this is how i spend my 3am's

my perfect crime? I memorize the entirety of the macy’s store inventory. I then go on and find exact replicas of every single purse in the store. I break in at 3am, and replace every purse with a cheaper version of the purse. I take my real purses home and open up an online store on the darknet featuring fake purses. I then sell these real purses as fake purses, making it so that when the feds catch on to my antics, they spend countless years trying to figure out who can replicate purses this well, and who is selling them. Soon an entire division of the FBI is dedicated to finding me and figuring out how my “fake” purses appear to be real. 45 years later they finally trace my ip address and break into my villa in texas and shoot me right in the leg when i attempt to flee. While this would normally not be a fatal wound, due to my constant devotion to my online fake real purse storefront i have suffered an iron deficiency for 35 years. My blood can’t clot and I start to bleed out. Turns out the woman who shot me was a girl who i made out with once in college, and she holds my dying body in her arms and asks me how my fake purses were so real. I spend the last moments of my fleeting life telling her about how every five years i break into a different Macy’s and replace all the purses, and that the purses I have been selling online for a severely discounted price were actually all real, and I have been doing this purely for the gag of it all. When my former college girlfriend gets home from work after rightfully murdering me for my crimes, she goes into her walk in closet, looks at the 13 gucci purses she owns, and realizes that they’re all fakes.

so i never really trust anyone around me. because one second you’d feel like they’re the one who cares the most about you, then the other second you felt like nothing to them.

and even i feel so distant to my family. they ignored me too much, and now when they try to get closer, i push them away. i sealed myself from the outside world.

i’ve always feel so lonely. so empty. i dont let people see what’s behind these walls, but i want to see someone trying,

i want someone who is willing to fight for me

someone who spends their time wondering am i doing fine

someone who will be there to listen to my 3am thoughts

someone who would always check up on me

someone who’d tell me how much i meant to them, that the more i hold my shield, the more they will try to see what’s behind it

i want to see someone giving all their effort for me. don’t give up on me. i just want to feel the feeling of being wanted.

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YAY so glad I'm here for your requests opening!! ^^ Any chance I could get RFA and MC after having "special brownies" for the first time (whether by accident or on purpose)?

~Oh my god. Okay lololol


  • He’s the kid that doesn’t feel anything so he eats more
  • Big mistake
  • Gets on LOLOL and just sucks horribly
  • He’s running around laughing and his guild is like WTF Yoosung what are you doing???
  • Orders 2 pizzas from different places just to see which one would get there quicker
  • Calls V on speakerphone for you both
  • He is just feeling really lovey and kind
  • But it’s like 3am and V has no idea whats going on and why Yoosung keeps bursting out laughing mid apology
    • “I’m so sorry I thought about punching you that one time, man…also be honest is that your real hair??? (both of you burst out laughing) I dye my hair too so you can confess to me it’s okay I won’t tell annyyoooneee”


  • He has slipped into the void
  • Literally just spends the whole time petting Elizabeth 3rd and examining her close up
  • Feels intense love for her and how cute she is
    • “MC, the pads on her right paw are slightly pinker than her left??? Grab a pen I need to write this down at once.”
  • Impromptu Ellie fashion show
  • You’re grabbing ribbons and bows and frills and dressing her up so cute
  • You both are just gushing over her
  • Jumin is taking amazing photos for the first time in his life
  • He also recorded her and on a playback he swears she is saying “i love you” and now he wont stop listening to it and its been 3 hours


  • He’s a talker
  • Won’t shut up
  • He is just blabbering on and on when it hits
  • He’s singing songs and showing you dance moves for fun
  • You guys sit and watch some of his musicals and he is entranced by himself
  • Also having you brush and braid his hair as you both watch
  • Okay but he is also feeling frisky
  • Keeps making moves on you and kissing you
    • “I love the feel of your lips on mine”
  • He’s getting pretty handsy and you’re just laughing
  • Anyway it isn’t long before you gets you into the bedroom


  • She has never felt more relaxed™ in her lifeee
    • “Is this what not being stressed feels like??”
  • Someone help her
  • She hasn’t stopped smiling for 2 hours now
  • A ‘Doer’ when she is high
  • Even though she moves slowly
  • She decided to bake a new muffin recipe that came into her brain
  • And she is smiling and humming and mixing happily
  • Tasting everything
  • Letting you taste everything
  • Just enjoying life tbh
  • And she baked up the best muffins she has ever made to this day


  • Most of the time is spent watching internet videos and laughing at memes
  • Vine compilations all night
  • You’ll watch the same thing 15 times and still be laughing so hard that your sides hurt
  • He has the munchies really bad
  • He is also hyper-focused and faster at hacking somehow?
  • So you guys decide to mess with Yoosung of course
  • You hack into his gaming comp in the middle of him playing LOLOL
  • It flashed with a pic of Saeyoung’s glasses
  • And Yoosung has to look at his webcam and say ‘God 707, Defender of Justice, please save me! Fix my computer so I can go back to my game-addicted ways!”
  • Which he, of course, records as Yoosung says it with a scowl

I truly can’t get over how incredible this weekend was. I came to Yosemite at 3am by myself to get a spot at a first come first serve campground which to my surprise, there were already 40 people SLEEPING in line! I was so upset and really felt like my weekend was ruined, then standing next to me in line come three (CUTE) Australian climber dudes that told me to just spend the night with them, so I just spent several hours getting to know them then took off at 8am for a climb with my friend Gabriel who arguably might be my favorite person ever. SUCH an incredible, sweet, and funny guy that pushed me to climb harder than I have in Yosemite, with total confidence in myself when I didn’t even have any on my own, it was amazing. Reaching the top with him was really special. I drove out of the park that night and pulled out and slept in my car, this was the first time I felt confident and comfortable doing something like this on my own, other times I’ve traveled alone it resulted in lots of anxiety attacks. My heart was too happy to feel anxious. The next day I climbed with some friends from London that I met in the valley the weekend before and they are the first people that have shown me how to have so much fun when you’re bouldering. Slept in a deserted campground the next night where I stayed with new friends from Australia and Spain. We shared beers and joints and had great conversations. The next morning I took off to meet up with women to climb reeds direct route with, a route I’ve been DYING to try, and I have to say it was the best experience of my life. Even though I didn’t do as well as I hoped, my partners were so uplifting and amazing, and I’m ready to go back to crush it the next time! Being with such supportive and positive people this weekend has cleansed my soul in the best way possible. I’ve never been SO PSYCHED on climbing!! I have such a happy heart and I just don’t know how I got so lucky.

Too Much - Vernon scenario

Request: Can you do Vernon comforting you after a bad/stressful day? For sunfish anon!
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Swearing, small breakdown.
Word Count: 773
A/N: I’m sorry for the long wait!
Written by Lani

Originally posted by just-soonyoung

“I have so much shit to do, and I honestly have no idea how my boss expects me to get this done in a few days,” you complained to Hansol, like almost every other week. Your boss was an asshole, you were struggling and your boyfriend was rarely there; what a great mix.

“I know, but it isn’t that hard… right?” His eyes drifted to the pile of paper sitting on the bench. Sheets filled with data and statistics, as well as graphs coupled with useless names of people who had found all the answers.

Yeah, none of this was going to be easy.

The endless annotations and marks seemed to take a toll on Hansol as well. He barely saw you as it was and with you being overtaken by work, there was no hope of him spending even an hour with you.

He saw how much that affected you too. ’This is too much’ would slip from your lips at least once a day before you promptly threw your pen across the room out of anger and frustration. Sleep deprivation and a lack of food were also daily elements in your life.

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dating jeon wonwoo would include:

- definitely starting as friends and then evolving into lovers

- he’d be so shy and apprehensive about it at first

- would just want to make you happy 24:7 

- kisses on the cheek

- you could be doing homework or washing up and he’d just give you a little peck

- doing projects and homework together

- dates would consist of art galleries or museums occasionally 

- he’d love when you took notice of his interests

- gifting you flowers on each date

- blushy! wonwoo

- wonwoo would probably pay for most things purely because he’s a gentlemen and would refuse to let you pay 

- playing with each others hair / he’d find it so relaxing

- teasing each other

- stealing each others food

“i love you so much it hurts slightly” 

- wonwoo just watching you out of the corner of his eye despite you not doing anything particular interesting 

- linking your arms together

- doing cute whimsical things such as star gazing just for fun 

- i dont think he’d introduce you to his members straight away i think he’d want to wait for a while so he could have you to himself

- but watch him turn up to your apartment and your having coffee with mingyu like honestly 

- really though he’d like the way you mingled with his friends so easily 

- mingyu sending you pictures of wonwoo during the day with captions like “he misses his hunnie bunnie” (we all know how lame mingyu is c’mon) 

- wonwoo making you playlists 

- wonwoo attempting to make you dinner one time 

-  i̶ ̶m̶e̶a̶n̶ ̶i̶t̶s̶ ̶g̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶k̶n̶o̶w̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶s̶ ̶l̶o̶w̶ ̶k̶e̶y̶ ̶h̶e̶l̶p̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶w̶

- arguments would be short lived i think

- wonwoo would be kinda stubborn but if you cried he’d crumble instantly

- texting you at 3am just to make sure you’re okay 

- whiny! wonwoo 

- inside jokes???

“mingyu said you loved him more tell him hes wrong” 

- random pet names 

- inviting you to concerts etc

- wonwoo getting flustered easily around you 

- he’d want pets trust me

- memes 

- emo wonu activated ^^

- pointing at random things and each of you going “das you” 

- days out in IKEA (a/n: i love IKEA) 

- i think he’d want to travel with you 

- you, wonwoo and your 12 children rocking up to the movies 

- he’s the type of guy to start passionately singing ballads to you in the grocery store im just saying

“1+1 equals 2 but I want you forever”

 “Wonwoo that doesn’t even make sense you dork” 

- poking your cheek??er yes

- dont expect him to want to spend a lot of time away from you, he’s too in love for that 

- “why were you sending me pictures of emus at 3am?” 

- because reasons ^^ 

- teasing him with his own music videos 

“i love you like a butt ton,”

 “how romantic y/n, how romantic” 

a/n: i hope this is enjoyable to read, i think this one is ok compared to my jun version :’) i think me + wonwoo are a like so i find writing about him super easy and fun so look out for more wonwoo stuff in the future! + also im currently writing a request piece i received so a longer imagine will be up sometime this week ; 


requests are open

my 3 rules for having productive days when executive dysfunction is a bitch to you

> nothing happens in the morning. NOTHING happens in the morning. Unless the thing happening in the morning is class or meeting someone else, don’t beat yourself up over waking up late/starting late. all my executive function planning is GREAT the previous evening, I have my day scheduled out. And then…morning comes and it goes out the window. just expect it and work with it.

> NEVER make “big days” for yourself. As in, put something off, because You Can Always Do It This Weekend. Come saturday, you have 5 big things and you don’t want to do any of them, you push off starting/dont get enough sleep because youre soooo stressed about getting this shit done. don’t allow this to happen. allow like 2 big things per day, more will definitely come. Small chunks.

> Do Shit Or Sleep. This is my roommates but I’m adopting it. If you’re up late and have to do homework and it’s 3am and its Not happening, just…just dont. Just go to sleep. It’s better in the long run. taking care of yourself is work too.

i still have trouble sticking to these. lets see how it goes

other shit.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH. u dont have to floss or even shower just PLEASE DO THAT.

Don’t just set an alarm to wake u up, bc those will often be early to give u time to do shit and then ur like “i have half an hr i can spend 10 more minutes in bed” because, like i said, in the mornings my brain is Gone. Do that, and then do a separate alarm to Get You Out Of Bed. It’s the hardest part of my day sometimes. Ive stayed in bed upwards of 5 hours before actually getting up. it’s hell.

Food i’m still working on that one. Yep. Still suffering there.

These r a work in progress, im still dying daily, but these r some methods. Cool beans.

Kinda wanna go into some stuff, cuz it’s 3am and i’m wondering how in the heck I managed to have this wonderful hot mess of a blog alongside stories where I spend months sculpting characters and plot.

Just sorta ramblin’

tdlr, let out your inner child™, draw all the rainbow and demon/angel ocs you want, have fun dammit

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Chanyeol younger brother headcanon
  1. It’s always fun with him, specially when he throws his tantrums
  2. He’d be the most spoiled boy… by you
  3. “You got a new pet Chan?! Again?! Does mom know about this?”
  4. Always so loud, specially since he got those drums
  5. He’d be always in your room, specially because it annoys you
  6. Though he’s a good boy he’s always in trouble
  7. “Why is there a line of girls outside our house? “
  8. I don’t know Chan… it’s probably because you are the most popular guy at school
  9. Adventures at 3am
  10. He’s always so loud
  12. “Let’s make a deal. You don’t tell mom I didn’t spend the night here and I’ll bring your favorite cake in my way back”
  13. Always taking the worst out of you, how does he do it?
  14. But you love him, he’s your best friend
  15. He’s so loyal to his Noona, no one messes with her!
  16. So much stuff in his room, when did he got all this stuff?
  17. “Can we please go on a road trip again? Please noona… these four walls are drowning me!”
  18. A little bit dramatic
  19. Pranking your neighbors all the time
  20. Friendship/siblings bracelets
Stiles Stilinski Imagine- Avoiding Love (Part One)


Authors Note- So this was sort of inspired by the film ‘Stuck In love” which is like the only romance film I can re-watch. The reader has quite an icy persona so if that’s not what you like then I’m sorry. I was listening to this song while proof reading and it sort of goes with it, if you care that is you can find it here x

“Therefore you cant live a positive life with a negative mind-” Stiles spoke, to conclude his class presentation. It was a Friday afternoon and your English teacher decided to publically ridicule you all by making you each do a five minute presentation on ‘Your personal outlook on life’. “Does anyone have any questions for Stiles, or does anyone want to challenge his view point?” the teacher asked. When you raised your hand with that cocky look of yours the teacher gave a small sigh that was almost inaudible, almost. “Yes Y/n” she breathed, you see she pretended to hate the many debates you and Stiles had but she secretly loved to hear you argue with thoughts in complete juxtaposition to one another’s. “Positive people also have negative thoughts, they just don’t let those thoughts control them” you contributed, mainly to see the face Stiles pulled when he tried to think of a quick argument back. “Exactly, so you’re saying that positive people have an overall positive outlook because they choose to ignore the negativity surrounding them” he scoffed smugly. “Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of negativity being with us all and some people wallowing in it more than others. But you cant define a positive attitude with ones ability to block out what happens in their life or around them” you retort. After noticing the majority of the students in your class were rather half asleep or confused your teacher interrupted and suggested you begin with your presentation. You stood up and smirked at Stiles as you walked past him, letting him know you were about to make his presentation look miniscule in comparison to your own. “I’ve always been one of those people who look ‘too deeply’ into a situation or into someone and that’s because I learnt from a young age that there’s always something more than what you could ever see. But the one thing I’ve never understood is love, I guess you could say it’s because I’ve never experienced it but if love means putting all your trust into someone besides yourself and hoping they don’t take advantage of that, then I think I’ll pass. I’ve watched people fall hopelessly for people who don’t feel the same and it’s the cruellest, most unforgiving heartache I’ve ever witness and what do we do? We convince ourselves that there’s some sort of force known as ‘love’ that excuses every shitty feeling we’ve ever felt, that makes the hell you feel okay because we’re supposedly all apart of a probable cause. So as you may have already guessed my 3am thoughts aren’t wasted on thinking about a guy who may or may not like me back, because I don’t spend every waking of my being wishing that I’ll finally find someone to spend the rest of my life with. Who’d have my children and get bored after going through a midlife crisis at 30, who’d look at all the young men at his work and be bitter of how his youth was somehow stripped from him by the responsibility of a family. Who’d end up having an affair, because they always do, dragging the children through all divorce has to offer. I guess what I’m trying to say is I believe that life has a deeper meaning, to the emotions we are told we should feel. Love doesn’t come naturally like sadness or anger, so why are we trying to make it more than it is? Life is what you make it, not what people tell you it should be” the bell rang shortly after you finished, the class clapped after hearing something that had never even crossed their minds before. You simply walked back over to your desk and picked up your school bag as if nothing happened, not seeing Stiles sit stiff in his chair, his mouth gawping at the sound of your harsh words.

”Y/n! Y/n!” Stiles called as he stumbled through the crowds of people in the hallway. You leant against your locker door and smiled as he approached you frantically. “What Stiles? Did you not have enough class time to disagree with me, so you want to carry it on into lunch again?” you questioned, with unavoidable sarcasm in your voice. “No, I just wanted to ask if you really feel that cynical about love” he said, as you began walking down the hall together. “You’re sweet Stiles, but I’m not a nice girl and you’re wasting your time if you think we’ll be anything more than this” you claimed, without batting an eyelid. “And what exactly are we now?” he questioned. “Nothing, we’re nothing Stiles” you spoke, it coming across more cold hearted than you intended to be with him. He stopped dead in the middle of the masses of students trying to get past to lunch or class, causing you to do the same and turn to look at him. His eyes widened as his head bobbed as he repeated the word “Nothing” in the form of a question. “Look, your friends are over there waiting for you. I suggest you hurry before they leave you” you said, deflecting what he was saying. He rolled his eyes, but said one last thing before you completely disappeared to find your own friends. “I may be nothing to you, but I’d be really interested in sharing a 3am conversation with you” he called. “We’ll see Stilinski, we’ll see” you called back, with an unavoidable grin on your face.

You opened your front door to see none other than Stiles Stilinski standing there, armed with a collection of Star Wars DVDS and popcorn. “Come in” you sighed with a laugh, not being able to turn away someone who resembled a lost puppy. “Are you here alone?” he asked, noticing the countess takeout boxes scattered on the kitchen worktop and the lack of sound other than the living room TV that was playing re-runs of old shows. “Uhm yeah, come on” you said, taking his hand and guiding him upstairs. You took the things out of his hands and placed them on your bed, before sliding open your bedroom window. Meanwhile he was running his hand along your things, that would have so many enriched sentimental memories that he wouldn’t be able to imagine if he tried. “Come on” you guided, gesturing for him to follow you onto the roof outside your window. “Are we not watching the films?” he pouted. “Stilinski you want to experience what a 3am conversation is like with me, this is as close as you’re going to get, so get your ass out here” you said while climbing out. He followed shortly and perched beside you. “How long have you been here alone?” he questioned. already half knowing the answer from what he could work out. Usually you were reserved when it came to things like your family, but there was just something freakishly weird that made you want to tell him. “You want the honest truth?” you glanced from the view of the outside world to look at the one in his eyes. He nod his head gently. “Well my mom caught my dad screwing his intern again and so they’re on a break together in the Maldives;  to try and ‘work things out’ so in other words its going to be an intense period of meaningless make-up sex because he’ll only do it again a few months down the line. So it’s just me and my brother, when he isn’t over at his friends house that is, getting drunk or stoned” you explained, sounding almost numb to the pain it should cause you. “I had no idea, I am so sor-” he began saying before you interrupted him. “Please don’t apologise, I’ve heard enough empty ones to last a lifetime” you claimed. “So is that what your presentation was based on? Your parents?” he asked. “Kind of, but their distorted version of a ‘normal’ relationship isn’t the only thing that makes me hate the idea of love. I guess it’s like religion, some people choose to believe in it for comfort and to give them hope because what would life be without hope, right?” you explained. “So you’re saying that love isn’t necessarily real, we just believe it is” he said, involuntarily raising his eyebrows. “Yeah, why do you disagree?” you asked mockingly, hitting his shoulder playfully with your own. “I do disagree. You see there’s this girl and I’ve liked her for a long time and every time I see her It just makes me smile and even something as simple as her tucking her hair behind her ear when she’s concentrating or yawning in the middle of class gives me a reason to smile everyday just thinking how lucky I am to have her in my life” he looked away from you with a cheesy smile on his face, that would usually make you want to punch him. Your heart fluttered for a moment, imagining what it would be like if someone talked about you the way he did for that girl but you couldn’t resist putting the barriers back up. “Just avoid love at all cost. That’s my motto” you sighed loudly. He shook his head with a smile, “You know, you make these things so difficult” he claimed. “What things?” you asked, furrowing your brows. “I like you Y/n, I like you a lot” he sounded nervous but relieved that he was finally saying it. “You don’t know the first thing about me” you said. You were experiencing so many new and mixed feelings and even then you refused to let your guard down, which must have been so frustrating for someone like Stiles. “Then let me get to know you, the real you” he finally looked back at you. You gave a small smile before standing up and making your way back to your bedroom window, gesturing for him to follow.

“You totally did cry!” you laughed, throwing a piece of popcorn at him. “No, I had something in my eye and no it was not my tears” he said embarrassed. “I guess these films aren’t as bad as I thought they were” you pouted, examining the star wars DVD box in your hand. “I don’t know whether to be offended or excited by that comment” he said, while pulling his phone out of his pocket. You looked over his shoulder to see how many missed calls and texts he had from all of his friends. “Oh shit, I’ve got to go!” he jumped up. You sighed, why does everyone leave you? You sat up on your bed and pulled the pillow onto your lap. “I guess I’ll see you around” you couldn’t hide the sadness in your voice. “Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” he asked, as he backed towards your bedroom door. “Yeah” you spoke softly. With that he headed downstairs. You weren’t sitting there for more than ten seconds before he barged back in, “On second thought, they can hold up without me for one night” he sat back down beside you on the bed and you looked at him with a smile and admiration in your eyes. That was before you shook it off and hit play on the next film. This time around it was more awkward for some reason and you found yourselves slowly getting closer to each other. You craved his touch, whether that be intentional or even something as simple as your arms or legs brushing past one another’s. Stiles checked the time on his phone as the movie came to an end, “It’s 1am, I best head off” he said softy, knowing you were half asleep. “Stay- Please” you spoke, looking up at him. He couldn’t help but stare at you for a moment, not really sure if this was actually happening or not. He slouched down beside you and stared at your celling with a smile on his lips. He didn’t expect Y/n Y/l/n, the girl notorious for being heavily guarded with little trust in people to rest her head on his chest and wrap her arm around him tightly before drifting off to sleep.

Your eyes drifted open, to see your arm resting on someone else. You felt someone’s head nuzzled in your neck and their arm around your waist. You ignored the initial feeling you felt and instead went with the one of regret. “Shit” you whispered, pushing them off you. Stiles groaned as he fell onto the floor beside your bed, which you couldn’t deny was pretty cute. He picked himself back up and rose to his feet. He’d never thought you’d looked more beautiful, strands of your hair messy but natural, your complexion glowing in the small amount of light coming from your window and your clothes all bunched, exposing your midriff, which you quickly covered after noticed him looking. “Get out Stilinski!” your voice was raspy and tired but still firm. He looked at you in confusion, “You do know, it was you that asked me to stay” he raised an eyebrow. “Just get out!” you threw a pillow at him and watched as he picked up his DVDS and shoes, before heading off downstairs. “Shit” you whispered again to yourself, sliding down your bedroom door after you shut it.

I’m definitely writing a part two, but did you guys enjoy this? Also bare with me with the other parts to “Because Of Me’, “The Girl In The White Dress’ and ‘What Happened To Y/n?’, I’m sorry I know you’ve been waiting for a while x

Cuddle me, rub my back, cover my face in kisses when I begin to fall asleep on you, ramble on and on about your day, how lucky you think you are to have me or how cute you think I am. Once I’m asleep tuck me in and kiss me before you sleep. When we drift in the night, pull me closer at 3am and whisper “mine” and I’ll whisper it back. Wake me up at 6am and tell me I need to hurry or we’ll be late. When I pull the covers over my head because I don’t want to get up, bring me breakfast in bed and loads of kisses. Tell me how you’d rather be late then miss the opportunity to wake up to a face like mine and enjoy a presence like mine. Call in to work if you really want to, I wouldn’t mind spending yet another day with you.

I’m so excited for college like I can’t wait to meet my roommate and become best friends and I can’t wait to meet all these amazing talented people and enjoy life with them when its 3am and were all laying out on the quad and I can’t wait to pick a study abroad city and explore a new culture and realize the world isn’t as small as it seems and that we’re all the same when it comes down to it and I can’t wait to be excited to go to class because goddamnit I love my major no matter how many sleepless nights I spend at the library and I can’t wait to become best friends with my professors and grab coffee with them at the little cafe and discuss the universe as we sip on our lattes and I can’t wait to finally realize how precious life is and how quickly it all goes by and i’m just so excited for the best four years of my life to start 

This is me, here, hands open, heart out. I want all of you and then some. I want your 3am lows and all of your brokenness. I want to know what terrifies you most so I can tear it to pieces. I want to spend the rest of my life exploring your blazing hot, cosmos of a heart. I want to show you the way the imperfections, the flaws, that separate you from the gods are the very things I’ll always fall for the hardest.
—  Beau Taplin || An admission. 

I don’t know anything about you
I couldn’t tell you the name of your sister,
How you take your tea
Or how old you were when you first learnt
How to ride a bike

But I can tell you
The way you smile in your sleep
And how I fit perfectly in your arms
I could tell you how I could lay with you
Forever and never get bored.

I don’t know any of those trivial things
But I’d be happy to spend
The rest of my life learning
If you’re willing to teach.

I’ve fallen for your laugh, it is completely contagious as I’ve fallen for your smile which makes me dizzy for no reason at all. I’ve fallen for our late night talks, awake till 3am. I’ve fallen for our jokes which I’ll remember and cherish and still laugh about days later. I’ve fallen for how you can make my day better, instantly, however upset I was a minute before. I’ve fallen for every second I am able to spend with you, even if the continuous seconds make me keep wanting more…
tips for seniors applying to college
  • Visit colleges - over summer, over winter break, over spring break, whenever you can, it’ll help you get a much better idea of the schools you’re applying to and what you might prioritize when looking for a college (size, location, etc)
    • interview? yes, if the college offers the option, then take it bc 1) lots of times it can (not always, but sometimes) impact how your application is considered and 2) alumni are always great sources of information about the school. bring questions! anything really. i talked with my MIT interviewer for hours about the school and he told me lots of stories about his experience!
    • local admissions events (like local visits from admissions officers) are also super useful - I remember the one for MIT a year ago and it was super chill and the speaker was funny and they had lots of alumni there. (Also I remember a distinct feeling of looking around at the hundreds of people and thinking “omg all these people from Southern California want to get in, how am I gonna outshine all these people” and i still don’t know how I got in versus all those people)
      • Fun story - At one event (for a school I eventually got in), I bought a Starbucks latte before the presentation and it was still pretty hot when I got to the venue. When I looked up though, I saw a sign that said “no drinks allowed” and had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach at my not even sipped latte when the presentation was supposed to start in five minutes. And this is how I ended up, right outside the door of the theater, frantically devouring a latte while admissions officers walked past me
    • college fairs- these can be fun and you can meet admissions officers! you might even find some new colleges you could get interested in. Collect free stuff like pens, bags, and more!
    • EA/RD/ED????? 
      • ED- early decision means you want to go to this school. this is your clear #1. Remember, if you get in with ED, you have to go, so be completely sure when you choose this option. If you’re indecisive like me, its best maybe to avoid this option. The pros of this are that often, admission rates are a bit higher during this round and you dont have to do any more applications.
      • EA - early action means you wanna go to this school, but you’d still be willing to consider other schools. ie I did this for MIT and Caltech (yes you can do two SOMETIMES,,,,watch out for “REA” which is restricted early action, where you can only apply to one school during the early round) pros include slightly higher admission rates, earlier knowledge of results, and freedom to choose. i like this option because it lets you remain flexible in the RD round. In other news, i heard a rumor that if you apply to UPenn early, you have a lot higher chance of getting in, but i can’t confirm that.  The rule of thumb is if your #1 school is EA, you should apply early.
      • RD - regular decision means you’re applying without restriction with everyone, including those deferred in the early round. Pros- more time to do your app, freedom to choose. Cons include sometimes much lower rates of admission - like Sta*ford, where you have to include all admitted athletes, legacy students, and students admitted from the deferred pool from early, the rate can go as low as 1% rip. Other sometimes super obscure cons is that the day they notify you is super late and then you can’t visit/consider. Example - Ivy day is characteristically in Late March, and one of the schools i got in, I wanted to go to their campus preview but my family couldn’t afford another trip to the East Coast since I already had booked a flight weeks before to visit another school. tl;dr couldnt consider going to that school bc it was just too late rip
  • Start your essays asap - once senior year starts, schoolwork is gonna get busy!!! and you’ll fall behind if you don’t watch out. so start in the summer coming up with ideas or maybe forming a couple of first drafts.
    • When possible, reformat other essays to fit other prompts. Two colleges might use the same or similar prompts for their essays, so you could essentially use the same essay. For example, lots of schools will ask “Why do you wanna study ____” and it’s completely justified to write just one essay for all these schools. –>saves time
    • Don’t overthink your essays. Write about a story, something meaningful that happened to you. I wrote about some family reunion where I played a alternative song on a ukelele and it was a pretty random topic, I admit, but hey it worked. It’s just it meant something to me, and it was a bit comical too, so don’t try too hard to make it sound “impressive” or “achieving”.
    • But at the same time, if you’re not funny, please don’t try to make jokes. Nothing’s worse than failed jokes. Focus on what you’re good at - I like telling stories, so that’s what I did.
  • Scores - dont stress out too much about it bc, well to be honest, you should have other things to worry about (KEEP YOUR GRADES UP. DO NOT GET RESCINDED.) also lots of schools try to focus more on other parts of your application. I like to look at scores where after a certain point cutoff, there isn’t much of advantage towards having a higher or lower score.
    • actually on that note, i just wanna say that GPA is still really important (a lot of schools will weigh that as #1), so your grades>scores

Other things that senior should consider

  • Spend time with your family/friends
    • likely this is your last year you will be living at home (maybe) and the last year you’ll get to spend time with a lot of your friends. You’ll find that you’ll miss them when you go off to college, so be sure to make tons of memories with the people that are important to you.
    • do new things - write that song for your friend, join that dance team to dance in front of the entire school, learn that language. have fun!!
  • Spend time at local events/places
    • this is kind of a weird one because I haven’t seen it anywhere, but that farmer’s market? that local fair that comes around every few months? your favorite restaurant? if you’re moving away for college, those will be gone soon, so you should go and visit and spend time there too. (With pokemon go, exploring/re-exploring your community becomes even better)
  • keep your grades up; dont get rescinded. That’s all i will say
    • start learning how to manage your time ie dont be up til 3am doing an essay, actually try to set aside time every day to work on it
  • Reconnect w/ old friends, repair broken bridges
  • start learning to be independent- ie do your own laundry, maybe cook/wash the dishes, learn to drive, learn how to do bank stuff
  • team mystic always

i hope i got this right, this was what i found in my experience. if any of you have any other questions, feel free to hmu. i will also let you know when i have learned to capitalize the beginning of sentences omg

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masterlist 5


401. Soulmates (Luke)

I didn’t think World War 3 would be where I met the guy I’d spend the rest of my life with

402. Rooftop (Michael)

We were probably too old to be having a sleepover, but Michael waited till 3am to talk to me alone

403. ‘Hate Hiding Something Bigger’ PART 2

I don’t know how this happened and I didn’t know how to make this better; Luke really was hiding something huge

404. Jet Pack Blues (4/4)

'I’ve got those jet pack blues, just like Judy’

405. 'Through Time’ PART 3 (Calum)

Calum had seen too much to let her go now - he couldn’t wait any more and the band was getting suspicious. He had to take them through time to make them understand

406. Warped Tour PART 2 (Luke)

After the drama of last night, I didn’t want to let Luke down but I tried my best to make it up to him

407. 'Little Clifford Little Hemmings’ PART 2 (Michael/Luke)

Alex Clifford and Darcy Hemmings went on their movie date… Michael and Luke couldn’t resist also going on their date

408. Pretending (Calum friendship)

Calum and I had been friends for a long time, what harm could pretending to date bring, right? Wreaking havoc with my best friend.

409. ‘I’d do anything’ PART 2 (Ashton)

Telling Ashton that I couldn’t have kids was the hardest thing I thought I’d ever have to do, but getting through the cancer that meant I couldn’t have kids was so much worse than either of us ever could have imagined

410. Can I get your number? (Calum)

Calum hated having his every move documented by journalists desperate for a quick buck, but I took him by surprise

411. If you could see me now (4/4)

Would you stand in disgrace or take a bow, oh if you could see my now [If you could see me now, The Script]

412. Gang Luke

I never thought someone like Luke would go for someone like me, but I never thought the gang would last that long either

413. Baseball Calum

Going to my first high school baseball game was supposed to just be a favour for a friend, I never thought I’d meet someone like Calum

carolyn003  asked:

Hi!Thanks for opening ur request again and congrats on getting 2500 followers!!!u totally deserve it.😊 Hope u don't mind doing a fanfic on kyohei breaking up with mc.when mc got a 2yr contract as a writer abroad and she can't decide if she'll take it or not,so he break up with her so she can go and achieve her dream as a writer. after her contract ended, she came back home got a chance to work with kyo again then they got back together?Then he propose and they got married afterwards? Thanks!

Thank you and hope this is okay for you.

Thing have been going on well for both you and Kyohei. You work are also getting more recognition and in fact you just received to two years contact to work in New Zealand. Not wanting to leave Kyohei alone here, you decide to reject the offer and stay with him in LA. Thus, you decide not to bring up this offer to him at all.

Your mentor, Mr Ena feels it is a waste for you to miss this opportunity and he understands what is holding you back. Thus, he invited Kyohei out to talk about it.

“If you really care about her, you should let her go. It is an opportunity for her. Think it through.” Fumito said before leaving Kyohei behind to let him think about it.

Kyohei’s POV
I slowly make my way home after meeting Fumito. I hate to admit that it is an opportunity for her. However, we have promise each other to growth together side by side. I have come to a point that I can’t live without her but I don’t want her to sacrifice her career because of me. What should I do? I flop down on my bed thinking whole night holding the diamond ring in my hand. I wanted to propose to her soon but it is the right time now? Will we be okay if we are a part? She could meet better guy than me and left me. Will I really be lonely without her? Many questions flow into my mind as the night ending soon. Eventually, I finally make up my mind.

On our next date, we spend a fun time together. I want to give her the best memory before I break the news to her. Parts of me wish that today will never end but I know that it is not possible. Finally, coming to our last stop, we ends up in a hotel room where we will spend our night there. I make love passionately with her, pouring all my feeling to her. I can’t remember how long we are over each other but it was 3am in the morning when we finally stop.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the contract?” I asked hesitantly while holding her in my arms. There was a silence from her.

“I see no point since I decide to turn down the offer.” She tries to reply cheerfully but avoiding looking at me. She really thinks that she can fool me with her expression.

“There is no reason for you to reject.” I replied coldly.

“What do you mean no reason? Don’t you understand why I am doing in this?” She exclaimed in shocked, looking up at me in tears.

“I know that we promise each other to growth together but there is no reason for you to sacrifice for me.” I closed my eyes and continue,“ Let’s break off for a while. I can’t be so selfish to hold you back.”

I say it out finally but I can feel thousands of knives stab into my heart. The pain I suffering was so painful but I can’t let her know. I want her to succeed. This is best for her.

“Do we really need to do this?” She cried and I can’t help but embraced her.

“If we are still meant to be together in two years, I will not going to let you go. You need to accept the contract.” I whispered loud enough for her and she nods her head in agreement. That night we say nothing else but just holding each other until it is time to let go.

Two weeks later, she left. I did not see her off. I am worried that I might change my mind if I see her right in front of me. The rest of the guys were telling me that she was crying when I am not there. It hurt my heart to hear that. I shut myself in the room that day, holding the diamond ring in my palm, repeatedly telling myself that everything will be alright.

2 years later
You finally make it through your career and were invited back to LA to write on a script. Coming back here brought back many memories and you can’t help but wonder how he has been doing. For the past two years, you still have been following closely on his new songs, concert etc. None of you keep in contact with each other and you wonder if he had totally forgotten you. Pushing back those memories, you make your way to the studio but to find out that the main actor in the movie is Kyohei.

Both of you make a casual greeting and soon work start to go crazy. All you can talk to him is about work and nothing else. You feel kind of disappointed that he makes no effort to ask you out. Eventually, it comes to the last day of the firming. You kind of feel sad that today will be the last day you will be seeing him. Maybe he no longer loves you anymore.

“Will you like to come over to my house? The guys miss you and would like to hang out together.” Kyohei asked suddenly.

“Sure.” You replied. You do miss the rests too. A catch up would be nice. Just like what you anticipate, the house is still as noisy as ever.

“_____, you know every night, Kyohei will hold something in his palm.” Iori voice out suddenly.

“And he will watch the movie you wrote the past two years many times.” Kota added.

“It has become like a daily routine for him.” Ryo continue.

“Shut up!” Kyohei blushed.

“I know where he keeps that thing. Want to see what it is?” Nagito smirked and drags you to Kyohei’s room. Kyohei tried to stop him but Nagi already take out the box from the drawer. He quickly snatches it away from Nagi.

“I think we should leave them alone.” Takashi said and led everyone out, leaving two of you there.

“Is what they said true?” You asked, can’t contain the happiness inside you.

“Well, I guess there is no point hiding. It is true and the thing I holding every night is this ring. I wanted to hug you tightly on the first day I meet you but we have to act professionally. I also worried that you might have found someone. That is why I hold back.” Kyohei sighed before taking the ring out of the box.

“I wanted to ask you two years ago before I know about the contract. I hope it is still not too late. Will you marry me? I am not going to let you go again.” Kyohei asked and kneel down in front of you.

“Yes.” You cried in happiness of tears while Kyohei slips the ring onto your ring finger. You jump into his arms and he embraces you tightly. Shout of joy can be heard at the corridor but you don’t care anymore. No way are you going to leave him again.