this is how himchan showes affection

B.A.P Reaction to you feeling really bad lately


Yongguk would want you, same as the rest of B.A.P, not to give up, even if the times are hard now. He would want you to talk about your problems with him and he would also try his best to relief you from your stress. Even if that means for him he has to act like an complete dork for you. He would all do that only to see you smile. 

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Himchan would be more hurt than you. Seeing you always stressed out and down would break his heart and he would do everything to change that. In the end he would realize, that he has to be the strong one in this situation and not break down with you. Himchan would reassure you and your work a lot, but also make you rest enough.

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The thought of loosing you, because of some old people coming back into your life, would be the worst for him. He would want you to think about, who was important for you and if you have missed them in the time without contact. Also he would always be at your side, showering you with even more affection than usual and a lot of cuddling.

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Youngjae would want to help you where ever he could. You need help with a class he was good in? Study date it is then. But also he would have an eye on you, that you rest enough and don’t stress yourself out too much. Youngjae would try to get you smile, by joking around a little. Things like “I will kick their ass if they hurt my jagi in any way.” 

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Jongup kind of wouldn’t know ow to act. He would think of ways how he could help you, but in the end he couldn’t do that much. Just be there for you and that would be what he’s doing. If you would want to talk with him about it at 3 am, it would be okay for him. Also he would give you a lot of random affection and he would be more caring than usual.

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Poor Junhong. Knowing how bad things are for you, he would feel bad himself. He would trie to get you on other thoughts, showing you the good sides of live. Playing with Mochii, just watching movies cuddled up with blankets, skateboarding, dancing, anything. But if you needed him to be serious, he would be a great listener for you and he would give you advice he got either form his parents or his hyungs.

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B.A.P  Love Languages

A/N: To be clear, none of these are bad or better than the other. Just different ways of expressing love because people don’t always show it the same way. Here is a post that explains the five different types.

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Yongguk – Primary: Words of Affirmation. I think someone he loves telling him he’s doing a good job is extremely important to him. However he doesn’t have trust in enough people to take many of them at their word. If you’ve proven yourself to be an honest, dependable person it would build an unshakable bond between you. He would no longer discount your praise as superficial and take it into his heart. And if he complimented you for something you could know without a doubt that he means it sincerely. Secondary: Acts of Service. We all know he’s big into charity work but that’s different. If you thought of his needs and did little things for him it would really make him feel loved. He’s so busy taking care of others that it would surprise him to be put first. As for you, he’s not great at noticing details. But if you directly told him you needed something, it’d be a top priority for him to get it done.

Himchan – Primary: Quality Time. Himchan would want your attention most of the time. He’d need the reassurance of your continued interest to feel secure in the relationship. If Channie was with someone aloof it’d slowly kill the connection. He’d be starved for affection. But if you lavished attention on him, he’d return it ten-fold to show how strongly he feels about you. Secondary: Physical Touch. Again this would be more about bonding and strengthening your connection. He is always touching those he loves whether to express that love or to receive comfort. You’d never doubt his love for you by how frequently he brushes a hand along your leg or holds your hand. And if you were stressed there would be lots of gentle embraces from him to calm you.    

Daehyun – Primary: Quality Time. It was tough to separate the primary and the secondary with Dae because essentially they hold the same amount of importance for him. But conceivably, even without touching, he could be happy with you in the same room as long as you were focused on him. Like Himchan, Daehyun would often require your undivided attention because he’d need that reassurance. Secondary: Physical Touch. A koala would seem stand-offish when compared to him. He would be touching you someplace at all times, whether you were in public or private. If it was unwelcome he’d feel like there was something wrong with the relationship and he’d worry.

(A/N) Although Himchan and Daehyun have the same Love Languages I still see them differently in my head (although it’s hard to describe.) Himchan is like the earth and love would be akin to rain. At some point he’d reach a saturation level where he’s comfortable with the status quo between you. One that would hold him over a little while if you were away or busy. But if the rain (love) stopped for too long a time he’d become like a desert and shrivel up inside until you came back. Daehyun on the other hand feels like a black hole. As much love and attention you can give him, he would never get enough. He’d take everything you had to offer while craving more. And if that attention wavered it would distress him.

Youngjae – Primary: Quality Time. He would love time spent alone with you, where you could really focus on one another. He’d want to spoil you rotten and learn every little detail about you, secretly hoping you’d want to do the same for him. Also it would make him happy to know you made the effort to share your time with him despite both your busy schedules. Secondary: Receiving Gifts. Youngjae would only feel comfortable receiving trinkets or things that you made for him. Anything too big or expensive would make him feel guilty. Honestly he wouldn’t care what the gifts were. It’s the fact that you thought of him while he was away that would make his heart flutter. For you, he’d get little presents. All. The. Time. Whether he was on tour or saw something in a convenience store, it wouldn’t matter. And the more he fell for you the bigger the gifts would get until you told him to rein it in. He gets excited, lol.

Jongup – Primary: Quality Time. It’s not that he requires a lot of attention, although he’d get all blushy and shy whenever you focused exclusively on him and he became aware of it. Jongup would just want the chance to be with you. Even if you were doing separate things he’d enjoy merely sharing space, breathing the same air. Secondary: Acts of Service. Uppie is a man of few words but if something needed doing, he’d get it done. He’d be the type to randomly replace lightbulbs if they were blown or wordlessly bring you tea if you seemed stressed. Jongup very much wants to take care of you but wouldn’t want to draw attention to it. He’d just fix things you need with no fuss. When you thanked him he’d be shy but if you really went into detail about how great he was, he’d melt into a puddle of embarrassment. A happy puddle, but a puddle nonetheless.

Zelo – Primary: Words of Affirmation. Junhong would love praise but also need the assurance he’s doing a good job as a boyfriend. If you thought well of him and spoke about it, he’d feel so good and proud about himself. It’d be a cycle. He’d want to do more to earn your compliments, which would impress you and prompt more compliments, and then he would do more and on and on. As for you, he’d constantly brag about you to anyone and everyone. Even if no one but you was around. ‘My baby makes the best ramen.’ Secondary: Receiving Gifts. Zelo enjoys material things, which there is nothing wrong with. He treasures them and uses them as a means to express himself. So if you were out and found a pair of socks or something you thought he’d love, he’d be so flattered you thought of him but also cherish the item above all others because it came from you. He would get a little obsessive about finding ‘just the right thing’ for you in return. But whatever he found, it’d have a lot of personal meaning for both of you. 

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can i request b.a.p gif reaction on having a partner who loves skinship? thanks (〃▽〃)


“Uh… baby…”

Yongguk would actually become really shy when his partner initiates skinship with him every time. He would like it, but because of how it can be intimate when people touch each other, he would kind of be at a loss for words.

Himchan (Let me just say, I love this GIF so much <3)

“I love this so much.”

Since Himchan is able to feel so loved when his partner does skinship with him, Himchan would have no problem with it at all. He seems like someone who loves to do skinship with the person he loves.


-exactly like in the GIF- “Are you just going to touch me only & not give me a kiss at all?”

This guy would love it so much, honestly. Probably the most out of the members. Daehyun looks like the type of person who is very affectionate, so he would also seek a lot of affection in return. Skinship is the number one way for him to show how much he loves someone.


“Oh gosh- That scared me!”

To me, Youngjae seems to be one of the members who isn’t really into skinship that much. He wouldn’t be able to help it that much since he likes his partner, and that just happens to be the way his partner is though he would probably forget about it until he notices how much skinship his partner does.


“Um, what do I do…?”

He would be kind of awkward. When his partner first initiates the skinship, he would be quite nervous since he’s not sure if he is supposed to return the skinship or just stay still. It would feel nice, yet quite awkward.


“Go ahead and touch me as much as you want.”

Zelo would not really care much about the skinship. He would like it and keep telling you to do more since it makes him feel good. He would probably joke around and tell you that he’s yours, so you can go ahead and do whatever you want to do.

Thank you for requesting! Make it an awesome day/night, cutie~ ♡ 

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What kind of kisses?


Yongguk: He loves kissing you on the top of your head and forehead. He loves making sure you feel secure and protected, so he’d love to pull you close to him and hold you under his chin. Yongguk is probably a pretty stellar kisser in general. He’d be good at knowing how far to push a kiss, and when to pull away. He’d be always so cautious and gentle with you unless you asked for otherwise.

Himchan: Himchannie will give you sweet cute kisses constantly. Kissing is his way to show affection and love and so every chance he’ll get to kiss you, he’ll take. He loves cute kisses on the cheek but also love full on makeouts. He’ll kiss your hand if you hold hands and kiss your neck. He literally just wants to kiss you all the time.

Daehyun: Dae wants to kiss you full on the mouth. More than anything, he’d love the idea of coming home and planting one on you right there in the front room. That said, I also think he’d love to kiss you on the cheek. Whether it be sweet or sensual, he’d love pulling you close and kissing you on the cheek and watching it turn red. If things got hot, I could see Dae becoming reallllly fixated on the space behind your ear on your neck, just next to your jaw.

Youngjae: Youngjae would give what I like to call “Youngjae kisses”. They are sweet short kisses all over the face and occasional kisses on the lips. He’ll way throw in eskimo kisses and a few neck kisses but he likes a more sweet and lovely kissing scene. He wants to be adorable and gentle and constantly smiley.

Jongup: Honestly, Jongup will take whatever he can get. He would love to kiss you but more than that, prefer if you kiss him. He’ll be more of a forehead and hand kisser in public but at home he’s all yours. He most likely loves steamy make out sessions but doesn’t mind the cute intimate kisses. Don’t forget the passionate kisses he gives before bed.

Zelo: Zelo would probably like kissing your jaw. He’d be all about ducking down and kissing along your jawline to make you giggle and push him away. He’d be a light kisser, floating on each others lips and skin. He’d only kiss you deeply if he was really in the mood for it. I also see Zelo as someone who would like kissing you on the top of your head. He’s certainly got the height for it.

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How would the members react when you suddenly give them a backhug?? (you're their girlfriend) .- H anon

Yongguk isn’t really into skinship as much as other members, so he might be a little suprised at first, but he definitely wouldn’t tell you to stop. He would think it was cute and Yongguk wouldn’t object if you did it again.

Himchan would be really into this because he really enjoys skinship and things like that. He would stop what he was doing and turn around to hug you back and tell you how cute you were being.

Daehyun wouldn’t really react as much as Himchan would, he would turn his head over his shoulder to look at you and then give you his classic Daehyun smile. He would continue to do what he was doing before, even if you remained attached to him like a koala.

Youngjae would turn around and say, “Yah, what are you doing?” He would be really playful and would turn around so that he could pull you to his chest. Youngjae’s not really into skinship, so this would be rare to see him showing this much affection.

Jongup would be suprised by being backhugged all of a sudden, but being as 4D as he is, he’d try to look for the person who is hugging him, not thinking to look behind him until he felt your laughter on his back. He’d blush and give you a shy smile.

Zelo would be suprised ast first, he’s like Yongguk and doesn’t really like skinship, but I can see him being a very affectionate boyfriend. He would start walking with him still attached to you and you both would be laughing as he would pull you around to give you a hug and bury his face into your hair.


OWO this was so cute! I’m glad you thought of another scenario for us. Come back soon~

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