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Hi, everyone!

Today is my two year writer’s anniversary and with that the anniversary of me joining the Arrow and Olicity fandom more actively. Since there is always some giving and some taking in fandoms, I just realized how many amazing people I have met here and how much support I received here, I figured it’s time to once again thank all of you! 

Fandom is only fun when the people there with you are fun and I can tell that the ones of you I interact with - whether it’s often or not - are really great. I talk to some of you more often than I talk to my friends here. 

Anyway, like I said before, I figured it’s time to thank all of you who made this fandom so amazing to me. Consider this list my Follow Forever (I am already sorry for all the people I forgot & I tried to set up some categories, but of course a lot of people here could be named several times with all their gifts, but I decided to avoid mentioning people several times): 

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sorry but how do people actually get married? like publicly announcing how much you love someone….expressing your feelings….in front of people….having everyone stare at you as you walk down the aisle…did i mention talking about your feelings?? i’d actually rather get punched in the face

Think About It

1) Trump’s deportation forces begin to round up illegal migrant farm workers.
2) Trump administration announces a federal crackdown on recreational marijuana use, even in states where it is legal.
3) Several Republican states announce plans to charge protesters with felonies, even if they are not personally involved in violence.
4) Totally not-racist Jeff Sessions signals an end to the phase out of for-profit prisons and a renewed emphasis on supporting them.
5) One of the things that for profit prisons do is provide free farm labor.

I’m sure that there is absolutely no possible correlation at all between these five items, right?

How do you have slavery and concentration camps in America, while still being able to go on the news and wink and say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re the land of the free. It’s outrageous for fake news to make these charges. These people are criminals.”?

Confession:  People always whine about Ashley being racist and xenophobic. I’ve seen people call out the hypocrisy in that, mentioning Garrus and Wrex were also racist in ME1. But nevermind that. What about Pressly? I don’t see anybody talking about him, and his attitude is the same as Ash’s. Not calling either of them racist, mind you, but how come people talk about HER and not HIM? Sexism, maybe?

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How do I become less judgemental? I'm constantly judging people for things like they say, wear, behave, etc. including myself. What can I do to get rid of negativity bring more positive thoughts to my mind?

Hi friend,

How can we get rid of negativity and bring more positive thoughts into our minds? Through Jesus

Talk to God about this one, friend. Genuinely talk to Him. Confess to Him all of your judgments, and ask Him to change your heart. Ask Him to help you to stop judging others and to help you, instead, to love them, and to see them (and yourself) as people Jesus died for. 

Every person you’re judging (yourself included) is someone Jesus loves, someone He died for, and someone who is going through things in life that you know nothing about. Try looking at people for their hearts and not their bodies. After all, God doesn’t care what we wear or what we look like. 

Along with talking to God about this, read up on what the Bible says about judging.

I think this is something that most of us (myself included) struggle with, and honestly what helps me the most is praying about it, reading Scripture on it, and reminding myself when judgmental thoughts come into my mind that the person I’m judging is someone Christ loves. 

So try to see people how God sees them, and try your best to show everyone–everyone–grace and love. 

All my love,


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based on the notes in my ask (20s army) i think im the only one not hanging around armys my age lmao tho its not really bad to hang out with younger armys.

yeah but i feel like i should be more cautious about what i say/do around younger people. like i don’t want to say i don’t enjoy talking to them because i do but tbh i feel more comfortable(??) talking to people my age?? there’s no need to watch what i’m saying and we can discuss boring adult stuff like our attempts to save up money and how we’re always tired 

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Did you watch elle? Because I just read the plot and like why are people praising this and not even addressing how fucked up it is? Or even calling it a 'revenge story' like ????? help

i fucking hated elle. i can barely talk about it without getting mad. i cannot believe how little criticism i’ve seen about it’s disgusting portrayal of repeated rape (even when i’ve literally been googling it to try and find negative articles) that’s why i cannot support isabelle for any awards she’s nominated for for this horrific mess of a movie

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Hey! So I was just wondering 2 things. 1) I don't really get how people ship Nessian or Moriel more than Feysand? Like I ship them too... But Feysand??? I don't see how it could be better, idk. 2) Where are these bonus chapters everyone talks about????

All extra chapters that exist cal be forms on @bookofademigod page in the top profile part. The ACOMAF extra chapter is here:

And feysand had already sailed/is sailing. So shipping them at this point is a boring. But Nessian, or Moriel, or Ammor, or Elriel, or Tarquin x Lucien—all of those have NOT sailed and are fantastic to think about and it’s fun! We’re all just here for the ride for he build up for that moment when it become OFFICIALLY canon! It’s the build up that’s fun. Once it sails it can lose that “chase” factor. So that’s why feysand is old news or just boring at this point to some people. Cuz it’s already happened and we know we’re gonna get it. But it’s the unknown that excites people I think.

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I don't even get what Eleanor and Louis even do on these stupid fake vacations they take . What do they do???? Sit in the hotel room and stare at each other??? Because they definitely don't have sex lmao? I love how slick they think they're being by trying to make Elounor 2.0 low key and private so it looks like Eleanor isn't using him for fame after we said she was . Like damn at least be a grown adult and own up to your shit, stop pretending you aren't loving the attention 🙄

i got another anon a couple days ago talking about how their sister was a waitress at a restaurant and elounor came in once, sat at the bar and let people take pics but ignored each other the whole time so i’d imagine something along those lines

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How can I forget him? I already delete all our photos together. I throw out all the things that can remind me of him. I lost my connection to him. But why all of the sudden, I still think of him?

Distract your mind, talk to other people and try to forget the memories as hard as you can.

honestly i still dont understand why hopes peak arc rpers exclude v3 rpers… i mean if you’re trying to avoid spoilers then sure but dont talk down to people about it lmaoooooo

also news flash stop talking about how v3 has made hopes peak arc irrelevant. it hasnt. v3 is just a new game and ppl are more inclined to talk abt new things. This Is How Things Work


I just want you people to know - whenever you talk about conspiracy  theories, all I hear is this:

“So, wait…. my dog has triangular ears? OMG, IT’S DOIN THE PYRAMID SYMBOL. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED! GTFO DOG!!!”

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And please, if you take me on a date, don’t talk about anything remotely connected to conspiracies. It’s gonna take me more than 1 date to figure out how your brain works and what is you being crazy or just your sense of humor… Just saying.

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How was your day Hannah?

Yesterday was just frustrating XD I was working with a colleague who I find to be really irritating.  She spent half the shift poking me, sticking post-it notes on my back, playing with my hair (which I hate people doing), trying to pull my chair out from under me, talking non-stop about the most random stuff that she’s told me ten times before, all while the office I was in was boiling hot and I was getting a migraine.  Yeah, and I have to work with her again today.  Someone help me.

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How do you feel about chatting with less popular artists in the wc fandom? Do you worry they just want free art/popularity?

i dont really like talking to anybody because it gives me anxiety and im terrible at holding a conversation. i only talk to my parents and 2 people irl on a regular basis so like if u initiate conversation w me and i dont rly talk back its because im a hermit (i havent left my house other than to go to school or visit one of said 2 friends for like two months)

I’ve spent all night watching alt right propaganda and it’s literally horrifying one of them was this higher pitched robot voice that was talking about how Katy Perry allegedly talked about wanting to hang trump by his balls and make fun of his tiny hands and like the secret service jumped her and she’s about to be kicked out to Mexico for treason and people actually believe this

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So, me and my boyfriend have had sex multiple times and every time, be makes me feel so good. But, he hasn't been able to make me cum... and I feel very bad about that.. do you have any suggestions of what to do so I can cum?

Talk to him. Important though to not make him feel like he is doing something wrong. That will lead to fighting which you want to obviously avoid. If you know how to make yourself cum then you should try and guide him with small suggestions or tips. Like if something feels great. Tell him. If you don’t know how to make yourself cum then please try it out yourself first. Not a lot of people can cum through penetration alone so try to get some clit stimulation in there. If he’s not doing it. Rub it yourself. He’ll probably (hopefully) get the hint and take it from there. If your man isn’t afraid of using toys incorporate them maybe. Just a plain vibrator buzzing on your clit should get you going while he’s pounding into you 👍🏼
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Medical Assistant💉

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“Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone just remember that all the people in the world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

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Cypher Pt. 4 - BTS

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