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I wanted to ask for beta readers for my 2nd draft when I'm finished and I don't know how to go about picking them/distributing my work. I just wanted to know how you send chapters to people, format questionnaires, etc. Just everything I can do on my end to get the best feedback possible. Thanks!

About The Beta Reader Process.

First off, if you haven’t read this post regarding beta readers you should probably take a look at it! 

Some other things to consider:

1. Beta reading takes time and energy. While many readers can finish a good book in a single day, when it comes time to give chapter by chapter feedback, the majority of readers can only handle 10-15k words a week, and half of those will have one or two weeks were they’re sick or preoccupied and can’t beta read at all. Keep that in mind when you plan your schedule.

(Note that a beta reading round is a really good time to take a nice long break and write something entirely different!)

2. Screen your beta readers first. Having applicants beta read your first chapter before you accept saves the time and energy of both you and the reader because:

  • It weeds out anyone who doesn’t want to put in the effort or doesn’t have the time or energy for a beta read.
  • It allows readers to familiarize themselves with your writing style and the story so they can decide if it’s the right fit for them.
  • It lets you to identity readers who may not be your target audience, or who may wish your story was something that it’s not.

3. Write your questionnaires as you edit. This way you don’t overwhelm yourself trying to write them all at once, you know everything worth noting in that chapter, and (most importantly) you know the specific things you weren’t quite sure your editing smoothed out so you can include those in your questionnaires.

Beyond that, here is a (in no way complete but still incredibly useful) list of things to utilize when devising beta reader questionnaires:


  • Does the story flow on a sentence level?
  • Does the way it’s narrated give you clues into the PoV character’s personality?
  • Can you feel the PoV character’s emotions through the narration?
  • Is the narration immersive?


  • Can you visualize all the characters (as well as is normal for you)?
  • Can you differentiate between them, both in appearance and personality?
  • Can you pinpoint the main characters’ goals and/or desires?
  • Do you relate to any of the characters?
  • Are you interesting in knowing them better or seeing them interact further?
  • Do any characters feel flat?
  • Do the character’s relationships feel natural? Can you decide them?


  • Does the dialogue feel natural? (If not, in which places is it stunted?)
  • Do the topics of conversation flow?
  • Do the characters seem to have their own voices or does everyone sound the same?


  • Can you picture the setting well enough?
  • What does the setting imply about the world as a whole?
  • What does the PoV character feel about the setting?

Worldbuilding [not all are applicable for every story]:

  • Do you have some basis for the level of technology and cultural influences of this world?
  • What is the magic system composed of?
  • Are there any rules, customs, or standards specific to this world?
  • What is the political atmosphere like, and who holds the most control within it?


  • Do you have an idea of where the story is going from this point?
  • What challenges might the characters face while trying to reach their goals?
  • Does the pacing at the scene/chapter/arc level feel natural? Where is it dragging or abrupt?
  • Have you noticed any plot holes?
  • Does the story seem to have any prominent themes?
  • Is the plot forcing the protagonist to develop? How so?


  • How connected to this story do you feel? What produced this connection or lack thereof?
  • How interested are you in continuing reading? Why or why not?

To be clear, don’t simply copy and paste these questions into your beta reader forms. Translate the questions in a way with makes sense for your story, plot, and characters. :)


ursula k le guin passed away at age 88

text of speech behind the cut

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✨ 7K?? Wowie time for a follow spree again !! ✨

I gained so many followers during my hiatus from this blog, and I simply can’t believe how much love and support I have now.

My main blog is here and I would really appreciate it if you could give me a follow there as well!! There, I am wayyy more active when it comes to interacting with my followers and making friendships!!

I am very excited for the future of this blog and for my future as well, thank you all for helping me come such a long way.

Reblog this post if you are a witch, if you practice magic, if you simply adore magic even if it’s fictional for you, if you’re wiccan, or if you simply want to!! I am going to give follows back and look to your blogs for inspiration, thank you loves!!

Fuck that.

The last 4 years or so of my life has quite franctly been shit. From a job pressuring me to sacrifice the well being of my patients, to “friends” ruining what fun I had in my free time by nagging me to stay awake longer, than what was healthy, guilt tripping me for not being online when they were, for not drawing their characters, and then fucking abandon me when I no longer had the stamina to “deliver” what they wanted from me. I Really have the WORST fucking sensibility when it comes to choosing friends….Hopefully I have learned how to spot energy vampires now. And I am DONE giving people second chances I feel….atleast for now…My fucking priority right now is ME. MY GIRLFRIEND. US.
The moment someone triest to worm into that and steal the energy I want to be able to give to her and OUR LIFE together…I am going to fucking explode like I SHOULD have done YEARS ago.

Okay i just saw another “when you suddenly listen to an album on shuffle” post and i have to ask… am i seriously the only one who ONLY listens to music on shuffle? Like, I legit haven’t listened to Flicker in order a single time (might be because i still haven’t bought the vinyl but still). I hate listening in order because then i can’t make lil bets with myself as to which song will come next and get excited when it’s the one i wanted to hear. Hell, these days listening to an entire album in one go is off the list completely, I’m much happier with playlists.

Am i seriously the only one who does this? How do y'all listen to music?

okay okay okay, so i might be a lil tipsy but hear me out lads I have THE BEST idea for a tv-show. it’ll be called “Just Friends” and every week, it will do a parody of a queerbaiting used in some other film/show - but with straight people. Watch all the straights lose their minds when in my Pitch perfect inspired episode Bella and Clive flirt while singing together in the shower, naked, and then at the end of the episode we conclude that they are just the best of friends.

And tune in the next week for my Once Upon a Time themed episode, where Emily and Reggie share custody of a kid, risk their lives for each others’ happiness and generally go around giving heart eyes and holding hands. And then at the end of the episode Emily says “Reggie you are such good platonic pal!”

so who wants in on my BEST TV-SHOW EVER, can you imagine the complete outrage over the obvious sexual chemistry from all the straights, ah it’ll be so beautiful, who wants to join me for some straightbaiting? also pls feel free to add other episode ideas below


Leo Moons feel the need to perform their emotions, dramatically or intensely. It’s a conflict, but if they are in public they usually can control themselves. Good luck to their home life.

Pisces Moons feel everything so deeply that it gets lost in the waves of emotion and sometimes it’s just too much to express. There is no other moon sign like Pisces. They are sacrificial lovers with the deepest and most psychic emotions.

• The Cancer Mercury mind lives in memories with defenses all around shielding them from unwanted thoughts. They store everything they have experienced with their loved ones and are so creative. The facts and details of memories, however, could be lost. For most water mercury signs, the details of their memories can be blurry at times or enhanced in some way.

Sagittarius Mercury can be detrimental if you have no earth or air in your chart, because things can be exaggerated. Quick to question but also quick to believe. High minded thinkers.

Aries Venus is restless when it comes to relationships and experiences with people. If you have no signs or aspects in your chart that keep you grounded or loyal, it could possibly indicate an unfaithful lover, but it’s because they want and need freedom, not out of malice.

• Since Venus and Mars both can indicate romantic, intimate or sexual relationships, I’ve noticed if you have sister/opposing signs in these planets it can balance out how you approach and seek out love/relationships/friends/sex. For example my Mars is in Cancer and my Venus in Capricorn and while some would say this could clash, to me since the planets involved are somewhat similar with relationships, it can bring a balance.

Sun in the 12th house is honestly one of the most difficult placements. It doesn’t mean there aren’t great and amazing qualities about it, BUT, you are most likely going to have an identity crisis no matter what your rising sign is. I have this placement and it often feels like I’m an alien in this world, someone reflecting back what I see in the world and in people. What is my identity? It’s blurred, hazy, hidden. It’s a constant search of self discovery. It also gives you great compassion for the collective unconscious. It just makes it hard to act because the ego/self is not clear. Different signs in this house, depending on which ones, could lessen or increase these issues.

• Your placements can appear contradictory, paradoxical, confusing and not make sense sometimes but that’s not a fault with astrology. Humans are complicated and we contradict ourselves a lot. There’s so much detail and astrology recognizes that. Dig deeper.

Aries Moons can have a childish temper if things don’t go their way. Their emotions appear much more aggressive than a Leo or Sagittarius moon.

Venus square Jupiter can indicate beautiful love but also overly self-indulgent behavior/habits.

• While I don’t know tons of Libra Moons, the ones I do know, have or had mothers who weren’t the most close emotionally or uplifting. Kind of a cold relationship. This could change depending on other placements and aspects.

Taurus truly is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. For the sun, you’re stubborn in general, moon , you’re emotionally stubborn, and for mercury, you have a stubborn mind. You know what you want, and you know how to say no. That’s a blessing. Taurus is also very loyal so the only way No is hard is if you have to leave a relationship that’s been going on for awhile because you want to keep trying. After all, Taurus is a fixed sign. Could be hard to let go.

• Without Cardinal signs in your chart, especially personal planets, it could be difficult to start projects or things in general, without help.

• Any Gemini placement honestly can appear deceiving or contradictory but it’s not their fault. To me, mutable signs in general can be confusing and hard to grasp because they are and can be so changeable and fluid.

• It can be helpful to look at your Draconic and Birth Charts together to see how you relate to both charts. To me, I’ve seen the fusion of these energies come out. Of course, your draconic chart is mainly seen when you’re born and as a child which eventually shifts into the energies of your birth chart but I’ve noticed some things stay or fuse with the energy of your birth chart.

Chiron in the 5th house can really show up as wounds and insecurities to do with your talents and creativity. Helping others with flourishing their creativity will help you heal.

Saturn in the 3rd house is a lesson in the struggles of communication and what really needs to be said. It’s a hard lesson, but one that’s worth it. It will grow you as a person. Very difficult in childhood but can be mastered into adulthood.

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Eighth year healing together

Draco’s bed creaks as he rolls onto his side, the moonlight casting an eerie shadow across the room. He lays there long minutes, the silence nearly swallowing him before his eyes begin to flutter shut.

It was only a dream. It had to have been a dream.

But seconds later his eyes snap open suddenly, an awful sound filling his ears again and he’s across the room and climbing into the other boy’s bed before he has time to think about the repercussions.

“Potter!” He hisses, hands on his shoulders. Potter doesn’t open his eyes though, just makes another terrible, high pitched sound that makes Draco’s blood to turn to ice.

He wants so much to run away. Wants to cover his ears and walk straight into the common room and pretend this isn’t happening. Potter sounds terrified, familiar words whimpered in his sleep and it’s all Draco can do to put his shaking hands on Potter’s face.

“It’s a dream, Potter. It’s only a dream.” Draco lies, because it’s not a dream. A memory is not a dream; it’s an insidious stain upon their hearts that will not leave them.

This isn’t the first time he’s caught Potter having a nightmare. It’s just the first time he’s been brave enough to try to wake him, to be there when Potter’s eyes open; to have to face the pain he will see there.

Potter, however, doesn’t seem to notice Draco’s presence. His chest begins to heave and his body quivers even in his sleep. The lines on his face are deep and visceral.

Draco feels the corners of his eyes prickle with moisture as he leans down pressing his forehead to Potter’s and letting the weight of his boy go lax and heavy upon the other boy’s body, offering the only comfort he knows how - the reality of his existence.

It takes another thirty seconds before Potter’s eyes fly open, a shuddering breath exhaled as his strong fingers dig into Draco’s forearms.

“Shh, it’s just a dream,” he lies again.

Potter looks at him with an honesty that makes it hard to breath; a breadth of pain and loss so deep Draco feels like he could drown in it. But still he doesn’t move, his thumb stroking over the inside of Potter’s wrist as he hums softly, knowing the only thing Potter hates more than the dark is the silence.

Slowly the other boy relaxes, his breathing deep and even as his eyes fall shut. But Draco doesn’t leave. He stays there until the sun comes up, until Potter’s eyes are fluttering open, not with fear but with the hope of a new day.

“You stayed,” Potter whispers, entwining their fingers. Draco feels naked under the weight of his gaze but he does not retreat.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Draco replies softly. This is not a lie.

Potter’s lips turn up in the beginnings of a smile and Draco thinks if Potter can be brave enough to share his fears, maybe Draco can be brave enough too.

Draco thinks that just maybe he can share his hope; it is small and a little broken but it’s all he has, and just maybe it can be enough for them both.

[180113] Hoshi in the Vapp chat (Translation)

He gave hints for the new title track by explaining how the meanings of Seventeen’s songs all go together

Adore U: “A boy thinks of someone they adore (a/n he literally said “a person”, meaning he was being gender neutral the entire time). He really cherishes them a lot”

Mansae: “When he sees them he feels like shouting Hooray! (Mansae!)”

Pretty U: ”He wanted to express those feelings to them. So he built up the courage and said “You’re pretty””

Boom Boom: “But still, whenever he saw that person his heart went boom boom”

Smile Flower: “He is happy but what to do when that person and with them his happiness disappears one day? (a/n Hoshi mentions Smile Flower at this point. The song is about not dwelling on worries and just being happy and laughing)

DWC: “But what is this? That person disappeared?! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (sad) So he didn’t want to cry and denied reality”

Without You: “So while denying the truth he said to himself: “Whatever! I don’t know! I’m having such a hard time. I will change now!!!”. So he walked around with his hat lowered” (a/n Korean idiom: “Lowering your hat” expresses how you are ashamed and have regrets so you walk around with your hat covering your face. This is supposed to mean that the boy feels that way but as the lyrics for “Without You” convey, he wants to change altogether)

Clap: “And after that!!!! Let’s just clap!!!!! Until your hands catch on fire! Just go all out!!!”

“Now Carats: What would come after that?”

translation by me >> @hoshidotcom // DO NOT repost without credit!

heartbreaker / heartbroken starters

as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !


  • “I’m not the boyfriend/girlfriend/dating type.”
  • “Did you think that you could ‘fix’ me or something?”
  • “Sweetheart…you look just a little too naive to be with me.”
  • “I sleep with other people. This is what I do.”
  • “You’ll be back.”
  • “Love is just something they try to sell you on TV.”
  • “I’ll do anything…just give me another chance.”
  • “Hey there. *wink*”
  • “I didn’t want you to find out. I was going to fix this.”
  • “Please. I know I screwed everything up, but don’t go..”
  • “We were on a break!”
  • “I didn’t lie. There were just…some things I didn’t mention.”
  • “It’s over.”
  • “You were the first person I ever really loved.” / “I still love you.”
  • “Don’t go falling for me.”
  • “You knew exactly who I was when this started. I don’t see why you’re so surprised.”
  • “Of course I had to go and fuck everything up!”
  • “Don’t act like you’re so innocent! I’m not the only one who messed up.”
  • “I can’t be the kind of guy/girl/person you’re looking for.”
  • “What we did was fun, but…let’s not turn this into something else.”


  • “I thought…maybe you were the one.”
  • “I never want to see you again.”
  • “Don’t worry about my heart…I can handle myself.”
  • “You promised me.”
  • “I can’t believe I never meant anything to you.”
  • “I was such an idiot…” / “I was so pathetic…”
  • “You keep saying love isn’t real…how would you know when you never gave it a real chance?”
  • “I can’t tell who you were trying to hurt: me or you.”
  • “Can we go back to the way things were?”
  • “You said you’d changed.”
  • “The sad thing is…I know I’ll come back to you.” / “Not this time.”
  • “I can’t believe I ever fell in love with you.”
  • “Why did I ever get tangled up with a girl/guy/person like you?”
  • “Come can’t end like this.” / “After all we’ve been through…”
  • “Wow…and I actually thought we’d get married..what a joke.”
  • “I used to be okay. And then I met you.”
  • “Why did you have to put up so many walls?”
  • “I don’t think my heart can take this.”
  • “Just let me go.”
  • “Do you love me?” / “Did you ever love me?”

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For the fluffy prompts for you to write during your study breaks : maybe some sneaky bed sharing drarry? In the gryffindor/slytherin dorm or something and they get caught (lots of smiles and giggles) I don't really know I just wanted to give you a prompt so I could see more of your writing lol and hopefully help get you through your exams :)

Here you go! It’s not traditional bed sharing, but I hope the fluff makes up for that!

“…Davies right in his face. Serves him right, the bastard.” The voice of Pansy Parkinson made Harry’s heartbeat quicken, and definitely not in a good way. Draco had promised they’d be alone for the night, as Theo slept with Neville, Blaise was away for his step dad’s funeral, and none of the other male slytherins had taken an 8th year. But he hadn’t thought of any of his female friends paying him an unexpected visit.

Slightly panicked, he looked around for Draco, only to remember that his boyfriend was in the bathroom at the moment. And as far as he could hear Parkinson was right outside the door, seconds away from coming in. 

Had it been anyone else than her, then maybe he would have been alright. Most of Draco’s friends liked him well enough. But Parkinson? She’d never forgiven him for what he’d done in sixth year, and just in general didn’t like him. And though Harry would never say it to her face, he was just the tiniest bit afraid of how protective she could get over Draco.

When the door handle went down, Harry did the only thing he could think of; He bolted towards Draco’s bed and hid under the duvet. Not a moment to late it seemed, as Parkinson entered and called out for her friend. Soon enough Draco emerged from the bathroom to answer, and they had a long chat about Walter Davies, the new Hufflepuff seeker who had apparently tried to grope a teammate in the showers.

All that time Harry hid under the increasingly hot duvet, feeling more and more like an idiot as the time passed. There was nothing wrong with studying with Draco in his own bloody dorm, why had he been so scared of that? Voldemort he could handle, but Parkinson was so terrifying that he hid under the covers? 

Ridiculous, he was being absolutely ridiculous.

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re Bitty's youtube page edits I gotta know how you think the meet the boyfriend video goes I live for that kind of shit /figureskaterbitty

Oooooh okay *cracks knuckles* bullet point fic time!

* starts with Bitty’s classic intro

* then he’s like “okay guys, so you’ve probably seen the clip going around already, but I wanted you all to meet him officially here.” *he glances off screen* “This, is my boyfriend.”

*Jack comes out. he’s kinda an awkward potato at first.

*Bitty had already decided this was gonna be one of those Boyfriend Tag videos with the questions about where they met, who said I love you first, etc

*Jack is just, so stiff at first, but like around question four or five, when asked about their first kiss, Jack and Bitty share a smile and Bitty’s like

*”Well, he kissed me first, honestly. I don’t think I would’ve ever initiated. I didn’t even know you liked me like that.”

*And then Jack goes into the story about what all happened and he’s all heart eyes and the questions get sappier and Jack is relaxed and chirping Bitty at points about French lessons and who said I love you first (Remember? You broke a plate.” “Oh hush you, who gave who a lego figurine as a way to ask if we were boyfriends?”

*And then Bitty pulls out the Lego guy and he becomes a like thing in all of his videos, you gotta find the Lego guy.

*Bitty also has some questions from my followers and one of them asked them to react to the video

*”You know, we actually haven’t watched it yet. Like we’ve seen stills but, we were there so why watch it?”

*They watch it and the commentators are stunned when its happening and they’ve already talked to reporters and seen support since all of this, so they don’t watch much past the kiss but Jack kisses Bitty on the cheek and whispers something to him that makes him blush. (It just something like “Is it bad that I like watching us kiss?”) and the comments are going CRAZY about that part

*Just, its the start of all the cute shit like “Boyfriend buys my clothes” and the Yoga challenge and everything and its beautiful and amazing. Words can never describe the cute they are.

BTS Reaction to: You doing things to lessen how much you miss them while they’re away

Anon asked: “Hello friend! Hope you are feeling well and enjoying your New Year so far :) since I heard you like fluff, could I request a reaction to you doing things to lessen how much you miss them while they are away? Ex. Listening to recordings of their voices, watching videos of them, spraying their cologne on a stuffed animal so you can hold it, etc. Then somehow they find out you do these things? Idk. I used to do these things when my gf traveled abroad and she thought it was pretty cute lol” 

Author’s note: Hello friend! I’m feeling okay I think. New Year has been okay so far. A bit of up and down really. I do really like fluff so thank you for the request! This is fucking adorable. IT’S ULTIMATE FLUFF! <3. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


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Seokjin knew that you missed him. It was quite obvious after all. He could clearly hear it in your voice whenever you called and could read it in your texts. When he came back to his hotel room he finally had some time to video chat with you. He really wanted to see your face so he was glad that he could at least video chat. After all it’s better than nothing. Seokjin made himself comfortable as he waited for the service to connect before your face finally appeared on his phone. A bright smile spread across his face as he waved excitedly. You chuckled before doing the same. 

Seokjin felt his lips curl in a smile and his cheeks heat up when he noticed you were wearing his pink sweater. 

“Ah are you wearing my sweater baby? I didn’t know I left it at home.” 

You flashed him a soft smile as you hugged the over sized sweater closer to you, completely snuggling up in it. Seokjin smiled as he felt his heart melt at the sight. 

“Yeah, I just really miss you and this sweater smells like you. Besides it’s really comfortable as well.” 

“Just know I’ll be back soon baby. Just 2 more days and then I’ll be there in person to give you all the cuddles and kisses you need.” 


Originally posted by jimiyoong

One thing you loved about Yoongi was his voice and the way he talked. It was one of the things you really missed when he was away on tour. Of course you knew dating an idol wasn’t easy but you didn’t expect it to be this hard. You sighed deeply as you spun around in his chair in his studio. You always went here when you really missed him. You turned the computer on as you scrolled through his files when your eyes land on a few voice messages he had recorded a few weeks ago, just before he left to go on tour. You turn the volume of the speakers up before pressing on play. 

Instantly Yoongi’s voice echoes through the studio, making you smile softly. Right then it hits you how much you actually miss him, and it hurts. What you didn’t notice was the door of the studio opening and Yoongi standing in the doorway. A smile crept on his face when he realized that you were listening to his voice audios. He sneaked up behind you as he wrapped his arms around your neck, making you flinch. He chuckled as he pressed a soft kiss against your cheek. 

“Did you miss me that much that you just wanted to hear my voice?” 

Your eyes grew wide as you turned around instantly, smiling brightly when you saw Yoongi standing in front of you. You squealed before embracing him tightly. Yoongi chuckled at your excitement as he wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in the crook of your neck. Inhaling your sweet perfume that he missed while he was away. 

“Yes, you’ve no idea how much I missed you.” 

“Come with me next time baby, I don’t want to go that long without you.” 


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The past few months had been tough on you and Hoseok. Even though you hadn’t been dating for a long time you two were really close. You spend pretty much every day together so from going to that to not seeing each other for 5 months is very tough. Before he left Hoseok gave you a plushie. A very cute one even. He thought it would be funny to give you a plushie of himself. You laughed when he first gave it to you but when he left you actually started to cuddle with it every single night. You even brought it with you when you left, just so you could look at it when you missed him. 

To his surprise Hoseok got to leave sooner. He was supposed to come back in a week but he came home earlier. Today actually. It was 11 pm so you were already laying in bed, cuddling with your plushie that he gave you. Hoseok smiled at the sight as he chuckled softly, trying not to wake you in case you were asleep. You heard him and turned around instantly. Your eyes growing wide when you saw him standing in the doorway. Hoseok laughed as he practically threw himself on top of you. Showering you with kisses as he embraced you tightly. 

You giggled and clung onto him like a koala, making him laugh. You were really happy that he finally came back. Hoseok was just as happy as you were and smiled brightly when he saw the plushie he gave you before he left. 

“Have you been cuddling with that?” 

A soft blush crept onto your cheeks as you nodded your head. Hoseok cooed at your cuteness as he leaned in to give you a kiss. 

“Aish my Jagiya is so cute.” 


Originally posted by kookmint

In the week before Namjoon left he took you on a lot of cute dates, and I mean really cute dates. You two went to the arcade, Disney land, Theme parks and the beach. You also made a lot of videos together that you could watch when you missed him, and when he missed you. You were snuggled up underneath a blanket as you scrolled through your photos when your eyes landed on a video of you and Namjoon in Disney land. Both of you were wearing Mickey Mouse hats as you were eating ice cream. Yours was pink while Joon’s was purple. You clicked on the video as it started to play. 

Namjoon was rambling on about something when you suddenly smashes the ice cream against his face, bursting out in laughing. Namjoon chuckled before wiping the ice cream off and smashing his own against your face. You gasped in surprise as the melted ice cream streamed down your face. Namjoon cracked up next to you as he continued licking his ice cream. You shook your head playfully before glaring at him, making him chuckle. You smileed at the memory as the video ended. Yeah you really missed him a lot. You clicked on the video again to send it to Namjoon. Who responded only 5 minutes later. 

He instantly smiled when he saw the video that you sent him and couldn’t help but laugh. Namjoon felt a lot better knowing that he would see you again in a week. 


“I know it’s hard baby but I’ll be there in a week. I promise. Can’t wait to cuddle with you!” 

You giggled at his words as you clutched your phone to your chest. You really couldn’t wait to see him again. 


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The first thing Jimin noticed when he saw your face on the screen was that the shirt you were wearing wasn’t yours. It was obviously his. He instantly melted at the sight as he responded just like in the gif. He leaned his head on the cushion next to him as he hid his face behind his hands, trying to hide his embarrassment. You giggled in return as you hid your face in the pillow. 

“Aish baby you’re so cute! Are you wearing my shirt because you miss me?” 

You shyly nodded your head yes before hiding your face again. Jimin chuckled at your behavior as he took a sip of his water. It was 11 pm where he was and only 4 pm where you were. Time differences were hard but you managed to make it work. You let out a yawn as you snuggled further underneath the blankets. 

“Ya! It’s not even night where you are! I’m the one who’s supposed to be sleepy!” 

You playfully stuck out your tongue as you smiled at him. Jimin groaned at your cute behavior as he shook his head playfully. Even though you were miles apart you still managed to make each other happy, and that was what’s most important. 

“Jagi! I got this really cute plushie for you! I’ll give it to you when I get back. Only 4 more days and then we can cuddle again!” 

“I can’t wait!” 


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Before he left to go on tour you and Taehyung went on a shopping spree. Your boyfriend loves shopping and especially shopping for clothes. He really like fashion and has an impeccable taste. You’re truly blessed to date someone so stylish who loves fashion just as much as you to. It makes shopping together a lot more fun. Taehyung always likes to try on a lot of clothes when he’s shopping so you’re often stuck on the bench in front of the waiting room while he’s trying everything on. He does come out of the dressing room to show you what he’s wearing and to ask your opinion but you’re usually in the store for at least 40 minutes. Every. Single. Time. 

You told Taehyung that you didn’t mind waiting for him but he felt a bit bad about it. After all he was trying on all the clothes while you were just waiting for him. So to thank you for coming with him he bought you a giant cat plushie. You really love cats and thought the massive plushie was absolutely adorable. When Taehyung is away on your you usually send a lot of photos to each other. He had just sent you a photo of him laying on bed with a pout on his face with the caption; “I wish you were here so we could cuddle.” 

You giggled before snapping a photo of you with the plushie and sending it to him. A smile crept onto Taehyung’s face as he saw the adorable photo of you cuddling with the plushie he gave you. You two missed each other dearly but luckily there was still internet and social media so you two could connect. It wasn’t long before Taehyung finally arrived home. It was 3 am so he didn’t want to wake you, but when he saw you cuddling with the giant plushie he just melted and moved to lay behind you. 

He wrapped his arm around you as he was your big spoon. You twisted a little before whispering, 

“I missed you Tae tae.” 

A boxy smile spread across his face as he leaned in to peck you on the lips. 

“I missed you too Y/N. Now let’s get some sleep.” 


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It was no secret that you loved Jeongguk’s voice. Like really loved it. Whenever you couldn’t sleep you always asked him to sing for you, and you always wanted to talk to him because you simply liked the sound of his voice. So when Jeongguk was away for your you missed not only him but also his beautiful voice that used to sing you to sleep. It was already 1 am and you were still awake. Wide awake even. So you went to his studio and turned on his laptop. You knew that he had some recordings on there as well. Some covers he did of songs he loves and some audios as well. A soft smile spread across your face as you saw a recording that was one of your favorite songs. 

You plugged in your headphones as you pressed ‘play’. Jeongguk’s angelic voice made it’s way into your ears and your eyes instantly watered at the sound of it. It was like he was right next to you, and that made you emotional. You realized just how much you missed him and just when you wanted to grab your phone to text him, you saw him standing right next to you. Tears in his eyes as a bright smile was spread across his face. You instantly took the headphones off as he pulled you against his chest. Wrapping his arms tightly around you as he sobbed softly. 

Your heart broke at the sound as you moved a hand to gently run it through his soft locks, trying to calm him down a little. 

“Hey Guk, it’s okay. I missed you too.” 

Your voice cracked at the end as a few tears streamed down your face. Jeongguk pulled back as he wiped his tears before leaning in to press a kiss against your lips. You tightly clutched his shirt in your hands as you pressed a kiss against his neck. 

“Come with me next time, okay? I don’t want to go that long without you. We can spend so much time together and I promised to show you the world, remember?” 

“Of course I remember. That sounds lovely.” 


billy hargrove x reader

summary: a collection of voicemails billy hargrove left you in the summer of ‘84

word count: 1.3k

a/n: i wrote this super fast, it was just an idea that popped into my head randomly. i honestly don’t know how i feel about this, i might delete it because it’s not really a story but i don’t know. a real actual billy story is coming wednesday! i hope you enjoy and feedback is appreciated. 

Hi, you’ve reached (Y/N) (Y/L/N), please leave a message at the tone.

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Mafia!BTS being jealous

Anon asked:“hi can i get a mafia reaction ( all members if can hehe ) while waiting to pick u up & they see u walking out of sch w a guy who u r close with? :))) therefore they got jealous. thx”


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Jin was waiting for you in front of the school as usual , when he saw you walking out. Only you weren’t alone, but with a random guy, who was clearly flirting with  you.

Aish,  this girl. oblivious ..” He got out of the car and leaned against the hood with his arms crossed.

As soon as you saw him you waved goodbye to your friend and ran towards Jin , hugging him.

He welcomed you in his embrace and kissed you hungrily, as he looked up at the guy, who with a shocked expression, turned on his heel and walked away quickly.

He smirked arrogantly , as he opened the door for you.

“So tell me love, how was your day?


He was waiting in the car for quite some time now, wanting to surprise you by picking you up. “ Funny, she should have finished by now. I wonder what’s keeping her…” He thought to himself. Just then he saw you walking out of the building. Only you were not alone, but with this guy he never heard about before, smiling and giggling at him. It took everything he had to not bolt out of the car and punch the guy.

Luckily for all of you , you noticed the all too familiar car and were now heading towards him.

He waited for you to shut the door before turning to you with a smile

“So, that new friend of yours. . Why didn’t I hear about him before? ” He said , trying to sound calm but failing miserably .

He’s just a friend , you have nothing to worry about, Namjoon. He means nothing to me

Okay then, I would’ve hated to have his life ruined. Well. Just remember that you’re mine and no one else’s , alright love ?”

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He couldn’t believe his eyes. You were smiling and dare he say, flirting, with this dude he never ever seen before just in front of his face. Granted , you had no idea he was there, but in his mind that made it even worse.

No.. this can’t go unaddressed ” he muttered to himself as he got out of the car and headed straight to the both of you. Wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in the crook of your neck, he almost growled at the guy in front of him

Hey babe, I don’t think I ever got the pleasure of meeting your friend. Care to introduce me?”

Startled, you hurried to answer “ uh.. s-sure.  Yoongi, meet f/n, my friend from college. F/n, meet my boyfriend,  Yoongi”

Very nice to meet you, but we should be going. Come on babe” said Yoongi as he dragged you away.

You know,  seeing you with others guys doesn’t paticularly please me. Maybe you shouldn’t hide this kind of things from me. For your own sake,  of course. ..”

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As soon as Hoseok saw you walking out of the building accompanied by one of your guy friends he assumed, he jogged towards the two of you and grabbed you hand , smiling brightly .

Jagiii,  how are you? How was your day? And.. Oh .. who’s your friend?”

“ Hoseok, you smiled up at him, this is my classmate f/n. We were assigned a project and we were trying to decide where to start

Oh , that’s great.  But we have to get going. You don’t want to be late for our date, do you? I’m sure your friend here won’t mind”

“Uh.. sure,  see you later f/n”

Baby, be more careful around guys.  You never know which one wants to take you away from me, alright? ” He said petting your hair. “After all, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to them,  would we?”

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“ The nerve of the guy..”

Jimin was just watching as you were descending down the steps with this random dude who was cheking you out so obviously,  it made his blood boil.

He went straight up to him “ If you ever dare to be so disrespectful to my girl ever again, I’ll make sure you regret ever being born, you get that?” He threatened.

You were staring at the scene dumbfounded,  not quite understanding what was happening.

“ Cmon babe, we’re going.” He dragged you towards the car.

“Wait, Jimin , what’s wrong?”

Nothing jagi, don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Now, let’s go home, I have something prepared for you”

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Seeing you with a random stranger who was obviously flirting with you, rubbed Taehyung the wrong way.

This can’t go unpunished…no it can’t. .” He grumbled.“

He waited for you to get in the car, and missed you before asking with a tone that was anything but friendly .

So.. who is that friend of yours?“

“Oh, just f/n. He’s in two of my classes, why?”

Nothing jagi, don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Now, let’s go home, I have something prepared for you”

Sure enough, you never heard from your classmate never again. Rumour has it, he was… kidnapped.

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Leaning against the car door, Jungkook watched as you and your.. companion were heading towards him.

He said nothing as he grabbed you and kissed you fiercely,  then spinning you around and holding your body against his.

“ Jagi, who is your friend here? And why don’t I know him?” He whispered in your ear while staring his “rival” down.

“Just.. one of my classmates.. you don’t really need to overreact like this..”

Oh, I’m not overreacting … I’m just protecting what’s mine. Now.. Let’s get in the car… You’re in for quite a night. ”

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I’m really sorry for being so inactive, but I am preparing for med school and I have  barely had time to breathe lately. And also, writers block is a thing. I mean, I’m not really a writer but yeah.. I’ll try my best to update more often, so please don’t be mad if I didn’t get to your reaction yet. Slowly but surely, I’ll get to all of them. Thank you.

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When and how did u come up with ophelia?? :o

i was feeling inspired after not coming up with any character designs for a really long time and i wanted to make the most indulgent sad vampire ghost Ever. and i think i subconsciously tried to make her look like the opposite of me because all my current characters before her had the same general vibe i thought

anyway i pretty much nailed her design on the first go which almost never happens ever. heres the first concept sheet i made in september 2016

and when i finalized it (my first time drawing her vs the last time i doodled her)

Clearly Not Dead (Loki x Reader)

Note: I had so much fun writing this! It’s the first time I’ve written the Guardians but they’re great and I hope that you like it! Please let me know what you think! Based on this anon request:

Hello!!! Could you do a loki x reader where they were married but after Loki ‘died’ she left Asgard and went to earth? And then when infinity war rolls around Thor gets her to come help fight and when she sees Loki again she totally trashes him in front of all the avengers/guardians? Thank you!! I love all your work!!!!

Words: 1383

               "I am Groot.“

You ran a hand through your hair trying to comprehend the utter strangeness of the day. First a portal in the sky. Then out of the blue you received a message from Thor, the prince now King of Asgard, saying he’d be arriving soon to pick you up. Now you were on a spaceship which, despite the protests of the man that owned it, Star Munch or something, definitely hadn’t been cleaned recently. And you were talking to a tree.

Turning to the racoon, momentarily feeling bad for the poor creature, at least until you remembered how rude it had been on your arrival, you waited for the translation. Rocket - you were pretty sure that’s what one of the others had called him - was busy improvising some kind of weapon and didn’t look up when he explained, "He says he hates your hat. She’s not wearing a hat though, you idiot. Hey. Don’t get angry at me because her head’s shaped weirdly. Maybe if you looked up from that stupid game of yours more often you’d notice these things! I told Quill it was a bad idea to let you have it.”

               "Thor!“ you exclaimed, running over to him and throwing your arms around his huge frame, grateful for the distraction from that frankly bizarre conversation. As thrilled as you were to see him, you certainly wished your meeting had been under better circumstances. Pulling away, you ran your eyes over him with a smirk. The eye patch. The short hair. It actually kind of suited him, but you certainly weren’t going to let him know that. "My prince, I’ve missed you.”

               "King.“ It was well hidden - you certainly wouldn’t have been able to recognise it if you didn’t know him so well - but there was slightly sad note to his voice. Whilst you didn’t know it yet, he had lost everything but seeing you alive and well gave him a tiny flicker of hope. Brushing the sadness aside, he said, "While you’ve been here on Midgard, you missed an awful lot.”

               "You know better than any why I had to leave Asgard.“

Rubbing the back of his neck, Thor scrunched up his face and said, "Yeah… About that…”

               "Brother, I do believe…“ That oh-so-familiar voice slowed to a halt as its owner stepped up onto the main deck and laid eyes on you. "Y/N? Is that you?”

You stared blankly at Loki wondering what sort of elaborate illusion this was. You looked between the crew of the Milano, searching for any sign that they too could see your husband - your husband that was supposed to be dead.

They didn’t seem surprised that he was there, at all; in fact, the only thing about this entire situation that convinced you it could actually be happening was Gamora’s complete and utter distaste when she looked upon Loki.

Crossing the deck, you stopped just in front of Loki and poked him in the chest. He certainly felt solid enough. Convinced he wasn’t an illusion, you slapped him as hard as you possibly could. “How dare you do this to me, Loki.”

The heavy silence was broken by a surprisingly excited, “I am Groot?”

               "What?“ you hissed, whipping your head around to where the adolescent tree and his furry friend sat. Realising that you were practically growling at the pair, you took a deep breath to calm yourself and repeated, "I’m sorry. What did he say?”

               "He wants to know what the trickster did to deserve that. And if he can hit him too.“

               "Now, darling, let me explain…” Loki began.

You pulled a dagger from your belt and threw it at him, a warning for him to stop talking immediately or face the consequences. The blade caught his cheek as it flew past, drawing a neat line across his skin. Catching his smirk, you whipped another knife from your side, your fury returning with full force. “If you call me that again, I swear you won’t like where this ends up.”

Almost proud of your threats, and believing entirely that you would follow through every word, Loki grinned, “My beautiful wife.”

               "You don’t get to call me that anymore, Loki. Not after everything that I’ve been through since you died saving your idiotic brother on Svartalfheim. No offence, Thor.“

               "But he is clearly not dead,” Drax pointed out, earning him a piercing glare from not only you but practically everyone else on the ship too. Looking up from the enormous knife he was sharpening - such a nice blade, in fact, that you were actually considering stealing it, if only to stab your husband with - the oblivious man asked, “What? It’s true, is it not?”

               "Maybe for now,“ you said, your face darkening. "Do you have any idea how I grieved you, Loki? Everywhere I turned I was reminded of you and every wonderful place we’d ever been together seemed tainted because you were no longer there to share the joy. Asgard, for all its beauty, was dead to me. I had Heimdall send me to Midgard - Midgard of all the miserable places in the universe! - just to get away from the daily reminders that you were gone.

               "And now I find that you were alive for all that time, no doubt enjoying your life while I grieved the loss of my beloved husband! How could you do this to me? I accepted you for all your faults, of which there are many, and I forgave your trespasses when others could not. I thought we were in this together, Loki, but I see that I simply overestimated your affection for me.”

               "Dick move, dude,“ Quill yelled, having heard your shouting all the way from the cockpit.

At the same time, Gamora stepped forward and handed you back the knife you’d thrown earlier. With an almost gleeful smile, she suggested, "Look on the bright side, Y/N; since he’s not dead, now you get the chance to kill him yourself.”

It suddenly seemed to dawn on Loki that you may actually be furious with him, rather than the mild exasperation you used to reserve for him. He took a tentative step forward and said, “Now, darling, let’s be sensible about this…”

               "When have you ever been sensible, Loki? No, Thor, let’s see if he can do this on his own.“ You were actually quite enjoying watching Loki squirm under the scrutiny of the entire Milano crew, each wondering whether the trickster - who they knew to have worked with Thanos, the very man you were off to fight - had any redeeming qualities.

               "Y/N, I’m sorry,” Loki breathed, the words so quiet that you only knew he’d spoken because his lips had moved.

You turned around, no longer able to face him or find a morsel of humour in the situation. “I don’t believe you.”

               "He means it,“ a soft, almost childlike voice said. The woman immediately jumped away from Loki, lifting her hand from his shoulder and leaping across the room like nothing you’d ever seen. Cowering behind Drax, she apologised, "I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

               "Don’t ever do that again!“ Loki shouted. "I will not have my mind muddled by an insect!”

               "How dare you speak to the poor girl like that!“ you screamed, closing the space and shoving him against the wall with ease. "You are above no one, Loki. If you remembered that there are people that care about you so deeply that it tears them apart… That you don’t need to be above us and actually treated people with the decency they deserve then I’d…”

Loki pushed you backwards, the challenge in his eyes clear. “You’d do what, Y/N?”

               "Uh, guys,“ Quill called down from the cockpit. "Sorry to interrupt wherever this was going but I think we’ve got company.”

Peering out the window, you saw the Sanctuary come into view. You tensed at the sight of the looming vessel, sure that if this was going to be your last battle that at least it would be glorious. You felt Loki slide his hand in yours and knew that, even after everything he’d put you through, you would always be able to rely on your husband in the end.

Native American Representation, Characterization, & Politics

African-American writer here. A recurring character in my action fantasy novel is Jacob, a lieutenant for an international peacekeeping force. The HQ for the North American branch is in South Dakota, and after researching, I’ve decided to associate Jacob with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. The novel takes place in an unknown future.

When Jacob was younger, his father was the tribal president whose ambition corrupted and led him to illegal smuggling activities with the setting’s new technology, Crests. This eventually led a falling out with his vice president, whose son Cyrus is a friend of Jacob’s, basically starting an internal civil war. Although it was supposed to be a matter settled by the tribe, a group of officers took matters into their own hand and quelled the civil war themselves, leading to the imprisonment of Jacob’s and his friend’s dad.

However, the officers leading the operation were charged and arrested for forgetting their training and breaking reservation-state laws. Jacob, a big idealist, regrets siding with his father after all the pain it caused to the tribe and his mother, so he signs up for the force to help do some good, to save as many people as he can from hatred and bitterness, and to uphold a pure, gentle form of justice. While his mother supports his decision, this gives Jacob a stigma by some of his tribe – in other words, ‘why are you working with people who hurt your kind?’

I wanted to portray both the dads and that squad in the wrong. The reactions of everyone else is hinged on grief (the Rosebuds) or shame (the rest of the NA force).

(2/2) Cyrus, on the other hand, was put in a similar situation but can’t take the pressure and decides to join a criminal antithesis to the force; they offered him more kindness and freedom, but in reality tapped into his hatred and frustration. Jacob finds Cyrus one fateful day and can’t bring himself to arrest him, instead wanting to talk it over and let go of his hatred.

All in all, the angle is meant to show Jacob there are some people who don’t want to be saved, that saving everyone is impossible, but he comes to conclusion it’s a beautiful thing to try anyway.

My question is “Are the responses and beliefs of the RST members in-line with their real-world culture and/or beliefs?” If not, anything that needs to be changed, added, or removed? Things I’ve done already is read the website, some articles, asked around, watched YouTube videos, and gotten objective facts about the tribe. I even tried emailing them directly, but I got no response after a couple of months.

Also, is “Rosebud Sioux Tribe” just the Federal designation with “Sicangu Oyate” being what they really call themselves?

Alright, I’m going to break down everything in here from start to finish.

When Jacob was younger, his father was the tribal president whose ambition corrupted and led him to illegal smuggling activities with the setting’s new technology, Crests.

So, even though the tribe officially has a “president”, you’ll notice the president is part of a counsel, and the counsel is the thing listed on the website instead of the president’s office. It is really rare for a single person to be the be all end all of choices made within the tribe. A single pointed leader is, majority of the time, something that is required by colonial powers for administrative purposes/to have somebody to talk to. It’s not a natural situation for us. Even if we did have a single chief, we have elders for a very important reason.

As for corrupt and ambition leading to smuggling… I am not quite sure where to begin with how wrong that is.

There is this general cultural perception that Native people are thieves. The term “Indian Giver” is still in use to this day, indicating somebody who gives “a gift” and “surprises” somebody with wanting payment back, which was spread by colonial powers to justify their colonialism (even though they knew, upon receiving the gifts they got from Natives, that they would have to pay it back. They just didn’t want to). Casinos are generally considered smart business ventures except if they’re Native run, then it’s greedy Natives stealing from outsiders.

Do you see a pattern here? A really toxic, tone deaf pattern?

Natives are not thieves. We are not people easily corrupted by ambition. We live off the land. Our cultures, as a whole, promote sustainability because otherwise we will not survive. Our greatest monsters are those who have been poisoned by greed. We are socialist to the core because we have to be.

If Natives are turning to illegal activity, then you’ve got a few possibilities:

1- The government isn’t listening to any of their needs, so they turn to illegal activity to at least get government attention

2- They need the resources immediately, and illegal activity is the only way they can get those resources because of point 1

3- They’re trying to protect themselves or the tribe’s interests. Sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil to survive to see the sun

4- They’re corrupt

Chances are, you’re going to have 1-3 be more likely sources. Because Natives are denied resource after resource by the government and need to survive somehow.

The fact you have a leader— who you assume would have the absolute authority to act this way— who would have been living off the land, living among elders who promoted giving, living among a community that shares before it takes… I cannot describe how inappropriate that is.

It’s point blank taking a Western, capitalistic society convention and applying it in a Native socialist environment. It makes no sense.

And in the same paragraph, you continue:

Although it was supposed to be a matter settled by the tribe, a group of officers took matters into their own hand and quelled the civil war themselves, leading to the imprisonment of Jacob’s and his friend’s dad.

So… you’ve recreated colonialism. And recreated the concept of how Natives are incapable of handling anything themselves.

Again, this is following a tone-deaf pattern of real world offences against Native communities. I know you’re going to portray this as wrong, but it still happened. It’s still recreating something that does not need to be recreated. Which makes the following:

Jacob, a big idealist, regrets siding with his father after all the pain it caused to the tribe and his mother, so he signs up for the force to help do some good, to save as many people as he can from hatred and bitterness

Even worse.

1- He’s becoming a white knight. He is aligning himself with colonial powers because they’re “the good ones” to save people. I have met this particular breed of supremacist, where they preach that people who fight and go against the system are simply “lost” and in need of “saving.”

It’s just as toxic when it comes from somebody non-white, because Natives are warriors as well as peacekeepers. We will fight for what is right and what has wronged us. We try to avoid bloodshed, yes, but we don’t shy away from it.

2- Why would he side with his father because he’s “an idealist”? Like, that logic does not make sense for me. Is this some sort of “the ruler is right so the ideals go along with his”? His reasons for going to that side are convoluted and ill-explained, seeming to put him on the side of colonizers for no other reason than the colonizers are right part of the time, so that’s good enough.

3- There is absolutely no talk of restorative justice in here. Did the counsel let the tribe deal with it? Reverse all their actions (yes, including releasing the people involved to let the tribe deal with it) because they were wrong and return it to the privacy of the tribe? No? Then they’re still imposing, even if they did throw the people who caused the initial imposition it in jail.

While his mother supports his decision, this gives Jacob a stigma by some of his tribe – in other words, ‘why are you working with people who hurt your kind?’

This stigma is 100% justified and if he doesn’t have any sort of identity crisis over this, then you’ve basically painted a different skin colour onto a white person. This sort of identity issue is extremely complex, and if you just go along with, as I said before, a colonial power, then you have completely internalized their messaging and the associated racism.

Cyrus, on the other hand, was put in a similar situation but can’t take the pressure and decides to join a criminal antithesis to the force; they offered him more kindness and freedom, but in reality tapped into his hatred and frustration.

Hatred and frustration at— say it again— colonial powers is not only to be expected, but to be supported.

Remember what I said about why Natives participate in illegal activity? How it’s to draw attention to injustice? And how we are warriors?

Yeah, I’m siding with Cyrus, here. This criminal fraction tapping into hatred and frustration is, for me, driving on creating positive change via “negative” emotions. The whole point of Idle No More— the single biggest activism movement in the Native community, supported by countless tribes— was to get angry and frustrated. To take hatred and to turn it into social change. These are not negative emotions that automatically make somebody evil for tapping into.

Jacob finds Cyrus one fateful day and can’t bring himself to arrest him, instead wanting to talk it over and let go of his hatred.

Arresting a criminal making Jacob be heroic will only work if you’ve brought Cyrus into extremist anti-villain territory very firmly through a moral event horizon. If he’s going more towards “public disruption to draw attention to the fact restorative justice and healing needs to take place”… he might be breaking the law, but he sure isn’t doing anything unsympathetic. He’s doing exactly the same thing as the water protectors stopping DPAL, from my view, and Jacob is the police officer violating tribe rights. 

All in all, the angle is meant to show Jacob there are some people who don’t want to be saved, that saving everyone is impossible, but he comes to conclusion it’s a beautiful thing to try anyway.

No it’s not. Saving people is a very toxic mindset, and the more I read of this submission, the less sympathetic Jacob is. There’s a reason “saviour” is involved in so many toxic tropes that are meant to make members of the dominant group feel good, but end up deeply harming the communities they’re supposedly “saving.”

You don’t try to save somebody. You try to give them the resources they need and provide the restorative justice their situation requires, which sometimes means realizing the law they’re fighting against is a bad, hurtful law, and you’re wrong for enforcing it. You give them dignity back and go from there.

My question is “Are the responses and beliefs of the RST members in-line with their real-world culture and/or beliefs?” If not, anything that needs to be changed, added, or removed?

Read the above and you tell me. My personal suggestion is to start from absolute scratch because this is so far removed from Native life, I’m under the distinct impression you only consumed a single tribe’s material and assumed that because they had similar trappings, terms, and organizational structures to Western society, they worked under the same values as Western society when that is absolutely not the case, and more often than not were imposed on us, instead.

Even if you were to change this to a white individual, you still have the exceptionally toxic mindset of a white saviour “hero” who is trying to stamp out hatred and bitterness without even trying to understand that the hatred and bitterness might be justified, and they’re enforcing harmful laws in the name of hollow peace.

Also, is “Rosebud Sioux Tribe” just the Federal designation with “Sicangu Oyate” being what they really call themselves?

A very quick glance at their website, where they refer to the Rosebud Sioux reservation as the home of the Sicangu Oyate, indicates that yes, the Sicangu Oyate is what they “really” call themselves.

Learn how colonialism and activism work before revisiting any of this. Learn what traits are part of Native culture to survive for generations. Learn why sometimes the “peacekeepers” are the single biggest antithesis to peace. Adjust your characters accordingly. Right now this is a typical white politician plot with a saviour son, instead of anything that resembles a story that would come from us. And even if you remove it from us, your “hero” isn’t an ounce sympathetic to me, because the peacekeepers are too authoritarian to be kind.

~Mod Lesya

To the many high school students who have sent me messages worried about whether they should take archaeology/anthropology in university:

Don’t panic! Almost nobody comes out of high school knowing exactly what they want to do and how their life is going to go!

When I started university I was planning to be an Egyptologist, and was planning to be a university professor myself eventually. In my first two years at university I learned that although I like Egyptology, I like Canadian archaeology more, and although I like teaching sometimes I wouldn’t like doing it all the time. So now I’m a consultant archaeologist specializing in industrial archaeology, and the archaeology of standing buildings.

I know many, many people who started studying archaeology or anthropology, then decided something else interested them more (history, chemistry, sociology, you name it). And I also know a whole bunch of people who did their undergraduate degrees in five years instead of four because their first year was another subject and they switched to archaeology after their first year. And I know a lot of people who studied archaeology or anthropology, enjoyed it, but didn’t enjoy doing it as a profession or weren’t able to find full-time work, and have found jobs that they enjoy in other fields anyway. I firmly believe that if you’re going to invest the time and effort (and money) into getting a full university degree, you should at least do it in something you like, and that way even if you don’t get the exact job you wanted, you’ll have spent a few years studying something you find interesting (which often means your grades will be better anyway, which is a bonus and looks better on your resume), and there are still a lot of general skills from your degree that you can put to use in other jobs. 

Learn what you like to do, learn what you’re good at, and use it whenever you can! I’m rooting for you all!

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Is it true dog breeding isn't a lucrative business? If a breeder has say 8 pups and is selling them at say 2k that's already 16k. And I know of ppl who run reputable kennels that make that their livelihood. Disclaimer: I have no interest in breeding myself, I'm aware of the work, time, health testing, etc it takes.

To truly be lucrative on a regular basis… you have to be willing to throw out ethics. For example I know people who make their living breeding but they have one male and tons of females. They just use their male. That means they don’t have to pay a stud fee, they don’t have to pay shipping or travel costs, or for testing to make sure timing is right, etc. But there is no such thing as a male that fits every female, and it pollutes the genepool with that dog, it’s a great way to bottleneck the breed.

Now, that said, it is totally fine if a reputable breeder makes money. That does not instantly make them bad like some people seem to think. Sometimes things align and you do make money. But not as much as you may think.

You have to factor in the cost of feeding, cost of training, cost of show/trial entries, potentially the cost of a handler, then you have your health testing. And of course cost of the breeding itself. My first breeding didn’t cost me anything since I owned both parents. What money I had left over I put towards my next breeding, which is this litter the “B” litter. I ended up paying close to $3,000 in the breeding because there’s the stud free, the progesterone testing (my vet is $180 a pop), collection/shipping of the semen (twice), and the AI itself.

Other things to factor in are potential cost of extra food if you are like me and normally feed on a budget but decide to give your bitch everything you can give them during their pregnancy. Then there comes the cost of feeding the puppies, cost of registering them, cost of microchipping/tattooing, cost of vaccinations/vet exam/worming, etc.

If the whelping goes smoothly then that is awesome but things can go wrong and you can be looking at $2,000+ if you need an c-section. Now let’s say you only have 2 puppies and normally sell your puppies for $1,500… if you were like me and had to spend $3,000 on getting your bitch bred… then you’re just shit out of luck and won’t break even. This happened to my decoy on their last litter. Or worst case scenario, you pay to get her bred, then end up having to do a c-section and lose some or all of your puppies, maybe even your bitch!

So yeah, a lot of it depends on luck. Even if it costs you a lot getting a bitch bred, you can make up for it if she has a decent sized litter that whelps smoothly. But for many people, such as in my case, they extra money is generally put away specifically for the next go round and future generations.

I guess you could potentially be lucrative if you have great reproductive health in your lines and rarely have issues along with large litters. And own a very nice property where you can afford to keep multiple bitches, being retired would help since you can spend a lot of time with them. But then when you’re producing that many dogs and readily placing them… I would question how readily you are finding responsible owners. But I am the type of person who is super picky about where my pups go and I want to maintain a good relationship with my buyers throughout the life of the dog. That would be super difficult if producing larger numbers of dogs.