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I'm a white girl so I don't know if it's okay for me to be bothered by this, but I have a lot of friends (also white) making posts about what's going on in Marawi, Palestine, etc. and adding unhelpful but well-meaning comments and making tweets saying things like "I get so heated when people assume all Muslims are terrorists". it feels like they want brownie points for not being like those other, nastier white people and idk how to call them out, considering my own whiteness?

white anon again: I think you’ve said you’re not a POC but I figure as a prominent voice in the discourse a message would be seen by a lot of people who are, with differing opinions. sorry if that’s presumptuous or annoying!

im from The White Republic, but i’d like to know how to handle situations like that too

hey y’all what are your hopes for the underground bases in the remakes?

i hope there are more varying “room types” you can get, with certain types only being available in the parts of the underground that aren’t in the central network of tunnels (like the area you had to go to Fullmoon Island to access)

also, i want to be able to decorate my base with fossils. 

obligatory question mark?

Driving is fucking weird

can you imagine being such a hateful person that you parade with hating fictional characters/ships and send hate messages to people about them on anon (bc you’re a coward), telling them they’re disgusting or even worse - to kill themselves.

beacause i cannot..

so okay! i was tagged by the lovely @bazptich to the “people u want to get to know better” game
i’m tagging @parrisshadam @shanelleo @strikingneil @eitienne @occulant @nialllcentric and everyone who want to do this c:

  • relationship status: single today, single tomorrow, single forever…
  • favorite color(s): black, navy blue, baby pink, purple
  • lipstick or chapstick: both!!
  • last song i listened to: Luz de piedra de Luna - Javiera Mena
  • last movie i watched: Shakespeare in love..or Guardians of the Galaxy, not sure which one I saw first
  • top 3 tv shows: OMG NO okay so umh..atla…voltron…sense8? and skam? ugh i guess those are my top 3 till the moment, probably im gonna change it next week
  • top 3 characters: OMG THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN THE OTHER ONE HOLY MOLY  Lance, Andrew Minyard and Kaz Brekker and Ronan Lynch and…
  • top 3 ships: andreil, pynch, wesper
  • currently reading: Wolf by Wolf - Ryan Graudin

does anyone else feel like….idk how to explain it….like completely disconnected from life around them? constantly going “these are my friends” and “this is my home” and “this is my life” and “this is my body” to remind yourself that you’re not just some timeless floating essence and even those mantras are completely useless and you almost never come down from it and you’re feeling like….everything is real but also completely fake at the same time


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, AHBL8 Melbourne
[photography by me]