this is how it went down in canon

me: is having a pretty decent day

my mind: we know for a canon fact that keith and lance have their rooms next to each other. how many times do you think keith (post shiro disappearance) has woken up with a nightmare in the middle of the night, breathing heavily, looking for someone to calm him down? how many times do you think he went out of his room to stand in front of lance’s door, pondering whether to knock or not and ask him for some comfort. how many times do you think lance has heard his footsteps in front of his door and has gotten up of bed, standing on the other side of the door, waiting for keith to make a move. how many times do you think none of them has done anything.

me: what the fuck

“TT, Cliche...”

Head-canons of Damian Wayne liking his BFF(the reader) and not knowing what to do about it 

Requested: Yes 

Request: “ Could you do some headcanons of Damian and him liking his BFF and not knowing what to do about it?” 

So here’s how it went down: 

-He was the last to find out (ABOUT HIS OWN FUCKING FEELINGS) *facepalms* 

-You two were extremely close, yes, but over the past few months he began to hold you at an esteem as high as he held Alfred (not insulting you anymore, MENTIONING YOU OUTSIDE OF CRIME FIGHTING, TRUSTING YOU ENOUGH TO TELL YOU ALL HIS SECRETS, BEGINNING TO STUTTER AND FUMBLE WHENEVER HE WAS NEAR YOU IN APPARENT AWKWARDNESS

-that’s when the boys new somethin WAS UP. (Spying on him and you whenever you visited the manor, searching through his belongings and his sketchbook) 

-THEY KNEW RIGHT OFF THE BAT WHEN THEY SAW SKETCHES OF YOU IN HIS BOOK (Tim took an L for the team and compromised his very safety in order to retrieve this classified information [DAMIAN BROKE THIS POOR BOY’S FOREARM WITH A BASEBALL BAT])

-once Jason and Dick began to pester him about said sketches of you he began to suggest you two meet out of the manor instead (AND BRUCE HEARD AND WAS LIKE, BOY WHY YOU ACTING SO SUSPICIOUS YOU NEVER HIDE COLLIN OR JON FROM YOUR BROTHERS) 

-the next time you two did meet at the library he caught his father and brothers spying and got so flustered and overall frustrated with the situation that he lashed out at you and said he never wanted to see you again (YOU LEFT PISSED) 

-he went back home that night and couldn’t think straight, he was in a funk and his crime fighting even slacked -at one point he told dick he felt like he was gonna be sick (so Dick took him out back behind the building they’d fought thugs in that night while Bruce and Tim went back to the manor) 

- “It smells like LAVENDER!! WHY THE HELL DOES IT SMELL LIKE LAVENDER!! SHE’S NOT EVEN HERE HOW CAN IT… *gAGS* (mistakes the drop in his stomach for sickness, smells you everywhere, thinks of your face and the dropping feeling hits him even harder) 

-he just falls to his knees trying to gag dry heaving and Grayson is just standing there like this poor kid IS SO FUCKING CLUELESS  

- “Grayson, I-I th- I Think I’ve developed a.. a fondness for (Y/N).” 

- “Well it took you long enough to realize”

It’s canon that Will testified against Hannibal during his trial, but has anyone written fic about how that went down and what he said?

Someone break my stupid heart. 

Seeing at how the last night episode went down i can’t stop thinking about how BIASED that spoilers site is…. “ episode 9 and 10 are gonna be really hard for bethyl and td people ”….. Yeah you totally right i clearly see people tearing the fandom apart for these two episode… It didn’t happen nothing…. The only thing that happened is the confirmation of a familial love and we did already knew that. Because we Td and Bethyl “losers” can accept the fact that C@rol and D@ryl love each other but just not in a romantic way… Yesterday was the best opportunity for that ship to go canon after 7 seasons but it didn’t…and after what N0rman said on TTD about playing the scene like he was talking to his mother it is very clear what kind of love Is the one between them. But the spoilers site riled up people into thinking that something was gonna happen… So people felt entitled to come to our tags and posts and shit on us even more. I see people sending anons or just comment on other members of td without even knowing what they are talking about “ we saw her funeral , her grave, we saw them buring her, she was shot under her chin, FG never even saw her, ” blah blah blah…. If sites like the spoilers one weren’t so biased, more people would understand what really happened, instead of shut down every person who even dare to think about mention B3th’s name on their social network… We could talk about it , explain to others, but they delete old things making us look like lunatic and crazy, they make fun of us and with their behavior they encourage trolls to send us hate and it’s really sad…

Top 5 ships

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1.Bellarke (of course)

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I swear that they’ll be the death of me. I absolutely love their relationship, level of trust they have in each other, how they can be themselves around each other and how much they care for each other. “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list”.

2.Captain Swan

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The beauty of this ship is that they have their ups and downs but they’ve never gave up on each other. He sarcificed himself for her family and she went to hell for him. And this miracle at the end of s5 <3 Their love story is like a fairy tale. 


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Another slow burn! The tension in s3, s4 and s5 (especially) was u.n.b.e.a.r.a.b.l.e But it finally hapenned, the ship is canon and I was so incredibly happy when they got together.


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I started watching the show because of Jenna Coleman (I knew her from Doctor Who) and I fell in love with Rufus Sewel. The show itself is amazing I love every detail. The lights, costumes, acting <3 And Vicbourne above all of it. I’ll never be over this ship.


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They are so adorable. This ship has many flaws and I get they are not perfect. But I can’t ignore the fact that they’re trying their best. I don’t know how long this relationship will last so I’ll enjoy them while I can. 

I don’t want to fight with anyone, ship wars are the worst. I’m just in love with all of those ships and I respect that other may have different opinions. Just don’t hate.

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Eruri, Ere//ri, Levi//han

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i’ve already answered ereri and levihan previously… so you get the good one!

eruri… they’re red blue gays. just look that post up on tumblr. that’s how you know it’s a ship. and that it’s canon.

but seriously, i never knew i could fall for something so hard. i’m not even playing. i think isayama unintentionally wrote the greatest love story when it comes to these two. and you know what, i don’t even give a shit if you don’t ship them, but you have to respect the shit that went down in the “return to shinganshina” arc. that even if you don’t see the silent trust found through their actions when they’re apart during “the uprising”, you have to see that there’s something there.

and maybe it’s a little cheap that the ackerbond is the reason for it. that levi’s loyalty probably wouldn’t be so strong, but the thing about the ackerbond is that it’s usually mutual respect (i actually don’t think eren/mikasa has much of that, eren is too fucking broken). erwin wants levi as much as levi wants erwin. either as a weapon, a confidant, or a lover–they’re meant to be on each other’s sides until the very end.

they hurt me so deeply. like… i’ve been heavily affected by ships before. but there’s just too many days where i think of levi’s faces in 84 and i just can’t fucking function for a few seconds. he’s drawn with so much emotion–a character that we see so little emotion from in the entire series–and he just completely unravels for erwin.

they’re so selflessly in love with each other it’s hard to fathom sometimes. they’re perfect examples as to why isayama is better at character development than plot writing. it’s a tragically beautiful love story, and i wish we could see levi grieve over the loss of his other half.

I wish I could lose enough interest in TWD to be able to stop watching. Then I could come back here in a a few years when the show is over and find out when Caryl finally went canon, how it happened, if they shared a lot of scenes, whether they died and how they died. I don’t want to care about the struggles, separation of two fictional characters and the want for them to become a romantic couple to a degree that it affects my mood and daily life greatly.

But the only way that can happen is if I find something in RL to hold my interest and fulfill my addictive needs OR find a new show to obsess over. lol. The catch is that with the second one I’m likely to fall into the same trap I’m in now.

Eh. I’ll start with the second one and work slowly on the first. Does anyone have any good TV show recommendations? lol. For reference, some of my all-time favorite shows are: TWD (duh), Lost, Angel, BtVS, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Kyle XY, Once Upon a Time, Smallville, Dexter, Heroes, The Vampire Diaries (though I quit watching several seasons ago). I also watch the Flash and Arrow, though I don’t love them. LOL, another genre apart from fantasy/sci-fi/horror, you ask? I love Scrubs and Friends. Oh, and One Tree Hill.

eta: Want to add that I’ve seen Stranger Things and Breaking Bad, too. Both amazing shows. <3

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Can I ask some advice? I love my muse to the moon and back, but I've lost inspiration for them and it's been weeks. Threads and asks were left unanswered for months. Is there a way to get my muse back? Thanks for reading this. You guys honestly do a great job on making the blog an open place for all rpers.

Muses can be fickle things. Sometimes, they just aren’t there and it is really okay to take a hiatus if you need/want to. That said, here are some things that work for me when I’m feeling stuck, even if some of them seem a little counter-intuitive.

1) Re-watch/read/listen to canon/your inspirational material: Sometimes it just helps to refresh yourself on what your character went through, how they react, and see why you love them in action again. 

2) Search out new inspirational material: Track down new stuff you like that reminds you of your character. These could be posts, music, whatever you like. Ideally, it will inspire your muse and you’ll find new things to like. 

3) Give yourself permission to do something else: When I get stuck a lot of times I really want to be on Tumblr writing up a storm and end up spinning my wheels like a car stuck in the mud. I’ll check notes and stare at drafts and all I’m doing is pushing my muse further away.

 If you would rather be watching a TV show or doing nothing, go enjoy other things for a little bit, it might inspire your muse to come back. If you aren’t enjoying yourself on Tumblr at all, close out all the tabs entirely for a little while just so you aren’t eternally staring into a blue void that makes you feel unproductive. 

4) Brainstorm AUs!: Sometimes, you’re just not feeling canon/main verse material and your threads are going unanswered because that’s not what you want to write about. That’s okay. If you want to write a zombie apocalypse AU/ space cowboy AU/ nothing is sad and everything is great AU/ insert thing here AU, go for it! Build up an entire world, make up headcanons, post them on the blog if you want or share them with Skype friends. You might find that your inspiration for the character is there but maybe not for their usual scenario, and the normal inspiration will come back later with your interest in the muse as a whole. 

5) Destress: I don’t know about you, but I have a ‘stress threshold’ where before that roleplaying is fun and a great destresser but once that stress threshold is exceeded, usually by real life events, I have a hard time getting into the zone and I’m spinning my wheels again. 

Maybe take a few minutes to do something specifically to calm you down and settle you in. If you have something in mind that calms you down that’s awesome, or maybe you do a few vinyasas or give one of the many guided meditation or progressive muscle relaxation tracks a try (you can also google these, they are abundantly available on the internet and a little five step sequence is easy to memorize). Hopefully, it helps you get some muse back. If it doesn’t, you rock for taking good care of yourself. Gold star! 

These are just things that worked for me and my style, so if you all have any additions feel free to respond and add them!

- Mod Daisy 


So, this happened in MKX story-mode Chapter 7, I swear. ^-^;;

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well the characters have fought over dumb stuff in the games too like battle and heroes. but at least there you know its just for the sake of gameplay and doesnt actually mean anything. we cant even be sure what fights are canon and which arent and how exactly it all went down.

Well yeah, definitely.

No matter if it’s a game, tv show or comic, characters ought to have rational, non-petty reasons for conflict between them and should not be railroaded into fighting for the sake of hooky DRAMA!!!

my blog now has a bunch of meta on how self centered and self-absorbed early canon tsuna was but look! look at this!!

tsuna who learned barely how to swim 15 meters in a day goes off to save a child adrift in the ocean! because! he knows! what that experience feels like! and how scary it is!!

anyway i feel like this proves isn’t.. necessarily JUST self-centered and self-absorbed, but he is like that because no else will engage him. he gets bullied, he gets put down, he is dismissed. he internalizes all of this as a loser complex, but he still! went out of his way to change a child that he empathizes with.

i mean, yes, this happens in chapter 57, so it’s not SUPER super early canon, it’s at least a year after living with reborn. it’s not 100% guaranteed he has always been this way, or if reborn had something to do with it.

personally i think he’s always been this way, but The Whole Loser Complex Thing, thinking he can’t Do Anything, has also lended to his complacency. he always has Opinions, he just never considered himself able to Do Anything About It, and that seems to have translated to endless whining and just general prickliness and refusal to even consider doing anything. because. he can’t. he’s pretty sure he can’t, everyone says the same thing.

which is also why i think he was really hesitant when he saw enma getting beat up. violence is painful and he’s still internalizing the idea that he can’t fight! what can he do to help? if he jumps in he’ll get HURT. he’s not a perfect self-sacrificing angel but he EMPATHIZES with enma’s situation. empathizing and feeling helpless is awful.

anyway, look he LEARNED HOW TO SWIM! look how nitwickin happy he is


that Lifeguard Senpai even says ‘hah, i tell you’re a beginning’ but tsuna doesn’t even care?? so what if he’s a beginner he is making progress! i just. iiiiii.

he’s getting PRAISE, wow, that never happens?! he’s so happy. let this child have confidence in himself. there’s no need to angst-moe him and strip him of his reclusive self-absorbed defense mechanism.. just let him learn.. that it’s Okay to start caring about himself and other people again.. You Have A Support Group, You Will Be Fine Now.

(and then of course you gotta save the world for their sake, but, y’know. you do you, tsuna.)

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I just realized that most likely after the episode, Emma would want to have sex with Killian to "celebrate" the engagement. That would definitely make Killian feel even worse about the situation than he already did after he was backed into a corner to propose. I swear, A&E took a moment we have been waiting so many seasons for, a moment that could have been so beautiful and pure and everything that cs deserved, and practically took a shit all over it, cs, and the fans.

After that horrible proposal, do you head canon CS having post-engagement sex? Emma would probably want to celebrate, but how about Killian? He looked devastated when he was hugging Emma, after everything sunk in. 

Jesus, I hope not. Talk about knife in the wound. I would like to think that Killian would know that was a step too far and not go there. Despite his smile, I’m almost certain he’s regretting the way the whole thing went down. So next episode we’ll get more broody Killian until the inevitable shit storm begins.

That said, I’m sure the writers would find some way to rationalize such a thing. For once, I’m praying we never find out, one way or the other. Save the post coital for after the wedding, please!

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This isn't a question, it's more of a "Your How Richonne's First Time Went post was amazing". So thank you. Thank you for taking the time to write it down and post it. Seriously. I read it to my sister and we both thought it was g o l d e n hahahahaha ;)

Even though this isn’t a question, this is like my first ask and I feel like throwing a party because of it. Anyways you are so welcome, I just love Richonne and their dynamic and even just the way they’ve looked at each other over the 3-4 seasons before they went canon. From those looks alone you can tell the sex was heat! Full of intensity and passion. I.AM.TRASH. okay! 


A lone Pacifica, and then a few Reverse Falls AU Pacificas.

I am unsure what clothes she’d wear in the AU so I just kind of went with gaudy 90′s clothes. ( and one outfit that is pretty much just like canon Dipper’s, and tbh I like that one the most )

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How do you think Peter's first kiss went down? Who was it with? Where did it happen and why? Was it sweet, awkward, hilarious, or sad?

i think it was sweet and awkward - probably with gwen! they were both all flustered but eager and it was probably a long time coming. i headcanon (its p much canon though, so) that peters a HUGE fan of just flat out kissing :’)

bpd parse

so from a person w/ bpd, kp shows a lot of characteristics of it. so y'all get my hc’s for kp and bpd 

(under a read more bc damn this got long, also strayed simply from bpd kent)

  • jack was kent’s fp at the time (and could still partly be)
    • so ok we can sorta see how abruptly jack’s od ended whatever kent and jack had going on
    • so w/ jack’s od and how kent valued him it fucked him up big time™ even more so than it should, like he blamed himself for most of the shit that went down 
    • and trust me if u think you’ve fucked shit up w/ your fp you will split on them which makes u feel worse but u can’t fckn stop
      • that’s what my boy kenny did

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