this is how real men fight


“That one tiny gesture that might not have changed anything, but might have.”

Revisiting this poem in the present context. On one level, yes, it’s about men’s responsibility to take the fight against rape culture into spaces where it doesn’t already exist, which was important before the election and remains important now. But this is also a poem grappling with the concept of “allyship,” and how if that word is ever going to mean anything real, it needs to be critical, proactive, and preemptive. Thinking about how that applies, right now, to the fights against Islamophobia, anti-immigrant violence, anti-LGBTQ violence, and so much more too. (video via @buttonpoetry)

have you ever thought about how western culture has such strict gender roles that we assign genders to emotions? have you thought about how extremely harmful that is?

we’re taught all our lives to associate anger, violence, and any feeling or action that’s even remotely “aggressive” with masculinity (and, on the flip side, to associate helplessness and submissiveness with femininity). which is awful, because from birth our culture is telling little boys that they’re supposed to be aggressive and confrontational, and that they aren’t “real men” if they don’t like confrontation or can’t handle themselves in a fight, while simultaneously teaching little girls that they’re supposed to take a passive role in their own lives and that it’s “unladylike” to stand up for themselves or to be outspoken about their opinions. 

that’s pretty messed up, dude. 

No how about fuck you. I’m sick of these condescending bullshit “jokes”. I’m sick of seeing the married men I know in real life get treated like fucking children by wives who actually think like this. It’s destructive in reality full grown adult men don’t take kindly to someone treating them like children, nevermind by the one person who should be on your side. When this attitude seeps into a marriage it’s like poisoning the ground water eventually everyone gets sick including any kids; who now have parents who fight all the time and have no real loving relationship anymore because they have no respect for each other. Then both parents end up taking their frustrations out on the kids. Imagine going to work all day and dealing with a tough job and a shitty boss then coming home to a place where nobody has any respect for you and treats you like a child. You either die inside or you lash out or both. I see it in so many marriages inside and outside my family and then people wonder why so many are getting divorced. This is why mgtow is a thing. Have some fucking respect.

So I know that logically, yes, Mor HAD to be the one to go save Feyre from the Spring Court when Tamlin locked her up so Rhys wouldn’t start a war

But can we just talk about how beautiful it is that we got to see Mor, a beautiful strong woman, literally walk in, fuck shit up, and save Feyre, another beautiful strong woman? Like that scene struck me SO HARD because the women in my life are the ones that have kept me from falling apart WAAAAY more than the men.

Maybe it was just me, but I hope we see SJM write more of these strong ass ladies fighting for one another because that shit is SO REAL.

Jennifer Lawrence is just another example of how white actors take on roles of characters who are strong people who fight their government and injustices (Hunger Games & X-Men) but once they start getting money for those movies, they don’t give a fuck about the real people that those characters are representing. It’s honestly exhausting.

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UH...No. the reason why the girls are skinny and the guys are stacked is the same reason all of them have big tits. Fma is just as sexist as any other anime and you trying to justify it with some 'body style' diversion only helps the idea that women are weak.

Been a while since someone sent me hate mail. (Cracks knuckles)
1-You obviously didn’t read the damn thing since I showed a reference to a real life weight lifter who honestly looked like a live action version of Paninya. So nobody is trying to say ‘women are weak’. Especially when it ended with me claiming Winry could punch harder than Ed.
2-Ed has gotten bitch slapped by Paninya, Lan Fan, May/Mei Chang, & Izumi Curtis in fights. Izumi being the one who taught him how to fight as well. I seriously doubt the show is sexist toward women in a ‘the men are stronger’ kind of way.
3-Sexist is how a show treats women. Dressing them really skimpy in a situation where that’d be stupid or having the camera on their ass for no reason without giving the men similar treatment. That sort of thing. I’ve fucking praised the anime in the past for not sexualizing the girls. So yeah, some of the girls are busty. Shockingly, big boobs do exist. And unlike other anime, they don’t jiggle mindlessly at a gust of wind. They move realistically and the camera angle is at a way where your focus isn’t directed toward their chest.
Also, as mentioned previously, the girls get just as much fight time as the guys. Hell, I think they get the better scenes. Oliver ran a fucking tank over a mother fucker!
4-The author of the FMA manga…

Have a nice day.

Gaslighting is an abuse tactic, a serious and hugely detrimental thing that people have suffered through, it’s not “Hey, maybe yelling ‘kill all men’ isn’t how you go about enacting social change”. Using language intended to describe serious and horrible situations to describe mere political disagreement, using words that describe abuse to describe your political opponents, is disingenuous at best and outright malicious at worst. It belittles the real abuse, it associates descriptions of actual abuse tactics with genuine kindhearted sentiments like “don’t fight hate with hate” or political disagreement, and it vilifies your enemy in a way that is not warranted or earned by them simply to make yourself a victim and an underdog.

The people these types of sentiment are used to defend aren’t “angry” at legitimate oppression, they’re angry at strangers online or on the street, people who happen to share one physical trait with someone who they disagree with politically, or at people who happen to share one physical trait with someone who has disadvantaged or hurt them or someone who shares one physical trait with them. That’s judging people merely on their demographic; that’s bigotry.

“Don’t fight hate with hate” is said in response to rioters dragging people out of their cars and beating them because of which way that individual voted. It’s said in response to “die cis scum” and “kill all men”. It’s said in response to people advocating assassinations or people wishing natural disasters on regions that went red. It’s said in response to black people calling other black people “Uncle Tom” for having a differing opinion. It’s said in response to cop killings. It’s said in response to hateful sentiments and actions, because an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, because if everyone keeps responding with hate then the situation keeps building up and becoming more and more violent, all you achieve is creating more hateful people rather than actually changing anything that was going on.

What people are saying with “don’t fight hate with hate” is that these people are becoming everything they claim to be against - they’re targeting demographics, men, white people, cis people, straight people, for no reason besides the colour of their skin or what’s between their legs, and the individuals that they target in doing so aren’t people who’ve done anything wrong, they can be vulnerable, abused, poor, lonely, hurt people who are being attacked for nothing. What “don’t fight hate with hate” means is that justified political anger is targeted and precise, it has reasoning behind it, and it cares more about rectifying the situation than about hurting the person allegedly responsible or people similar to them; hate and bigotry, on the other hand, are thinking that entire demographics are evil or lesser; these people are using their anger as an excuse to hate and discriminate, as an excuse to cause more harm, and they’re justifying it and they’re feeling no remorse and that’s not right and that’s terrifying. Ultimately, the best response to any situation isn’t to let the anger make you hateful or bitter, it’s to be calm and practical, to find a logical solution and then channel your anger into that instead of aiming it fruitlessly at random people. That’s what we mean when we say “don’t fight hate with hate”, we mean that you are being hateful and it’s amplifying the situation and dividing people further instead of actually rectifying any problems, we mean that you’re hurting people for no reason, we mean that you’re so hateful that you can justify it at the click of a finger and think yourself the good guy, but that outsiders can see that however noble your intentions your actions are not good.

To compare that good advice, that advice that comes from a place of empathy, that advice that wants you to succeed at rectifying what made you angry and wants you to do so in the least harmful way to you and those around you, that advice that’s trying to lessen the number of individuals caught in the crossfire and told to die because of traits they cannot control and actions they did not commit… to compare that to gaslighting!? That’s an insult to abuse victims and is belittling their situation and their suffering.

And, if we’re playing the “exaggerating situations by using language meant for much more serious interpersonal issues to describe political disagreement” game, then trying to convince someone that they’re the abuser while you manipulate, shout at, insult, and in some cases physically assault them, saying that your anger is “legitimate” and therefore that they have no right to ask you to calm down and stop hurting them, is also a tactic used by abusers.

(I saw this on Facebook, and not on here, hence why I’m replying to a screenshot and not a reblog, sorry.)

~ Vape

Let me clarify:

When someone says they’re antifem, (for the most part, because I obviously cannot accurately speak on behalf of all antifems) they mean anti first-world feminism. Ya know, the kind of feminism that’s inherently not necessary whatsoever??

As an antifem, I do not support the feminist movement as it stands today, because of the majority of what it stands for. In today’s society, the “feminism” I see is over the smallest, most ridiculous things, like beauty standards (Note: beauty standards are NOT gendered expectations; they apply to men and women alike), or the wage gap myth. (Notice how I said ‘myth’ there? ;) )

At the same time, as an antifem, the feminism I DO support is the feminism that fights against child marriages and REAL rape culture; the feminism that’s needed in countries like the Middle East or North Korea.

It pisses me off when first-world feminists will bicker and argue about nothing but liberal garbage. Boo-hoo, the Facebook friend-request icon has a man who’s portrayed as larger than the woman next to him. There are people —CHILDREN— dying in fucking Syria. How about the women and young girls in Africa forced to breast iron? And the only time you choose to bring up these children is when an antifem said, “You are what’s wrong with modern feminism,” on your tumblr post about “oppression”.

I don’t support the feminist movement as it stands today because, frankly, it’s garbage. It’s garbage and it’s flawed. Before, feminism was about real issues, like not being able to vote or have say in government. The feminism today is all about needlessly empowering women and knocking down men, labeling all men as evil entities that solely live to rape and oppress. I’m not about that. I believe in real equality, so until you get your head out of your fucking ass and actually try to fix the problems you say your feminism is against, I’m an antifem. Until I see feminists representing feminism as it’s defined (“the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”, Merriam-Webster), instead of the man-hate I constantly see in every facet social media, I’m an antifem. Stop using the bigger problems as a facade to hide behind your computer and argue about not being able to run around shirtless, when in all reality you aren’t doing fucking shit to benefit anyone.

Can we just take a minute to appreaciate female character design in Overwatch?

Like seriously, we have these playable characters:

- A girl who is the world’s top 1 e-sports player - I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this is, considering that in real life, women are almost always considered to be worse players than men and there has literally never been a mixed-gender team in any e-sport I’ve seen so far. Women even have their own separate tournaments. I haven’t seen a girl compete at a truly professional level in any game, let alone be #1 in it.

- The world’s strongest woman, who on top of that sacrificed her athletic success to fight for her family and home. Also, she’s Russian. Don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired of “Russians are the villains” trope, in both videogames and movies. Zarya is a nice change.

- A woman who is presented as sexy, and it is basically justified in the lore why she is this way, unlike most games who don’t even attempt to. Even StarCraft’s Kerrigan had some questionable design decisions, as much as I loved her in both lore and design perspectives (high heels on a zerg tho? are you for real?)

- TWO women who are considered to be some of the world’s best scientists in their fields. One of them made a medical breakthrough which helped with treatment of many critical injuries and illnesses; the other made breakthroughs in climate manipulation and continues working on preserving the planet’s ecosystem when nobody else does.

- A woman who was one of the most loved leaders in the Egyptian army and who is most altruistic in her desire to serve the greater good and make the world a better place.

- A woman who is assumed to be autistic, yet she was one of the best students in her field and had a very unique approach to how she worked, which is why it was her who was chosen to work on special assignments (for a lawful-evil corporation, but regardless) due to her potential.

- A woman who, before the game takes place, was one of Overwatch’s best pilots to the extent that she was hand-picked to fly an experimental prototype fighter from Overwatch. Despite the traumatising event she suffered, she remains an “irrepressible force for good” and always keeps a positive approach. Also, she’s the poster girl. Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a girl represent an AAA videogame, aside from Tomb Raider, maybe.

In addition, all of these women have diverse races, nationalities, body shapes and personalities.

And finally, NONE of these women have to be in a relationship with one of the game’s males to be an interesting and appreciated character.

Thank you for this one, Blizzard.


“Peggy’s fighting style is BRUTAL. It’s scrappy, and incredibly violent and I love it. This is how real people fight. Well trained real people. She uses her elbows a lot, they’re the hardest part of the body and make an excellent weapon, which she clearly knows. She’s uses her environment, fridges, staplers, briefcases, anything she can turn into an advantage. Peggy Carter is a woman in heels fighting large rough men and she wins because she is nasty and rough and smart.”

quote from obsessionexpression ’s text post

If Disney Princesses went college, they would major in:

  • Snow White: Elementary Education
    • Because she’s with 7 little men (I hope this isn’t offensive) and the fact that she’s 14. Picking out a major for Snow was very hard and this was the best I could come up with.
  • Cinderella: Fashion Design
    • Cinderella did try to make that dress and she is famous for her fashion
  • Aurora: Musical theatre
    • She has a natural beautiful voice and she dances ballet, with notable music by Tchaikovsky. I think she would be a actress, in the real world
  • Ariel: Anthropology, with double minors in Marine Studies & Vocal Studies
  • Belle: Literature
  • Jasmine: Gender & Women’s Studies
    • Based on how she tries to fight her independence as a woman, I think she would love to study that!
  • Pocahontas: Environmental Science, with a minor in Studio Art
  • Mulan: Gender & Women’s Studies with a minor in Physical Education 
    • I think she and Jasmine would be BFFs.
  • Tiana: Double majors in Hospitality & Culinary Studies, Master’s in Business
  • Rapunzel: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art 
  • Merida: Animal Studies with a minor in Physical Education 
    • Based on the bear theme & her love for her horse. Seriously though, she would skip college. Instead of studying and going to lectures, she would rather let her hair flow in the wind as she rides through the glen firing arrows into the sunset. ;)
  • Anna: Art History with a Family Studies minor
    • Anna loves paintings, as seen in Do you want to Build a Snowman? & For the First Time in Forever. The Family Studies part is for her love of other people.
  • Elsa: Double majors in Political Studies & Meteorology with a minor in Psychology
    • She and her sister, Anna take the same Psychology classes :)
  • Moana: Ocean Studies with a minor in Mythology 
I remember when he broke up with me and I was begging him on my knees to stay, he said ‘Even if we got better, even if you turned the corner to become a better person, I would of still left’. Every time you surface up past feelings of your ex, remind yourself why it ended. Fuck him if he didn’t want you, if he didn’t fight for you, if he left you for some new girl… You are fucking gold, and you deserve someone that will fight for you and protect your heart no matter how messy your relationship gets. Little boys run away from problems. Real men find solutions.
—  break-upchronicles (protect your heart please)

real quick

everybody needs to stop trying to say jaebum hurts the members. jaebum can be intimidating, idk of many who wouldn’t flinch. i’m sure got7 has gotten into their fair share of fights with one another, they are men, they were together when most were going through puberty, it’s gonna happen. please don’t put jaebum in that light because of a prank.
they boys have said multiple times how gentle jaebum is, how he has grown so much and how he now talks out things.

Sometimes I just stop and think how important korra is for girls representation.

Women are supposed to be kind, weak, dumb, hypersexualized. We are still portrait mostly like that.

And then there’s Korra. She’s tough. She has a real body. She has muscles. She wears comfortable clothes. She is brave. She’s violent, also. Women are not supposed to be violent. And she gets angry, she gets seriously angry. She’s powerful, she enjoys her strength, she enjoys fighting and beating the hell out of people. She would kill if she has to. She’s strong, not feeling strong, she kicks lots of asses. Men asses, women asses, evil spirits asses.

And after all of this, she’s still a good, caring and loving person. She’s loyal. She’s true to herself.

She’s lot of things women are not supposed to be. She’s some really fuckin’ important girl.

And let’s not forget: she is the MOST POWERFUL PERSON on her entire world. And that person is a girl.


This generation is fucked. We got fucking cops killing/abusing blacks as if they ain’t real people. Racism to all cultures as well as the African Americans. Male rape victims being laughed at and not taken seriously. Girls still being shamed for sexually expressing themselves the way men do. Still being blamed for being a rape victim because of what she wore and how drunk she got because “boys will be boys”. People sexualizing every damn part of a women’s body. A generation of kids who pride themselves on not giving a fuck about nobody. Who just sit on Twitter waiting for the next fight or drake diss track to drop. People who only care about themselves. Cheating on their loved ones as if monogamy ain’t a thing. People making up fucking awards to judge someone’s courage? As if they know the mentality and courage it took one person compared to another. It’s not the situation that makes a person courageous, it’s the persons personal mentality of that situation. Then we got people bashing transgenders and saying they didn’t struggle. Many did and maybe for some, they transitioned a lot easier and with less struggle. I’m absolutely sick and disgusted with this “zero fucks” “heartless bitch” generation. Ya we have come a long way from the racism and sexism in the past but that’s nothing to be proud of when it is still so prevalent in our society.

As a martial artist I have always adored Marvels fight scenes. They are the perfect blend of realism and pure awesome badassery. They toe the line a bit with some acrobatic elements but they are dealing with extraordinary characters. But I noticed something different in the pilot of Agent Carter. It’s incredibly honest. Peggy’s fighting style is BRUTAL. It’s scrappy, and incredibly violent and I love it. This is how real people fight. Well trained real people. She uses her elbows a lot, they’re the hardest part of the body and make an excellent weapon, which she clearly knows. She’s uses her environment, fridges, staplers, briefcases, anything she can turn into an advantage. Peggy Carter is a woman in heels fighting large rough men and she wins because she is nasty and rough and smart