this is how i draw myself

I don’t know how to draw flower crowns or suits 

So! @ingthing‘s florist/wedding planner au is amazing and I couldn’t help myself. Ahaha I’m a sucker for Viktuuri in any universe sooo. Also her writing is amazing just like her art and everyone should go check it out because

A friend has been constantly telling me both on skype and in person how much she would love to see me draw Kvothe again… I wanted to be a good friend, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I was also curious myself since it has been 2 years… and oh boy. The biggest thing of those old fanarts is that I drew him way too mature for his actual age… like… he’s actually 15 in book 1? Also started reading the english version, now that I’m fluent with english by reading too many fanfics So many things like puns and lyrics, even last names got changed in the spanish version to make it work…

ART TRADE with @baconator4ever!!

I got to draw her lovely OC (here :>) and it was so much fun! It’s really no surprise I wanted to see Kenkeru in her style and she kindly provided the best sketch ever, I HAD to record myself linearting this just to prove how smooth it was! 

This piece is so lovely and touching, It’s the screen saver of my laptop. 

Thank you Dee, it was a pleasure <3 

Hack the planet

I had about 70% of this done when Sombra first came out, only just finished it today whoops haha. I love her character so much…

here’s a cool song I was listening to while drawing to keep me inspired (x)

levi is the only one i can draw semi-consistent, so i figured… why not draw a bunch of different levis so i can confuse myself?

i haven’t read @valisi-clark‘s fic smack[x] yet, so i’ve spent the past couple of days reading through this novel-length monster. i’m one chapter away from being caught up. it’s quite a fucking ride, i gotta say. very, very good. i’ve been tickled that our interpretations of levi have been so close when i haven’t read this fic before–so i wanted to sketch my final tour[x]!levi along with canon!levi to see how different each levi can be. i’m not really happy with smack!levi yet, but there will definitely be more fanart to come, so i’ll figure it out.

don’t worry guys. i start some figure drawing courses tomorrow, so hopefully i’ll Git Gud at this soon.

okay lovely people I have finished the basic sketching for the painting. I have some notes for myself such as needing to make some oc smaller/bigger, or simply move them a bit, but over all I’m really happy with how this is turning out.

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Quick question!  I actually remembered to record myself drawing the entirety of that Spirited Away AU drawing (WHAAAAT–?? How can this beeee!? Miracle of miracles!) and since it’s quite a long process, I was wondering what kind of video you’d prefer to see:

  1. A shorter video of the whole thing, sped up as usual. (sped up 40 times normal speed to make one ~10 minute video)
  2. Two videos: One video with the sketch and lineart phase, the other with the coloring and background process. (Maybe sped up 10-20 times normal speed so it’s easier to see what I’m doing)

What do you guys think?

     EXCUSE ME WHILE I JUST TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE NNOITRA. Okay, so WHY is Nnoitra my favorite character? I don’t even know. I remember when I first watched bleach, I didn’t really notice him, and neither did I the second time around ( though at least then i remembered his name lol ) — And then, for some reason in april 2013, I was drawing a bit, and then IDK WHY, but I decided to draw Nnoitra. And it’s not like i really showed off my art to anyone, so I was just drawing for myself, and holy shit, I got SO much muse to draw when I drew him, so, basically at the end of that year I was only drawing him ( still haven’t recovered from this, since 99% of what I draw is nnoitra ). And since I was drawing him so much ( just for his aesthetics, really ), I got more interested in him as a character. I guess I got pretty obsessed with him??? Because I was making a ton of HCs that I drew out ( never gonna show this trash art tho lmao ). And then, late 2014 when I made my blog for him, I finally got to know what it was like to actually ENJOY writing a character. I had been roleplaying for about a year on tumblr, as two other muses, but when I picked up Nnoi, I got a lot of inspiration to write, just like I got with drawing. basically nnoi is literally my muse like LITERALLY. Aaaaand from then on it was a wild ride with getting to explore Nnoitra’s character and share in all his hardships. Some stuff happened in my personal life so now it’s pretty much ALL about Nnoitra and I just ??? really ??? need this blog ??? And to interact with everyone and have fun and have a GOOD TIME. Plus Nnoi is really inspirational because he never really gives up even if he so wants to. Without Nnoitra I really don’t have the inspiration to do anything at all so i guess that’s why I love him SO GOD DAMN MUCH. — And to see him happy makes me happy ( luckily for me, I don’t get upset when he’s upset, we’re not the same person after all ). I am just fucking BLESSED to have found this muse and to have a platform where I can let him inspire me. So I’m super grateful to everyone who writes with us! THANK YOU!


Teaching Myself to Draw: February 19, 2017

Did some work on the Lavellan portrait today. I tweaked her lips, painted her ear, added some texture to her scarf, worked on her shirt, and started on the vallaslin. I think I need to add clothes and fabrics to my list of things to do studies of. Not that what I’ve done looks bad (especially since it’s predominately done without references), but it could be better. I’d really like to figure out how to emulate different kinds of fabric, because I think a lot of my fabric ends up looking velvety when it shouldn’t.

My hand always cramps up when I work on vallaslin, so I thought it would be a good idea to split it up. I got about half of it’s base done today. Tomorrow I’ll need to finish the base and then work on the highlighting and shading. Also will hopefully do the hair tomorrow. Then she’ll be finished! I’m waiting to see if her owner will notice before I post the final version. XP

And I did some more hair sketches. It’s starting to get easier to break down the hair in refs into different sections, at least in my mind. The execution of that still needs work, but being able to visualize it in my mind is a good first step.

meroksis  asked:

I've been curious, how do you stay motivated and manage to draw so much every day? I've been wanted to improve my art but I can't find the motivation.

It’s some weird internal thing where my brain is like:
“you HAVE to draw every day” so I kinda force myself to lol. It’s a blessing and a curse
but uhh other than that maybe just try n challenge yourself to draw every day or make some ocs you get really invested in, write a story? idk I have like 500 stories I’m in love with all the time so I always manage to get motivation from those

the boy who stole sweaters

| x | x | x |

I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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