this is how my hair looks like


Have another laugh at my #515494 attempt at creating something decent.
It looks like Willow just came out of a heavy rainy storm.

I have so much respect for hair creators, cause like how do they make so many flawless hairs in record time. 


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Ok first time doing one of these, its crap but try to enjoy xp

  • Mmmmok
  • So Haechan seems very playful
  • sO I in vision a lot of play fighting
  • and a lot of roast battles
  • “you look like a potato”
  • you cant come up with a comeback because your just staring at his soft features
  • “What? do I have something on my face?”
  • Attacking him probably
  • like I mean running to where he is and hopping on him or something
  • idk XD
  • him laughing at you when you trip
  • “oW h Alp”
  • *CACKLE*
  • I feel like he would get jealous easily
  • like mark is playing with your hair or smth and your both giggling at how bad he is
  • and hyuck’s just sitting there narrowing his eyes on you two, scowling
  • and after he would give you the silent treatment
  • BUT wouldn’t do it for long bcause he cant stand to be away from you
  • Like a minute after you stop trying to make him feel better, because he’s stubborn, he pouts and whines for you to give him attention
  • “Y/NNNNNNN~~~”
  • oh
  • when your in school
  • oh gosh it gets worse
  • “Y/N!! come on~ Pay attention To meeee~”
  • “Hyuck let me finish-”
  • Takes your face in his hands and kisses you
  • eventually convinces you to have a break
  • IN ALL
  • He would be a precious boyfriend who wants attention and love from you.

THIS WAS LONGER THAN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! Sorry! its terrible XD But it was fun to write so *Shrug*

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can you show us how your hair looks like on a daily with what ever you put into it I'm very curious since I have been looking for a new hairstyle for years.

I actually got a new haircut but its not all that different. I just didn’t elect to shave it this time and dyed all of my hair light instead of just the top. If you still want to see….

To be honest I don’t really put anything in it except for dry shampoo when it’s starting to look dirty- I only wash it like once a week, which was a habit I got into when I had purple/blue hair to make the color last longer but the people who have cut my hair since told me I don’t really need to wash it any more than that. All I really do is just tousle it around with my fingers. I don’t even brush it cause it’s so short. I’ve been meaning to get stuff to put in it so make it look nicer/style it but….I don’t know anything about hair!! 

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Do you think Annabeth cares about her appearance/girly stuff?? I'm writing a fic but since I don't write about her much I'm having a hard time placing where she stands re her wardrobe, makeup and hair, things like that. Any insight would be appreciated xx

she’s definitely not a stereotypically “girly” girl in my mind (and in canon)! here are some headcanons of how i personally see her ~style~

  • wears a lot of really simple clothing, like jeans and neutral colored pants and one-color tshirts. everything is quite well fitted and it makes her look like she put more effort than she actually did
  • lots and lots of neutral colors - the most colorful things she wears are red and blue, and even then they’re quite neutral. everything is so similarly toned, in fact, that when she’s in a hurry she can just grab a pair of bottoms and a top and it will generally go together, which she greatly appreciates
  • she’s literally always in flats or slippers because they’re comfortable and she’s already quite tall - she actually likes heels for what they look like and her legs look amazing for the fact she intimidates people even more by being even taller but they’re a pain to walk in and it’s just not worth it
  • i don’t see her wearing much jewelry - maybe a thin little necklace (maybe with the piece of coral percy gave her) or a simple bracelet at most. she does like those tiny pinpoint kinda earrings tho, when she can be bothered to remember putting them on
  • doesn’t wear much makeup at all, partly because she can’t be bothered and partly because she doesn’t really know how to do it. the only thing she really wears somewhat regularly is mascara, and even then by the end of the day she’s either picking it off with her nails or washed it off already because it irritates her sensitive eyes (light eyes, dry-ish skin - a nightmare), but she likes how it focuses on them and makes them even more startling. 
  • she kinda wishes she knew how to fill in her eyebrows because hers are quite light but she’s kinda afraid to ask for help and look like a fool. this baby.
  • she’s addicted to one makeup-y related item and it’s lip balm lol she has like 5 at hand at all times because she loves having different flavors and also she can’t stop herself from buying 78 at all times like annabeth my love pls stop
  • whenever she has special occasions to go to, she’ll call piper or silena over and they’ll do her makeup for her. she likes feeling pampered and the fact she just has to sit there and let them work, and also, she loves winged eyeliner when she doesn’t have the pressure to do it herself lol
  • the only thing she really pays attention to is her hair. she never lets it air dry or dry when it’s up because it turns into a big poofy mess and not only does she feel really not pulled together, she also feels like people don’t take her as seriously (and if there is one thing annabeth hates, it’s not being taken seriously). she does wear buns, ponytails and simple braids a lot when she can’t be bothered to wash it though because it’s definitely more of a chore than something she does for fun
  • (percy definitely enjoys smelling her curls when they’re all soft and clean and bouncy and also when she comes home tired he’s the one to undo her knot of a bun that has been on her head for 17 hours and calmly comb through her hair with his fingers until it’s ever so slightly poofy and really curly and knot free and kinda kinky but he doesn’t take a brush to it because by now annabeth’s fallen asleep with his hands on her hair and he doesn’t wanna wake her up.)
MERGE CH. 11 - Unbelievable

Seeing as this chapter is a wedding and honeymoon I decided I would run wild with the fluff.  Fluff overload.  Fluff-splosion.  This was fun to write, though I do think I was a bit over ambitious and tried to fit too much into a single chapter.  I hope you all enjoy it.  As always, you can read on Ao3 here [x] or click “read more” below to read on my blog.  Please be sure to like, reblog, or comment!

It wasn’t how she had envisioned her wedding day as a child.

True, she was resplendent in a bespoke wedding gown that hugged her every curve in a way Harry was sure to appreciate.  Her hair was curled and pinned and hairsprayed into a beautiful creation.  Her makeup had never looked better.  Her jewelry, a mix of family heirlooms, cast a sparkle that shimmered over her tan in a magical way.  She would never look more beautiful, more radiant, than she did today.

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Can you give us some tips about how to draw gorgeously like you?!

If you’re beginning in art I would say practice and steal bits and pieces of things from other artists.

Like for me if I liked the way they drew a hair swoop I’d draw my hair swoops like that, or if the outline of an eye looked hella I’d take a bit from that and just test things out and experiment until you have a style you can call your own.

Also crying in the middle of the night because you can’t get the gotdamn hand right works too

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You remind me of the green haired girl from Amanchu!

oh! i looked her up and it says she likes giving cute nicknames like dotty and i thot it was funny bc i call my sister dottie (her name’s dorothy). it also says she wears a whistle given to her by her grandmother as a protective charm, which also sounds like me. lastly i like how many different pics there are of her making this funny frog face
Puppy Love - Chapter 2 - SensationalSunburst - Final Fantasy XV [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Princess hated Drautos.

When she was a puppy, falling over her own oversized paws as she tried in vain to keep up with Nyx as he warped about the practice field until Crowe swept her into her arms, it was funny.  Drautos would step into the arena and look down at the snarling bundle of blue grey fur with a tired expression.

“Dogsitting for his Highness?” He drawled, hands clasped behind his back.

Nyx smirked, “Protecting the members of the royal family is my duty, sir.”

But nobody missed the leather cord wrapped in a bow around her Lucian black collar, embroidered with skulls. Just like how nobody missed that the ankles of Nyx’s uniforms were sprinkled with dog hair most days, especially when he was coming in from a day off duty. As Princess grew older, and bigger and bigger and bigger, the teeth she bared at the captain of the Kingsglaive were a bit more problamatic. The bite of a hundred and ten pound dog was far more threatening than that of the five pound puppy, after all.

But she came to heel when Noctis called and mindfully kept herself to the King’s left side and so for the most part, her random bouts of aggression were laughed at and dismissed.

(“It’s… ok?” Noctis had asked, stunned when his father hadn’t so much as blinked at the puppy wiggling in his arms. Princess was licking the air preemptively as the King approached, ready to lay a thick layer of sticky affection against the monarch’s hands.  Regis smiled and hooked his finger under the puppy’s chin.

“As long as it is taken care of.” He’s replied evenly, “As I suspect this shall be the only grandchild I’m likely to get. Isn’t that right, Sir Ulric.”

Nyx, stationed at the door, had choked on air.)

Even Libertus was wary of her sometimes, but Nyx had told him that it was only because she could sense that he still held a level of animosity towards the prince. (“Dogs can sense evil.” He’s laughed.)  Alone, or in the company of the others Princess was fine. She kept her distance, preferring to sit wrapped around Nyx’s feet or next to Crowe’s chair, as she routinely fed her scraps, but the second Noctis arrived, Princess moved to the prince’s side and stayed there, never growling, only bearing her teeth whenever Libertus came near.

She took to the training regimen Ignis and Nyx had designed like a dream. She walked off leash, barked on command and was good enough of a guard dog for Gladio to affectionately call her the “little shield.” Prompto of course, was in love as well, and had formed an entire photo album dedicated to her. Selfies of himself and Princess when he kidnapped her for a run. Shots of Noctis, smiling as bright as the sun as Princess licked at his face, candid shots of Gladio carrying her, all one hundred and something pounds, like a baby against his hip. Ignis cooking in Noct’s apartment with Princess waiting at his side for the inevitable moment that he slipped her a scrap. His favorite however, was a shot of Nyx looking down at Noctis, affection so bright in his expression as the prince had pressed his nose against Princess’s, that he’d printed off a copy and slide it into Nyx’s hands on his birthday.

Princess the Pitbull slept curled at the end of the bed in Nyx’s apartment when Noctis was there, or when the prince was away, tucked against the glaive’s side, nose buried into his armpit. And still, despite it all, Princess was always “Noct’s dog” whenever anyone asked.

She was “Noct’s dog” when Nyx dropped her off for the day at Noct’s apartment, or his chambers in the Citadel, “Noct’s dog” when she grew jealous of Nyx stealing all of the prince’s attention and forced her way between them to shower him with kisses, “Noct’s dog” when she pushed silently but steadily against his calves whenever the Captain approached to chat.

She was Noct’s dog, until he almost didn’t come home from the front.

Nyx couldn’t really remember what happened, to be honest. Everything was running about as smoothly as it could against the Empire’s manufactured monsters, the line was holding, they were making progress, Crowe was bitching about something or other just behind him, hurling lightning bolts and curses in turn. He remembered a shout, a flash of light and then?

He remembered waking in transport, he remembered his hands were dripping wet, remembered that his entire body seemed to be twitching, dancing to a beat he could not hear. Crowe had his head in her hands, forcing his head down and still. But everything sounded wrong, distant and foggy, it was too dark, too hazy for mid-day. And although he could feel something warm, and sticky and wet against his palms every other feeling was lost.

Keep your eyes open, you fucking idiot .

He remembered trying to say something, but his tongue was heavy in his mouth, flopping uselessly against his teeth. His mouth felt like it was filled with cotton, muffling the flippant remark he was aiming for. Libertus appeared above him, gnawing on his bottom lip like he had as a kid, but his eyes were too bright, too watery for a victory ride home.

When he blinked next he was in the hospital. Curled on the bed beside him, her bulk tucked into the smallest ball she was capable was Princess and asleep next to her, both hands tangled in his own was Noctis.

(A new magitech weapon, he was told later, specifically designed to disrupt the magic of the crystal.)

When a nurse poked her head into his room, the look on her face indicated that Noctis and Princess had somehow managed to sneak in under her nose, somehow, seeing as how the Crown Prince usually didn’t do much sneaking anywhere.

But when she spotted Princess on the bed beside him, the dog’s bright blue eyes warily watching where the nurse was stationed at the doorway, Nyx settled one bandaged hand (what had even happened?) on top of Princess’s head, causing the dog to turn her gaze to her bleary eyed master and smiled up at the nurse.

“Sorry,” He lied, “My dog’s kinda protective. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite.”

Which, he figured, wasn’t exactly a lie.

After that, Princess was ‘their’ dog.

She still hated Drautos.

She hated him through the peace negotiations, teeth bared as she sat just out of view at Clarus’s side. The Shield was unsure what to do with the bundle of unhappy energy, as scratching behind her ears didn’t seem to distract her as it had in the past. Princess hated Drautos as she stepped, not for the first time, between him and Nyx as the Captain gave the less than subtle suggestion that Nyx read up on the news. She hated Drautos when she stood crying and whining beside Nyx on the steps of the Citadel and watched as the Regalia sailed away over the blacktop. But Nyx didn’t really understand why until much later.

Of course, it’d been much too late by then.

By then, as the fire of a magic far beyond anything he’d ever be able to control burned and cracked through his skin as he struggled to just breathe. As he burned hotter than the Infernian, scorching from the inside out in the first rays of a new dawn amongst the rubble and ruin of the last home he’d ever known, Princess’s whines were falling on deaf ears. But her tongue, where she nosed at the hand just barely keeping him upright, was cool, nearly shockingly cold and he used the last of his energy to cut the purple feathered ribbon from his arm and tie it in an approximation of a bow around her collar. She looked more grey than blue now, covered in soot and ash from wherever she’d escaped to in the chaos and there was a sluggishly bleeding line of blood drying on her back.

“Good girl–” Nyx let his face fall forward to her forehead, unable not to lift his hands to rub behind her ears, her high pitched whine only just broke through the clouds in his mind. “–Go… go find Daddy.”

But Princess waited. She nudged Nyx’s limp arm up and around herself to curl into the curve of his side. She waited until Nyx’s labored breathing grew quiet and until the chest she had rested her head upon grew still.  She waited and she cried until the sun had risen high in the sky, until there was no one there to wait with, before she set off.

Princess eventually stumbled into the group at Hammerhead, or most accurately they stumbled into her. Cindy had spotted her limping down the road from the still burning wreckage of Insomnia, paws burnt from scorching pavement, covered in ash and road dust and sticky with blood.  But Princess was not vicious, despite how cautiously Cindy approached or how Cid hovered over her shoulder until he’d spotted the skull motif on her frayed collar.

“It’s Noct’s dog.” Cid said, holding out his hand. Princess barked once, recognizing the name and shuffled forward to press her head firmly into his hand.

“Go call ‘em up. Tell ‘em we found her.” Cid instructed and lead the dog inside for a desperately needed bath and meal.

The boys screamed into the parking lot a few hours later, Noctis at the wheel, and he leapt from the vehicle, leaving it running despite Ignis’s shouts about parking brakes and took off at a sprint for the lump of gunmetal fur curled in the shade at Cid’s side.

With her feet wrapped up in little strips of bandages, Princess’s gait was awkward, but she met her boy halfway across the parking lot as he crashed to his knees.

“Where is he? Where’s Daddy?” Noctis cooed brokenly, hands shaking as she licked at the entirety of his face. But he already knew.

He’d known when his phone went straight to voicemail. The ripped and frayed stripe of purple fabric, stained with fingerprints that had long since had oxidized to brown wrapped clumsily around her collar only confirmed it.

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what's your natural hair color??? how did you get your hair color so vibrant???? and it looks so healthy too???? I recently got purple streaks (professionally done) and??? it's so damaged and severely faded after one wash

My natural hair color is a really dark brown, it’s almost black. I guess it’s just practice to get it that bright lol. I’ve been dyeing my hair myself for almost 5 years (and once I started I never went back my hair hasn’t been it’s natural color since) and since I’ve been doing it for so long I know what my hair likes and what to do and what to not do to keep it healthy. Trust me I’ve had some really bad fuck ups lol. For your hair I suggest doing a conditioner mask. Just let the hair conditioner sit on your hair for 5-10 minutes.

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Hey galactci in your expert opinion how do I incorporate more goth into my look. I don't suit black hair n I don't like to wear all black I'm thinking I need a pair of chunky black boots. Anyway thanks for ur help w this important issue xx

just get some big boy boots and wear more eye makeup just go nuts w it and also some plain earrings n like a chain necklace maybe. get a lil crafty why not. also u gotta cry urself to sleep every night sorry i don’t make the rules :/

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Zoe used to get her braids redone every 2 months sometimes every few weeks so how the hell would she have been smelly?... do you think she had the same hair in for so many years? ......


Why are y'all taking me and that post so seriously???

… I like my hair, most days. Finally. It took me a while to get here.

But what I HATE is when people make comments like “Man, look at that hair.” “Wow your fro is something else” “Just look how big it is”

Like…..could you not? Everyone can see it. I know, believe me, I KNOW how strange my hair is. So maybe pointing it out every time it’s not perfectly pulled back or semi acting like normal hair isn’t such a great idea?

So i wanted to do a little text post about my holiday so far as we’ve now been roadtripping for a week.

Highlights so far:

  • Husband vs Canada Geese: Husband 0 Geese 1
  • Have had time to fully crochet one project and have now started on the next one.
  • Visited a museum today and our tour guide looked like Jared Padalecki circa SPN Season 1(same height, build, hair, cute smile, and probably age).
  • Lots of hot rugged manly men in big trucks with lots of testosterone that look really scary but turn into giant puppies when you thank them for holding the door open for you.
  • Tim Hortons
  • Awesome bra’s that hold my boobs UP and OUT

Lowlights so far:

  • All. The. Fucking. Rain
  • How fucking expensive toiletries are. 
  • Pedestrians stepping off the kerb with little to no road sense and expecting 4 lanes of traffic to stop dead in the middle of a busy intersection. 
  • Rude old people that don’t tip incredibly hardworking waitresses, and waitresses that are so used to people NOT tipping them, that when we did she burst into tears and hugged me.
  • And don’t get me fucking started on the toilets again.