this is how tall he is

kakashi lineup!! I had fun trying to estimate how tall he was at any given age. I also tried to draw him with a couple of his anime-canon outfits while remembering how old he was supposed to be, ‘cause his appearance is kinda inconsistent in the show.


Pairing : Bucky x reader
Warnings : ANGST, Sad ending
A/N : Well, I was listening to Happier by Ed Sheeran and this popped into my head.
Words : 1,482


Happy. You were always happy with Bucky,  you didn’t think it was possible to be happier. Everything was perfect with him. A bear hug from the super soldier was all it took to turn a bad day into a good one. You’d grown accustomed to his rough hands, yet surprisingly gentle grip; his soft and plump pink lips that kissed your nose so lovingly; his baby blues that you didn’t mind being lost in; his tall form towering over yours when he’d hold you; the way all of a sudden he’d hold your waist and pull you close; how he’d laugh, his tongue-behind-teeth smile. You’d grown accustomed to it – no, you’d fallen in love with it, with him.

So how’d you end up here? How’d you end up in an empty bed, waiting for him to come home at 2 am? How’d you end up crying yourself to sleep for 7 nights in a row? When did you stop feeling happy and start feeling unloved?Bucky was the love of your life, no matter the fights, the arguments, the screaming matches. You’d never seen anything like this before in your relationship, but you loved him, and you’d do anything to make your relationship work, even if making your relationship work meant fighting with him.

The Bucky you loved was different. The Bucky you loved was invested in your relationship, he made sure to never leave without kissing you, he baked chocolate cake with you, he made you pancakes with extra maple syrup; the Bucky you loved, love you. The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am –

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of the door being unlocked. “Bucky?” your tired voice reached his ears, which was replied by as small ‘yes’. You immediately shot to you feet and walked in his direction. “Where were you?” You asked, looking at him. His hair was messy, his red Henley which you adored so much was crumpled and his eyes looked tired. “out,” he said, devoid of any emotions. “Well, as obvious as that was, it wasn’t what I meant.” Even if you’d been fighting, you were glad he was back home. Breathing a sigh of relief, you stepped closer, trying to pull him into a hug, only to be greeted with refusal.

This wasn’t the man you loved. Sure, they had the same face and physique, but they didn’t smell the same, hell, they didn’t feel the same. Your Bucky would never refuse to hug you, he took every chance he got to hold you. He smiled when you did, he laughed when you did. Your Bucky didn’t avoid your gaze, he didn’t stay out past midnight.

The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am smelling like cheap perfume. “Who is she?” It all became so clear- how he was avoiding you, and coming home late. It all made sense now.”Y/N,” “Who is she?” you asked, unaware of the tears streaming down you face. “I met her at the bar, she’s a waitress.” It felt as if your heart had been ripped out of your chest, and you were being forced to watch somebody stomping on it; as if someone kept stabbing you, waiting for enough time to let the wound heal, just to tear your all over again. Your silent cries had turned to loud sobs by now. Your body felt like it would collapse any moment now, and as if on cue, your legs gave out, causing you to sink to the floor. Tears clouded your vision, but not before you could see a certain super soldier coming your way.

“Bucky, you’re joking, right? It’s just a silly joke, because if not, it’s tearing me apart. Just tell me you’re fooling me.” “I wish I could, doll.” Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself to speak, “ It’s already difficult as it is, so just tell me the truth and do not make me question you twice. Did you sleep with her?” There was a slight pause before he spoke, giving you a short-lived moment of hope. Fate, however, had different plans. “Yes,” your tears were flowing freely due to the newly acquired information. “Do you- do you love her?” “Y/N, I-” “Does she make you happy?” “Doll, listen to me-” “Are you happier with her?” “I am.” “well then,” you smiled sadly, “there’s no point in me holding you back. I’ll send somebody to get my stuff tomorrow.”

You got up, dusting your clothes. You took a few steps towards the door before you heard yourself speak, “Bucky? Can I have one last hug?” You walked back to him, fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt, hoping to hold the love of your life one last time. He wasted no time in pulling your into a bear hug, just like he always used to. You wrapped your arms around him, as tight as it was physically possible for you to, and a little more. When you let go, he stayed in the same position for a moment with a sad look on his face. You took in his features, his baby blues which were your favourite colour in this  entire universe, his soft lips and his straight brown hair. Your let out a laugh which all too soon turned into a loud sob, which was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips to yours. His hands were in your hair, while yours cupped his face. You kissed him with all your might, savouring every second, trying to engrave in your mind how his lips felt against yours. You pulled away and wiped a tear from your face. “I love you so, so much, Bucky Barnes.” And with that, you left.

It had been eight months since you and Bucky had broken up. Sure, it still hurt, but you’d never go back to him, not after what he did. You missed him on windy days, you two would stay all day on the couch, cuddling and watching horror movies, you missed him when you drank coffee – he always grimaced at how sweet you liked it, you missed him when you went to sleep, because your bed felt empty without him in it.
It was safe to say you missed Bucky Barnes.

After a lot of convincing from Natasha, you decided to go out on a date. With whom, one might ask? Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. Turns out, Stark had a thing for brown-eyed, art loving, cake eating, heart warmingly beautiful, yet unbelievably clumsy girls like you. You’d been dating for three weeks before you two made if official. Tony had a changed status, he was now only Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist. He finally found someone worth staying loyal to. You loved Tony, and you were genuinely happy, after a long, long time.
It was safe to say you no longer missed Bucky Barnes.

After you two broke up, Bucky felt something snap inside of him. He rarely went out or socialized with the rest of the team. The only person he really talked to was Steve. When Steve got to know Bucky cheated on you, boy oh boy was he mad. He’d gone to his house with the full intention of punching him in the face and breaking his nose. “You cheated on her?” He asked, swinging his fist to Bucky’s face, which Buck stopped mid-way [thank God for his enhanced reflexes, Steve had a mean right hook]. “God damn it, punk. I’m a lot of wrong things but a cheater isn’t one of them. My ma raised me right.” Steve was taken aback.“Then why does- Oh my God, Bucky. You didn’t cheat on her, did you?” His eyes widened at the sudden realization. “No, you idiot, I just bought some ladies’ perfume and lathered it all over myself.” He smiled bitterly at Steve. “Why’d you do it?” Bucky wiped away a tear, “because she deserves to be happy. She deserves all the happiness in this world, and probably even more, and I can’t give that to her. She deserves to be happier.”

When Bucky did join everybody, it was on Steve’s birthday party. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He’d come to know you were engaged to Tony, after all, it had been three years since you broke up.  He saw you in another man’s arms, walking towards the bar, laughing loudly at something Tony said. “You alright there pal?” Steve asked his best friend, patting his back. “She’s happier, Steve,” Bucky said, taking a big gulp of his beer. “Both their smiles are twice as wide as ours. She’s happier.” Steve smiled sadly at him, “You still love her, don’t you?” Bucky’s face had tears streaming down, smiling, he said, “I can always smile to hide the truth – that I was happier with her. But look at her, Steve, she’s happy – no, she’s happier.”

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What would sweet pea be like with a s/o that is a lot shorter/tinier than him?


  • ‘Sup shortstuff’ ‘fucking call me shortstuff again I’ll punch you right in the dick’ 
  • Feeling vulnerable next to him because of his body mass 
  • Sweets reaching all the stuff on the top shelf for you because you’re too small to reach without climbing 
  • Teamwork when he can’t reach - hoists you up
  • Piggy back rides bc you can’t keep up with his long legs and their absurdly fast pace 
  • Never being able to comfortably kiss him if he’s standing up 
  • ‘Could you lower your face please?’ ‘why?’ ‘im trying to surprise kiss you but i can’t reach’
  • Sitting in his lap all the time! With his arms wrapped around your stomach! 
  • Taking big spoon/little spoon to a whole other level bc he’s almost twice your size 
  • SP’s bed is bigger than most others bc of how tall he is so you fit like a literal baby in the center of it all wrapped up safely when he has to leave for serpent business in the middle of the night 
  • ‘Getting caught up with me is dangerous’ ‘funnily enough, I’ve never felt safer’ 
  • Sweet pea handling you like you’re a goddamn china doll bc ur so small and fragile 
  • Referring to you as a lion trapped in a kitten’s body 
  • Him just carrying u everywhere bc its so much easier than waiting for you to catch up 
  • Accidentally hitting u with his elbow or something and dropping literally EVERYTHING he’s doing to just ‘OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY BABY IM SO SORRY ARE YOU OK? UR GONNA BRUISE’
  • Likewise when u accidentally hit him or something and he whines u just go ‘well, don’t sit so close next time dumbass’ 
  • Top of the head kisses all the time 
  • Never being able to hug around his neck so you’re always hugging his waist
  • Talking about you while ur right there with tallboy/fangs/toni 
  • Toni sympathizing with ur daily short girl struggles 
  • ‘How can someone so small be so angry?’ ‘try having a giant oaf for a boyfriend’ ‘i resent that’ ‘i resent u for using me as a fckin armrest but HERE WE ARE’

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Yes yes yes I love platonic soulmate stozier, and also I adore platonic soulmate kaspbrough!! Tell all about little eds and billy before meeting the others!!!

oh my god kaspbrough is just as pure tbh, there’s tall and lanky for his age bill denbrough who doesn’t stutter as bad when he’s younger but it still irritates him and there’s his tiny best bud eddie always encouraging him to talk despite his stutter

eddie is always round bill’s house, his parents like how formal and well mannered he is, and he hangs out with bill and georgie all the time (try and tell me eddie wasn’t georgie’s favourite other than bill because he fucking was) and the two babysit him all the damn time and make forts together and play pirates and space men all the time omfg

they had movie marathons every friday night and stayed up late in bills room watching ET and Star Wars and The Goonies (and dirty dancing that one time) and then the next day they’d wake up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons with georgie on the couch in their pjs with cereal

they tell each other all their secrets and confide in each other when they’re upset because they’re both super emotional boys

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Hmmmm...A separate imagine for each bro please. They finally reach their significant other after 2 months of searching, inside of ardyn ship.( they know it's them cause clothes) They go to hug them in excitement, but when the do their S/Os body just collapses/breaks apart. Turns out ardyn had tortured and killed them 1st day and was useing his illusion magic to make them appear alive. How would the bros react to having their beloveds remains crumble upon them and the realisation they failed?

Just A Vision: Chocobros x Reader

Two months.

Two agonizing months of chasing nothing but unhelpful clues.

Two months of struggling to sleep without you by his side.

Two months.

Until they finally received word from Cor about your whereabouts.

The base stood tall and ominous, casting a shadow of dread large enough and real enough that he could choke on it.

It wasn’t easy to get it, but the four powered through the whole base until they reached the final room where you could possibly be.

He quickly opened the door and saw a machine.

And you.

Oh Six, it was you.

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Final Fantasy XV

Gladnis | Gladiolus Amicitia x Ignis Scientia

735 words

A little more. A little less.

A tall shield in the traditional black Crownsguard uniform grew frustrated as he blindly paced down the citadel’s brightly lit hallways. His heart pounded against a heavy chest, feet stomping against the tile floor. He was unnaturally tense.

How was he going to start it?

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could you do a headcanon for bucky barnes falling in love with you?

so I know tumblr has a unique format for headcanons, but I’m too lazy to screw with all that lmao.

Word Count: 430

Bucky in the 40′s was a bit of a skirt-chaser. He loved to flirt and knew he was good at it. Every Friday and Saturday, he was with a different lady, and every lady was a “doll”. Charming, handsome, tall, and employed – all things women wanted in 1940. However, falling in love was something that James “Bucky” Barnes never saw happening for himself. When he saw you across the room, laughing with his wimpy best friend, he felt a genuine tug on his heart. Girls always ignored Steve – that’s just how it went. So, perhaps it was jealousy – considering you were easily the most gorgeous gal at the party, chatting with Steve Rogers, of all people – or perhaps it was pride in his friend, but he found himself ditching his date (probably not the most gentlemanly thing to do, but Lucy was pretty. She’d find someone else) and walking up to the two of you. Steve introduced you as F/N L/N, and, cheesy as it was, Bucky fell head over heels for you the moment he heard your laugh.

Bucky in the 2010′s is much harder to please. He’s confused and concerned about the last half century. Bucky has done things that no man should ever do, seen things that no one should ever see. He’s not proud of himself. Really, all he wants is to move on and forget. Steve can stay as Captain America - that’s fine. The Winter Soldier can just disappear; out of sight, out of mind. That’s all Bucky wants. Of course, S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t in agreement with poor, ol’ Bucky. You are one of the agents assigned to him, and he never fully catches your name, always referring to you as “that one” in his head. “’That one’ has a really nice hairstyle today,” or “’That one’’s eyes sparkle in the sunlight.”

You are one of the few capable of actually taking the Winter Soldier on, and Bucky finds himself unable to avoid respecting that. Over time, as he becomes more Bucky and less Winter Soldier, he begins trying to get to know you – and you stop trying to catch him quite so efficiently. A few sarcastic quips turn into longer conversations, which then turn into picnics in secluded parts of the world.

It’s only when Captain America starts some sort of…war…with Tony Stark that you finally realize your true feelings for Bucky Barnes. You whisper the words to him, before he runs away, and all he does is toss you a sweet smile.

Reader tags: @ssweet-empowerment

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I’m gonna flip it on Eddie now and ask him what about Richie turns him on?

oh my god…okay…i guess…here goes…

oh god…

…i like this thing he does with his hair where he pushes it back with his fingers…and like it looks super messy but it looks really…good…i like when he tells me what he wants to do to me…even if its gross and embarrassing and…graphic…i like how sometimes before he kisses me he pushes his glasses back up onto the top of his head in his hair…i like that hes really tall and he can lift me up…even though sometimes its annoying and he makes jokes about it…and i really like…when he tells me…if im doing something he likes…or if im doing something good…when he…praises me for something… maybe… sometimes… okay… bye…



Warning: Fics are intended for 18+ only.


Yeah, you can start over, you can run free
You can find other fish in the sea
You can pretend it’s meant to be
But you can’t stay away from me

I Forgot to Mention

I beat myself up for days. Weeks. Such a dumb decision. Life was difficult at the time. Busy. I deserved some sort of distraction. I craved some sort of release, and by God, he gave it to me. Exhilarating, mind-blowing release.

I thought it over a hundred and one times. How could I be so fucking stupid?


The professor was talking but I wasn’t paying any attention. How did he expect me to listen to a word that left his mouth when he looked like that? Tall, tone, strong-jawed, perfect chiseled nose, those blue eyes, that scruffy beard, and an accent that made my pussy ache.

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Dominant Finn (drabbles)

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charlie please send help my host realized how tall you are and now he wont stop thinking about how "a cute boy is just as tall as me" and his adhd meds havent kicked in yet. hes hyperfocused on the fact that youre tall and hot and i dont know what to do - (askasquipouttahell)

[Well. He has good taste.]

[I hope his medicine kicks in soon, though.]

update 1 ig

i really wish i did these when it all first started going down, just so there would be more of a backstory and u could get to know B and me.

i was always into older guys. my best friends and family would joke around about it, how i’d be most likely to “get a suggar daddy” or “date a teacher”

ig they were kinda right. i’m not gonna say my age cause i fear the judgement. i’m in high school though and not eighteen. growing up i was always more mature then the rest of the kids my age, looks and personality wise. i don’t wanna be like “ oh i’m hot i seduced him “ but ik what i look like and i don’t think it’s cocky to say i think i’m pretty.

a little about him :

he’s tall. short dark hair, hazel eyes. he sometimes shaves, but pretty much always has some scruff (which i like a lot). he’s young and has an athletic build. he was the ultimate athlete in his high school and college days and goes to work out almost every day once he drops me off at my house.

it all started on the first day of school when he said my name during attendance. he had never even glanced my way before then and once he looked up to see who said “here” i noticed he stared a little too long. i didn’t think twice about it though. i was used to that. it wasn’t until a week later i noticed that the staring game was a little to inappropriate. i kept trying to tell myself “this is normal. if he was ugly and 60 years old u wouldn’t think him looking at like that wasn’t normal” but deep down i knew. i knew damn well it wasn’t all in my head.

it wasn’t all attraction though. we got a long, our personalities matched. and we were constantly talking. the chemistry has never been so strong ever.

it doesnt help that not only do i see him everyday during his period, he has lunch duty when i have lunch so i constantly saw him throughout the day.

and i’ll end this now. i don’t want this to be huge but i feel like those who care need to read a backstory before all of a sudden their reading some next level porn shit. lmaooo jp (not really)

red lips built like a tomb (daredevil mcu, matt/elektra, teen, 2.8k)

First thing, they run.

(They don’t look back.)

Later, Elektra will think of the sound their feet made, hitting the pavement in determined strides as they retreated from the chaos of the roof and slipped away, moving between the spines of tall buildings to make their escape. She’ll think of how there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky, the lights of the city bleeding out the edges of the universe, and the short, even pants that Matthew made as he ran beside her.

She’ll think of the way their hands fit together, refusing to let go even for speed, now or ever.

(She’ll think of the price they paid, and what she left behind.)

If Matthew thinks of it as well – he doesn’t say.

posted @ ao3

for @girljustdied and very belatedly written for her birthday with the prompt of “it’s a sharp shock to your soft side”. <333

this one time during freshie year I saw my classmate putting his things, yet again, into his friend’s bag and I was like “dude why dont u bring your own bag” and he was like “this is my bag??”

on that day I found out they came from the same town, went to the same HS, currently had the same classes, and shared the same dorm room, all because I asked him why he never brings anything to school - they also, apparently, thought why the fuck not share the same backpack too