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Change / Stress activates family systems.

Wash, rinse, repeat; I’ve been a family therapist for how long now?  Why does this surprise me when it comes to my own family?

I had thought I was going to write a post on the crazy ass things that happened in the family when Baby Squeaks was born, but for reals, yo.  Ain’t nobody got time for that (and I’m not sure I want to waste emotional energy re-hashing it at this point.)

Fast forward to right now, when I have snapped, yet again! (adulting is difficult!), at my MIL.  And really, snapping for me entails using a stern voice and walking away.  As in, when my MIL was pushing for the 15th KAJILLION time for us to not pay for full time childcare for Baby because she wants to provide parttime childcare, I stood up, firmly said, “We need to pay for full time care” and walked out of the room.  Now.  I don’t want to get into it on here about why this is a necessity, but suffice it to say the daycare we’ve chosen has a part time or a full time option.  If you’re part time, you’re up a shit creek without a paddle if you need more. 

Like, if my MIL gets a cold or the flu?  Or has a doctor’s appt out of town?  (These things happen with consistency.)  I’d have no options but to stay home, and although I’d FREAKING LOVE TO, I’m on a healthcare student loan forgiveness program and they dictate how much PTO I get in the next two years (Hint:  it’s paltry.)

She can watch Baby a few afternoons a week.  I don’t have an issue with that (well … I’m choosing my battles).  I DO have an issue with being argued with about everything over the course of the past year:

- WHY are you trying IUI again?  Why won’t you just go to IVF?

- WHY did you hire a midwife and a doula and not an OB / GYN?

- WHY are you going to give birth vaginally and not just schedule a c section??

- WHY are you still working?  You look exhausted.  Your health is at risk!

- WHY aren’t you asking the right questions to her pediatrician (this was when we were in the hospital.)  You’re not doing the best thing for her!  You’re putting her health at risk!

- WHY are you paying for full time childcare?

One might look at these and think, “Oh sweet, she’s just concerned.”  Chuckle.  I, too, once attempted to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Until Hubs, for the millionth time, said, “You keep approaching this like she’s a good person who sometimes does bad things.  Stop.  She’s a BAD PERSON.”  I’m not sure she’s a bad person, but I just feel so done being walked on.  Continually.  Consistently.  I’m going to lose my damned mind.

So I stand up and use a firm voice.  Which, although harmless enough (and by many measures is setting an emotional boundary), is apparently enough to start the martyr rambling to other family members.  (Sorry, guys, but y’all don’t live here and therefore don’t take the brunt of her frustration.)

Hubs is taking her tonight to get the snow tires taken off her car.  “It’s an ambush,” he said.  “She’s going to pounce on me about you and childcare.”  Mmm. Probably.  So, grateful that he gets it and will advocate for me.  SO GRATEFUL.

In non related MIL news, my kid, whom I’d always said would never sleep in her carseat, is TOTALLY SLEEPING IN HER CARSEAT because if I take her out, all hell is going to break loose.  

Parenting.  Verb.  An exercise in eating crow for the rest of your life.

How can something so little, loveable, squishable, precious and heart melting also produce so much second guessing, guilt, and “Hey man, whatever works”??

sahar03  asked:

How do you avoid cravings? My family buys treats and fatty stuff all the time and I find it really hard to resist. Any tips?

my mother just brought home a bag of chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. it’s so tempting to eat it but i simply tell myself no. i’ve come too far to give in to my cravings. it’s extremely hard but it’s definitely worth it when you see the number on the scale lower than the last time. to avoid cravings, look at thinspo, draw, go for a walk, think about your goal weight, chew sugar free gum or drink water. remember, fat lasts longer than flavor. do you want 10 minutes of tasty food or a lifetime of being skinny? stay safe. 💕

How I lost my virginity

My older bother had got locked up and his friend came by the house to check on me and my sister. He was a cute older Mexican guy. I always thought he was hot! I would always joke around with him and ask when could I take a ride in his badass car. Well that day I joked and asked and he said tonight if you want. I didn’t know what to say. I just nodded and gave him my cell phone number. He called and said to meet him at the gas station. He was going to get beer. I was 16 at the time. I felt so cool. I wore jeans with high heels and a red polo shirt. He pulled up and I got in. After he bought the beer he said “I’m having a party at the house if you wanna come”. I said “yea that sounds cool”. Then we went to his house. He had some friends come over. I was the only girl. There was 7 of them. The guy that picked me up was 32. His friends had to be older. Once I started drinking the one friend started to kiss me and took me to the room. I was so nervous. The beer had made me really drunk! I never drank before so it didn’t take long. We got undress and he laid me down and lick my pussy. He said “damn you don’t shave”. I then said “umm I didn’t know I was suppose to. He looked at me and asked if I was a virgin. I said "no”. He got angry and said “don’t fucking lie! I hate liars! Tell me the truth!” Then I said “sorry yes I’m a virgin!” He smiled and keeping licking me. He wanted to have him put a finger inside but he didn’t. I put my hand down there and tried and he said “no don’t fucking do it! I want your pussy tight and untouched!” He got up and put his hard dick between my legs! I felt him push in and I started to scream. He felt like he was ripping me in half. He put his hand over my mouth and started to fuck be hard. I felt him cum inside of me! He pushed me to the side and said “suck it clean” I did it! Then he said “ok I’m done! Quick sucking!” Then I was about to get dress and he said “wait let me get a beer and I’ll be right back. I want to fuck you more.” I said ok and laid in the bed. It was really dark and I was drunk. I saw him come in the room. At least I thought it was him. He got on top and started kissing me. I noticed he had clothes but didn’t really think of it. He turned me around and started fucking me from behind! It hurt cause it was a little bigger. When I heard him talk to me then I noticed it wasn’t him. By then I couldn’t do anything. He had his whole weight in me and was fucking me hard. I heard the door open and heard people coming inside. I was too drunk to do anything. Next thing I saw was a guy putting his dick in my face. I opened my mouth and he fucked my face. One at a time they fucked me. I was so drunk that I let them and was too scared to fight back! After they were done they left. I was laying there covered in sweat and spit! I got dressed as fast as possible and walked right through the living room. The guy that picked me up went outside and said “listen bitch! If you say anything!” I stopped him before he could finish. I said “I won’t say anything! Just take me home” he did. I was so sore but I had a wet feeling every time I thought of it! That’s how I lost my virginity!

You don’t want to make them angry: Best 5 [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[page 138]
Be careful about how you treat them!?
Beware of gently smiling faces!!

(Parity) 1st place: Seishirou/Fuuma
Native countries: ???/???

At first glance, they’re kind and calm, but the two of them seem [to have] something going on behind their smiling faces. The brothers, who resemble [each other], partly also [because of] their unreadable mental states, tie for first place.

Although they meet again for the first time in a while, the two of them find out [each other’s] intentions. When it comes to audacious smiles, the brothers look exactly alike…!

Witness: Kamui
“I don’t know what they’re thinking, and they’re always getting in our way. I don’t like either of the brothers…”

3rd place: Yuuko
Native country: ???

She’s calm and collected, but when it comes to loans, she’s severe! You’d better keep your promises.

4th place: Subaru
Native country: ???

He’s usually mild-mannered, but according to Seishirou, when you anger him, he’s frightening.

5th place: Erii
Native country: Edonis Country

She’s cute, but when she gets angry, she becomes violent, so beware!

Always angry!? Kurogane’s distress

Kurogane keeps getting teased by Fay and Mokona [among others]. He opposes them each time, but on the contrary, the result is amusement at his expense. Kurogane’s anxiety doesn’t cease…

THE MATH CLUB||bts [kim taehyung] by trbltae


It was the next morning, my room was dimly lit. The curtains were letting in some light from the streets outside. I was silently snoozing on my pillow waiting for my alarm clock to let me know it was time to get up for school. Tuesdays were the worst days for me. They seemed to drag on forever and never end. School is already bad as it is, but when it came to Tuesdays they felt never ending.

The only reason I go to school is because I never want to disappoint my parents. I never took interest in any subjects at school but math comes the easiest to me. Even though I fucking hate it I always manage to get a high grade. The dropouts in my class always talk about how I’m a ‘nerd’ because I always do good but at least I’m getting shit done. Unlike them who just slack off and expect their diploma to fall magically into their hands.

A loud knock on my door suddenly startled me, which caused me to jump out of bed. I grabbed a shoe that was next to my bed as a weapon.

‘I’ll just throw it at them then make a run for it.’ I said in my head while nodding to myself. I had nothing else so I thought I could just beam it then bounce. I had no more time to think of other ways to try to keep them out. As the person behind the door was coming in my alarm clock suddenly started blasting causing me to yell a high pitched scream. By this time the intruder had opened the door and got scared by my screaming so they began started to scream too. I still had the shoe in my hand so without realizing who it was, I threw it straight at their face.

“OW, WHAT THE FUCK” I looked up and saw who it was clearly.

“Oh wow, its just you,” I said, sighing in relief while clutching my heart. “You almost made me hurt you”

“ALMOST? YOU REALLY JUST THREW A SHOE AT MY FACE AND YOU’RE SAYING ALMOST” exclaimed the person in front of me who was my friend, Yoongi.

“Okay, but did you die though?” I said while turning off my alarm clock, earning a death stare from him. Yoongi never came into my room, usually he would always wait for me downstairs or call me when he was on his way. I’ve known him since we were little because we were neighbors. He moved into the neighborhood and my mom thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves to them. I was only 9 at the time and I acted the way any kid my age would.

I thought all boys had cooties so when I found out our new neighbor’s had a son I immediately didn’t like him. When my mom and dad forced me to go with them to their house I kept a mean face on the whole time.

“Boys, come down and meet our new neighbors!” the lady standing in front of me called out for her son to come down from his room.

“I’m sure you’ll both get along well” the lady was now looking down at me, giving me a big toothy smile. Two boys came trailing down the stairs. One was older than the other. The younger one looked to be around my age. I gave him a dirty look. 'Ew he looks like he has cooties’ I thought to myself. I realized that the young boy was not standing in front of me with his older brother behind him.
We both were just standing still, giving each other dirty looks while looking at each other up and down.

“Yoongi why don’t you introduce yourself?” his mother tried to encourage him to speak up. The boy standing in front of me started to give me a smirk.

“Well, um this is Min Yoongi” his mother spoke up again, awkwardly. We just kept staring at each other when my mother spoke up this time.

“Taeyeon introduce yourself, don’t be rude” This time my mom tried to encourage me. I decided to finally speak up.

“I don’t wanna talk to someone who has cooties” I said while crossing my arms and smirking back at the boy.

My parents started cracking up at what I said as well as the boy’s parents and his older brother. The boy’s smirk faded away as he looked into my eyes, this time with his mouth wide open at what I just finished saying as if it was the diss of the century.

“I don’t have cooties, take that back!” the boy, Yoongi, said while pointing at me with his index finger.

“I’m not taking back anything because you do have cooties.” I said while raising my chin up high and keeping my arms crossed.

“I don’t have cooties I just have swag, so take it back.” Yoongi said, this time trying to act cool to prove he had 'swag’. Instead he just sounded cringy which caused me to laugh.

“You do have cooties,” I laughed in his face. “And you don’t have swag either” I laughed even harder, showing my smile that was missing one of my front teeth.

“Nuh uh, I do have swag and I can prove it” This time he said, confidently.
“Oh yeah? then prove it” he motioned for me to follow him, then proceeded to take me to his room where he showed me all of his music cds and his pokémon cards.

I remember thinking he was actually cool and was going to take back what I said. I never did though, cause I was a little stubborn. Instead I just started hanging out with him and we ended up becoming friends. I was smiling to myself as I was remembering how we acted when we first met.

“Why are you smiling by yourself like an idiot?,” Yoongi asked looking at me as if I was crazy. “Are you really gonna ignore the fact that you threw your shoe at me”

“Oh my god, you’re still on that?” I said rolling my eyes, “You’re such a drama queen” I said while walking over to my closet to get my clothes ready for school today.

“I got my ass up from my good ass nap, comfy ass bed to wake you up and tell you something, and this is how I get treated? Next time I’ll just stay sleeping in then.” He said with an attitude, which caused me to laugh. Sometimes I never took him serious when he tried to sound mean. As I was about to walk into the bathroom to finally get ready for school Yoongi stopped me.

“Hold on, what part of 'to tell you something’ do you not get?,” he said again in a sassy tone. “The reason I came into your room was to tell you that I brought my friends over. Eunwoo said she wasn’t coming to school today because she wasn’t feeling well. I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to them since we were all going to school together.” he said finally finishing his speech. I always hung out with my friend Eunwoo. I met her in school when I didn’t know anyone. She was also a close friend of mine. Yoongi had always wanted to introduce me to his friends but I never had time.

Or more like I’m just not good at socializing. Yoongi had another group of friends in school that I never met. He knew I had a hard time getting along with people. Yoongi and I started to not have classes together which ended in us having to make new friends. We were still close though, just not during school. He would always tell me how I would get along with his friends and we could all be one big group of happy people.
He was corny like that sometimes, it made me wanna roll my eyes all the way to the back of my head.

“Okay fine whatever, just don’t let them eat my food cause then i’ll really have a problem with them.” I said ending my sentence with a glare.

“Chill out, they wont eat your food. Just hurry up before we’re late for school” after he said that, a noise was heard from downstairs. It sounded like someone was rummaging through the fridge.

“YO LOOK I FOUND POPTARTS” said a deep voice downstairs. His eyes widened as I narrowed my eyes at him reaching for another shoe to throw at him.

“GUYS PUT THAT DOWN BEFORE I GET ASSAULTED TWICE” yelled Yoongi running down the stairs as fast as he can. I put my shoe down sighing, They already seem annoying, I thought in my head as I walked into the bathroom to get ready.
After I finished getting ready I slowly opened the door of my bedroom peeking to check if another intruder had gotten in. After seeing everything was all clear I put on my uniform and my shoes and was doing my hair. After straightening my hair, because I was too lazy to do anything else, I started doing my makeup. I had to keep it natural because of my school rules so I just used a lip tint and mascara. When I finally finished taking one last look in the mirror I got a text from Yoongi.

I laughed at his name in my phone. He was always obsessed with kumamon so I just started calling him kuma-min and it stuck to me ever since. I finally grabbed my jacket, my wallet and my book bag and started heading down the stairs. A loud ruckus was heard throughout my kitchen. It felt kind of weird because I was always used to just silence.
I could see Yoongi trying to tell the pack of boys to shut up and calm down. As I finally reach the end of the stairs, my eyes widened as I looked at some of the familiar faces.

“Oh look its that girl from our school guys” said the light brown haired boy.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Okay so, I don’t like R*ylo. Never have. Never will. I think it’s gross. I was uncomfortable throughout the interrogation/torture scene. I also believe it’s incestuous, but even if it’s not, it’s still gross and needs to be shut down this December. Correction: will beˆshut down this December

On the other hand… the shippers are just… so entertaining. They say some of the funniest crap I have ever seen from any shipping fandom. I cannot wait to see how they are going to top the eyebrow hickey commentary. Honestly I am surprised none of them have thought to call the scar Re/y left on Kyle’s face a “love scar” or some crap like that.

I probably shouldn’t be giving them ideas as I both laugh and lose a bit of my hope for humanity simultaneously when they do stuff like this… but I cannot wait, yet also dread, to hear what they come up with next.

I have this headcanon that the Lions communicate to their pilots in different ways.

The lions have their essence, and that drives their personality. It also drives the bond with their pilot. They need to be compatible. Which is why it’s not that a lion and a different pilot cannot communicate, it’s just that it comes across as very jarring when you’re used to a certain kind of communication.

The Blue Lion, friendlest of all, makes suggestions.

“Why not try the ice cannon?”
“Want to go faster? Hit the booster!”
“Hey, now might be a good time for escaping.”

The Green Lion, eternally curious, asks questions.

“What do you think is on that planet?”
“Is that an invisibility cloak? Are you going to install it in my hardware?”
“When are we leaving? How much fuel does Voltron have stored?”

The terse, quick and temperamental Red Lion makes demands.

“Activate my gun.”
“Shoot those sentinels.”
“Get inside faster. I’m getting us out of here.”

The patient, steady Yellow Lion makes statements. Beautful, strange, obvious statements.

“That’s an asteroid.”
“We’re in space.”
“Fuel is almost gone.”

The Black Lion, leader of the rest, makes acknowledgements.

“You did well with that use of the shield.”
“Thank you for saving Lance, he was in trouble.”
“Everything will be all right, Shiro.”

My kid does 13K in damage to studio equip, we handle it like lunatics.

[Part 1]

Some background:

I’m an audio engineer and score arranger full time in my self-owned business. It’s how I provide for myself, my fiancée (also CF), and my mother. I record, mix, and master for bands, voice-overs for local commercials, and write music for people’s weddings, college films, indie games, etc.. It was my passion since I was a child and every day I ask myself why I get paid to do what I do.

You know, until today.

I had a woman schedule to come in because she wanted me to record her monologue for an acting class. I thought it was going to be easy enough. I set up a mic and a music stand in the sound booth and got my workstation prepped for tracking. She was supposed to show up at 3:30, so when 4:00 came around, I called her to ask her if she was still coming. It was my last contract for the day and I was wanting to get home to my fiancée, dogs, and dinner.

“Oh, sorry sweetie, I’m going to be there soon. I just had to get my son from ex-boyfriend.”

Uh oh.

4:12, she showed up with her child.

To preface, I’ve never really wanted kids, and don’t really hate them either. But I’ve been childfree of mind for a decade now in league of several bad child experiences in public.

Anyway, I sat her down at the conference table and tried to talk to her about the contract and billing, etc., and just couldn’t because of the six-years-old pile of ovary droppings next to her.

“Mommy it’s cold in here.” “Mommy, I’m bored.” “Mommy, that guy has girl hair.” “Mommy, I want to play on the phone.”

The incessant whining went on for the entirety of the discussion. She did nothing about it. I had an ache in my stomach that this might be a rough session.

I was right.

I showed her to the sound booth, positioned the mic at face level, told her the basics of mic use, and then she floored me with a question.

“Can my son stay in there with you while I do this?” I insisted that he wait in the conference room (across the hall from the control room) because the control room wasn’t a very kid-friendly place considering the 120K of equipment at arms reach.

“But he’s a little angel.”

I shouldn’t have taken her word for it. I SHOULD NOT have taken her word for it. This kid was ANYTHING but. I let him in, told him to sit in one of the office chairs and don’t touch anything. Needless to say, he touched. I queued the recording arm and signaled her to start. She got three lines into her take before I hear a deafening screech and crash.

That little shit machine had just knocked over a $4,000 Korg into a rack with $9,500 of equipment. Completely shattered the touchscreen on the Korg, busted the dials off of half of the effects, and totaled my distressor that I use for almost all the vocals I track.

All of this, by the way, was the room’s length apart from where I told the crotch goblin to stay.

The kid, because of the loud noise, started full-lung screaming. Not crying. Not yelling. Screaming.

The mother, with no hesitation, ran over to the control room and DEMANDED to know what I did to her child. She cussed at me and accused me of hurting her little snot monster. Threatened to sue and even swung at me. When I told her that her precious angel had just racked up at least twelve grand of damages, she said “good”, spit on me, then stormed out, slamming every door on the way. So I pulled the security camera footage and had filed a police report. Grand total: $13,504.25. I also mailed her the bill for her session for good measure.

Of six years in the studio, this is my only truly terrible experience. Fuck mombies. Fuck having children. Thanks for making my vasectomy decision that much easier on me.

[Part 2]

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I still, to this day, don’t understand how Simon could be so oblivious about his feelings for Baz. Are you actually telling me that it took Baz going against all of Smokey Bear’s rules on forest fires to make Simon realize he wanted to kiss the dolt when he has been thinking things like this throughout the whole goddamn book

‘I’m just lying in my bed, thinking about Baz.’

‘I know I should be happy about Baz being gone–but it seems so… wrong’

’If he weren’t a vampire, Baz’d be bloody perfect.’

‘Smarter than I am. Better looking.’

*literally there’s hardly a paragraph that goes by where Baz’s name isn’t mentioned at least like 6 times I mean come on*


favourite the vampire diaries characters: caroline forbes
Why didn’t he go for me? How come the guys that I want never want me? I’m inappropriate, always say the wrong thing and Elena always says the right thing. She doesn’t even try, and he just picks her. And she’s always the one that everyone picks. For everything. And I try so hard and I’m never the one… 

Have you ever stopped to think about why you really want to lose weight?

And I’m not talking about the obvious reasons of,
“I want to feel better” or “I want to look good”.

Every time you come up with a reason, ask yourself why.

Eventually you’ll come down to the REAL reason of why you want to lose weight.

I’ve mentioned it in previous posts about how weight is just a symptom of a deeper pain.

Here’s my weight cycle:

Feeling unworthy of love and acceptance.

Then going on a diet to achieve a certain body that I thought would get people to love and accept me.

I would fail at that and feel worse.

Even more unworthy than when I started.

So what would I do?

Try again.

Go on a diet, fail, feel like shit, hate myself and repeat.

If this you, it’s time to take a different approach. Contact me me and let’s work to find the root issue of your weight struggle and unhappiness.


You know, when we were little and you couldn’t have been more than 5, you just started asking questions. How come we didn’t have a mom? Why do we always have to move around? Where’d Dad go? He’d take off for days at a time. I remember I begged you, “Quit asking, Sammy. Man, you don’t wanna know.” I just wanted you to be a kid. Just for a little while longer. I always tried to protect you. Keep you safe. Dad didn’t even have to tell me. It was always my responsibility, you know? It’s like I had one job. That one job. And I screwed it up. I blew it. And for that, I’m sorry. I guess that’s what I do. I let down the people I love. I let Dad down. And now, I guess I’m just supposed to let you down too? How can I? How am I supposed to live with that? What am I supposed to do?

Okay, so we’re scouting some emergency tunnels for this group of refugees with us. The rogue decides to talk to her girlfriend first (wizards make the best girlfriends.)

Rogue: Hey, there’s a cave in up ahead, so I’m gonna go help scout out a side passageway.
Wizard: Alright, when do we leave?
Rogue: I don’t know, maybe you shouldn’t come, I don’t want you to get hurt.
Wizard: Well I don’t want you to get hurt. Besides, how many times have I saved your cute ass before?
The rogue pauses to count but she is cut off.
Wizard: So?
Rogue: Well, shit, ya got me there, we’re going now.
Wizard: Good! After all, if I don’t keep an eye on you, who will?

After the rogue and her girlfriend meet up with the others, the fighter is very unhappy to see the wizard and tells her to leave.

Wizard: What? No.
Fighter: You’re fragile. Not good in combat.
Wizard: “I’m a wizard! I cast spells. Not swing swords.”
Fighter: You should go back. Too dangerous.
Wizard: Nope. If [rogue] is going, so am I.

The fighter and the wizard continueto argue as the fighter tries to physically stop her from following. Then the rogue gets annoyed.

Rogue: Hey! Why do you get to bring your boyfriend and I can’t bring my girlfriend?!

Note. Cleric is a PC and sort of the team leader and pretty close with the rogue. Also the fighter’s boyfriend.

Cleric: Should I be offended?
Rogue: Nah, probably not.

The fighter continued to try and stopping her from coming, and grapples her. As I’m yelling at her to stop manhandling my girlfriend, said girlfriend begins talking.

Wizard: Hey, sweetie, can you go walk over to the others?
Rogue: I… okay.

With a smirk, the wizard teleports herself to the rogue’s spot, the rogue now in the fighter’s arms.

Rogue: Hello there. Please put me down.

Fighter: I’m just concerned you’ll do something stupid trying to protect her, or her you.
Rogue: Look, I’m gonna do stupid shit anyways. I always do stupid shit. Now I actually have a reason to do less stupid shit, cuz I’m protecting [wizard].
Wizard: And I’m just not stupid.
Rogue: Now I feel vaguely insulted.
Wizard: You know I’m joking. Besides, you have your looks going for you!

The fighter rolls her eyes at their flirting, and begrudgingly let’s the wizard come.

(Spoiler alert: Wizard saves our fucking asses.)

TLDR: Rogue’s girlfriend is pretty damn awesome.

So I’m watching the very first ep again and realize that when Shiro crash-lands and gets taken in by the hazmat crew he’s wearing what we learn later is his gladiator/prisoner getup:

but immediately following the rescue and subsequent getaway (during which he is out cold and still obviously in the same clothes) we see him the next morning,

clearly wearing his own clothes.

But where did they come from??

The other three paladins-to-be left the garrison with just the clothes on their backs (and lbr Shiro’s height and shoulder-to-waist ratio means he’s not going to fit into anything of theirs anyway), and there’s absolutely no way he’d fit into anything of Keith’s either for the same reasons.

That outfit is also not generic officers’ or instructors clothing from the garrison either, because I’m like 95% sure we see examples of both earlier in the ep:

Which leaves only one obvious explanation: 

Keith has some of Shiro’s clothing.

spartanguard  asked:

Prompt: David isn't going to react well to this. First to finding out that Killian killed his father, then to him disappearing on Emma? Nope.

I’m combining the two. And seeing as how everyone’s bashing my poor guy who doesn’t deserve any of this… I figured I might as well join in at the same time?

He’d heard from Snow that Killian had finally returned. But no amount of reassurances about things being ‘okay now’ or ‘sorted’ could dampen the rage that bubbled within his veins.

He parked the truck on the opposite side of the house, fully aware that Emma had left already and Henry was at school.

He took the front steps two at a time and knocked knowing there was only one person home. The one person he wanted to see.

The door opened and he saw Killian’s face pale when he realized who was on the other side.

“David. Come in.”

He gave the man no greeting, just breezed past him into the living room of the house.

Killian closed the front door and braced himself for the conversation that was about to take place. He turned to face the man, ready to grovel and beg for forgiveness.

“David, I don’t even know-”

His words were cut off by the harsh crack of David’s fist colliding with his face.

Killian fell back, crashing to the floor from the impact.

“You bastard.” David seethed. “You stood and watched me tear this town apart-“

“I didn’t know-“

Another fist met his face, causing blood to fill Killian’s mouth.

“You let me believe it was George, let think it was another another man.”

“I swear I didn’t know!”

David hit him again as Killian took the beating, refusing to defend himself.

“I bared my soul to you! And all the time it was you?!”

“I’m sorry-“

Another crack to the cheek split the skin under Killian’s eye. David couldn’t stop himself. The more Killian just lay there, the more enraged the prince became, working himself into a mad hysteria.

“And after all that talk of wanting my blessing, you leave?! Do you know what you put her through?!”

David grabbed Killian’s jacket lapels and hauled his face up to meet his.

“All that talk about changing and you haven’t changed a bit, Hook! Just the same lying, selfish, murderous pirate.” He spat the words at him before pushing his body back to the floor, letting his head bounce against the wood with a thud.

“David stop!”

A pair of hands were grabbing his shoulders and pulling him off the bleeding man beneath him.

David stood to watch Emma crouch down and try to help Killian to a seating position. His body thrummed with raw energy and his breaths came out in harsh pants.

“Why would you do this?!” Emma asked him, eyes full of betrayal, begging him for an explanation.

“You may be able to forgive him, Emma. But I can’t. You marry him if you want, that’s your choice, I’ll respect that. But he will never be welcome in my family.”

David turned and left the house, shaking as he climbed into his truck, adrenaline fading as reality and remorse took its place.

Got7 Mafia Reaction: Them falling in love with an innocent civilian

||| @lucifer-octavius-bob asked: Could I please request a GOT7 mafia au reaction to them meeting/falling for a happy/innocent civilian ; v ; |||

Mark Tuan

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You worked at the gas station near his house where he would come every night to buy snacks. He remembered you since the first time he saw you as he thought that it’s quite dangerous for you to work night shift alone. You would always greet him politely and with a smile which eventually lead to Mark coming to the station more often. When he became a regular, he noticed how your eyes began sparkling whenever he talked to you, he actually felt the same way, but didn’t want to risk asking you out until you did it yourself.

“Look. I know this may sound weird but do you maybe want to go have coffee with me someday?”

Mark just laughed to that. There was no way he was declining this offer.

Jackson Wang

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He was waiting for information on his mission when you walked into the coffee shop. You looked around and turned to him. He followed you with his eyes as you began approaching him. He immediately tensed up and got his gun ready behind his back.

“I’m sorry, I seem to be lost, could you tell me where the nearest station is?”

Relieved that there was no threat he quickly put his gun away.

“I can actually take you there, I was about to go myself.”

“Really? Thank you so much” you said as a big smile spread on your face.

He didn’t want to admit if but he found you completely adorable deciding not to waist anymore time in case there was somebody tracking him he too you by the hand and pulled you outside. When he got you to the station he noticed how you were shivering so he took his jacket off and put it around your shoulders.

“You can keep it.” he said turning around to leave.

“Wait!” you shouted. “Could I perhaps meet you some other day to repay you?”

Jackson thought for a while. He knew that even as much as talking to you could put you in danger but he couldn’t resist your smile and agreed.

Choi Youngjae

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He was tracking you down for some information. One night when you got out of work he grabbed your hand, shut your mouth and dragged you into an alley. When he got a better look at you he realised that you’re not the person he need. He could feel your warm tears on his hand that was still on your mouth. He quickly let you out of his grasp but stopped when you were about to run away slamming his hand on the wall. 

“Great.” he thought. “You’re making her even more scared.”

He looked at you from the bottom up and couldn’t help but notice how you averted your eyes from his gaze. Youngjae sighed. He thought what to do with you and decided to let you go.

“Look, I got the wrong person, could you keep this meeting between us a secret?” he asked to which you quickly nodded and left.

He didn’t trust you and tracked you for a few more days soon realizing that he was actually doing it because he wanted to see you.

“How am I supposed to approach her after what happened?” he thought facepalming.

Park Jinyoung

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He found this whole situation kind of frustrating. You being his neighbour and living so close to him didn’t help either. You would always inquire how his day was and whenever he saw you, you had a bright smile on. You have seen him comeback all beaten up and would always ask him to let you help.

“Don’t touch me. I can take care of this myself.” Jinyoung said shutting the door in your face, immediately regretting for being so rude. He would always come up to you after a fee hours even if it was night to apologise because he couldn’t sleep without doing it. You were sleepy but still opened the door to see him standing there.

"Jinyoung? Is everything okay?”

He give you a quick, tight hug.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled and went back to his apartment without further explanation. He was blushing like crazy after that. 

“It’s impossible to ignore a sweet person like her.” he thought.

Im Jaebum

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You were so immersed in reading something on your phone that you didn’t noticed and bumped into him. The hit was so strong that you lost your balance and your phone went flying. Jaebum having good reflexes caught both of you.

“Are you okay?”

He was still holding you above the ground and his face was just inches away. You could feel your cheeks starting to burn and was just amazed by his skill and stayed silent. Seeing as people stopped to watch what happened he pulled you to your feet to avoid attracting more attention.

“Be more careful next time.”

You quickly thanked him and went away before he could see how red you have become.

“She’s cute.” he thought, deciding to find out more about you.

Kim Yugyeom

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He met you at his first day at college. He was quite angry that day because the other members didn’t want him to attend as it could get dangerous if he was found out. You found his book in the library chased after him to give it back.

“Excuse me!” you said grabbing him by the arm but his reflexes kicked in and he slammed you in the nearby lockers.

“What?” he asked fiercely.

You were shocked by his sudden outburst and just pulled his book up to your face.

“I believe this belongs to you.”

“I, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he said letting go of you, unhappy that he let his emotions take over.

“No worries.” you answered, rubbing your head where it made impact with the wall. “But now, I guess you have to repay me somehow.”

“I guess I do.” Yugyeom laughed.


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You were drinking at the bar with your friends while he watched you from the opposite side. After a few more shots, your friends decided to hit the dance floor and left you by yourself. Thinking no more than a few seconds if he should risk taking this opportunity he approached you.

“Could I buy you a drink?”

“Go ahead.”

“You know if we start this, it could get dangerous.”

“Why? Are you in the mafia or something?” you laughed.

“Maybe I’m.” he smirked ordering the drinks.

A/N: I’m sorry but before I knew it these reactions turned into mini scenarios.😐🙈 I hope you enjoy either way, you can request again if you would like to see this done differently!! So anyhow feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female. 😄


Ok this is how its done, but I’m not sure if its helping because drawing is more about feeling to me than real anatomy. Whatever I want to draw I just observe it more and remember the detail then draw it out as I fixed the drawing in the process.

1. Sketch the basic, the pose. You can try to draw with dot (many wip online can help) for me I just go straight to this

2. Sketch the full pose with pencil, dont press too hard or when you erase it gonna be a real pain in the ass

3. Add small detail with pencil, just put it there so you have better vision of what to come. For the shoulder and the hip, you can put the bow line like that to draw the muscle and the butt better. I know its hard to understand huhu i dont know any other way to put it

4. Draw it with 0.2 mm pen, I used Marvy pen since acient time (kidding, since I came back to comic)

5. Add details for the muscle, in the thigh, the arm, the back, and the butt lololol

6. Erase all pencil lines, but dont press it you have to be as light as feather or the paper might be crushed. Then voila!

You also need to remember that Zen should be more lean and muscular than Saeran so the line for drawing him should be more thick and firm, while for Saeran case the butt just look juicy (yummm)

I know I suck as a mentor. Please look for more detailed WIP online huhu

Cullen Rutherford and Halise Lavellan - “Trial by Fire”

Just so beautiful
Inside out more colourful
Fair hair tied back casual
A go-getter, go-getter
You’re the best of all
You’ve seen it four, five hundred times on repeat
You’re like a leftover better than a ribbon-tied treat
Narrow roads, never limit, never temper your speed
And when the river froze solid you’re still swimming upstream
You’d hold your own in the presence of pauper and a king
Leave a singing bird silent, make a hummingbird sing
You are a rope-a-doper coming back queen
They all want you so bad, of course they do

Okay, so my lower lip is still quivering from how awesome and perfect this is! I commissioned the wonderful and inimitable @xla-hainex for Cullen and Halise in my modern lawyer AU, “Trial by Fire,” and she gave me the most amazing, beautiful result!!! Just look at how they’re looking at each other! My heart is full to bursting!

Thanks you @xla-hainex! If you ever get a chance to commission this wonderful artist, do it!!! DOOOO EEEET!!!

blue night radio ♡ 170329
translation: cosmicsticks

jonghyun: when i come to do the radio show i travel on the olympic express way. there was never once when i thought it was hard for me. there are times when people don’t want to go to work but coming to host the radio show …, it was never once something that was hard for me. even if going for music shows there have been times i’ve thought: “ah, it’s hard …”. it was when i had music show recordings for five days in a row. i thought getting to the venue was giving me a hard time but never once have i for blue night. and, amongst that, on tuesdays, even if i had a bad day the both of you are the rest room for my stress. [note: he was referring to coffee boy and go young bae here. afterward go young bae complained about how “unromantic” it was to compare them to a rest room.]

I had a dream where I was shot point blank by Lin Manuel Miranda and it was really intense and upsetting?? Like it wasnt silly at all it was absolutely serious, and it was so weird because he didn’t WANT to exactly. He had come to the conclusion that it was what needed to happen next and he was really regretful because he killed me knowing that he was my hero. And as he was talking at one point he said “The farther we go on our own the more it becomes almost the expectation for our heroes to fail us, and when they are held so high you give them more power to let you down. Cant you see how far you’ve come on your own? Comparing yourself to your heroes and imagining you fall short is as good as holding the gun yourself.”
I was so upset but i wasnt yelling and i asked him what i had to do. And he kind of smiled just before he shot me and said “keep creating. And the next time we meet it will be as peers.”
And then he KILLED ME