this is how i dissappear

Signs as My Chemical Romance songs
  • Aries: You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison ; The Sharpest Lives
  • Taurus: Give Em Hell, Kid ; Hang Em High
  • Gemini: The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You
  • Cancer: SING ; Thank You For The Venom
  • Leo: Party Poison ; Planetary (GO!)
  • Virgo: The End ; Cancer
  • Libra: I Don't Love You ; Welcome To The Black Parade
  • Scorpio: DESTROYA ; Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
  • Sagittarius: Demolition Lovers ; Bulletproof Heart
  • Capricorn: Disenchanted ; This is How I Dissappear
  • Aquarius: The Ghost of You ; Sleep
  • Pisces: Disenchanted ; The Light Behind Your Eyes
I haven't entered the basement in eleven years now.

original / author

Our house had an interesting setup.

The stairway down to the basement was in the garage, protected by a coded doorknob.

You enter the code, you gain access.

Pretty cool, really. Even cooler, in our family’s house, was the cat flap in the opposite wall.

We had five cats, and enough basement for them to have all the space they needed for their food, water, and litter. Letting them in and out through the garage was a hassle, so my dad carved a hole straight through our living room wall, right into the ledge above the stairwell to the basement.

At a certain angle it was almost eerie, how a cat could seemingly dissappear straight through the wall.

But I digress.

The point, of this promisingly, honest to god true story, is the living hell I experienced with my chore of feeding the cats and changing their litter every night.

I haven’t told anyone else this story, ever, but it seems like it’s time to get this off my chest. To make it known, and real.

Shit, I’m terrified to make this real. But I can’t keep this to myself anymore.

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Description: Dean x reader in future parts. Angsty fluff. The reader’s morning cuppa becomes a lot more than she bargained for.
Words: 2,314
Warnings: Being missing, I guess - it’s in the title!
Author’s Note: So a part 2 is almost a definite (unless everyone says they hate it), I’m not sure about 3 parts, we’ll have to see which idea I go with out of the two I’m thinking of! Anyway, this was quite a old request so I really hope this person is still active?!

Request: Hey! Can I make a one shot request, where the reader goes MIA and the boys are super worried, then she calls them a few days later not knowing where she is or what happened? Maybe add some dean fluff somewhere? :p love your writing btw!!

The term “morning person” had always seemed like a strange phrase to you. Everyone woke up in the morning as a person, right?


Whoever made up the phrase had clearly modelled it on Dean Winchester. In the mornings he was either floppy and useless or absolutely feral. Sam was fine, he almost went the opposite way being as chirpy as the birds that would wake you up. However, this morning, you were lucky enough to have been able to get out the motel room without waking either of them. As much as you loved sharing a room with your two best friends, sometimes you loved sitting on the bonnet of the impala and watching the world go by with a morning brew.

Bundling through to the reception, you remembered seeing a hot drinks vending machine for a quarter. It was cold outside today, a brisk chill to the air that would make curling your fingers around a hot drink that little bit more satisfying. You punched the button on the key pad, a beep and a sudden rumbling from inside the machine indicating that your drink was on its way. Hot water spat out from the nozzle, a tiny drop hitting your skin as it got itself going, filling up the cardboard cup that had plopped out. The liquid swirled and jiggled in the cup as the different ingredients went in until the machine beeped twice, signalling your drink was ready.

With a smile, you pulled the sleeve of your top over your hand and picked it up, inhaling the smell of it. You’d loved the smell of coffee from as long as you could remember - before you’d ever even tried it. Heading back outside, you set your eyes on the impala, the perfect seat to enjoy your morning indulgence.

Dean’s POV

Dean yawned and pulled the covers tighter around himself. There was no one on this planet who could pay him enough to get out of bed for now - not that anyone paid him at all anyway. The room was quiet, by the sounds of it Sam was already up and in the bathroom. Fingers crossed he left enough water.

Gently prising his eyelids open, Dean let himself adjust to the sudden attack of light on his retinas. Judging by the light outside it must be about 8am, which meant he must’ve slept for about 5 hours - a minor miracle. Without untucking himself from the covers at all, he surveyed the room to see both Y/N and Sam’s beds were empty. He grimaced, knowing that this meant he would have to leave the warmth at some point soon.

“Mornin’,” he shouted, his voice still thick and groggy.

“Morning Dean,” Sam shouted through the bathroom door.

The sound of the tap switched off and Sam opened the door with one hand, letting the fluorescents spill out into the main room as he brushed his teeth. Dean groaned and squeezed his eyes shut again, much to his brother’s amusement.

“Where’s Y/N?” He mumbled into the covers.

“What?” Sam shouted through, holding his hair back as he spat into the sink. “What d'ya say?”

“I said,” Dean untucked his head from the covers, eyes still closed, “Where’s Y/N?“

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skyflyinginaction heard that you wanted it translated so…



“Misaki are you ok?

"uh…oh..yeah…. sorry i didnt notice i fell asleep, I was planning to stay up all night and  catch the culprit today…”

“I wonder if it was mikoto this kind of thing wouldnt have happened”

“Hey Anna”

“Can I talk about a pitiable story”


“Ore(I)…im stuped”

“………..*nods* i know”

“im stupid so every time i try doing something i tend to ever do it”

“i also dont know about people that much too….”

“probably the same with Mikoto-san, i didnt really know him well..”

“i dont like how people dissappear without me knowing them and what they think about, im stupid so unless tell me exactly how they feel i dont know..”


“Anna, tell me what you want to do, what you dont want to do, what you want me to do, tell me everything please”


(kusanagi talking on phone “yeah, if so, please tell me your information”)