this is how i saw it

Oh gee, I can’t wait for the next chapter of


so exciting, waku waku, tanoshimi desu

(Context: Sometimes, for reasons unknown, Amazon JP sends me emails in English with google-translated item names.)

I’m about to die of laughter reading the comments on insta saying Pugh is selfish and should’ve passed to Pinoe… I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure Pinoe is The Most™ selfish when it comes to not passing and taking a shot instead

  • Kravitz, Stepping Out Of The Astral Plane: You Won't BELIEVE What Happened To Me At Work Today
  • Taako, Still Dressed As A Stereotypical Elf, Covered In Snow And Carrying A Cold And Sleepy Angus Under His Arm: I Bet I Can Top It

I was bored and needed to contribute to the “just a friend” squad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯