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The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

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more trainer!RGB screenshots maybe? I love how the blank-player-character face actually kind of works for him in a CONSTANT INTERNAL SCREAMING way

okay a fair number of you wanted some so here’s a bunch at once under the cut :’D also yes the blank smile kind of nails RGB’s constant ‘this is fine’ mood

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Top 5 Nishinoya moments, please?

i just found your blog and its AMAZING. how did i not find this before?? i love your work!! can you do a top 5 nishinoya moments?

Thank you for the kind words, anon bean. And for the both of you, I’m more than pleased to do this, let’s go with the world’s favorite libero \(★ω★)/ (btw I love literally everything he does this is the hardest top 5 I’ve ever made damn)

1. The foot save. When I think about Noya, I always thik about this specific moment. The first time I saw it I legit fell down of the chair screaming, it was so EPIC and still makes my jaw drop just by looking at the gif. Like…my son…HE DID THAT!!!!!! A true Haikyuu classic. A+

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2. “Alright! There’s nothing to be scared of! You guys just keep looking straight ahead. I’ll guard your backs with my life if I have to!” aka the guardian deity always being the guardian deity. Noya is just…the most important person. He’s so tiny but if he crumbles, sure as hell the whole team will go down with him. You can see it in the very beginning, things started to get well the day he was officially back. He’s so devoted to them that sometimes my heart aches just by looking at him. When they start doubting themselves, he’s always the first to pick them up. His indomitable spirit is what keeps Karasuno alive, he’s the light of hope, the pillar that holds them together, the one that always saves them, sometimes with his hands, sometimes with his words, sometimes with his presence alone. 

3. "Well, hello left”. Oh, how much I loved this moment (like all s3 Noya, an overall gift from the gods). As it only to be expected, the first person touching a ball during the Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa match was Noya himself. Who received but failed to redirect the ball Ushijima just spiked. And what did he do after 0,0003 seconds of bafflement? He smiled. He was genuinely pleased to have such a strong player on the opposite side of the net, because he knew he could have A LOT of fun testing his own abilities as a libero. This shows how truly badass and fearless to the point of being reckless he is. Not to mention that he, the super libero, was the key of the total defense that eventually lead them to a very much deserved victory :’) and he never doubted or lost his spirit, not even once, not even when he was on the verge of collapsing. I’m so, so, so proud of him. 

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4. Another classic and blessed moment in Haikyuu history aka Noya with his hair down

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5. “My hand’s thickness is about 2 cm. Perhaps my hands are a lot smaller than those of other boys my age… But that 2 cm gap between the ball and the floor is the ace’s lifeline!” aka a compilation of other epic saves

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- Bonus: one of my all time fave Noya moment is his entrance, but I didn’t put it here because I already talked about it in the Top 5 characters entrance

p.s. This was intentionally Asanoya free since you could find the Top 5 Asanoya moments here :D (and a top 5 brotp moments with Tanaka is on the way!)

Thank you for your messages!

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Can the people who are shitting on those who are submitting Killing Stalking asks please stop?? Jfc this blog wasn't made for you guys to come in and treat them like dirt, even if their source is problematic. Hell, I'm not even kin with anyone from it, but it's not right when nearly every note that isn't a like on all of those posts is hate!! It's like the "oh!! it's okay they can't help it! uwu" logic applies unless your source is problematic and then you're Shit™. I'm so angry omg

That’s a good point. This confession blog is for sharing what one cannot or is afraid to on their own blog. It’s not for dog-piling people because you hate them. People who are kin with problematic or otherwise regarded as shitty canons are not responsible for their media their canons are from. You should take issue with the content creators, not your fellow fictionkin. Go to the authors, film directors, artists, etc. and convey your opinions on what they’ve made.

If you miss the point of all that, and want to bash people for shit they can’t control and already feel bad about, you should not be here. Gosh knows one of us mods will have to block you eventually. Until then, control yourself, please. Just keep scrolling. Or check out some stim blogs or find some other relaxing / interesting stuff to look at. Check out some ‘How It’s Made’ youtubes to distract you and relax! Don’t be an ass!


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Is it weird that without knowing much about you I really want to see you succeed? It would just be genuinely awesome to have seen you go from some dude in Wisconsin (?) to like... "The Oscar for Best Original Score goes to Erik for insert film here"


Raw Beauty (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Cisco loves you. God, of course he does. More than he could to express through kisses and those three words (which he is yet to say)

He loves how you bit your lip in the middle of unravelling a case, or how your eyes twinkled when you finally worked it out.

He loves how your nails cruise over his scalp when he allows you to braid his hair or when you’re attempting to relax him.

He loves how you are almost as geeky as him and how you let out ah angelically beautiful giggle at his jokes.

Cisco loves watching your hips sway as you walk. How you are so effortlessly enticing every single time you strut from one side of the room to another. It’s as the infamous quote says, He hates to see you leave but loves to watch you go.

He adores you entirely when you’re all dressed up for the day ahead, often in a pretty velvety dress or a simple band tee. He likes to admire the artistic creation that you create across your face, nodding happily at his favourite combination (which so far, was a pretty silver lid and a plum coloured lip).

“Yeah, princess. That one. I like the ‘evil twin’ one,” He stated, leaning over your shoulder and pointing to your Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick.

You looked up at him, stealing a quick peck on the cheek before he had the chance to move away, watching him through the mirror in front of you.

“Why, cause you have an evil twin?” You raised a brow, letting out a small laugh as you began applying your lipstick.

“We’ve been through this, (Y/N), it’s a doppelgänger. Not a twin,” Cisco caught his eyes on his girlfriends glittering ones through the mirror, accepting the wink that came with it. He stayed quiet, sitting on the edge of the bed as he watched you finish up your makeup.

When you flicked your hair over your shoulder and turned around to face him with a wide smile, he held out his hands for you. You moved in, standing between his legs and placing your hands on his shoulders, his sitting on your hips.

“Gimme a kiss, princess,” Murmured Cisco, glancing lovingly up at you, squeezing your hips and pulling you down into his lap.

You pouted, tilting your head to the side, “I just did my lipstick, honey,” You whined playfully, twisting his soft hair around your fingers.

Cisco just nodded and settled with pushing a gentle kiss to your shoulder before you pulled away and rubbed his cheek, “we’re gonna be late.”

But Cisco loves you most when your raw, natural beauty shines brighter than your pretty painted face. He decided this when he came home one day to find you in his apartment.

Your face was bare like a clean artists canvas that was content with being empty, pure. Your hair was thrown up into a messy, high ponytail and your nails were freshly painted a navy blue colour. On your body was one of Ciscos geeky space raiders T-shirts and a pair of black underwear poking out from the bottom of the large top.

Stumbling casually into his apartment after a long and intense day at STAR labs, you casually pouring yourself a cup of peppermint tea, was the last thing he expected to see.

He dropped his backpack at the door, strolling towards you and wrapping hour arms around your middle, his soft lips pressing against the known spot on your shoulder, mumbling something incoherent as he did so.

“How was work, baby?” You asked, wiggling out of his grip and climbing up on the counter. This time, your boyfriend stood between your legs, his hands innocently rubbing the outside of your thighs.

“I love this shirt on you,” Avoiding the question, Cisco just watched you lovingly with a wide grin. “And, fuck, i’m so in love with you.”

I'll Be Looking For Your Love (Fic Prompt)

Jeongguk is a CEO for a luxurious and international clothing and makeup brand called Lucioule (Luc-i-oil), not to mention he’s a bachelor and is super rich. Yet, he is set on looking for the one that got away. Kim Taehyung left Jeongguk for a reason, not because he did not love him, no, Taehyung loves Jeongguk very much. He just doesn’t feel worthy enough for Jeongguks love and attention. Taehyung tries to escape his feelings, to get over him, but it never works. Whenever Tae feels like he is almost over Jeongguk, he always seems to run into his love. Taehyung finally manages to escape his love, and make a name for himself, he distracts himself with work, so he doesn’t remember how much he loves Jeongguk. After two years, Taehyung runs into Jeongguk at a masquerade party held for business matters in Paris, France, the place Jeongguk and Taehyung fell in love over five years ago. 




“Mingyu” you breath heavily, feeling him nips a skin in your neck, closing your eyes tightly, the tingling sensation was starting to be evident.

smirking for a reply and breaks the intensity, kissing your shoulders to your neck and cheeks down to your lips. “i love you.” said he, seeing how dark his eyes were.

butterfly were flying in your stomach, licking your lips and burries your face at his neck, slightly biting his skin. “i love you too.” licking a spot and sucks his neck softly, grazing your teeth that made him shudder.

hands in your waist, pulling you closely at his body, making you sit at his lap. tilting his head and lets you do your magic, he perfectly loves how you work your tounge on his. knowing everything more than he knews his self.

A thing he mades him love you even more. slightly pulling your head away from his and nips your lower lip, bitting it gently allowing his tounge to tickle your lips flesh.

breaths on each other faces, loving the atmosphere.

“i just love you.” he said once again, leaving some wet trails spot in your neck. Marking you like his masterpiece. putting his hand inside of your shirt. slowly caressing your skin.

Hearing how sincere he was and angles your hips, wanting to give him some friction since you can feel him under the clothe you’ve been wearing. his shirt and an underwear.

“ah shit” breathing unsteadily that made him shuts his eyes. looking at you with adoration and Lust. smilling at yourself and starts to grind painfully slow.

setting your hands at his shoulder, kissing his jaw. “i love you too more.” you utter, feeling the pressure increase. bitting your lip to shut up. wanting his Groans for you to hear.


case of the mondays. honestly this semester is getting to me a little bit. there is so, so much to do and I already feel like I can’t stay on top of it. to top it off, my bus home left two minutes earlier than it was supposed to and I saw it pull out of the school area and the next one wasn’t for 25 minutes.

so I called my mum while I waited, then came home and made some mint tea and reminded myself that I love my program and how hard I have worked to be here. tomorrow I will write some letters to my bests and it will have just been a monday.

“it is like this now.”

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I really love your line work! How did you start practicing to draw like that? I finally have the time to dedicate to art, but I'm not sure where to start. I've always found it easier to emulate than create, myself. I'm very critical, so I have a hard time learning things as I want everything to be perfect and tend to give up early. Do you have any tips for that?

Hi there! to start off, no drawing is ever perfect in the artist’s eye, even though it may seem to be to the beholders. at the end of the day you are the art’s creator, you know its ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ you are more prone to seeing flaws in work than perfection. But this also can be used as a driving force to pursue ‘perfection’.

but ‘Perfection’ is something you don’t know really. only an endless feeling needed for ultimate satisfaction in your work.

I kinda consider each drawing I make, regardless of if it’s finished or not, a step closer to a ‘perfection’ I don’t know. well…I may never know what my arts state of perfection is. Only that I would feel it when the day comes.

haha look at this philosophical jargon coming out of my mouth blah blah blah.

Anyways. for the former half of your question, I’ve been drawing for pretty much as long as i can remember. i’m 23 next month so it’s a long time I guess. But I hadn’t really started doing this line-work style until about 4-5 years ago during my college/uni days. It somewhat started with my wolves. My life was going through a real rough patch at the time and my art started to reflect my feelings. Before I knew it my work, for the first time, started to simulate emotion, the animals, creatures, wolves especially were fluid-like, violent, and aggressive, eyes wide and stare out of the pages of my sketchbooks. 

Lets say I broke down during a briefing when we had to show our tutors our project ideas. 

But ye i’m ranting, sometimes real life can effect the way you draw. it did me…but I don’t regret it. because sometimes you find people like your work because they can see themselves in it too.

Artists get inspired by other artists, it’s perfectly natural for them to start learn skills from each other to make their art better.

Draw what you like, draw what you have interests in, draw things that move you. it could be anything. Try out different mediums and see what you enjoy using most, it’s a matter of learning how they all work too. it’s not something that happens over night. It takes a while. But I assure you it pays off in the long run xxxx

I hope this help you ! 

It's a Small World After All

You are not going to believe what just happened.

I’m waiting outside Western Civ. Girl walks up and says where did I get my Yuri messenger bag. Told her, we talk YOI. Favorite episode, soundtrack, my drunken spending sprees on CDJapan. She asks “Hey, you read any fics? There are some REALLY good ones!”

Oh chica, do I ever.

She proceeds to show me her favorites on FF and bookmarks on AO3.

Guess what? Always and Forever and Met by Accident are on her bookmarks. Really?

I’m sure I looked like a creeper smiling at her. I told her those two were mine. Cue jaw drop. I shit you not. She didn’t believe me so I showed her my stats screen. She then goes on very loudly how she loves my work. There are tons of people around. I think I blushed as bad as Yuuri.

So yeah, she likes my stuff. No, I’m not giving her sneak previews.

Life is strange.

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what's your favorite thing abt sha/llura?? :0

I rlly rlly love their personalities and how well they could work together! And how much chemistry they could have!! They have potential. Also Not to sound shallow but the aesthetics, they’re both beautiful so…

I love Monday’s!!!! I don’t have class until 1 so I was able to dawdle until my (first!) run this morning. I forgot how good working out/running makes me feel, ahhhh, I love it! I ran on a treadmill this morning just to get back into things but I think Monday’s will be outside runs (since it will still be dark out for my Wednesday and Friday mornings so I need to run inside) and that makes me happy. I had a slow, short run with walking because I’m currently at the bottom but I’m excited to watch myself work my way to the top!

Now, homework before class and then probably more homework tonight📚. Still too much free time, help!


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