this is how i spent my lunch break

RIP Club Penguin

I was the little girl who had all of the puffles in real life, and made them into little families with the keychains as the babies

I was the little girl who would always bring my Card Jitsu cards to primary school and I’d set all of my little friends up on a mat during lunch break and teach them how to play

I was the little girl who always had a membership and subsequently made my friends hella jealous because of all my puffles, clothes, and furniture

I was the little girl who only ever got to meet one ‘penguin celebrity’ - Rockhopper - and spent most of my time on tracker websites trying to track the other ones.

I was the little girl who was a badass at bean counters and taught all my friends about the jelly bean version

I was the little girl who occasionally got random penguins banned because I was a bit of a bitch

I was the little girl who used all the puffle coin codes before giving them to other kids, only for them to learn that they were no longer valid

I was the little girl who had a giant Club Penguin 9th birthday, which was probably the coolest one my school had ever seen - complete with a cake that looked like a blue puffle

I was the little girl who got her Club Penguin cards stolen by a little shitty boy and tried to track them down with @pidgeonkatie and my other friends before a boy named Hugh saved the day

I was the girl who’d organise server meet and greets and log onto Club Penguin in the school computer labs even where I wasn’t allowed

I was the girl who forgot to get my puffles all the time and never failed at feeling bad about it

I was the girl who first played Club Penguin at my friend’s house, only to think it was the coolest thing ever

I was the little girl who loved that game with my whole heart, and despite having never played it in like five years, I still feel a little sad that it’s over.

Thanks for being such a great friend to a little girl, Club Penguin, and thanks MortaDela, Rose8008, and all my other primary school friends I’d always play with.

Not Today

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Genre: Fluff, Doctor!AU

Word Count: 1,922

Summary: (A sequel to Tease) The recent change in Jungkook has you more confused than ever, you really wish he would just tell you why he’s acting this way. Maybe if he did you would be able to finally figure out your own feelings. 

A/N: I’m……I recently found out how many followers I have and oh my gosh this is so unexpected. Thank you all so much! I wrote this for all of you because I love each and every person who follows this blog. I might change the title when I wake up tomorrow I just can’t think.

You couldn’t believe what you were doing. 

Here you were spending your precious break time at lunch with the doctor you thought you hated most. The keyword here is thought. 

For the past few weeks he would not leave you alone and spent all of his extra time with you somehow. At first it was overwhelming because here is the best doctor in your department hovering over your shoulder at all times and checking up on you. You thought it was hell because you were sure he would catch every minuscule mistake you made and it just made you so nervous. But then he unbelievable happened. He started complimenting you. 

“Good job on the last surgery [Y/N]!” 

“Wow those stitches look great!” 

“Your patients are all healing up so well you’re doing a really great job!” 

It truly confused you to the point of practically running away when you saw him in the area. It had gotten to the point of you spending your lunch breaks on the roof where he couldn’t find you and ducking behind random columns in the hall whenever you saw him walking past. You couldn’t wrap your mind around why he was acting this way and why it was making you feel this way. 

Every time he complimenting you or even smiled at you there was an eruption of butterflies fluttering in the bottom of your stomach.You got nervous and jittery even being in the same room as him, and recently to your horror he had even invaded your dreams with his cute smile and shining eyes. 

You knew very well what these were symptoms of, but you refused to believe you had a crush on Jeon Jungkook of all people. There was no way it was possible. He was your rival during your internship, the two of you were always going head to head there no way a relationship like that could lead to a relationship like….this? Whatever this was. Now that you think about it, what was the kind of relationship you had with Jungkook now? 

“[Y/N] can I have your fries?” His question brought you out of your thoughts and you frowned at him as he reached over to grab at your plate. 

You slid your plate out of his reached and glared at him. “Jeon Jungkook keep your hands off my fries! You always insist on sitting with me during lunch and eating my food!” 

“It tastes better when its yours.” He smiles at you and your heart skips a beat in response. You mentally curse yourself for reacting that way and quickly looked away to avoid eye contact. 

“I-I don’t care how it tastes get your own-Hey!” While you were distracted a sneaky hand snuck its way onto your plate and you caught the end result when Jungkook stuffed the deep fried delights into his mouth, some sticking out as he looked at you amusedly.

“Jeon Jungkook!” You huffed at his irritating smile that was cute even with a mouth full of french fries. “Just take my tray if you want my food so badly! My break is over anyway…” Sighing, you slid your plate over to him and got ups from your seat to go back to work. 

“Wait for me [Y/N] I’ll go with you.” Jungkook jumped up from his seat as well and you stopped in your tracks to frown at him. 

“I thought you wanted to finish your fries?” 

“I’d rather go back to work with you, lets go!” 

He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, causing your heart to thump rapidly against your chest, and you looked up at him hoping your nervousness wasn’t shown on your face. When you reached up and grabbed his hand to move his arm from its offending position on your shoulders he took that chance and grabbed your hand instead, continuing to lead you to the elevators. 


“Lets go! We have patients to attend to!”

It was finally the end of your shift and you were taking a quick rest in the break room before packing up and heading home. The only other person in the room another doctor who was passed out at the table next to the one you were currently sitting at. You enjoyed the silence for once and took the time to think about how your shift had went and the health of your patients. For some reason your thoughts started drifting to that familiar bunny like smile, those dark eyes, and the soft hand that had intertwined with yours earlier that day. 

Jeon Jungkook

Here he goes again, worming himself back into your mind like a pest you can’t seem to get rid of. Sure, he was handsome…and funny sometimes…and charming….but that didn’t give him the right to invade your heart like this! Heart? Did you just? Nope, this was not happening you weren’t going to admit to yourself that you actually felt something for Jeon Jungkook. Never in a million years. 

“Oh! You’re still here. I thought you’d be gone by now.” 

Damn. There goes your heart. At the sound of his voice the traitor began its usual game, speeding up and thumping wildly against your chest. You were afraid that one day it would jump right out. 

“I’m so tired I couldn’t get up for a moment.” You laughed tiredly. 

A look of concern crossed his face as he looked you over, you noticed how the area between his brows scrunched up and how cute his expression was. “Are you getting sick? Maybe you should request some days off.” 

You waved him off, pushing his outreached hand away before it got to touch your forehead. “I’m a doctor I’d know if I was sick.” 

“Then why have you just been sitting here if your shift was over twenty minutes ago? Were you thinking about me?”

You had opened your mouth to argue when a thought came to you, this was the perfect time to ask what was going on. “Actually, I was thinking about you,” Jungkook’s eyebrows shot up, surprised that you would actually think about him much less admit it. “I was wondering why you’ve been acting so weird lately. The compliments, having lunch break with me, spending all of your free time around me. You’ve never acted like this the entire time I’ve known you.”

A different side of Jungkook appeared as he sat back in his chair and you noticed the tips of his ears began to go red. He was silent for a moment and you were wondering if you hit the jackpot with your question. You smiled triumphantly. After all this time you were finally the one to refer him speechless instead of the other way around. It was truly a cause of celebration. Before you got to open your mouth to tease him Jungkook began to talk. 

“A friend told me to try complimenting and actually being nice instead of teasing you all the time and if I spent more time with you we would get closer.” He began fiddling with his hands nervously. 


Why did he need to ask a friend for advice about how to get close to you? 

Does he want to be friends? Weren’t you already kind of friends? 

Then does that mean…

“Jungkook do you like me?” 

He flinches as the question but covers it up with a teasing smile and a fake laugh. “Of course I like you we work together and we’re kind of friends-” 

“You know what I mean Jungkook!” 


“Yes what?” 

“Yes I like you!”

“You like me?” 


“Will the both of you stop yelling! I have five minutes left of my break and you’re making too much noise for me to actually relax.” The man from earlier that was asleep was now wide awake and glaring at us from the other table. You now recognized him as Dr. Kim, an older more experienced doctor and got a bit embarrassed that you had this conversation in front of him. 

“I’m sorry I forgot you were here.” 

“Just go and kiss and talk loudly outside of this room somewhere!” He grumbled, ignoring you completely as he put his head back on the table and slumped down. 

You looked over at Jungkook and you both wore expressions of embarrassment but were also seconds away from laughing. Quietly, as to not disturb the other doctor again, you stood from your seat and motioned with a nod of your head for jungkook to follow you. The both of you exit into the hallway and you close the door softly behind you before looking at each other and bursting into laughter. 

“Oh that was so embarrassing!” You laughed and buried your face into your hands. 

“You think that was embarrassing! I just practically proclaimed my love for you and Dr. Kim witnessed the whole thing!” Jungkook groaned and ran a hand through his hair, making it messy and successfully pulling your attention to his hair and how soft it looked. 

“You like me!” 

“I do.” 

“I can’t believe it I like you too! Wait…” 

You like me?” Jungkook looked at you, his eyes wide and shock written clearly on his face. You wanted to melt into the ground, you can’t believe you actually blurted that out right in front of him!


“You don’t sound too sure.” 

“I think I do like you? Its just hard to wrap my mind around because we’ve always been in this teasing relationship and suddenly I’m starting to feel things and think you’re cute and want to run my hands through your hair. And despite sometimes being a little too cocky for your own good, you’re good at what you do and charming and nice so your personality is attractive too. Its just confusing, but yeah I think I like you.” A rush of embarrassment came over you and you put your face into your hands again as you back away from jungkook to face the wall. 

You hear him laugh ad you just know he’s looking at you with that irritating smirk on his face. “You think I’m cute?” 

“Is that the only thing that stood out to you?” You whirled around to face him, only to be met with him laughing, like you expected he would be. 

“I think you’re cute too! Really cute actually. The cute way you get embarrassed like now, when you get irritated when I tease you and you make that cute face. Especially when you laugh because your laugh is so cute. And your personality is cute too, you’re so nice and you always get so flustered when I tease you, but you love coming up with comebacks too. You’re also really smart and one of the best doctors in our section.” The more he talked the wider your smile became and soon you were practically a puddle. 

You lightly smacked his arm, wanting him to stop. “Okay I get it! We’re both cute!”

“We are cute, and now that we know we both like each other are we something else?” 

“We’re……” You leaned toward him as you looked him in the eyes, causing him to slowly start leaning towards you as well, but as you got sloe enough to almost touch noses you ducked past him and started down the hall. “We’re going to talk about this when I get back!” 

“[Y/N]!” He called as your laugh echoed down the hall. “You’re such a tease!”


anon requested: Bondage with Taehyung and a shit ton of foreplay.

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» Part Two

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pairing: taehyungxreader
word count: 3k
warnings: smut;

Seven more fucking minutes was what she told me. I’ve waited in this damned lobby for more than three hours only because the receptionist ‘forgot’ to book in my reservation. Already two hours late for the corporate event, I pounded my nimble fingers against the scratched screen of my phone as I sent the hundredth text message to my superior.

TAE: I’d never imagine the VP to miss such an important event.

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The Wrom Institute

When I received word that I was accepted to an internship at the Wrom Institute, I was ecstatic. It was my dream job. Although just an intern, I’d be able to work alongside Henrietta Wrom!

For those unfamiliar with her, Wrom is the leading researcher in childhood psychology. She holds PhD’s in psychology, child development, biology, mathematics, and engineering. She is without a doubt a brilliant scholar. She has published books on the subjects of childhood personality disorders, trauma effects on the brain, and the role of humanity in psychosis. Her research articles are numerous and used in almost every program across the country. She started the Wrom institute a few years ago and it has become a hotbed of new and exciting opportunities.

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get the internship. I had only just finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology. Sure, I had a 4.0 and was at the top of my class, but thousands of people applied to the institute. PhD’s, doctoral students, professors, and even world renowned scholars had all applied. I was the only person selected.

My first day I was overwhelmed with excitement. I nearly spilled coffee all over myself. I had picked out my best outfit and done my makeup perfectly. I stood in front of the Institute for a while, eyeing the building. It was a huge brick facility with no windows (this is fairly common when research trials are being done – so the weather doesn’t affect the outcome of the experiment). The building stood alone down a long road. The nearest building wasn’t even in eyesight. I took a deep breath and walked inside.

I was greeted by Mai Lee. She was a tall Asian woman in a lab coat. I felt a little comforted by the fact she was Asian (I’m half Pilipino) but her demeanor was not friendly. She held a clipboard close to her chest as she gave me a tour of the place. I saw multiple labs complete with microscopes and other biological equipment. I saw interviewing rooms and offices. It took us nearly three hours to tour the entire facility. Near the end of the tour I noticed two red double doors that were closed and locked.

“Where does that lead to?” I asked Mai Lee.

She glanced at the doors but kept walking. “That is the Achilles Ward. You don’t have clearance to enter there.” She kept going briskly and I hurried to keep up with her.

My excitement was waning, and waned even more when I learned that my job was comprised completely of data entry. Mai Lee sat me down at a computer and explained that I would be entering the weight, color, and consistency of baby gorilla feces. Apparently the experiment was seeing if the babies’ bowel movements were affected by the amount of attention their mothers gave them. Needless to say, this did not excite me.

“Am I going to meet Henrietta Wrom?” I smiled up at the other woman.

She did not smile back. “It’s Dr. Wrom. And no.” She turned on her heels and walked away.

That’s how I spent my first week – entering baby poop data. Each day I tried to keep a positive outlook. But no one spoke to me unless they had to. No one smiled at me or seemed to want to get to know me. Everyone just went about their business and left me to my computer and feces.

But then something odd happened. I had been there ten days and was taking my lunch in one of the break rooms. Two men were talking about a study they were working on but did not invite me to join them. I sat alone. I reached into my bag to pull out my sandwich. But inside I felt a crumbled piece of paper. I pulled it out. It was an empty worksheet with a message written on it in red crayon. It said:

“Help me. I’m in Achilles. I need you.”

I was disturbed to say the least. Someone had clearly slipped this into my bag when I wasn’t paying attention. But I was just a lowly intern…I figured it had to be a joke. I looked around the breakroom and noticed the two men had left. I also noticed a woman looking in through the window, but once I met her eye-line she quickly rushed away.

I threw the note out and felt even more depressed. A few days went by and I had finished entering the gorilla data. I was given a new data entry project – entering the images, colors, shapes, and scribbles of children’s artwork. It was tedious. I didn’t have very any friends so I couldn’t complain to anyone. Plus I grew up in the foster care system so I had no mom or dad to vent to. All I could do was go home and ramble to my dog.

I got another note in my bag five days later. This time it was written on construction paper. The text was still written with crayon, this time green. It said:

“Please, I need you. I’m in Achilles. I know you want to help.”

Since getting my first note I had been extra cautious with my bag, making sure it was never out of my sight. How did the note get in? I stared at the paper for a long time. I felt a little scared and confused. If someone really did need help, why would they turn to me?

On my lunchbreak I walked past those red metal doors I had seen on my first day. I inspected them. There were electronic, rigged up to a palm reader. The only way in was to press your hand on the reader and be recognized. But Mai Lee said I didn’t have clearance. I thought about trying it anyway, but was fearful of getting in trouble. I scurried back to my desk and tried to focus on work.

But I couldn’t. Those notes…they were too weird. I decided I would wait until everyone had left, and then try the doors. If I couldn’t get in, so be it. If I got in trouble or got fired, fine. I was miserable here anyway. Plus I guess the notes triggered some creepy savoir complex in me.

It took hours and hours. People worked late at the Institute and I was incredibly anxious just sitting at the computer. But around 11pm the halls were completely silent. The lights were motion activated, so the only light shining was directly above me.

I got up quickly and made my way to the red doors. It was creepy walking alone through the Institute. The lights would come on as I moved and go off where I left. I realized that I had started running towards the doors. When I reached them I was out of breath. I caught myself and looked at the palm reader. Here it goes, I thought.

I pressed my right hand against the reader. It took a moment, as if it were thinking. I almost wished it wouldn’t work. But then it blinked green. The doors started to open slowly. I nearly turned around and ran out of there. What did I expect to find?

But when I looked through the doorway it appeared normal. It was a hallway with doors on one side. It looked like interviewing rooms. I sighed in relief. Someone must have been messing with me. I decided to go in anyway, just to see what was in there.

Once I had walked through the doorway the red doors slammed shut behind me. I turned around in surprise but couldn’t open them again. This was starting to feel dangerous. But I crept forward down the hallway. As I moved the light in the hallway turned on, and I realized that the hall wasn’t normal at all.

It had prison cells in it. Large cells with glass instead of bars. I could see in the rooms and what I saw…

In the first cell was a toddler. He couldn’t have been more than three. He was sitting on the ground, rocking back and forth. I froze where I stood. Without warning two slots opened on either side of his cell. Through one came a large metal arm with a bowl of food. Through the other came an arm that looked almost human. Except it was completely covered in barbed wire. The toddler had no hesitation. He ambled over to the human-like arm and started cuddling it. He rubbed himself against the barbed wire, cutting his skin and causing himself to bleed. But the look on his face was one of pure contentment.

I screamed and started pounding on the glass. But he didn’t notice me. He must not have been able to see or hear me. I could only watch in horror as he caused himself more and more injury.

I fell to the side, nearly vomiting. The light went out where I was standing, and the next came on. I knew what that meant. Someone or something wanted me to keep going. I clutched my stomach and inched towards the next cell. In it sat a girl of around five. She was speaking into a mirror but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. All of a sudden a speaker turned on and her voice filled the hall.

“Red. Apple. Tree. Cut. Blood. Red. Apple.” She was repeating the same words over and over into the mirror. She was staring at her own reflection almost unblinking. Her hands clutched the sides of it as if she would fall over without it. The girl started saying her mantra louder. “TREE. CUT. BLOOD. RED. APPLE. TREE. CUT. RED. I mean, blood. BLOOD!”

There was a huge spark and the girl screamed. Then the speaker cut out. I realized slowly that she wasn’t holding the mirror – she was strapped to it. A jolt of electricity must have been sent through the mirror into the little girl. The jolt knocked her out, and she hung unconscious from her hands. They were nailed to the mirror. Her little head fell backwards and her mouth was open and drooling.

The light went out. The next light turned on. It lit the hall menacingly. I shuffled towards the next cell. I don’t know why I didn’t try to run away. Maybe I knew that those doors were not going to open. Or maybe I was just sick.

In the next cell were three children around the age of nine. Two girls and a boy. The girls were wearing odd shaped paper dresses and the boy wore a diaper. Behind them was a screen with words on it. The words said, “Shave Boy’s Head.”

The girls approached the boy, who did not resist. They had no sharp instruments, so they began pulling his hair out with their hands. When this didn’t work well, they began ripping it out with their teeth. The boy was crying but did not struggle. The words appeared on the screen again, “Stop.”

The three children looked to the screen, awaiting instructions. “Girls Need Bath.” The two girls looked at each other, and then started licking themselves. They licked feverishly. The boy licked too, alternating between the girls. I looked away just as the light died and the next light popped on.

I couldn’t do this. The hallway was too long and I couldn’t stand any more disgusting sights. I cried out to no one, “Why did you bring me here?”

The lights went out again. No other light came on. I stood for ten second in deafening darkness. Then a female voice said, “You wanted to come here.”

I fell to my knees and started to cry. “No, I would never want this!”

“That’s what you wrote in your application.” All of the lights suddenly turned on and I squinted in the intense brightness. I rubbed my eyes quickly and realized there was a woman standing in front of me. I tried to move back but I hit a wall.

“You wrote that you would do anything to participate in the Wrom Institute.” She was wearing a white coat. Her frizzy hair was up in a bun on her head. She wore wide rimmed glasses. I recognized her immediately.

“Dr. Wrom?”

She stepped towards me. “Didn’t you wonder why you were chosen out of thousands? Why a girl with just a bachelor’s would be selected? You went to a state school for god’s sake.” She scoffed. “You were chosen because you have no one who will miss you.”

I wrapped my arms around myself. “But you study child psychology. What do you want with me?”

She grinned a toothy smile. “You were raised in the system. You have no family. You are the perfect subject for a new study I am developing. It’s looking into the effects of trauma on foster care graduates. As you can see, I have created the trauma. Now I just need to inflict it on you.”

Before I realized what was going on someone had grabbed me and dragged me to my feet. I struggled but the person stuck a large needle into my neck. My vision blurred and the last sound I could hear was Dr. Wrom instructing me to relax.

I woke up here, in my cell. The walls are tinted but I am sure they are glass, just like the cells of the children. There is a speaker on the ceiling that tells me what to do. Once a man came in and strapped me to a chair. He said he was testing out a new machine designed to keep my eyes open. It hooked into my eyelids. I asked him why and he said simply, “So you can’t look away.”

And that’s why I’m writing this. Because the voice in the speaker told me to write it. It told me to account for my time here at the Institute. I guess I will be writing entries after I am subjected to…to whatever it is I have to see.

Okay. I have written it all. Am I done now? You said I might still be able to go home. Please? Help me. I need you.

Dating Atsushi Nakajima

I’ve spent most of my winter break watching anime & I’m still watching anime even though I have hw due tomorrow xD but anyways I hope you guys enjoy this. Requests and criticism is accepted :) 

  • At first, the relationship would start of as friends. The two of you would meet when he was brought in by Dazai. You were one of the hostages for his entry exam. Tricking him made you feel guilty when you saw how far he went to save your lives. You apologized to him by offering to buy him his lunch, in which he accepted. While he was eating, the two of you talked about pretty much everything. Once he was done eating, he insisted on walking you home but you denied because he would get lost on the way to his apartment 
  • You guys basically became friends because you bought him food 
  • However, as time progressed the two of you got closer. What really brought the two of you closer was when he had a nightmare about his experience in orphanage. 
  • His feelings began changing when he realized that he can confide in you about his past. He realized this when you would constantly make sure that he’s okay & that you’re always up for talking about stuff with him
  • He confessed his feelings this one time when he came over to your house. It became a habit to go to your house to rest after completing his missions. He stopped by a florists because Dazai told him flowers were the way to go. As soon as you opened the door, a bouquet of flowers were shoved in your face along with a rushed confession. You of course accepted it because you felt the same
  • The relationship was sweet & innocent. He constantly wants physical attention from you but is too shy so it’s up to you to grab his hand and kiss his cheek 
  • He’s constantly worried that he will hurt you with his ability but you make sure that he knows it will never happen. However, despite that the thought of hurting you is constantly in his mind
  • Communication is a really big part of your relationship. The two of you never fight because of that. If any issue comes between you two, it will get solved as soon as it came up. 
  • Overall, the two of you deeply love each other and know when something is up. The two of you are basically each other missing pieces and will do anything to keep each other happy. 
Why Girls Go Undiagnosed

I’m not quite sure why, but I had the sudden urge to talk about the commonly seen “chameleon” coping-mechanism in girls with Autism.

Okay so, I’ll preface this with an outline of my early childhood. As a baby I had an a-typical development, but not one that was seen as “worry-worthy” by my parents. I started talking a little later than the other kids in my family but only by a few months, so they didn’t notice; especially because I seemed to be developing more maturely than them. After I started talking just before I turned two I started teaching myself the alphabet, arranging things into alphabetical order, and then I taught myself to read, then when I was coming up to three to write, and then I started memorising phone numbers and dialogue from TV and movies - so they were rather relieved and saw no wrong, despite my obsessive behaviour and reluctance to a lot of sensory behaviours.
At primary school I was reading about three years ahead, but I rarely read the books they gave me in school because from the age of 5+ I only wanted to read about WWII or book series that I had bought myself, and was doing maths a year ahead of my peers but it was through my cousins homework so my teachers never knew. My family’s concerns were that I was throwing huge tantrums about my clothes, and that I was extremely sensitive to the pressure of shoes or the textures of certain clothing items, and that I had stopped eating because “I didn’t like the way food felt in my mouth or tasted” and hated sleeping and had huge germaphobia. But they called it “OCD” and “PTSD”.
If this had continued longer, they probably would have had me diagnosed but…

This is where the chameleon comes in:

When I was eight, I had taken an interest in surveys and spent all my break and lunch times making them. One day I made one about “how do you feel today,” and asked EVERYONE in my class. Even the teacher. When she was looking for her response, she noticed two feelings that were “all to the left” and “all to the right” and asked what it meant; she thought it was taking sides in an argument. My response was, “you know when you feel something or hear something and one half of your body feels different to the other half like heavier? And you have to like hop on it or shake it to even it out.” And she just said no. It was then I thought about how other people weren’t feeling or seeing the same things as me and I started obsessively copying other people. It was something I had done since I was young, because I had loved memorising dialogue from TV and from my family, but now I did it to fit in. I would obsessively make lists of my friends and what I needed to fit in and be like the “normal” people on TV. And people in my class started pointing out “why do you dress differently” and “why did you change the colour of all your pencils”.

I literally did this up until about the age of 13, when I had a sort of breakdown and ended up changing schools which made everything worse. My sensory issues got worse, I went through bouts of depression and agoraphobia, had anxiety attacks every morning and missed weeks of school because of the classes and the crowds.

It took a year to find someone who diagnosed me.

I just wanted to show an example of what articles mean when they mentions girls with autism and their “hiding” mechanisms.

Shattered - Part 5

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Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1869

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: So BTS is mentioned in this, but as a 6 member group since Taehyung is their manager. I did get writers block for this section and I’ve been extremely tired these past few days… This part really was just a filler so I apologize if it’s not that interesting. 

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“Bang. Tan. Anneonghaseyo, we are Bangtansonyeondan.”

Today is your first day officially working at BigHit Entertainment. To say the least, you were ecstatic. Bang Si Hyuk has brought you to the group’s practice room and right now they are giving their introductions.

“Hello, I’m Rap Monster, Kim Namjoon. I’m the leader of this group and the rapper.”

“Hi, my name in Jin, Kim Seokjin I’m the most handsome of the group and a vocal.” Jin makes a cute face and laughs.

“My name is Suga, Min Yoongi. I’m a rapper and producer for this group.”

“I’m your hope, I’m you angel, I’m J-hope!” You give a small laugh at his introduction. “My real name is Jung Hoseok and I’m a rapper as well as the main dancer.”

“Hello vice manager noona. I’m Jimin, Park Jimin I’m a vocal and one of a the main dancers as well.”

“Annyeong noona. My name is Jungkook, Jung Jungkook and I’m the maknae of the group. Please take good care of us.”

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Hi! How can I stop procrastinating? Sorry for my English 🙈 Thanks in advance 💋

I’d say commit yourself to do 5 minutes of the thing, just 5. After you’ve spent 5 minutes on it its very unlikely you’d continue to put it off and will want to see it through and complete the task.

Sebastian Stan Request

Hi please do a Sebastian Stan one shot where he is dating the reader but she is best friends with Chris Evans and there are all kinds of rumours and Seb gets jealous and insecure, thank you

“Evans spotted with Y/L/N,” was the headline draped across Sebastian’s computer; attached was another picture from you and Chris’ dinner together last week. Sebastian shut the computer lightning fast as he heard the front door open and close. “Babe, I’m home,” you yelled from the front door.

“In here,” Sebastian hollered from the couch and set the computer off to the side. Last week he had been out of state for movie promo and woke up one morning to see pictures of you and Chris eating dinner together. He wasn’t worried, at first, because you and Chris had been best friends since before you and he had even started dating. It was a couple days after that he began to worry. Those pictures, and others of you two out and about, had surfaced with varying titles all revolving around how you two must be together now. After a while, and seeing all the comments, it was starting to get to him a little.

“Hi, babe,” you leaned over the couch and gave him a kiss. “How was your day?”

“Good. Got a call for another audition. Looks like I’ll be out of town for a day in a couple weeks. How was your day?”

“Awesome! My day was good. Chris asked if we wanted to go out to lunch with him tomorrow. Have anything planned?”

“No,” he answered. “Did you see Chris today,” he sounded a little hurt.

“Ugh, no,” you were taken back by his tone. “He called me on my lunch break to ask. Why?”

“No reason. Just seems like you and he spent a lot of time together while I was gone.”

“Well, we did. You were gone and Chris only had a couple local interviews so we passed our time together. It was kind of nice. With all his filming he’s had recently we haven’t gotten to hang out in a while.”

“Neither have we,” Sebastian retorted a little defensively.

“Wow, what’s going on?”

“I’ve been working a lot too and now I’m back and we already have plans to go out with Chris.”

“Sebastian Stan…” you tilted your head at him, “are you jealous of Chris?”

He paused for a moment, “…..No.” He turned away from you.

“Seb,” you walked around and sat next to him, “look at me,” you placed a hand on his lap. He slowly turned and looked towards you. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“I felt like all I saw when I was gone was pictures of you and Chris. And, normally you know that wouldn’t bother me, but all the pictures talked about was how you two were together…”

“Sebastian, I love you so much. One, I would never cheat on you. Two, I would never date Chris. You are everything I need,” you cupped his face in one of your hands. “Don’t ever think I’d lose everything for someone else…ok?”

He nodded slowly, “Ok babe. You’re right, I’m sorry,” he pulled you against him and kissed your cheek. “Are you hungry for dinner?”


While on our recent journey over through southern oregon I had the very appreciated opportunity to reconnect with an old barn owl i had met months prior. She and her children roost within an old weathered barn filled with a rich historical past, drafty windows, deep creaking floor boards , chipped paint and the tingling sensations of mystery and lore.

To reach the owls roost you crawl up a small wooden ladder into a huge open loft covered with down feathers, pellets, random hay, debris and hundreds if not thousands of tiny bones strewn across the worn floor boards.

With each step you can hear the particularly eerie crunch of tiny bones being crushed beneath your feet…. an unsettling and unfortunate sound for a bone collector to witness.

There were so many pellets within the loft ( you cant see much in the photos… but there were TONS) ,many old  and broken down, some pellets were eaten away so much that it left only piles of bone… some were fresh and still moist and some were HUMONGOUS which was a pleasant sight mostly because it means the owls are getting more than one rodent per meal… aka well fed.
So naturally i took a lunch break and instead of eating, i spent my time collecting about 50 pellets which may sound like a lot…. but with how many were up there ….my bag of 50 didn’t make the slightest dent.

Owl pellets are a great way to collect little bones for studies, anatomy, crafts, jewelry and curiosity collections… they are also a great way to test your patience….
Alongside many other birds, owls do not chew their food, smaller manageable prey are swallowed whole while other larger prey are torn into bite size pieces before consumption. Odd thing about owls verses other similar birds is that they are missing a small sac within their throat that would operate as a food storage compartment…. this compartment is called a crop. Since an owl lacks a crop, their food passes directly into their digestive system.

There are 2 parts to an owls stomach, the first being the glandular stomach which produces enzymes, acids and mucus that jump start the process of digestion. The Second part is the muscular stomach… aka the gizzard, which serves as a filter that holds back indigestible items such as feathers, fur, bone and some exoskeletons.  
The soluble and digestible parts of an owls meal are passed through the rest of the digestion process while the indigestible matter will ( within several hours) get compressed into a pellet ( which takes the same shape as the gizzard). Once the pellet is formed and compressed, it will start to make its way back up into the first stomach ( glandular stomach) where it will sit for up to 10 hours until it is finally regurgitated. Due to the pellet sitting within the glandular stomach and blocking a section of the digestive tract, owls cannot consume another meal until the pellet is released.

An interesting side note, if an owl eats more than one prey item in a nights hunt, they will still only produce one pellet. This is nice for those of us who dissect pellets due to the fact that you can have several skeletons and skulls within one pellet.
Content of an owls pellet are indicators of their diet, most of the time i usually just see rats and mice along with the occasional mole,vole and small birds.

There are a few ways to extract bones from pellets, typically pellets are very compact and hard to the touch which makes pulling out bones a bit difficult.

One way to dissect a pellet is to soak it over night which loosens up all the hair and fur making bones much easier to pull out, the only thing about this method is that the fur sticks to EVERYTHING due to being wet. It is also much easier to loose the smaller bones like phalanges and claws… If you choose to soak your pellet i highly suggest doing so on a mesh screen from there you will pull it all apart making sure to spread the pellets remnants thin across the screen and allow it to dry over night.
Letting it dry will help keep the messy aspect more controllable and make it easier to locate those teeny bones without fur sticking to everything.
Then, just use your forceps or tweezers to pull out your bones.

Another method of dissection is to dry dissect with forceps ( or tweezers) and a needle.
THis is how i usually dissect pellets, i start by loosening up the fur along the outer rim of the pellet and gently pull away tufts as i loosen them.
The more fur you loosen up, the more bones should loosen up, gently pull or pop out protruding bones… from there its just rinse and repeat.
Sometimes you can loosen up or break apart only one side of the pellet and be able to gently pull the rest apart which makes it easy to spread out and extract bones.
All pellets are different, some are softer, older and easier to pull apart while others are almost hard as rock making dissecting a long process, which can test your patience.

Last method ( which i discovered by accident)
is using little larvae to break apart your pellets for you…. leaving a pile of bones and loose fur.
Common with owl pellets are little tiny moths called clothes moths, their larvae or young feed off of pellet fur and remnants which inevitable helps
loosen up all the compact fur. I discovered using larvae by leaving some pellets within an old plastic spinach container for weeks…. apparently the larvae had been within the pellets when i had collected them and without any place to go aside from the large spinach container… they had gone through a couple life cycles meaning there were 2 or 3 cycles of larvae feeding off these pellets.
Since the container was large and full of a fur and bone buffet, i kept some of the larvae inside to keep feeding off the pellets… throwing in new fresh “ food” for them whenever i was able.
It was about 3 weeks before all the pellets inside were nothing but piles of dust and bone.

If you look close, you can see the tiny larvae strewn about in the bone and fur debris 

Usually if you collect pellets fresh you will end up finding a little tiny whitish larvae hidden within the contents… those little larvae are what you want.
If you feel like having companions help you dissect your pellet, i suggest putting the pellets and larvae within a closed container for a few weeks and see what happens.
Dont be fooled if it looks like they have dissipated, i have found the larvae like to burrow deep within the fur…. sometimes i cant even find them without poking my finger inside the container and sifting the fur around. Another thing to be aware of, is the clothes moths, it can be a bit surprising opening a container and getting a flurry of little beige colored moths flying toward your face… so if you do choose to use the clothes moth larvae, do so outside away from your clothing and home.

It’s funny because I used to follow the funniest girl in my class on tumblr, every night she posted about how sad she felt.
It’s funny because multiple times I found the girl who was nominated ‘best smile’ at prom crying her eyes out in the toilets.
It’s funny because the guy who was always there for everyone spent every single lunch time walking around on his own.
It’s funny because every so often I would walk into the toilets to find the girl whose figure made so many people envious, purging.
It’s funny because I was always known to be the 'happiest girl’ at school when actually I spent every night, break and lunch destroying my body and taking multiple overdoses.
It’s funny because, well actually it’s not funny at all, it’s fucking terrifying that we are taught to hide how we truly feel and we will be more socially accepted.

Years ago, Marvel HQ used to be situated in the building in which I work. I discovered this information when cutting up an old comic and promptly freaked the fuck out.

At least twice a day, I ride an elevator that once housed, well, many antiquated opinions about race and gender and the proportionate amount of pouches necessary for fighting crime, but also the history of some of the characters I really love.

There were people who sat in the very building I’m sitting in right now and talked about exactly what I talk about, but when they did it, it was doing their job instead of how they spent their lunch break. How fucking cool is that.

This city is huge and it is tiny, and I love both parts of it.