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I'm not trying to start discourse but as a Cis queer/ace person, your quote "how am i able to tell, just by talking to somebody once, if they are transphobic or not? is it not just easier to be afraid of them all, and be hesitant, rather than to die at the hands of a cis person?" really sounds like someone saying "how can I tell, just by talking to somebody once, if they are an ISIS extremist or not? better to be afraid of all Muslims than die at the hands of one"

nah because most cis people are transphobic and most muslims aren’t fucking terrorists you islamophobe apologist

Battle for Mewni: The evolution of Star Butterfly

Hello, guys!

It’s been awhile, but I’m back. After Battle for Mewni I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about and now I know. I want to talk about the characters and how rich they were in those episodes. I think these episodes really shaped the characters in new ways so I hope you’re willing to dive in with me.  So, let’s start with Star.

In the beginning, Star is acting like her normal self. I personally think while Star has grown a lot this season, but in these moments she wants to show off for her mom. She keeps trying to use her magic to impress her mom like when she goes after the rats. She’s also more than ready for action which is very similar to the Star we meet in season one.  What I like about this is it is still the fun Star that we all know and love.

She’s fearless and ready to beat Toffee. She is very frustrated by the fact that Moon is running scared. She doesn’t realize that Moon’s fear comes from a place of her past, but also from a place of wanting to protect her daughter at all costs. I like this contrast between the two of them, it shows us how naive Star really is. We see this further when Star continues to push Moon and she blurts out that Lechmet is dead.

Star is shocked by this but still, pushes that they go fight. While of course, she is right, Moon isn’t exactly wrong either. They do need to hide for the time being so that they can think of a plan to tackle this problem. Both girls have flawed logic here. Running away from the problem doesn’t do anything, but charging in blindly is not a smart idea either. Star wants to fight and at this moment she is confident in the fact that she destroyed Toffee before. She thinks that she can do anything and that magic will be able to do that.

I love how they highlight this. Star doesn’t care if the magic is corrupted and wants to use it anyway because it’s what she knows. She still hasn’t completely gotten the value of doing things that hard way sometimes. I love this because as we know in “The hard way”, Glossaryck calls Star a skimmer. At this point in time Star is still very much the skimmer, she only looks at the surface of things and doesn’t take the time to think things through. I think all these little pieces we’ve seen so far are beautiful character reminders and prepare us for the metamorphosis we see with Star.

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Day 3: Love/Comfort

Warning: Bullying, homophobic slurs, mama bear Hunk. Garrison au thingy  

“Lance! You’re back! Good have you seen…….” Hunk trailed off as he turned around to see Lance with a black eye and trying to stop his nose from bleeding onto their carpet. “Shit Lance! Are you ok?”

 “I’m ok Hunk, nothing that hasn’t happened before.” Lance replied in a resigned tone and a small smile. 

 Hunks vision was red. He was so angry his tone was calm. “What do you mean happened before?” 

 Lance winced. He hadn’t meant to say that. He knew how overprotective could get but being the kind soul he is he always felt bad for what he did to whoever hurt Lance. “I…they don’t… I’m okay. It’s okay I promise.”

 “Lance” Hunk had lowered his head when Lance had started talking but he raised it again to look his friend ,and crush, in the eye. “Don’t lie to me Lance. Never to me.”

 His kind words seemed to break the damn as Lance’s eyes filled with tears. “It started a few months ago. They…they said things. Things about you and I got pissed. I confronted them but they’re so much bigger than me. They called me names and hit me. They usually just push me around in the hallway or beat me up in the bathroom.”

 Hunk was officially beyond pissed. No and he meant no one messed with his Lance. “What kind of names?”

Hunks voice held no room for objection. It only took Lance a single glance at Hunk’s death glare to start talking. “Mostly things like fag or slut. It’s no big deal Hunk. I’m okay.“

 Hunk was now so mad he would scare Allura. (They don’t know Allura yet… Whoops)Lance trying to calm him down only made it worse. How dare they hurt such a beautiful thing.

 "But it’s not okay Lance.” Hunks voice broke when he said okay but he pushed through. “Tell me their names.”

 “Don’t do anything Hunk. You know you’ll regret it. Please just stay here and cuddle me.” Lance barely ever actually begged. He may when joking around but never straight out begging. (Lance is too bi to do anything straight) So Hunk gently picked Lance up and flopped them both down on his bed making sure not to hurt Lance the whole time. Lance didn’t make a sound except for a surprised squeak before snuggling into Hunk and falling asleep. Before he fell completely asleep he managed to mutter out a I love you. Just as he fell completely into sweet slumber he heard his claim returned. 

 The next morning Hunk woke Lance up with a kiss and walked him to class. The boys who were mean to Lance also ,some how, got the ever loving shit beat out of them. But Lance didn’t comment or ask he was too busy being kissed and loved by the biggest comfort in his life.

I just did this really quick so it’s total shit but eh. 

Hello, lovely people,

After months of absence, here I am. I’d like to apologize for simply disappearing, and not answering messages or asks. I don’t even know where to start, or how to pick this blog up again. 

Last year, my grandpa was diagnosed with a stomach tumor. That basically broke my family. We couldn’t believe. My mother went into severe depression. And, for a moment, I prepared myself for what was to come, because grandpa looked so weak, he could barely talk. He had a surgery and a treatment, and all was fine. We even had a trip to the beach to celebrate. But, a few months ago, we discovered that the tumor spread to his pancreas. I was with my grandpa when the doctor explained that it was a large tumor, hard to deal with.

I’ve spent a few nights in the hospital with him. We’ve played lots of Nine Men’s Morris. For the last weeks, doctors are deciding on a treatment, but they can’t reach a conclusion. 

So, I can barely wake up in the morning. I have no energy. I’m not writing, not blogging. I’m doing my best for my mother, because she cries everyday and I don’t want her to feel any pain. I’m watching lots of reality shows with her (because she loves a good masterchef) and I think it’s doing her good. She even laughed yesterday. 

I’d like to apologize again, I’ll try to answer the messages. And thank you all for not leaving my blog. I’m forever thankful.  

For some weird reason a few ace/aro exclusionists seem to think that all ace people were just people who thought they were a completely straight person who one day was like “lol I don’t like having sex, guess I’m LGBT” NO
First of all, most asexuals and aromantics grew up thinking there was something wrong with them, for aro people, when everyone else had crushes they just felt nothing, so that could lead to them mislabelling themselves as something they aren’t (for example “I don’t think random dude a is hot, maybe I’m a lesbian?)
And for ace people it could be when everyone starts talking about how they want to fuck random hot girl a once again, they don’t want to do that, so maybe they are gay?
I could talk all day about mistaking aesthetic attraction to crushes and how ace/aro people might think they are bi, or how already LGBT ace people may think they are just being affected by homophobia, and how people don’t seem to understand how being ace isn’t just not wanting to fuck, or being aro isn’t just being heartless or wanting to fuck people without having a relationship.
So, what I’m trying to say is realising you are ace or aro is confusing and saying "ur just a straight person wanting to be LGBT uwu” is insulting

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real talk, i'm trying to catch up on cr and i'm on episode 24 i think now and i kinda hate tiberius and was wondering when he's actually gonna leave the party? cause i know that's happening and i'd like to know how much i've got left to drag my way through before i can enjoy all of the character dynamics (and i want to start loving all of the characters from the group a lot more, i really want that to happen)

27 is his last episode, but honestly you can just watch up to 26 and skip 27, going right to 28

I thought over making this post for a day or two before seeing @hogieblue is collecting coming out and accepting who you are stories.

I recently moved into a new place, and even though I’ve been here for a few months I’m still very much unpacking. A wave of nostalgia hit me when I found this shirt. Honestly, I didn’t even know I still had it. This shirt belonged to my first real crush, Ryan (name changed).

Ryan was a year (maybe two) ahead of me when I started the second half of my first year of high school (changed schools about mid year). If I had to guess, I’d say it was his warmth and kindness that drew me to him. Being the new kid is hard. Having someone to talk with and “get the lay of the land” from was a great help.

I’m not really sure how it happened, but I started hanging out with Ryan in his truck before school. If I had to guess, I’d say I simply asked, “Can I hangout with you before school starts?” I took the school bus and there was also a good few (15 -20) minutes of down time before school started. So, I’d sit in his truck ever day before school started until he graduated.

Needless to say, we were really close. Always chatting in the halls, sometimes eating together during lunch, chatting on AIM after school. I was really close with his girlfriend, MacKenzie (name changed) as well. In fact, me and her even had nicknames for each other and would chat on AIM almost every night.

I’m not sure if Ryan knew I he a crush on him, even though, in hindsight, it had to be apparent. I’m absolutely certain his girlfriend knew though. Although, seeing how close me and her were, I don’t think she cared too much. In fact, I’m pretty sure the whole school knew. Oh! I went to a small religious high school. Everyone in school knew, “He’s gay” or at least labeled me as such. Figuring out yourself and your sexuality is difficult, even more so during your formative years. Add the pressure of a religious environment that didn’t outright condemn homosexuality but strongly lended to that side. It could have been a lot worse than it was.

I’m not going to write about how I persevered through homophobia during my high school years and gained resilience, because that’s not what happened. If I wanted, I could have easily laid low and passed as straight and weathered the storm of homophobia. I was scared, yes! Scared of “what if’s”.

So, what did happen? Eventually, my fears washed away when I knew that Ryan and MacKenzie accepted me for who I am. When people you care about confirm that they care about you, unconditionally, it does wonders.

Knowing that people would/will accept me was a real comfort in those years. It really helped me accept and love who I am. Learning to surround myself with social support was key in my accepting stages. That’s part of how I gained the confidence and courage to accept my sexuality.

P.S. I have no idea why Ryan gave me this shirt. He is the kind of person to give you the shirt off his back though. Hmm, I’ll send him a text later.

I talked to my mom for like 2 hours yesterday about my anxiety and low esteem because she didn’t even know that was a thing but she noticed I wasn’t myself that day, so I just let it all out. And it was nice, because like now she knows what’s going on in my head and she said some stuff I really needed to hear. The biggest thing was about how it could really easily be taken care of if I did therapy. And I have been thinking about it for a while but always thought against it because it might not work or like, what I’m going through isn’t that big of a deal and therapy would be like overkill, and it can be expensive. But I was thinking about it and hopefully some really nice things are going to happen in the future, and so I need to take this time to get better about myself, and I really think all my problems would be solved if I was able to view myself how others viewed me. I wanna let myself like myself!

How Shiro found out that Keith and Lance are dating

Kieth had been disappearing for long amounts of time, training probably, and Shiro was starting to get worried. So, he decided to wait outside of Keith’s door to see when he went to bed each night.

He stayed awake the entire night, waiting, but Keith never showed up. I’ll talk to him after team training, Shiro thought. I’ll tell that he doesn’t need to train that much.

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the more i watch the scene from the most recent ep of preacher the more i notice how emotional cass is when talking about denis and i just watched it on my computer and realized that he's starting to cry and like... the most emotional we saw cass last season was after he was burned i think and this is just such a new level and i can't stop watching the part where he rests his hand on denis' chest and he's sniffling and that alone could make anyone believe what he's saying.

it was completely genuine. while neither tulip nor cassidy say it out loud, there’s a very real possibility that they’ll all die here, denis most of all without his medicine. cassidy was never planning to say denis was his son probably. he only mentions it now because tulip sees how he cares about him and wonders and so he tells her the truth. that of course is a natural reminder of both her own lost biological child and perhaps the abandonment of her relationship with Allie. she takes the initiative and goes to speak to the Saint as a result, and Cassidy, who normally would have followed her, stays with his ailing son bc he could die at any time. 

joe has said many times that jesse’s mission of redemption is what drew cassidy to him in the first place - he was a bad dude trying to be better, and cassidy saw himself in him and as such, the possibility of righting his wrongs. and this is what compelled him to go to see Denis when they were in New Orleans - as joe has also said, cassidy deliberately seeks out the ghosts of his past in the city while tulip tries to hide from them - bc like ruth said, tulip is afraid of change but cassidy “wants to evolve.” they could’ve stayed anywhere else, easily, but he insisted on this in the interest of trying to do SOMETHING for Denis while they were in town even if it was too little, too late. yeah it’s bc of his guilt in part, but guilt presupposes love. you can’t have guilt without love. and even terrible fathers can still love their children. his love for Denis doesn’t make up for anything, but it is love nonetheless and he is trying.

it’s surprising to me that not everyone sees that. if it wasn’t evident from the show itself, you can look to joe’s actual commentary on the episode and the season as a whole, which makes it crystal clear. 

About Rules of Engagement Book 2.

Well folks, here we are - at the end of another book. At the end, for another rant. There are many things that come to mind when thinking about the Rules of Engagement. Sibling bonding, love interests and their not-so-rival/rivarly, the cliche tropes and of course how can we talk about Rules of Engagement without mentioning their ‘evil’ aunt and cousin?  In any case - shall we begin?

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Salut! I started learning french this year and im currently on vacation, i want to practice what i know but im way too nervous to talk to anyone in french (i dont feel prepared), how do you practice by yourself? are there any excercise books online you could link me to? I hope you can help me, thank you and have a nice day

I usually talk to my cat or to myself. However, sometimes i just sit down and write in a journal. 

I also have a friend who likes to use workbooks. Here’s a folder with workbooks for french in case you want to try out his method.

Other than these, i don’t have any other method for praticing talking/writing. :/

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There are times when my sister treats me badly and I get into this mood of like damn she really did/said that. But then she tries to make up for it (not really make up but kinda move past what happened and joke around again) and then I start feeling guilty for being quiet and in a "mood" when she's being playful again. Ik she's my sister and this happens but sometimes it really upsets me. What should I do? 😞😔

Talk to her. Tell her that you love her and that you want to work on your relationship as sisters. That you want to be close but not if it means putting up with her bad behavior. Sometimes people don’t realize what they are doing or how it damages a relationship until someone points it out. Talk about it. And if she doesn’t change, then consider creating some distance between you two

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Can you talk a bit about Southern folk magic? What's that like? How'd you learn it? What makes it distinctly Southern?

@erynn-lafae​ First, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! I was so excited for this ask, but life just got in the way. I’m also gonna tag @winebrightruby​ cause I know she asked me a long time ago and I never really got to discuss it. 

So, I’ll start with a little background on the term “Southern Folk Magic.” Obviously, hopefully anyway, the term is to denote regional variations of folk magic practiced in the US South. That said, I use it as an umbrella term for the practices that happen Down South because there are TONS. We tend to talk about the South as a whole, but what many folks from outside the region don’t seem to realize is just how much diversity there is down here. Like I mentioned here, there are tons of subregions in the South and just as our food, accents, and dialects are different, so can our magical practices be. My personal experiences have been in Memphis/Mississippi Delta/North Mississippi and Knoxville/East Tennessee/Southern Appalachia. I’ll be addin Atlanta and hopefully North Georgia to that list soon, but not quite yet. 

For those not from the Delta region, Memphis is often jokingly referred to as “the capitol of Mississippi.” This is largely cultural and demographic and I’ve long said “Memphis will always be more Mississippi than it’s ever been Tennessee.” And the older I get, the more true that seems to be. According to the 2010 census, Mississippi has a 37% Black population. It has also seen the largest increase in people reporting to be of “mixed race.” Memphis has a 61% Black population, with many of these folks bein the direct descendants of freed slaves who moved out of the rural South and into a city. And in West Tennessee, which runs from the Western border of the state to the western bifurcation of the Tennessee river and represented by the far left star on our state flag, even small towns often have 30%+ Black populations whereas Knoxville, the largest city in East Tennessee, only has a 13% Black population. So the folk magic I grew up around in Memphis is largely influenced by Black folks whereas East Tennessee Appalachian folk magic is much more influenced by Cherokee and Scots-Irish practices. 

So, when I moved to Knoxville for college, it was absolute culture shock. I wasn’t actively or knowingly practicing magic at that point, but the foundations had been laid. I got a blue doormat for the front door because that’s what you do. Now I realize this comes from a West African idea that harmful spirits can’t cross water and the blue doormat (or painting the underside of your porch roof) will hopefully confuse em. I’ve since learned this is common in Carolina Lowcountry from the Gullah-Geechee people, so I’m not sure the exact lineage of me learnin it, but it’s somethin I still do. Little things like this abound and I honestly only think about it when I find myself doin one of em.

Another tradition I grew up around is water-witchin water dowsing. The first time I heard the term as a kid, I was confused, but both of my grandparents on my daddy’s side could do it and it basically involves balancin a forked stick and when it drops, that’s where you dig your well. Other people use 2 sticks or metal rods and wait for em to cross. Either way, it seems to work.

I also wear a dime on a red string on my right ankle for good luck and to avert “the evil eye.” This is somethin a childhood friend’s grandmother made for me the first time sayin, “honey, you just need it.” And I think she was right. This is a practice that, from what I’ve read, also comes from African tradition, but specifically what or where has been all over West Africa. But the red string also carries over into Irish lore on good luck and as a Gaelic Polytheist, it makes a perfect blend of practices for me.

There’s also what I feel like is a broder American tradition that comes to us likely from the Irish of hangin a horseshoe above the door. Modern folklore says to hang it points up so that the “luck doesn’t run out,” but it also seems to do have to do with the idea that horseshoes are traditionally iron and the fae don’t like iron.

In East Tennessee, it’s not unheard of to see a tree with ribbons or scraps tied to it. The type of tree varies, but the idea is similar to Buddhist prayer flags (for a more recognized practice) and seems to come from the Gaels that settled in the area. But over heard people say it has Indigenous ties, too. How much of that is true and how much is “Cherokee Princess Syndrome” as I like to call it, I just don’t know. That’s one thing about bein down here; we’ve created a string cultural identity that, regardless of how it happened, mashed cultural practices together that there’s just no tellin where some of em exactly come from. And that’s honestly part of what makes it “Southern.” Our culture is an amalgamation of various African cultures, Irish and German immigrants, Acadians, French and Spanish historical colonization and influence, and countless indigenous cultures. If the stories of how that happened weren’t so absolutely mortifying, it could be beautiful, but we’ll always carry the wounds and scars of the past, imo.

As for how I learned, it’s been a wild ride. A lot of things I just learned culturally growin up. When you’re “born in the South, given to a town raised on hand to mouth,” a lot of things I’d now qualify as folk Magic are just a part of life. But as I’ve grown and begun intentionally practicing, I’ve read everything I can. Lots of times, this means pickin through charlatans and pseudo-intellectual horseshit. It means often bein VERY wary of other white folks claimin to know anything about anything. I’ve talked to older folks who practice and try to learn what they’re willin to teach. But it’s been a tough road. And that, along with other historical factors, are why I don’t use terms like hoodoo for my practice. I think hoodoo is a form of Southern Folk Magic, but it also has its own specific history and practices ties to the Christianization and slavery of African peoples. I’ve found a lot of similarities in my practices and Hoodoo™, but I also have a much more heavy and specific Irish influence because of bein a Gaelic Polytheist than a lot of other folks.

So, as with most topics, it’s incredibly nuanced and I’m sure I’ve left somethin out or even said somethin that wasn’t super clear, so if there are any questions, shoot! And if there are any other folks that practice Southern Folk Magic or Southern-influenced Magic, hit me up! I’d love to hear from y'all cause lord does it feel lonely sometimes. We can pm here, send me asks, hit me up on twitter, or shoot me an email at  

Look I know people are probably tired of me harping on Ryan, but look at the comparison between how Adena showed up to talk to Kat and how Ryan shows up to talk to Jane.

Adena had a real reason for being there, whereas Ryan is just asking if he did the sex good.

Adena actually asks beforehand if she can come, Ryan just shows up.

Adena asks if it’s okay to do this, since every other time she’s come has been on Kat’s invitation. Ryan doesn’t ask anything.

Ryan also just makes himself at home at Jane’s desk and just starts using the hand cream she has there. Adena would never do that because it’s kinda pretentious.

I mean, seriously, how do the same writers write two different couples so massively differently? One immeasurably well and one… really amateur?