this is how i feel at night


– Star Wars: Rebels // Trials of the Darksaber

I was catching up on Rebels again last night and stumbled over this really interesting moment!  As much as I’m not really fond of the idea of the crystals being “alive” in the sense that they bleed and that’s how they turn red for the Sith (though I know I gotta accept it), I do like this aspect of what it means to wield a lightsaber and think it fits with so much of what we’ve been shown.

As Kanan says, the thoughts and actions of the wielder become energy and become part of the blade.  How the user thinks and feels, what they pour into the crystal they’re using, determines how the blade is.  And that’s probably another big reason the Jedi must always be aware of their emotions, because those feelings will become part of their blade, they become energy that isn’t just an emotion, it’s now a part of something.

Canon explicitly states in many places that Jedi have completely normal feelings, that they’re not to repress them, but that they’re not meant to act on them.  This post contains a fair amount of references to how the Jedi are meant to feel just as any other living creature does (as well as Obi-Wan explicitly says it’s not like they’re not allowed feelings in TCW, that it’s natural), but that control is important because of how it affects their power.  And this is the same, I think. Their thoughts become part of the blade.  If they wield that blade in rage and fury that goes out of control, that becomes part of the blade, too.  And if it cannot be checked, then it’s out of control and that’s dangerous, especially because of the tremendous power Force users have.

How Mafia BTS acts on their wedding night

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How would BTS act on their wedding night?

Oh my goodness I went ham on the fluff! I’m sorry for the long wait, but I hope this was worth the wait <3 Enjoy!

Jin: On your wedding night, Jin would be clinged onto you like a child to their mother when they go to the mall. He wants nothing but to be with you all night and having that warm feeling of being warm, calm, and completely happy. When you two are slow dancing, he is holding you a bit tighter than usual and he has this gorgeous smile painted on his face through the whole night and he would drop a compliment on how good you looked every five minutes. 

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Suga: Your wedding night is all about you. Through the ceremony and reception, Yoongi is showing you off as much as he can and he will point out every detail of you from your face to your outfit through the whole night and will compliment you the whole night. He is constantly calling you, “dear,” or “honey,” all night long and he is bragging about you through the whole night to the boys and his family. 

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J-Hope: On the night of the wedding, he is the happiest little kid and he simply wants to celebrate the amazing event that is your wedding. To your surprise, Hobi organized a small wedding, only inviting close family and friends and it’s a night filled with laughs, great food, and crazy dance offs between Jimin and Jungkook. Hobi constantly has your hand in his, his thumb rubbing on the top your hand ever so slightly and he covers you in pepper kisses the whole night.

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Namjoon: On the special night, Namjoon is more outgoing than what he normally is on a daily basis. His title of “mafia leader” is thrown out window and you two enjoy a night with your family, great friends, and even a few fellow mafia groups who came by to drop off a wedding gift. He is forever staring at you with loving eyes and he is constantly telling himself how lucky he is to have such an amazing person like you in his head and he’s always watching you with a smile when you’re talking to another party guest.

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Jimin: Through the night, he is extremely clingy to you. He wants nothing more than to sit and cuddle with you, or dance to your song together. He’s constantly bringing up how beautiful your ring looks on your hand and how it looks even better when his hand is next to yours. He’s also constantly talking about the amazing things you two are going to accomplish through these next few years and he even brings up having kids and raising them and how ready he is to grow old with you. 

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Taehyung: Your wedding night is full of smile and Tae’s tears. When you’re walking down the aisle, he begins to cry, which makes you cry and you two are giggly, teary messes while exchanging your vows. Tae is running around like a child(what’s new?) when you and your wedding party are taking photos before the reception and he’s forever bouncing from table to table during the reception just telling the guests that he married by far one of the most perfect people on the planet.

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Jungkook: Similar to Namjoon, Jungkook is spending most of the night quiet, mostly just thinking about all the things you two are going to do in life and how amazing this moment is. He couldn’t help but tear up a bit as you were walking down the aisle and his hand is forever on the small of your back when you two are talking to party guests. When you’re talking with other guests, he is talking with his cousins or the boys, all slightly teasing him on the tears he shed during the reception or how happy they are to see how happy their little maknae looks and how much he is growing up. 

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i was never the type to actually care
until you showed up and i finally learned how to feel
you connected pieces i thought were lost and broken
the puzzle that was abandoned for years

i was never one to be sober
but for you i would do anything
stop drinking for a few nights to make sure you’re okay
because if you get hurt i wouldn’t know what to do

i was never the stable type
never had anyone to talk to
but you came and talked to me about everything
you broke down walls that were toxic

you taught me things i thought i would never learn
how to love
how to feel
how to be myself without caring so much

i never thought i would meet someone like you
and i never thought i would fall in love
even though love isn’t real
you make it seem so alive and illicit


We went on a two mile walk last night and I really wish I was hanging out with him instead of organizing my apartment.

He wants to eat better with me.
He brings up running together.
We both set goals we want to hit.
Even financial/long term goals.
He makes me feel beautiful AND sexy.

These are important things.

I have never felt so supported and encouraged by someone until now, and I am realizing that this is how a relationship should be.

i think the part of pretty little liars i will miss the most isn’t the show itself but the fans, especially the tumblr fans. y'all are such a fucking mess sometimes but have so much passion and that’s something i can’t shit on. i will miss late nights of reading theories, analyzing episodes at half speed, looking for background clues, and waiting for the next episode. i genuinely feel sad when i think about the next generation, who won’t have that experience and can just hit next episode on netflix. the waiting is a killer, but it was so, so worth it. i don’t post a lot about pll, but i wanted everyone to know how grateful i am for the community.

Some nights, I dream that my fingers reach out
to the nutmeg of my father’s cheek only to pass through.

Some nights, I dream my father chews spoonfuls
of brown sugar in the dark only to hear his own teeth
grinding like earthquakes in his head,

only to know he is worthy of such sound, still.

Some nights, I see the prayer pressed like dandelion
in the white of my own eyes and when the hate comes,

it is so quick I do not feel it,
so quick it does not hurt.

Some nights, after a day of saving, 
of dirty dish and metallic pill and ache in all the soft of me, 

I imagine I am a lazily drawn country, whose daughters
still cling to a permanent language, whose daughters
have nursed entire maps full of men back to health 
with just the milk cupped in their hands.

I imagine I am the song as well as the
strong-kneed woman who sings it from her belly as well as the
warm mountain atop which she sings.

Some nights, after the nettled have burrowed into my skin,
after the title of every poem starts to sound like surrender,
and the old wounds welcome new ones welcome the old back again,

I imagine that we, 
women whose fingernails grow weak from climbing out,
are the imams of our own midnight religion,
sleepy-eyed and benevolent.

I imagine that there is a call to prayer for every time
a family is held together by the knots in our hair.

I imagine my father hears it. Some nights, I dream that
he thinks it is true.

—  Papa is Recovering from Wanting to Die | Ramna Safeer
How daddy and I started fucking

The sexual feelings for daddy didn’t start until I was 16.
It was during summer, So school was out for break. Long story short I came home earlier than expected(I was out with a friend the night before) and saw daddy drying him self off from the shower with the bathroom open(He didn’t see me) So I saw his cock for the first time and I remember getting so turned on by this and i went to my room quickly. I later masturbated and came so hard that night.
For awhile think about his cock was what got me off the most. Fast forward to the beginning of Jan 2016 and I had been having sexual fantasies about him for about 6 yrs at this point and they were getting harder to deny. So I had been building up the courage to initate something with him for awhile by this point my mom needed to go out of town for work related reasons the next week for 3 weeks so I figured that this would be the perfect time to try what ever i was gonna try, so that way If he rejected my advances I would have time to recover from the rejection before she got back. So 3 days after she left I FINALLY said fuck it and made my move. He came home from work At the same time everyday so On Jan 7th 2016 I made sure to be masturbating loudly in my room with the door open. In order to get to his room he has to pass mine, so when he passed my door and saw me masturbating he froze and stood there for a while just watching after about a minute or so I walked up to him(He was hard at this point) and started stroking his cock he at first was hesitant and pulled away saying that it was wrong and that we shouldn’t but I could tell he didn’t mean it. So I took his pants off and gave him head, before he came he grabbed me by the arms and tossed me on my bed where he ate me out and fucked me for the first time. Let me just tell you that it was so amazing it was like we were meant to be together.
So that’s how daddy and I started our incestuous relationship. It’s been A year and a half of bliss. Obviously we’ve had to keep it hidden and it hasn’t been Easy but i wouldn’t trade it for the world.

third person

when you woke up the next morning after the charity match, you found chris already awake and staring at the ceiling. “good morning, love.” you said, leaning over and pecking his cheek before wrapping an arm around his torso and snuggling up to him. “how are you feeling this morning?”

“chris is… not good.” he admitted with a croaky tone. 

you laughed, gently kissing his shoulder. “i told you not to drink anymore after we got to joel and chip’s. but what’s the first thing you do? ‘oh, love! look! a table full of alcohol that will more than likely give me a hangover!’” you said, mocking him from the night before.. or well, four hours ago. 

“ugh,” chris groaned before rubbing his eyes with the heels of his palms, and then sliding his arm around your shoulders. he rolled onto his side and nestled his face into your neck.

“chris feels sick.” 

“why are you speaking in third person?” you laughed, placing a hand on the back of his head to hold him close

“because i am so hungover that i don’t even want to be myself anymore.” 

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This is more focused around Rose but but my hc is she will blackmail the HELL out of you if she wants something.

sdkjfhdd yes totally

ROSE: It would be a real shame if someone leaked these pictures of you and Karkat cuddling while watching 50 First Dates, Dave. SBaHJ fans would have an absolute field day with such incriminating images if they were to be posted online.

DAVE: first of all how the fuck did you get those pics?? youre like some kind of occult paparazzo with the uncanny ability to show up on date night and make my life hell

DAVE: second of all youre a cunning asshole what do you want from me

ROSE: I don’t feel like doing the dishes tonight and it would be so kind of you to volunteer. :)

First Kick - Dash Wilder

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“Everything seems to be perfect. The baby is growing at a healthy rate and you are healthy.” The doctor explained with a smile. 
“When will we be able to feel a kick?” I asked, as I sat up on the exam table. 
“Any day now, really.” The doctor answered.

Since I was nineteen weeks along, I could still travel with Dash on the road. In a few weeks, I wouldn’t be able to.  “How are you feeling?” Dash asked as I got in the passenger side.
“Good now that I’m with you.” I answered with a smile.

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I’m wearing my hair natural and picking up hours at work and saving my money and reading PDFs 24/7 and not texting Aries and I feel like I’m over him and it is gorgeous and the only moments when I’m not over him r late at night when my ego is creating a conflict and attempting 2 regain control over a situation that is outside of my control. Whenever someone asks me how I am I say blessed n it becomes true 🍋
I don’t find love I just am it

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Nicola - 12., 37., 47. I'm very curious about this girl! (that might have something to do with my protective feelings about Pippa, I'm like the overprotective mommy, I have to see if she's the good girlfriend XD)

Ooo thank you! Nicola could definitely do with some development.

12) Do they have siblings? How do they interact with them? If not, do they wish they had siblings?

Nope, Nicola is an only child. She has no need for siblings, the Slater kids are all like family to her! Especially poor Destiny, who died in her arms :( I think that definitely changed Nicola as a person, but she tries not to show it in front of Pippa.

37) Do/Did they have bullies in school?

Maybe when she was a child she had those bullies who made fun of her glasses and called her names like Four-Eyes and stuff (I’m offended on her behalf!), but Pippa was always a tough kid and fended them off on Nicola’s behalf. #friendship!

47) Do they believe in the supernatural, that there is more than the eye can see?

Nicola and Pippa have had a similar conversation before here, but I’ll elaborate some more on it. While she doesn’t believe in ghosts, she believes in things like reincarnation. She’s certain she’s seen Destiny as a little tweety bird before! She just never knew how to tell Pippa. Nicola also thinks that if you feel a sudden cold breeze against your skin whilst in a room of warm/average temperature, it’s someone’s spirit brushing against you and informing you of their presence.

fuck i have to… go to work like how do i function what do i do im gonna be like “hi sir um listen i slept for 2 hours last night im good but im also kind of dead inside because i have nothing left to live for but also i have everything left to live for at the same time you feel me? so if i could just like maybe kinda take it easy today that’d be awesome sir”

“Being hungover with you is better” || Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – Hey guys, one more after this one! Thank you so much for all your requests today! Its been amazing. To think we are on 95 followers is crazy! I love you all so much.

- E x

— Joe’s POV —

My eyes flutter open in the morning to see a sight people in London see all the time, rain. Typical London weather. Nothing ever changed.

“Morning, beautiful.” I hear from next to me, immediately knowing who it was. The girl I feel for just under 4 years ago. The girl who can make me smile what ever happens.

“Oh hello, fancy seeing you here.” I say, giggling to myself at my sarcastic tone.

“How weird.” She whispers back, just as groggily.

The alcohol last night was definitely taking it’s affect on me. My head was pounding, and I just overall felt naff. She felt the same, I could tell because it always had the same effect on her as it did me.

“Looks like a day for a lazy day?” I say, drawing my attention back to the window that now had raindrops running down it.

“It’s needed.” She says, bringing her hand up to stroke the side of my face.

We stay in bed and talk for another half an hour, and we get up to make breakfast.

“Ugh, can we just microwave the pizza from last night? My head hurts too much to think, never mind cook.” Y/N says, walking up to me as I look in the fridge and swinging her arms around my neck.

“Yes, good idea, m’lady.” I say, voice still raspy from sleep.

Even hung over she was amazing, I never wanted anything else except from her. She is what made me get up in the morning, sleep peacefully at night, live a happier life in general. I never wanted to leave her side.

We eat the pizza in bed, and leave the plates on the floor due to our lack of energy and turn on the TV in hopes of watching a show that wasn’t boring.

After finding a show, we settle down and she lays her head on top of my chest, as I feel a smirk start to grow on her face.

“Why are you smiling?” I say curiously, wondering why she was smiling at such a small thing.

“I just really like the sound of your heartbeat.” She whispers, moving her head a little in order to hear it better.

“Well, my love. It beats only for you!” I say, running my fingers through her perfect Y/H/C hair.

“Being hung over sucks, but its ten times better with you.” She says, lifting her head up and meeting her lips with mine.

Last night

Turned out real well. Anthony took me out to dinner. We had a nice shower together. We had wonderful sex. We made out almost the whole time and he said he could feel passion and I was apparently kissing all different ways and he loved it.

It was very nice. He makes me feel so beautiful and loved. Idk how I got so lucky. I might even wear makeup today cause I feel pretty on the inside!