this is how italians do it

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I just need to point out this: JIB Sat J2 panel, Jen says "I'm glad that he's in my life" I could tell Jar was THIS close to tearing up, so much so it almost made me tear up! (which I hardly ever do) then of course Jen rescues him with a well placed distraction <3 - Italian Anon (on a personal level, I really don't know how to feel knowing all this is going on so close to where I live, then add to that that I spent the day with a Texan friend I hadn't seen in 5 years!)

Hello, dear Italian anon! *coughs wildly*

Oh, you and I have so much in common! I almost never cry, but this same moment brought some actual moisture to my eyes. I was so surprised by my own reaction! I wonder how Jared managed to hold himself together - it didn’t look easy.

Damn it, I got emotional all over again while making these gifs. Someone should’ve distracted me too.

These two, I don’t even know what to say. They’re so in tune with one another, knowing exactly what the other needs and how to deliver it. It’s so amazing to watch!

You didn’t get to go to Jib? Gosh, I can only imagine how I’d feel if these guys came to my country and I couldn’t attend the convention! Perhaps you’ll get to go next year? I’m considering it and my partner is already excited about the idea of spending a week in Italy. Anyway, thank you for the message. I hope your weekend is a joyous one. :)

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Wahhh your blog is so pretty!! And you like Italy! I am actually learning Italian at the moment, I have some textbooks, but mostly I'm reading the Harry Potter translations. Do you have any movie or documentary recs on Italy (in Italian)?

Thank you! And ohh fantastic!  Italian is such a great language, and I’m so glad you’re learning it!  How long have you been studying it?

My favorite films in Italian are Viaggio Sola (the English title is “A Five Star Life”), Habemus Papem, and Cinema Paradiso - all of which are on Netflix.  I’ve also watched Io non ho paura, La Vita è bella, and Caterina va in città and I thought they were fairly good.  I also tried to watch La dolce vita and La grande bellezza but I couldn’t catch what they were saying so I didn’t finish them.  I’d also highly suggest the TV show Elisa di Rivombrosa, which was very easy to understand for me and very compelling !

If you have any questions I’d be happy to help you :D

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Hey, what do you think about Esperanto? Is it worth to learn it? Is there a serious usage of this language?

I learned a bit of it and i think it’s pretty useful. Yes, maybe it’s not the most popular choice and you have limited resources but since Esperanto is a mix, i like to think at it as a “cheat” code. If you are a beginner in this language learning journey, you can practice on Esperanto and see how you deal with certain problems. Also, a lot of vocabulary is similar to French, Spanish, Italian words. So it’s easier for you later, when you learn a romance language. (Some words are similar even with Germanic vocabulary)

I began to learn Esperanto because my Danish progress sucked. I had no idea what to do because my previous languages (English and French) were taught at school so i still got basics from there in a way or another and because i started to learn Esperanto (most probably out of boredom, i was trying to distract myself from that Scandinavian mess) i also figured out how i like to take my notes in order to retain more information.

However, if you plan to learn Esperanto for its “usefulness” and expect to talk with a lot of people, don’t learn it. Not many people learn it and i looked for some resources earlier, there are enough stuff but don’t expect a TV channel, dubbed movies or a lot of popular books.

In conclusion, learn it if you want to, if you find it interesting, if you want experience with languages and if you want to develop your style of learning.

Cafe Asks ☕️

Vanilla Chai Latte : Are you in love?
Flat White : Coffee or Tea?
Cappuccino : What’s your middle name?
Mocha : Dream Job?
Pumpkin Spice : Dream car?
Jasmine Tea : If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Old English : You’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you?
Iced Chocolate : Do you have a crush on someone?
Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game?
Iced Lemon Tea : Favorite song/band?
Iced Cafe Mocha : Favorite thing to do on rainy days?
Hot Chocolate : Are you an affectionate person?
Caramel Macchiato : You’re travelling the entire world but you can only take one person with you. Who do you take?
Green Tea : How tall are you?
Early Grey Tea : The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! What’s your plan of action?
Mint Tea : How do you relax?
Vanilla Latte : Board games or drinking games?
Iced Coffee : Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favorite book?
Italian Soda : Describe your dream date
Sparkling Water : Describe what qualities you look for in a person
Orange Juice : Have you ever had a valentine?
Rose Hip Tea : Describe your first kiss
Herbal Tea : You’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy?


its been like 6 years since i’ve last drawn nico, my little italian death prince


Two days ago I found a very interesting video on youtube about iterative drawing, it gives tips on how to improve with art faster and i think the exercises it gives are really helpful as a warmup as well!
So i wanted to share some exercises i’m doing to improve with anatomy and style, hope they motivate you to practice 💪🏻💪🏻😍😃 

person A: *laughs*
person B: *chokes*
person A: oh, hey, everything okay?
person B: n-no, i mean yes. i mean, y-you’re just *makes vague hand gestures* fuck. you’re - how do you say it in english. ma porca -
person A: pork? did you just call me a pig?
person B: NO! beautiful, but more

Things only in Hetalia

• An entire religion based on a character.

• Hetaoni and Dreamtalia.

• Gutters and Danish Slaughterhouse

• 23.5

• Being able to trigger an entire fandom at the mention of Davey, Pineapples, and Jeanne D'arc

• 5 minute episodes, 4 seasons.

• Russia’s hands.

• 2p Hetalia

• The elusive 3p Hetalia

• Fucking micronations

• Direct 3rd wall breaking like in the office

• Gay Countries™

• Every Hetalian suddenly knows how to perfectly cook pasta

• Vocaloids made for the characters in Hetalia; Hetaloids

• All Hetalians know at least bits and pieces of several other languages OTHER than Japanese like other weeaboos; Examples include German, any Nordic language, French, Italian, and Spanish (All of which I can say bits and pieces of)

• Ace-ing history class

• Asking your history teacher what Prussia is, and where Liechtenstein is, and if Sealand is considered a country

• Everyone can voice act well or do at least one good or great impression of a character

• Being able to name more countries off the top of your head than anyone else

• Dark Lord Hima

• Studio Dean Animation

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Steve and Bucky seeing what people call gangsters today and talk about the Irish and Italian mafia when they were growing up and how they got some money during hard times for doing some runs for the mafia

“Huh.”  Steve looks over to Bucky where he sits curled up in a deep, cozy papasan chair. “I don’t think we qualify anymore, Buck.”

Bucky hummed, cheeks stuffed full of popcorn.  

“I’m sorry, what?” Sam leaned forward in his seat. “You don’t qualify as what anymore?”  The anticipation on his face was incredible.

Bucky shrugged.  “’Snothin’. Steve n’I just did odd jobs back in the day.  Had to make ends meet, you know how it is.” 

Clint narrowed his eyes.  “Wait.  Waitwaitwait. Odd jobs.” He looked at the screen to the rolling credits of the movie they’d just watched and back to Steve and Bucky.  “Oh my God.  Is that your way of saying you were Old-Timey Gangsters?”

It was Steve’s turn to shrug.  “Not really.  Sort of. –I mean.  Officially, legally.  Illegally.  Yeah.”

Oh my God.”  Steve was pretty sure Sam was going to have a heart attack. “Why did I not know this?!”

Bucky wriggled around so he could face Sam better.  “It was prohibition for us.  People were still drinkin’.  Steve needed medicine and an honest job didn’t pay as much as we needed. So.”  He shrugged.

“So I managed logistics and Bucky did the literal heavy lifting. Not really that big a deal.” 

Clint was grinning a mile wide.  “This is so much better than I could imagine.  Steve, you had mob connections.”  


Bucky hummed.  

What?!”  Sam squeaked.  

Steve made a defenseless gesture.  “Families like that have long memories.  They know I’m alive.”  He nodded towards the bar.  “You think I buy my liquor?”

Bucky grinned.  “You always did ingratiate yourself.” He looked at Sam.  “He was their best-selling supplier Brooklyn had.  They owe him; he helped keep them in business long enough for for prohibition to end and for them to make real money.”  Bucky held up his glass and let Dum-E cart it over to the bar, smiling wickedly.  “Another whiskey.”  

How to say "Monday" in the Romance Languages
  • French: Lundi
  • Italian: Lunedi
  • Romanian: Iuni
  • Spanish: Lunes
  • Portuguese: :)
  • Spanish: Hoe don't do it
  • Portuguese: Segunda-feira
  • Italian: "Second fair" wtf
{PART 24} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Despite everything that has gone wrong for you; you feel like life might start to have a better outlook as Jungkook takes all measures to keep you safe. However, a storm is coming; one that grips and pulls at the strongest winter coat…before you find yourself making the biggest mistake of your life to date.

“The lull, or the calm before the storm took it’s place in the atmosphere, in both of their hearts and their minds. ‘Tread carefully’ he warned her, but she slipped from his grasp the moment he blinked”

Not rated M, but be warned there are some scenes of a suggestive sexual nature.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time) 

{Part 1} // {Part 23} {Part 24} {Part 25}

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Cute Bus Stop Guy

Sterek, Teen, 2K words, Meet Cute AU

Stiles groaned and took a very long swig from his travel coffee mug as he hitched his messenger bag up higher on his shoulder. It was barely eight in the morning, and consequently, he could barely keep his eyes open. He was a grad student for fuck’s sake, and it was understood that in order to make up for the shitty stipend and the whole working-around-the-clock thing, he got to sleep in until 10. At least. After all, if he was up until 3 working, it was only fair. But noooo, his advisor—fuck you, Finstock—had insisted on an early meeting today.

He passed the bus stop and realized that at least he was lucky in that he lived close enough to campus that he could walk instead of dealing with public transportation at rush hour. Small condolences, really, though.

He yawned and accidentally bumped into someone walking past him. Stiles tried to apologize, but the word got stuck in his throat when he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the person he’d nearly knocked over. He was about Stiles’ height but bigger, all broad shoulders and muscles capped off by really great hair and an unfairly attractive face. “Uh.”

The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

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🍰 Cake Shop Asks 🍰

Cheesecake: What is your favourite sweet treat?

Pound Cake: A picnic on a summer’s day with all your favourite treats or a rainy day in a cozy coffee shop with a book?

Chocolate Fudge Cake: What song can always make you dance/feel good?

Strawberry Shortcake: Name five of your favourite fictional characters.

Vanilla Cake: How do you spend a lazy, rainy day?

Coconut Cake: A lazy, beautiful tropical paradise or a busy, wondrous city?

Angelfood Cake: Tell us a cringey childhood story. 

Chocolate Cake: What was the last movie you saw? Did you enjoy it? Why?

Red Velvet Cake: Name your ultimate guilty pleasure. 

Ice-cream Cake: What is your go-to ice-cream order (toppings included!)?

Princess Cake: Name some of the things you wanted to be when you grew up. 

Fairy Cake: If you could live in one imaginative land (eg: from a book, movie, etc), where would it be and why?

Mooncake: What is your Chinese zodiac sign (eg: Year of the Rooster, etc)? 

Carrot Cake: What does someone have to do to get you to be their friend? 

Birthday Cake: What is on your birthday wishlist? 

Victorian Sponge Cake: You are at a shop that sells body lotions, soaps, shower gel, etc in lots of different smells. What scented lotion do you get?

Lemon Cake: What/who makes you smile the most? 

Coffee Cake: How do you usually take your coffee/tea? 

Italian Cream Cake: Name five of your top travel destinations.