this is how i spent my lunch break


When I start to stress out about how much work I need to do but then I remember how blessed I am to have a job I love and that is flexible enough (and pays enough!) to allow me to travel all the time 👌
I literally just spent my lunch break planning out my mini Italian roadtrip with my mum and sis this Sumner. Need to remember how fortunate I am to be able to provide these experiences to them and that every bit of work and stress is worth it in the end ❤

I’m procrastinating on an essay so I figured that I’d do @bonafide-worst’s “Lazytown characters as things I’ve done” thing

SPORTACUS: Rode my bike around town for an entire day because I had too much energy

ROBBIE: Cut class to take a nap in the sun

STEPHANIE: Danced until my entire body ached, and then went on a hike the next day even though it kind of hurt 

ZIGGY: Chose to buy fancy chocolates instead of a real lunch and then ate them all

PIXEL: Spent the entirety of spring break on my laptop

STINGY: Brought both a dessert AND a bag of chips to a party that I knew no one else liked so that I could eat them all by myself/take them home as leftovers

TRIXIE: Set fire to a myriad of things in the woods just to watch how they burned

MAYOR MEANSWELL: Attempted to corral an unruly anime club into planning a dance

BESSIE: Skyped with someone for over seven hours just chit chatting

GLANNI: Tried to demonstrate a ‘sexy walk’ on stage wearing character shoes and then proceeded to slip on a pile of sawdust

ITHRO: Picked my friends up and swung them around during hugs

Well this how I spent the last five minutes of my lunch break at work. It is funny I was already convinced I was pregnant. I knew before my missed period but I still had a moment of utter shock when I saw it read “pregnant”. It didn’t matter I had spent all morning trying not to be sick. It didn’t matter that I had all the symptoms it still took me by surprise

some Andromeda reflections while i’m on my lunch break:

i really love it???????? i really love it. i was on Eos a couple days ago and i drove to one of the highest points on the map and just spent a while looking out over the planet while Cora and Vetra talked about how great the view was. i feel my stomach lurch every time i accidentally send the Nomad straight off a cliff as if i were actually in the car. and these aren’t the largely-barren planets ME1 had; i’m CONSTANTLY running across things on my way to other things. one time i came across some Remnant tech and climbed it just for the hell of it. there was nothing up there except a nice view, but it was fun.

i like that even the small sidequests feel personal? something simple like finding out what happened to missing supply crates feels like a matter of life or death, or at least life or harder life, because we’re fighting for everything we have - there’s very little wiggle room.

i want my brother to wake up soon. i feel like Max is lonely, being the last of her family, sort of. i got so emotional when they got to talk briefly ;____;

the combat is fun. i like the enhanced melee combat, bc Max is kind of scrappy and likes to be up in the thick of it. biotic charge and then just WAIL on them. maybe with a flamethrower for good measure.

i like the move away from Paragon/Renegade - it feels very freeing. i had to make my first big morality choice the other day, and i chose the opposite of what i myself would have chosen, bc it’s what Max would’ve done. with Shepard, i have a very clear picture of her and i was never able to really deviate from that on multiple playthroughs. with Ryder, i feel like i could have multiple ones and make them each distinct without much trouble.

Vetra is 100% my space wife and she clicks so well with Max and i’m really pleased about that.

It’s funny because I used to follow the funniest girl in my class on tumblr, every night she posted about how sad she felt.
It’s funny because multiple times I found the girl who was nominated ‘best smile’ at prom crying her eyes out in the toilets.
It’s funny because the guy who was always there for everyone spent every single lunch time walking around on his own.
It’s funny because every so often I would walk into the toilets to find the girl whose figure made so many people envious, purging.
It’s funny because I was always known to be the 'happiest girl’ at school when actually I spent every night, break and lunch destroying my body and taking multiple overdoses.
It’s funny because, well actually it’s not funny at all, it’s fucking terrifying that we are taught to hide how we truly feel and we will be more socially accepted.

As requested by @myownnerdtopia, Ghost crew during the original trilogy era (at least the kids, space parents couldn’t fit on the page and will come later.)  I love character design so I had a lot of fun thinking out the whys and hows of an older look.

- Sabine: More heavily armored since things are heating up for the Rebellion, traditional Mando armor as a nod to her heritage, though probably less garish in color than her original look (her hair is still brightly dyed, though).  They’re using the Rebel sigil we see in the movies (and she probably helped design it), but Sabine still has the original starbird on her armor as a nod to her past work.  She covers it with her cloak when she doesn’t want to be noticed; I imagine she does a lot of art propaganda for the Rebellion in between blowing things up and needs to be a little less recognizable sometimes.

- Ezra: Not obviously a Jedi for his own safety, and though he carries his lightsaber at all times, he usually reaches for the blaster first.  (I imagine the Inquisitiors have really, really cracked down on anything remotely Jedi-like by now, and like Kanan back in Spark of Rebellion, he only pulls it out when the chips are really down, and otherwise uses the Force in more subtle ways.)  His clothes are practical and nondescript so he can go as many places as possible without being unduly noticed.  He probably accompanies Sabine a lot on her trips to blow stuff up and graffiti things, as they have worked together long enough to make a great team, and when possible pulls a Hera and inspires potential Rebel candidates to fight the Empire.  He did not copy his hairstyle from anyone, why do people keep asking him that.

- Zeb: Smashing Imperial heads is what he does best; he still works with the Ghost crew obviously but is a respected leader among the troops whenever fighting planetside is involved.  He’s more heavily armored for greater protection (Rex gave him some pointers, perhaps), and he still has his bo-rifle and Sabine makes sure he’s always well-equipped with some extra surprises.  He’s older and more beardy but no less badass, and still addresses Ezra as “kid,” to Ezra’s annoyance.

- Chopper:  Is still Chopper.