this is how i feel about so many people


The funniest thing about @anarchyinblack‘s recent series of arguments is that it proves the following:

  • conservatives will present leftist cities deciding the election as to why the US needs the electoral college, but are unable to explain why a bunch of barely educated, anti-abortion, Protestant farmers deciding an election is preferable,
  • conservatives don’t understand what weighting and proportioning is,

but most importantly:

  • conservatives, who pretend to be the masters of logic over feelings, are as emotionally vulnerable as your average liberal seeing how many of them jumped into the conversation, undoubtedly offended, after American farmers were called “freeloaders.” They also don’t understand the free market seeing they think they can make the US starve if they stop producing uh corn.

Conservatives adhering to the most hated institution in the US and the only thing that will ever allow them to get a president elected shows exactly where the conservatism is going to end lmao

Mod A:

I’m thinking of how some of you just started noticing the problems with TG, when people (me including) have been critiquing it for ages, funny how it started becoming a problem since Touka and Ken got together.

Mod K:

Likewise, some are expecting TG to just be a masterpiece when it has already proven to fall short of the original series in a lot ot ways. It is rushed and the pacing is all over the place. It is definitely doing some things well but problems have always been present I am just confused about why so many have a problem NOW and not before.

It kind of feels like bias based in expectations not being met.

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(part 2/2) regardless I’m happy we got mo’s backstory and we should all be grateful for that.. <3 seeing ppl be bummed is natural but being angry with old xian and feeling entitled is another thing so I hope ppl can be mature about this... especially considering it not something new she does. old xian has always done this many times within the story.. on a happier note as you said, it’s nice to see some fluff/comedy and I did miss xi and jian yi dearly. the angst was too much lol.

(part 2)

I’m glad we got Guan shan’s backstory too!! Now we just need to know how his father ended up in jail (most likely framed), I’m really curious about that 👀 

Well people are emotionally invested in the story so emotions tend to run high, I think many fans have certain expectations of the story as well (so the disappointment comes off stronger when their expectations are not met). This is really how Old xian always tell the story though, I guess it’s something all the fans have to get used to 😂

Talking about angst, since we started on a new day there’s probably new angst coming soon right!! Every time we get one of the these ~fresh new day~ kind of opening we usually get hit by a truck of angst later on, I can already feel it 🌚

I was just thinking about how I have been on tumblr for a year on the 25th.

I have met so many lovely people and I honestly can’t imagine my life without you. I’ve had so much fun talking and bonding with all of you!

I know a lot of my mutuals and me don’t ever really talk but the fact that you exist really comforts me when I feel completely alone.

You’re all so sweet and it makes me so happy for the future to spend more time with you and to meet new people!

I’ve only been on tumblr for a year (and only for about 8 months of that year was I totally active) and I have gained 2.3k followers, one of which just so happens to be Taylor herself.

I have been so incredibly blessed to have my tumblr experience to be as good as it is. Some people have been on here for years and have never been noticed, or have reached 1k. Sometimes I feel guilty, but in the end the whole thing just comes down to luck and how you run things.

I just so happened to join during a drought so I didn’t have to worry about unfollowing inactive blogs that much. I only knew the drought so it felt normal to me. I found I liked to keep lots of content on my blog so I would spam post (which I still do). And apparently people like that so they followed me.

I just so happened to get on tumblr the night before school began. I posted a few things and refreshed my notifications, and taylor just so happened to be there with a “has started following you” beside it. I cried. It felt so fake but it was so real.

All in all, I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. You have all made my life a little brighter and my smile a little bigger, and I genuinely thank you for it. 💓

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How do you feel about Shawn now since all this Hailey stuff? I’ve seen so many peoples opinions of him drastically change. I know you think he’s being dumb and it doesn’t make sense but you’re still posting him and seem fine so i was curious. Love your blog, Bee. 💕

At first, I felt pretty heated over it. I know too much about Hailey and she’s basically the last person I ever wanted any of my faves associating with. But after a couple days, it felt stupid to care. Because he’s a 19 year old guy at the end of the day. Everybody I knew and who I was at 19, did not have the best social judgement and did things and hung out with people they shouldn’t have. We all learn as we grow up and he’s still growing up. This person will definitely fall into the category of people who teach him a lesson about the wrong kind of people.

At the end of the day, I’m not going to judge him for this. He’s still the guy who brings his grandma to award shows. Who sets alarms to make sure he never forgets to call his sister. Who openly and lovingly supports his trans friend through their transition. Do you have any idea how many 19 year old boys would NEVER post hearts and “I love you” on a trans persons social media because of their own toxic ass masculinity? He doesn’t give a shit about that and that’s amazing. He still the kid who has all of his childhood friends and barely any Hollywood friends. He’s still a good guy and to decide he’s a piece of shit or he doesn’t deserve respect or he isn’t who he says he is because of ONE person in his life that is very very good at being deceptively nice is really over the top to me. Maybe if it were a few years ago I would have been more aggressive in my opinion but I’m just not that emotionally invested in who his friends are. I may have negative opinions on it here and there but not enough to care that deeply. I’ve done that in the past and it’s toxic and you spend so much time so angry and so focused on people you don’t like it’s exhausting and does nothing for you so why do it?

My opinion of Shawn hasn’t changed. He’s a 19 year old who deserves the space to live and learn just like the rest of us have and it’s sad to see fans turn on him and not give him the same courtesy we all got. Nobody at 19 had a perfect friend group and made perfect choices. He’s no different.

I don’t like the girl whatsoever so she won’t be on my blog. I dig Shawn so he will be. That’s all there is to it.

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i'm so upset about how none of the producers or actors are talking about what a bad idea the crossover is. it's so damaging to so many people it's unbelievable

I know, it’s… I know. How hard would it be to not… ugh. I feel you, darling. But I’m planning to write awfulness-free fix its so like?? Ughhhhh <3 <3 <3 <3 

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙“The Ultimate Dog Dads”ヾ(・ω・  )シ 

Man Up

by reddit user Pippinacious

When the bookstore at the mall put up its help wanted posters, I jumped at the chance to put in my application. Between being an avid reader who had practically lived amongst the store’s shelves in high school and a broke community college student taking a semester off to save money, it seemed still customer service.

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November Horoscopes

SCORPIO: You can remember every terrible thing that’s ever put its hands on you but recalling a small act of kindness can bring you trembling to your knees. Sometimes you have to fight back against your brain, against the voice that’s telling you that all you’ve ever gotten from the world is heartbreak and devastation. There comes a moment when you have to choose what to forget and what to remember, and that time is on the horizon. You’re running out of space in yourself for newer, softer memories. Don’t cast them away for those things that don’t deserve it.

SAGITTARIUS: Devote time to yourself this month. I know that sometimes every positive thing that leaves your lips feels like a lie and the people that surround you don’t always tell you that you matter, but you’re still whole. Nobody can take that away from you. Do you remember the last time you laughed so hard that your belly ached? I know that it often feels like you’re never going to reach that feeling of joy again, but you will. Don’t be afraid to cut out the people that bring you down. Your heart is not a toy or something to prod and subject to experiments. Act tenderly.

CAPRICORN: Lately everything that’s graced your tongue has been tinged with bitterness, which says more about your taste buds than it does about what you’ve been pressing to your mouth. It’s not always that the object or the person or the situation itself that’s bathed in sourness: sometimes it’s the way you’re consuming it. You have the tendency to take a perfectly sweet environment and turn it into something difficult to swallow, because whenever life comes easily to you a cloud of suspicion engulfs it. Give yourself a break from making things more difficult than they need to be.

AQUARIUS: Have you ever thought that maybe ghost stories fascinate you so much because of your inclination to play dead? It’s so much easier to be a spirit than to have one, to hide under beds and sneak around the issues: but what are you avoiding by doing this? Who are you hurting? I know that this is easy to forget when you’ve been not quite a person for so long, but everyone would much rather embrace your physical form than whisper disjointed fragments to an invisible, intangible body. Existence looks beautiful on you. You were made for color.

PISCES: You have maps with red pen marks littering your bedroom floor because you’ve only ever dreamt of being in a house that isn’t this one. That could be because you love traveling, but it could also be because you’ve never found a place you could comfortably call ‘home.’ I suppose this is a cliche that you’ve seen before, perhaps on a poster in a doctor’s office, but you have to become comfortable with yourself before attempting to navigate landscapes or else every location you visit will feel like a movie set. You’ll find your place eventually. Give it time to grow for you.

ARIES: It’s easier to make people laugh than it is to tell them how you’re feeling, and at this point you could be a stand-up comedian with all the practice you’ve had. I’m sorry that you’ve so often felt the need to hide behind a mask in order to make everyone around you comfortable. I want you to know that you’re allowed to be vocal about the things that make you happy, or the things that upset you. You don’t have to be afraid of asking for help, if you feel that you’re slipping off of the edge. There are so many hands outstretched, ready to lift you up.

TAURUS: You know more than anyone else how exhausting it is to tend to people that don’t deserve it but, for some reason, you keep doing it anyways. Perhaps it’s all become routine, or you’re comfortable with the familiar, however that doesn’t change that your average level of happiness is set on a sliding scale dependent on another’s attention. You define happiness with instagram likes and unremarkable moments: this has become commonplace. It shouldn’t be, but I think that you already know that. So, why are you refusing to believe that which you know is true? For what purpose?

GEMINI: Every dream that you have is short-lived because nobody’s ever told you that it’s okay to linger within a state of indecision. Not knowing what you want from the world has become a dirty secret that you bury in your laundry basket, praying it’ll magically clean itself. The hard truth is that it won’t magically become manageable, but it’s still okay to close your eyes, exhale, and contemplate your personal definition of desire. Stop taking into account the feelings of others when doing this: determine what you wish you could be, apart from any social influences.

CANCER: The smoke alarm has been ringing for days and you haven’t bothered yet to turn it off. There’s something incredibly intimidating about confronting your noisiest problems, and lately your solution to this has consisted of hiding under the covers with tattered photo albums and headphones. I’m not saying that you have to immediately tackle every issue that wanders into your life, but a plan of action is always a good thing to have. Set manageable goals for yourself and try your best to stick to them. I promise, progress will make you feel better.

LEO: So, another person let you down and you’re busy feeling sorry for yourself. You’ve fallen in love with how tragic your reflection becomes once you’ve cried every night for a week straight. Adopting unhealthy habits has become a game, like how quickly can you ruin your life before anybody asks how you’re doing. Maybe there’s something thrilling about being reckless, but trust me when I say that there’s nothing exciting about actively wrecking your chances for happiness. Allow yourself to heal. Stop punishing yourself for being alive.

VIRGO: Your to-do lists are all written in permanent ink which says a lot about how confident you are in your ability to get things done; this is to say that your list keeps growing at an incredible rate and you’re angry that you can’t keep up with it. It’s easy to blame it on your situation, and that definitely pulls some weight. But I think that a lot of this overactivity stems back to you and the way you hold yourself back whenever you get close to something you could love. Buy some pencils. Prioritize. Stop pretending that you need to save the world.

LIBRA: Spring cleaning has been over for months now but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a little later than usual this year. There are so many dust-covered boxes surrounding your bed that it’s making your allergies worse than ever before; you can’t remember the last time you slept through the night without waking up in a coughing fit because of what you refuse to throw out. I think you need to acknowledge that things are always going to be changing, both the good and the bad, despite how much you dig your heels into the ground. It won’t ever be the same. And that’s okay.


My opinion on non-dysphoric trans people

As someone who deals with extreme dyphoria, I HATE the idea that you HAVE to be dysphoric to be trans.

What makes you trans isn’t your amount of suffering, the way you present yourself, your wish to transition/not to transition, your clothes, or your political standing.

If you identify as trans, you’re trans.

So many trans people say that genetalia does not define your gender, nor does the way you present. Yet they invalidate trans people who agree with that?

Not all trans people care about their bodies. They can feel okay with having a body that doesn’t suit their identity, because they know that their genetalia doesn’t change how they identify.

Dysphoric or not, if you identify as male, you’re male. If you identify as female, you’re female. If you identify as another gender, then you’re another gender.

As for non-dysphoric people “taking up trans resources”?? I don’t think they do.

Chances are they aren’t transitioning, so they sure aren’t taking up our options to take hormones or have surgery. They aren’t taking therapists away from us. They aren’t taking support away from us.


Sincerely, a heavily dysphoric trans guy who’s tired of other dysphoric trans people not taking their own words to heart.

Things I appreciate about Fanders:

  • this community is so nice?
  • honestly
  • arguments are always so gentle
  • so much positive feelings
  • when someone is down everyone collectively gathers around and supports them
  • which is honestly how i really became part of this, you guys came and supported me and i wasn’t expecting that at ALL
  • the writing? is? so? creative?
  • the drawings?
  • also the ANGST sometimes just like DANG
  • singing and singers like i love you people
  • the theories on videos
  • appreciation for Thomas’s friends, too
  • appreciation for other Fanders
  • all the fighting is “NO YOU’RE CUTER FIGHT ME”
  • incorrect sanders sides quotes
  • there are so many people here who care so much about each other
  • so, so much
  • you are all wonderful and I am so happy to be among you

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you „stan“ a manipulative, white supremacist, barely talented, unbelievably rich cow with terrible hair and godawful dance moves. there are so many other great artists, that make music with actual value and finesse, maybe consider „stanning“ someone like that for a change instead of some odd persona a record label is spoonfeeding you : )

*clears throat*

Dear anon, before starting throwing shade at us and Taylor herself, I think that you should check your sources and “facts” first, sit down and read this.

If this person is, I quote, “manipulative” and “a white supremacist”, then I would very much like to take a look at your sources and proof so that we can discuss about it although I have a feeling that most of your “proof” comes from teen magazines or from unreliable sources. I don’t know if you have looked up the definition of white supremacy before, but I will give it to you now: “White supremacy is a racist ideology based upon the belief that white people are superior in many ways to people of other races and that therefore white people should be dominant over other races.” Now, I don’t know how you can qualify Taylor as a white supremacist when she has many friends such as Uzo Aduba (with whom she performed at the 1989 World Tour) and Todrick Hall (who is also starring in her Look What You Made Me Do music video). Moving on, you may call her what you want and you may use terms such as “manipulative” or “unbelievably rich”, but here are some facts about her that you might have skipped:

• she might be rich, but she doesn’t keep the money to herself. In 2015, during Christmas, or as we like to call it, Swiftmas, she sent packages full of gifts to fans around the world. One of these fans was missing a certain amount of money for college, and since Taylor was aware of that, she sent her $1,989 including a lot of other gifts (I used this as a source because I couldn’t find the Tumblr post but y’all can help me later when I post this) (x)

• she has donated an endless amount of money to fans with illnesses, to organizations, visited them at hospitals, and even wrote an eponymous song called “Ronan” for a 4-year old that passed away because of cancer (just google the name of the song and “taylor swift hospital” and you’ll see)

• she gave a certain amount of money and dropped at a hotel a fan who had missed her bus after her concert

• she invites fans TO HER HOME and tells us secrets, bakes for us, stalks us on social media, knows more things about us than ourselves, and is genuinely happy to see us, AND SHE GIVES US THE BIGGEST AND BEST HUG OF OUR LIVES AND SHE DOESN’T LET YOU GO UNTIL YOU LET GO and the conversation between you two flows perfectly because it feels like you’re talking to your long-lost sister and you have so much to talk about (and I and other secret sessioners are the source for this and if you have any questions or you’re don’t believe us you are free to ask politely)

• if you take a look closer, all Taylor never even once ever started the drama. Don’t you think that it’s odd that people keep throwing shade at her for no valid reason when they could actually throw shade at Donald Trump because all he can say is “tremendous”?

• she knows so many things about us it’s insane. She likes our posts daily and interacts with us, even with some emojis, because she knows that it could make a person’s day, week, month, year, or maybe even your entire life. At award shows or any other public event, she doesn’t miss on the opportunity and surprises fans. Do you know any other celebrity who loves their fans so much that they travel to the other side of the world for them, help them financially, send them gifts, spends HOURS with them on social media and tries to meet as many of us as possible?

• she recently met a girl at a secret session who had possibly a miscarriage, and not only did Taylor make her laugh and made her feel better, but the next day, she received an e-mail from Taylor’s team with a specialized doctor’s address. When she asked how much she had to pay them, they replied that everything had already been covered (x)

I would have written more about this but unfortunately I’m running out of time, so I will let our TS defense squad to keep giving you reliable information.

I would like to formally announce you that whatever you may have heard about her is absolutely absurd, no matter where you found the information, or whether you think it’s true.

Also, her hair is so beautiful and I will defeat you if you dare to fight me on this, and who cares about her dance moves?????? Because if your definition of a good artist includes having nice hair and good dance moves then I think that we have a very different illustration of what talent is. I really think that you should listen to her album “Red” and then I’d like to see if you can write such lyrics and if you can represent feelings through instrumentals. You probably have no idea that she has been rewarded so many times throughout her career because of her talent, and she is one of the most awarded celebrities nowadays, yet she is only 27.

I would like to finish this before I go in class with a clarification. You see, I chose Taylor not only for her music, but also for who she is. She has been there for me when I most needed her, and she never failed to bring a smile to my lips in my darkest times. You have here an entire fandom that would agree with me and would gladly tell you specific reasons why everything she does is important to us and why she is so special. Because Taylor isn’t only a celebrity. She’s the person we’ve looked up to in the past few years. She’s our Aunt Becky. She’s our life savior, for many. She’s our ray of sunshine. But most importantly, she’s our best friend. And we have a relationship based on trust, love, and respect, and in all honesty, I think that it’s beautiful.

  • No, I didn’t quit Tumblr!
  • It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted on here, but it’s not like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth.
  • Yelling at me on Twitter doesn’t make me feel more inclined to post.
  • I’m a full-time student working a full-time job. Tumblr isn’t exactly my priority right now.
  • I posted a text post the other day about how last week was my first week back at school since the hurricane and I was swamped with homework so I wasn’t able to queue anything. I have since deleted that post because it only resulted in me being sent more angry tweets.
  • I started this Tumblr because it was fun for me, but that is no longer the case. I just can’t bring myself to play the Huntley save right now with so many people being so angry about it. They’ve effectively ruined it for me.
  • I already had to turn off asks completely on this blog to combat all the negativity. I hate that it has come to this point. I just want to share my Sims screenies. I didn’t want any of this pressure.
  • Once exams are over after this week I’ll have more time to play again. Here’s to hoping I feel less burnt out by then.
  • People are probably going to hate me for saying any of this, but lots of people hate me no matter what I do so it probably doesn’t matter anyway.
  • I ate frozen pancakes this morning and they were 11/10 great. Happy National Pancake day.
  • You. Stop typing that. Stop typing that angry tweet. I don’t want to read your angry tweet. Stop it. Stop right now.

I just want everyone to know that I’m wearing my ‘Treat People With Kindness’ shirt today and when I was leaving the hotel this morning and waiting for my car a man waiting near me turned and said “I really like your shirt. We need more of that.” And then when my car came, he literally watched me get in and then closed my door for me. And my HEART IS JUST SO FULL because that’s what it’s all about you know?? Harry’s gonna have thousands of people walking around with those shirts on and it kind of feels like if you can get even one person to pause for a minute to consider how they can put a little more kindness out there–hold a door, give a compliment, make someone’s day–then that’s a really big thing. But Harry’s using his platform to get that reminder to so many people around the world everyday and I just think that’s so amazing and I’m so proud!!


3 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Those “Wtf Woohyun” Moments


liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike. let’s talk about their reactions here? because i 100% believe in my filthy trash bin of a heart that this episode was the point of no return for parker and eliot both, the point at which they both realised holy shit i am in way over my head. 

look at those reactions. like, it’s not simple relief, it’s relief and *total fucking whelm*. and neither eliot nor parker has–allowed themselves, maybe, the relative luxury of just thinking about what someone means to them. because it’s always been a liability. for eliot, caring too much about people would just be something that someone could use against him; for parker, it’s what archie’s cautioned her against a million times: we don’t get involved. 

and worse for both of them, really, is that they’re not–not too caught up in a job, not too wrapped up in their own reputations or…or things that could be forgivable, really. things that they could realise and chide themselves for and then pull back from, do better. no, instead they’re both of them way overinvested in another person, in a person who could be hurt, who could be taken from them because they weren’t good enough or fast enough or–or just because sometimes you lose. 

parker and eliot have always been aware of when they should cut their losses and get out. but this–this isn’t an acceptable loss. maybe neither of them can say the word love just yet, even to themselves, but this is where they realise it.

hardison doesn’t die, but he comes back to life anyhow, and when he does, the whole world changes.

okay so, i’m really about to rant on the toxicity that’s going on in this fandom rn when it comes to the fans who write for the fandom. 

recently, us writers (specifically ao3 writers) have been receiving backlash by anti shipping fans who have started this morale crusade basically going around and telling authors that what we’re writing is wrong and just giving us a lot of shit for it. it’s gotten to the point where multiple prominent authors have left the fandom because they’ve been harassed so much and many authors have expressed their thoughts about quitting writing for bts as well.

“shipping members is wrong and harmful” 

how is it harmful when kpop idols actively promote their ships through fanservice and skinship? unless you see people directly tweeting at idols, there is absolutely nothing harmful about it. i’m also tired of writers being targeted and policed. writing fanfiction has always been an outlet for my emotions and i shouldn’t be made to feel guilty just because some self entitled fans think that they’re so morally right and justified and i’m tired of being told that i’m not allowed my creative freedom just because some people don’t like shipping.

well guess what? if you don’t like it then don’t fucking read it. 

stop destroying creativity and what could be one of the only things in life that helps someone get through hard times. writing is supposed to be our safe space and our break from reality and sometimes it’s how we tell our own stories. 

what right do you have to harass us like this?

I love how Carmilla and Laura’s relationship has evolved from the series to the movie. Throughout the series, Laura asked Carmilla to make sacrifices to help people because she truly believed she could make Carmilla a better person. Carmilla only made those sacrifices because she loved Laura. In the movie, Laura begged her not to give up her human life, she begged her to just be selfish this time, but Carmilla didn’t listen and she made the sacrifice to help people and to help make up for what she had taken from them. She did it to be a good person, not for Laura. She has always loved Laura, but from the web series to the movie, Carmilla became a genuinely good person.

I would die for Cassian Andor, but he wouldn’t let me.