this is how my hair looks like

I never say this out loud but i actually really like my face!! I’m so pretty. It should be okay for people to acknowledge the good things about themselves without being seen as superficial or vain. I love my skin!! It’s soft and its color is a pretty brown the same color as caramel. I love my eyes!! they’re big and child-like and black and framed by pretty eyelashes!! i love my hair!! it’s wavy and it sticks up on the back and it’s messy and soft and fun to play with. i love my eyebrows!! they’re thick and look really nice on my face!! I love my potato nose!! It’s big and cute and boopy. I love my lips!! They’re full and i love their color!! Acknowledge how pretty you are. It’s absolutely fine to love yourself like that and tell yourself you’re pretty

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Can I please have awkward teenage L and awkward teenage B headcanons pleeease?

Okay, lets see….


  • never showed much interest in/paid much attention to his body, so when puberty hit, he was mostly annoyed by the changes
  • secretly wished he could stay a child forever - a child with the authority of an adult
  • crouching on chairs wasn’t as comfortable as before, but it never even crossed his mind to sit in a more “appropriate” way, though he noticed how people started to look at him funny/judgy
  • made his posture even worse with trying to make himself smaller
  • “Watari, I need (insert random gay erotic magazine) for my research on a case. Please try to obtain it ASAP.”
  • one of the only things he liked about puberty, was how his voice changed - it became pretty deep rather quickly and he loved to boss people around with that voice, not realising that most people were just thinking he was being a douche
  • absolutely hated his body hair, even though it grew sparsely, so he just shaved it off completely one day
  • took his time to regularly shave his facial hair, just plucked it with his fingers instead, until it started to look really ridiculous
  • was kind of overwhelmed by his random horniness and tried to ignore it most of the time
  • already knew that he liked both girls and boys, but was unprepared to feel smitten by random young and handsome officers (he dealt with that by staring at them intensely)
  • constantly argued with people about basically everything, even about stuff he knew nothing about
  • hated how his body looked in tennis sports wear and one day decided to show up on the tennis court with his normal clothes, pretending he didn’t know why people were staring at him
  • sometimes locked his room just because he didn’t want to see Watari’s face, let him believe that he was masturbating even though he wasn’t
  • sometimes wore hoodies to hide greasy hair
  • either forgot to shower, or showered for hours - no in between


  • B, by contrast, loved puberty
  • hit a growth spurt with 13 and liked to loom over other kids, even the ones who were older but shorter than him
  • didn’t really try to flirt with people, instead just asked them if he could see their underwear, if they said yes (only two people ever did), he asked them if they’d like to see his dick
  • once took off his shirt, tossed it towards A and asked them if they could smell that he’s a man now
  • he always was pretty clean, but rarely used deodorant because he wanted people to smell him
  • also sniffed other people to tell them that they’re hitting puberty
  • was the kid who randomly touched his crotch in front of other people, all while never breaking eye contact
  • was also the asshole who loved to trip other kids up while playing football
  • ironically constantly accused other kids of cheating and wrestled them to the ground when they denied it
  • “Hey, take my hand.” Random kid: *gives him their hand* B: *squeezes it brutally, twists and distorts the joints*
  • loved to pick locks to visit “his friends” at Wammy’s House in the middle of the night
  • randomly told people the date of their death, without telling them what it meant
  • he started to use make up when he was 15, but constantly used a shade to light for his skin/didn’t blend it right (Teacher: B… you don’t look well, do you want to get some fresh air?”)
  • basically just stopped brushing his hair
  • had a phase where he looked up weird murder scenes and put them in a folder named “pics that cheer me up”
  • made up creepy pastas about Wammy’s House

With only the stars to guide him, Yuuri visits the shore one evening. Bundled in a dinner vest. Clothes he could’ve worn to a work party, but he decided to visit the beach instead. Glass of champagne perched near his lips. He wonders if Viktor’s out on a night like this. Looking up to the same moon? The same stars? Yuuri never realized how pretty the stars were until he was alone. The ocean breeze combs through his hair, and Yuuri’s lips part from the champagne glass.

All he could hear were the waves, coming up close but not close enough. The water barely grazed his shoes, and Yuuri didn’t step back. Was he not scared? Even with alcohol in his blood, Yuuri wasn’t stupid enough to step forward. He simply stood, grounded to where he was. In a silence that would only break because of a scream, but he didn’t. Yuuri whistled. A few, fluttering chirps before he heard a splash from somewhere in the darkness.

It was Viktor, it was always Viktor.

It was always Viktor because Yuuri wouldn’t know why he’d be here at the beach, alone with alcohol thumping against his ear. It was always Viktor because he rarely turned a shy eye when Yuuri needed him the most. It was always Viktor, and Yuuri hated it.

He couldn’t give anything in return. He was always bound to obligations, shackled around the neck with expectations. And Viktor, Viktor had none. He was free to roam wherever he pleased, yet he chained himself to this one beach for Yuuri’s sake.

Sometimes, Yuuri wanted to say, “Viktor, you don’t have to see me anymore.”

“You don’t have to give me gifts.”

“You don’t have to waste your life on me.”

“Please, be yourself.”

But how could Yuuri could say any of those things when Viktor poked his head up from the water and flashed him a toothy grin. Pure bliss, an unfailing joy because Yuuri was special to Viktor, and the fact always reeled him back to the shore. Where he saw Yuuri and widened his eyes, wondering why they were meeting again when it wasn’t morning yet.

Yuuri had an answer, but he didn’t want to say.

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Alyadrien betrayal

“How could you?” Adrien looked like a wounded kitten, disbelief and hurt in his eyes. “You monster!”

Alya shrugged. “I did the same thing you would’ve done in my position.” 

“I would never betray you like that!” Adrien curled in on himself protectively. “We had a truce!”

“You deserved it.” She stuck her tongue out, mocking him. 

“I have never done anything wrong in my life.” Adrien insisted indignantly. 

“Suuuure.” Alya laughed as she raised her hand to pat his hair. 

That was all he needed for an opening. Before she even realized what happening, she was spasming and laughing and flailing as he assaulted her sides. He had gotten her. 

All’s fair in love and tickle wars.

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What is the most effective way for lightening eyebrows or something to make a blonde weave look less awkward?

OKAY Make me reveal all the secrets and tricks I’ve learned from working in drag shops XD

This is going to get long,,

Well it depends on the shade of your weave and how thick your eyebrows are

Like eyebrows are generally darker than hair on people’s head so most of the time I just use an eyeshadow color (with primer) similar to the wig and my dark eyebrows take care of the make it darker part lol

Most of the time I have concealer from contouring on them too so that lightens them up a tad bit


Sooo for older Narcissa  I wanted them thinner, I went and covered them with 2,3,4 layers of glue stick (make sure you go with the grain of your eyebrows since you want it flat) and 300000 layers of concealer and younger narcissa I just filled them back in so if your eyebrows are that stubborn thats always that trick :P OR SHAVE THEM AND REDRAW THEM LOL JK 

I had to go back and darken them though cause the lighter shade I had before wasn’t showing up on camera. I mean its not perfectly gone but good enough for camera LOL especially with my lighting. (Ugh gross of my face )

 (It’s weird, I always think that people with darker skin that wear blonde look amazing and I’m like heart eyes but on me I’m like ew what is this whats wrong with me LOL)

So to fix that problem well


Okay so for blondes or any light wig in general, I usually contour by using my natural skin tone as the darker shade and lighten up everything else with concealer :/ 


Or on those rare moments…If it’s like extremely light or like platinum blonde (COUGH ELSA STATUS)…


I bathe in concealer D: not a spot of my skin to be seen 

It’s just to hide the yellow undertone, you have to add some pink undertones, so I usuallly put a teeny amount pink blush on the bridge of my nose and the tip of it, forehead and chin Or you’ll look ILL.

Although for Remus I prefer that ill pallid look so. Yeah I do that for him. (WHICH IS WHY MY FACE RARELY MATCHES MY HANDS OR NECK OR BODY WHEN IM HIM)

ALSO camera lighting. The darker the room..the lighter I look XP (WHICH IS WHY I DONT LIKE TO RP IN THE DAY)

I’m opening up commissions because i’d like to have some spending money when i go to my vacation on December. If interested, please fill out the Order Form and email me at …or shot me a message on tumblr :)!

Name / Username :
paypal address :
reference(s) : (descriptions are fine but I prefer pictures)
How many drawings do you?


  • Flat color with simple shading on the skin and hair
  • Chibi style up to two characters of your choosing
  • Please see the examples above :)!
  • Only $6.00 dollars (this included the paypal fee)


  • original characters
  • characters from different fandoms….I specializes in Star Wars Fandom though, but i’m cool with anything
  • ships(unless it makes me uncomfortable..i’ll let you know)
  • etc


  • mechanic robots
  • furries/ animals…(i’m okay with characters that have some characteristics  like horns, cat ears…simple things)
  • weapons
  • NSFW (i will only draw it for myself…lol)

Reblog if you can, I really appreciate it 😊

Edit: Time Frame is about 3-5 days. (A sketch can take a less then 20-30 mins but i want to make sure i can give you the best drawing. So i like to take a couple of more days just to finalize it :)! You will only get quality stuff from me….Scott’s honor.)
If you are not happy about the drawing, please contact me at anytime and i will make any possible changes that are necessary! I’m here to pleasure and make sure you like what you are paying for!

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How did daisy start hating her curls so much? Apparently her mom supports them, so was it kids at school that teased her? Over the years I've begun relating more and more because i always chemically relaxed my hair, but now that I'm natural I've learned to love my curls. I'm hopeful she gains that confidence as well when she gets older.

Veronica: Daisy feels pressured by SOCIETAL STANDARDS OF BEAUTY that make her feel like her curls are ugly, even though they’re not!! She assumes she has to look like Lucy in order to be liked, so it’s not necessarily people making fun of her, just her general insecurity and observing what is “wanted” by people around her. Hopefully Daisy reaches the same conclusion as you do!

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Idk if you've answered a question like this before but do any of the mods have any tips to look more masculine? No matter what I do (cut my hair short, bind, etc.) I always look like a flat chested girl and I honestly can't stand to see myself in the mirror or in pictures anymore

hello! i dont remember answering a question like this so i will again (or not again)! 

1) observe how men and boys around you act, dress, walk, laugh, carry themselves, sit, stand, E V E R Y T H I N G. when you realize how they present and can mimic their mannerisms, you’ll instantly seem more masculine than you are. don’t cross your legs or arms, manspread, make yourself a large presence by talking and speaking and ACTING loudly and boisterously. have a swagger when you walk

2) buy clothing from the mens section, and make sure that they fit in the right places

3) mascara, if applied well to your natural peach fuzz, can give you a cool lil mustache/beard

4) watch a youtube video on how to deepen your voice, one thing i know to deepen it to its natural deepest is to stretch your neck by rolling your head, stretching your neck forwards and backwards, and then do voice exercises of slowly intoning and deepening your voice gradually. after you do this, your voice will be loosened and when you talk you can talk deeper without it sounding like you’re trying to imitate eyore from winnie the pooh. do this a lot every day so that slowly you’ll cultivate a deeper voice and your vocal cords will get stronger

5) pack

6) get a haircut thats not just short, but one that looks like a “boy” cut. 

7) build some muscle

8) dont pluck your eyebrows

9) increase your height by improving your posture, sole inserts in your shoes, and testosterone (only if you want that though)

10) be very confident, take risks, make your voice and your opinions known. be very independent, speak your mind. but also, own your emotions 

11) recognize hypermasculinity. don’t take any of these too far, and don’t do things like being really loud unless it benefits you or is necessary. don’t pursue conflict or dominance, don’t overthink it.

12) make lots of jokes!! men tend to be more confident about sharing their funny thoughts

13) use mens toiletries like mens shampoo, bodywash, shaving cream, deoderant, etc. so that you smell more masculine. also, adopt more masculine grooming techniques

14) use professional chest binders

15) adopting more masculine hobbies can increase your own inner sense of masculinity

if any followers want to add or edit anything, feel free! this definitely is not the whole list ever of ways to be more masculine, and I may have gotten something wrong. hope this helps, though!

-Mod Charlie


So I tried to change my avatar a little to look more like me irl.

Up is how i would actually look ingame (right eye and hair colors and prob a ponytail even though I have both side cuts but oh well)

Down is more fantasy-like, with the colors I like, the tattoos I’d wear. and short hair if I didn’t have so much hair that it wouldn’t look like this, but I ain’t going into battle with long hair anyway.

Real photo of me under the cut for reference or smth idk.

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Meet JSE community


1. Name: Rachella, but i mostly go by my nickname Raven.

2. Age: 21, will turn 22 on Dec 14th :)

3. Country: The Netherlands

4. Appearance: Pale, blue/gray eyes, dark brownish hair with a golden glow. Partly dyed blue. I wear mostly black/goth/wiccan like clothing, but also JSE t-shirts and hoodies. I wear glasses, but i dont like how i look with them so i only take pictures without my glasses on. (There are some selfies on my profile) i dont wear makeup, i dont like it.

5. Hobbies: Drawing, making costumes and plushies, playing/watching pokemon and collecting pokemon stuff, watching youtubers and watching movies (mostly Marvel or animated movies. Love comedies, hate horror/thriller.).

6. Dream job: none, i cant handle the stress. I live off an unemployement benefit.

7. What would you find in my bag?: The usual stuff, phone/wallet etc. Maybe a stray grocery list haha.

8. Personality: kind and caring, can be a bit bitchy at times. Helpful. Sometimes a bit shy. Weird.

9. When did i find Jacks channel?: About 4, maybe 4.5 years ago through one of Marks prop hunt videos.

10. Favorite egos: 1. Anti, 2. Schneep, 3. Jackieboyman

11. Favorite series: in non specific order, The last guardian, undertale, night in the woods, happy wheels….and many more!

12. Active/non active: in my opinion very active, only on tumblr, by posting fanart and talking to some of you lovely people.

Btw, feel free to always send me an ask or pm, i like talking to ya’ll!

Love ya ♡

Hi my name is Diego Dio “Banana” Brando and i have long blond hair (thats how i got my name) with green streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me i look like Dio Brando (AN: if u dont know who he is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Gerard Way but i wish i was because he’s a major fucking hottie. Im a dinosaur but my teeth are straight and white. I’m also a jockey. Im a jock (in case you couldnt tell) and i wear mostly green. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today i was wearing my hat which says my name on it, my teal green turtle neck with yellow crosshatch and brown boots with spurs on them. I was wearing green lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and bandages on my cheeks. I was walking outside the stables. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of preps stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them.

@knightedwriter was the first person to ask about fluff for Lev n Fax, but @deathgoddessnesta and @aesterea asked for some as well. Also, @gingerly-writing this is kinda my apology for the Amara thing.

Lev let out a small breath, and tugged at his shirt, glad for once that he wasn’t wearing his wings. He looked fine, he tried to tell himself, even if he felt a little self conscious about how short he’d cut his hair. He’d not meant to cut it so short but he’d not had the courage to tell the other angel to stop when they insisted it’d look good. He’d only meant to get a trim, because he’d discovered that he liked Fax’s fingers in his hair. Well, he consoled himself. Hair grew, and next time he’d just let it go shaggy and not worry about making it grow out nice. Probably. Maybe.

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my (not) new years resolution is to actually try my hardest to draw diverse faces in ways that make me uncomfortable…. like i wanna draw big noses that are shaped differently and try and get over my own internalized hate of my nose and maybe make it easier to love it if i put it into my art :/c

also i need to draw more curly hair its so worth the extra few minutes of effort i lvoe how it looks


Don’t laugh Bakugou, it’s a serious struggle