this is how love works

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista 

hheroesneverdie  asked:

Hey that anon was really rude, i love your blog and i appreciate how hard you work on it and how hard you try to make sure everyone gets proper credit. Thanks for making people happy and smiley by sharing our favorite fluffy babies with the world!

Thank you! You made my day.


Halla Skam fans!

I ordered a couple of Skam postcards a while ago for a little give away, and since it feels like the whole fandom is a hot mess right now, I decided now is probably a good time to send them out and spread a little positivity - and support the amazing artists among us!

I have ten postcards (mostly girl squad and Isak x Even themed, but one lucky person will get Eskild in his pink wig!) - this means I’ll write a card to ten of you lovely people.

How it works:

  • Enter by liking and/or reblogging this post (= you can enter twice if you want to)
  • You don’t have to be following me to enter
  • I’ll pick the winners by using a random number generator
  • Obviously I need your address to send you the card - but I’ll delete it afterwards
  • I’ll send the cards anywhere!
  • You can’t pick a card - just wait and see which one ends up in your mailbox :)

The give away will close on 31 March around 8pm (GMT), I’ll contact the winners on the weekend via my main blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message!

x Theresa

just started thinking about how my life is basically perfect. Full time job w benefits and good pay even tho I didn’t finish my degree. Perfect dog, the kind I always wanted. Have stable and high quality housing. Have TWO horses who are both gorgeous. Take riding lessons. Tack everywhere. Have committed partner. Have fulfilling hobbies and supportive parents who are both still alive, hell nobody significant to me has died. have this blog and get to communicate w people all around the world about the things I love

but I am still soooo unhappy

how does that even work

tween or teen me would have his mind blown by all the stuff I have and I do

I have all this and I’m still just plagued w depressing and anxiety

idk if this is a hopeful thought (just gotta fix That Brain) or a bleak one (trapped like this For Ever) but I’m having it


#ThankYouBones week- Day 9 → 4 hodgela scenes that made you cry

They are one of my fav ships. It’s the angst,the love, the chemistry and how everything works together that made me fall in love with them. For my first scene, I chose the rose scene. They don’t say anything but their facial expressions say it all. He wanted to be there for her by offering her rose. For my second scene, I chose the one after Hodgins was buried alive with Brennan. It shows his vulnerability and her comforting her.  For my third one, I chose how they assure each other that together they are stronger and can face anything that come in their way. For my last scene, I chose them fighting and how much anger he had post losing his ability to walk. I think this scene symbolized that now she wanted to be there for him versus the first scene i chose where he wanted to be there for her.

i love how professors justified the amount of group works we had to do by saying “in the real world u will have to work in the sam conditions by cooperating with one another!” when truly they just wanted to lighten their workload by grouping 5 ppl together and have less stuff to grade anyways as someone who’s now “in the real world” i can assure u i haven’t worked on projects w/ ppl to the same extent as i did in college like… im just at my desk doing my thing… if anyone tries to come near me so we can do something together they can fuck off literally nothing justifies their presence in my space when i can do it on my own 

pucchopanda  asked:

Hello! I, like many others, absolutely love your work :D I was wondering how you managed to grow your blog and get so many people to view, like, and reblog your posts :3 I also make amigurumi and was hoping for some advice ^.^

Hello :D I totally just checked your blog out, your Ami’s are so cute and clean *_*! Anyway, hm, it’s been about 2 years since I’ve had this blog so it’s been growing since then. My advice is to make sure that you have

A Clean Picture/Listing of your Products!

It’s important to be able t capture the item’s details without having any shadows, fuzz, glaring parts sticking out. Consider getting a backdrop or a white box (you can make it as a DIY project!) to display your stuff in. And pleeeease, don’t use flash. Most peopl use flash but it discolours, or doesn’t balance the lighting on the image!

Post Post Post!

See if you can spread your work everywhere! I just don’t post here, I post all over different websites like Facebook, DeviantArt. ETC…

Tag Properly

Some websites have a cut offfor tagging so it’s important to highlight the proper tagging like “Crochet, Amigurumi, Crafts, ______” So check each website cutoff tags~

Finally, make friends. 

Although I don’t reblog them to this blog I always try to reach out to new artists/old artists and communicate with them. I’ve made many new friends on Insta, and Tumblr! We all support each other’s passion and art and always help each other out ;D

Those are the things I’ve done since I’ve opened my blog up ^^ Good luck!

flei-the-chaos-dragon  asked:

you wrote about Azteckaiser,that prompted me to go search for it,and episode 1 of it is on youtube,and,basically "Pretty fierce eyeshadow" legit KILLED me XD does it have more lampshading like that?

Oh man, you have NO idea how tongue in cheek that show gets. 

For example, one of the later villains is a Spider Monster and they aren’t even being subtle in having it look like Spider-Man.  Mind you, this was two years BEFORE the Toei Spiderman series.

It’s also pretty blatantly obvious WHO Azteckaiser actually is but they keep having NO ONE notice.  It’s like they are making fun of heroes who have VERY obvious secret identities.

The series is very fun and also totally self-aware.  I love how it works and how silly the stakes seem to be since the villains seem to think taking over the world of Professional Wrestling will help them take over the actual world.

Sorry guys. I’ve been on a little hiatus.
Still working at Penthouse, started working at another club too.
Started dating a new girl 😍
Still been traveling also I re-dreaded my hair again. Not much has changed. Just needed a little break from tumblr. Since I deleted my old account and reopened this one I’ve been getting so many messages and it was kind of overwhelming for me. Forgot how much work tumblr was 😂 but anyways, love you guys as always. Xoxo


year 2016 & bts

I have made a Discovery

okay carry on


On the left is Amber’s most recent post and on the right is the post right before it

Obviously she is going through something right now and feeling who knows what

Please just send her loving messages and give her your support

We love you Amber
We support you Amber
Whatever you’re experiencing right now please stay strong, and know that we’ll be right by your side