this is how my life turned out

How everyone in Miraculous Ladybug turned out to be gay (for Ladybug)

Just thought of this recently, and just really enjoyed the idea of Ladybug becoming a symbol of hope to many subgroups in Paris, and especially to teens and the LGBT+ community.

Like imagine one day LB is chatting to some reporter, and the question of her sexuality comes up (the reporter hoping to get a glimpse of maybe LadyNoir??). What she gets is a shrug and smile as LB says that she finds all genders beautiful and deserving of love; specifically that she is hopelessly in love with people of other genders aside from simply male.

Needless to say, everyone is both shocked and excited by the news of LB being pansexual.

Suddenly LB is a symbol and advocate of the LGBT+ community and she just…rolls with it. She loves being able to speak out about her sexuality, and she’s often encourages others to speak up as well, to not be afraid because love is just love!

And Chat is in the background internally torn about the whole thing as on one hand, God his Lady is so cool and she deserves to be loved by all genders as well. On the other hand he has to contend with more competition. Damn it. But in every interview he fully supports LB, citing that while he may be heterosexual, he still stands up for LGBT+ rights and desires for everyone to be comfortable with their sexuality in society, just like his Lady. (Now Chat’s also a advocate for the LGBT+ community, and often fundraisers and makes speeches alongside LB for the cause)

All this support leads, well, basically to majority of Marinette’s class coming out of the closet.

Everyone knows Alya is bi. Like, super bi. She just excretes bisexuality wherever she goes, especially whenever she talks about her hero crush Ladybug (Marinette’s still can’t stop blushing whenever her best friend rants about Ladybug’s ‘shapely calves’ and how she was 'so gay for the buff babe.’)

Then Rose softly comes out as bi, followed closely by Juleka admitting her status as a lesbian, as well as her relationship with Rose.

Max bluntly states his asexuality, while Nathanael and Sabrina are a bit more hesitant in coming out as gender fluid and lesbian respectively.

Marinette’s equally as hesitant to admit her pansexuality, but she’s fully supported by others around her (which she finds ironic, as just yesterday she made a public speech about safe zones and coming out when the time was right for you, which probably motivated most of her classmates).

During this whole thing Marinette (and most of the class) are expecting Chloe to raise a huge fuss about the whole thing. But when finally prompted by a hesitant Adrien, she simply tosses her head and says 'it would be a crime to keep everyone from admiring my beauty. Besides, it’s clear that I have the easiest shot with Ladybug now that I know she’s interested in girls.’

Cue majority of the class yelling about who would get with Ladybug (as you can’t tell me most of Paris isn’t gay for the superhero duo, like damn), Alya and Chloe being the biggest contenders, and Adrien secretly vowing to up his game as Chat in order to even have a chance with his Lady.


OK this took me years to know if i should post this but since Satori already posted his pic of Keaton cosplay i’ll post mine with my spark cosplay i told you about LONG TIME AGO also i’ll post this taking adventage that i’m not thinking clearly since is late at night so my future self gets mad at my past self and probably erase this post

Also i would love if you don’t reblog this, but comments and likes are always welcome!

TBH i had a lot of fun in that expo with my friends even if a was so nervous i don’t recommend you to cosplay a outgoing charater if you’re timid af (?), got to know Symmetra’s, Tracer’s and’s latinamerican voice actress and also MET A GUY COSPLAYING KEATON OMG I WAS FANGIRLING A LOT enough to forget my shyness and asked him for a photo and a hug (a really long hug) 

Fun fact, the wig didn’t covered my entire hair so i had to buy and use that pikachu hat

Fun fact 2: I’m planning to cosplay Alolan Red for the next expo… even if he is a total daddy and i’m just a straw

i didn’t think i could be more obsessed with the advocate i work with when i volunteer thursday nights but turns out “i love star trek and i’m obsessed with data’s daughter and how she’s an android that chose her own species and gender” was code for i’m pangender myself and also i’m poly and i’m gonna regale you with stories from my dating life every week

some underappreciated vines i haven’t seen in any vine compilation yet i that found way deep in my vines tag

edit: some credits!

during seventeen’s very nice performance kai was dancing along and mina was taking sneak peeks at him and would smile bc mina of twice is an exo-l and kai is her bias and now shes sitting behind them on an award show where her group won a daesang and if that doesnt tell you that dreams come true and life gets better than idk what does

“I’ve been on my own since the age of twelve. My mom decided that her drug-dealing boyfriend was more important than me. One night I came home from playing and the key wouldn’t turn. I started banging on the door but nobody answered. I lived with friends for the next few years. I went from house to house, couch to couch. My friend’s mom was a bartender so she got me a job washing dishes. I saved enough money to get a car when I turned sixteen, and I drove out to Arizona. I was pregnant by the time I was twenty-one. My son changed my life. I didn’t turn into Mother Theresa overnight. I had to unlearn everything I’d ever known. I had to learn how to do things the right way, not sell drugs, not cut corners. Right now I’m trying to finish college while being a single mother. I’m taking care of my eighty-three year old grandmother. I just beat cancer for the second time in four years. But things seem to be quiet now. I’m always holding my breath, though. The story of my life has been the calm before the storm.”

Happy Birthday @qi-tana !! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

This is Firefighter!Otabek from Qit’s fantastic fanfiction Fire Red !! I hope you like it~! (/ღღ///)

Thank you for always being such an inspiration to me and motivating me to do my best every single day, I’m truly grateful for having you in my life (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

What a happy kiddo!!!!!

(@thecelticassassin - Mob in C1!!)

I hope alex overreacts about every single minor couple type thing because she’s so in awe of maggie and herself and how far they’ve both come already and how she’s achieving the life she wanted but never thought she’d have so she savours every minute,

like they’re out in public and maggie tries to hold her hand but recoils when alex quickly turns to stare at her thinking it’s too soon or that she doesn’t want the unnecessary attention but alex is like “no! it’s amazing. hold my hand.”

or when she’s sending out christmas cards giggling to herself and maggie is confused until she picks one up and see that she signed off with “much love - alex and maggie”

or when she’s in the work and maggie texts her and asks her to pick up some milk on her way home and alex tells every stranger she passes that her girlfriend wants milk so she’s buying this milk because her girlfriend asked her to because it’s for her girlfriend who needs milk

just give me alex being a gay dramatic nerd at very minor and otherwise uneventful domestic things because she’s so happy about it


The shock of the Assassin’s Creed Movie NOT premiering in my country this December really hit me hard. So I decided to cheer myself up by sketching my two current muses ( @therealjacksepticeye and Hugh Dancy) as modern day assassins.

I don’t think I’ll be lining or coloring these fully because I really liked how the sketches turned out. :)

[ Patreon is currently on hiatus but thank you for considering <3 ]

I love how Sportacus is never even slightly surprised when it turns out to be Robbie causing all the trouble around town. I’m like 80% sure he’s playing along with Robbie’s schemes at this point tbh 



Tumblr please don’t kill the quality too much.

Okay, jumped on the bandwagon of @beanpots‘s Day and Night AU, which is so gorgeous I couldn’t help but draw the precious kings in a mural style. Looks a little asymmetrical (especially Yuuri OH GODS WHY), but that’s cuz I can’t do digital lineart to save my life (I definitely prefer digital colouring tho) so I just did it over my ink sketch from the paper version. Still, I’ve definitely come a long way with my digital arts, so I’m really happy with how this turned out. :3

Anyways, hope y’all like it, especially the creator of the AU LOL.

dating advice: the “captain america” rule

Context: I grew up in a family of nerds, and superheroes were always a really big part of my childhood. Captain America was a favorite, and he kind of became my family’s standard for good behavior and just generally being a Nice Person. (If one of the kids started a fight they’d get hit with, “What would Captain America think of how you’re acting?”, stuff like that.)

So when I got to high school and started dating, my mom told me something that sounds funny but in retrospect actually turned out to be really good advice:

“Date someone who treats you the way Captain America would. Never settle for less.” 

And this has actually helped me so much in my dating life, through high school and into my adult years, because even if it’s a little silly, it’s been really helpful to have that standard in the back of my mind when I’m first going into a relationship. 

Would Captain America ignore my calls? Would Captain America forget my birthday? Would Captain America get mad at me for cancelling a date because a family emergency came up? If the answer is no, then I know that the person I’m currently dating does not meet my standards, and that I need to break things off before they get too serious.

And your standard absolutely does not have to be Captain America, specifically. It can be any person, male or female, real or fictional, who is known for being respectful and considerate. It can even be an imaginary “soulmate” that you make up yourself. The point is to have a specific idea of how you expect to be treated by your romantic partners, and to refuse to compromise or settle for less. (Just make sure you’re holding yourself to the same standards – you can’t expect to date superheroes if you’re going to treat your partners the way a supervillain would.) This is a really good way to keep yourself from falling into bad relationships where you aren’t treated with the respect and care you deserve.

TL;DR: You deserve to date people who are respectful and considerate of you. You deserve a Captain America. Don’t settle for less. 


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I once knew a boy, he called me beautiful
He was my best friend
and when he smiled
It was carefree, thats something that he was, about me

I once knew a boy, he found me usable
He was my best friend
And when he was sad
The whole world turned gray, thats how he left me– that day

I once knew a boy, he held a sword, tighter than my hand
He was my best friend
And when he left one day
He left me crying out in Gods name, here’s the funny thing–I don’t– even pray

I once knew a boy, he had me scammed
He was my best friend
And when he said he loved me
He was a liar, but I was the crier

I once knew a boy, who screwed me over
He was my best friend
And when he said I lovely
He grinned and i walked away glumly

That boy I once knew, he left me sober
And now I lay here, waiting for closure

So teach your sons to be gentle
your daughters to know when to go
Tell them not to get too close

Teach your sons that girls are human
And teach them to treat her like a rose
Tell them that then, love will be close

Teach the boys that feelings are okay
The girls to fight whatever stands in their way
And to make sure they know tomorrow is a new day

I once knew a boy, who got my hopes up too high
And this taught me, you cant trust a guy

—  psycho-rose, (v.g) 10/5/16
Day & the Life of a Hogwarts Student!

JK: Hello! My name is Jeon Jungkook! I’m a 5th year Slytherin studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Today, I’m here to give you a look into the life of what it’s like to be a student here at Hogwarts!

Waking Up!

JK:  Getting up is pretty hard for everyone, but thankfully, getting dressed isn’t that bad with a little magic!


JK: I usually go to the Great Hall to eat with Yoongi hyung (who’s a fellow Slytherin) … but he’s usually sleeps instead of eats. Namjoon hyung and Seokjin hyung usually both drop by to say hello too– although, Namjoon hyung’s pretty much like Yoongi hyung– they’re not morning people … at all. And Seokjin hyung is usually being followed by a bunch of admirers because he’s very good looking! (Did you know he was half veela?)

Class Time!

JK: Since I’m a 5th year, I have to take my OWLS at the end of the year, so I have to be diligent and learn & study as much as I can! Especially since my results could potentially affect what jobs I can apply for! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get ‘Outstanding’s on all my subjects!


JK: During my downtime, I like to head over to the Quidditch pitch for some practice! My hyungs from Hufflepuff usually join me too! Taehyung hyung and Hobi hyung are both beaters for their team – I’m the seeker for mine! But more often than not, we wind up goofing off ahahaha 


JK: I usually try to hang out with my friends in between classes! Since all my hyungs are either 6th or 7th years, it can be sometimes hard to meet up with everyone due to our schedules, but all of us usually make an effort to go to dinner together!

End of the Day!

JK: What better way to wrap up the day than with the one thing that everyone loves? FOOD! We return to the Great Hall once again to grab some dinner! I gotta say, the best way to the end the day is eating and hanging out with friends! And although, you’re supposed to sit with your respective houses during meals, we usually wind up goofing off together at the Hufflepuff table before we call it a night!

// Hogwarts!AU based off of @ask-hufflepuff-v ‘s AU! :’)