this is how i spend my friday nights off

Imagine spending Friday night with Jared

I ring the doorbell two times before I get my hands into my pockets, it’s and oddly cold night in Los Angeles. Jared appears in the door almost immediately and he obviously looks surprised by my presence there.

“I thought… Emma called you?”

“Yeah, and I know it’s my day off, can I come in now? I’m freezing”

“Oh, sure, sorry”

He moves away from the door to let me in and I thank how warm it feels inside. Freaking LA feels like summer all year and it had to hit a cold night when I have to take the bus to Hollywood Hills.

We walked towards Jared’s studio and it looks as messy as it did the day before. I take my jacket off and leave it with my bag in the couch. Jared still looks at me confused and I can’t bear his eyes on me.

“What happened to Emma?” He finally asks, “She was here a few hours ago and didn’t say anything about this”

“She had an emergency at home, didn’t say more” I shrug, “She called and I had the night off, so I ended up accepting. If you want me to go, say it before I miss the last bus home”

I’ve been working with Jared for a while, maybe a little less than two years, and it was all professional between us. Obviously our relationship wasn’t as close as with Emma, she was his best friend and assistant, I was just the girl who helps them with editing or whatever else Jared needs.

“Oh no, I need the help. Didn’t Emma told you anything about dinner?”

“I was supposed to bring you dinner?” I ask him surprised, does Emma do everything for him?, “She didn’t say anything about dinner”

“It’s ok” He shrugs, “I have some quesadillas left from lunch”

We spend a whole two minutes without saying a word, he plays with his hands and, call me crazy, but I could swear he’s nervous.

“So…” I start, and that brings him back to earth.

“Yeah, work”

Jared starts tidying up his desk while putting in front of me piles of paper. I watch him as he talks about having lots to do and that we might stay up all night, his hands take his hair out his eyes from time to time and I giggle inside because of this. Jared notices that I’m not paying attention and looks at me intrigued.

“You’re gonna have to give me a whole week off after this” I tease as I shake my head.

“It’s not that much work, we’ve had busier nights with Emma”

“So I’ve heard” I mumble picking some of the paper work, and I know he heard me, “When do we start then?”

“You’re not hungry?” He asks, sitting on the floor next to me.

“Nah, I’m ok”

He nods and starts showing me what to do with all the letters and random papers with parts of song lyrics on them. Jared can be a really neat guy, but when he gets in this “work bubble” he doesn’t even care about cleaning, all he sees is work and now we were organizing all his work from past weeks. I allow myself to take a peek on the new lyrics and can’t help but notice that these promise to be amazing songs in the future, but knowing Jared, most of the lyrics will end up in the trash.

An hour later I’ve stacked up every single one of the papers on his desk and I sit to take a short break. Jared spends all this time just looking at his laptop, reading emails and answering them all.

“So… You’re still going out with that English guy?” He asks after a few minutes of silence, only hearing him typing.

“Who? Alex? We broke up six months ago”

Jared gives me a surprised look and I laugh at his face.

“You seriously need to put more attention at my conversations with Emma, all this work will drive you insane” I notice how he shrugs and leads his eyes back to the laptop screen, “Seriously Jared, do you even remember how old I am?”

I stay silent waiting for an answer, but he shields himself on his concentrated face, even though I know he must be trying to remember how old I said I was in my interview two years ago.

“Young” He finally says and I burst into laugh.

“God, you need more free time, dude”, I sit next to him on the floor and take my laptop off my bag, I know we will be using them now, “By the way, I’m 20”

“Told you, young” He says with a silvery voice, concealing a smile.

I turn on my laptop and I notice by the corner of my eye that he’s looking at me. I look him back and I receive a smile in return while all I can think about is how much I want him to look away from me, that his eyes are bursting something in my chest that I shouldn’t be feeling right now.

“You need a haircut” I end up saying and the connection of our eyes is lost thanks to my stupid comment, I roll my eyes and I hear him giggle.

“Yeah, and you need a new boyfriend. It’s Friday and you have the night off”

“You’re paying me for this extra hours, if it wasn’t for that I would probably be somewhere else, believe me”

Why do I always have to act like a bitch around him? God, I hate myself. I don’t even receive an answer from him, he just gives me one last look and gets back to work.

“What else do you need me to do?” I ask to break the awkward silence in the room.

“Update this on the site, you can go home when you’re done” Jared answers handing me a paper sheet not even looking at me.

I take the paper from his hand and I start working. Great, I annoyed him.

All I have to do is delete some things out of stock from the merch and add new ones. It doesn’t even take me half an hour and when I’m finished I turn off my laptop and save it in my bag. When I check my watch I notice that the last bus home has already finished its last route here and I will have to walk and try to find a cab.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” I whisper and I’m not sure if I spoke too quietly, or he’s just ignoring me, because I don’t receive any kind of answer.

I take my jacket and head towards the front door, there’s no need to insist, if I say something else and we end up fighting I’ll probably finish my night unemployed.

When I get to the front door I hear him coming towards me, I turn around to say goodbye but I end up cornered between him and the door. His hands go straight to my face and I feel his fingers touching my skin like it is made of porcelain, my breathing is heavy and I can’t help but lay my hands on his chest. I’ve never seen his eyes this close and the usual blue is now intense and I notice his pupils dilated. I can feel his breathing on my face and the view of his eyes disappear as he close them, caressing my cheeks with his nose. I close my eyes too, hypnotized by his touch and I grin when I feel his lips leaving small kisses on my jaw.

“Jared…” I mumble grabbing his shirt to pull him closer to me.

He doesn’t say a word and keeps kissing me, making his way through my neck. Jared grabs my bag with one hand and leaves it on the floor without separating from me, I drop my jacket on the floor and I moan when he grabs me by the hips to make me wrap my legs around him, cornering me even more on the door.

“Would you stay?” I hear him ask when one of his hands grabs me by the neck to make me look at him.

“Only if you kiss me” I whisper in response.

A smirk appears on his face and a second later his hand is pushing my head to his. Our lips finally make contact and I feel like I’m in heaven. At first the kiss is gentle and I get to enjoy how soft his lips are and how caring his hand is while holding me against him. But in a second everything heats up, and It’s not only his lips that I’m tasting, his tongue starts playing in my mouth and I notice how our breathings start speeding up. I wrap my hands around his neck, not wanting to let him go, but we break the connection to catch air. His eyes lay on mine and I can sense the desire between us. I let go off the grip of my body against him and I notice how his posture changes, probably thinking that I’m leaving anyways. But I hold his hand and walk to the studio with him behind me. I’m still at the door when he grabs me again and starting kissing me while walking towards the sofa, we both fall on it and I start going all over his body with my hands. When I get to the edge of his shirt I help him take it off, our lips seal again and I giggle remembering our recent conversation.

“Wasn’t I too young?” I ask, grabbing a lock of his hair to place it behind his ear.

“Does it look like I care?” He answers and I notice how smoky his voice sounds.

Now it’s my turn to loose some clothes and help him take my shirt off. His kisses start covering my chest and all I can do is pull his hair while I feel his hands getting rid off my pants. The kisses start going up again and when he gets to my lips, Jared just leaves a small kiss and makes me look on his eyes while his right hand strokes me till he gets to my knickers, getting inside them to start rubbing me. I try to look down, to see what his hand is doing that is giving me such pleasure, but his left hand pulls my chin up.

“No peeking” He whispers and I feel my breathing getting heavy.

His hand rubs me with more intensity as my moans get louder and a permanent smirk lays on Jared’s face. I can’t help but push my hips against his hand in hope of getting more pleasure from him as I feel the orgasm closer and my whole body heating up.

“That’s right, come for me” Jared whispers again and again with his eyes glued to mine.

My eyes shut while I feel my whole body starting to shake, a last moan comes out of my lips and I’m already done under Jared’s body. I try to get my breathing back to normal, but he’s not done yet. I open my eyes to find him standing from the sofa to take off his pants. I sit taking his hands into mine to keep them from continuing and give myself some time to recover. I kiss his belly as I unzip the pants pulling them down. His hands go to my head and start pulling my hair as my kisses lower at the same time as his boxers. I’m only able to taste him a few times before he pulls me up to throw me on the couch again, this time getting rid of my wet knickers and my bra. I feel him inside within seconds and the moans start again. I wrap my legs around him to take him full length, my hands on his face and our eyes without being able to look away. His lips touch mine in short kisses and we lose contact to catch air and let little moans escape. One of his hands clears my face from my hair and then keeps it in my cheek caressing my lips and chin. Jared starts pitching faster and I feel as my heart would bumped out of my chest at any second. I bury my nails on his back and I hear him moan in response, a couple of pitches later Jared reaches climax and keeps moving inside of me till I let go of a last moan feeling his body collapse above me.

I can feel the irregular breathing on my neck, he’s still inside me and I feel whole. When he recovers himself a bit, I feel him coming out and I moan to the movement and later emptiness of my body. Jared giggles at my reaction and kisses me again, resting his hand on my cheek.

“Don’t worry” He says, holding my chin, “The night is young and there’s way more from where that came from”

“Nice way to spend this Friday night” I whisper playing with a lock of his hair, he kisses me again and smiles with his lips pressed to mine.

“You seriously don’t know how long I’ve wanted this” Jared whispers with his eyes looking at me amazed and with the now permanent smile on his face, “I felt like an idiot trying to get to you”

I’m speechless, I stop playing with his hair and he notices that my whole body is tense now.

“You’re my boss and I’m too young, you already said it” I whisper looking away, but his hand holds my chin again to make me look at him.

“Yeah, I’m your boss, and I said that I didn’t care about your age” A new kiss on my lips and I can’t help but smile, “Now stop whining about everything and start kissing me”

“As you wish, sir” I giggle, kissing him again.

11:59pm // how I spend my Friday nights, planning and bullet journaling

I usually get super lazy on weekends and lose a lot of my momentum as a result. This year I’m trying to stay committed on weekends while also enjoying my time off with my boyfriend.

This is my assignment master list for 4 out of 5 of my classes (one is a studio and doesn’t really have due dates). Just looking at October/November makes me want to cry but if I get a start now it shouldn’t be so bad.

Best Way To Spend A Friday Night.

Word Count: 2,998

Requested: No one follows me, so no.

Smut: Hell fucking yeah

Warning: Smut (duh) so pls don’t be, like, four.

“Mr. Styles,” I called as I entered the large, beautifully decorated office. “Mr. Horan is here for your three o’clock meeting,” I told him, looking down at my planner. He let out a sigh, taking his eyes off of his macbook and began to near me and Mr. Horan.

He shook Niall’s –I believe- hand and offered him a polite smile, to which Niall returned. “How are you?” Mr. Styles asked. I began to walk out of the room, seeing as he told me beforehand that I was not needed for this. I headed for the elevator, excited to get home and have a bit of “relief”, considering I had woken up horny.

I walked out of the building and proceeded to wait for a cab. Once I had hailed one, I told my address to the driver, and finally was on my way home. The car ride felt like forever, and the shitty pop music just added to my eagerness to get home. I began to fidget in my seat, crossing my legs wanting some sort of friction then uncrossing them. I had to take deep breaths in order to calm myself down, but once I saw my apartment building every moral I had when in the car disappeared. Once the car had stopped I had thrown my money at the passenger seat, clearly overpaying, and was already out of the car.

My excitement coursed through my body when I saw my apartment door come into view. I quickly got my keys out of my purse and unlocked the door. I ran straight to my bedroom, taking articles of clothing off as well. Once I was down to my lace panties I jumped on my bed and put my hands on my breasts, rolling my nipples in my forefinger and thumb. Moans spilled out of my mouth as I felt the dampness in my panties increase. I took one hand off of my breast and slowly crept it down towards my clothed clit, rubbing the sensitive bundle of nerves. I let out a sigh, my hand increasing its speed. Soft moans and panting were the only things you could hear in the room. I took my hand off of my clit and slipped it in my panties, continuing to rub harshly on my throbbing clit. My moans increased and began to get louder as I slipped a finger into my soaked pussy. My body was in ecstasy as I added another finger. Moaning, I brought my hand that was resting on my breast down to my clit, rubbing furiously searching for my orgasm. My moans were louder than ever, to the point where the neighbors could possibly hear. My body shook violently, the feeling in the pit of my stomach growing as my orgasm washed over me and let out a final moan. My breath was unsteady, and my heart raced as I lay on my bed worn out and tired.

I let out steady breaths and removed my fingers from its previous area. I made my way to my bathroom, planning to take a bath. I turned the knob on the tub, adding lavender scented bubbles soon after.  The sudden knocks on my door startled me. I threw on my silk robe from Victoria’s Secret and neared the front door. No doubt it would be a noise complaint, as per usual. I opened the door and was surprised by Mr. Styles’ head of curls facing me. I cleared my throat, gaining his attention as he settled his attention on me. His eyes widened as he saw my appearance, his emerald eyes piercing my body licking his lips as he did so. It had then dawned upon me that I was only in a robe, one which barely covered my ass. He smiled, the silence becoming more awkward by the seconds. He opened his mouth, but soon closed it shaking his head after. “Uhm, do you need something?” I asked, trying not to sound rude.

“Do you have company or,” he chuckled. I gave him a puzzled look, not following what he was talking about. But then it hit me like a bus, he heard everything. My jaw dropped and a groan escaped my mouth. “You heard?” I asked. He chuckled, once again, and nodded. I placed my hands over my face, it heating up by the second. “God, was I that loud?” he laughed, which was basically the first time I had ever heard his laugh and it was kinda hot. He grabbed onto my hands and took them in his, removing them from my red face. “Don’t worry, it’s normal to have hormones, Y/N” he offered me a polite smile, dimples and all.

“Do you want to come in?” I asked, figuring that it was weird to be standing out of my apartment for nearly five minutes. He nodded, and I opened the door wider for him to enter, closing it behind him. “How did the meeting go?” I asked, attempting to make conversation. “We didn’t finish, his wife went into labor,” he was looking around the room, noticing all the small fixtures I thought would tie the place together. I nodded understandingly, I adverted my gaze to my fidgeting hands. When my mother got remarried, my sister went into labor during their vows.

It became awkward again as neither of us spoke up. I looked up at him, but his eyes were already on my body as a smirk was on his plump lips. “Who was it?” He asked, the smirk never leaving his lips. I gave him a questioning glance. “What do you mean,” I asked. “Come on, who did you imagine when you were touching yourself?” He got up from my couch, coming towards me. “I can’t just do it for my pleasure?” I asked, arching one of my eyebrows. “Who does it purely for pleasure anymore? I wouldn’t be able to do it, I always imagine someone,” the smirk on his face was beginning to annoy me, my urge to slap it off growing the longer it stayed. “And who would that be?” I asked, licking my lips. His eyes locked on my lips, licking his soon after. His gaze went south, towards my breasts; the only thing covering them was the robe. “Eyes up here buddy,” I snapped, rolling my eyes after. His hands found my hips, a questioning look on my face. His lips neared my ear, “Who do you think, princess?” His hands found my ass, squeezing it in his large hands. Moans threatened to spill, my breathing hitched as he tugged on my earlobe with his teeth. The feeling of his hands on my butt disappeared, as well as the feeling of him all together. “See you at work, Y/N” he smirked, a pout on my lips as he went out the door.

I puffed out a breath of air when my eyes widened. “Shit!” I shouted running to my, still running, bathtub.


I exited the elevator, walking towards my office. Another day of hell, I thought while letting out a groan. I unlocked the door, and entered, plopping down in my chair soon after. I let out, yet another, loud groan. “What a lovely way to greet me, Miss Y/L/N.”I looked up, noticing Mr. Styles in the doorway with a stack of papers in his hand. “Sorry, just tired,” I apologized, sitting up properly in my chair. He made his way near me, handing me the stack of papers. “Fax these to Horan Enterprises, and then make three copies of each paper. You’ll keep one copy while Liam and Louis keep a copy.” I gave him a questioning glance at the mentions of ‘Liam and Louis’. “My bad, Mr. Payne and Mr. Tomlinson.” I nodded, following what he was saying. He gave me a smile and exited my office. I groaned once more and then started on my instructions for the day.

I had continued to run about all day and had to venture onto the streets of New York, seeing as he asked me to pick up his dry cleaning, get him something for dinner and drop them both off at his penthouse. Once I had returned back to the office, it was ten ‘till five. Just ten minutes then I have Friday night to myself. A knock on the office door brought me out of my daydream. I muttered a come in and Mr. Styles sauntered in with his essentials in his hand. “You can leave now, no need to wait the ten minutes if you’re already finished.” I flashed him a grateful smile and gathered my things. “You ready?” He asked. I responded with a curt nod. We then made our way to the elevator, taking it to the car garage.

“Do you have a ride?” His eyes found mine, as I shook my head. “Okay,” he responded looking away, I stared at him with a questioning look, not knowing what he meant. “Stop staring,” he smirked. I rolled my eyes at him. “Stop rolling your eyes, they’re gonna fall out,” he smiled. Just to aggravate him, I did it once more. He glared at me, as I stared at the elevator doors. “Stop staring,” I mimicked with a smirk on my face, whilst he had an angered look on his.

Once we had reached the garage, he motioned me to follow him to his car. I stood beside him, as he looked at me questioningly. “Well, get in,” he stated in a ‘duh’ tone. I glared at him, getting in the passenger side. He then made his way to his side and then exited the garage.

The ride to my complex wasn’t uncomfortable, though it was filled with silence. Once he had pulled up, he parked at the spot designated for my car, if I had one. I had gotten out, shutting the door after thanking him. Once I had gotten to the stairs, he was following me. “What’s up?” I asked, not understanding why he was following me. “I’m coming in.” he stated, not caring if I had plans. Which, I don’t. “Why? I might have plans I need to get ready for,” I continued the way to my door. “But you don’t, so I’m going to keep you company.” I pulled the keys out of my purse. “How would you know,” I turned around, glaring at him. “Because, you would’ve kicked me out already,” Fuck, he’s right. “Fine, but don’t blame me for only liking Saturday’s nightlife.”

I walked towards my room, slamming the door after. I undressed and put on a tank top –one that made my boobs looks fucking amazing- and shorts –which also made my ass look great. “Y/N” Harry whined. “I’m bored,” I laughed, opening the door and walking out past him. “This is my Friday night, Harry. I make no plans just to relax.” I plopped on the couch, grabbing the remote and flicking on the tv. Harry groaned behind me, as the sound of ruffling clothes followed. I looked at him, watching as he took off his work jacket, his muscles flexing as he did so. I bit my lip, watching as he rolled up the sleeves on his white shirt, his tattoos evident under the white fabric. “Stop staring,” he smirked, looking over at me. “No thanks, I’m good,” I licked my lips. “You like what you see,” he asked cockily as I got up from my spot to near him, confidence surging through my veins. “I like what I see, a lot,” I smirked, placing my hands on his shoulders looking into his eyes that were now shades darker, lust clouding them. He placed his hands on my hips, drawing soothing patterns on the skin there.

I grabbed him by the back of his neck, crashing his lips with mine. Our lips molding together in a messy kiss. His tongue licking my bottom lip seeking access, of which I wasn’t going to give in soon. He rested his hands on my ass, licking my bottom lip once again; still I hadn’t given in yet. But once he slapped my ass, a moan escaped my parted lips as his tongue battled mine earning dominance. His hands squeezed and clawed at my ass, as I tugged on his hair. The longer we kissed, the messier it got. Our teeth were colliding, though neither of us mined, and his tongue explored my mouth. I moved my hands to rest on his shoulders then to his chest, unbuttoning his shirt. Once all the buttons were undone, his hand left my ass to take it off as well as my tank top. He groaned at the sight off my breast, “God, so fucking perfect” he placed his hands on my boobs, grabbing and squeezing them in his large hands. Our mouths were back on each other, memorizing and indulging at the feel of each other. He placed his hands on my thighs, squeezing the skin, picking me up soon after my legs wrapped around his torso. I detached our lips, kissing down his jaw line, occasionally sucking. Once I had reached his neck, I began sucking harshly on the exposed skin, soothing the sensitive skin with my tongue after. He then placed me on the island in the kitchen, tugging my shorts down my legs, smirking at the wet patch. He brought his head to the crook of my neck, attacking the skin there. I had brought my hands to the zipper of his pants, wanting them off immediately. I tilted my head back, granting him more access to finish his assault on my neck. He stepped away from me, removing his pants and shoes while I unhooked my bra. His eyes locked on my uncovered boobs, placing his hands on them soon after. He rolled them between his hands, bringing his head down to one sucking, licking, and biting bringing me immense pleasure. Moans left my lips, my head rolling back. I grabbed onto his hair, moaning out his name as groans left his mouth. 

“Please,” I whimpered, my hands tugging harder at his hair. “What, princess? What do you want me to do?” his hands traveled down my body and rested atop of my panties, subtly teasing. The wetness on my panties should’ve been enough indication that I wanted his cock in me. Now. “I-I want your cock,” I moaned out. He chuckled at my eagerness. “You sure?” I nodded eagerly. “You don’t want my fingers in that tight little cunt of yours, hm?” I moaned at his words, grabbing his hands and placing them on my clothed clit. “How about my tongue? You want my tongue on your pussy?” I nodded, lying back on the counter waiting for the feel of him. He began to rub my aching clit while loud moans left my mouth. He began to pull my panties down my legs, his breath hitching at the sight of my dripping pussy. His finger ran down my slit, coating it in my wetness. “Who made you this wet?” he asked, licking his lips. “You, Harry, you make me so wet.” He moaned at my words, blowing on my pussy. I squirmed underneath him, completely ready to feel his tongue on me. He held my hips, as he began. Placing his tongue right against me, licking a stripe up my pussy, groaning as he did so. “You taste so fucking good.” He continued working on my core, licking from my clit to my entrance. I moaned his name, tugging at his hair every time his tongue would work new wonders on me. He then stuck three fingers in me with no warning. My moans became more frequent and louder. He pumped his digits in and out of me at a fast pace. Both his tongue and fingers working me over the edge as my body began to shake. “Fuck,” I shouted as his tongue worked on my clit  as his fingers continuously found my g-spot with each thrust. “I’m gonna, fuck,” I screamed as my orgasm washed over me. His fingers continued to pump as I rode out my high. “You taste amazing, baby girl.” He said sucking my cum off his fingers.

“You ready baby, god I can’t wait to be inside of you” He then thrusted inside of my pussy with no warning, stretching my walls with his thick cock. My back arched off the counter as he pulled out completely and right back in. The pleasure he was giving me was incredible. Our moans and my occasional screaming were loud. “God your pussy feels so good wrapped around my fucking cock,” he said with a harsh thrust, causing me to scream out in ecstasy. He grabbed onto my legs, opening them wider to reach a deeper inside of me. He lowered his hand onto my throbbing clit, rubbing harshly on the bundle of nerves. I let out a scream, me chanting his name soon after. “’m close baby” he moaned into my ear. “You gonna cum? Hm? Come all over my cock, come on princess, come all over my thick cock in your pussy.” He thrusted harder. I chanted his name as my eyes squeezed shut as I released on his cock. “Fuck,” he yelled as he came inside me, still thrusting riding out both of our highs. He groaned and dropped his head to lay in the crook of my neck. We stayed like that for five minutes before he pulled out of me and picked me up gently, carrying me to my bedroom. He lay me down in my bed, him following soon after cuddling me whispering sweet nothings in my ear. “Go to bed, baby.” He said, rubbing my back and pecking my lips.

This was the best way to spend a Friday night.