this is how himchan showes affection

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What kind of kisses?


Yongguk: He loves kissing you on the top of your head and forehead. He loves making sure you feel secure and protected, so he’d love to pull you close to him and hold you under his chin. Yongguk is probably a pretty stellar kisser in general. He’d be good at knowing how far to push a kiss, and when to pull away. He’d be always so cautious and gentle with you unless you asked for otherwise.

Himchan: Himchannie will give you sweet cute kisses constantly. Kissing is his way to show affection and love and so every chance he’ll get to kiss you, he’ll take. He loves cute kisses on the cheek but also love full on makeouts. He’ll kiss your hand if you hold hands and kiss your neck. He literally just wants to kiss you all the time.

Daehyun: Dae wants to kiss you full on the mouth. More than anything, he’d love the idea of coming home and planting one on you right there in the front room. That said, I also think he’d love to kiss you on the cheek. Whether it be sweet or sensual, he’d love pulling you close and kissing you on the cheek and watching it turn red. If things got hot, I could see Dae becoming reallllly fixated on the space behind your ear on your neck, just next to your jaw.

Youngjae: Youngjae would give what I like to call “Youngjae kisses”. They are sweet short kisses all over the face and occasional kisses on the lips. He’ll way throw in eskimo kisses and a few neck kisses but he likes a more sweet and lovely kissing scene. He wants to be adorable and gentle and constantly smiley.

Jongup: Honestly, Jongup will take whatever he can get. He would love to kiss you but more than that, prefer if you kiss him. He’ll be more of a forehead and hand kisser in public but at home he’s all yours. He most likely loves steamy make out sessions but doesn’t mind the cute intimate kisses. Don’t forget the passionate kisses he gives before bed.

Zelo: Zelo would probably like kissing your jaw. He’d be all about ducking down and kissing along your jawline to make you giggle and push him away. He’d be a light kisser, floating on each others lips and skin. He’d only kiss you deeply if he was really in the mood for it. I also see Zelo as someone who would like kissing you on the top of your head. He’s certainly got the height for it.

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