this is how i imagine that went

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

Random Dude I Met In A Bar : “… then when I shaved my head, everybody started treating me differently. Their entire perception of me changed. You’re like a different person. You can’t imagine what that’s like. I mean, imagine you decided to dye your hair blonde. How do you think that would change how people perceive you?”

Me Internally : Dude…

And this conversation went on for another 15 minutes.

Dear Journal,

Today’s exams went well. I think that I had every answer right. That’s all I have to say about today. But don’t worry dear Journal, I have something for you. How would you like me to read you a part of the book Sirius wrote for me? Well, here it is. It was during a night in 5th year…

“My sleep was slowly disturbed by soft sobs. I knew that they weren’t from Peter or James, since they were both snoring. They were from Remus. I opened my tired eyes and saw him sitting by the open window. He was hugging his knees close to his chest, his eyes looking outside.

“Remus?” I said.

He looked at me with his red and puffy eyes. He looked broken. I stepped out of my bed sheets and my feet touched the cold floor. I didn’t care how cold the floor was, I just wanted to hug Remus close to me. I kinda liked when he was sad because that meant that I could hug him without anyone suspecting that I Had a crush on him. I walked up to him and sat next to him. He had no shirt on so i tried to hide my blushing cheeks. He looked at me and silent tears fell on his wet cheeks.

“Pads.. I’m sick of it..” Remus said, his voice cracking.

“What are talking about Moons?” I frowned.

“I’m disgusting.. Look at me.. my skin is full of cuts and bruises.. i’m sick of myself.."He said.

I wipped a tear off of his cheek with my thumb. I layed my hand on his back, forgetting that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. My cold fingers shivered at the touch of his warm bare back. Since he didn’t pull away, I decided to let my hand stay on his skin.

"Re… I hate it when you talk like that. You may not realize it but you’re beautiful. No matter how many scars you have or how bruised you look, you’ll always be the Remus everyone loves. You deserve to be the happiest person in this world. Merlin Remus, if you could see yourself from my eyes… you’d be suprised about how much I care about you. You shouldn’t be disgusted by yourslef. Remus I just want your happiness…” I said, brushing my thumb on his cheek.

“You really think that?” He asked, still crying.

“Of course I do. Now you need to sleep okay? Come on..” I said, helping him stand up.

I layed him in his bed and told him to get some sleep. Before I could leave he took hold of my wrist.

“Pads.. C-Can you stay with me?..” he asked.

“You mean.. oh yeah.. sure..” I said, feeling my heart beat quickly than usuall.

He made me a small place in his bed and I laued down next to him. At first, I was scared to touch him but once he hugged me, I knew it would be okay.

“Thank you Sirius. You’re important to me to you know?” He whispered.

“I know.”

I waited until he was asleep to close my eyes.

-Sirius “

March 22nd 1976

my ex and his gf broke up recently like within the past month or two n ive been thinking about it since i found out this morning n i hate how there’s still a tiny part of me that imagines us together. i went on his blog n i saw a post he made n idk how i feel abt it! it’s very confusing being like 99% over someone because that 1% is so powerful. a part of me misses him n i wish we were more friendly n i also majorly just wish above it all that things didnt end so badly so that i wouldnt be confused still over a year after the breakup lol

Come to think of it… why do we even need to leave right now?

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with him after I’ve gone past the lineart and flats stages. My brain kinda went, “Whoa, Wheatman is bad now! Better make 75% of this thing purple shadows and put some glow-y red crap on dem eyesssss!”

Although while I did this I was imagining how Musical!Wheatley looked like as he said the line stated above as he was turning towards Chell, glasses off. Maybe just think about that.

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The only thing that concerns me in regards to them getting bigger in America is how direct everyone is lol like I'm the Korean industry everything is lowkey under the table and indirect and segregated to a degree whereas here someone could blatantly they wanna fuck one of the members. Imagine if they went to an American award show bruh they don't segregate the men and the women which would probably be weird for them

no offense , n i know it’s their culture or everything but imo it wouldn’t be weird for BTS to be around girls. it would be weird FOR THE FANS. BTS has to step back from girls bc of THE FANS. im sure bts would love to talk to female celebrities !!! but it’s us who stop them from doing that bc they’re scared fans are gonna overreact. like fans should realize that u cant stop boy n girl interaction like u cant. n it will be extremely childish if fans lost their shit bc nicki minaj laughed at something jin said to her like ????? “OMG X( ARE NICKI UNNIE N JIN OPPAH DATING?!?)?!!” like no girl calm down they just having a good time

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Do you have a request list? I follow so many SOA imagine blogs I don't remember who I submitted my request to...😅

I actually lost my request list a few weeks ago!
But I reopened requests so this is what I have at the moment, and there are a few others I can remember from the old requests.
But these are the current requests I have:

-Juice one where he legit forgets the reader’s birthday because hes been so busy with the club and he cant figure out why shes crying and upset until the next day when Jax and Opie ask him how her birthday went so he rushes around to try and make it up to her. Maybe eventual smut?

-Jax overhears you his partner talking to Lyla about how you find it unfair that ladies get the guys crow but the guys don’t get anything on them and thats why you wont get his crow. He surprises you by getting your name tattooed on him to show his commitment and love.

-Please can you write about how you and jax have been dating for nearly a year. tara comes back flirts with him wants him back, he feels confused, you and him fight you leave mid fight and get in a car crash, he realises that while Tara is his 1st love you are his final love. Him waiting at your bedside for you to wake up Tara comes in and he tells her to back off he loves you etc.

-Opie has been so busy with the club, he misses something an important event of yours. You and him fight when you get home. You stay at friends he grovels to get you back then make up sex pretty please.

-Can I request an imagine where the reader catches the eye of Jax. She is the sister to David and Jacob Hale but she is nothing like them. She has a blind hatred for Jacob but doesn’t mind David. Can she also of just come out of the army or finished a tour? Also can the reason she catches Jax’s eye be because she is an old friend of Donna’s and he sees them together.

-Please can you write about how you and jax are married when he goes to jail (abel doesn’t get taken no tara/ima) you go up for your first conjugal visit after jax has been inside for 5 months, intense sex occurs and you wind up pregnant

-could you write an imagine where you work with gemma at the office and are always a very quite person but at one samcro party you show your wild side and all the boys are stunned and Jax gets a little bit more of the wild side to see ;)

-Juice buys a vibrator for his old lady in case hes out of town or in prison. He gently explains he hates prison and on the run sex policy.

- Imagine Juice having an argument with his wife. He goes totally pissed to Diosa and when Lyla asks him about his preference he says: my wife. Everything ends happily.

-Imagine Juice finding a la perla lingerie he didn’t see before in his wife’s closet. Immediately thinks shes cheating but turns out it was an anniversary gift for him. Everything leads to hot sex😈

-Imagine Juice and his old lady breaking up because Juice pushes her away to protect her. She starts to date another guy but Juice cant handle his jealousy so he comes to her apartment little tipsy to win her back and erase any trace of him from her body. Smutty smut please ❤

-Will you do an imagine where Jax and the reader fights. The reader drives off and the IRA stops her and takes the reader hostage. When the Sons come for the reader they see her beaten to a pulp?

-kozik to halestoms I get off

-Could you do a Chibs imagine with smut based on the song “Daddy’s Girl” from Shawny Sanders

-Imagine Juice’s estranged wife giving him fake alibi for the night of some Samcro beef and during the course of action they reconnect;) some sweet lovin for Juice

-Can I request when Juice is jealous of his old lady’s yoga instructor? He intimidates the guys and she gets angry yet explains to Juice that shes not intetested in other men. Thank you

trans peeps: stop making genderbends

cis peeps: ok ok ok…..except we’ll still make them…but! we’ll call them… ~cisswaps~!

trans peeps: no just stop-

cis peeps: ★ presentation play! ★

trans peeps: no thats-

cis peeps: ✦ spectrum slide! ✦

Victuuri in Russia

How I imagine practice in Russia would go:

Viktor: *pouts* Don’t wanna. Miss Yuuri.
Mila: He literally just went to the store. He’ll be back in like, ten minutes.
Viktor: Don’t care. I won’t practice until he’s here.
Yakov: *starts the deep breathing his doctor told him to do to help his blood pressure*
Yuri: Well if he doesn’t have to practice, then neither the hell do I!
Mila: Let’s go find Yuuri and then get some Chebureki!
Yuri: Fuck Chebureki, I want Pirozhki!
Viktor: *already skipping out of the rink* Yuuuuriiiii~
Georgi: *smiling and nodding to himself* Ah, young love.

No but really

Okay, so apparently SKAM has become this new big show?? And people probably talk about it like A LOT in other countries now. But Imagine how it is like here in Norway… SKAM is more or less all we talk about, we are crazy about it, the media is crazy about it. Heck, even my teachers. I remember when we were all waiting for William to answer Noora, and then he suddenly did in the middle of my math class. And I just went “afdfadg and started squealing, before I could shout “GUYS SKAM!” and my math teacher just stopped dead in the middle of an equation, and my classmates went crazy… and we ended up watching the clipp full screen on the whiteboard. 

And the radio channel P3 did a parody, and the talkshow Senkveld did a parody and everybody has done a parody and it is everywhere and we are crazy up here in the north!

 Norway? more like skamtrash #1


*warning! episode 10 spoilers*

WAIT wait wait wait I just realized one thing. It might be just my imagination, but after the episode 10 of YoI…. Like do you remember in the first episode when Victor saw Yuri skating his program and he suddenly decided to become his “coach”? Because why would you fly to another country to train your rival? This doesn’t really make any sense

What if he went all the way to Japan to see him not just  because of Yuri’s impressive figure skating skills, but because in that video Victor recognized in Yuri THAT guy he lost after the drunk party and where Yuri is right now?

THAT one guy who asked him to become his coach?

THAT one guy who awakened his feelings and love from the first sight?

Victor fell in love with Yuri even back than after the banquet, but they lost each other after the party. And guess what? Yuri didn’t remember anything from that night because he was too drunk. That’s why he acted so rude when Victor offered to take a photo. Because he didn’t remember. And that’s why Victor looked so lost when Yuri  walked away. Victor didn’t understand what he did wrong. THAT guy he was fascinated by just turned around and ignored him!

So let’s come back to this moment

What if he looks not just focused on the video, but kinda…. pissed?  Like “You are the first and only one I revealed my feelings to, I finally found you and what am I seeing here? You are skating my program like nothing happened. Do you think I will let you go so easily?”

And here is where  the story begins. The circle closed. Victor’s behavior, his ambiguous phrases, the desire to get closer to Yuri …. Everything makes sense now!

But the best thing about all this is  that Victor’s feelings are mutual. And he still can not believe in it

But he found Yuri

And will never let him go again

I’m just crying here this anime is so beautiful

How the loft scene really went down
  • Simon: We?
  • Magnus: *sighs* I promised myself a long time ago that if i ever saw someone in the same position I found myself in all those centuries ago I would try to help
  • Simon:
  • Magnus:
  • Simon: Hold up, so you'll look after me?
  • Magnus: ...yea-
  • Simon: Wait so basically you'll be like a downwolder mentor??
  • Magnus: *raises eyebrow* I'll tr-
  • Simon: my dowNWOLDER MAMA???
  • Magnus: *rolls eyes* well if yo-
  • Magnus: *scoffs* I take it back, all of it, I take it back
  • Simon: *whispers* the Darth Vader to my Death Star
  • Magnus: *mumbles while walking away* the only person I blame is myself
  • Simon: *grins like an idiot*

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Panic! at the Disco almost went by the name Pet Salamander. Those emos almost chose to go by Pet Salamander. Can you imagine how different things would sounds? “This is ‘I Write Sins not Tragedies,’ sung by Pet Salamander.” Ryan Ross why? Where did you get the idea for the name? What stood out about this name? All of the jokes about the exclamation point would just cease to exist. The emo trinity would have been Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Pet Salamander. The jokes about panicking at discos would stop and would turn into jokes about salamanders i just wann


I love him and his dorky fighting stance so so much.

I imagine this is how he was looking at you when you went over to his house for tea and snacks. Flowers and all.