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Honestly, words can’t describe how happy I am that I found out about Skam a couple of weeks ago. How the show is dealing with Isak and his sexuality is something that we desperately need in today’s media. It’s not super dramatic, friendships aren’t being destroyed because he happens to have a thing with another guy, his best friend accepted it like it was no big deal, his friends have no problem with it and even started talking about pansexuality/bisexuality - when do we ever get this in tv-shows?

These scenes always seem to end up in some huge dramatic way, which for some it might be but for others it isn’t. What do you think it does to someone that’s just coming to terms with their own sexuality and getting ready to come out to friends and/or family when most of these coming-out scenes that we see in today’s media end up in some dramatic way with friendships or families being ripped apart? 

Thanks Skam, for finally showing us a different outcome.

Alone (Mark)

Request: A Mark imagine where you two are having a night in when the boys are out and things get a little heated at one point, and the boys end up walking in on you guys right in the middle of it?

Length: 1,203 words

Genre: Smut/Rated: M

*A/N: I’ve finally gotten settled after my busy week and I’m ready to put some more scenarios out there, hopefully I don’t fall asleep soon.

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Chibs’ imagine based on the song “Tell Her You Belong To Me”, by Beth Hart

[Hi guys. How are you doing?

Well, this is a little personal…I love this song, I can connect with the lyrics and it brings me to tears almost every time…Sorry, let’s get into business…

Enjoy Chibs… I mean, enjoy the imagine. Tell me your opinion. THANKS for reading it! You are amazing!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

You were at the clubhouse with Gemma, Lyla and some crow eaters letting everything ready for a party to welcome Filip back. He was finally getting out of the hospital after weeks recovering from an explosion at TM. You were supposed to be there and bring him home, but Fiona was there too. She was his wife, but she had nothing to do there. They had been apart for so long that their relationship had just died. He was still married to her only to protect Fiona from Jimmy, his enemy. You could handle this situation, but her presence there was too much. She appeared to check on him, surprising everyone.

“Tell her to go”, you begged him at the hospital.

“I can’t do that”, he said. You just nodded and went home, staying there until now. He knew you were pissed off and had sent messages to your phone, through Juice, Jax and even Gemma. You ignored all of them. You knew you were being stubborn, but you needed his word and Fiona gone.

          Tell her you’re mine

          That you have been blind

          Tell her it’s over

          And you belong to me

          Tell me to come

          And like hell I will run

          Back into your arms

          Cause you belong to me

The lights were still on in Gemma’s office when you got back at the TM. The sound of your heels echoed on the floor as you made your way to meet the Queen. You were ready to open the door when you heard a familiar voice with a thick accent.

“It’s more complicated than that mom”, Filip said, “Jimmy is in town”.

“What does that mean Chibs?”, Gemma asked.

“It means she is not going, not now”, he said.

It was enough; you had heard all you needed. Fiona wasn’t going and with Jimmy in town Filip would be bound to protect her. He would never be completely yours, she still had a strong hold on him and you were just another girlfriend, a pussy to keep him busy. You entered the clubhouse and looked around.

“She is not here”, you heard. Tig was next to you, whispering in your ear, “She wouldn’t dare, with so many cats protecting their turf”.

“Nice comparison Tiggy”, you laughed, walking with him to the bar.

“Thanks”, he smiled and sat next to you, “He is missing you, you know”.

You rolled your eyes at him and ordered a beer. A few seconds later Filip and Gemma walked in, everybody got up and cheered. The crowd hid you in your corner.

“Aren’t you gonna hug him?”, Tig looked over his shoulder to you.

“No”, you said and turned to the bar again. He shrugged and sat back, ordering shots to both. He started to talk nonsenses with Chuck just to distract you and soon you were really into the conversation, really having fun.

“Can I talk to my girl Tiggy?”, you heard minutes later. You didn’t bother to turn, you knew who was there.

“Yeah”, Tig said and left. Chuck did the same and you had no choice but look at Filip, now in Tig’s place.

“Welcome back”, you said in a cold tone.

“Thank you lass”, he sadly smiled, “Can we talk?”

You looked at him for a few seconds. You bit your lip and hid a satisfied smiled when you saw him swallow. That gesture always had turned him on.

“Sure”, you sarcastically said and got up. You saw Gemma’s eyes following you two in your way to the dorms. You opened the door and entered, turning around to face him, “What do you wanna talk about?”

“Don’t be a smart ass darling”, he walked towards you, “I’m not in the mood right now”.

“I’m not Chibs”, you said.

“It’s Filip, lass”, he reached for your arm, his grip tight around it, “Filip”.

“Let me go”, you hissed at him. He was angry. He hated to hear his nickname from your lips. He liked you to call him only by his name, “Filip”.

“I missed you”, he whispered and leaned for a kiss.

“No”, you pushed him away, escaping from his arms, “You don’t have the right to hold me and kiss me anymore”.

“What are you talking about love?”, he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t call me love”, you barked, “I know everything. She is staying. Fiona is staying”.

“Shite”, he cursed and rubbed his beard.

“I heard you talking to Gemma”, you looked up, blinking, trying not to cry, “I… I’ve been in that house, alone, all this time Filip. I was waiting for you to call, to tell me she was going… It was too much for me. Sorry, I couldn’t handle”

“It’s not like that lass”, he begged, “Let me explain”.

“Explain what?”, you took a step towards him, “Did I mishear it? Because it is the only way… It’s the only way for you to have me back Filip. Tell me I’m wrong, tell me she is leaving. Take me home and prove it I’m the only one”.

          If you wanna hold me

          If you wanna know me again

          If you wanna love me

          Then take me home

          I’ve been at the bottom

          The deep end of the ocean

          Barely surviving by the dark side of her street

          Tell her you belong to me

He stayed in silence for a second and you took it as your cue to leave. You were opening the door when he hold your arm again.

“I’m going to prove you, love”, he spun you around just to push you against the door. His lips claimed yours, kissing hard enough to hurt.

He lifted you, wrapping your legs around his hips. Your fingers tangled in his hair, making Filip groan in response. You were kissing him back like your life depend on it. You had missed him so much. Your hands grabbed his shirt, popping the bottoms open and his lips moved to your neck.

“Filip”, you whispered his name. Holding you, he walked towards the bed. Gently he put you on the top of it and stop, looking at you.

“You are the only one lass”, he took off your heels and throwing them on the floor. You got up to take off your shirt and bra. Filip tugged your jeans and panties down your legs and opened them for him, “You are my love, don’t you know that?”

His fingers were inside you, his thumb rubbing, pressing your clit and his mouth was over your breast, sucking it. You laid on the bed, your back arching with the pleasure. His teeth grazed a nipple almost making you cry with the sweet pain.

“Please Filip”, you begged, “I need you”.

He ignored and kept torturing you until you climax in his arms. You closed your eyes and heard him took his clothes off. He joined you in the bed and you felt butterfly kisses on your cheeks, nose and mouth.

“Look at me love”, Filip whispered. You opened your y/e/c eyes to meet his and found them full of love and desire for you. He slowly entered you, “Did you miss me?”

He thrust hard inside you, making difficult for you to think and talk. He repeated the question and thrust deeper and harder. How were you supposed to answer with him doing that?

“Answer me”, he hissed and thrusted again, “Did you miss me?”

“Yes!”, you cried out, “I missed you Filip! I missed you!”

He laughed, but didn’t slowed down. Your eyes rolled back on your head and your nails dug on his back, definitely leaving bloody marks. You were close to another orgasm, tightening around him.

“Filip”, you whined, “Please… Oh God!”

“You are mine lass. Never forget that”, he groaned, “Say it”.

“Oh yes!”, he definitely was on a mission that night, never slowing down and assuring his power over you, “I’m yours Filip, only yours”.

You found your release together; Filip rested his body over yours, leaving kisses on your skin. You smiled and patted his shoulder; he laid next to you on the bed.

“Sorry”, you looked at the wounds on his back. They were little red marks made by your nails.

“I’m not”, he turned to look at you. “These are your marks, telling that I’m yours”.

“Are you?”, you couldn’t resist, you let it escape from you lips before you knew what you were saying. You bit you lip and looked down to your legs.

“Yes”, he hold your chin, making you look at him. You couldn’t escape from his eyes, “I talked to Fiona, she is staying away from us. I have a plan for Jimmy and after that I will divorce her, but I need something from you lass”.

“What?”, you asked, still processing his words.

“Your word”, he said, “You word that you will marry me then”.

Your hand covered your lips and you could fell the tears in your eyes. You nodded, crying.

“Say it love”, he smiled, “I need to hear you say. Say you will be mine.”

“Yes Filip, I will marry you”, you leaned to kiss him and whispered on his lips, “I will be yours, my love, I belong to you”.

          She’ll never win

          ‘Cause I’m not giving in

          You are my man

          You belong to me


Good morning friends! I have someone I need to introduce you all to. This is Tali! She is the scrub that I have been planning for almost a year to get. 8 months of research, 3 months of physical planning, saving for adult cages and possible vet fees, research research and more research, I have finally made the jump into giant species. She got here of wednesday of last week, and this picture is from that day once I had put her in her cage to settle in(meaning this picture set was taken the day she got here, and she has been left alone for the past five days). Two more days of her being left alone and you guys can expect some more pictures of her :) She is incredibly calm and has a very polite demeanor, I was very surprised at how calm she was when I unpacked her from her shipping box.

the night patrol, chapter seven

chapter title: The Way You Make Me Feel
words: 3.3k
chapter summary: In which there is highkey flirting and ironic akumas.

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

a/n: I’m so sorry about the long wait  ;___;

AO3 | FF

Adrien’s lucky that both his father and Nathalie have left for an early press conference to launch the accessories line for the Agreste Women’s Fall Collection on Saturday morning, because he sleeps through three alarms and doesn’t get up until half past ten.

When he finally wakes up, he’s still in daze, lost in a daydream about everything that happened last night.

He’s still not sure if he believes that any of it actually happened.

He’s known two facts now for the past three weeks:

     a) that Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a crush on him, Adrien Agreste, and

     b) that Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the civilian identity of Ladybug

They’ve met and talked and laughed and battled akumas and had long conversations over the past five days, and yet it isn’t until her body is pressed flush against his and their lips are about to touch that Adrien actually realizes that both of those facts together means that Ladybug loves him as much as he loves her.

He told her to her face that he really likes her. And she said she really likes him too.

He asked her if he could kiss her. She answered by pressing her lips against his.

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Finally we will have a Raijinshuu Week again! The official blog for it has been dead for quite some time now but I am more than happy to host this week! So guys, get ready for the

                                           Raijinshuu Week

It will start on May 20th and end on May 25th! The dates have been overtaken from the original blog. In the following you can read the prompts I have thought have:

  • Day 1(May 20th): The Leader of the Tribe
  • Day 2(May 21th): He who can see your soul
  • Day 3(May 22th): Their Fairy Queen
  • Day 4(May 23th): Childhood/younger years
  • Day 5(May 24th): Magics
  • Day 6(May 25th): The Tribe’s shenanigans

This team clearly belonged to the most underappreciated ones. This shall be a reminder of how amazing, unique and badass all three of them are!

This blog will host it and you are free to message me if there are any questions. Now of course there are a couple of rules which need to be mentioned for this work:

1.) Anyone who wants to can participate!
2.) Almost no limits as to what you can post/submit/contribute! Fanart, fanfictions, headcanons, any sort of edits, colorings, etc.
3.) No shippy stuff! This is a weekend dedicated to this team and their amazing characters so please keep it about these three only (day 6 may include other people or Laxus though, as he somewhat belongs to them of course)! The same goes for nsfw stuff, I’m sure not one has something against sexy Thunder God Tribe individuals but as all three of them a gorgeous - but overly nsfw stuff should be avoided.
4.) There are two ways you can contribute: Either you submit your posts to this blog if you are more comfortable like this or you post your contributions for this week. If you post them on your blog please make sure to leave at least one of the following tags in the first five tags of your post: raijinshuu appreciation, raijinshuuappreciation, raijinshuuweek, raijinshuu week.
5.) Have fun and give these amazing characters all the love they deserve!

I am looking forward to this event and hope to see many amazing contributions and it would be great if you could spread the word!

I’m trying to imagine how the guy who voiced the “Get ready for a takeover!” feels rn

like was he excited to finally have a (sort of) gig and he called all his loved ones about how his voice was going to be on a super popular reality TV show each week for like four months and made them all promise to watch but then after like two weeks BB just stopped the takeovers without telling him and he slowly receded into a shell of shame

After all the craziness that went down in Vegas, I think I’m finally ready to unwind and do nothing but hang out in my condo. Ringing in a new year takes a whole lot of effort but it’s all worth it in the end. How many of you guys plan on recovering from all the holiday madness this entire week and how many of you are going straight back into the work grind?

Serendipitous Fate Schedule Info

Hey guys, so here’s a general idea of how the schedule for Serendipitous Fate is going to work for the next, like, three to four weeks. Chapter 16 will mark the halfway point through Part Two–it will almost act like a mid-season finale as the chapter will probably be a little longer than usual, among other reasons. I hope to get it done in the next week or so. 

On June 17th, I leave to go to South Korea for a week. I’m kind of going for a job and also as a kind of Korean War historical trip. The POINT is that I’ll be gone and I will be very busy, which means that sometime around the 17th, I’ll be going on a short hiatus. I’ll be back on the 23rd, but I’ll also be getting ready for a final exam right as I return, as well as adjusting back into my schedule. I’ll try to get back into writing as soon as I can, but it might take a little longer than usual. 

So, basically, this is how it’s going to work: I’ll be on hiatus from the day Chapter 16 is posted to sometime in the first week of July. 

I’ll post again about this once the dates start getting closer, but I wanted ya’ll to be aware in advance :) 

Thanks guys!

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((guess who’s trash!!!! I AM!!! i haven’t been on for SO long i feel so horrible but now i’m back and i’ve gotten the hang of my tablet again (i’ve been drawing on paper for weeks now omg) AND I’M READY TO POST!! i love you all dearly, especially those of you who stuck with me up until how (hehe ♥♥♥) i’ve just been really busy lately but now that i finally found some free time i can post!! so don’t worry, guys, i’m alive and totally back and ready to post some new things!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE WITH MEEEE♥♥))





How do you end a season with a cliffhanger? This is how you do it. This episode is HOW you do it and make your fanbase drop to their knees and beg for more.

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Get ready to hate my brother.

He’s a nice guy, really he is.

So my bro finally started watching Supernatural last night. Let me tell you a nice anecdote about him first so you hate him a little bit less. 

I was having a quarter life crisis a few weeks back about how I’m gonna be stuck in school forever and by the time I have the opportunity to actually go to an SPN convention (April 2017 at the earliest I swear to god kill me now) the show will probably be over and they either won’t be doing cons or J2 will be off filming stuff because they’ll have fantastic careers and I won’t get to meet them and wahwahwah. I was crying to him about it and he was like “I’ll start watching the show so the ratings go up and it doesn’t get cancelled. I’ll just turn all the TVs in the house to that channel when it’s on.” So yeah he’s the sweetest. My brother is probably my best friend. HOWEVER.

This is our texting conversation from last night.

So yeah. He called Baby “a piece”.