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1/5 days of studying: spring break | day one for me was primarily tidying up my workspace (because holy crap i did not realize how bad things had gotten, messiness wise), and also planning out how i’m gonna be spending the rest of my 4 days!! giving myself a relatively easy-ish first day, because it is technically just the second day of spring break for me, and i don’t want to force myself into studying super hard just when i finally have some time off from school! either way though, i always consider planning time to be very Valuable, because it serves as a guiding tool of some sorts for how i will spend my time~ ya ya ok let’s do this!! ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒

“How can they fit 6 FS into a 24 minutes episode.”

Plot twist: right before Yuuri doing his FS, the GPF is cancelled due to scoring scandals. Cut to Worlds, we see Yuuri performing Yuri on Ice perfectly and it breaks Victor’s WR with REASONABLE SCORE and he’s winning the gold.

They have Spring Wedding in Ice Castle Hasetsu and performing Stammi Vicino Non Te Ne Andare - duet version ice dance exhibition.

(aka I’m still bitter about ep 11 scores)

Spring Break (M)| Part 1

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Part One | Part Two

word count:3,953

genre: Smut, College AU, angst kind of?

Sneak Peak -  “Don’t worry I didn’t hear- I mean, see anything” you panicked as you watched him scramble to pull his underwear back up.

This wasn’t the first thing that came to your mind when you thought of how you’d be spending spring break, but then again it was better than anything else you’d plan. The college you had chosen to attend, crazily enough, was having a seven day away to college event which they had invited the local high school seniors to attend. For lack of better words, the purpose was to get them familiar with the college, the teachers, the courses, and the dorm life - hoping to encourage fewer dropouts. Luckily, your spring break coincided with the college’s event, and because of that, it made convincing your parents to agree on a hell of a lot easier. After all, it was an educational trip.

The thing was, your best friend Namjoon, attended this college, too. Having graduated early with his enviously high IQ, it wasn’t rocket science to know that you’d be stuck with him for the rest of your visit. And where Namjoon went, trouble always seemed to follow. Not only would you have the opportunity to scout your future college, but you were certain he’d get you into some of the cooler things on campus. What made it an even better choice of schools was that Namjoon would be moving off campus - so rather than pay to live in the dorms you would be rooming with him. At least, that was the plan.

After all, campus life wasn’t really your thing. People weren’t really your thing.

The first day had been spent touring the college, visiting each individual class with the entire group of attending applicants, which soon finished in the assembly hall where some of the teachers answered questions and described campus life and available courses in detail. One of the reasons you had chosen this college was because they had available majors in both Journalism and Creative Writing for Fiction. If you could get into either of those classes, even as a Minor, you’d be a happy girl.

Next to you sat Namjoon, having skipped out on his regular classes to lend you some moral support. He nudged your shoulder when one of the teachers introduced the Creative Writing program, “you’re practically drooling right now”.

You sent him a scolding look, “shut up,” you said before casually wiping the side of your lip with the back of your palm just in case.

He chuckled quietly to himself before smiling at you, “Can’t believe I missed bothering your ass in class”

It was difficult to stay mad at Namjoon. Since your childhood, you’d always find yourself arguing with him over the littlest things and in the next second laughing and joking about something else as if nothing happened. He knew how to get under your skin as you did his and yet you still hadn’t killed each other yet. And he was pretty darn handsome, which probably helped save his ass a few times. So when he nudged you again, you nudged him back, smiling happily to yourself as the teacher on the platform finished her presentation.

By the time you were allowed to leave the auditorium, it was well past 9:00 PM, but instead of sending you all to your assigned dorm rooms, they ushered you all into the atrium at the front of the school where dozens upon dozens of boxes of pizza had been set out for you guys to devour.

watching a hundred or more hungry teenagers scramble for food all at once is pretty terrifying. You broke away from the swarm of other teens and wandered towards your temporary dorm room that you shared with Namjoon. Typically, only the dorms were co-ed and not the individual rooms; but, since Namjoon’s roommate was out of town on a family emergency and you both practically knew each other since diapers, plus he was a ‘role model student’, they allowed you to take the extra bunk. It was like a weight lifted off your shoulders knowing that you didn’t have to spend the whole spring break with a bunch giggly, hormonal girls.

Not surprised to not that Namjoon  wasn’t back from the pizza fest yet,  you took advantage of the silence. Finally alone - and bored - you pulled out a book from your duffle bag and hopped onto the bed. Just as you landed, an angry “Ouch!” resounded from beneath you.

You screamed and leaped off of the bunk, holding your book out in front of you as your only source of protection as some random guy crawled out from underneath the bed frame.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” you asked - still holding out the book as though it were actually going to help you. “How the hell did you get in here and why were you under the bed?”

For a second, he looked confused, and then he smiled, “You’re Y/N, Namjoon’s friend, aren’t you?”

“How do you know that?”

Sitting down on the bed, he smiled, “I’m his roommate.”

Your eyes narrowed in suspicion, “Aren’t you supposed to be gone on -”

“On a family emergency,” he sighed. “Yeah. I am. But it wasn’t an emergency, so I came back.”

“But I thought your mom was pretty sick”

“So did I,” He snorted, “But imagine my surprise at finding my mom safe and sound at home and my dad and her packing for a cruise.” Then he smiled, “I’m Hoseok, by the way. Thanks for not replacing my bedsheets with something pink.”

You stubbornly crossed your arms, “That doesn’t make any sense. Why would someone tell you that your mother was sick if it isn’t true?”

Hoseok’s lips quirked into a wry grin, “Have you ever broken up with someone who refuses to acknowledge that it happened?”

“But why were you under the bed?”

He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck almost sheepishly, “I was hiding.”


“You use that word a lot,” he muttered. “The dorm staff just did room checks to make sure everybody had a place and wasn’t doubled up, and they don’t know I’m back. So… WelI, I panicked.”

The look on his face made you chuckle to yourself and you lowered your book. As you did, the cover caught his eye and he laughed.

“Holy crap - ‘The Darkest Part of the Forest’ by Holly Black. That’s such a good book.”

Your jaw dropped. “You’ve read it?”

“Hell, yes.” Hoseok leaned over the side of the bed and pulled out a cardboard box from underneath. When he sat back up, he was holding all the author’s books written. “I’ve read them all at least a hundred times and they still seem to wow me.”

It was rare you’d find someone with the same interest in books with paranormal standalone . Holly Black wasn’t just your average author and the fact that Hoseok knew anything about her brought a smile to your face. The silence seemed to wash over the both of you, but it wasn’t an awkward silence, instead you both were rather content in the fact that you both found something you had in common.

Nodding towards his collection, he asked, “You can borrow them if you want.”

You shrugged, suddenly feeling shy, “That’s okay”

Pretending like he hadn’t heard you, he picked up the books and handed them to you, “I see Namjoon every day. It’s not like I won’t know where they are.”

You gingerly placed them on top of your duffle bag, making sure that nothing could bend or dog-ear the pages. But you found you couldn’t quite look him in the eyes afterward, so you murmured a quiet, “Thanks”

Hoseok wasn’t at all what you were expecting. Namjoon had talked about him a hundred times or more, but you hadn’t actually pictured him to look so… normal. Namjoon always said Hoseok didn’t go out much. That he usually stayed in the dorm studying or reading. He didn’t stay out past midnight, he didn’t go out on the crazy frat parties; he got good grades, studied hard, and kept to himself. You honestly imagined some tall lanky guy with coke bottle bottom glasses and only button up shirts in his wardrobe. He was nothing like that.

He obviously worked out, but he didn’t have bulging pecs or biceps like the football players had. His hair wasn’t perfectly styled - more like he woke up and just ran his hands through it to get it out of the way. He didn’t have chiseled features like a movie star but he was undoubtedly handsome. For just a moment, you met his gaze and gave him a small smile.

At that moment, the door to the room burst open again and in strode Namjoon.

“There you are,” he huffed. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“It’s my fault,” Hoseok shrugged. “I saw her reading a pretty good book and she couldn’t shut me up,” he smirked at you.

Namjoon rolled his eyes, “Oh, that’s right, I’m surrounded by…” then he paused, realization striking him all at once. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s a long story”

“Ah.” Setting his books down, Namjoon nodded towards his roommate. “So what are we going to do about the bed situation?”

Your eyes snapped up. you hadn’t thought of that. With Hoseok back, he’d probably be wanting his bed, which meant that you needed to find a different room. Which also meant that you’d need to socialize.

“I’ll camp out in Tae’s room. He’s actually on vacation.”

“What?” both Namjoon and you stared at the other man in confusion.

“But,” you stammered, “your bed - your stuff.”

He merely shrugged, smiling at you as he stood and shuffled to the door, “I’m right across the hall. I can get my stuff when I need it. It’s not like you’re moving in forever.” And with a casual wave to Namjoon, he left.

A few moments of silence passed before Namjoon turned to you and smirked, “You made some first impression. He’s not normally so accommodating.”

“He seems nice enough,” you shrugged, lowering your gaze to hide fire in your cheeks.

“I live with him, and he’s never so nice to me.”

“You’re not easy to be nice to.”

“Watch it. I know where you sleep,” he winked teasingly at you. Checking the clock, he asked, “You hungry?”

You had been, but for some strange reason, you wasn’t anymore. You shook your head and then Namjoon sighed in relief. “Thank God. That mess in the atrium is ridiculous. I’d forgotten how vicious guys are when you get between them and their pizza.” He reached for his shirt and began pulling it over his head

“Woah there hot shot, can’t you do that in a bathroom, a closet, or anytime I’m not in the damn room,” you panicked, throwing the closest thing near you, being a pillow, at his head.

He paused halfway and gave you another smirk, “Seriously, Y/N. Chill. This is college. And these are co-ed dorms. There’s no way in avoiding this. Trust me.” And he pulled his shirt off the rest of the way. Then he kicked off his jeans so that he was standing there in the middle of the room with nothing but his boxers on. “There’s no such thing as privacy here.”

“You don’t say”

He’d been working out. Namjoon had always been handsome and charming. In high school, he’d easily been one of the most popular guys. He was everything - ,social,smart, funny, even being the leader of many clubs. Everything every girl had ever wanted. Including yourself, as much as you refused to admit it.

He moved around the room, straightening up a few things, rifling through the books on his desk for the next day’s homework assignments, before eventually flopping down onto the bed to read one of his books. On top of the covers.

The room was quiet for a long time after that, save for the occasional sound of Namjoon’s book when he turned the page. you kept your eyes closed, pretending to sleep, even though you were wide awake. It was weird. This wouldn’t be the first time you had slept in the same room as him, but knowing that there were no parental supervision and him already stripped basically naked in only his briefs made your mind wander.

“I’m getting up at 3:30 tomorrow,” he murmured, flipping a page in his book. “I work before classes start. You want me to set my alarm for you?”

Clearing your throat, you answered, “Nah. I’ve got my phone.”

Eyes never leaving his book, he grunted an acknowledgment.

This is ridiculous… you heaved a frustrated sigh, staring dismally at the list of courses available to shadow. There were the basics, of course - math, science, and English - but nowhere did you see any of the creative writing classes or the journalism classes that had brought you there in the first place. Was there another list? Did you miss something?

You shuffled away from the sign-up board and headed towards the barista at the other end of the atrium. There was only one solution for disappointments like this: coffee.

Stepping in line, you scanned the menu for something you wanted, until a familiar voice caught your attention.

“Extra whip on that?”

“You know it,” the girl in front of you laughed. “I got Mr. Bergquist today.”

“Ouch… extra whip and a pump of chocolate it is.”


You impatiently waited for your turn, then stepped up to the counter with a shy wave. Hoseok smiled down at you.

“Hey, Y/N.”

“Hi.” you cleared your throat. “I didn’t know you were the barista, here.”

He shrugged, “One of many. It’s part of the work scholarship. What can I get you?”

“Caramel macchiato?”

“Comin’ right up.” He went to work, as you waited awkwardly - wanting so desperately to talk to him yet not knowing what in the world you should say. He glanced at you a few times, and then broke the silence himself, “I thought for sure you’d be in the English classes by now.”

Frowning, you answered, “I actually was more interested in shadowing the advanced classes - like journalism or creative writing. But I didn’t see them on the sign-up board.”

“Problem solved,” he chuckled, setting out his “closed” sign before turning back and adding the caramel and whip cream to the macchiato. “Turns out Creative Writing for fiction is my major, so you can just follow me this week.” Then he stammered, realizing what he had just offered, “I mean, that is, you don’t have to. If you want…”

Before he could go any further, you nodded, “Yes! I’d love to.”

Sitting next to him in class proved to be the most distracting thing you’d ever experienced. He looked good, he smelled good, and when he smiled at you, you thought your heart would beat right out of your chest. And every now and then, when he moved, his arm would brush yours and you couldn’t help but wonder if he’d done it on purpose.

When the Fiction writing class had ended, Hoseok pulled you aside. He brushed a hand nervously through his hair, clearing his throat before he asked, “I, um… was wondering if you wanted to… maybe skip the rest of class today.” Then he blushed, turning his face away, “I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time focusing.”

At first, you were sure you’d heard him correctly.  

“Yeah,” you managed to nod. “Sounds fun.”

The relief on his face made your heart skip a beat and he nodded for you to follow him out a side door. “There’s a fair going on just outside of town. If you wanted, we could go.”

“Sure!” you smiled up at him. “When do we leave?”

Hoseok and you had so much in common, beyond your love for books. The entire way to the fair, you had music blasting on the radio, the both of you singing along to every word. At the fair, you talked about everything and nothing - from your mutual love of certain authors and your favorite movies to things like the future, where you both saw yourselves in ten years, and what sort of things you dreamed of.

Back at the college, Hoseok pulled you into a dark corner just outside the dorms. His thumbs trailed gently across your knuckles as he gazed down at you. You could see a faint blush on his cheeks, even in the darkness as he fumbled for the right words.

“Tonight was great… I mean, I had a great time at the fair. With you.” Then he chuckled, shaking his head, “I’m sorry. I’m not good at this.”

You took a step closer. You both were almost touching, and your heart was beating wildly in your chest. “Thank you for today. This was amazing.”

“We should do this again.”

You bit your lip as you met his hopeful gaze. “I’d like that.”

Slowly, he leaned down, and you waited with bated breath as his lips neared your own. Instinctively, your eyes fluttered closed, and you leaned into his touch as his hands cupped your cheeks. Your lips met in a soft, almost tentative, kiss, and you found yourself leaning into him. His hands dropped from your cheeks to your waist as the kiss deepened, pulling you in closer until your  body was pressed against his.

It was over too soon, you couldn’t stop the sigh that escaped your lips when he pulled away. Something fierce burned in his gaze as he searched your eyes, and a moment later, he kissed you again. This time, you was ready. Your arms went around his neck and you clung to him while his hands roamed your body, sliding from your waist to your hips, pulling you tightly against him. you  gasped into his mouth at the feel of the hard bulge in his pants, pressing against your stomach.

While one hand anchored you against him, the other toyed with the hem of your t-shirt slipping inside to feel the soft skin beneath it. His hand was calloused but gentle, and ever so slowly moved upwards towards your breasts. His thumb flicked across your hardened nipple, sliding across the fabric of your bra, and you moaned into his kiss, gasping loudly when he rolled the nub between his two fingers.

Suddenly, your back was against the wall, both of his hands beneath your shirt and fondling your breasts. The heat was building between your legs, and pushed your hips into his body, against the solid bulge in his pants that was harder than ever. He grunted when your hips rubbed against his cock and he moved his passionate kisses in a line down your jaw to your neck.

He was getting rougher, but then so was you. Your teeth grazed his jaw, then moved to suck on his earlobe while his mouth attacked your throat and your collar. His hands slid behind you, fumbling with the clasps of your bra, growling in frustration between kisses at the complexity. As you reached to help him, he gave up, instead of lifting the bra above your breasts, and moving his mouth to suck your exposed nipple.

“Hoseok,” you gasped, feeling your knees grow weak.

Your  hand reached down to his pants and you let your fingers trail against his cock. He shuddered when you squeezed and sucked harder on a spot on your neck he had been working on while his hands moved down your stomach to the front of your jeans.

Deftly undoing the top button, he lowered the zipper and you whimpered at how achingly slow it seemed before it was open. And when his fingers trailed against the dripping wet slit you were undone. Without thinking, you cried out loudly in pleasure, slumping against the wall. Every fiber in your being was aching for more. But you had been too loud and a shout from across the road startled the both of you out of your fun.

“Shit,” Hoseok cursed. “I’ve got to go. I’ll distract them. Go ahead, get inside.” He turned to run, then thought the better of it, giving you one last kiss before darting across the lawn. Well, there goes your hook up right out the window genius.

You pulled your shirt into a somewhat decent position and then bolted up the stairs to your shared room with Namjoon. You had forgotten all about him and hadn’t told him you were going out. You were sure to hear a mouth full.

Small moans could be heard in the hallway as you neared your room and you didn’t think much of it other than the fact that that could be you but your loud ass couldn’t wait until you and Hoseok were behind closed doors first. You were salty. But as you closed in on your dorm door, it was clear that it was coming from inside.

“Fuck, Y/N” you heard faintly, but maybe you were imagining things

You, being curious George, thought nothing of it as you slightly opened the room door.  Shock washed over you as you eyes widen from the view in front of you.  Namjoon on full display as he sat on his bed with his raging hard-on standing full alert against his bare chest. His hand wrapped so viciously around his cock while his eyes were slammed shut.  His boxers hugged his ankles while his fist around his cock went to town, pumping away.

“Y/N” Namjoon moaned again this time loud and clear, his eyes still sealed shut, still clueless to you existence in the room.

You didn’t know what to do. Your best friend was getting off to you while you were only two yards away at most in the same room. You began backing away, hoping to get out of there to save you both the embarrassment until your elbow collided with the dresser standing to your left near the door.

You let out a painful ‘ouch’ before realizing what you had done. Namjoon’s eyes flung open as his neck snapped in your direction with complete alert, only to flush when you realized it was you standing there.

“Don’t worry I didn’t hear- I mean, see anything” you panicked as you watched him scramble to pull his underwear back up. It was clear that you were lying but what else were you supposed to do in a situation like this? Shit.

Namjoon stood, running both hands through his hair as he paced back in forth, “Y/N… shit I’m sorry I-”

You tried to keep your eyes on his waistband as his member fought desperately wanted to be freed, a wet spot forming on his briefs the outline was clear as day. Namjoon took a step towards you and you could help but advance back, your eyes still avoiding his.

“You know what, I’m gonna go check out the dining hall I’m starving. Do you want anything? Forget it I’ll just bring you back something” you began rambling as you flung the room door open. You had to get out of there.

As soon as you were out of the room you began fast pacing it down the hall, walking even faster when you thought you heard a pair of feet behind you. You were practically running and didn’t know where you were going but as long as you weren’t near Namjoon, you’d be fine.

You made it to a lounge area that you recognized from your first night  but hadn’t paid much mind to. Taking a seat, you began rubbing your temple, trying to erase your memory of your best friend. How the hell are you going to make it the rest of the week?

 A/N- Im not sure if ill make a part two although I should but we all know i love cliffhangers. one day you guys are going to throw me off a cliff  

Part Two


Warm Me Up pt 19

Let’s see how this goes, huh?

This time I listened to Echoes of Love by Jesse and Joy, Not Easy by Alex da Kid and others, and Unconditionally by Katy Perry :)

Click Here for Ch. 1 

Click Here for Ch. 18

Will was counting down the days to spring break. He wouldn’t be able to be home the whole week since he had his internship, but he would be able to go back Thursday night until Sunday afternoon. And Nico would go with him. He was anxious for his family to meet him.

He had another week and a half of classes left before break would start, and he was busy with school work and his internship. He spent as much time as he could with Nico, but the amount of dates they went on had dwindled.

It didn’t help that Nico had slipped into another episode. Will hated not being able to be with him for it, but Nico kept assuring him it was fine.

He was leaving the hospital again and Malcolm offered him a ride back to campus since Will hadn’t taken his car. He directed him to the campus and got off on the main avenue that connected most of the campus. “Thanks, Malcolm.”

“No problem. Don’t forget to rest, Will.” He frowned and furrowed his eyebrows. “Don’t make me regret suggesting the job for you.”

He smiled tiredly and nodded. “I can do this. Don’t worry about me.” Malcolm nodded and gave him a small smile. He shut the car door and watched as Malcolm drove away. When he started crossing to get to the café building, he saw Nico and some of their friends outside.

Nico’s eyes were on him, but Will couldn’t discern the emotion behind them. He had a cigarette in between his fingers, his eyes looked tired and sunken. Will wasn’t sure what he was doing with the group of friends if he was obviously not up for socializing.

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I hadn’t noticed this before, but look how Bucky kind of has a “I think I know you” moment and lowers his arm before he decides to complete his mission. And that’s even before Howard Stark says “Sergeant Barnes?” It’s kind of like what happens to him with Steve, his memories spring back up when stimulated, but it’s not enough in the moment to rid of the brainwash. I think that’s what makes Bucky so resilient, that he can break free from the mind control with so little of stimulus. If he had been give enough time after his encounter with Steve without Hydra intervening, he would’ve eventually gained control of his mind. 

2016 Year in Review

Lifting PRs

2012 –> 2013 –> 2014 –> 2015 –> 2016

105x5 –> 160x1 –> 185x2 –> 210x3 –> 245x1

110x1 –> 175x1 –> 210x3 –> 230x1 –> 260x1

Bench Press
65x5 –> 95x1 –> 115x3 –> 125x3 –> 140x3

I started lifting near the end of 2012, and I had basically no strength. Just goes to show how far you can progress when you train for a long time! My 2017 resolution is to hit a 275 lb squat, 300 lb deadlift, and a 150 lb bench. I would also like to compete in a powerlifting competition!

I survived sorority recruitment

Had some fun at Loco

St. Patty’s Day!

Went on Spring Break in FL (I visited my gramdma though LOLOLOL)
I turned 21! Got so drunk I was still tipsy in class the next day.

I finished the spring semester with a 4.0!

Started my first ever internship and enjoyed summer with my friends!

Started my senior year of school and celebrated homecoming!

Did some badass makeup for halloween

Met my favorite youtuber, megsquats, and went to her strength seminar!

Finished up the semester with a 4.0 (again!), got accepted into the Master’s of engineering program at school, and overall feel so accomplished!

Physique Progress:

I really feel like this was the year where I truly became confident with my body and hyped up on self love. In addition, I lost about 5 lbs in August and got my body to a point where I feel really comfortable, after having gained a lot of weigh in the beginning of 2015 (I lost it very slowly). Here’s some of my fave pics from this year!

(taken in Feb)

Taken in May

Taken in October

Some bonus funny pics:

This post is super long but I wrote it for myself. Happy New Year to everyone!

6:45am on Christmas morning, ascending out of Seattle and heading home. I’m shaking violently as we break through the clouds and fog, the rising sun illuminating Rainier’s peak. I imagine the plane tipping sideways, back towards the ground and crashing into the snow. As it goes down, I’ll think, ‘In the next life, I will be a wildflower. I’ll grow on the mountain side the following spring and, maybe, one day, my sister will come through and she’ll see me, the wildflower. Somehow, she’ll know and she’ll address me by name before leaving me be. And that’s how I’ll know she’s grown into a woman.
December 25th, 2016.

That great thing about cast recordings is when people listen to them before they see a musical. They stage their own unique version of the musical all in their heads! How the characters react the dance breaks..EVERYTHING!! I don't know about you but I think it's magical that one musical can have so many different versions because of what people create in their heads. And that is what makes musical theatre magical!

Finally found the motivation to put this down in words. It’s a touch rough in places but I have to be up for work in 8 hours so I can’t fuss over it much more.

Because today is a day that needs some make believe and a bit of sass.

All speech, characters etc. Belong to SJMass. Mors internal monologue is my spin on things.

Also, posting from my phone so apologies for lack of line break. Will fix when I can get to my desktop.



“This is my private residence” Rhys’ voice was smooth, relaxed. As though he hadn’t just stolen the Spring Court bride. It must have gone well then. I hovered for a moment, wanting to hear the voice of this woman who had so completely claimed my cousin without even knowing it.

“How dare you-” I paused, tilting my head as I caught the harsh tone. Perhaps this wasn’t the moment to introduce myself. Still desperately curious, I lingered on the balcony, just out of sight. Rhysand would not be happy, but I had to know what she was like.

“I certainly missed that look on your face.” It didn’t take much to guess that it was not a look of adoration or love - from what I had been told, there had been some kind of understanding towards the end of their time in that terrible place but there was no sign of that in her voice. “You’re welcome, you know”

“For what?”

I couldn’t help it - there was a bite, an edge hostility in her voice I didn’t understand so I risked a quick peek around the corner.

My mind stumbled as I saw Rhys, a wave of sympathy bringing a lump to my throat. Hastily I checked my mental walls were firmly in place. He was stood so close to her - hands stuffed in his pockets like he was trying to stop himself touching her. And Feyre…

The woman Rhys described - strong, weary, beautiful… this was not what I expected. She was so pale, so thin - it was like looking at Rhys when he returned three months ago, starved of the sun and love and hope. Her beauty was still there - hints of it that couldn’t be buried under that hideous mountain of chiffon and tulle, but it was like looking at a shadow of the vision Rhys had given me.

By the Cauldron, what had happened to her?

“For saving you when you asked”

“I didn’t ask for anything”

That’s not what Cassian told me after his plans for a day of drinking themselves unconscious had been abruptly dropped, Rhys winnowing away with her name on his lips.

I winced as Rhys grabbed her hand, snarling as he ripped the gloves from her arms. My breath caught as I saw the tattoo - Illyrian marks twining around her fingers and wrist to her elbow. A wave of sadness swept over me - the look of disgust on her face as she looked at her tattoo… she really had no idea.

“I heard you begging someone, anyone, to rescue you, to get you out. I heard you say no”

Something was wrong. The woman I’d been told about - had demanded to hear about over and over was cowering. Damn Tamlin, what had he been doing to her?

“I didn’t say anything”

“I heard it loud and clear” I couldn’t see what Rhys was doing - he was blocking my view but he showed no signs of releasing her hand or moving away.

“Take me back, now. I didn’t want to be stolen away”

“What better time to take you here? Maybe Tamlin didn’t notice you were about to reject him in front of his entire Court - maybe you can now simply blame it on me.”

I held my breath. She… Rhys had gone to save her after all. Under the cloak of his bargain he had given her an out. He could have waited and let it all fall apart between them and maybe, maybe had a chance but instead he had given her a chance to stay at the Spring Court. I stepped back, no longer able to watch. How much was it costing him, to sound so carefree?

“You’re a bastard. You made it clear enough I had…. Reservations.” A slight smile tugged at my lips. Nice to know he hadn’t gone completely soft.

“Such gratitude, as always”

“What do you want from me?”

“Want? I want you to say thank you, first of all. Then I want you to take of that hideous dress. You look… you look exactly like the doe-eyed damsel he and that simpering priestess want you to be.” His voice was cruel and I knew he was losing it now. The scene painted itself in front of my eyes and I shuddered. Feyre relegated to a trophy wife - no, he would not be pleased by that at all.

“You don’t know anything about me. About us.”

“Does Tamlin? Does her ever ask you why you hurl your guts up every night, or why you can’t go in certain rooms or see certain colors?”

Careful… don’t let her know how much you know. Please, please don’t scare her Rhys.

“Get the hell out of my head.”

“Likewise. You think I enjoy being awoken every night by visions of you puking? You send everything right down the bond, and I don’t appreciate having a front-row seat when I am trying to sleep.”

I held my breath - the bond. Did she know what the bond meant? Surely she couldn’t this it was just their deal, not when he saw so much.


Apparently not.

“As for what else I want from you…. I’ll tell you tomorrow over breakfast. For now, clean yourself up. Rest. Take the stairs to the right, one level down. Your room is the first door.”

Such a lie, Rhysand. You’ll tell her what she needs to hear, not what you truly want. Your self loathing is going to destroy you - and you’ll give yourself away if you can’t get that temper under control.

“Not a dungeon cell?”

I winced - she really thought so little of him that she thought he would do that to her? For a moment I considered walking out there and telling her exactly what he was doing for her. How he had suffered these last three months. But he would not thank me. And I would not spoil whatever plan he was weaving. If he was even weaving one.

“You are not a prisoner Feyre. You made a bargain, and I am calling it in. You will be my guest here, with the privileges of a member of my household. None of my subjects are going to touch you, hurt you or so much as think ill of you here”

“And where might those subjects be?”

“Some dwell here - in the mountain beneath us. They’re forbidden to set foot in this residence. They know they would be signing their death warrant. Amaranthia wasn’t very creative. My Court beneath this mountain has long been feared and she chose to replicate it by violating the space of Prythian’s sacred mountain. So yes: there is a court beneath this mountain - the court your Tamlin now expects me to be subjecting you to. I preside over it every now and then, but it mostly rules itself.”

I risked another look - Rhys sounded like the was trying to calm a frightened child and Cauldron boil me if she didn’t look sick with terror. She hadn’t healed, hadn’t come to terms with anything at all…

It was a festering wound that was destroying her. It explained her appearance, at least, but I was at a loss for how we were going to piece her back together again. Because it was obvious that that fool of a High Lord at the Spring Court wasn’t lifting a finger to help her.

“When - when are you taking me there?”

I closed my eyes. No-one should ever sound that scared. Even knowing the reputation of the Court of Nightmares as I did I knew she had faced worse.

“I’m not. This is my home and the court beneath it is my…. Occupation, as you mortals call it. I do not like for the two to overlap very often.”

“‘You mortals’?”

“Should I consider you something different?”

“And the other denizens of your court?” So quickly she calmed…. And almost sounded amused. She might not want to, but she trusted him, at least. It was a start, an inkling of hope.

“Scattered throughout, dwelling as they wish. Just as you are now free to roam where you wish.”

“I wish to roam home.”

Rhysands laughter was closer - he must have reached his limit. I stepped back, moving to one of the chairs and making an effort to lounge like I hadn’t a care in the world. Or been listening in

“I’m willing to accept your thanks at any time, you know.”

He saw me then, a frown flitting across his face. I was sure a resigned sigh was to follow but before he could get that far, something came flying at a phenomenal speed out of nowhere.

And clocked him right on the back of his head.

My eyes widened at the shocked expression on his face. He spun in place, his cool facade shattered. I looked at the satin shoe lying harmlessly not three feet from me and had to fight the sudden urge to laugh.

This female… for the first time during this whole conversation, I caught a glimmer of just why she was his mate.

“I dare you” He hissed, and I barely had time to blink before his hand snapped up, catching the other shoe inches from his face. As he rendered in into stardust, I saw his eyes narrowing as he considered Feyre


From the slither of fabric and footsteps, I assumed Feyre had retreated to her room as Rhysand once again turned, leaning against the balcony with a defeated expression. Unwilling to let him brood and waste this week with her, I risked baiting him.

“So, that went well.”

His snarl echoed up the hall behind him, more frustration than anger. Beckoning him over and pouring him a drink I’d summoned on a whim, we sat and planned his next move.

Undercover Mission

Request: Hey doll :) Can you please do an imagine where you work for shield but are on a Undercover Mission to free Bucky. You visit him everyday before he gets the electro Shocks but he never Forgets you. So one day you’re finally able to free him and you nearly escape both, when Hydra finds out. You then shove bucky out of the building as the agents shot and hit you. Bucky sees you breaking down and screams your Name and decides to safe you before you both are rescued from Fury and he never leaves you. @diving-down-to-wonderland

“The man on the bridge. You knew him?” You quietly asked, sadly setting Bucky up for the electroshock. He vaguely nodded his head, tears springing his eyes.

“I knew him.” Bucky said, your heart breaking at the thought of how he felt at the moment. You knew Steve, as well. But you couldn’t let Bucky know in case Hydra found out your secret mission.

You were working for shield undercover but Hydra has you work with Bucky, it’s your duty to set him up for the electroshock. You couldn’t blow your cover so you had to do this no matter how much it hurt.

You hated doing this and you’ve spent everyday with him beforehand. You were thankful he always remembered you afterwards. You’d comfort him in his cell at night when everyone was in their cells, sleeping.

Thankfully, you managed to conjure up an escape plan. It wouldn’t be too hard, you’d have to do it quickly though. There were some vents that led to the side of the building and you’d have to hurry and get there or else they’ll catch you both.

“I’m sorry, Bucky.” You said, placing a kiss to his sweaty forehead. “Y/N, please.” Bucky pleaded, his hands reaching for you but were stopped from his restraints. “Please.” Bucky begged again, his metal hand whirring.

Your heart broke even more, knowing what was to come. “I’ll be back, I promise. Bucky, I’m getting you out.” You said, sniffling as you brushed his sweaty hair back with your fingers.

A sliver of hope flashed in Bucky’s beautiful and sad blue eyes. “I promise.”

Suddenly the doors bolted open and you quickly moved away from Bucky, drying your tears. Agents came in one by one, armed with weapons.

“Agent Y/L/N.” The leader said, giving you a tight nod. You nodded back and left the room, hearing the machine hum to life.

You ran as fast as you could, crying as you heard Bucky’s screams down the long hallway.

You broke into uncontrollable sobs and slid down the wall, ripping your name tag from your shirt. You had to get Bucky out. You just had to. It was your mission and you could not fail him.

You managed to escape the cell with Bucky before he was put under again, thankful the guards were in the training room.

You found the vent you needed to escape through and Bucky was right beside you, ready to punch through anyone who stood in your way.

“Here!” You whisper shouted. You had Bucky lift you up to the vent and you grunted as you got inside. It was pretty big and you knew Bucky would have no problem squeezing in with you.

Bucky hopped up alongside you and you began your journey through the facility. “Fury, we’re on our way.” You spoke through your comm. “Fury?” Bucky asked, unsure if he should trust the name.

You nodded, giving him a small reassuring smile. “He’s helping me save you.” You explained quietly. “Copy that. I’m on the way with the chopper. Bring him home, Agent Y/L/N.”

You and Bucky had made it through the vents and you both sat at the edge, ready to drop down. The drop wasn’t too far but you were still scared. Bucky noticed.

“I’ll drop down first, check the area, and I’ll catch you.” Bucky said, holding onto your arm gently. You nodded and smiled nervously, watching him slide closer to the edge.

Bucky dropped down and rolled on the ground to break his fall. He quickly checked around the area. He appeared back at the bottom of the vent and held his arms out for you.

“We’re all clear, hurry!” Bucky rushed in a whisper. You took a deep breath and slid off the edge, falling down. You squeezed your eyes shut and immediately landed in Bucky’s flesh arm and he held you to his chest.

Bucky never touched you with his metal arm, he was always afraid he’d hurt you. He’d become very protective over you and he never wanted to be the one to cause you any harm.

Bucky put you down on your feet and you both ran away, hand in hand. You suddenly heard men yelling and you turned to see agents piling behind you. “Shit!” Bucky spat.

One of the guards aimed for Bucky as you both turned around to face the guards. “Bucky!” You yelled, pushing him away as fast as you could. You suddenly felt a bullet pierce through your side.

You fell to the ground with a groan and Bucky dropped to his knees. “Y/N!” Bucky yelled out, tears filling his eyes. He dropped to your side and felt anger boil in his blood.

The guards started running towards you and Bucky growled, standing back to his feet. He started fighting off the guards, ripping their heads off with his metal hand and dodging bullets.

You sobbed quietly, holding your side as the blood kept pulsing out of you like a broken faucet. Minutes passed and the area was covered in dead guards.

Bucky rushed back to you and you heard a helicopter land in the distance. “I’m sorry, Bucky.” You sobbed. Bucky shook his head, carefully picking you up.

He hesitated but held you with his metal arm, too. He rushed you to the helicopter where Fury was waiting for you. Bucky was careful not to cause you anymore pain but your cries let him know he was failing.

You were all patched up now, having successfully rescuing Bucky from Hydra. He met up with Steve while you were treated for your bullet wound. You saw Steve and Bucky standing outside the glass window, Steve’s arm resting on Bucky’s shoulder.

“I always remembered her. She would visit me everyday before they gave me the electroshock.” Bucky told Steve, telling him the memories he had made with you with at the Hydra facility.

Steve smiled, seeing Bucky’s lips turn up in a smile of his own. “You may see her now.” The nurse told Bucky and Steve. “Go head, I’ll wait.” Steve said, patting Bucky’s shoulder.

Bucky slowly walked in the hospital room, seeing your pale body in the hospital bed. You were hooked up to an IV and he could see the bandage around your abdomen.

He pulled a chair to your bed and sat down. You sniffled as you looked over at Bucky. “Y/N, I can’t thank you enough.” Bucky whispered, grabbing your cold hand.

You smiled and let out a sob. “I’d do anything for you, Bucky.” He smiled and kissed your hand. “Like taking a bullet for a man who can heal quickly.” Bucky said with a watery chuckle.

You blushed and nodded. “You saved me.” Bucky said quietly, moving a strand of your hair from your face. “It started out as an undercover mission, but I knew I had to do it because I fell for you, Bucky.” You sobbed a little.

Bucky leaned over and kissed your forehead. “You mean so much to me, Y/N.” Bucky whispered, forever thankful you helped save his life.

Note: agh, i wrote this in so many different ways so many times! I really hope you like this! thanks for the request! .c

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How to Break Zen - Extended

So in a recent post, I said that all one needs to do to fry the mind of our favorite albino actor is dress up in Sandy’s greaser getup from “Grease” and reenact “You’re the One That I Want.” Can you imagine how it would play out if you did that to him?

(Warning: Naughty/could be mildly NSFW but nothing too serious.)

- He’d gone for a ride on his motorcycle again. Perfect timing to spring that surprise on him.
- Nicknames like “cutie” or “princess” are nice, but you want something spicier.
- You guys had watched “Grease” a few nights ago, and he’s been humming the songs ever since. It’s like his past and his present came together in a musical.
- “I can think of one lady who’d look so much better in that leather getup, jagi.” *wink*
- You were SO caught off-guard by that open flirtation coming from your princely beau. He saw your flustered blush, chuckled, snuggled closer, and turned back to the movie.
- And now? Payback time. Oh, two can play this game.
- You change into some sexy leather clothes a la Sandra Dee with some colorful heels, then you sprawl like a model on his couch.
- The door clicks.
- “Honey, I’m ho–”
- Those beautiful eyes have never bugged out like that before.
- A tiny voice is going, “We match!” (He hasn’t taken off his black riding clothes yet.)
- But then he realizes your top bares your shoulders, dips veeerrry low, and just CLINGS to your upper body.
- “B-b-babe?” he chokes.
- Poor honey can’t form coherent words.
- He’s trying to calm himself.
- Gentleman. Gentleman. Gentle–
- You stand up and saunter over and he’s never been so dizzy in his life.
- He actually grabs a countertop to keep from falling…or tries.
- His hand landed on a magazine with him on the cover.
- Welp crap now he’s on the floor.
- And you’re standing over him CRAP
- You settle one heeled foot on his shoulder like Sandy did to Danny.
- Is his heart even beating?
- You smirk down at him and sing, “If you feel a weird affection / you’re too shy to convey / meditate in my direction…”
- You run your hands down your hips and this boy actually gasps.
- “Feel your way.”
- Poor boy actually yelps and throws himself backward just like Danny. SO DRAMATIC.
- But once he recovers, he gets up.
- Too late for any warnings about the beast.
- He’s ON you.
- And he’s not letting you up for many, many hours.
- Best believe he came up with a few spicier nicknames after that. ;)

I like how white kids in high school chant build a wall but be ready to eat Mexican food , Go to Mexico for spring break and shit probably the plug for your cocaine but you know none of my business 🐸 ☕️

Top 10 moments when ACOMAF shattered my heart in the best way possible

Okay, now that I’ve spent my whole week just living and breathing about ACOMAF… re-reading ACOMAF… and just thinking about it obsessively and telling ALL my friends about it… I feel like now it is a good time to post this. I’m going to post my top 10 moments in ACOMAF where MY HEART BROKE. And I hope you guys can agree–because this fandom is one soul, and we ride and die together.  

10. When Feyre comforts Rhysand after waking him up from his nightmare.

Like first of all, OW. It just breaks my heart over and over to think about what Amarantha did to Rhys, and what scars it left behind. 

But… what broke my heart more was this:

“But–but how many nights had I wanted someone to do the same for me?” 


Because some stupid High Lord of the Spring Court just pretended to be asleep whenever she vomited her guts out, and pretended everything was all fine and dandy. You claim to love her, and yet, you let this happen. tamlin u shit bag

9. Lucien and Feyre reunion after Feyre goes to the Night Court. 

You gave up on me.” 

Look, guys, I know Lucien is not a bad person. Deep down, he is a good, troubled person who has a lot of his own scars, and I know that he does consider Feyre to be his friend and he does care about her. But he also chooses to yield to Tamlin at the end of everything. He does fight for her, but he doesn’t fight enough against Tamlin. Now, this could be because Tamlin does instill a lot of fear in Lucien–which, if it’s true, it is not a healthy friendship, even if Tam is Lucien’s High Lord. But it makes me wonder, you know. Where is our fiery Lucien, who once spat at Tamlin’s feet? I really do hope that Elain will help him change for the better. Or that he comes to this realization from himself. Man, I love Lucien, but he’s going to have to do a lot more to redeem himself. 

Because, see, even Rhys thinks that Lucien would’ve stepped in.

And this breaks Feyre’s heart, that her friend wouldn’t do this for her. And she would’ve fought for Lucien until the end, no doubt about. 


8. The scars that remain with Rhys because of Amarantha. 

The next scene that broke my heart happens during the sexytimes between Feyre and Rhys.

Okay, just re-reading this scene is making me really emotional. So I don’t know if I’m going to be coherent enough to say this. But like, guys. I think this scene is important–and heartbreaking at the same time–because it’s a moment where Rhysand’s scars are acknowledged. Again, it is so rare in YA fiction to see a male character who has been sexually abused, and Sarah explores the scars that remain within Rhysand. And it’s also important because he’s also able to overcome these scars, and find happiness even after the darkest of times.

7. How Rhysand is treated in Velaris vs. Under the Mountain

Okay, so I like how 8 and 7 relate to each other. 

What struck me about this scene was: “no one whispered about him or spat on him or stroked him as they had Under the Mountain”

What really breaks my heart here is that it’s not just Amarantha that violated Rhys. Others did it too, because Amarantha did it, because Rhys was Amarantha’s whore, and therefore, her property. 

And this makes me really sick to my stomach. And it breaks my heart. fuck

6. Feyre realizing how sad she is at the Spring Court before her wedding. 


my poor baby Feyre 

I spent a good portion of time during the beginning of the novel wanting to wrap her in a warm blanket, hug her, and tell her it’s okay. 

And Tamlin, CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS, is able to laugh freely. I’m gonna fight him

Even Rhys in Chapter 11 goes: “Months and months, and you’re still a ghost. Does no one there ask what the hell is happening? Does your High Lord simply not care?” (Shall we count this as like an honourable mention moment for when my heart broke into a million pieces… again) 

ha ha ha ha let me DIE my heart can’t take this 

5. Rhysand asks Feyre about her birthday. 

This isn’t a sad scene, but it still moved me and broke my heart because you can obviously tell how much Rhys loves Feyre.





But also, like. Rhys seems genuinely sad that Feyre did not celebrate her birthday. Do I foresee belated birthday gift/party in ACOTAR 3? Because yes I will sell my soul for this 

4. Feyre walking away from Rhysand after learning about the mating bond

Okay, no, I totally understand why Feyre is angry enough that she wants some time alone away from Rhysand once she learns from the Suriel that they’re mates. I’ve seen people hating on her for it… but c’mon. Really? You don’t think you’d be angry? Angry enough to walk away? I mean I’d want my own space to think too

But yeah it still broke my heart because Rhysand just calls after her… injured and weakened… ahaha…..ha…. why…

Now we’re rolling into the final 3… and honestly, these broke my heart the most and made me cry. I still want to weep when I think about them. 

3. Rhysand noticing Feyre’s weight loss 

He cares so much about her. *UGLY WAILING* *falls to the floor*

And he makes sure she eats properly. And wants to have breakfast with her. 


cue ugly sobbing, with the snot and everything 

rhysand calling tam out on his shitty behaviour

2. Cassian and Feyre training 

This is still one of my favourite scenes, and I … just. The whole scene leading up to it is an emotional roller coaster–Cassian saying that he’s there for Feyre if she wants to talk about leaving the Spring Court, the whole “I’m fine” thing, and how Feyre just realizes she did everything for Tamlin… and he just…. left her to suffer alone.

He’s ready to take the blow. 




Rhys is precious, Cassian is precious….. the whole Night Court squad is precious. I just love them so muchhhhhhh. 

And now. .  . okay. 

The final scene had me in full blown tears. 

1. Amren x Feyre 








D E A D 


This post also made me very emotional again. Thanks for reading. And if you know want to discuss ACOMAF with me, and the scenes that broke your heart (because there are like 10 million more)… feel free to shoot me a message. 

I’m gonna go read ACOMAF some more and cry by e 


We talk in fractures
breaking our fine-boned words
over barriers of time

what is in your mouth
for me to hear
so closely
we may think the same thoughts

how do you know about
the roots of old magnolia trees
in Winter
they are evergreen

in Spring they birth
white blossoms that wither
and brown at the touch
of human breath

but where were our bones
when in silence the sun
rose meekly
through gray cloud

why do blackbirds sing
when you sleep
and I wake with arms full
of all the words I have not written

they say you cannot know
when you will lie down in the valley
and be cleansed with hyssop

I never minded mystery
lies are so pretty when they are dark
but truth is only beautiful in the light

when we meet
there may be a fire in the sky
no judgment
just the flame of the cosmos
burning through us

anonymous asked:

hey so im british and have no clue how to american education system works and im moving to america in like a month, so could u give me a quick run down??

school typically starts in september and ends in june, although some states have school start in august and end in may. summer vacation is the longest followed by winter break. there’s also spring break and thanksgiving break, as well as 3-day weekends / no-school days depending on the national holiday.

in most high schools, you have different class periods, and you move around the school to your classes. usually, you’ll have a locker to store your stuff in.

there are a number of required class credits you’re required to take (which depends on what state you live in). you have to take classes that fulfill those credits in order to graduate. idk how it’ll work in your school, but here, i have to take 24 credits in order to graduate. 2 of those required credits are art credits, so that means i’ll have to take 2 art credits some time during my high school career in order to graduate.

the types of classes you can take can also vary. you could take the normal classes, honors / advanced / accelerated / whatever name they attach to more advanced or harder classes, or ap classes.
AP stands for advanced placement, and it’s more of a college-level class. it preps you for the AP exams in may. if you pass, then you have a chance of earning college credit and making your college applications sound snazzy.

here’s a brief explanation about the entire “class of 2019″ stuff in case you don’t know about that. 

hope that helps!!

A foggy April morning at Dream Lake.  When I arrived at the lake before sunrise it was completely fogged in, but I was excited to see that Dream Lake was right at the snow line from the latest spring storm and everything was nicely frosted.  I decided to wait out the sun for a while, seeing how I was the only person there it was a very pleasant morning.  Eventually the fog started to break up just enough to see the peaks and i had exactly the photo I wanted!

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - April 2015

Shot Notes:

Velvia 50 4x5, 90mm Caltar Lens
1 second at f32, 1 stop soft GND filter

canon victuuri things aka so many reasons why kubo-sensei should be sainted:
- lots of eyesex (get a room you two and stop traumatizing your angry underage child dammit)
- victor explicitly asked yuuri to show him his love wtf
- nakey yoga times in hasetsu hot springs (read: porn)
- “every time we speak there are mere inches between our lips dear god why can’t we kiss already”
- warnings: tie-pulling, hand-pulling, manhandling #justvictuurithings
- open declarations of love in public (we get it katsuki we all get nervous but think twice before you speak into the mic lmao)
- breaking news: russia reaches super far by asking japan to seduce him, and then japan says can you maybe chill and then russia says how about maybe you chill
- “i’ll show my love to the whole of russia”
- did i mention eyesex because. they. stare. at each other. an embarrassingly. fucking. lot
- drunken dryhumping, also in public (dat boy sure knows his true eros)
- they literally got married and they don’t even know about it dear jesus
- “yuuri let’s sleep together” ???????? can you maybe act a tiny bit more subtle might as well inform everyone in hasetsu you want this boy or what
- “i’m the one who can satisfy victor” bruuuuuuh r u serious btw coming from a guy who publicly declared katsudon was his eros. fucks sake katsuki get ur shit together son
- literal several heartbreaks
- when you say “forever” and you mean it you’re in love my silly child #grabdatrussian
- see you next level… next level of hell probably bc i’m on my way to sell my soul for s2 hahahaha