this is how intelligent the livestream is

I wouldn’t consider myself a violent person but it literally makes me FURIOUS when people are like “oh Taylor’s music is okay, but I don’t really like her like WTF?! Like honestly are you okay? You don’t like a strong, intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful, talented, hilarious, joy radiating, extra af woman who writes incredible songs and cares about her friends, boyfriend, family and fans more than anything else in the world? Like what offended you? Her hanging out with her fans on tumblr? Her giving her fans encouraging words and pieces of advise? Or was it her joining livestreams? Or no, it mustve been her free meet and greets and how she surprises fans at their houses and invites them over to HERS. Yeah that must’ve been it… LIKE I HONESTLY DONT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU COULD NOT AT LEAST RESPECT HER LOVING HEART AND MIND AND I JUST WANT TO SCREAM WHEN PEOPLE TELL ME THEY DONT LIKE HER

22 Days of GTLive - Day 22

The Reason You Watch and Love GTLive

We’ve finally reached the final day and boy, do I miss them. It feels like an eternity as passed but we are finally seeing our favourite goofs again. Like you, I can’t wait.

I started watching GTLive knowing about Game Theorist and coming from there. It was mostly out of curiosity for MatPat’s opinion on certain games as we see how passionate he is about certain theories and I wanted to know his reaction and view on some other games. Instead, I was met with an amazing, funny guy that turned out to be a genuinely kind human being, that loves his wife and seems to truly appreciate all that’s been given to him. I discovered that his lovely wife wasn’t only his lovely wife - Stephanie is a super intelligent woman that deserves as much recognition for her work on the Game Theorist, the Film Theorist and the GTLive channel as MatPat. I even found out about Jason and Chris, their employees, that now mean so much more and seem to be part of this family we’ve formed.

I guess I love GTLive so much becaue it’s comforting. Despite how lonely you might be feeling or how distant you may be from the creators you love, these livestreams bring us all together as one. It’s the best way to appreciate the community. The Game Theorist community may be one of the worst but the GTLive is the best one. I’ve seen many communities and not one compares to the simplicity and purity of this one - just people who want to hang out together like a family.

I have nothing but gratitude for GTLive. I missed them like hell too.

One last time, 22 Days of GTLive was created by @gtliveforlife