this is how i was at kcon

I debated making a post, but from what I’ve seen the past couple of days it needs to be said? Personally, I think as fans it’s also our job to keep the members safe. I get it, you all want to see your faves, which is completely understandable, but keep in mind that they’re also people just like you.

Mobbing members, shoving cameras and phones in their faces, shouting at them, and chasing them is just going to make them not want to interact with fans. If you see other fans that are acting out or doing things that could potentially bring harm to the members or others, I think it’s our job to keep them in line.

Stay safe and keep the members safe.

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I had to go to sleep and couldn't watch astro perform 😭 please give me a quick summary of what happened? I'm really curious

ok first of all they showed up at the red carpet lookin like SNACKS !

thse oufits……a Blessing…..anyway only notable red carpet things were they danced a bit of Breathless and when asked about their special stage all Eunwoo said was “legend” ????? k????? is he just talking abt astro??? who knows

their first performance was their special/collab stage and by then they changed into their Immortal Song outfits and they came out of the crowd and sis I have no friggin idea what song they were singing but it was old and legendary i love respectful kings. 6/6 RAPPED !!!!!!!!! crazy footwork in the choreo too tbh. so then a member of g.o.d shows up n starts singin w them nd it was so cute im cryin i love astro

their next appearance theyre back in the spicy red carpet outfits and it starts with rocky doin this epIC dance intro nD THEN JINJIN SHOWS UP TOO he doin an epic dance intro too!!!!! nd then theyre dancin together???? idk man the stream actually cut out for everyone so the only videos are on twitter (x x

so then they go straight into Again nd bish…..they changed a ton of the choreo (accordin to Dance Master @binnieheart <33) it was lit

after that they talked a bit and did introductions (in english !!) rocky was soo hyper n just screamed his  name into the mic srry idk a rocky, nd sanha introduced himself as “cutie cutie sanha” so pure. also jinjins english is hellaaaaaaaaa.  we already knew this but it was rly nice to actually hear it dkfndslfknsd king.

so then they delved into “piñata time” (which they all pronounced as “peanut-ah” it was precious nd funny) in which they did a game where they each got a blank tshirt and one minute to decorate it. rocky bein the lil bish he is literally just put the album inside it nd p much called it good. sanha and bin: actually tried. mj put the shirt on eunwoo to decorate it with his sweat. did eunwoo even decorate??? idk he was so distracted by mj lmaooo. jinjin went at it too i love him. (”mj ur so bad” “no no no” eunwoo accusing mj of cheating ??)  so then they went down to the front of the crowd and gave them to fans n bin was bein a lil hOE he was teasin the poor fans so bad….just give em the dang shirt and end their tHEN sanha is the cutest hes like “we only went to the front bc we cant go out far” so they brought out the shirt guns but ya anyway sanha im proud of u 

so THEN they did their lil Breathless + Polaris mashup it was so cute n pure and the crowd was friggin Hyped. they did Baby after that nd the crowd got even more hyped it definitely Woke ppl up ! quit sleepin on kings smh 

anyway they got like twice as much stage time as the other performers excluding got7 so we were extremely well fed ! we also got jihoon x rocky interactions so a bish is cryin….i love astro 

Jeon Jungkook’s type of girl

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What jungkook likes in a girl

  • When she has long hair
  • When she has double eyelids
  • When she wears skirts
  • When she can pull off both Straight and Wavy hair.
  • When she’s charismatic
  • When she knows how to cook for him
  • When she knows how to take care of him
  • When she has fair skin or a Healthy sun tanned skin
  • When she maintains a gorgeous healthy figure by working out daily
  • When she has well balanced muscles ? ( lol okay jeon , you do you)
  • When she has a healthy beauty.
  • When she’s shorter than him (he’s impressed af by tall girls tho)
  • When she has  beautiful long legs
  • When she’s good at singing
  • When she’s wife material
  • When she’s similar to Emma Watson ( I never expected this tbh,I LOVE EMMA so FRIKIN much !!!)
  • When she can communicate with him  ( like PARDON?)
  • When she’s older and take care or him cause’ he’s still a little bean who wants attention
  • When she’s younger and he can take the upper hand cause’ he likes playing the ‘oppa’ a lot nowadays
  • When she’s cute cause’ he likes adorable girls
  • When she’s dressed with black and grey tones cause’ it’s similar to his style
  • When she likes wearing a laid back style cause’ it’s very attractive
  • When she wears boxy  white shirts (LMAO. YES.WHITE SHIRT MANIA)
  • When she wears oversized white button up shirts ( Bruh. I think he has a fetish for this lol)
  • When she wears oversized clothing in general because something about it makes him love it so much.
  • When she  is smart and quite intellectual cause’ he’s the kind of man to be impressed when a girl brings out a theory and teach him something
  • When she  is nice and kind because delicate girls are his weakness
  • When she likes him for who he really is and not for the image he portrays on stage
  • When she is charming and sexy
  • When she’s mature because he’s still young and still has lots to learn
  • When she’s caring and protective of him
  • When she’s genuine and plays along with him when he jokes around
  • When she states what she likes and dislikes with no fear
  • When she’s not afraid to voice her point of view and fights for what she wants
  • When she’s hardworking and passionnate about what she likes.
  • When she’s elegant and sexy but still manages to pull off a cute aura
  • When she’s willing to walk with him along the beach at night
  • When she’s willing to stay by his side.
  • When she’s an Army <3

I stumbled upon an ideal type article about jeon and that’s how I went on a research spree of his ideal woman and came up with this. All of these facts come from different websites/interviews and fansites. Jeon may have an ideal type, but it keeps on changing every year lol.