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Out of Ten - Sherlock x Reader

This idea came to me late, late at night.

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It had become a habit, somehow for you to rate things Sherlock said on a scale of 1-10 depending on how okay they were to say. Usually, he was stuck below six.

“Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.”

“Three.” You stated, not looking up from your phone.

Sherlock sent you an apologetic shrug.

“For the sake of law and order I suggest you avoid all future attempts at a relationship.”

“Two!” You blurted, a little shocked yourself.

“You know, (Y/n), sometimes I do wonder how this funny little scale of yours works.”  Sherlock commented one day while he sat flipping through some papers.

“Oh?” You asked, focused more on John’s blog which you were scrolling through than the current conversation.

“Yes.” He threw the papers aside, his full attention now resting on you. “For example, some things get a look of shock from most people but you only give me a six.”

“Well, like what?”

“Well,” Sherlock stood up, “Say I said, ‘Oh this murder is impressive! Beautiful! Gorgeous!’ What would you rate that?”

You laughed, closing your laptop, “Five.”

Sherlock’s eyebrow twitched, a smirk appearing on his lips.

“You aren’t as boring as I first thought.” He said, giving you an expectant sideways look.


“I’ve even started to enjoy having you around.” Sherlock, strode towards you, slowly.

“Nine…” You said, a little bit confused.

“You might even say,” He said, standing over you, “That I’ve become attached to you.”

You didn’t say anything, just stared up at this strange, strange man.

“I’m going to need a rating.” Sherlock said with a smirk.



He leaned down, taking your face in his hands and pressed a kiss to your lips. It was fast and confusing, but it was heat and fire and electricity. It felt right, strangely, like there was no where else that conversation could have gone.

Sherlock pulled away from you, staring at you with his head tilted, pondering.

“Twelve.” You stated and a grin burst onto Sherlock’s features.

“Oh good, that’s reassuring.”

“Oh I bet.” So you leaned up and kissed him again, your smile melting into his.



ART STYLE CHALLENGE!! FT. my favorite ham artists (with honorable mention of birdloaf, unfortunately i could not find a sufficient ref of philip in a sketchier format :///) I tried to emulate everyone’s styles down to the brushes!! did I do it okay? i think i did!! Honestly I’m a little terrified at my style malleability, and also disappointed because i’m drawing like this when i obv have the ability to go beyond that?? and yet…

(can you see who influenced me && how lol)

@me wyd

@spibbles YOU…. YOU. You freaking astound me, your style is fantastic and lately it’s been so warm and nice and all your shapes are a-fucking-plus, and your color usage is gorgeous and your shading is On Point and your rate of improvement is 10,000 penstrokes per hour, you’ve left me in the goddamn dust and i just….. go d

@raythrill you and @huitality are the only blogs I follow as closely as I follow you two and honestly it’s so great to see your styles bounce off of each other and I adore you guys’ style okay?? Ray I love your color usage and shading and I’m pretty sure I already sent you an ask that’s just me gushing but Hui you’re also really great and your anatomy and proportions and posing is (100 OK emojis) and the thick lines are a good reminder that I can make thick lines, not go lineless, and still be a good artist

@terror-in-the-dream GOD………….. YOUR SHAPES AND SHADING AND E Y E S… GORGEOUS i can’t believe you exist. also i adore the way you draw plants and flowers too and your blocky shading is lovely. i’d love to see intense expressions from you tho, most of em seem v calm???

@lauwurens tbh i probably have no right to tag you but Gosh, I haven’t seen anyone else who adores philip to such a degree and also your style is absolutely lovely I adore it so much what the fuck,, philip’s curls and and your eyes and GOD, everything is like, perfect

@eightmonkeys your usage of shapes and your flow of figure is the most unique and absolutely amazing thing i’ve ever seen i love it ok… and it’s also a really good reminder for me that things don’t have to look v realistic to look fantastic

@pia-soleildiddle MMMM GOD I’VE SEEN YOUR ANIMATICS AND YOU’RE SO FUCKING C R E A T I V E THAT IT HURTS MY SOUL, WHAT IN HELL, your interpretations have FLOORED me, also I adore the little unique things you put on all the characters, like ham’s double cowlick and jeff/laf’s forehead lock, and philip’s also double cowlick, and jfc, why are you so good

@kei-pai i……… you…,,, god i don’t know i guess the simplicity just attracts me, and also just the pure stylistic factor is great I can’t name why I like your style in particular, it’s probably the fluidity, but honest to god i like yours a lot but I can’t name why (edit: 3 days later and only now i realize I’ve left out the freckles oops)

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say thank you for what you do :) Your gifs are really appreciated. There is so much negativity towards the show and actors and now many are boycotting them, so I hope you won't join and keep gifting us with your talent. Thank you :)

Hey Anon! YOU ARE WELCOME! Thank ye kindly and I’m so verra glad you enjoy <3 I’m sticking around and posting what I can and I still love the show. I can separate the actors from the characters. I can still watch a scene and forget about the bullshit on Social Media.

Now, I ken you didna ask for this, but here I go… *bats down the hatches*

I fully admit to being negative about the show. I’ve had friends stop talking to me, probably partly because of that. It’s sad but I am who I am.  I won’t rehash what’s happened this past week. I’m sure everyone knows what’s been going on. But I will say this—I won’t stop ranting about the following on Twitter:

  • how it’s bullshit that their September premiere will, on a number of occasions, force me to choose between Outlander and getting day drunk and cheering for my Minnesota Vikings
  • how terrible Starz is at promoting the show
  • how ridiculous it is that they—the cast, the crew, the producers—can’t even show the minimum amount of unforced enthusiasm for their upcoming season
  • how I think if Cait has the time to post a pic of her costar’s girlfriend, she damn well has the time to post a pic from set
  • how I’m so sick and tired of reading about someone who IS NOT A CAST MEMBER
  • how I don’t need to see another damn picture of ships, because I watch Black Sails and I’ve seen plenty, and that’s also not what Season 3 is about (and I hope to God they know what it *is* about)
  • how it’s ridiculous that Poldark will have aired TWO seasons before Outlander even airs ONE
  • how, while I don’t think any of the cast owes me anything, I do think they all need to stop fucking with their fans and show more appreciation
  • how I will not stand for any complaining from ANY member of production when they’re basically on a vacation with some night shoots and filming thrown in there
  • how it’s ill-advised to spurn a portion of your fanbase, but, hey, it’s their ratings funeral
  • how I give zero fucks about what kind of moon appears in South Africa and/or the weather they’re experiencing
  • how I think they’re all such amateurs and don’t have a clue how fandoms work and how to harness that passion toward something positive
  • how it’s ridiculous they have a gag order on sharing BTS pics
  • how I think everyone involved in that production needs to take a fucking Social Media course

But on my blog (with the exception of this post), I’m going to continue posting gifs/videos. It’s a reminder of why I love this show, why I even bother. Why I’ve invested time and money into things that allow me to create what I share. But those investments were my choice and I’ll own them. I once told someone that I’m a creative person—I’m lucky to work in a creative field (I help design/create children’s books)—and this is my creative outlet.

If there are lapses in posts, it’s not because I’ve given up. It’s because it’s getting nicer out, which means this Minnesota Bear has begun to emerge from her winter hibernation. I kick and scream and threaten to not watch the show, but I know I’ll be there. Hopefully with some retained enthusiasm. I’ve weathered many shitstorms in this fandom, so why not this one? Over time, I’ve developed a healthy detachment. I’m like Claire, I’m not the woman I once was. With each one I’ve taken a step back, reassessed, returned with a different/new perspective.

BUT I’m still here for this, first and foremost:

Hey babes! Sooo I reached 400 followers yesterday! Thank you so incredibly much! I don’t even understand how it happened so fast but I’m grateful for anyone who comes to my blog to cheer them up or make them smile. :) I care about you guys a whole lot, and even though I said I wasn’t going to do another ff, I caved and made another bc I’m too lazy to do blog rates xD 

Also, huge thanks to you babes for liking my fics, moodboard, and my music I post on here as well as sending in lovely asks <3 Literally your support and love keeps me going and makes my days brighter, and ilysm!! 💕💕

So, for this one (because the other one was a fail) I’m not going alphabetical, and I’m gonna make sure you’re all tagged this time! (big shout out to @placebophan for helping me with that! ;)) Just tagging my mutuals I see a lot as well as interact with! My besties are bolded, and my pals are italicized 🌸

edit: I’m gonna be replying to some reblogs, so blacklist ashleysfollowforever if you don’t want this on your dash! :) 

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Sooo, I just hit 1k (!!!!) I literally freaked out, this is absolutely nuts. I have absolutely no words other than thank you so much for being the kindest bunch of peeps. I love you guys a heck ton!! Seriously I never thought this blog would blow up in the way that it has, all your kind words and love has been so much for my heart to handle, I simply can’t express my gratitude into words. I love all my buddies I’ve met on this hellsite, as well as my loving gc fam, and I am continuously growing my buddy list bc you all are so great and I love talking to you guys any chance I get!! You, wholesome beans.

so to celebrate, I figure I would do regular blog rates because it’s been a while since I’ve done them! So, you know the drill –

  • reblog to spread awareness (jk bad joke yikes)
  • send me an ask of your favorite dnp quote / life quote in general :) 

blacklist this as ashleysbr if you don’t want to see it on your dash!

format under the cut!

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hey guys!! as some of you know, i recently hit 10K woohoo!!! still cant believe it because i just started 2 months agoo ahhhh anyways, to celebrate ive decided to do blog rates! so i can follow more people and show how grateful i am ahhh tysmm

r u l e s 

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    • your hobbies
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    • your bucket list!!
    • ill read anything honestly
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    • if this flops pretend this never happened lol

b l o g r a t e s

url: nice! // cute // in love with itt // amazing // im stealing ittt

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you !! guys!!! i have recently reached 3k and that is like.. so cool !! unbelievable !! thank you all so much!!! anyways i was thinking of the best way to celebrate and thank you for sticking with me and following this mess of a blog and i decided why not do it all? okay not all. but all i can the plan used to be archive moodboards but i am currently unable to edit, so here we go!! also sorry for the terrible banner i am photoshopless

> the rules:

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> your options (yes!! you can go for them all!!):
(if you don’t know how to make the symbols, try copy&paste)

  • send me a ♥ for a blograte (format under the cut)
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please don’t let this flop!! so enter and have fun i guess ?

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blog compliments; name aesthetics

send me an ask asking for a [bc] (blog compliment] and/or [n~] (name aesthetic)


-must be following me

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^guys, please follow these requirements. when i did blog rates, so many people didn’t complete all of the requirements, and i don’t want to turn anyone’s ask away!!

-send me an ask telling me how your week has been, how the previous month was for you, what you’re looking forward to this month, or all 3 (-:

-you CAN have a blog compliment and a name aesthetic!

thank you guys for 2.6k!!!

this ends on april 14!

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as an expert on cursed images, i rate this blog 665/666

How dare you disrespect me like that?? Where’s your diploma, your certificate, your degree? If you’re not a satan himself you better stay quiet bye

💕pls appreciate the cute lil birb it took me a whole three minutes to create 

heya lovelies! i finally hit 600 followers, which is one of my milestones!! tysm i luv all of you *gives 600 people a gigantic hug* and i decided to do some blogrates!

(if you don’t wanna see these, blacklist the tag #cam does blogrates)

if ya want a blograte:

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🌷 send me an ask with your favorite flavor (of ice cream, cake, dorito, whatever im hungry)!

🌷 format under the cut!

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can y’all believe i hit 3k+ already? in order to say thank you to all my wonderful followers, i will be doing blog rates!! thank you all so much, seriously. i am so grateful for each and every one of you :’)

to be eligible for a blog rate:

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  • tell me your favorite song/food/literally anything or tell me how your day/school is going!

and that’s basically it!! blog rates will end 4/20 huhuhu

br outline is under the cut, i apologize in advance if i spam, so blacklist #jiblogrates if you don’t wanna see anymore, and importantly, thank you to my #1 친구 brian for making the cute lil yoongi graphic for me :’) thank you so much again for 3k :’)

love, ji 💕

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Purpose Tour Baby

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘Hi ! Love your blog ! Your imagines are awesome .Though can I pretty please get an imagine where Y/N is pregnant with Justin’s baby and while he’s performing for Purpose tour , Scooter runs on stage to tell him he’s just received a call informing him Y/N is giving birth so he has to postpone his show and fly out to her and he just maked it in time for the birth . Thank you so much!


I was currently 9 months into my pregnancy, the last trimester. Our baby was due next week but, at the rate how he/she was going, they were going to drop at any second. Justin and I wanted to keep the sex of our baby a secret up until they were born. Let me also add that they have been kicking for the past hour. Why couldn’t they just be born already? 

I sat down on the couch, rubbing my hand over my stomach. It was just me, {Y/BF/N}, and the dogs chilling in the house. Justin was currently in Vegas for one of his shows. He was about an hour away but, that was still so much time and distance between us. I pushed myself up from the couch because I had to use the restroom. “I’m going to go pee. I’ll be right back,” I waddled to the bathroom. I reached for the light switch on the wall when I felt a liquid trickling down my legs. Oh no, it couldn’t be. I felt around for the light switch on the wall until it was in my reach. 

I turned it on and saw the puddle of water below my feet. “{Y/BF/N}!” I screamed into the house. She came running to me in less than a second. “We need to go to the hospital right now!" 

Justin’s POV 

 "How you feelin’ tonight Vegas?” I questioned, looking around in the audience. They finally turned the house lights on so I was able to see who was in front of me. The crowd shrieked in response and I just took that that they were having a good time. “I just got one more question for you guys. Who wants to be my baby?” The music cued in and the crowd went crazy again. I began singing the first couple of notes and let the crowd join in. It was more like they were performing for me than vice versa. I jammed out on the stage for the time being, enjoying the entertainment I was receiving. 

“Are we an item?  Girl quit playing. We’re just friends, what are you saying? Said “there’s another” and looked right in my eyes, my first love broke my heart for the first time and I was like..” I was in the middle of singing the next verse when Scooter came running on the stage, causing the music to stop. “Justin,” he said out of breath. “I just received word that {Y/N} is in the hospital. It’s time.” My stomach sank as he finished his sentence. I was literally an hour away from her. How was I supposed to get there in time? “Sorry for the inconvenience guys, but I gotta go,” I ran off the stage with Scooter backstage. I grabbed my bag of things and headed outside to the sprinter van.

We got back to Los Angeles after about an hour. I was a nervous wreck getting off the plane that I almost tripped over my own feet. I’ve never had the birth of a child, let alone my own before. I was happy to be a father but, {Y/N} was like a whole week early, wasn’t that bad? I know nothing about pregnancy, so I just assumed a lot of things were bad. We were currently in a van, on the way to the hospital. With all this traffic, we would never make it in time and I would miss my baby being born.

“Isn’t there a shorter way to the hospital?” I questioned the driver, annoyed with the traffic. I was no stranger to it but, it was even worse tonight.

“Well, I could get off at exit-”

“Drive!” Scooter and I said in unison. The driver did as told and got off at the closest exit. We sped through the mostly empty main streets, thank goodness, and got to the hospital in less than twenty. I jumped out of the van before it could come to a complete stop and almost hit a parked car in the process. I ran into the hospital doors and, I actually tripped over my feet this time.

“Oh, are okay, sir?” one of the nurses asked, helping me up.

“Fine. Can you please just tell me where my girlfriend is?” I asked out of breath, dusting off my clothes. 

“Oh Mr. Bieber, just the person i was looking for. Come with me,” I followed behind the doctor and got into the elevator with him. “Don’t worry, {Y/N} is doing just fine. It’s a good thing you got here, I was just about to call you.”

“Sorry doc, LA traffic kills,” i replied. “Has she given birth yet?”

“Actually, no. But, I know she will be giving birth soon. Her contractions aren’t too far apart. You’re going to be a father Mr. Bieber.”

All this pregnancy talk was enough to give me headache. The hell were contractions? The doctor led me into the room {Y/N} and her friend were in. I was greeted by her friend first and then, {Y/N}. “Hey, I’m sorry. Hope I’m not late.”

“We’ll discuss this later Justin.”

After almost 8 hours of sitting and waiting, the baby was born. To answer both of our suspicions, it was a girl! We decided to name her {Y/D/N}. I held her in my arms, rocking her back and forth, admiring the creation {Y/N} and I made. I was a happy guy.

Hello lovelies, I’ve reached another follower goal (I can’t express how much I’m thankful, I love each and every one of you) and I’ve been wanting to change my URL for a while but I’m a wishy-washy junk. Therefore I’m calling out for everyone’s help as well as celebrating with some blog rates. Rules:

  • must be following this Draco’s ultimate trash;
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    • 1. change your URL to!
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If you don’t want to see these rates on your dash blacklist #rbr. Format under the cut:

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waaahh!!!! i never thought i’d make it to 1k followers … but i did! and it’s all thanks to you guys ;//v//; thank you so much, honestly. i created this studyblr as a way to motivate myself to do better for myself and my education, and thanks to you guys, i have! i even made some lovely friends here, too; thanks y’all for being such kind, wonderful people - all y’all are the sweetest ∩(´∀`∩)

as a way to show my appreciation for all y’all, i’ve decided to do blog rates! thank you so much again, i just want to give each and every one of you a nice, warm hug. okay aNYWAYS, to be eligible for a blog rate, you:

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oh and tell me literally anything you’d like, too! favorite songs atm, how your day’s been, how’s school treating ya, some celebrity crushes/biases (heheheh), and all that other good stuff ;DD

that’s all :D blog rates will end on 5/8

also, i’ll be tagging my blog rates with hobifulstudies’ 1k blogrates :D - just in case you wanna blacklist it

here’s my blog rate outline:

icon: very cool! | this is so cute, what even | i really really like it ahhhh | i love it so much oh my gosh

desktop theme: just a little difficult to navigate thru | omg i love how organized it is | this is so aesthetically pleasing, i’m floored | oh my gosh, can i please get the code for this?

url: interesting | nice, i dig it | it’s too cute oml | i love it and i want it, please let me have it for a lil while ;v;”

original content: i couldn’t find any D: | i really like your handwriting oh my | your content is heavenly, bless | you are a legend, #goals

overall: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

following: no but i still love you ^^ | i am now :D | already was ;v;


Mar. 27, 2017 | 10:47 AM PDT

I started this blog a little over three months ago, and WOW I have 300 followers?!  As a huge thank you to all of you, I will be doing blog rates and lettering requests!


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    • Blog rates: Let me know how your day has been, any favorites (subjects/classes, books, movies, food, music, etc.), a funny joke, bad pun, or pick-up line — literally anything!
      • If your studyblr is a side blog, please provide the URL within the brackets in [br].
      • If you don’t have a labelled page on your blog, please provide a link or tag to your original posts.
    • Lettering: Favorite color, plus the name or URL you want lettered

Note:  Please send asks off anon; leave the “ask anonymously” checkbox unmarked.

The celebration ends on April 30, 2017 at midnight (Pacific Daylight Time).

Posts will be tagged under #narglestudies celebration, in case anyone wants to blacklist it.

Pretend this never happened if this doesn’t get any more than 10 notes.

Hogwarts OWLs-styled blog rate format under the cut:

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glisteningpecs  asked:

"I mean, technically I am allowed to treat a human in the absence of more a more qualified individual. " that's really really interesting! how confident would you be treating a human? technically, we are just a large exotic animal, right? thanks for your awesome blog, it's a fascinating read

It would be like being a new graduate again. Second guessing, checking dose rates, endlessly wondering what I’ve missed.

For first aid it’s fine, all I’m going is stopping the situation from getting worse while I wait for somebody else to get there. I’m not dispensing medical advise or advising re prescription medications. The reason I’m hesitant to give medical advice, even to my friends or workmates, is legal repercussions. Likewise, I probably could stitch somebody up, and certainly vets will do that for each other from time to time, but I have no fallback if something goes wrong in a non-emergency situation.

Put me in a situation without legal issues and I’d give things a go, but I know my own limits. In a post-apocalyptic scenario all I need is an anatomy text book, a MIMS (drug formulary) and maybe a surgery book. I’d be slower than I am treating animals, but I would probably be reasonably helpful in keeping other folks alive.

Having an actual human medico to check with would be ideal, just like being a new grad under supervision again.

Mystery Woman

Author: Emmalee
Player/Team: Tyler Seguin/Dallas Stars
Prompt: I would like to request something angsty with Tyler Seguin, like you have a fight with him or something! You can decide what the fight is about, I just need something with a lot of feelings and maybe some swearing! Love your blog btw!
Word Count: 900 Words
Rating: R (Language)
A/N: Enjoy! I’ll get those other two one-shots scheduled for today out a little later tonight. :) Thanks, loves!! Xx Em

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anonymous asked:

ok but for the love of god deactivate instead of continuing to post abt a show thats really offensive and dangerous to suicide attempt survivors and that took an opportunity to start a discussion abt suicide and threw it away, which is fucking selfish.

1. dont follow me if you dont like the show/book.
2. thats your personal opinion that its offensive and dangerous, and dont assume you know me and my experiences.
3. how did it “throw it away”? i see more discussion about these issuses now outside of tumblr than i did before
4. its selfish of YOU to come send me an anonymous message telling me to delete my blog that me and many people like, about a show that we connect to that has effected us. 

no one is forcing you, and anyone else to watch the show. it is rated TV-MA, so if your young, beware, and if you cant handle any of the issues in the show, pls dont watch it.

✨blog rates?✨


  • you don’t need to be following me, but itd be super duper if you would!
  • send me an ask n tell me what your favorite song and favorite movie is!
  • reblog this post:))


URL: i dont get it but ok // good // great!! // amazing // fantastic!! // OMG HOW DID U THINK OF THIS!!!

THEME: its buggy // kinda boring // modern and clean // its really good! // aesthetic af // oMG ITS SO CREATIVE IM JELL-O

ICON: okay // cute // its great!! // wow!! // its wonderful!! // OMG ABSOLUTE PERFECTION

POSTS: its not my cup of tea but u do u // theyre okay // pretty great // super cool!! // goals af // OMG ARE WE THE SAME PERSON??

OVERALL: okay // really good!! // youre doing great!1 // its wonderful i like it! // your blog is perfection keep up the good work pal! // ULTIMATE FAVE LOVE U

FOLLOWING?: no, sorry bud // i am now!! // hell yeahhh // forever following!!!