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Venus Persona Chart

Sun: The way you most consciously express your feminine energy, the overall way you adapt to relationships, the general expression of affection you tend to identify with

Moon: What you emotionally need from love, what makes you feel secure in relationships, how you may comfort yourself or others, the instinctive way you express love when you feel comfortable with someone

Mercury: How you intellectualize your love and romantic feelings, how you communicate and express your affection, your logical sense of how relationships should be

Venus: Your sense of beauty and comfort, the way you romanticize, the way you express pure attraction, a subtler extension of the natal Venus

Mars: The way you seek to charm those you’re attracted to, what sparks your attraction and romantic interest, the way you intimately/sexually express your affection

Jupiter: What makes you feel optimistic in relationships, where you tend to be very generous towards your partner, how love expands your perspective, 

Saturn: Where you struggle to feel comfortable in your romantic/affectionate nature, an area of tension within your dating life that may hold you back from expressing your love the way you’d like to

Uranus: Where you refuse to sacrifice your independence in love, the way you handle unexpected circumstances in relationships, what your partner sees in you that makes you stand out from the rest

Neptune: Your idealistic idea of a relationship, what you see as beautiful, your hopes and dreams in relation to relationships and affection, the part of love that makes your heart soar

Pluto: The way love may transform or change you, where you feel powerful in your dating life, the way you may express your most intense feelings surrounding relationships

Ascendant: The way you approach dating before things become serious, the way you feel initial attraction, the way you may express your love before you feel fully comfortable

*can be applied to platonic love, venus is adapting to other people in general

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so this is kinda random but it seems that you are really good at giving advice and i need some help. but this guy told me he liked me today which is sweet and all, but i'm not really sure how i feel about him. he's sweet and funny and we get along really well, but i can't tell if i like him or like him only as a friend. i don't know how to respond to him :l (very sorry if this is confusing or annoying)

tell him that you want to get to know him more before you make a decision :))). i believe relationships should develop instead of being rushed when you aren’t necessarily ready for one. (of course you can have a different view. its whatever you feel is right :))

Forget About It (Part Two)

A/N: Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I hope you like it. Do send more if you have any in mind, I love hearing about how you want the story to go. 

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You sat down on the first empty bar stool you saw, happy that now you could go to a bar alone and relax. Seth hadn’t called or showed up for a little over a week now, and you were done. You let him know over text, but of course he hadn’t responded. Why? Nobody knows. You get that the fight was pretty bad, but you figured he’d have the decency to talk it out with you. If it had to end, it should end with you two coming to terms and deciding to part. No relationship should just end like this, at least not in your opinion. You had a few margaritas before ordering a few vodka shots, not realizing how fast you were actually going through the alcohol. Your last shot concluded one of your thoughts. You set the glass down on the table, contemplating on whether or not to order another one. Before you could decide the bartender placed another shot in front of you, gesturing to a man sitting a few seats down. You picked up the shot, looking over to see a smirking Baron Corbin. You winked at him before downing the shot quickly, the liquid courage extremely evident at this point. You rarely drank, so it came as no surprise to you that this much alcohol hit you like this. You still loved Seth, there was no doubt in your mind, but you figured flirting wouldn’t hurt. You saw him get up out of the corner of your eye, his eyes telling the man currently sitting down that he needed to get up and leave. The smaller man got up and disappeared, Baron quickly taking his seat and looking over at you. Most of your hair was covering your face, you were blushing profusely at this point.

“Hello? Is anybody behind all that hair?” He laughed softly, moving a little closer so that he could see you slightly better.

You nodded and tucked your hair behind your ear, your eyes meeting his.

“Sadly, yeah.” You sighed, giving him a little smile. “Thanks for the shot.”

“Not a problem… Where’s Rollins?” He smirked. You rolled your eyes. Guys were so petty.

“Rollins is gone.” You shrugged, ordering another margarita.

“Oh…” He spoke quietly, probably not expecting that answer. “Can I ask why?”

You figured it wouldn’t hurt to tell him. You were pretty shitfaced by this point anyways, what could possibly make you look worse?

“He doesn’t want to marry me. Or have babies with me.” You scoffed, shaking your head. “I mean, I think I’m pretty cute.” You continued, taking a long sip of your new drink. “I would make cute babies, right!?”

“Definitely.” He nodded, ordering himself a drink too. “I think ours would be cuter than yours and Rollins’ but, yeah, you would make cute babies.”

“Ours?” You blushed, looking away for a second as you continued to drink.

“Am I wrong? The cuteness would be all you, though, sweets.” He smirked, gently placing his hand on your thigh.

You heard someone clear their throat behind you. You were ready to turn around and backhand the asshole until you saw who it was. Your heart instantly dropped, your mind and heart at war. You wanted to jump into his arms and tell him how much you missed him, and how glad you were that he was okay, but you furrowed your eyebrows at him.

“Get lost, Baron.” He said simply, taking your drink out of your hand and setting it down on the table.

“She was drinking that.” He stood up, moving closer to him. “She was also talking to me.”

You groaned softly, burying your face in your hands for a quick second before realizing that you needed to interrupt.

“No, it’s fine, Baron.” You spoke softly, getting in the middle of the two and placing your hand on his chest. That infuriated Seth even more, causing him to grab your arm and pull you closer to him.

“We’re leaving, Y/N.” He muttered through his teeth, practically dragging you out of the bar.

“Let go of me, Seth.” You sighed, too drunk to respond angrily. He hadn’t showed up for more than five minutes and he already gave you a pounding headache.

“What the fuck are you doing here? This drunk! With Baron fucking Corbin.” He seethed, looking into your eyes.

“Drinking. Cause you’re not man enough to fucking call me and talk to me and my broken heart!” You yelled, the memory causing your eyes to water.

“Cover up.” He shook his head, taking off his hoodie and slipping it on you. You were too drunk to properly do it yourself, in his eyes. He fixed your messed up hair, scooping you up into his arms and heading towards his car.

“Don’t pick me up like that, the swinging makes me nauseous.” You whined, despite resting your head on his chest.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have downed every single bottle the bar carried.” He responded angrily, shaking his head. “How was this a good idea? What if he took advantage of you! Who was going to help you?”

You didn’t respond. Baron wasn’t that kind of guy, but maybe some others were. Nevertheless, you were too tired to argue.

“Stop talking so loud. I’ll get a headache.” You mumbled, clinging to his shirt. A little smile painted your face once the smell of his cologne hit you. “I missed you…”

He didn’t respond.

Once you got home he helped you inside, leading you towards the couch and gently sitting you down.

“I’m not thaaaaaat drunk, Rollins. I won’t break.” You smirked, laying down on the couch.

“You clearly are thaaaat drunk if you can’t see how drunk you are.” He countered, squatting down next to you and taking off your heels.

“Why are you doing this? We’re not together. I was just another girl having fun at the bar.” You spoke quietly, your eyes shutting at this point.

“You’re not just another girl…” He mumbled, getting up. You didn’t hear him speak for a few minutes, confused up until he returned with some comfortable clothes.

He helped you sit up, unzipping your dress and pulling it off your body. You quickly covered up before realizing how stupid you looked.

“I’ve seen it all, Y/N. I’m just trying to get you in something comfortable, I promise. That dress looks like it’s gonna crack a rib or two.” He joked, trying to lighten the mood.

You nodded, still extremely embarrassed and for some reason, vulnerable. You saw the look on his face, though. You two might be over, but you knew well what was going on in his mind.

You placed your foot on his chest, holding him back for a second as you leaned back against the couch. You giggled at the confused look he gave you, biting your lip.

“Kiss me.” You whispered, looking into his eyes.

“God, you’re so drunk.” He groaned softly, easily moving your leg away and sitting you up again. “No. Now let me finish helping you get dressed.”

You whined, pouting as he unclasped your bra and tossed it to the side. He quickly slipped one of his t-shirts on you, following it with a pair of sweats.

“There. You’re welcome.”

“Thanks.” You mumbled sleepily, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

He nodded, collecting your clothes and neatly setting them aside.

Once you woke up you found yourself in bed with Seth.

It was still early in the morning, but you’d been sleeping for much longer than him, you assumed. You tossed and turned a bit, trying to get comfortable again.

“Y/N?” He groaned, turning around and looking over at you.

“Yeah.” You whispered, studying his face.

“You good?” He asked quietly, his eyes still shut.

“Yeah.” You repeated, nodding even though he couldn’t see you.

You wanted nothing more than to scoot closer to him and talk to him about what’s happening. You ran through every possible way to do it, when to do it, how to do it, until eventually some more time passed. Whether it was the alcohol or you, you had no idea, but you decided to wake him up and talk to him.

“Seth…” You whispered, gently shaking him.


“Seth… Why don’t you wanna marry me?” You spoke softly, gently placing your hand on his shoulder. He was facing the other direction and you were practically resting your head on his shoulder. “I love you so much…” You continued, trying your best not to get emotional. “I just… I know for you it means nothing and it’s a ‘piece of paper,’ but I just wanna be your wife. I wanna take care of you and love you and I want to call you my husband. I wanna spend all my days with you. I don’t know how else to tell you how much I love you.” You were sobbing at this point. Alcohol played a part.

“Y/N…” He sighed, turning over to look at you. “Don’t cry…”

“I can’t.” You sniffled, wiping some of your tears. “I want to be truly yours more than anything else in the world.”

“You know how I feel….” He warned, unsure of what else to tell you.

You moved closer to him, looking into his eyes. You didn’t want to speak anymore. You moved slightly closer, gently pressing your lips against his. He returned your kiss instantly, and with a lot more passion before he came to his senses and pulled away.

You spoke before he could, resting your hand against his neck.

“Just kiss me. Just put everything aside and kiss me, Seth. Please.”

He hesitated for a second before kissing you hard, causing you to moan into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him, his hands roaming your body.

The night progressed, and whether it was the alcohol, the broken heart, or the poor judgement, you forgot to tell him that you’d missed a few pills since you guys called it quits.

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locking out the ghosts (chapter one of four)

s5 fic: spoilers for emily and kitsunegari, part of my series that i write as i rewatch the x files

summary: Post-Emily arc, an emotionally vulnerable Scully breaks off the incredibly new relationship she and Mulder have recently been engaged in. As the season moves forward, how do they cope with this new development in their relationship, and how do the stressful situations their job puts them in affect this?

note: this fic is a continuation of an old fic, soft yellow. (actually, the first scene is basically just the fic itself. i copied and pasted.) i’m posting in parts because it’s already incessantly long and i’m not even finished yet. it’s going to cover most of season 5 by the time i am. 

the kitsunegari scene is very different, however, from my other kitsunegari post ep in this season, old pennies. i really should’ve planned my fic for s5 out more.

i’m posting in parts because it’s already incessantly long and i’m not even finished yet. it’s going to cover most of season 5 by the time i am.

i do consider this to be au from the show, but it’s written in a canon compliant way, and is one of those fun stories that i think is realistic to canon and very likely could’ve happened in canon. (it puts an angstier twist on things for sure.) so i’ll leave it up to you!

Mulder drives her to a hotel after the funeral. He even calls Bill’s house to let him know that they won’t be coming back there. She can’t face her family right now. She holds the cross in her closed fist, tight enough to leave an imprint on her sweaty palm, closes her eyes and rolls the window down to let the California breeze blow across her wet face.

Mulder reaches across the console to take her spare hand, but she moves it away, balling it up in her lap.

It’s happened a few times now–the first time in Florida, after he’d come back from the Asekoff’s house and found her asleep across his bed. He’d gone to cover her with a blanket and she’d woken up and, in a deadpan, offered him some cheese. He’d apologized for leaving, and then they’d ended up talking–about what, she can’t remember, it runs together as a wine-soaked montage in her head–and she’d kissed him on an impulse across the hotel comforter. Nothing had happened that night aside from both of them falling asleep on top of the comforter, their hands pointed towards each other like arrows. She’d held him in the forest, later, cradling him in her lap and counting his breaths. It had felt like the start of something. In Georgetown, Mulder kissed her against the doorjamb and she’d tugged him inside by his tie. Since then, they’ve been something of a couple, guest starring in each other’s bedrooms or living rooms or hotel rooms. In Indiana, he’d asked her to dance.

(She’d looked at him kneeling beside her daughter on the ground and pictured them raising her together. Now he leaves a sharp, painful tug in her chest when she looks at him, then looks away. Between the grief and guilt crowding her head, there seems to be no room for him.)

“Are you okay? Do you want anything to eat?” Mulder asks softly.

She opens her eyes. They’re passing a blur of brightly-colored fast food restaurants. She hadn’t eaten any breakfast, and the food at the memorial service hadn’t stayed down well. “No, I’m fine,” she says softly, watching the colorful blur of lights.

The gold chain trails from her fingers. She swallows hard, pulling her knees up to her chest.

When they get to the hotel, Mulder gets two adjoining rooms because she says, “Please, Mulder, I need to be alone,” in a wavering voice and he clenches his jaw and nods. He offers to carry her bags, but her things are still at Bill’s. She just wants to be alone, take a sleeping pill and fall asleep. If Mulder is with her, he’ll offer to hold her and comfort her, but she’s never been someone who likes to be around other people when she’s upset. She’s always been the type to shoulder her own sorrows.

Mulder walks her to her room, and reaches out to touch her shoulder gently. “Are you sure you’re okay, Scully?”

No, she thinks. I’m fine, she plans to say, but if she talks, she’ll sob. The weight of incoming tears has been steadily building the entire ride here. She opens her mouth to tell him she’s fine, but the tears start falling before she can help it.

“Scully,” he murmurs softly, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and drawing her into an embrace. She sniffles against his chest. He doesn’t tell her it’s okay, which is what she was expecting; instead, he just kisses the top of her head, rocking her back and forth slightly. She doesn’t move to hug him back. She doesn’t feel like she’s able to do much of anything at the moment. She stands still while he kisses her temple, her forehead, her nose. And then she steps away.

“Mulder, I can’t… I can’t do this anymore,” she says.

He looks at her, briefly confused. And then he nods like he understands. “It’s okay, it’s been a long day, I’ll just…”

“No,” she says, her voice drawn out and hollow. She can’t remember where she decided this - somewhere, maybe, between Emily’s hospital bed and Emily’s empty coffin. “I mean… I want to go back to just being partners.”

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As boringly predictable as your response is, you're acting immature for someone who's pushing 30. My criticism is that you shouldn't be trying this hard to show everyone your affection towards a SO, we get it, now message him privately. I don't wish bad things towards your relationship, but you not realizing that your posting habits are the same as some high schoolers is embarrasing.

I come on here for fun and to not think about everything wrong in my life and I like tagging my boyfriend in things I think he’d like. I’m not trying to show anyone anything. How the hell am I being immature and acting like a high schooler?! Get off of your high fucking horse and stop telling me how I should be running my own damn blog. I don’t need you to be adding more negative shit onto my already shitty fucking day!! So thanks for that!!!

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how would sinbad, kouen and kouha react if their crush had a child? and the child speaks to them Will they be their new dad?


> He’d be surprised about it, but Sinbad is pretty quick to bond with the little one, leaving quite the expression on both of them. He understands why the kid would look up to him and should he and his crush really engulf into a serious relationship, he wouldn’t mind taking both of them on, hoping they could expand their family in the future maybe


> Kouen certainly didn’t expect to get a child with his crush and will want to know how it comes that his crush cares for one more mouth. He’ll want to support them if they are serious with him and accepts the little one, even though he finds it hard to communicate with it. Kouen might eventually warm up to it though and if he were to go steady with his crush, he would accept the responsibilities that come with the two


> Neither does he mind his reputation nor the child in general. He’s also quick to get along with the little one, playing and presenting various things to it, hoping to also get a few plus points with the parent. Nevertheless Kouha too will ask for the circumstances, even asking some personal questions, which help him to understand their reasoning better. He’ll make sure to support his crush however they can, hoping their relationship may blossom more in the future, as he takes quite the liking on his new little comrade

this was months back but heechul was on happy together n they were discussing how there were rumors of him being gay. sugeun was like “yeah I’m close with him n I understand why these rumors spread. he’s really close with a lot of girl group members. they talk comfortably around each other but they don’t see him as a man (ie someone they would date), to the point that he video calls with girl groups when they don’t have make up on.” so heechul goes to say how he can do that because the girls know their relationship is platonic n if he was serious about dating someone he wouldn’t make an attempt to be friends with them. as in he wouldn’t try to establish that close friend relationship or talk comfortably around them, like the second he asks a girl to drop the honorifics he wouldn’t flirt with her. so nara from hello venus was saying how when she debuted there was a list of DANGEROUS SENIORS they should be wary of n she says that heechul wasn’t on it…. so jaesuk was like “I bet jun hyunmoo (who is sitting besides him) is on it” n she’s like “I………think he is” lmao !!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m pissing thats so fucking funny…….

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I’m dating someone but seeing someone else who also is dating someone else. and it was fun for like the first day but now it’s killing me and i’m ashamed and hating myself and i want to tell the person i’m with but everyone keeps trying to talk me out of it and saying how it’s a bad idea since i truly really realized i’m with the person i want to be with now and i only want her... i don’t know if i should tell her or wait or what. help please.

Honestly, I don’t have a lot of advice to give in this situation. You chose to start seeing someone while you were in a relationship. That was a conscious decision you made and just because you realized it was fucked up after the fact doesn’t make it any less fucked up. Tell your girlfriend because she deserves to know, but you shouldn’t be together and she should leave. If you didn’t know before getting with someone else that she was the one you really wanted, then you really don’t want her enough and she deserves someone who does. You guys have no idea what cheating does to a person and no one deserves it so truthfully I think you should tell her and I think you should both be with other people

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Mouse kaboom and sneaky

1. Who crushed first?

Mmmm Mouse but he didn’t confess for a long time bc he though Sneaky was dating Flippy

2. How long did the pre-kiss tension last?

Not too long tbh, it wouldn’t happen too often to begin with

3. Who caved and kissed first?

Sneaky hhhhh

4. Angst or fluff?

Ahh I love both!!!

5. What the parents think?

I should just start skipping this one lmao we don’t mention the parents a whole lot

6. Did they do a first date or did they just hook up?

Well they were in the military so dates would be a bit hard to go on so it was just a hook up BUT they would hang out (but with others along)

7. Relationship dynamic?

Mouse acting like a mom and Sneaky pointing it out and Mouse thinking about his life choices

8. How long do they last/did they break up?

WELL they’re dead forever now

not long

9. Who’s the sex god?

MMmmM one thing’s for sure.. Mouse is definitely better than Sneaky

10. Short headcanon for the pair.

I managed to think of something sweet and I’m shook. Sneaky looking at Mouse’s bandages on his ears and touching it and ending up just caressing his hair and hhhh

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In regards to my earlier ask, how would I go about messaging her? Should I just tell her how I feel and ask if she's into girls Or should I do it casually and just try and start a conversation I've never done this before and I'm so nervous!!

Ehe this is Lee here, but I would recommend trying to get to know her first and possibly forging a friendship!! Most people are more comfortable getting into relationships with people that they’re more emotionally attached to rather than with someone they haven’t ever talked to one on one. Just say hello to her and try to find out more about her while also sharing stuff about yourself!! Maybe sexuality could even come up in the conversation and you would have your answer!!! I wish you all the luck!!!

Someone made a really negative comment today about my being in a long distance relationship. When I said I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over a year she was like “how do you even know if you like being with each other if you’ve only spent a couple days together here and there?” I smiled and shrugged it off but now I can think of so many things I should have said. Long distance relationships are hard, but also extremely rewarding. I know my boyfriend better than anyone else, probably better than I know myself. Relationships aren’t always about the physical stuff and being together constantly. I don’t need to be with my boyfriend all the time to know that I love him and want to be with him. Not to mention I’ve known him since I was 8 years old, and we’re separated by circumstances neither of us can change right now. I hate that she made me feel like my relationship isn’t valid or something.

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I've finally acknowledged my naïveté after some time and just wanted to ask—when is the right time to say "I love you." to someone?

When you feel it.

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings or tell your emotions. It’s not something to be ashamed or worried about :)

Obviously, there are situations where it might not be appropriate (such as to someone already in a relationship!), and if the person doesn’t feel the same way after you express it then it’s not an emotion that you should push onto them.

But telling someone how you feel is a great thing! It’s better to let it out than keep it in! Love is such a wonderful and powerful emotion- there needs to be more of it, so share it!

In general, if you feel it, say it :) There’s nothing wrong with that at all!

why you keep getting hurt, based on your moon sign

ARIES: you may find yourself doing the hurting in your relationship. love for you is supposed to be exciting, and when you’re not excited about the relationship, it’s easy for you to let go. but hurting people doesn’t feel good. not many people realize this, but aries don’t intend to hurt people. they just naturally put themselves first. it hurts them when people close to them hurt. you may have a lot of trouble finding someone who understands you and your carefree attitude about relationships. maybe love isn’t for you, you begin to think. 

TAURUS: you have an intense loyalty to the people you love. so much so, in fact, that you stay in situations that you may be better off walking away from. to you, a partnership is a long term commitment and any problems that may arise can be worked out, if people are willing to work at it. the problem is, you’re always willing to work on it and the other person may not be so willing. people take advantage of you. you don’t like to fail. when relationships end for you, it causes you a lot of pain because you feel like you failed. you start to think about all the things you could have done to make things work, but you can’t change someone else no matter how hard you try. 

GEMINI: you’re very hard on yourself. you have this weird war going inside you. a part of you thinks “im in a v srs relationship, this is srs business,” while the other side is wanting to have fun and gets bored staying in one spot. you can be hard on others too. you have these ideas about what a good partner should be like and what a serious relationship is supposed to look like, so you tend to dwell on flaws that may not even be deal breaker worthy. finding a balance and learning to let go of preconceived ideas about relationships is a challenge for you. if you don’t find a balance, you’ll feel lost and like no one is out there for you. 

CANCER: you care SO much about people. you always do incredibly thoughtful gestures for the people you love. maybe your partner made an offhand comment once about liking this super niche movie that’s hard to find, and you go out there and buy it. it’s hard for people to match your insane effort. the thing is, you want someone to treat you how you treat others. you want someone to remember that story you told about your favorite vacation as a kid and then they surprise you with plane tickets for your birthday. people show love in all sorts of ways, but it’s hard for you to accept love in a way that’s different from the way you love. if it’s not these insane, sentimental gifts, it’s not enough for you. you feel unfulfilled. 

LEO: you put people on a pedestal. you have high standards, or you at least like to think you have high standards. when you’re into someone, you’re like “oh my god! finally someone who is everything I’ve been looking for!” you begin to see them as this vision you had in your head of the person you pictured yourself with. but fantasy is not reality. when this person doesn’t live up to that fantasy, you get hurt. you’re a hopeless romantic and very grandiose in the way you express your love. everything about love to you is a fairytale. you’re setting impossibly high standards for not only potential partners, but even yourself. 

VIRGO: we live in a society where reminding someone to put their seatbelt on is nagging. to you, this is an act of love. you’re a perfectionist with yourself and your love life. you love through constructive criticism and communication. never mind the fact that people just can’t take criticism these days, people instinctually become defensive. you don’t mean it to come across as critical and naggy, you genuinely want you, the other person, and your relationship to be the best it can be. you feel misunderstood and you probably have begun to give in to thinking there’s something inherently wrong with you.  

LIBRA: love for you is more than just emotions, it’s a conscious decision you make everyday. this will cause you to stay in situations that aren’t right for you. once you’ve decided to be with someone, you’ve decided and now you have to deal with this commitment. pair that with a need to keep the peace and you can drive yourself crazy, dealing with other people’s bullshit that you shouldn’t have to deal with. you bend so much to the needs of the other person, because you’re adaptable so you can be the one to compromise to keep the relationship harmonious. but by doing this, you neglect your own needs and you become blind to how you truly feel and what you truly want. 

SCORPIO: not many people realize it, but you have very high standards. this comes from your overall pessimistic view on people, which probably stems from going through a lot of disappointment in your past. you are insanely loyal to those you’re with and you love HARD. you may often feel that no one will love you the way you love them. you don’t even always express just how deeply you love someone. you don’t like to admit it, but you get deeply attached to people. when someone inevitably doesn’t live up to your standards, this causes you a lot of pain. 

SAGITTARIUS: people fucking suck. everyone has skeletons in their closets and baggage. people take themselves and relationships too seriously. you just want to have fun with the person you’re with. you have a hard time dealing with the human side of people. why does everyone else have to be so negative, you think. love is an amazing thing! and we should have fun while we have time on this earth together. much like aries, you may have begun to think love isn’t for you because everyone else is out here taking the fun out of love. 

CAPRICORN: there’s an inherent loneliness than comes with being a cap moon. you come across as cold to others because the way you express love is so different than everyone else. emotions take a back seat, you love through providing for your partner and becoming the best at what you do to ensure a comfortable life for yourself and those you love. people see that as putting your work before your loved ones, but that’s not your intention. failures in your love life have caused you to completely stop seeking out potential partners, even if you would really love to be in a relationship right now. 

AQUARIUS: the person you’re with is not only your partner, but your best friend. but isn’t that a good thing? it can be, but you have the tendency to detach from the emotional and romantic side of the relationship. you’re afraid of your emotions sometimes, and you’ve developed this ability to completely detach. people you are with may feel like you don’t love them, they’ll begin to feel more like your friend than your lover. but that’s not how you mean for it to come across! you just have a hard time expressing love in a way that others can understand. 

PISCES: you give people too many chances. you see people how you want to see them, rather than for who they truly are and you usually default to seeing the best in everyone. you gravitate towards relationships where one of you needs saving. if you’re the one who needs saving, you put too much of that responsibility into the other person. if you’re the savior in the relationship, you have a hard time realizing that you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. 

let’s all have a group hug <3 astrology is a wonderful tool to not only understand yourself, but to understand others. treat each other kindly and embrace differences in people. 

this is based off of my very first series on twitter. you can follow me @classtrology_ for more frequent astrological posts! I am not accepting full birthchart readings at this time, but simple questions and brief sun/moon/rising combo readings can be done through my ask on here. 

You and your partner should have a shared, unified, and unique vision for happiness in your relationship. If you’re relationship is based on how things should be and how other people have a relationship, you are not actually living in a relationship; you’re just performing.

And actually being a happy couple is way more powerful and fulfilling that playing the role of a happy couple.

I love reading fanfiction. Why? It’s because I learned to be much more sensitive about other people. I address them by not judging their tastes, personalities, sexuality, gender, color or anything else. I can give them their privacies and learned how to step back if they feel uncomfortable. I can already hear statements that are just so wrong but seemed to be normal to the majority. I can tell a person’s emotion and how we should properly deal with them. I can now see if a person is toxic in a relationship. I can love people with genuinity and can give comfort to them without feeling insecure or unsure. I can give confidence to myself and encourage others to do the same. I can now say the right words (whenever I can).

I’m not perfect and I still do make mistakes, but I can definitely say that fanfiction made me into a better person.

Fanfiction writers (and writers in general), thank you.

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Your relationship with chase is better than 99% of other relationships I've witnessed and I aspire to one day have a relationship as good as yours 🐶♥️🐐

make friends with ppl who genuinely make life better and make u a better person, and among those people ur gonna find someone where neither of u can get enough of each other, ur like the same person. like someone u can trust to help u if u fuck up, but at the same time u feel driven to improve urself for them cuz u wanna b everythin they make u feel like u are

…and you tried to change didn’t you?
closed your mouth more
tried to be softer
less volatile, less awake
but even when sleeping you could feel
him travelling away from you in his dreams
so what did you want to do love
split his head open?
you can’t make homes out of human beings
someone should have already told you that
and if he wants to leave
then let him leave
you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.
—  Warsan Shire, “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love”

Pairing; Jeon Jungkook  x Reader

Words; 4.2k

Genre; Smut with a plot 

Summary;  ❝Envy is the art of counting another’s blessing instead of your own❞

Aka; Jungkook is envious of your new relationship after he rejected your feelings

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