this is how i'm gonna introduce them


“The truth is, they didn’t ask me to introduce you. I asked them if I could do it. I was gonna talk about how I owe you so much, how you stood by me through all of my failures, and I stood by you through all your terrible outfits… But when I got up there, I got pretty emotional. To make it up to you, I’d like to read you the speech now.”

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What should I do to introduce myself to Persephone and hades? I've been getting signs from them and I want to have a more involved relationship with them. Thank you for any help you can give. Also if there's posts about this already and I just haven't seen them I'm sorry and just ignore me. Have a cool day :)

Well, I’ve got a post for you on introducing yourself to pretty much any theos

And to give you some ideas about stuff that’s specific to Haides and Persephone I’ve got a couple more links for you

You may want to check out @bayoread‘s  Practical Tips for Hellenic Khthonic Ritual too.

The details for how you go about introducing yourself are gonna end up being up to you. I suggest setting up some kind of shrine and/or offering that specifically appeals to things associated with them and that they like.

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i really like how you draw your characters and how you even made them apart of a steven universe au! speaking of which, have you thought about multiple designs for terry since there are so many different pearls already introduced? (he's supposed to be pearl right?)

Oh yeah! To be honest, Blue Terry seems like a really cute idea cause he never covers his eyes so this was fun to draw.

Also bonus since tonight was a really good episode!

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Can we talk about how iconic that tayvin pic at the Elle awards when Ellie's about to introduce them? I'm grateful that the person who posted it decided to share it with the world AFTER A YEAR

Listen, I don’t think that many people realise how important this picture is to our community, this is the exact moment they’re about to meet while taylor is already making a full scan of calvin totally checking bae out

Who would have thought that 48 hours after this moment 

one was gonna be saying “you have successfully buried yourself inside my head” to the other? 

Not even them, tbfh. 

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So uh I'm thinking there might be another ruby and sapphire episode on the anniversary of Steven universe. I feel like garnet mentioning they were gonna introduce them on his birthday was a foreshadow. Idk just a theory lol

I certainly hope there’s more to hear from Ruby and Sapphire! Maybe not on Steven’s birthday, but sometime soon. I wan to meet them and see how the interact with the other gems in their separated form (for however long they can remain apart)