this is how i saw it

I know,I know

I know if we’re to survive

We need to know this is not the end

How will we ever get by

It’s getting harder to fight out here on our own!

Obligatory Sonic Forces fanart GO!

ah AAAH I’m really not feeling on coloring this right now…<:’‘

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I just saw a post about someone making literal brass nails out of bullet casings and got thinking- some more hands-on students might think about doing something similar with iron or silver or both

I SAW THAT how cool was that can you imagine going into battle with your fucking iron claws like goddamn

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Imagine: "No, it's ok. I saw this in a movie once."

“Steve, you can’t dodge bullets, don’t even –”

“Sure I can! It’ll be easy. The guy in The Matrix does it no problem, and I’m that bendy.”

“It’s not about how bendy you are, Steve. It’s about – Steve! Steve!


“That’s right, ow. Would you stay down please? Play dead while I finish this up. I’ll pick you up on my way back to the jet.”

“In my defence, that should have worked.”

"In your defence? No. Even if you hadn’t just gotten shot, that was never going to work. Never. Have you ever heard of a little thing called physics?”

“Physics? No, never. It must not have been invented back when I was young.”

im v tired of people vilifying passion in sports and acting like it’s the end of the world whenever a player gets upset. like who the fuck are you to judge a guy slamming the bench door or breaking a stick when this shit is literally their job, and for the time they’re in the nhl it’s basically their entire lives how can you honestly act like getting upset when you do badly is a bad thing. let athletes be human beings. let them have emotions.

I saw a post with this recently so friendly reminder: we literally have no idea how old Brock is, and he’s stated MULTIPLE times that his birthday is NOT in November (one source of many). He’s also said in a video that he’s “a ways away from 30″, so that’s not his age either. 

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, folks. Misinformation spreads easily. 

hi! i went to my old high school today to do a little talk about being a trans guy in college and it was sooo fun! and i went around to a couple of classrooms and saw some teachers and the people up at the office and they all had such really nice things to say, about how my voice is so much deeper, how i look really good and how much more confident and happy i look and overall it was such a positive experience!!!

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what did you think of the trailer for it?

It looks way better than I expected. It looks really creepy actually. The kids look like they were well cast. I have only seen it once but it looks like i saw a few glimpses of scenes that were not in the book that I always enjoyed. The only thing that I’m seeing that I don’t like is still the Pennywise costume. And I haven’t looked it up to see the runtime or if there is a second part coming, but I still don’t see how they can fit such a massive story in under two hours.

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I don't know if you take request, but I just saw your drawings of the 1950's car and I thought, how about a little blurb where Harry or Niall find those drawings. How would they react, fluff or smutt is all good to me.

Kyra, I’m sorry this has taken so long to answer but I hope the length will make up for the delay! 

This ask came about because of this post

As always a special thanks to Alex @niallandharrymakemestrong for her support and Beta skills.  Also thank you to Haley @heauxforhoran who helped me choose the suit and insisted on hat on. 


American Dreaming is a documentary film about the men and women who dreamed and designed the iconic American cars that defined the mid-century. From 1946 to 1973 design studios assembled at General Motors, Ford, Packard, Chrysler, Studebaker, Nash, and Hudson created the stylish automobiles Americans fell in love with. Talented artists from around the country answered the call from magazines like Popular Mechanics to “Become a Highly Paid Auto Stylist in Detroit!” Their drawings, and the resulting cars that were built in this period, suggested limitless possibilities and reflected the optimism America that could conquer space and bring prosperity to the entire world.

The vibrations of his phone woke Harry up from his comfortable position wrapped around you.   He wasn’t big spoon very often but when he was you wanted to be wrapped up with him as long as possible.  So when his phone jolted him awake you were not happy.  

“Who the hell is ringing this early?” you grumbled.  

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((I saw people drawing their muses in other people’s art styles, so I did some.))

The styles I used were:
Couch is very good at dynamic poses. If I was TRULY gonna capture her art style, I probably should have drawn Jotaro mid-punch or something, but we all know I’m a lazy onion and can’t be arsed. But for real. I look up to her for figure drawing and dynamic poses. She’s among the best. 

I was saying on Discord about how Molly has a really ELEGANT art style. It’s like when someone has really nice handwriting, only it’s with art. She always goes above and beyond to add little flourishes and details to all her art, and it’s very beautiful. On top of that, her knack for costume design is beyond amazing. I feel like every time I look at her work, I always notice something new. I could stare at Molly’s stuff for hours, and I usually end up doing just that. 

Cass’s art is very PROFESSIONAL looking. I feel like every time she draws something for me, I should be paying her. Her facial expressions and poses are always so lifelike and clean, and the fact that she makes it look so EASY is incredible. She can do faces, poses, backgrounds…there really isn’t anything Cass can’t do.

Funk’s art style reminds me of a wacky 90′s cartoon or something. It’s one of my favorite art styles in the community, honestly, and the fact that he does it all in DA Muro is what sells it for me. Funk is very good at expressions and action. His art is fast-moving and energetic, and I’ve never seen anyone else capture those emotions quite the way he does. I really hope I get to see something of his fully animated someday.

((I’ll probably do more later. These were fun.))

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Proud Achievements: Was here since the first page of the Mafia AU Comic, saw the loverboy au blossom, saw the red riding hood au start (hopefully) and have been following the nsfw blog since day one. Also notifications are on. I'd say I'm pretty proud of myself

omg that is pretty gold star level there BB

Some other people may remember:

- First time I actually posted first Mafia AU art back in december (lowkeycan’tlookatthatartanymoreihateit)

- First time I drew Otayuri after ep 10 aired and my life was snatched from me

- First time I drew Yuri after watching ep 1&2, how little I knew the depths of hell my life would fall into omg

- Klyucc

I’ve been seeing people’s thank yous and goodbyes to Bones, I wish I could write one myself. But I’m just incapable of that, at least for now. I feel like it still hasn’t fully sunk in. I’ve cried, I’ve been useless all day, and yet a part of me still hasn’t accepted that there isn’t going to be more.

What I want to share instead is something that made the ending even more special for me. Of course they did a lot of intentional callbacks and tied it back to the pilot, so we all feel the connection between the finale and the entire show, and no matter when you started watching and how, if you saw the pilot, we all feel how it truly was the perfect bookend to the very first episode, especially with B&B walking down the Rose Garden…

But they made another special callback. They brought back Jasper, the pig. I have shared this before so, long story short, the ending of 2x04 where Brennan shoots the killer to save Booth and then feels guilty and Booth tells he she’s gonna be fine and gives her Jasper? That’s how I found Bones. These last two scenes were all I caught on TV on that fateful night, and those ridiculous heart eyes and smiles over this little plastic pig made me fall in love with Booth and Brennan right the second.

I didn’t realize it the first time I watched the finale, I was too overwhelmed with everything, but then I saw that parallel here and it was literally an OH MY GOD moment. And it’s really such a surreal and incredible coincidence that it is also the perfect bookend to my own journey with this show. It’s not just characters’ journey that ends where it started, it’s mine too. Though only the beginning is literal; there might not be any new episodes but my journey with Bones isn’t over. It never will be. I’ll always love it and will keep rewatching those 246 episodes. Always.

I’m writing this just to say how incredibly grateful I am to the cast and crew because it’s their love for the show that is the reason why the finale was as perfect as it was. It’s the fact that they care so much why they thought of including this particular memory. And while I know it’s a coincidence, it wasn’t done for me, their love of the show also tells us they love us. And I feel it. I feel loved by them and the show, which is why I’m gonna end this in a cheesy way using lyrics of a Celine Dion song…

“… I’m everything I am, because you loved me…”

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Ohhhhh for new fire and water thing. What if you write about them getting too close while performing and actually "kissing"(they can't because they have the mask but you know what I mean) and then awkwardly bringing it up after the show. (Sorry if you didn't understand I'm a mess)

Yeeeeeesssss! Love it! :D

Alright, here we go!

Fire made his way across the stage as he strummed his guitar. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Water heading in his direction. 

Smiling, he walked over until he was directly in front of the smaller bassist. He glanced down at his guitar for a moment just to double check that his fingers were in their correct positions on the fret board, then lifted his head again to look at Water. However, he failed to notice just how close they were, and before he realized it, the mouth of Fire’s mask tapped against the same area on Water’s identical mask.

Girls in the audience who were near them squealed and shrieked in delight as Water took a step back away from Fire, his eyes wide and one hand over his mouth. However, after a moment, he smiled underneath his mask, playfully tilted his head to the side, and blew him a kiss before making his way towards Aether’s side of the stage.

Fire, however, remained where he was standing; his legs seemingly frozen in place as his fingers seemed to move on their own accord on his guitar. Both his mind and heart were racing. Questions were clogging his mind. He needed answers…


Fire took a small step towards the smaller Ghoul. “…H-hey, Water?” he asked.

Water turned around and smiled upon seeing Fire. “Yeah?”

The lead guitarist averted his eyes, focusing on the floor underneath his feet. “I, uh… sorry about, um… what happened earlier.”

Water blinked, and his smile disappeared. “What, the kiss?”

Fire nodded his head in reply, but still did not make eye contact with the bassist. “Y-yeah, that,” he replied.

Water smiled and made his way over to Fire. He reached out, tilted up the other Ghoul’s mask, did the same with his own, and suddenly slammed his lips into Fire’s without saying a word. When he pulled back, Fire’s eyes were practically as big as plates and his mouth was hanging open.

“Don’t be,” he said.

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at us tatinof before meeting them i have never formally met a celebrity so when it happened i didnt know how to interact with them I hugged dan and then phill was looking at me with his smile that is like a smile you'd give to a nice dog and i got nervous and forgot to hug him list of regrets lol and then dan was like would u like me to take a selfie and then I saw a hair on dans head and I said there's a hair on your head that's not yours and I pulled it off and he was like thank you very much

“there’s a hair on your head that’s not yours” iconic 

i’m still crying what the actual fuck i’m