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Hii! Hope you're feeling better and that you're having a great day. I saw that you want to do drabbles and couldn't resist ;p how about "i said I love you" or "is this your first time?" with Dean? Anything you want to write, I'm definitely okay with it. I am also sending virtual hugs your way <3

Hey sweetie! I’m feeling much better thank you! 

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“Is this your first time?” He asked, his hands over yours. You could feel the rise and fall of his chest against your back, distracting you from his question. 

“Y-yeah. And I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little nervous.” 

“S’alright, I’ve gotcha. It’s less stressful than you think. You just gotta relax and focus, don’t think too much about it.” 

“Easy for you to say,” you said, playfully shoving at his shoulder with your own, “you’re an expert.” 

“Well, I’m not gonna argue with that.” He smirked, his arms once again going around you from behind, his hands again covering yours, holding you steady and calming your nerves. 

“All you’ve gotta do,” he said, his voice right in your ear, “is relax, but hold steady. And when you sight in, make sure the dot,” he pointed to the tip of the handgun, “lines up in this little slot.” His finger pointed to the back end of the gun at the sight line. “Lock your elbows, take a deep breath, let it out, aim and pull. That’s all there is to it.” 

You closed one eye, lined the dot up in the slot and aimed down at the target, making sure you held steady. Every muscle in your body was taught, nerves about shooting a gun getting to you, yes, but also nerves from having Dean so close. 

“You’ve got this,” he said, again right in your ear before he backed away from you, one hand giving your hip a reassuring pat to let you know he was right there. 

You lined up the dot again, one eye still closed, and wrapped your finger around the trigger. Taking a deep breath, you inched the trigger back till you felt the tension, let your breath out, making sure your aim was still true, muscles still taught, and pulled the trigger all the way. 

The sound of the shot startled you, it was louder than you expected in this small space, echoing off all the cement of the Bunker’s gun range, even with ear plugs in, and you set the gun down on the surface in front of you as Dean ‘whooped’ from behind you.

He stepped behind you again and hit the button to bring the target forward, the paper flying back as he did. When it was all the way up, Dean let go of the button and let the paper settle. 

“Kid, you are a natural!” He pulled you in for a little side hug as he reached up and pointed to the small hole in the target, just a couple inches right of the center. 

You looked up at him, pride written all over his face, a beaming smile residing where he usually looked surly and grumpy. You’d never tell him in a million years, not if it meant you’d wipe that smile off his face. 

This was definitely not your first time. 

Still taking prompts for Drabble Sunday

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How do you feel about Rikako-san? When she cried?

I was lurking on twitter as people tweet about Day2. So by the time it got to Omoi Yo Hitotsu ni Nare, I was ready to see people flailing over rkk’s piano performance again as they did in Day1 (even now I still can’t get over how impressed I am)

Then tweets started coming in about her breaking down, sobbing and repeatedly muttering ‘gomenasai’? Gawd, I physically felt my heart clench. Mentally I just keep repeating “oh no oh no” while desperately refreshing twitter for updates. It already takes a lot of guts for her to play the piano in front of all these people, when she’s never learned it before, and OmoiYo is def no easy song. She performed perfectly from what I could see in Day1, so the expectation must be even more stressful on her.

Fortunately, Anchan, our great and amazing leader of Aqours, came through :’D it was so heartwarming I almost cried.

I feel so proud of them, and I feel so proud to be a fan, and I will continue to support them as they spread their wings and fly to even great heights.

Go Aqours!

My grandpa just told me that homework is more important than mental stability. That homework is more important then friendships.

How am I supposed to do homework when I’m sobbing because I’m friendless.
How am I supposed to do homework when I’m overly anxious about being judged?
How am I supposed to do homework when I’m overly stressed and cont concentrate??

I get so lost in the giddy delight of the OB fandom and how much I love all the characters that I forget how incredibly stressful canon Orphan Black actually is the first run.  And then I see teasers and am immediately like, oh no, holy shit, chest pains.  I cannot believe I have spent four years of my life with Cosima dying at a varying rate of speed.  My nerves are basically shot by now.  

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Match up please? I am an Infj pansexual girl who is shy at first. I am really calm and empathetic and I can be sarcastic and witty. I have anxiety issues and it tends to make me insecure and stressed. I love giving and receiving affection. I like animals, reading, music, and making people happy. I have been told I am a reassuring and comfortable person to be around. I love wearing loose comfy clothes. I'm also very creative and artistic and I have been told I am a very good artist.

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I think you’d be perfect with Genji! You may be shy and anxious around strangers at first, but Genji is a very sweet and gentle person. He knows how to befriend reserved people slowly and gradually without crowding them with attention constantly. You’ll always feel comfortable and safe around him~ I think he’d admire your artistic talent and would enjoy having you near him as he meditates, listening to the light pencil scribbles from your sketchbook.

SU fandom in facebook: HAHA LOOK AT THIS! *offensive jokes, terrible shippings, stupid comentaries* UWU SUPER NEAT RIGHT?? PLS LIKE AND SHARE!! 

Me: … its fine i’ll go to Tumblr



I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)

Guang Hong Appreciation

Dedicated to @guang-hongs

Y’all know that YOI is breaking barriers but I cannot stress how PROUD I am of the barriers it is breaking for Chinese people. 

Growing up in China in one of the very traditional and old families (we have a genealogy that is traceable to the Tang Dynasty), the first thing that you are indoctrinated with is that boys are almost always better than girls. Girls are the ones given up for adoption. Many doctors are even forbidden to reveal the sex of an unborn baby because if it is a girl, it is immediately aborted for many people. Girls are inferior because they will be “married off” or become the “property of another lineage”. Girls are trained from a young age, especially in poorer regions, to be wives (that’s literally all that we’re good for). This said, boys are treasured and are also expected to act a certain way. They are burdened with the pressures to be manly or to provide for the family. A “girly” boy is absolutely unacceptable because girls are (as previously stated) inferior. It’s seen as embarrassing and dishonorable for a boy to engage in traditionally feminine activities or like them. There is a HUGE STIGMA of opposing gender norms in China esPECIALLY FOR BOYS. 

So let’s talk about Guang Hong. Guang Hong opposes all of that. Not only does he have frilly pink curtains in his room, cute decorations, and very well-manicured (slightly tinted???) fingernails, he takes suggestible selfies and doesn’t even attempt to hide his beauty. Guang Hong is EVERYTHING that a traditional Chinese son should not be. From his aesthetic to his personality, he is feminine as FUCK. 

But does anyone in the YOI universe give a shit? No. 

Guang Hong is defined by his talent, his drive, and his courage. His cuteness is an asset and not portrayed as something disgusting and that is literally SPITTING upon the traditional expectation for boys to be masculine in order to succeed as a man. Victor’s impression of Phichit’s selfie skills include Guang Hong striking that SEDUCTIVE pose, which is seen as POSITIVE. YOI is an amazing show that literally gives zero fucks about your gender, sexuality, and everything norms. It is shattering barriers and making history. I cannot stress how proud I am of their team and everything they have helped reshape so far. 

In honor of the Dark/Sweet Seventeen Stages
  • Looks sweet but is dark: Th8, Woozi
  • Looks dark but is sweet: Wonwoo, S.coups
  • Looks sweet is sweet: Dino, Hoshi, DK
  • Looks dark is dark: Jun, Jeonghan
  • Looks spicy is spicy: Seungkwan
  • Can be a little bit of everything: Mingyu
  • Tries to be a little bit of everything but meme gets in the way: Vernon, Joshua

like…listen…everything is messy as hell and Lukas is in a really bad place and it’s all stressful as anything but…that scene with Philip and Lukas and Anne…where Lukas admits out loud to someone other than Philip, that he likes Philip and it’s hard for him…and Anne reassured him it was ok and kissed his cheek…I’d like to thank each and every deity for that scene because it cleansed my skin and watered my crops and added years to my life


Happy 24th Birthday Chanyeol 😊🎉~

Chanyeol, you are our happy virus and can always be trusted to bring the mood up, even if you are a bit extra 😉.Despite your cheery mood, sometimes you carry all ur burdens inside and I hope you can share these with the members to lessen the stress. Thank you for continuously working hard to make every stage as best as possible. I am so proud of how far your singing and compositions have developed over time and I can’t wait for a solo album💗. I love you, your hoodies, hats,glasses, jawline, ears and long legs and I hope I will blessed by their presence!! May you celebrate many more birthdays 😌.

Fighting Yoda!👄

alec: *tells isabelle and clary that him and magnus have an unresolved argument that’s driving them apart*

isabelle: the argument isn’t your problem, work and the stress of this war have been keeping the two of you apart. you two just need to bone

clary: *horrified* 

alec: what did you say? 

clary: *whispering* don’t say it again 

isabelle: i said you two need to bone

alec: HOW dare you isabelle lightwood i am your BROTHER! 

alec, five minutes later: BONE!

alec, ten minutes later: what happens in my bedroom izzy is none of your business

alec, twenty-one minutes later: bONE?!

alec, forty minutes later: dont, ever, speak to me like that again.

alec, two days later: it’s all good 

clary: so the fight with magnus is over?

alec: yep

clary: so you resolved the argument?

alec: nope

isabelle: because you guys-

alec: yep

newsies characters as john mulaney quotes
  • Jack: i guess someone said like something something police. and in a brilliant moment of word association i yelled “fuck da police!” and everyone else joined in. a hundred drunk white children yelling fuck da police
  • Crutchie: hey you could pour soup in my lap and i'll probably apologize to you
  • Davey: i put on a sweater and a pair of corduroy pants and i felt safe
  • Katherine: you know how you lie to your parents?
  • Pulitzer: he ordered one black coffee for himself and kept driving
  • Finch: everyone get out of my way! I just want to sit here and feed my birds
  • Albert: it is 100% easier not to do things than to do them
  • Buttons: you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair
  • Spot: i'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day i'll die
  • Elmer: i don't want to be doing what i'm doing either
  • Romeo: i am very small, and i have no money. so you can imagine the kind of stress that i am under
  • Henry: 🎵and life is a fucking nightmare🎵
  • Specs: woah, that tall child looks terrible!
  • Race: hi, i'm very gay and would like a few dollars
  • Hannah: hello? hush!
How to let go of study stress; 8 ways

I am in my final year of law school and always very busy. When my exams come up, studying 9-13 hours a day for a few weeks is normal routine for me. This is how I stay as relaxed as possible. My tips for you:

1. Take a long warm shower or bath. Not just your normal routine but let the warmth of the water heat you and all your muscles up. Scrub yourself clean with your favorite products. After your clean and dry again, do a full beauty routine; body oils or lotions, eye/face cream etc. Taking time to take care of your body is important for your mind as well since you can focus on that for a bit and relax.

2. If you feel like you are constantly tired every day and just feel like you have a huge lack of sleep and energy; just SLEEP. Take a day of from everything and sleep as much as possible. Try to spend the whole day in your bed and take naps between reading relaxing books/watching Netflix. This may seem like you are wasting but if you really need sleep, this will help you feel so much better for days afterwards! You will be more energized and will make up for that ‘lost’ time very quickly and you’ll feel much better as well.

3. If you are really close to some deadlines and really have no time to take time off from your duties than try to multitask relaxing things. Don’t eat while working, but watch a nice television show or some YouTube videos while you eat. Like this you still did some fun things and took your mind of your work a bit. You have to eat anyway and it won’t cost you to much time when you only spend those moments away from your studies.

4. Take a power nap when you feel very stressed. Even if you think you are not particularly tired, just try to sleep for about 20 minutes and you will shut out that stress again. If you can’t sleep; meditate or listen to some relaxing songs while laying down and doing nothing at all.

5. Call a family member or a friend, just to talk. This doesn’t have to be about your studies. Just chill a bit and talk about everything you like. Complain a bit, hear their complains and know you are not alone with your stress. :) This will take your mind of things and can get you in a better mood.

6. Make your study spot as comfortable as possible. Make sure everything is quite tidy and there is no rubbish or trash lying around. A clean space is truly a clean mind. Of course you may need a lot of notes/books/stuff but sort them into piles and have a ‘structure’ on your desk. Light a few candles, wear comfortable clothes and put a pillow in your back. Have some nice tea or coffee and a few healthy snacks like fruit and nuts. Make it as comfortable as possible and you’ll feel way more chill.

7. Go work at a coffee shop and treat yourself with a nice latte.

8. Go study at your university library and go with flow of all the other motivated students. When you surround yourself with other people studying you will become more motivated and get more work done. Also, when you see that everyone is busy, you feel a bit better. It’s not just you, it’s hard for everyone.