the microscope of it, it never ceased to astound you how truly odd it could be.

“Nancy,” you called, and said woman looked up from her phone, “what the fuck is an Elsnavi and why is it all over Twitter?”

In all of your partnership you’ve never seen your agent so uncomfortable.


“More importantly, why are they tagging me?”


“And even more importantly, why are there pictures of me kissing someone?

Nancy scratched the back of her neck, refusing to look you in the eye. She toyed with her phone for a moment, before at last cutting a glance to you. You raised your eyebrows expectantly. Nancy pursed her lips, obviously conflicted. Finally she leaned back, letting her head hang from the back of the couch, releasing a long-suffering sigh. Blearily, she turned to fix you with a watery, unamused stare.

“I didn’t think we’d have to have this conversation, like, at all.”

“Well, we’re having it now.” you said, clicking your phone closed and placing your full attention on her.

Nancy sighed once more, sitting up properly, and looked to be squaring herself up before saying, “You know about shipping right?”


“Well, Elsnavi is a ship name. A name of a pairing.”

“And what does that have to do with me?” you asked, confused.

“I was getting to that point,” Nancy said patiently. “The long and short of it is that people are shipping you as Elaine and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Usnavi from In The Heights.”

You sat for a long moment, simply dumbfounded. You clicked your phone back to life and scrolled through the tag once more, finding an additional hashtag in a few posts that was a touch more worrying.

“What the fuck is Y/N/Lin then?”

It seemed that you had reached the point of the conversation that Nancy, if it was possible, dreaded even more. “Yeah, okay, I’m gonna need to—“ She started gently prying your phone away from you. In your confusion, you let it slip through your fingers without protest.


Nancy breathed through her nose, trying as much to steady you as she was steadying herself. “Here’s the thing,” (She paused, and you had to narrow your stare to coax her into continuing,), “so shipping mostly occurs with fictional characters right?” You nodded. “Well, sometimes fans have a tendency to, um, go over.”

“The Internet is shipping me,” (you pointed to yourself,), “not Elaine, or any other role for that matter.” It wasn’t a question. “And they’re shipping me with Lin-Manuel Miranda?”

Nancy nodded, eyes slightly fearful.

“You’d think they’d ship themselves with Lin.” You sputtered, still quite frozen on your couch. “God, do they know I haven’t even met him?”

“Yeah, they do. Has that ever stopped them before?”

“I guess not,”

It was hard not to be offended by it, although you knew very well it was mostly harmless, but goddammit it was your life, the people you chose to be with, and it took away some form of agency, knowing that people were hand-picking men they thought would look nice with you and bypassing your opinion entirely.

“Is there any particular reason they, ah, preferred Lin?” you asked, not helping the trace of spite that made its way into your tone. Nancy noticed, and stiffened.

“Well, the Elaine/Usnavi one is a bit easier to explain and understand,” she said. “Usnavi’s awkward and energetic and Elaine’s a cutthroat bitch with a heart of gold and, as you will learn, the Internet kind of lives for that dynamic, so they put the two together. Cross-over.”

You nodded along at her explanation, and when she didn’t continue to the more pressing matter, you pointedly glared. Nancy, seeing this, sighed and relented. “You and Lin are a bit more confusing,” You scoffed. Confusing was just the fucking tip of the fucking ice berg. “But to keep a long story short, your pairing is pretty much Elsnavi taken up a couple more notches.” Your eyebrows trekked impossibly higher up your hairline. “All right, a lot of notches, but there’s nothing harmless in it. And I think you’d be a bit more used to it considering all the success Killing a King got. Remember when they were convinced you were dating Josh Hutcherson because he showed up backstage?”

Oh yeah, that entire debacle. Killing a King, essentially, gave you the recognition on the Great White Way you had already accomplished in a couple of other areas. It wasn’t your first musical, but it was your first lead role, and people weren’t likely to forget Elaine King quite yet. This whole Elsnavi business was proof of that.

“It’s not that I’m bothered by it,” Nancy, this time, was the one to raise her eyebrows, dubious. “Okay, I am, but God it just feels a bit… I dunno,”


“Yeah, I guess.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Nancy said soothingly, but with that touch of brusque that made you know that she was over the entire thing entirely, and you should be too. “I already checked over the websites—“

“There are websites?” you gaped.

Honey, this is the Internet we are talking about, of course there are websites. Anyway, I’ve checked all of them over (it wasn’t easy, mind you) and there weren’t any debilitating details.”

“They probably have porn of me somewhere,” you muttered darkly, causing Nancy to shoot you an amused glance.

“Don’t check those links in any case, unless you’re really wanting to ruin your day.”

“I’ll steer clear, thanks.”

With a chuckle, Nancy stood up, reminded you that you had appointments and meetings and whatnot to get to, and lead you to the car.

You managed to forget about the entire Elsnavi, Y/N/Lin thing for about a week. And it wasn’t even your fault.

You were up late, coming back from a screening you were invited to attend, and you were flipping listlessly through the channels, an open bottle of red wine on your coffee table and all the intent to find the nearest episode of Sex in The City and calling it a night, but you landed on a channel with him on it.

And of course, the first thing that came to mind was that stupid photo manipulation of you kissing him.

He looked, well, good, you had to admit. Short hair, the goatee almost gone except for a half-shadow-beard going along his chin. His suit was blue, and goddammit, you couldn’t help but notice that it was a color that very much suited him.

He and Jimmy Fallon were in the middle of laughing about something, Fallon as always overdoing it, and you were going to change the channel. You really were. But they mentioned your name next.

“So what’s the deal with you and Y/N anyway?” Fallon asked Lin, a photo of you flashing behind them. It was you on stage, as Elaine, looking quite cross. Lin laughed, twisting in his seat to get a good look at you.

“I honestly don’t know, man. You tell me, the Internets are always coming up with stuff.” Lin said, settling back into his seat.

“Because you and her are cropping nearly everywhere on social media,” Another photo, this time a manip of Usnavi and Elaine, came up on the screen. Lin twisted again to look.

“Yeah, beats me. What’s funny is that I’ve never even met her.”


“Yeah!” Lin said, laughing. “We haven’t met, although I’d love to. I saw her in Killing a King, she was incredible.”

“Don’t you think all this business would put a damper on the meeting though?”

Lin shrugged jovially, although he did look a tad sheepish. “Here’s to hoping it doesn’t, man. It’d be bomb to meet her in person.”

You changed the channel then, and this time it was a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. You had enough on your mind that you managed to ignore it.

So he wanted to meet you in person? Huh. That’s something.

You gnawed on the inside of your cheek, eyed the bottle of wine. You grabbed it and took a long gulp.


Missing Peice of Rosetta Stone Found and Finally Translated

Here is a translated excerpt from the recently discovered missing half of the Rosetta Stone, found last year 20 yards from the original stone by Swedish archaeologists. Top linguists around the globe have been tirelessly creating algorithms to translate the unknown dead language to English, and honestly it’s absolutely amazing how accurate they are able to get this translation. The civilization that this tongue originated from dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and scientists believe it references an early form of education system:

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honestly, amy @lesbianslovelouis is an awful person and a huge hypocrite. she throws a fit over how dare brett think she might own one hate website when in actuality, she owns other hate websites and he just didn’t pick the right one. hate websites she uses to post lies about briana, freddie, tammi, brett, louis, harry, danielle, jay, fizzy, lottie, anyone you can think of that she can somehow work into the “stunt narrative” she is trying so hard to push. 

but the minute someone tells brett “hey this grown ass woman is posting hate about you and your family” she gets defensive and talks about how anyone posting any information about her on the internet she deems false is suddenly slanderous when literally the only reason she has followers is posting false information about other people. 

not to mention the god complex she has. she thinks that she can email one direction’s lawyers and have them come to bat for her against brett because she must honestly think she is more important to them as a woman on the internet than louis is. because why would one direction lawyers fight for amy because ~babygate~ but not defend louis himself from being “trapped” 

there’s so much about amy that is despicable. the dehumanization of freddie, the making up fantasies of danielle and freddie dying and laughing about it, the instagrams and websites she has taken money & products from teenagers for that she created to mock freddie, briana, danielle, and louis, her harassment of kayla @mysticalharry who is twenty years younger than her and asked her to delete her pictures from amy’s blog and amy refused, etc. 

if you support amy, you are a bad person. end all. you can go around calling antis “trump supporters” all you want, but when it comes down to it, amy is literally the donald trump of this fandom: scamming people out of money, saying disgusting things about real people because they don’t fit the fantasy in her head, and then turning around and playing the victim card any time someone dare call her out on her misbehavior and try and hide behind her charitable acts. 

and i am 100% not afraid to say this, because i would rather be called a “stalker” by the larries who actually stalk real life people and wish harm upon them than be complicit in how the fandom lets amy act. 

Episode 69 IS CURSED

Monster Trucks last week. This week Jim had to drop.

Not only did we get the lovely Nickey Huntsman to get on the podcast. She was sweet and funny. And made of Pan. It was perfect. Minus the lag and internet connection issues. We wound up losing the footage due to a mishap, and Nickey lost the connection to her internet. 

We go spend like 20 minutes going through potential sexy guest, ranging from a Dominatrix friend of mine. But no one was available. 

Spoe steps in. And we record. And its a little angry at first because of the issues. We carry on, and it’s legitimately one of the better podcast where we literally talk about animation the entire time. ENTIRE TIME.

Samruai Jack, SalesmanPete/MeetBuck, how to make a demo reel, tips and tricks of how to get recruiters to notice you. It was funny, really nice flow.

And Pan noticed the recording is not working right. So its lost. No Podcast.

Jim is the only one to leave today unscathed. He knows when to get out when the going is good.

Enjolras: What’d you want, Jehan?

Jehan: Oh I didn’t need anything, Grantaire wanted to talk to you.

Enjolras: …

Enjolras: He did?

Jehan: Yup! He’s doing a computer thing. People like ask questions and he answers them! Maybe it’d be a good way to get word out about Les Amis?

R: Jehan-!

Enjolras: Oh! Grantaire, what a good idea.

R: …

Jehan: Here, I’ll scoot, you sit.

Enjolras: Right!

Jehan: I’ll talk to you later, R.

Enjolras: Okay so how does this work?

R: …

Enjolras: Well?

R: *sigh* 

R: Questions get asked, you answer them.

Enjolras: So what first then? They don’t know who I am.

R: Then introduce yourself. The internet is watching.

Enjolras: Alright, well. Hello, all, my name is Julien Enjolras, but don’t call me Julien. Please just call me Enjolras.

R: Or Enj. Or Angel Arse. Or Apollo, or-

Enjolras: Enjolras. Anyway, I’m in my third year of university and I’m one of the founders of our group “Les Amis de l’ABC”! Our mission is to make France and the world a better, more accepting and inclusive place. We hold rallies and protests and generally try to actively make change! Our meetings are Thursday nights from seven until nine at the Café Musain. We’d love to have you join our ranks or ask any questions about our group or starting one of your own!

R: Y’know, Apollo, I did say to introduce yourself. Not your justice club.

Enjolras: What am I if not a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves?

R: …alright, whatever. Look, you guys, just ask him questions about himself since he can’t hand over the information on his own apparently.

Enjolras: Hey-!

R: You all got what you wanted. The ask box is open for Enjolras.

[ask box is open for Enjolras!]

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Hi! I don't know which MOD drew it, but awhile back you drew a girl with freckles. Do you have a certain brush for freckles because when I try they never look right :( it would be awesome to know your settings. Anyway keep up the awesome work mods!


//Let’s use Kid W!Matt as example:

//i forgot where i got the extra tools (downloaded it from somewhere in the internet)



//Cause we may not have the same tool brushes-

//there you have it, my not-a-secret-anymore freckles cheat -rban

//this is just if you want to work on a drawing quick, and not too focused on detailing,, or whatever you want to use it for -rban

I feel so heartbroken right now. I have lived in America all my life and have always been proud of it; never have I been disgusted and ashamed of my country. Words cannot describe the void and fear I feel now. As a bisexual Latinx women, I am not only ashamed and terrified for myself, but for the millions of other people living in this country. How could we let ourselves come to this? Obama worked so hard for us to be where we are now and soon that will all be taken away. A girl legitimately told me she voted for harambe. Any election, let alone a presidential one, isn’t a fucking joke. People DIED for voting rights, and you’re seriously going to waste on a fucking internet meme? Grow up America.


So yesterday, YouTube dude @cr1tikal posted a video called Finger Family Mystery. In it, he details a strange. sprawling assortment of videos littered all over YouTube, each with millions of hits, almost zero comments, and always featuring a benign children’s nursery rhyme.

As it turns out, he’s right; a quick search of “Finger Family” nets you nothing but hundreds of these videos. Why do they exist? I decided to probe. Watching one of the videos didn’t enlighten me, but then I had the radical idea of watching the videos on Internet Explorer, where I don’t have AdBlock.

Shock and terror: all of the videos are monetized. Suddenly, the sky opens up and the truth is clear. These videos aren’t being made to be watched. They’re being made to generate money.

Remember how YouTube’s copyright and monetization system works? It’s a combination of the ads and the total minutes watched. The Finger Family videos vary; the smaller ones are only about a minute and a half long, the longer ones are up to 90 minutes, and in the middle they range from 15-30 minutes.

Now, copyright. The nursery rhyme “The Finger Family” is public domain, so anyone’s free to stick in a book of nursery rhymes and sell it. There are copyright characters all over these videos, sure, but none of the original material is being used; it’s all half-baked animations cobbled together using familiar faces. It’s pissing on the face of copyright law. And assuming these videos are being churned out by some Chinese company (where copyright laws are FAR more lenient), this could very well not have any copyright hurdles to start with.

But who’s watching the videos? No human being. Most likely, it’s a bunch of computers set up to watch these videos, click an ad, reload the page, and so on. Who’s making the videos? Again, not a person. The content’s being generated by automated systems that grab premade assets and familiar characters and automatically generate a video.

This is all speculation, of course. I could be entirely wrong. There could be a Finger Family Cult hidden beneath the crust of the Earth, and watching these videos is part of a daily ritual. But as that seems unlikely…

TL;DR: These videos are being automatically generated and watched so that whoever owns the videos can make a ton of money off of ad clicks and views.

Yami reacts to YuGiOh ships!

So here, let’s pretend Yami was on the internet (after hours of Yugi explaining it to him) and was playing a game (or something) and stumbled upon Yugioh Ships from the most bizarre to the obvious (in Yami’s opinion). How would he react? Please ignore Yami’s grammar. This information might be a little off too. Oh well.

PS: this contains yaoi ships but not yuri

1. Revolutionshipping (Yami x Anzu)

Yami: So there is a ship with me and Anzu?

Yami: But the fans do realize I left for the afterlife, right?

Yugioh Lists: Yes, yes they do

Yami: And how does this work again?

Yugioh Lists: I don’t even know, but there’s fanfiction of the Gods giving you our own body and then falling in love with Anzu!

Yami: Not helping

Yami: No but seriously, how does this work?

2. Vanishshipping (Atemu x Teana)

Yami: First, they think that the Gods can grace me with my own body

Yami: Then they think that they could create a past life for Anzu?

Yami: How far will you go for me and Anzu to be together?

Yami: And Teana? Really? I’m disappointed in all of you

3. Vaseshipping (Atemu x Mana)

Yami: M-me and Mana too?!?!

Yami: But we’re friends!

Yami: Nothing more, nothing less

Mana: You insult me Princ- I mean Pharaoh!

Yami: Not you too!

4. Aprenticeshipping (Mahado x Mana)

Yami: I do not know why

Yami: But now three realizations hit me

Yami: First, I’ll be a third wheel

Yami: Second, whenever I see them, they’ll probably be making out

Yami: Third, I think I really need–

Mana: A chill pill because you’re jealous?

Mana: Another friend so you aren’t lonely

Mana: <<squeals>>

Mana: Or a girlfriend!?

Yami: I was going to say a nap but okay

5. Azureshipping (Kaiba x Anzu)

Yami: What!?

Yami: Our poor Anzu with Kaiba!?

Yami: Please tell me this is a joke

Yugioh Lists: Ah poor Yami, it is not

Yugioh Lists: Actually, there’s fanfiction in which Anzu goes out with Kaiba to make you jealous

6. Blueshipping (Seto x Kisara)

Yami: Oh hell yes

Yami: They’re perfect

7. Peachshipping (Yugi x Anzu)

Yami: I very much believe this should be canon

Yami: Because if it isn’t

Yami: Well let’s say,

Yami: I’ve lost all faith for humanity

Yami: Yugi and Anzu are perfect

8. Puppyshipping (Jono x Kaiba)

Yami: I knew this was coming up

Yami: I even prepared myself for it

Yami: Mentally of course

Yami: But now that it’s in front of me

Yami: Holy shit I need to do something about this

9. Polarshipping (Jono x Mai)

Yami: Mrs. I-was-evil-sorta-but-then-turned-good-and-then-back-to-evil-and-then-good-again with Joey?

Yami: Another ship that had to be canon

Yami: Because seriously, did you not watch episode 173

Yami: That episode was made for Polarshipping

10. Darkshipping (Yami x Bakura)

Yami: Why am I not surprised

Yami: What scares me is that Bakura ships this

11. Prideshipping (Yami x Kaiba)

Yami: What

Yami: The

Yami: Actual

Yami: Fuck

Yami: Is

Yami: This

Yami’s OTP:

Yami: What’s an OTP?

Amami: Alright, is everyone here? Today’s a pretty special day!

Ki-bo: How so? How is today “special”?

Amami: Well, this is the test post! It’s to see how the blog works. Formatting and all that sort of stuff.

Yumeno: What’cha talkin’ about? Blog?

Tenko: Oooh, a blog? Does that mean Tenko’s on the internet? Hi internet!

Amami: Yep! We’re all on the internet! Some blogger by the name of evilstep made little portraits of all of us. Look at how colorful we are!

Shirogane: Oh wow, is this an anime blog?!? They aren’t posting hentai of me, right?!?

Ki-bo: What is hentai?


Angie: God doesn’t appreciate hentai. Angie would know.

Hoshi: I’ve been on the deep web. I’ve seen some shit.

Shinguji: I’ve heard tales of the internet…

Momota: The net’s awesome!

Toujo: I’d have to disagree.

Harukawa: Me too. Me too.


Akamatsu: Well, looks like everybody’s acting like themselves… Guess I should wrap up this post now.

Ki-bo: Seriously! What’s hentai?!?

Jikook/Kookmin 170214


Seriously, I know I was late. I just got home from work. 

What did I think when I was working?

“Ah~, it’s Valentine’s Day today, it’s a special day, Jikook will probably upload something, right?” I was nervously looking forward to it.

And as soon as I turned the internet on, I was afdfdskngjgksh!!!

Not only did they upload something, they freaking wore the same jacket!

I know it’s by Hobi’s noona fashion brand, but still, couple clothes on Valentine’s Day? Really? REALLY? Is this how you guys are gonna play with us shippers, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin?

Wow wow wow…

I’m gonna go and sob in a corner. I should be crying because I’m alone on Valentine’s Day, but no, I’m crying out of happiness because my ship is sailing too strong by itself  ㅠ.ㅠ



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Great site. Even though some of the items posted are way before my time, I find it interesting to see how those in the Past envisioned how life would be in the Future. What they got right, what they got wrong and what ideas were just out there. Keep up the excellent work.

Wow, much appreciated. And thanks for following! Readers are awesome.

Fiction can’t predict the future, because so much of it is defined by things nobody could predict: things like the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the internet were things that no science fiction ever anticipated. That tells me the future will be something wilder and weirder than what we can imagine from the point of view of right now.

On the internet I heard a story about a young girl who attended her local church. She sat right up front so she could see the signer who was there every week to interpret just for her. One week after church an elderly woman from the church stopped to speak to her. The interpreter quickly interpreted the woman’s words, “Don’t worry dear, one day you will be in heaven and you will be able to hear as well as the rest of us.”

The child quickly responded, her signs flying through the air, the interpreter spoke the words to the old woman…

“If it’s heaven – God will sign.”

Amen, Sister!

—  Dave Hingsburger, A Little Behind: Articles for Challenge, Change, and Catching Up
What Are Skype Dregs? (An Educational Post by Me)

First off, Skype Dregs look like this:

They also may look like this:

But it doesn’t matter because they’re microscopic, and even if you could see microscopic things they’re invisible, so good luck with that.

Skype Dregs are extraterrestrial beings that live in the pocket dimensions created by invisible communication devices like Skype, AIM, MSN, Discord, and all other chat programs. If you didn’t understand any of that, just know that it’s impossible to actually talk to someone over the internet. Not even if you’re in the same room with them. It’s just completely impossible. How internet chat works is that when you open up a chat program, your computer creates an entire pocket dimensions filled with entities that type a lot like your friends, sound like your friends, and may even look like your friends. Get this, they’re not your friends. They’re not even human. Crazy, right? That’s just how it works, though.

Thankfully, everyone is synced up and remembers the chats that their fake pocket dimensions selves had because Verizon created devices that beam their fake memories into your real brain. That means that you will always remember any conversations that your fake selves have had on any chat program. It feels like you actually really chatted with someone. Science = Epic, right? 

Anywho, Skype Dregs are bad news and will swim into your ears while the communication portal to your dimension is open. They’ll swim through your ear ways and all the way up to your brain and fuck everything up. Luckily for you, there’s symptoms so you can know if there are Skype Dregs in your brain. The symptoms are:

  • Brain stench
  • Phantom dog sighting
  • Invisible arm
  • Green man
  • Enlarged nipple
  • Random screaming
  • Increased arousal
  • Decreased arousal
  • Normal arousal
  • Hand grenade
  • Football
  • Enjoyment of eating
  • Friendly attitude
  • Want of egg
  • Mumps
  • It’s raining outside
  • Treasure
  • Soft kiss
  • You’re now a mother with two kids
  • Etc.

You may have all or none of these symptoms. Early treatment of Skype Dregs can prevent any deadlier symptoms. If you think you may have Skype Dregs, don’t visit your doctor immediately, they won’t believe you. Only visit the doctor if you think your symptoms may be terminal (I.E. You’ve grown more limbs, or you’re on the CIA’s most wanted list). Then, they can’t ignore you.

The best way to prevent Skype Dregs or to get rid of Skype Dregs is to keep chatting. I mean, actually keep chatting and not thinking you were chatting because a pocket dimension version of yourself was chatting. Thank you, and be safe.
Boston Marathon bomber 'worked for' the U.S. government

**Subtle as always. Is the Daily Mail too poor to pay a proofreader? Or just to freaking use spellcheck? I love too how they claim “exclusive” rights to the heading photo given that it’s been floating around the Internet for at least the past 2 ½ years. And Tamerlan was a “dark skinned Muslim with a long beard”? Really?**

In her book Maximum Harm: The Tsarnaev Nrother, the FBI and the Road to the Marathon Bombing to be published in April, she tells how U.S. authorities believed Anzor Tsarnaev’s claimed his life was in danger due to his Chechen heritage and his family was granted political asylum.

McPhee’s theory - which she admits she cannot definitively prove - is that Tamerlan was a federal informant and that he turned on America after his citizenship application was rejected.

McPhee writes that Tamerlan expected to be granted citizenship quickly and his anger grew when the process was delayed.

He was initially told to come in for his swearing in ceremony in October 2012 but it was put off.

The U.S. Immigration service wrote to Cedarleaf, the FBI terrorism chief in Boston, and asked if he was a ‘national security concern’. Cedarleaf replied that there was 'nothing I know of’.

In January 2013 Tamerlan tried again to get his citizenship and had another interview where he was asked about his arrest related to a domestic violence charge.

McPhee says that Tamerlan 'fully expected to walk way’ with his citizenship’. Instead. his status was delayed again due to paperwork issues.

Two weeks later, on February 6 2013, an 'angry Tamerlan walked into Phantom Fireworks in Seabrook, New Hampshire, and asked for the “biggest and loudest” pyrotechnics in the story’, McPhee writes.

McPhee, an Emmy-award nominated reporter with the ABC News investigative team, writes that he felt 'double crossed’ and that he turned on America for failing to keep up its side of the bargain after he worked for them.

In Maximum Harm, McPhee says that as a result the federal government played a 'direct role in creating the monster that Tamerlan Tsarnaev became’.

She argues that they recruited Tamerlan as an operative in late 2010 and that he was the 'perfect candidate’ because he was 'broke, desperate for citizenship and with a new wife and a baby to take care of, he spoke fluent English, Russian and a dialect of Chechen’.

Tamerlan was not jailed for his involvement in a triple murder in 2011 because he was 'too valuable as an asset working for the federal government on a drug case with ties to overseas terrorism’.

Tamerlan was also providing them with intelligence on the mosque he attended and its ties to Al Qaeda.

Another issue was where Tamerlan got his money from.

On Tamerlan’s death certificate the Medical Examiner listed 'Never Worked’ as his occupation but he drove a Mercedes.

McPhee writes: 'History has shown that working for the federal government as an informant can be lucrative.

'Tamerlan got away with much villainy that only a hands-off policy formulated at local level by one or more agencies responsible for national intelligence could have engineered’.

McPhee told that she believed that the CIA were running Tamerlan while he was in Russia and that the FBI were in charge of him when he returned to America, citing sources she had spoken to.

If the case McPhee makes for Tamerlan’s working for the government proves untrue, then a catalog of national security failings allowed Tamerlan to travel to Russia where he was further radicalized and return to the U.S. even though he was on two terror watch lists.

She says that none of the lessons from the 9/11 Commission about intelligence sharing were learned and were a major factor in allowing the Boston Marathon bombing to happen.

McPhee told that unless law enforcement and intelligence agencies do not fix the same problems that led to the 2001 World Trade Center attacks it is just a matter of time before there will be another atrocity on U.S. soil.

The Boston Marathon bombing was the worst terrorist attack in America since 9/11, leaving three dead and wounding several hundred others, many who lost limbs.

Tamerlan, 26, died during a shootout on the streets of Boston after killing Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier.

Dzhokhar, now 23, was captured alive and put on trial. After convicting him, a Boston jury sentenced him to death.

McPhee took three years to research and traces the Tsarnaev family history back to Dagestan, where they moved from their native Kyrgyzstan.

In 2001 Tamerlan’s father Anzor and his mother Zubeidat moved to the U.S. along with Dzhokhar on 90-day tourist visas.

In 2002 they filed for political asylum saying they were under threat of death because of Anzor’s Chechnyan heritage and their application was successful.

The following year the younger Tsarnaev sisters arrived, followed by Tamerlan. The photo of him at the airport shows a tall, strong 16-year-old who, like his father, was a boxer.

The U.S. government had, unwittingly, just admitted a man who would go on to become one of its most notorious terrorists.

Life in the U.S. however was not straightforward for the Tsarnaev family and by 2006 not a single member of the family had held a job, including Anzor.

Their rent was paid for with a federal subsidy, their food was paid for by the SNAP benefits program and their clothing was paid for using cash from EBT cards, another government welfare program.

The only work they did do was not declared, McPhee writes, such as Zubeidat doing facials in her apartment for cash. Tamerlan delivered pizzas while Dzhokhar sold drugs, according to court documents.

Tamerlan had dreams of becoming a professional fighter and won two consecutive titles as the Golden Gloves heavyweight champion of New England in 2010.

But that year he was barred from fighting in the National Tournament of Champions because he was not a citizen, essentially ending his career.

This was the point where his life began to go off the rails and he became increasingly radicalized.

The following year Tamerlan is said to have directly taken part in the brutal murder of three people who had their throats slashed in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The victims, one of whom was Tamerlan’s best friend, had their heads pulled back and their throats slit from ear to ear, investigators said.

McPhee writes that on March 4 2011 the Russian intelligence service, the FSB, took the highly unusual step of warning the FBI legal attaché in Moscow about Tamerlan and his mother - that they were becoming 'adherers of radical Islam’.

The letter, which contained extensive detail about the family, said that Tamerlan had 'changed drastically since 2010’ and was preparing to travel to Russia to 'join unspecified groups’.

The information was handed to David Cedarleaf, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston field office, who carried out a 'threat assessment’ of Tamerlan and interviewed his parents.

However he did not speak to Tamerlan’s wife Katherine Russell, a Muslim convert, nor did he visit the controversial mosque in Cambridge where Tamerlan prayed even though it was connected to radical Islamic terrorism and its founder would later be jailed for 23 years for giving money to Al Qaeda.

Three months later Cedarleaf closed his investigation and sent a message to the FSB on August 28 2011 through the bureau’s legal attaché in Russia saying there was 'nothing derogatory’ about the Tsarnaevs.

Inexplicably Tamerlan was nevertheless put on two terrorist watch lists.

And in a further bizarre twist, in January 2012 he traveled to Russia 'without a hitch’ despite being on the lists and not having a valid passport, instead using his residency documents and a passport issued in Kyrgyzstan that was due to expire months later.

According to McPhee: 'All of this was suspicious. No one would dismiss such detailed information about a man that seemed to be exactly the sort of dangerous person that FBI director James Comey warned about, who posed the greatest threat to the US homeland; an American jihadi.

'Law enforcement officials in Massachusetts began to say that Tamerlan was an informant for the feds, a spy sent to Russia to help track and kill the men he was in contact with. They believed he was working for the government, motivated by the promise of citizenship’.

When he arrived in the Dagestan region of Russia, Tamerlan met with Magomed Kartashov, Zubeidat’s second cousin, a former Dagestan cop who had become an Islamist leader and had declared war against Russia.

He appears to have been radicalized further at the fundamentalist Salafi mosque in Makhachkala, the region’s capital.

According to McPhee, Tamerlan could have provided intelligence that led to Russian intelligence services carrying out a raid in Utamysh, a small village in the Kayakent District of Dagestan.

Among the dead was William Plotnikov, one of his friends.

The following day, Tamerlan, or somebody acting for him, paid for him to fly back to America.

McPhee says that on Tamerlan’s return to the U.S., Tamerlan was not even stopped for an additional security screening at New York’s JFK airport, even though it should have been mandatory given he had been away for longer than six months.

Being on the terrorism watch list meant that it should have triggered an alert every time he traveled, but when he landed at Boston’s Logan Airport on July 12 2012 there were no issues at all and a customs agent scanned his green card into the system and let him in.

McPhee says that this was the 'very loophole in immigration laws that the 9/11 Commission had said needed to be closed’.

More worryingly, the customs agent, Jim Bailey, later said he 'cannot recall’ if he told the FBI that Tamerlan came into the U.S. without a passport.

Bailey later said that customs and border agents communicate with the FBI about possible terrorist suspects sometimes using just a 'sticky note’.

McPhee writes: 'Surely to stop Tamerlan at the airport for additional screening based on his physical profile alone - he was a dark-skinned Muslim male with a long beard - or because he was leaving a terrorist hotbed would have been insensitive racial profiling.

'But the idea that a man whose name was on two terrorist watch lists somehow managed to clear customs because government officials claimed his name was misspelled on those lists is inconceivable.

'This is especially true given the multi-million dollar computer program the Department of Homeland Security had purchased to prevent that very sort of thing from occurring’.

McPhee says that ultimately she wants her book to be a tribute to the work of the law enforcement officers who caught the Tsarnaev brothers.

She said: 'In the end it was amazing police work that tracked these guys down and I want to pay tribute to that’.

Someone Like Me

Summary: Your boyfriend, Thomas, cheats on you and Newt’s there to comfort you. But it turns out, you and Newt may have know each other a little before the maze

Pairings: Newt x Reader, Thomas x Reader

Word Count: 4273 (Wow, okay.)

Warnings: Nothing, just slight cussing as always.

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ecstasykid-deactivated20161227  asked:

Is there a good movie about the day of the assassination of franz ferdinand? I mean like, not the motivations or causes or what happened after or the politics behind it, just about the day--which was ridiculous, just like, sandwiches

Listen!! Friend!!!! trust me my pal if there was a movie entirely dedicated to the comical aspects of the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand I would be right there in the front row. i’d be in the director’s seat and behind the camera and alternating through every acting role and working the lights and catering the whole dang production. I’d Be There.

But unfortunately my internet trawling has yet to unearth such a gem, which isn’t necessarily to say that it doesn’t exist. As far as I’m aware, though, we’re shit out of luck. Most movies you’ll find concerning the subject, as I’m sure you’ve realized, only deal with it in relation to how it sparked the events of World War 1 (fascinating stuff, of course, but the Great War wasn’t, unfortunately, hilariously botched.)