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Empathy Series, part III. Part II can be found here.

A/N: Here it is! Part III, which is also the final part of the Empathy Series. I decided it was time to wrap it up so I could make time to start on the holiday imagines (which reminds me, I still have requests open until the Monday after Thanksgiving!). Thank you for all of the love and support, and I’m very excited to start my new fic “When Fire Meets Fire!”

Words: 1,660 

Warnings: implied smut… I think that’s all, actually.

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Fist Fight - Shelby Sister

REQUEST - Shelby sister is dating someone and Tommy doesn’t agree with their relationship. Both end up drunk which leads to a fist fight and poor Arthur is caught in the crossfire.

AUTHORS NOTE - Look at me, I’m on a roll today. Feedback is appreciated and I’m sorry that the ending sucks but I didn’t know how to end it. Also, the grammar has been checked but I haven’t properly read through it so if there’s any mistakes then you know why. 

Fist Fight - Shelby Sister.

The harsh stares of your brothers as you entered the back room of The Garrison was a warning and you should’ve taken the chance to run before you got dragged into an argument, a one-sided argument which was not fair. Tommy stared at you, his youngest sister, with confusion as the face of the man you had been spotted with ran through his mind. He had always been protective of you, especially as you was the youngest girl and he was especially protective when it came to men that you had been seen attending the local dancing club with.

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(Teaser) Don’t Touch Me Pt.3

“What the fuck happened to you last night?”  Tequila saddled up next to Elise as they both made their way to the meeting.

“I’m not sure.  I woke up in a townhouse in London with an older couple, so I assume I had fun.”

“You fuckin- a couple?  How the hell do YOU get blasted out of yer damn mind and still get TWO people in bed?”

I think people can smell desperation.  Was what she wanted to say, but opted for a smile and shrug as they entered the room.

“Elise, you’re looking thin.”  Harry commented as the two took a seat.

“Oh, thank you I’ve been-” clinically depressed.

“It’s not a good look for you.”

Elise blinked at him surprised, Oh.

“Uh, ok.  I mean I didn’t expect to be insulted first thing this morning, but ok.”  Elise sighed rubbing mascara off her cheeks.

“You’re also looking a bit rough lately, have you been sleeping?”

“Wow, is this meeting just going to be you shitting on me, or are we going to actually talk about mission details?”

Arthur shook his head, “No, no of course not.  You’re dismissed.”

“I’m sorry, excuse me?”

Everyone had gone quiet in their side conversations and now stared at Harry and Elise.  Even Merlin who had just stepped into the room, stayed silent as Harry gave another sigh.

“I said you’re dismissed Agent, you clearly are not in your best performing mindset and I won’t have you working and watching over others until you are up to par.”

Elise’s face was a deep red from anger and embarrassment while she gathered up her things with shaking hands.  The room was dead silent as she rose from her seat and pushed past Merlin to slip out the door in a huff.  After she was gone Tequila turned to Harry and just shook his head slowly, as if to say that out of all the things that could have made her worse not letting her work was pretty fucking far up there.  Of course Harry couldn’t really be blamed, he needed to keep his underlings at peak performance. He couldn’t let an agent, no a friend, completely run her body and life into the fucking ground, it had to stop.

“Let this be a lesson to the rest of you that I can and will take you off missions, assignments, and dismiss you from meetings if I feel you are not taking the necessary steps to take care of yourselves.  Is that clear?”

A chorus of “Yes, Sir” followed as Tequila called Elise, so that she could still listen in on the report.


“-and she was off before you made it to the front office but she was adorable!”  Sophia was telling him about a coworker of his she had met as she was wandering around the facility.

“Do you remember the name, love?  I don’ think I can say I know her by the description of ‘adorable.’” Hamish chuckled.

“Oh, damn.  I can’t remember, I have it in my phone, but don’t you think it’d be good to take her to lunch?  Introduce her to some locals?”

Of course she would want to do that for the girl, they didn’t have children so instead it seemed that his wife used her maternal instincts on almost everything else.  Now it seemed she was hyper focused on making sure the American Agent she met was well taken care of and had a healthy social life.  

“Sophia, ye can’t play mother hen to every stray thing you find on the street.”

She sighed, “I know, I know but the poor girl just looked so…sad. And you know how I hate that, she’s basically a child she doesn’t deserve to look so heartbroken, I figured I could help.

Heartbreak.  Hamish felt his stomach tighten at that word, his mind wandering back to Elise’s face that morning.  A sudden panic that, that was who Sophia was talking about rose in his mind, but he doused it, there was no reason for Elise to have been on that side of the distillery.  Her face remained in his mind though, how tired she had looked when he touched her cheek, like she just didn’t care anymore. The need to see her burned.

“Sorry, love.  I need ta get back to the office, there’s a new security system being ran and I need to be there in case there’s any bugs.  Dinner was great, thank you.”

“Darlin’ you just got home, I miss you-”  Hamish placed a quick peck on her lips and another on her temple.

“I know, I know and I’ll make it up to ye tomorrow, I promise, but I need ta be there.”


After an intense spar with Roxy that left her feeling sore and nicely bruised up Elise stood in the shower and washed off everything from last night.  A hot shower always had a way of making you feel better no matter what, although right now all it was doing for her was just burning the skin.  How had she slipped back into her depressive mood so easily?  Because she met his wife?  His gorgeous wife that he had to be so fucking stupid to cheat on, to cheat on with her.  If she had just known then none of this would have happened, it would still just be office flirting and nothing more.  The guilt and heartache would pass eventually just like everything else, but until then she was left to wallow in this fucking mess Merlin had left her in.  Eventually Elise stepped out of the shower and tugged on a night shirt, feeling slightly better knowing she could sleep in tomorrow, her meeting with Harry wasn’t until that afternoon and she just knew he was going to scold her.

All she wanted was to crawl in bed, masturbate, and fall asleep. The body pacing her room dashed those plans though.

Elise closed her eyes and steadied her breathing, “please, I’m so tired. Just leave, ok.  I can’t do it.  I can’t deal with you right now.”

“I jus’ wanted to make sure ye were ok.”  Hamish stopped pacing and just stood there.

“Yep, I’m fine.  I’m fucking great.  Is that what you want to hear?  Huh? You- you fucking want me to tell you that everything is fine between us so you don’t feel guilty?  So, you can go back to your wife, so you-” her voice broke and Elise took a breath to keep the tears away, “so you can just pretend like everything is fine?”

“Well, I’m not doing ok, as you and apparently everyone else in this fuckin’ HQ can tell.  I’m doing pretty shitty right about now, and you- you don’t even have to care.  You can just go home to Sophia, that’s her name, right?  Ya, go home to Sophia-“

“Do not bring her into this.”  He suddenly snapped, hearing her name come out of Elise’s mouth terrified him.

“Ohhh, so mad!  What the fuck more do you think you can do to me Hamish?  I already hate myself so fucking much because of you.”  Fuck here they come, tears slid down her cheeks.


“NO!  You want to know how I’m doing fine, I’m gonna tell ya!  I hate myself, for the past five months I’ve gotten shit faced and taken more drugs than I ever have before!  I can’t eat, I don’t eat it’s just too much work and tonight was gonna be the first night I actually slept decently, but that’s not gonna happen because you decided to ruin my night.”

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only you

(bucky barnes x reader)

author’s note: this is just something small i’ve written for meg! i’m probably going to write some other stuff soon, hopefully this is kinda just random fluff/angst (maybe) also, somehow this turned into ‘how many prompts can anna fit in one oneshot?’ + for that i apologize ❤


  you always loved the idea of being a mother, that wasn’t the problem. on the other hand, how you how your boyfriend would react definitely brought some anxiety up. your breath hitched, lowering the test onto the bathroom counter. 

you took the towel and covered it, before heading to the main room of the small three room apartment. bucky entered the your shared bedroom, standing in front of the mirror. he observed his reflection, focusing on his eyes. when he didn’t move, you became worried and rushed over. standing on your tiptoes, you wrapped your arms around his neck, breaking him from his thoughts.

  he flinched, turning back at you. “(your name), why would you do that?” 

  you hands broke off from his neck as you exhaled sharply, closing your eyes tight, pulling away from him. “i just wanted to help you. i get scared when you do things like this. examining you reflection in the mirror, like your some—” you cut yourself off, calming yourself. “bucky, why can’t you see that i’m in love with you!” you exclaimed, raising your voice, as you glared at the scruffy brunette. “why do you make it seem like a crime?

  “because i’m a bad person!” he shouted back, raising his voice. “i’ve done all these awful things in my life, that i’m not proud of. i’m practically a felon, (your name), and i don’t deserve you, because, you get me and that kind of scares me to be honest. ” 

  “so, steve’s the only one allowed to understand you?” you inquired, narrowing your eyes, while your hands flailing all over the place. “you’re just going to leave us instead? leave me to raise our child on my own?”

  the apartment quieted, only yours and buck’s shaky breathing could be heard throughout the room. bucky focused on you, maintaining his temper, despite all the emotions running through his mind.

  “what did you just say?” he asked, breaking the silence. it was then that you realized your mistake—confessing to your pregnancy. you avoided his gaze and focused on the ground, as his footsteps echoed through the apartment. 

  “i’m pregnant.” you answered quietly, still not looking up. he caressed your cheek softly, with his non–metal hand. he lifted your chin carefully, examining your eyes.

  “let’s get out of here, then.” he suggested, pulling you close. “we can go someplace else that’s far away, okay? somewhere safe and quiet—just the three of us.”

  “i don’t want to be anywhere other than right here, right now, with you.” you shook you head.
‘Supergirl,’ ‘Arrow’ Producer Suspended Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations by Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. TV Group has launched an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Andrew Kreisberg, an executive producer on the CW shows “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” “The Flash” and “DC’s…
By Maureen Ryan

Warner Bros. TV Group has launched an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Andrew Kreisberg, an executive producer on the CW shows “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” “The Flash” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,” Variety has learned. Kreisberg, who has been suspended by the studio, has engaged in a pattern of alleged sexual harassment and inappropriate physical contact over a period of years, according to 15 women and four men who have worked with him.

“We have recently been made aware of allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kreisberg,” said Warner Bros. TV Group in a statement to Variety. “We have suspended Mr. Kreisberg and are conducting an internal investigation. We take all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and are committed to creating a safe working environment for our employees and everyone involved in our productions.”

Kreisberg strongly denies the allegations in this story.

None of the 19 sources for this story wanted to be named for fear of retaliation. Many of the women are current or former employees in a range of positions on those shows, and they cited fear of retaliation from either Warner Bros., the studio that makes those dramas, or from the companies and individuals associated with those programs.

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can i get uhhh keith knocking on lance’s door this time followed by lance answering with a pleasantly surprised smirk n saying something like ‘well if it isn’t our fearless leader ;) to what do i owe the pleasure ?’

it’s fun & comforting for a good .02 seconds but then keith is quick to ask ‘can i talk to you?’

cue keith entering lance’s room then immediately starting to pace back n forth with a concerned lance watching him from the bed but remaining patient….. til keith starts to rant about shiro and how he possibly might…… Not be shiro

Lance: *sniffing shirt* Hunk do I smell weird?

Hunk: not really…why?

Lance: Keith keeps covering his nose when I enter a room.


Keith: fuck!

Shiro: what’s wrong?

Keith: apparently Galra have super strong noses and Lance smells really fucking good

Shiro:*alarmed* you want to eat him!

Keith: no… well kind… like I have an uncontrollable urge to hold him down and lick him… does that count?

Keith: Shiro?

Shiro: *internally* oh fuck I’m gonna have to give him the talk! How do I give him the talk? Should I call the blade! Oh jeez I am not enough of an adult for this!

nochu unsolved (m)

Pairing:  Jungkook x Reader
Genre: boyfriend!jungkook , smut, comedy, fluff
Warnings: thigh riding, dry humping, panty fetish, creampie, graveyard sex, mention of past emo Jungkook lmao
Word Count:  8k+
Summary:  cryptid hunting with your boyfriend doesn’t go quite as planned…

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bts scenario: you’re sore

i hope you don’t mind that i changed this to you being sore! i’ll do femdom eventually though. anyway, hope you enjoy! xx


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: tight pain coiled through your hips as you tried to pick yourself up off of the bed. “need help?” jin teased as he watched from the doorway. scowling, you tried to push yourself up again, but just ended up back on the mattress. you moaned in pain and pushed the heels of your palms against your eyelids. “here, baby,” jin said as he held out his hand. grabbing on, he helped you up and proceeded to make you a full breakfast full of cuddles and kisses.

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yoongi: a chuckle could be heard as you entered the room, wobbling slightly. “shut the hell up,” you growled as you made your way to the couch, plopping down. yoongi shook his head before walking over to you and tugging you in his lap, “it just means i’m good at what i do.” you rolled your eyes, “that makes it sound like a profession, yoongi.” “with how many rounds you want, it is quite the job.” you slapped yoongi’s arm, causing him to erupt in laughter. 

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hoseok: “i don’t think i can go to practice with you today, hoseok,” you said as you wrung your fingers together nervously. “why not?” hoseok asked, pout prominent on his face. “uh…” you trailed off as you looked at the ground, embarrassed. hoseok looked confused for a second before he realized what you meant. “are you sore?” he asked, smirk on his face. your cheeks reddened and hoseok let out a laugh, “come on baby, let’s get you home.” hoseok placed a kiss on your cheek. 

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namjoon: “you okay?” namjoon questioned as you grimaced. you nodded and began to walk to the kitchen, gritting your teeth. “you sure?” namjoon asked as you struggled to walk. “i’m fine,” you said, more harshly than intended. namjoon smiled, dimples on display as he came up behind you. “was i too good?” he teased, making you gasp. “namjoon!” he laughed and picked you up, placing you back on the couch. “just relax, i’ll make dinner.”

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jimin: “can you help me?” you asked jimin, slightly embarrassed. jimin frowned slightly as he saw the pained expression on your face, “was i too rough?” jimin asked, sounding guilty. “no no no, baby, you were great,” you started, “i’m just a little sore, but a good sore, y’know?” you smiled at him, but the small crease between his brows told you he didn’t believe you. crawling forward to him, you began to place kisses all over his face, “you’re amazing, never think differently.”

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taehyung: a glare was sent in taehyung’s direction as you walked down the stairs. “need help?” taehyung asked with a small smirk. “i don’t need anything from you,” you huffed as you continued down the stairs. “well you weren’t saying that last night when-” “shut up,” “-harder please harder,” taehyung imitated your voice, causing you to blush. “i do not sound like that!” “well maybe we could record-” “SHUT UP!” taehyung continued to laugh, bringing you into a kiss. 

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jungkook: “jungkook!” you yelled as he scooped you off the bed, carrying you bridal style. “i know you’re sore,” he smirked at you, “so i figured i would carry you around.” you huffed as you let him carry you down the steps and into the bathroom. jungkook set you down on top of the sink counter and started the water. “what are you doing?” you asked him, swinging you feet back and forth. “i’m drawing you a bath, babe,” he smiled, “anything to make you feel better.”

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Perspective | I wanted to understand why racists hated me. So I befriended Klansmen.
My collection of robes and hoods is still growing.

By Daryl Davis,  September 29 at 6:00 AM:  Daryl Davis, author of “Klan-Destine Relationships,” and subject of the documentary “Accidental Courtesy,” is an award-winning musician, actor, lecturer and race relations expert.    

“One night in 1983, I found myself playing in a country band at a truck stop lounge. I was the only black person in the joint. Taking a break after the first set of music, I was headed to sit at a table with my bandmates when a white gentleman approached from behind and put his arm around my shoulders. “I really enjoy y’all’s music,” he said. I shook his hand and thanked him. “This is the first time I ever heard a black man play piano like Jerry Lee Lewis,” he continued.

I told him that Lewis was a friend of mine and that he had learned his style from watching and listening to black blues and boogie-woogie pianists. My new fan didn’t buy it, but he did want to buy me a drink. While we sipped, he clinked my glass and said, “This is the first time I ever sat down and had a drink with a black man.”

Why? “I’m a member of the Ku Klux Klan,” he said. I burst out laughing. Then he handed me his KKK membership card, and I recognized the Klan’s symbols. In that moment, I was overcome by a question: How could anybody hate me when they didn’t even know me?

I was no stranger to racism. Having grown up a black person in the ’60s and ’70s, I knew that prejudice was common. But I had never understood why. Sitting in that lounge with my new friend, I decided to figure it out in the only way that made sense: By getting to know those who felt hostility toward black people without ever having known any.

Several years later, I recruited that man, whose name was Frank James, to put me in contact with the grand dragon of the Maryland Klan. He tried to deter me, warning that the leader would kill me. But eventually, after I promised not to reveal how I’d gotten the grand dragon’s contact information, James gave it to me.

By then I had decided to travel around the country and interview KKK leaders and members from various chapters and factions to get the answer to my question: How can you hate someone you’ve never met? I was planning to write a book detailing my interviews, experiences and encounters with these Ku Klux Klan members. (The book, “Klan-Destine Relationships,” was published in 1998.)

I had my white secretary, who typically booked my band and assisted me with my music business, set up a meeting with the Maryland grand dragon, explaining that her boss was writing a book on the Klan and would like his input. Per my instructions, she did not reveal the color of my skin.

The grand dragon agreed to participate, and we secured a room at a Frederck, Maryland motel, where my secretary filled an ice bucket with cans of soda so I could offer my guest a drink. Regardless of how and what he felt about me, if he entered my room after seeing the color of my skin, I was going to treat him with hospitality.

Punctual to the minute, there was a knock on the door. The grand nighthawk (the grand dragon’s bodyguard) entered first, and then the dragon himself. “Hello,” I began, “I’m Daryl Davis.” I offered my palm, and the dragon shook my hand as he and the nighthawk introduced themselves. The dragon sat in the chair I had set out, and the nighthawk stood at attention beside him.

We were both apprehensive of the other, and the interview started haltingly. We discussed what he had hoped to achieve by joining the Klan; what his thoughts were on blacks, Asians, Jews and Hispanics; and whether he thought it would ever be possible for different races to get along. A little while later, we heard an inexplicable crackling noise and we both tensed. The dragon and I stared each other in the eye, silently asking, “What did you just do?” The nighthawk reached for his gun. Nobody spoke. I barely breathed.

Seated atop the dresser, my secretary realized what had happened: The ice in the bucket had started to melt, causing the soda cans to shift. It happened again, and we all began laughing. From there, the interview went on without a hitch.

It was a perfect illustration that ignorance breeds fear and possibly violence. An unknown noise in an ice bucket could’ve led to gunfire, had we not taken a moment to understand what we were encountering.

Even though the grand dragon, who now prefers not to be named, had told me he knew that white people were superior to blacks, our dialogue continued over the years. He would visit me in my home, and I would eventually be a guest in his. We would share many meals together, even though he thought I was inferior. Within a couple of years, he rose to the rank of imperial wizard, the top national leadership position in the Klan.

Over the past 30 years, I have come to know hundreds of white supremacists, from KKK members, neo-Nazis and white nationalists to those who call themselves alt-right. Some were good people with wrong beliefs, and others were bad people hellbent on violence and the destruction of those who were non-Aryan.

There was Bob White, a grand dragon for Maryland who served four years in prison for conspiring to bomb a synagogue in Baltimore, where he had been a police officer. When he got out, he returned to the Klan and later went back to prison for three more years for assaulting two black men with a shotgun, evidently intent on murder. But after I reached out to him with a letter while he was in prison for the second time, Bob became a very good friend, renounced the Klan and attended my wedding.

Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona, who headed one of the largest Klan groups in the country, would also become a very close friend. When Frank was killed this year (his wife and stepson have been charged with his murder), one of his Klan members, knowing how close we had been, called me and told me before notifying the police. I accepted the Klan’s invitation to participate in his funeral service.

Three weeks after this summer’s violent clash in Charlottesville, I was invited by the leaders of the Tennessee and Kentucky chapters of Ancona’s branch of the Klan to speak at their national Konvocation. I accepted, spoke and took audience questions after the lecture. Whether or not anyone there immediately changed their minds, we talked as people — and we all benefitted from that.

I am not so naive as to think everyone will change. There are certainly those who will go to their graves as hateful, violent racists. I never set out certain that I would convert anyone. I just wanted to have a conversation and ask, “How can you hate me when you don’t even know me?” What I’ve learned is that whether or not I’ve changed minds, talking can still relieve tensions. I’ve seen firsthand that when two enemies are talking, they are not fighting. They may be yelling and beating their fists on the table, but at least they are talking. Violence happens only when talking has stopped.

And sometimes, people do change. One day in 1999, after having been in the Ku Klux Klan for about 20 years, the Klan leader from the motel interview, whom I watched go from grand dragon to imperial wizard, called me, said he was leaving the Klan and apologized for having been a member. He told me he could no longer hate people. I had not turned out to be what he had always thought of black people. He went on to become one of my best friends, and today I own his robe and hood — one set of many in my collection of garments donated to me by apostate Klansmen and Klanswomen,

which is always growing.”


Alec Appreciation Weeks | Week #2 - Favourite Malec Moment(s)

You’re confusing me!
Confusion is part of it. That’s how you find out if something’s there. Emotions are never black and white. They’re more like symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath. I know you feel what I feel, Alec.
You don’t have any clue what I feel so back off.

Well, that's one way to do it

[context: we are trapped in a saw-like murder dungeon with 8 strangers, and accidentally killed the most immoral person before we were supposed to. Once you advance to the next room you can’t go back or you die.]

DM: As you enter the room, you suddenly notice that you can’t hear. Everyone else seems to be deafened as well, and you see inscribed on the wall: NO VOICE OR SOUND HERE CAN BE HEARD, YOU MUST DECIDE WHO GETS MURDERED
Next to it, there is a chute labeled “trash”, with traces of blood around the edge. You assume this must be where the body is deposited.

Cleric (me), OOC: Shit, did anyone bring any jewels? I wonder if I can get away with Revivify …

[Cleric and barbarian discuss OOC how to get through room with least damage. While they do that …]

Rogue: I want to tell the Funniest Joke in the World! (Learned from Book of Vile Darkness)

DM: Ok, but everybody’s deafened, so it’ll only affect you. You do realize that, right?

Rogue: Yep! [tells joke]

While everyone else in the room was trying to silently discuss the fact that one of them was going to have to die, the rogue proceeded to roll nothing above an 8 on the d20, miserably failing a long suite of Constitution saves. Finally …

Rogue: (down about 20 hp by this point) Oh shit. That’s a nat one.

DM: Ok, [rogue’s player], don’t freak out, I promise I have plans. *sharp intake of breath* Rogue, as you laugh you feel your throat close up and you can’t breathe. Everyone else in the room sees your face go purple as you pass out on the floor. [Doctor NPC] comes over and checks your pulse, but you are already dead. He looks questioningly at the group.

Cleric, barbarian: *nod approvingly*

DM: The NPCs carry the convenient new corpse to the trash chute. The door clicks.

In character, everyone was very confused but somewhat relived, OOC we were all dying. The rogue literally killed himself by laughing at his own joke.

I Won’t Say it // Finn Wolfhard Imagine

So I was listening to some Disney songs today and one of the songs that played was “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from the Hercules soundtrack. While listening to the song my mind kind of just clicked like “I should write an imagine for this.” So here I am. Happy 600+ followers to me, here’s a gift from me to you. 

Summary: Y/N refuses to admit that she has feelings for her friend, Finn.

Warnings: Cursing, as usual lmao

Characters: You, Sophia, Jack, Wyatt, and of course Finn.

Jaeden, Finn, Jeremy, and Chosen were sleeping in their rooms while you, Sophia, Jack, and Wyatt sat on the living of the hotel penthouse that the eight of you were currently staying. The seven of you just came back from a two hour press conference and you were all completely exhausted. Thankfully, they gave you all the rest of the day to relax. 

You four were watching Hercules on the T.V. It took all of you almost an hour to pick a movie. You were all arguing which Disney movie watch, the boys wanted to watch Big Hero 6 while you and Sophia wanted to watch Hercules. The boys gave in half way and decided to let you two have your way.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to get more popcorn.” Wyatt said as he stood up and stretched his legs, “Fill me in afterwards.”

“Mhm, okay go.” You replied without taking your eyes off the screen. 

A few minutes later, Wyatt returns to the living room with a big bowl of popcorn and a bottle of water for himself.

“Okay fill me in, what happened?” Wyatt said as he shoved a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“Megara’s about to sing I Won’t Say I’m In Love.” Jack replied while also grabbing a handful and shoving it inside his mouth.

“Ah alright thanks.” Wyatt said as he sat beside you. 

“Speaking of saying that they’re not in love, Y/N, have you told him yet?” Sophia looked at you while teasingly wiggling her eyebrows.

“What? Tell who what?” You give Sophia a look of confusion, you had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.

“Yea Sophia, tell who what?” Jack said curiously, now paying attention to Sophia and not the movie on the T.V screen.

Wyatt raises one of his eyebrows and looked at Sophia, “What are we talking about?” 

“Oh you know! Y/N has a little crush on Finn.” Sophia winked teasingly which caused you to roll your eyes.

“I never said that! When did I say that?” You said as you tried to recall the day you mentioned liking Finn. You couldn’t recall anything though because you never in your life said that particular line.

“OH SHIT REALLY? YOU LIKE FI-” You quickly put your hand on Jack’s mouth to cut him off. Jack tried to say something, but his sentences were all muffled and incoherent. Jack didn’t like this one bit so he licked your hand which caused you to quickly take your hand away from his mouth.

“What the hell, Jack! That was gross.” You looked at him in utter disgust as you wiped your hand on his shirt earning a laugh from Wyatt and Sophia.

“That’s what you get.” Jack laughed as you continued to wipe your hand on his shirt. 

“Anyway,” Sophia let out her last giggle before continuing, “You didn’t have to say it, actions speak louder than words you know?” 

“It all makes sense now, you were like staring at Finn the other day. Not in a creepy way though, it was like you admire him or something. You were the living embodiment of the heart eyes emoji.” Jack said with a wink causing Wyatt to laugh a bit. 

“You are so annoying.” You grabbed a pillow and threw it at Jack, hitting him in the face. “Look, I don’t like Finn okay? He’s… He’s annoying like you and… um…”

“You’re struggling.” Wyatt said as he opened his water bottle. He stared at you as you struggled to come up with reasons why you didn’t like Finn. He found it amusing how you tried so hard to hide the fact that you had feelings for his friend. 

“I am not! I don’t work well under pressure okay?” You huffed and crossed your arms, earning yet another laugh from Sophia and Wyatt. “As I was saying, Finn is annoying and… and loud! He is so loud! And he’s playful! And annoying!”

“You already said that though.” Sophia pointed out while chuckling.

“I hate you guys.” 

“You love us.” Jack said earning a nod of agreement from Sophia and Wyatt. 

No chance! No way! I won’t say I’m in love! 

It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love.

“Look at you, you’re like Megara.” Sophia joked as she watched Megara sing. 

“You know Y/N, you should just admit it. Why are you hiding it anyway?” Jack said while turning towards you. Whenever Jack does this, he means that he’s being serious. 

You friends have shipped you and Finn ever since you all started filming IT. They all thought you and Finn have some sort of connection, like you two have known each other for a while, like you were meant to be with each other sort of. They think you and Finn really blend well together. You didn’t know this of course and neither did Finn.

“Exactly, I’m pretty sure he likes you too.” Wyatt said matter of factly. As soon as Wyatt said that, you immediately turned red. 

“Aw she’s blushing.” 

“Shut up, Soph.” You say as you threw a piece of popcorn at her, causing her to giggle. 

“You didn’t answer my question. Why are you hiding the fact that you don’t romantically like Finn?” Jack placed his hand on his palm and waited for your answer. 

“The fans are probably going to come after me a-and besides… Finn doesn’t like me like that you know? He probably likes Millie or something, I don’t know.” You replied as you nervously scratched the back of your head.

“Welp thank you for confirming that you like Finn.” Jack said slyly, he just manipulated you to admit that you like Finn. 

“You little shit!” You exclaimed while throwing another pillow at Jack, so maybe you do have feelings for Finn, so what? It wasn’t a big deal. You didn’t know why your three friends are making a big deal out of it.

“Just tell Finn that you like him.” 

“Tell Finn what?” Finn said suddenly as he entered the living room. He stretched his arms and plopped himself between you and Wyatt. Your eyes grew wide as you freaked out on the inside. Your facial expression was priceless, you looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“HOLY SHIT LOOK AT YOUR FACE, THAT’S PRICELESS.” Jack yelled out while laughing his ass off. Wyatt and Sophia were also dying of laughter. 

“What the hell is going on?” Finn said in confusion as he turned to you in hopes of understanding what was currently happening. 

“I’m going to sleep, goodnight.” 

“It’s like four p.m. though?” Finn scrunched up his face in confusion as he watched you stand up from your seat.

“I said goodnight.” 

You then ran to your room, shut the door, and belly flopped onto your bed. ‘That’s it. It’s all going down hill from here. Jack’s most likely blabbering his heart out about how much I like Finn. I’m so done for. I’m never going to hear the end of this.’ You thought you yourself as you buried your face onto your pillow trying to drown out the loud conversation coming from the living room. 

Later that day:

You woke up from your rather long nap. You lazily got out of bed and checked the time in your phone. 11:35 p.m.

“Holy shit I was asleep for that long?” You said with a yawn. You then got out of your room, totally forgetting what happened hours ago.

Your stomach was growling so you decided to go head to the kitchen to grab a snack. You entered the kitchen and see Finn eating cereal. You stood at the entrance of the kitchen, suddenly remembering what happened earlier. You mentally slapped yourself and tried to keep yourself together. 

“How was your sleep?” Finn said while eating a spoonful of cereal. He gives you a small smile as he chewed his food. 

“Um…g-good. Sleep is um… good.” You awkwardly say as you tried to reach for the cereal that was inconveniently placed on the top shelf.

“Let me help you with that.” Finn put his bowl of cereal down on the counter and grabbed the cereal from the top shelf effortlessly.

“I hate that I’m short, It’s so annoying. Who placed the cereal so high up anyway?” You grumbled as you poured yourself a bowl of cereal.

“I did, sorry.” Finn lightly chuckled as he ate another spoonful of cereal.

“I bet you did that to mock me.” You joked as you poured milk in your cereal. 

Finn laughed at your response which causes you to laugh too, “Yea, I totally did that to mock you.”

“You’re such an ass, you know that right?” You giggled as you ate your cereal.

“Yeah I know, whoops.” Finn replied causing you to jokingly roll your eyes. “Hey Y/N, can I ask you a question?” 

“You’re already asking me a question, genius.” 

“Don’t sass me.” Finn says with a chuckle. “Anyway… so I heard from Jack that you… you uh… li-like me? Is that true?” 

Your face turned red as soon as Finn finished his question. You looked down at your bunny slippers to avoid Finn’s eye contact. ‘Jack is so dead.’ You thought to yourself.

“I… I um… have a headache, I should rest. Night, Finn.” You lied as you placed your bowl of unfinished cereal on the kitchen counter. You then speed walked back to your room leaving Finn confused. 

You closed the door of your room, you then leaned on it, and slid down to the floor. ‘What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Do I just hide in my room for the rest of the week? Fuck I hate myself. Finn probably thinks I’m weird. I’m going to strangle Jack.’ You thought to yourself as you ran your hands through your hair. Your face felt hot and you felt your stomach twisting. You’ve never been this nervous since you auditioned for IT. 

A few minutes later, you were still sitting down on the floor. You didn’t feel like moving to your bed. You kept replaying what happened a couple of minutes ago. Your hands were clammy and you felt a bead of cold sweat run down your back. ‘I wonder how Finn thinks of me now… What if he thinks I’m weird? Oh shit what if he hates me… Holy shit…’

You heard soft footsteps outside your door. It paused when it reached your door. ‘Please don’t be Finn.’ You thought to yourself as you crossed your fingers. 

Finn sat outside your door with a sticky note on one hand and a pen on the other. He thought you were fast asleep so he figured it was now or never. He took the pen and quickly wrote a note. He then folded it and slipped it in the crack of your door. 

What he didn’t know was that you were still awake and was sitting by your door. You hear a piece of paper slide inside your room. You stared at it for a few seconds, then picked it up, and unfolded it. 

You couldn’t stop smiling. You read the note one more time and then held it close to your heart. As soon as you hear Finn’s bedroom close, you decided to do the same thing: Leave him a note. 

You quickly scribbled down a reply and tiptoed to Finn’s bedroom door where you cautiously slipped it in the crack of his door. 

“Goodnight Finn.” You whispered softly and you then tiptoed back to your room. You placed Finn’s note on your nightstand and then went off to sleep. Finn’s message replayed in your head endlessly. 

Lmfao I was supposed to post this last night. but I fell asleep. Hope you guys like this one xx

Also, I’ll write and post the requested imagines soon so sit tight! <3

Someone explain to me why Sherlock is doing this. It is the morning of the wedding. He’s already taught John how to dance to the song. Immediately after this scene he goes into the bedroom and gets dressed, so clearly he’s not still composing the song. Why is he dancing in his living room by himself?

I think he misses his dance lessons with John.

To me, this is more heartbreaking than looking at John’s empty chair.

Context: pink winnie the pooh party at it again, this time they’re in a murder dungeon and entered a room full of steam, like a sauna. At the back of the room is a mirror. The idea was that they would wipe the condensation off the mirror to reveal a message.

Tiefling: where is the steam coming from?

DM (completely having overlooked this detail): uh. From charcoal, I guess. Yeah, a small contraption with an iron grate over the charcoal and a little pipe which consistently supplies water. Or something like that.

Dwarf (not noticing the fact that this was pulled out of the ass right there and then): How do we turn it off?

DM: You don’t see anything substantial that could make the steam stop coming. Anywho, about that mirror-

Cleric: I start hitting the grate.

/after a few hits/

DM: Okay, you have now a buckled in grate over the still steaming charcoal. What’s the plan?

Cleric: *shrugs* heck if I know.

Tiefling: Shouldn’t it be broken by now? Did you roll for damage?

DM: Okay, I don’t know what kind of operation you think I’m running here, but it ain’t the kind that forces me to figure out the HP for a fucking sauna

lance: well if it isn’t the former red paladin !

keith: what’s up, current red paladin?

lance: not much, not much. how’ve you been?

keith: as okay as anyone can be given our everyday circumstances.

lance: so… could be better?

keith: yeah… could be better.

lance: i get that, man. i get that.

allura: (enters the room)

lance: well good morning, current blue paladin !

allura: and to you as well, former blue paladin :D!!

steve harrington x reader • be still

Summary: If you had to die, dying while saving the boy you loved and the boy who loved you wasn’t a bad way to go.

Word Count: 1800+

Requested By: Anonymous - Steve and reader where Steve thinks you dies but you come back and just pure fluff

Warnings: Angst, language, some fluff at the end.

Notes: Ow.

Title is from the song Be Still by The Fray, which is a lovely song that I’d recommend to anyone.

I was planning on doing requests in the order I get them, but my muse worked best for this today so I guess I’m just gonna do them when I’m feeling the right vibe to write it. Hope that’s okay with everyone waiting on a request!!

Alsooo this is a repost from earlier because there were a lot of errors I hadn’t noticed until after I posted, so this is the edited version!


It was stupid, really. Even as you were doing it you knew it was the wrong thing to do, knew that it was just going to end in blood and tears. There was time to try something else, something less risky, less dangerous. But you couldn’t stop yourself. There was a demodog with teeth bared running right in your direction, having fallen behind the rest of the pack, and you were the only two left in the tunnels. You couldn’t let it hurt him. Not him. Not Steve.

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possessedbytheskiess  asked:

OMG, I love the way you write so much, your blog is awesome I just read everything lol Idk if the requests are open, but if they are can you do a SaeranxMC HC (or wathever format you prefer) of them falling in love during his recovery or how they fell for each other and started dating? Thank you! <3

~HNNNNFG MY  HEART. This hits me right in the feelies. Yes! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you like it! 


  • You had come to expect the silence 
  • You entered his room at the same time every morning only to be greeted by his back turned towards you on the bed 
    • “You don’t have to keep coming…I can handle it,” Saeyoung would tell you time and time again 
  • But there was something about Saeran that drew you to him 
  • And after learning about his past, you knew he needed as much support as he could get 
  • He was unresponsive 
  • And often times incredibly rude 
    • “Saeran…I brought you a smoothie,” you held it out for him, only to have it slapped from your hands and explode all over the floor of the hospital room 
    • “I don’t want your fucking smoothie, I want to be alone!”
  • Saeyoung rushed in to scold him but you stopped him
    • “It’s alright…it was an accident, Saeyoung. Right, Saeran?” He only scoffed and turned his back to you once more
  • In the beginning you’d bring stacks of books to read to him 
  • If he wasn’t going to talk then, well, you’d talk enough for the both of you 
  • Books on art and travel, intense novels. You could see him perk up a bit when he liked it
  • And his scowl when he didn’t 
  • One time Saeyoung caught Saeran looking through one of the books when he thought no one was around. That’s when he started to give you two more alone time 
  • And still 
  • Every morning, like clockwork, you came through the door 
  • And he’d never admit it at the time, but he started to look forward to your visits and your voice 
  • He even started to wake up in the mornings so he could be ready for you 
  • The silence lessened in time, Saeran started to be more talkative and ask questions 
    • “…say the castle was built somewhere in the thirteenth century-”
    • “Is there a picture?” Saeran cut off your reading
    • Hm? A picture?” you asked. 
    • “Yeah. In the book, dummy,” he pointed. 
    • It had just taken you by surprise. “Well, yeah, there is!” You flipped it around. “Look, isn’t it awesome?” 
    • Saeran nodded with a slight smile 
  • You soon moved from books to board games 
  • Come to find out, Saeran was really good and really fond of chess 
  • Much to your dismay, as you lost almost every time 
  • Saeran started to give you pointers and teaching you how to play better
  • One time while he watched you play Saeyoung, he stood up behind you, placing his hand on your own to keep you from moving your piece 
    • “No, don’t go there,” he slowly guided your hand to another spot. “Here, see?” 
    • Y-yeah, right,” you stuttered with a blush 
    • “Hey no cheating!” Saeyoung huffed before noticing Saeran’s hand on yours. “Oooh~ should I leave?” he teased 
    • “Shut up, idiot,” Saeran jumped back a bit and sat on the bed 
  • A few days before his release, he watched the clock but you didn’t show 
  • A surge of anxiety swept through him until Saeyoung finally walked in 
    • “Where is she?” Saeran tried his best to sound calm 
    • “Sick. Gave me this book to give to you, though,” he tossed it on the bed, “said she’d be better before your release and not to worry.” 
    • “I wasn’t.” Saeran sank back into his pillow with a knit brow 
  • But you didn’t come back 
  • And each day was more boring than the last without you 
  • He kept thinking of you walking through the door with that same dumb cute smile on your face 
  • The one that made his heart leap 
    • “That…idiot,” Saeran grumbled as he helped Saeyoung gather the last of his things from the hospital room 
    • “Is someone grumpyyy, missing your girlfriend?” Saeyoung made a pouty face in jest 
    • She said she’d be here…” he said it in little more than a whisper, as if talking to himself 
  • Saeyoung’s face fell at the sight of his brother looking so desolate 
  • You dragged yourself out of bed to answer the door, not expecting to see Saeran standing there, staring at you, while you were in sweatpants and an old t-shirt, crumpled tissues in hand 
    • “Oh wow, you look terrible,” he blurted out 
    • “…thanks...” you seethed, “I asked Saeyoung to tell you I’m sick and-”
    • “Shit, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just…” he took a deep breath, “you missed my discharge from the hospital today and…” he trailed off. 
    • “I’m so sorry about that, Saeran. I really wanted to be there it’s just, I can barely function right now,” you tried to laugh it off, hands desperate to fix the messy bun in your hair 
    • “Did you need some help or something? Have you eaten?” 
    • “Uh, a little bit,” you awkwardly rocked on your heels
    • “I brought you a smoothie,” he said hurriedly, thrusting it at you
    • “Thank you,” you smiled 
    • “And I have this–well, Saeyoung gave me this movie,” he waved it a bit, blushing mildly, “and, anyway…can I come in?” 


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