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 highschool au

 genre: pure, complete fluff

 pairing: jungkook // you

 word count: 6k

 warnings: none

Summary: Your grades are slipping too low for your liking, you’re reprimanded by the student council president, Jeon Jungkook has got you feeling some type of way, and additionally, you agree to go to his basketball game. What could go wrong?

A/N: the first fic oops i don’t really know if this blog will go in the fic direction, i’ll see how it goes. feedback is appreciated!!

You slam your locker door shut after you throw in your gym clothes, breathing out of your nose as slowly as you can as you lean against the locker, hands clenched so tightly the veins were visible.

“Woah, what’s up with you today, Y/N?” Tzuyu, Jackson, and Yerim,  three of your closest friends, gather around you. All three of them have concerned looks on their faces.

“That little…” you mutter angrily, looking up. Tzuyu’s eyebrows rise at your frustrated look.

“Hey, I asked you, are you okay?” She pokes your shoulder. You wordlessly yank out a rumpled piece of paper out of one of the many folders in your arms and flap it in front of her face.

“Just look at this,” you seeth, eyes smoldering. “My average for physics dropped. All because I wasted my time to help Golden Boy study. How am I supposed to be valedictorian now?”

At that, Yerim rolls her eyes as Tzuyu scans the paper. “Are you serious? You’re upset about, like a 2% drop? I have a 87 for your information.” Jackson just snorts.

“You should know how Y/N gets about her grades, Yerim. She’s ranked one, so obviously she has to keep her grades up if she wants to keep her ranking.”

“Well,” Tzuyu says breezily as she hands the piece of paper back to you, “I don’t get what you have against Jeon Jungkook. I mean, he’s actually really nice, smart, and good looking. Oh, and athletic since he’s also the basketball team captain now that Yoongi is injured.”

“He asked you nicely if you could help him too,” Yerim adds. “Always a first.”

“You don’t get it,” you grit out, brushing the hair falling over your eyes out of your face. The four of you begin to make your way back to your homeroom classrooms, with Jackson bidding a farewell as he is a year older.

“One, he’s not attractive Tzuyu-” you begin, disgusted (you’re lying to yourself but no way were you admitting that), “and two, I helped him for two hours studying for that huge test, and while I only got a 94, he got a perfect. His grades are better than mine at this rate. It’s not fair.”

You may be sounding a bit unreasonable. But your history with Jungkook went a long way. You know how every school has that one popular boy? Well, Jungkook was the one for your school (well in your case, there were seven). You swore he could be the  school’s mascot.

Jungkook and you grew up together as neighbors, but your friendship was a complicated one as especially after you journeyed into middle school, and now high school. You still talked, bickering to each other during the classes you had with each other, occasionally walking to school together, and helping each other study. You weren’t quite best friends, but you weren’t strangers either. His parents and your parents were close, and often times you ate at each others houses. Frenemies or rivals were really what you were, as both of you insulted each other whenever you could, and competed in everything.

But you and Jungkook were different in terms of social status at school. He was more well known as the popular jock who picked up girls left and right, and you were known as the future valedictorian, the student council vice president, the brains. You generally hung out with different friend groups, him with the wilder crowd who talked about youth and living life, while yours were more reserved and careful, following a future set in stone.

Not to mention, the boy infuriated  you to no end. Jungkook had been the one who handed you the paper with your semester grades after all.

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Jackson Imagine - Precious

A/N - I’ve done a few jealous Jackson imagines in the past so if you want to read those too, feel free to check out the masterlist! I hope this one isn’t too repetitive in comparison to those others because I tried to give it a different feeling to them. Enjoy~

Can you do a scenario where you are Jackson’s girlfriend and you are kind of a fashionista like Bambam, so you two bond a lot through it, go shopping and to fashion shows together whenever he’s free, and everyone will always comment on how you two would be such a power couple and Jackson gets Jealous, but you reassure him that Bam is like your bff and nothing more than that and you only love him, please?! Thanks and keep up the amazing writing Xx

“Jagiya, where are you? I just went to your apartment but you’re not here,” Jackson asked you over the phone, his voice ringing with concern.
“Oh I must have forgotten to tell you that I’m out shopping with Bambam. We made plans since you said you were busy all day.”
“I was saying that so I could surprise you!”
“Sorry, Jackson~”
“When will you get back?”
“It depends how long it takes Bambam to decide if he wants a new jacket or not. Out of my control, babe. But feel free to get the spare key and let yourself in.”
“That boy better not take long. I want my girlfriend all to myself.”
“You know there’s no rushing a fashionista like Bambam.”
“True. But try not to be too long. I miss you.”
“It’s been like two days since we last saw each other you can’t miss me that much.”
“Well I do. I want to kiss your face.”
“Good to know. We should be home in about an hour’s time, okay?”
“Okay, I love you.”
“Love you too, Jackson.”

After a little while walking around some more shops with Bambam, you decided you should get home to see Jackson. From the phone call, you could tell he was feeling a bit jealous that you were with someone else and not him so thought it’d be best to keep him happy. Bambam was fine with leaving earlier than planned since you were the one giving him a free lift home. The shopping trip had been pretty successful and the both of you had bought some nice new additions to your wardrobes. Although Bambam had definitely bought far more than you, his excuse being “I’m an idol, I need to look good 24/7.” As you arrived home, Jackson practically had his nose pressed up against the window waiting for you. He answered the door within seconds and gave you a tight hug.
“I wasn’t gone that long, Jackson. You’re acting like we’ve not seen each other for months!” You teased, knowing how affectionate he got after only a few days apart.
“I know, but I still missed you. Besides, you’ve been with Bambam more than me recently.”
“Is someone jealous?”
“No! Not at all.”
“Then you’re fine with me hanging out with Bambam again tomorrow, right?”
“What? No, I mean, sure. Uh, whatever you want.”
“You are totally jealous, Jackson! Aw, bless you being jealous of your own band member.”
“It’s not my fault I get jealous, okay? The fans are always taking pictures of you two together saying how you’re such a power couple or that you would be great together and it gets to me because I really care about you and I don’t want to lose you to Bambam or anyone else.”
“Jackson, who cares what the fans say? They might think me and Bambam would be cute together but I don’t. Bam is just a friend and that’s it. You have absolutely nothing to worry about, okay? You’ll never lose me.”
“I promise. You’re too precious to me, Jackson so I could never leave you.”
“I love you a lot, (Y/N). I hope you know just how much.”
“I do know. And I love you too, Jackson.”

Come to think of it… why do we even need to leave right now?

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with him after I’ve gone past the lineart and flats stages. My brain kinda went, “Whoa, Wheatman is bad now! Better make 75% of this thing purple shadows and put some glow-y red crap on dem eyesssss!”

Although while I did this I was imagining how Musical!Wheatley looked like as he said the line stated above as he was turning towards Chell, glasses off. Maybe just think about that.

okay. so. a couple of things

1. how the fuck is his mask staying up if half of it is blown off. like. you can’t see the explodey things on the other side of his head so they must be completely gone so how the fuck

is it stuck up there by the power of pure sweat or what

2. i love how his gauntlet grenade thing is blown to bits and it’s like not even remotely functional anymore, and yet. he’s still carrying it around his arm. just because. 

like there is no way for that thing to collect sweat anymore b/c it’s not connected to his green arm collection things. he’s just. carrying it around his arm like some big broken boomy bracelet thing

i imagine it got that way either because he used an explosion that was just too powerful for the dang thing and it kinda self destructed, or he used it for defense and it got pounded to hell until it just broke (which is probably what happened to the other one too)

(also i fucking love this spread ok)


*Requested* Imagine Alaric forces Damon to take over his history class for the day, while he and the gang discuss plans on how to deal with the newest threat that waltzed into town, and Damon takes things a little too far.

(This is based on THIS prompt my dear pal @shadyladyperfection brought to my attention. Also, this is unedited since it is pretty late here. I hope you enjoy. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Damon, Reader, Alaric, MF gang

Story Title: “Highschool Hellhole”

Word count: 1070

Your name: submit What is this?

It´s a dull Monday in Mystic Falls and the Mystic High students slur through the vinyl tiled halls wishing to be anywhere but here at this unholy hour. The bell rings and everyone makes their way to the first class of the day, including an out of place, leather jacket wearing Damon. Alaric asked him to join him this morning without giving him a reason why, but still, Damon did what his buddy asked him, and made his way to the school.

He rounds the corner, happily whistling while he goes along. Finally, after another corner, he enters the classroom, the whistling dying down as Bonnie, Tyler, and Elena pass him. Caroline stops next to your desk and asks you if you are coming with them, but you decline, not wanting to miss this shitshow that is about to go down.

Alaric then follows Caroline and comes to a stop in front of Damon.

Alaric: “Uhm, you don´t mind taking over for a while, right? No? Great. See you later.”

He gives him a pad on the shoulder and leaves. Damon is startled for a second but then takes a few steps and yells down the hallway.

Damon: “Hey! Ric! Come back! You can´t leave me alone in here!”

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Pairing: Park Jimin x You
Genre: Just some fluff
Warnings: none

× × ×

“Hey Jiminie, how are you” You asked tiredly, as you spoke with your boyfriend over video chat

“I’m okay, just tired…how’s my baby?” Jimin asked, staring at your eyes

“I’m tired too. I have a lot to study for upcoming exams” You said rolling your eyes when you thought about the universety

It has been hell currently, tests are each day and there are sometimes even more than 2 in one day. You felt like your head will explode with all that studying

“Aww that’s bad” Jimin pouted and you knew exactly why

“I’m sorry ChimChim. I wish i could make it, but i really should pass this exams since they’re really important” You sighed

“I understand” You knew he said that only for you. It was obvious he was very sad

“I promise i’ll come some other time!” You said trying to cheer him up

“Well finee” He groaned, rolling on his bed

“Baby, you should rest before the concert starts! It’s really important for you to be relaxed as possible. I sadly gotta go now, but i love you and i cheer for you! Good luck on the concert!” You said waving at him

“Thanks babe..byee” He waved, smiling sadly

You sighed as he ended the call. It was really obvious he was sad.

Bts was having a big concert this evening. You as Jimin’s girlfriend, have a ticket for the concert and you were supposed to come. But the problem was the universety.

You weren’t the best student and you had a problem with making time for studying so your grades dropped a little. Not only that, but there were some important exams and you needed to pass them

But it’s either concert or good grade.

Making a decision was already hard enough, but seeing Jimin’s face so sad..It broke your heart to see him like that. And now, he needs to be at his best so he could perform nicely as always, but his emotions were wild inside of him now

You glanced at the pile of untouched books. You barerly knew any of that, and you had exams tomorrow and day after it.

You sighed, getting up and walking towards the wardrobe.

“I’ll fail it, so why to try to study then?” You asked yourself, pulling out your outfit for the evening.

You had to go to the concert and to see Jimin. Nothing was more important than him right now.

× × ×

“Jimin, concentrate”

Jimin sighed, trying to sing the song again. He would’ve sang it great, if you only weren’t occupying his mind. He missed you dearly, but he just found out he won’t be able to see you.

“I’m sorry. I’ll concentrate” Jimin apologised and they started repeating the coreo again

But his sad additute catched attention of the boys. It was rare for Jimin not to be all jumpy and happy.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jhope asked

“I think Y/N said that she can’t come to the concert” Jungkook replied, glancing at his sad hyung

“No way! Why?” Taehyung asked

“She has some exams she might fail” Jungkook said

“Damn it, Jimin was really excited to see her” Taehyung said recalling how happy Jimin was when Y/N said she could come

Suddenly, Suga’s phone vibrated. He unlocked the phone and read the text he recieved, not being able not to smile.

“What’s up?” Jungkook asked curiously

“Nothing’s bad as we thought” Suga said, turning his phone around so other boys could read the text

“That’s awesome!”

“He will be so happy!”

× × × ×

“Thank you for coming to our concert!” Bts yelled, bowing at ARMY

The ARMY happily waved with their Bangtan bombs around, looking at their favourite idols.

“But before the concert starts, we would like to say something, if that’s okay” Rap Monster started

“We know how much Jiminie and Y/N love each other very much-” Taehyung said

“-And we know it’s tough for them to be so long apart-” Jhope added

“-Because, we had a very busy schedule and Y/N was busy a lot because of universety and exams-” Jungkook said

“-so she said she couldn’t come to the concert. But their love is too strong to be held by those bounrades called exams. They missed each other dearly-” It was Suga’s turn now

“-So we just wanted to do something for them, so that they could see each other in person again after many months.” Jin finished

Jimin was looking at his friends confused, since he had no clue what was happening right now.

The ARMY moved left and right, making a small path from the entrance to the stage. Y/N entered the building, heading on the small path to the stage. She was running towards Jimin.

As she run, the path behind her was closing, ARMYs were waving with their bangtan bombs, making the view look magical.

“Y/N!” Jimin yelled as he hugged Y/N tightly when she stepped on the stage

“Y/N, you told me you won’t come!” He said happily, not letting go of her

“Well, the exams aren’t as important as you are. And i know what my priorities are, and that’s cheering for you from the crowd” Y/N replied

Jimin wasted no time. He cupped your cheeks with his small hands, kissing you lovingly.

ARMYs went wild, letting out loud squeals and aww’s as they took pictures of you two.

As you broke the kiss, you gave him a small peck on the cheek making him blush at your actions. You bowed at other boys, thanking them for making this so special for you and Jimin.

Soon, the concert started. You were standing in front row with ARMYs, enjoying watching your boyfriend from that spot.

Every now and then, Jimin would occasionaly send you wink or a small kiss, which would make you blush and ARMYs would squeal at his cuteness.

Since the concert was lasting around 2 hours, you had enough time to befriend fans which were next to you.

They were speaking formaly with you, which you found amusing since some fans were even older than you.

× × ×

Since the concert finished now, and Jimin motioned to you to go with him backstage. Just before you left the crowd, few girls which were standing around you, asked you to stop so they could tell you something.

“You two look perfect together” One girl which was next to you told you, making you blush at her statement

“And i hope you two have bright future together” other girl said, bowing at you

You thanked them for kind words before running again towards Jimin. You hugged him tightly and he pecked you on the lips, wrapping his arm around your waist

“What were you speaking with them?” Jimin asked curiously

“They told me that they think we look nice together and hope that we have a bright future together” You said with a smile

“Well i would like that.” He said, kissing you again, now more passionate

“I would like that too” You replied with a giggle

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For the art meme: Jack of the future in all the ones from 1 and 2, please? Seeing him in all the ones from 4 might be good too (I'm just imagining how pissed he's gonna be when he finally gets his sword back and takes out Aku-sshh, I know it might not happen, let me dream) but honestly the poor man has suffered enough, just let him rest.

//I couldn’t do all of them because of time, so I hope two of them is okay with you. ; v ; More laughy Jackies!

Weird theory size thing

Bananas can fit in your hand right? Good. How the HECK are RainWings able to live off just fruit! A banana should be the size of a blueberry to them! We have seen dragons feeding fruit to scavengers and it’s almost as if they were the size of hamsters. Like seriously how does this work? Trees must be like bushes to dragons, and so the rain forest trees must be HUGE!!!!

So let’s say everything is just dragon sized. But then how did scavengers even roam the continent before without being eaten by a cow or starving to death? The trees are too tall and the animals bigger than you! Also shouldn’t rabbits, shrimp and fish would never be a sustainable meal! JUST HOW!?!?!?!

Tbh I think this might be one of the inconsistencies in Tui’s writing.

For the fruit part, I can imagine there being various sizes of fruit that are more filling to dragons. There would also be smaller ones, the sizes we are more used to. 

For the animals, I’m kind of at a loss as well. To me I think stuff like cows, bears, and generally larger animals could be a sustainable meal for one dragon. Plus, I personally like to think dragons only need a full meal every once in a while (similar to snakes).

Maybe smaller stuff (bunnies, shrimp, teeny bananas) are considered little finger food snacks? Lol.

-Mod Turtle

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Could you do an Elucien fic? Maybe where Elain sees Lucien for the first time since he told her they were mates at Hyberns castle. And Lucien really wants to talk to her, but he doesn't want to scare her or force her into the bond if she doesn't want it.

This was great to write! Hope you like how it turned out!

“I Know This” An Elucien One-Shot

         Relieved. Confused. Unsure. Overjoyed. Maddened. Hopeful. Elain had too many emotions running through her and trying to sort through them clearly was making her head hurt. She stood at a window looking out but not really seeing. Elain had asked Azriel to fly her to the house on the mountain where Lucien was temporarily staying after Feyre and his great escape from the Spring Court three days ago. Elain was overjoyed to have her sister back safely after four very long months but she couldn’t help that nagging thought, a thought she deeply hated, that resented her sister’s long awaited return only because Feyre was not alone. Lucien had been brought to the Night Court as her fellow escapee, rescuer, and new ally in the war against the King of Hybern. It meant Elain had run out of time to process the whole “You’re my mate” declaration…just another thing to get accustomed to in her new body, new world.

         She looked at the flower she accidently grew in her hand and sighed. A Begonia flower wove its way through her fingers during her worrying. Elain’s affinity to for nature had amplified from when she was mortal to now where she could grow, control, and even destroy any kind of tree, flower, grass, you name it. Due to this, she now tended to voice her thoughts unconsciously through different plants around her. Studying the Begonia in her hand, she huffed a short but humorless laugh as the Begonia stands for deep thoughts as well as caution. She stuck the flower in her hair, among the few others already placed throughout her day as she couldn’t find herself to throw them away or leave them on the ground to get crushed…not to mention, flowers are too pretty to not decorate herself with. 

             Squaring her shoulders, Elain followed the hallway to Lucien’s temporary quarters. She raised her hand to knock when the door flew open so fast she gasped in surprise. Lucien stood before her with wide eyes, looking excited but nervous. “Elain!” He greeted her with a small smile that she returned effortlessly. “Uh, please come in?” It was a statement but he said posed it as a question, due to his nerves at her presence she assumed.

        It was a simple bedroom with a large bed, a dark wood dresser, and the furthest wall was more window than wall revealing the beautiful night sky, a sight she had really come to appreciate during her stay here. Elain noticed he was barefoot in light pants and a shirt, his red hair a little messed like he was constantly running his hands through it. Her eyes followed to the bed which was rumpled and unmade.

        “Did I wake you? If so, I’m sorry and I can come at another-” Lucien waved her off from the door as she started for it.

        “No. No, I wasn’t sleeping. Finding it a bit difficult these days, honestly.”

        “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” She truly was. They fell into a silence but saw Lucien open then close his mouth multiple times before finally pressing his lips together. He wanted her to initiate the conversation. So she did.

         “ I suppose that answers my question to how you are doing?”

          Lucien threw his hand behind his head and shuffled from foot to foot but kept his eyes on her, “I am struggling..” He sucked in a sharp breath. “I know…I know I am better here than the Spring Court. I know this.”

          Elain nodded but said nothing because while he was talking to her, it seemed he was also talking to himself to assure himself of his recent choices. Elain wondered if anyone has truly ever asked him how he was doing given what she was told of his complicated family history and Tamlin’s ‘friendship.’ He took her nod as the ‘okay’ to continue like it was permission, a fact that troubled her quite a bit.  

           Lucien padded over to the window and stood in the very position she was not very long ago. Unlike Elain, his gaze remained focused, not at the night sky but trained on her.

          “Tamlin is…was my friend. I believed I owed him everything for the rest of my life…but his choices of late with Feyre and the war are wrong. I know this.  I do not believe even after we escaped that he really sees that.” Another pause.
“Elain how are you faring with all of this?”

           Elain smiled kindly at him and he automatically gave one in return. She really liked his smile. Elain found herself walking towards him, slowly but more sure with each step. Her hand tingled and without looking down she knew what flower grew. “I am struggling but even during the moments when I am struggling the most I know am better off here.”

        She was never this forward but she couldn’t help but see a familiar sadness in his eyes, a sadness she kept to herself because her sisters one common goal was to keep Elain safe and unharmed but unbeknownst to them, she did not come out of everything unscathed. She lived with sadness. She drowned with overbearing guilt. She burned with anger. She felt things just like her sisters. She recognized the pain and the guilt in Lucien and forgave him for his wrongdoings by her sister because she would be a hypocrite otherwise. There was no high horse but deep understanding.

         They stood no more than a foot apart when Elain lifted her hand carrying the delicate white flower and curled it behind Lucien’s ear. He stood completely still as to not scare her or in shock she did not know but she couldn’t help of graze her knuckles gently across his cheek and told him softly, “I know this.”

          They stood there, remaining close but not touching, basking in the temporary peace. When Elain broke the moment by stepping away, Lucien grabbed her hand. His hands were rough but warm. “Thank you, Elain.” He whispered then released her hand. As she walked out, her hand tingled on last time for the night as she filled his room with white tulips, geranium, peony orchids, white chrysanthemums, and daffodils.  She closed the door with a lasting glance of a male surrounded by forgiveness, comfort, healing, truth, and new beginnings with hope tucked behind his ear.

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So is Adriana going to that daughter that's like; Ew you have a crush on my math teacher? or She going to be that daughter that's like; I ship it!!! Constantly plotting with her Uncle Hunk on how to get them together. lol

Her favorite teacher and his dad? she loves it! besides, it was pretty obvious that they like each other from the start, Adriana is just more observant than any of them; five minutes into their conversation and she was already imagining who they were going to invite to the wedding. And yes, she will pull off a “parent trap” eventually with the help of Hunk and Pidge too!

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(1) A group of alpha friends walking around the park or city while carrying their little pups, and kind of showing off like "hey! Aren't our pups adorable? We made this!" The gesture is like flashing an invisible middle finger to society's screwed-up notion that alphas are horrible when it came to childcare. Look at them all badass while hauling a pup or two in their arms ...

(2) If the alphas hang out, their omegas should too. The omega group’s probably at a cafe taking their sweet time from 24/7 pup care and relax. Then they start showing pictures of their pups and how cute they are. The group of alphas and omegas become really close like a pack and they maintain connection until their pups grow up. I can imagine their pups calling each other “cousins” even though they aren’t related.



THANK YOU LOVE!! This is so perfect. <3

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How would Shawn react if he got someone or his s/o pregnant at his age right now with tour starting and him traveling a lot?

I honestly think he would freak out. He would also feel morally obligated to care for his child? But he would honestly be panicking in my opinion. He is just too young and busy for a kid right now? Of course he wouldn’t let any of that show…

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How would the BTT members feel about their S/o being mad at them, so to get back at them they become the biggest tease. ( trailing their hand in places they liked to be touched, wearing seductive things when they are around, etc.)

I DECIDED TO ADD DENMARK EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT A BTT. I wasn’t sure who you wanted to be the teaser/teasee so I went with both! I apologize is this went a little too NSFW.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt

He didn’t mean to make you upset, really! It’s not his fault his friends dragged him to the bar for drink. And it also wasn’t his fault he came home drunk once again, even after you repeatedly told him not to. However, this was the final straw and you began giving him the cold shoulder. Even after his repeated please for forgiveness and promises to do better, you did not fall for it. The Prussian loved attention, so when his you wasn’t giving him any it really caused him to go into despair. However, after awhile he knew he could get you to crack. It only started with dirty words whispered in your ear here and there at meetings. Or maybe when his hands would wander up your skirt under the table at a meeting, just to retreat and act as if nothing happened. Of course you knew he was doing it on purpose! Two can play at this game. Then Gilbert decided to kick it up a notch by purposely rubbing his bulge onto your backside while you bent over just to laugh and walk away. Finally you have had enough and just gave in by pulling the german man into the closest closet for you both to let out all your frustration. Maybe the teasing wasn’t such a bad thing after all? 

Teaser/Teasee with S/O

Spain/ Antonio Fernández Carriedo

He really was sorry for what he did. He never liked to see you upset, and especially didn’t like it when that anger was directed to him. But he knew you were a forgiving person and knew this silly argument would blow over. Until you began teasing him. Always pawing at his clothed crotch while eating dinner with friends, or whispering dirty words in Spanish into his ear. At first he decided to play along, until you would retreat from your teasing and completely ignore him. Your teasing would leave him painfully hard and blue balled, it was starting to become unbearable for the lovable Spanish man. The way you would strut around the house in nothing but his T-Shirt or new lingerie you had bought. Oh how he wanted nothing more than to just tear them off and ravage you right then and there. It wasn’t until he heard your faint moans in the bedroom did he finally have enough with your games. To tease him was one thing, but to pleasure yourself without him is sinful in his eyes! Well, don’t worry amour. He will show you exactly who is in charge now. 

France/Francis Bonnefoy

Francis couldn’t help that he was liked by multiple women. Yes, he loved you and only you. But who is he to deny giving a compliment here and there to a young woman? After all, he is known as the country of love. So when you finally had enough of his flirting, you just flat out ignored the french man. Even after countless roses sent to your door, you still kept up the act. However, the French man had other plans. Ever time he saw you, he would tease you. No, not the usual teasing and flirting. But the kind of teasing that is almost like foreplay. He would shamelessly whisper into your ear all the things he would do to you on the table in the conference room, or how lovely you would look in the new lingerie set he bought you. Even going as far as to grip onto your waist and buck onto your clothed hips to simulate all the things he wanted to do to you. What broke the silence between you was when he kissed your neck on the special spot he knew oh so well. Don’t worry, he will make it up to you for what he did and more.

Denmark/ Mathias Køhler

It all started when he came home drunk, again. Normally this wouldn’t bother you because you knew of the Danish mans heavy drinking. But he completely ignored all your text messages and calls, worrying you all night about his well being. Of course after he sobered up the next day you began your little punishment. He was forced to sleep on the couch, which at first didn’t seem like much of a penalty to him until he heard your faint moans in the bedroom from pleasuring yourself. You decided to step it up and began to wear more figure-fitting clothes. You would wear short dresses that would hug your curves in all the right ways, then tell Mathias you would go for a girls night out, immediately making his blood boil. Oh, but what topped it all off was the way you would flirt shamelessly with Sweden. He immediately hoisted you over his shoulder and make his way to the bedroom where he will show you what Vikings are capable of. Let’s just say, you learned your lesson as well. 

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Can there be a scenario where Ciel collapses due to overworking himself, lack of sleep and/or stress? And when he collapses, how would the other elgang members react and do when Ciel suddenly collapses?

“I’m fine,” Ciel insists, swaying on his feet and looking most definitely not fine.  Elesis leans against the counter and frowns.

“You don’t look fine,” she states, and then presses for details.  “When’s the last time you slept?  Or ate?  You have bags under your eyes.  Is Lu pushing you too hard?”

“If he says he’s fine, he’s fine,” Lu chimes in, glaring at Elesis.  Ciel lowers his head.  Elesis frowns even more.

“Are you-”

Ciel sways, then collapses.

Elesis is the first to his side, just because she’s closest.  She catches Ciel and lowers him to the floor, then starts promptly scolding Lu.

Lu hops over the counter and crouches by Ciel, putting her hand over his contract mark.  She quickly diagnoses what’s wrong - not enough sleep, not enough food, too much stress - and is beating herself up over it just fine, thanks Elesis, no need to help.

Raven waves aside both of their bickering and kneels next to Ciel as well, getting Elsword to help him carry Ciel to a bed or a couch.

Aisha gets Lu out of the way and works a small spell, turning Ciel’s mind to restful sleep instead of flat-out unconsciousness.

Rena starts prepping a light meal for Ciel when he wakes.  Ara tries to help.  Ara is gently kicked out of the kitchen.

Eve and Add both linger out of the way, though for different reasons.  Eve didn’t know that humans could collapse from exhaustion and is inputting Ciel’s condition in her database.  Add just has no idea what to do, though he doesn’t want to walk away.

Chung also ends up scolding Lu.  Did itty bitty demon child not know that you can’t push humans this hard? With Chung and Elesis both scolding her, and Ciel collapsed, it’s not something she’ll soon forget now.

Ain couldn’t care less about Ciel or Lu.  He doesn’t see a point to him being here right now, so he ends Intervention, reducing the amount of people crowding the small room.

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"she could never get a pet/ she would just smush it" okay but imagine Kara really wanting a puppy or a kitten and wanting all of the cuddles but cos it's so cute she gets excited, she has to learn to control herself, asked sits her down and tells her perhaps it's not the best idea, but she really wants a pet, and that's how Krypto gets on the show as a present from Clark

YES!! i have thought about it before i just imagined puppies climbing over her licking her (like in that video) and she’s just giggling away because she’s too afraid to touch them incase she smushes them. 

If Alex and Maggie ever have a kid Kara would be way too afraid to to hold it. Sometimes she rips the door off the fridge when she’s excited to eat, she doesn’t know what she’d do if she were holding her niece/nephew.

Surprise to Kara: they adopted an alien kid so she couldn’t hurt it unless she really tried. they didn’t just get an alien kid for kara’s sake though. Alex can barely hold onto an orange juice carton could she really be trusted not to drop and break their kid?
Rememering forward

This is a three chapter fic by QuietCuppa. Theon hires a fortune teller, and all of the Starks get insight into their futures. This fic is sad and sweet at the same time. Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran try to hide the truth of a Jon/Sansa marriage from Ned, Cat, Robb and Rickon, but while talking about the future it comes out eventually: I loved how Ned summed it up, that Rhaegar’s son will be Sansa’s husband. I always love it, when Ned gets a chance to approve of Jonsa. I was kind of relieved that Bran managed to reverse the magic and they all forgot their future again, because it would just hurt too much imagining Ned, Cat, Robb and Rickon to know about their deaths. The glimpses into the future are very sweet and a bit fluffy and yet in character.


Summary: Imagine sticking with Weasel when Wade goes off and does something dangerous.

Characters: Reader, Weasel, Wade Wilson

Fandom: Marvel- Deadpool

Word Count: 1471

Idea From: @peterbennjaminparker 

AN: Y/F/S= your favorite series

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fanaticfangirl2602: I’ll be going through my dash and looking at cute and funny things, THEN THESE KIND OF POSTS SHOW UP. You constantly hurt me. I love it. You have made me veeeeery worried for Jim. O.O

i can make it less sad bc i have put way too much thought into this

i was talking to @summerweens earlier about how all of the Trollhunters are given alliterate titles like Kanjigar the Courageous, Deya the Deliverer, Unkar the Unfortunate, etc. imagine if Jim is dubbed Jim (or James) the Just in the end, bc even if he does screw up in the Dark Lands he still strives to be fair and do the right thing. Everyone makes mistakes; good people acknowledge them and work to be better and that’s what Jim’s been doing. But Jim is really hard on himself so he’s like stunned when he’s given that title. He doesn’t think he deserves it and he can’t believe the others think he deserves it, and the realization that the worlds he’s tried so hard to protect think of him highly after everything has him close to tears (if not in tears). They all bow before him and Jim doesn’t know how to react. He’s super humble and awkward about it, and for a really long time he’s not sure whether they’re right about him being just or not, but he learns to accept it and it just really warms his heart.

alternatively in a slightly less poignant version, my goofball boyfriend thinks the trolls should fake Jim out first with Jim the Generic after Toby and Claire are knighted, and then reveal Jim’s actual title. We laughed about “Jim the Generic” for a good ten minutes straight yesterday. I can imagine Toby messing with Jim about it afterward. “I don’t know, Jimbo, it’s got a nice ring to it. ‘Jim the Generic’.” “Please don’t call me that.”

11 Questions

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1) How many works in progress to do you currently have?
Too many. I’m working on three original novels, two of which happen to be would-be series. I have at least 7 ideas for fanfics (AT LEAST), several of which would be multi-chapter endeavors and one of which is already the first novel-length foray into a goddamn trilogy. I also have about 115 drafts but a good amount of those are old versions of poems I’ve already finalized and posted, I’m just too lazy to clean house.

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
See above :) Fan fiction is what got me into writing in the first place!
You can find my dorky works here.

3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?
I read/consume books of all formats, but real books will always take precedence.

4) When did you start writing?
When I first learned how, I imagine.

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
Not really, unless you count the internet.

6) Where is your favourite place to write?
My room. 

7) Favourite childhood book?
My first chapter books were E.B. White’s books, so the box set they always sell at book fairs or through Scholastic book orders will always have a special place in my heart. I also really loved The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
Both, though I wonder if even serious writing doesn’t elicit some kind of pleasure (whether it be joy, entertainment, or pure catharsis), then why write at all?

9) Pen and paper or computer?
Computer. I can’t keep up with my brain if I’m writing by hand.

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
In college, though I despised it back then. I’d like to try again, though.

11) What inspires you to write?
Daydreams, mostly.

Okay, I tag: @the-girl-that-no-one-ever-knows, @katlypso, @loved-the-stars-too-fondly, @charles-and-recreation, @jacklonesome aaaaand anyone else who wants to take a stab at this  :)