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Try Not To (Jungkook x Reader Fluff/Slight Smut)

Summary: “Try not to get nervous.”

(( Note: another story for the youngest member who stands on top. In this one I more so like the bickering than the actual ‘fluff’ or ‘smut’ which is so so so mild I warn you. So, idk about this one at all :(( Either way, I hope you all enoy! ))

Could you have taken any longer, holy fuck.

It was a far late into a chilly Sunday night and you were standing outside your friend’s door clutching your tote bag against your chest and curling your toes against the rubber soles of your not-so-appropriate flip flops you when sporting. A combination of that plus a thin cardigan and pajama shorts were definitely not the greatest outfit choice when in this close-to-frozen mid-February weather. In your defense, it wouldn’t have been as horrifyingly cold as it was if it weren’t for Jeon Jungkook who took his sweet as time answering the door.

Fifteen minutes to be exact.

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I have heterochromia.

My mom has it too, only hers is sectoral heterochromia. A part of her left eye is brown while most of it is blue. Mine’s complete. My right eye is brown, the left is blue. As a kid I’d get the most excited reaction out of the adults-

“His eyes are so beautiful!”

“Wow, they’re different colors!”

“How stunning!”

I’d like to say that my eyes are only one part of myself, that it’s just a slice of the pie that makes up me. But really, the only fascinating part of myself is the heterochromia. I’m average in grades. Height. Strength. IQ. Not much stunning charisma either- I tend to stick to myself.

But in the end, it’s my eyes that saved my life. And maybe the lives of a few others.

The killings started my sophomore year. A young couple going out to smooch in their car was found dead, mangled by some wild beast. Their faces had been eaten off, their tongues ripped out, and their eyes completely gone.

I didn’t know them, they went to the private school. All the same, the stories started up about the Gosbecks Knoll Beast.

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Happy Tuesday everyone! No matter what happens, know that I love and support you all. Sorry I’m posting early.

Rather than a selfie I’m posting pictures of the boys.

I want to thank these boys, but I’ve already expressed how much they’ve done for me, so I’m going to express a thanks for what they did for my students.

As some know, I’m a first grade teacher. What most don’t know is that I teach at a Title 1 school which is high poverty, high behavior, high special needs. During the second semester this past year a lot of my students were having anxiety. Things in their homes weren’t good, they weren’t getting the necessities they needed to survive. I was buying their clothes, food, hygiene products, Christmas presents, etc.

I decided that they needed something that was a constant to look forward to for each great day they had. I chose to let them watch Dolan Twins videos.

Watching their videos as a class completely changed their mindsets. My students became confident, fearless, daring, and happier. They even called the boys E-Tee-Wee-Tee and Gray. They even called kleenex a TISH! We have each video a thumbs up at the end, we talked about perseverance the boys had and how we can use that in the classroom. These boys were their happy place. I connected a lot of what we did in the classroom to the boys and their videos. My students talked about how school is a challenge like the Dolan Twins do in their videos and how they just have to go for it with their best effort to be successful.

As a class we called ourselves savages. Savage to us meant brave, strong, and always focusing on being our true selves.

Those boys did more for my students than they will ever know. So, thank you, Ethan and Grayson, for all you have done for my kiddos. They are my babies, they are my world, and you two helped me bring light into their sadly, often dark worlds. I’ve even had some of my students approach me this summer and tell me they’re doing the summer school talent show because “THEY’RE A SAVAGE!”

God bless you two. I will always want the best for you. You inspire my students to be the best version of themselves.

Thank you again,

Alphas Chapter One

Senior Year

Basically, this series is about Scott having a twin which will be the reader. They are both True Alpha’s. This is an AU to season 5. Enjoy! So we’re picking up from episode one! 

Oh Btw (Y/I) Stands for your initial and M stands for McCall.

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"How much do you love me?"

Not requested, but I have so many family members who are teachers and my uncle was just telling me a story about how he would help my aunty with prepping activities for her kindergarteners when she was teaching. Also, my cousin got married last week and in his vows he promised to help his wife, who is a third grade teacher, correct her students homework without complaining and everyone thought it was super cute. Like anything in my life, it got me thinking about Shawn marrying a teacher. So of course, this happened. 


You finish tidying your classroom and gather the stacks of completed homework worksheets you had collected from your students earlier in the day. While walking to your car, you text Shawn that you’re headed home from work, although you don’t expect a reply because you know he is supposed to be in the studio all day today. You plan to head home and make yourself a cup of tea before settling down at the dining table to correct these worksheets and prep for your classes tomorrow. And then you’ll make dinner and hopefully Shawn will be home by then. 

Even though you’re married now, Shawn is still touring quite a bit, and you aren’t able to go with him during the school year because you’re an elementary school teacher. You’re not willing to give that up because you love your job, and Shawn would never ask you to. Because of that, you’ve become accustomed to spending a great deal of time without him, but when he is home, you treasure that time you have together. 

When you pull into your driveway, you’re surprised to see Shawn’s car. Entering the house, you place your folder full of homework papers on the table, then follow the sweet sound of the guitar into the living room to find your husband seated on the couch, strumming away.

“Hey, you’re home early.” You comment to him, and he looks up to you with a smile. 

“I wasn’t very inspired. I figured I’d be better off here with you instead.” He says with a shrug

“Oh yeah?” You question, a smile on your face because the truth is you’re so glad to have him home with you. “You’re going to be so happy to hear what I brought home.” By the tone of your voice he can tell that what you’re saying isn’t actually something to be super happy about. 

“Homework?” He questions in a voice that signifies dread, but a small smile crosses his face as he puts his guitar down and stands up. He walks to where you’re standing and pulls you close to himself, kissing you briefly. 

“How’d you know?” 

“I heard you put the folder down on the table when you walked in.” He responds.

“So,” You pause, “how much do you love me?”

“Enough to help you correct all that homework without complaining even though I’ve always hated homework. I’d say thats a lot.”

“I love you.” You say, tippy toeing to kiss him before you take his hand and lead him back into the dining room where you give him a stack of papers and an answer sheet. 

Live Streams and the Little Things (Tom Holland)

Originally posted by prettystucky

Pairing: Jealous!Tom Holland x Reader, Roommate!Cole Sprouse x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Y/N is doing a live stream late into the night with her best friend, Cole and while she is trying to leave the stream, fans are begging her to stay, even though Cole fell asleep already. And Tom sees this and gets a bit jealous of the fact that Cole fell asleep next to Y/N.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Another Cole and Tom fic requested by anonymous who said, “y/n is doing a live and her bf tom is watching and shes in her room when cole walks in and she says she is going to sleep but the comments are all staying to stay, she turns the camera to cole who was now sleeping on her lap and she says “cole is getting tired” and she then ends it and tom gets jealous that cole is in the same bed and facetimes her the morning after and she answers (cole slept on the same bed as her that night) and when tom calls he sees cole on the bed and gets mad? TQ”

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You sat on your bed and faced your camera with a smile as you told a funny story as requested in your comments.

“Okay, the funniest story I have is- hmm, I think when I got my tongue stuck to a pole while out with my boyfriend Tom and his friends.” You said with a light laugh as the memory came back to you.

You all stood around the telephone pole near the bar you just exited. To say that you were buzzed was an understatement.

“Y/N, I double dog dare you to like the pole.” Harrison taunted.

“Don’t dare my girlfriend to do stupid shit.” Tom argued.

“Thank you, baby. But it’s on, Osterfield. I accept your challenge.” You said.

You walked up to the pole and licked it, laughing until you realized your tongue was stuck to it. You tried to get it off but failed as the boys that surrounded you laughed.

Tom was the one to get a cup of warm water from the coffee shop across the street and get your tongue off of the pole, making sure you swore not to do it again.

You let out a final chuckle as you finished your story and moved to pick up your camera off the tripod.

A little ways away, Tom was laughing at the memory as well as he watched Cole walk into your room.

“Okay, you all, I really need to go to bed. I am going to fall asleep.” you said with a shy smile and turned the camera to look at Cole. “And now Cole’s here. Probably to tell me to get my ass in bed.”

“You’re damn right I am.” Cole said with a yawn.

You turned the camera to face you as you walked to your bed. “You hear that? It’s bedtime, my loves.”

Cole climbed onto the bed beside you as you read off comments asking you to stay. He rested his head in your lap as you let out a yawn.

“Come on, guys, I can’t stay awake anymore.” You whined as you looked down at Cole, to find him asleep before you made the camera look at him. “Cole is getting tired.”

Cole woke up a little and mumbled, not opening his eyes. “I’m trying really hard not to fall asleep.”

“Okay, we’re going to bed. Goodnight, my loves! We both love you, right, Cole?”

“Yeah, yeah. We love you.” He mumbled before you turned off the camera.

You pulled Cole off of you and pulled off the covers and crawled into bed, Cole crawling in beside you.

“Cole, go to your bed.” You whined, not really in the mood to argue with your roommate.

“No.” He groaned. “My room’s too far away and your bed is so warm.”

“Okay, fine. You can stay, but you better not kick me.”

“Deal.” Cole replied, a small smile on his lips. “Goodnight, Y/N.”

“Goodnight, Cole.”

You awoke to the sound of your phone ringing, the ringtone you had for Tom singing in your ear. You rolled over with a groan, trying not to wake up Cole as you answered the phone.

“Good morning, baby.” You said with a yawn and a smile.

“Good morning, love.” Tom smiled. “I saw your live stream last night.”

You sat up in bed as Cole rolled over, his head landing on your lap. You ran your fingers through his hair as you spoke.

“Really? Then you probably heard me talk a lot about you.”

“You also told the story about that outing with me and the guys.”

“I know. It’s the best story about my stupidity I have.” You said as Cole started to wake up with a groan.

“What was that?”

You turned the camera to face Cole. “It was Cole. Say hi, Cole.”

Cole looked up, his eyes partially open as he studied Tom, trying to figure out who he was before he spoke.

“Hey, Tom.” he smiled before looking up at you. “I’m gonna go get breakfast. You want anything?”

You shook your head as he got out of your bed. “Not now. Thanks, though.”

You watched as Cole got out of bed and left the room, turning the camera back around so that you could see Tom.

“What was Cole doing in your bed?” Tom asked.

“He fell asleep with me after we finished streaming. We stayed up a little talking and just fell asleep.”

“He could’ve just gone to his own bed.”

“He fell asleep. It’s fine. Nothing happened. It’s not a big deal.”

“But it is a big deal!” Tom exclaimed. “You’re my girlfriend, not his.”

“Oh my god, Tom, he’s my roommate. Do you know how many times we’ve fallen asleep together?” You argued. “We’ve fallen asleep on the couch waiting for you and you never said a damn thing when you got home.”

“That’s because it was the couch! The TV was on and you were on separate ends of it.” Tom said. “He was in your bed, not the couch. He was sleeping where I sleep.”

“What has gotten into you? You’ve never been so insecure.” You snapped. “Cole is not a threat to you. He’s like my brother, okay? And I mean that. We’ve been friends since grade school for God’s sake.”

“But what happens if you end up having feelings for him and not me?” Tom asked, his voice low and soft.

“That is not going to happen, okay? I love you, even if you’re being kind of a dick right now.” You said with a small smile.

“I just- goddammit, Y/N, you’re right.” Tom said, smacking his forehead. “You’re over there doing what you always do and I’m scared that you’ll find someone better.”

“I don’t need better because there is no better.”

“Trust me, you can find better.”

“Trust me, better is not with Cole. He may be a great guy, but he’s my best friend and I’m not fucking that up cause then I won’t have a place to stay.”

“You could always stay with me.” Tom offered.

“We share a place with Cole, remember?”

“Oh shit, you’re right.” Tom said before you two stayed silent for a moment. “Look, Y/N, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have gone off on you like that.”

“It’s okay, Tom. I think I’d probably react the same way if I saw you ended up sleeping in the same bed as another girl.” You confessed.


“Hell yeah. It’s not because I don’t trust you, it’s because I wouldn’t trust who you were with.”

“But I can trust Cole. Damn, I’m an idiot.”

“I won’t argue with that.” You said with a grin. “You’re still coming home tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, I am. You’re still going to wait for me on the couch, right?”

“Of course I am.”

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #25

How Is This Possible? What Did I See? 

So I was just sitting chilling with my brother and girlfriend and for some reason I casually closed my eyes, and I LEGIT saw a very vivid scenery that I never saw before in my entire life.

The scenery was as if I was lying on the ground looking up at a small waterfall with trees on the left side and normal grass on the right side. This waterfall fell into a little river thing that I was apparently lying at the shore of. All of this was happening with movement- it wasn’t just a still view. I was also wide awake and describing to them what i was seeing I’m real time.

Once I opened my eyes, I tried to close it back to continue the view but nothing happened.

I can remember EXACTLY what I saw extremely clearly and i have never seen such a thing in my life. I never ever experienced any sort of waterfall like areas.

Credits to: t3chsmash

My Primary School Has Changed

I have no idea how to describe this, it’s so strange. My primary school, where I’ve spent 9 years of my life (1996-2005), has completely changed. It was a building with 3 floors and it had 30-years anniversary when I was in 7th grade. 

Today I went to my hometown and the building has only 2 floors. I asked my mom what happened to the school and she had no idea what am I asking. She said that the school has been like that since 1980′s. But the school was built in 1973.

And the school’s name has changed too. When I went home, I went to see some old papers and documents I had from that school. The name was different there too!

Credits to: JoeRossu

I Visited A Place That Doesn’t Exist

Even though this happened 6 years ago it still creeps me out. It’s frustrating to think I’ll never be able to understand it. 

When I was 14, I lived with my mother and we had this gas heater thing which was used very rarely. One day it broke, so we took it to a repair service and this is where it starts to get weird. The repair service was in this extremely rusty, suspicious looking building that I recognized because I passed by it everyday on my walk to school. But I always thought it was abandoned- there were no signs that any business was run in there. Never saw any people coming in or out. Still, I didn’t think about it then because why would I, right? 

Anyway, we didn’t actually go inside. My mother just knocked on the door and a man in a white uniform answered. In the background I could see maybe like 3 or 4 people in the same white uniforms- like, glowing white. Also, the walls. They were glowing blue. So bright and sparkling it hurt my eyes to look at them. The man just took our heater, didn’t ask any questions about it or usual things like my mother’s name, address and phone number. It was just like: ‘oh hello, I have a broken heater!’ 'okay cool!’ 'I’ll come pick it up someday!’ 'okay bye!’ and that’s all. 

We went back home and thought nothing about it. After a week my mother called them and asked if she could come to get it and they said there was a burglary and our heater had been stolen along with all other clients’ things. I don’t remember why but we drove there anyway. 

When we arrived, there was… nothing. It was the same old, rusty building I always walked past by. Looked abandoned as usual. No sign anything was ever there. My mother went to some store nearby to ask what happened to the repair service and people there were astonished and said there had never been any repair service or anything similar. After that, nothing more was done about it. My mother never called them again. 

After a couple of months she went into the basement to look for something but guess what she found instead? Yes. The damn heater. We are both sure we only had one heater like that in our house and that’s the one that had been 'stolen’ from the 'repair service’. 

Now it’s been years since that happened. The heater is long gone but it’s the most creepy and unexplainable thing in my life. My mother remembers it the same way I do, the same exact details- people in weird white uniforms (people who work at repair services usually wear casual clothing, right? they don’t look like they are some wannabe surgeons), the strange, unsettling, glowing blue light/walls, the suspicious fact they didn’t ask her for any contact info or what’s wrong with the device. 

She doesn’t even remember why she picked that place or where she knew about it from, or where she got their phone number. Now that I’m reading it it sounds dumb and fake but I swear it’s true and it both excites and terrifies me. I’ve never told anyone about it because they’d think I was delusional and I’d think so too if it weren’t for the fact my mother remembers it all as well.

Credits to: livelaughvomit

Disabled Man Mysteriously Disappeared

So this is the weirdest thing I have ever experienced that I have never been able to explain. I was riding with my mom and sister to be dropped off at school. I was about 13 at the time. We stopped at a red light at a large and busy intersection when an old man in an automatic wheelchair crossed the crosswalk in front of us and reached the other side. He stopped at the corner and just kinda sat there. 

Then a car passed in front of him and he was gone. I watched the whole thing, he just disappeared. There wasn’t enough time for him to wheel away and the car couldn’t have picked him up. I didn’t really think much of it, thinking maybe I just imagined it until about 30 seconds later my mom says, “OK, did either of you see where that guy in the wheelchair went?" 

I was like, "Yea, he just disappeared.” She said she thought she just imagined it too. The even weirder thing was that my sister didn’t even see him. He crossed right in front of our car but she didn’t see him at all. To this day we both have no explanation for what happened.

Credits to: The1stRichard


Requested by anon.


“Are you following me?” You asked, clutching on to the strap of your bag.

Henry shook his head, stumbling over his words. “N-no! I-I mean yes, b-but it’s because-” he paused swallowing hard as he stared intently at you.

His stomach was in knots, to the point where he was beginning to feel nauseas.

“Because what?” You muttered.

“Because I just want to make sure you make it home safe.” Though that was true, that wasn’t what he wanted to say.

You furrowed your brows. “Why?” You exhaled. “You never worried before, when we were younger.”

Henry let out a long sigh, as he dug his hands deep into his pockets. “Actually, I followed you home almost everyday since we were in second grade.”

Your eyes shot wide. “Since second grade? Henry, that’s seven years ago!”

He felt stupid now more so than before. Seeing your reaction, he knew how creepy it sounded.
“I know. I just needed to know you were safe.” He muttered.

“But why? We’ve both grown up here our entire lives. I know these woods like the back of my hand, and-”

“Because I like you. I really like you. And I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He blurted out.


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: I like drama way too much for my own good hahahah here is part five guys! Sorry I let y’all waiting for too long. Now, I’m finally home and I can write as I used to. Also, please go show my beta writer Alyssa (@imyourliquor-youremypoison) some love. She is always taking time to fix my mistakes and helping me to improve. Check her fics with Chris too, because they’re incredible!! Let me know what you guys think about this part.

Part 1.

Part 4.

Part 6.

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Wayward Souls - Bea Santello/Mae Borowski - SFW

Title: Wayward Souls
Author: Daisy
Fandom: Night In The Woods
Setting: Fort Lucenne Mall, Bea’s Car
Pairing: Bea Santello/Mae Borowski
Characters: Bea Santello, Mae Borowski
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Rating: K
Chapters: 1/1
Word Count: 1187
Type of Work: One-Shot
Status: Complete
Warnings: Gay, Femslash, Yuri, Fluff, Unbeta’d
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: Mae was the worst guide ever.

AN: So, I’ve been on a NITW kick lately, I love the game so much. I haven’t finished it yet, but I can’t stop writing these. xD I love this ship. I love all my ships for this game. Hope you guys enjoy!

Wayward Souls


“Is it even possible to get lost this many times in a two storey parking lot?”

The tone in Bea’s voice was enough to tell Mae that she was getting frustrated. Of course, the shorter girl huffed indignantly, crossing her arms.

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when did you decide that i wasn’t enough for you?
was it the moment when mom held me in her arms, and you looked down at the tiny bundle of squirming limbs and red skin, and saw a reflection of yourself looking back up at you?
did it happen right away? or did it take time?
did you come to that conclusion when you had to ground me for the first time? when i brought home a bad grade for the first time? when i developed my own thoughts and opinions and actually voiced them even if they weren’t the same as yours?
what did i do to make you feel as though i was not enough for you?
and how could you even begin to make your child feel as though they don’t matter?
as if they aren’t trying enough?
i’ve tried so, so hard
for so long
and it’s still never been enough
i’ve never been enough
why was i never enough?
all i’ve ever wanted as your love
how on earth could that have been too much to ask of you?
and you know what the worst part is?
after all of this
i don’t even hate you
but god, i wish that i could
—  happy father’s day v - @just-that-phangirl3
(cc, 2017)

Exclusive Interview: Yuzuru Hanyu x  Tomoko Nagano

(from the 1.09 minute mark of the video) 

Nagano: Thank you for your hard work. 

Yuzuru: Thank you.* (sees bouquet) I’m surprised! 

Nagano: Congratulations on winning an unprecedented four consecutive GPFs. (presents him with huge purple bouquet)

Yuzuru: Thank you very much.

Nagano: Thank you for being with us today. I am Tomoko Nagano. Nice to meet you.

Yuzuru: Nice to meet you.

Nagano: Actually, we have prepared a few photos here of your GPF victories leading to your four-peat. I think that there must be different thoughts and memories for each respective year, but for this particular victory, do you have any different thoughts compared to your prior victories?

Yuzuru: Indeed. Comparatively, this time I finished the competition without thinking about winning consecutively. 

Nagano: Ah, is that so.

Yuzuru: Somehow, I think this is probably partly because what I was challenging myself to do was tremendous. Furthermore, probably because last season’s three-peat was a historic first for Men’s singles skating, I was more nervous then. As that was over, I think my thoughts were if I can continue this streak from that point onward, what will it become. (laughs)  

Nagano: I see. Your short programme this season is Let’s Go Crazy

Yuzuru: Yes. My face is crazy. 

Nagano: This pose is totally different from what you have done to date, feels a little naughty.

Yuzuru: Feels very naughty.

Nagano: Did you consciously create such an atmosphere with the atmosphere of the song in mind?

Yuzuru: Yes. It was a bit quieter, a bit more cool when it was being choreographed, but somehow once I started performing it it was totally not cool at all. It was too wild and I was thinking, is this all right? (laughs)

Nagano: Really? Like rock?

Yuzuru: Yes, very rock and very enjoyable.

(Clips from GPF 2016) 

Narration: Yuzuru Hanyu-senshu, who has achieved four consecutive GPF victories for the first time in history, continues to grow every season. This young man who just turned 22-years old this month, has said many things that left deep impressions.

Yuzuru: I think the power of words really exist.

Narration: We explore Yuzuru Hanyu’s strengths, weaknesses and the thoughts in his heart through his sayings to date.

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*Isaac Lahey* Our Relationship

Isaac Lahey X Girl

Plot: After a tutoring session, Finely begins to avoid her boyfriend. Isaac becomes worried about her.

A/N: I know Theo and Isaac haven’t officially met, but just go with it.

word Count: 1,667

I glanced at my phone again, I sighed when I noticed I’ve been waiting here for a full thirty minutes. The library was clearing from other students.That decided to finish homework in a quite place. Where the hell is he?

I know I agreed to this tutoring, but I also had a life. I was pushing my plans aside to help another student. If he didn’t care to show up why should he care if his grades are dropping.

right now I could be walking in the beautiful forest with my boyfriend, Isaac. Hands intertwined as we leaned into each other comfortably.Talking about anything that came to mind, but no. I was sitting at a table my head rested annoyed on my hands. Waiting for somebody who clearly didn’t care.

I sighed again standing up collecting my chemistry text book and notes into my arms. I decided I wasn’t going to wait any longer, maybe I could squeeze in a walk with Isaac before we had to meet up with the pack again.

“Finley?” an unfamiliar slick and calm voice called.

I snapped my head up towards the sound of my name. I saw him standing there wearing all black, fabric hugging his build figure. His dark green eyes held an apologetic glint. He smiled in relief.

“I’m sorry for being late, my mom is currently in the hospital right now.” He said softly as his smile vanished. I mentally smacked myself, how could I be so inconsiderate.

I smiled and shook my head as I started to set everything back up. “It’s fine, just give me a heads up next time..” I trailed off not knowing his name yet.

“Theo.” He said with a light smile as he took a seat in the left chair. That’s not gonna work, “Theo?” I asked politely. “Yeah?”

“Sorry do you mind sitting in the right chair, I’m left handed and its easy to help you if I sat there” I explained hoping he’d kind of get the struggle of being left handed.

“No, I don’t mind.” he spoke hopping from left to right. I slide into the chair that was left. “Okay, let get started with this.”

After about an hour we tackled down the most important part of Chemistry for now. “Thanks for helping me with this.” He said as we both started to pack up. Theo is a little far behind, but I can catch him up in a week.

“No problem, Chemistry is almost like a second nature to me.” I joked. He smiled as he looked into my dull brown eyes. “Is there anyway I could repay you?” he asked innocently.

He glance as my lips before I could shake my head no. He grabbed my chin and forced his lips a pond mine. I stood still for a few seconds before I place my hand of his chest and pushed him away. I furrowed my eyebrows in disgust, “What the hell was that?” I demanded with a hard expression.

Was he just playing the innocent momma’s boy? And to think I was sorry for him and gave myself shit for it. What was he really doing before the tutoring session?

“Come on you know you liked it.” He said with a sly smirk. “No, I have a boyfriend.” I said before walking off angrily, “Oh and their goes your tutoring, have fun finding someone else.” I said sarcastically.

“What? you can’t be serious? I need those grades!” He called after me.

“Should of thought about that before kissing me. Don’t mess with smart females, you’ll get stung.” I mentioned as I walked out of the library.

I haven’t spoken about the kiss to Isaac, I was terrified for his reaction. He might miss the true details behind the quick kiss. I don’t know how he would act after hearing about. This has never happened before and I wish it never did.

I kept my distance from Isaac for the first passing days, I didn’t want him to catch the horrible scent of anxiety. I stayed home for the most part, I didn’t want to bump into him or Theo.

a set of soft knocks came to the door, my heart picked up pace as anxiety crawled up my spine. I could smell his sweet vanilla scent from behind my door. I sighed, “It’s open.” I piped up knowing Isaac wouldn’t take no for answer even if I tried.

I wrapped myself deeper into the covers, Snuggling into the heaven-like pillows. The click of the door indicated he was inside and closed the door behind him. As soon as he stepped in his scent had a hint of worry covered inside.

“Your Dad let me in.” He’s soft voice made me purr.

My dad adored Isaac with all he had, most of the time it was amazing that they got a long. My dad treated him like he was already part of the family. He always wanted a son this was his chance to have one.

Other times like these I wish they didn’t get a long so well. Letting Isaac in the house was his way of trying to fix things. There was nothing to fix,me and Isaac are still dating.

“Of course he did, What are you here for anyway.” I mumbled.

“To fix whatever this is, I can smell you anxiety from the damn school.” he started to raise his voice a little. I mentally sighed.

“Isaac there’s nothing to fix, we’re okay, I’m just tired.” I said faking a yawn. I couldn’t tell him, I’m scared of the out come.

He chuckled darkly, “You just lied to me, you never lie, and to me of all people. What the hell if going on with you?” He asked as I felt the bed dip, where he sat at the end of the bed.

“I’m fine Isaac, drop it!” I slightly growled at him.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me what the hell bite you.” Isaac stated as he let his back drop onto the bed making it bounce a little.

And my sister thought I was stubborn, He was more stubborn than a damn rock. I sighed frustratingly, Known I should tell him no matter the cost. “Fine, you wanna know?” I raised my voice.

“Yes, of course.” He said as I sat up and moved my covers from my body and sat up to look into his eyes. I sighed and glanced at my fidgeting  finger, I took a deep breath.

“Theo was the guy I was tutoring, r-right before I left He kissed me.” My voice broke as a single tear rolled down my cheek. The thought of losing him came into mind.

I felt Isaac get up and pace the room. ten minutes passed and turned my head to his state. He didn’t look mad, he looked lost as if he was trying to find the way out of a maze.

I couldn’t pin point the emotion he most felt because the scents blended together. Before I could realize I was crying a sob slipped my mouth. I lost him didn’t I?

“Hey, Fin, Don’t cry.” Isaac whispered after he rushed to aid my side. He rested both of his hands on either side of my head. “How are you not mad or furious with me right now?” I asked as I sniffled my running nose, great. I always hating crying because of that reason.

“Did you kiss him back?” He asked with wide gentle blue eyes. I shock my head, “No, I pushed him away after a few seconds of shock. Then I sassed him a little.” I explained almost tripping on my tongue, but I felt relived after he listened to every word I said.

He smiled softly at me before he kissed my forehead, “That’s my girl.” He spoke tenderly. I stopped crying after noting I didn’t lose him and that was the only thing I was afraid of.

“Now tell me,” Isaac started as he wiped my tear-fulled cheek. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

I sighed and looked down at his shirt, “Isaac I-I was scared to tell you because that could of ruined our relationship. I didn’t want to lose you and it scared me just thinking about it.” My voice slightly tainted.

“Fin, you’d never lose me. Even if you kissed him back, we’d still be in each other’s life. I don’t care if we’d be dating or not, I’d be happy just being by your side.” He reassured me with a light smile.


“Because I love you, goof ball.” He said as he stood up, he make a shooing motion with his hand. I furrowed my eyebrows at him, “What are you doing?”

“Move over, Fin.” He chuckled as he started to take off his blue shirt. “why?”

“So we can cuddle, we haven’t done that for a week now. Stop asking why.” He spoke as I scooted more to the left side of the bed. He climbed in next to me and reached his arm around my waist pulling me closer to his warm body.

I rested my head on his chest as my left hand made it’s way to his rib cage and placed a small grip. His heart beat was steady with the scent of vanilla. “God I missed this.” He mumbled happily.

“Me too,”

“And our walks.”

“Defiantly need one of those again.”

A loud knock on the door knock me from comfort, before I could answer my dad’s voice came in. “Are you guys okay now?” He asked as anxiousness was held in his voice. I rolled my eyes, “Yes, dad. It was just a misunderstanding!” I yelled through the door.

“That’s good.” He said before I heard him walk away from the door. After he was gone me and Isaac burst into a laughing fit. “I think your dad is apart of our relationship.” Isaac mentioned.

“I think so too.” I said and smiled into his chest.

My mom got a letter that I wrote to myself in 6th grade as part of my class and went and mailed it to me and so I read it over today and it just has me a little emotional and looking back on things. One of the first things I talked about was how much I wanted to move to Australia and work with animals. Of course a huge part of wanting to move to Australia was the fact that I really looked up to Steve and Terri Irwin and wanted to be just like them. In fact, the Irwins were the very first “celebs” that I honestly looked up to and they were a huge influence in my life. I still remember the day that I found out that Steve had passed away and can even tell you that i was in 9th grade and found out right at the start of my bio class because a couple of other students were talking about it. I was so devastated when I heard that and went home that day and cried my eyes out. To this day I still have an immense love for animals and would love to work with them one day, I’d also really love to visit Australia and the Australia zoo before I die, but it costs a lot of money so I’m not sure it’ll ever happen lol.

The other thing I really talked about was music and how much I loved Green Day, Good Charlotte, and Simple Plan. Those were the main three bands I listened to at the time and I was especially big on Good Charlotte. They were the very first band I realllyyyy got into. I remember begging my mom to buy me level 27 stuff because I pretty much in love with Billy Martin (still am lmao) and how excited I was when my mom got me a Good Charlotte shirt my birthday; my first ever band merch! After that I got into Simple Plan pretty heavily and remember having to special order A Big Package For You just to be able to even get it. It’s just kinda crazy to think that I wrote this letter about 11-12 years ago and these bands are still a pretty big part of my life to this day. Of course there are other bands are a pretty big part of my life now as well such as 5sos, all time low, and waterparks.

I guess it just made me kinda look back on how much I’ve changed over the last 11-12 years but how the basic stuff such as my love for music and animals hasn’t changed a bit. The bands I listen to mean so much to me and have helped me get though so may low and dark points in my life and continue to do so. I still really admire the Irwins and what they do and still look up to them quite a bit. These two things have always been a constant in my life and I never really thought much about it until I read that letter.

Prompt seven: Jokes

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Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Characters: Mirio Togata, Taamki Amajiki, Fatgum

Disclaimers: Dadgum. Slight crack. Fluff.

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“Hey Tamaki, wanna hear a pick-up line? It’s really good, I promise!” Mirio flashes Tamaki his usual confident smile and tries to ignore the fact that he feels his teeth chattering. It was important that this moment remained as tranquil and still as it is right now, which was why Mirio chose the day Tamaki typically goes to the library for some light-reading to do this.

“Uh… As long as it doesn’t get me kicked out of the library, s - sure?” Tamaki closes his book, the Fatgum-themed bookmark, which he made himself, sitting between the pages and peeking out from the top. His reading-glasses are perched on his nose, and he can smell Mirio’s cologne from where he’s resting, which was strange because Mirio only wears cologne for special events like parties or first-time meetings.

“Wanna go on a date with me to the amusement park that I got us tickets to because I love you very much and wow nice weather we’re having, look at that sun it’s so bright and round.” Smooth, Mirio, very smooth.

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My Childhood Friend.

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I was eight-years old and living in Dunbar, West Virginia. My family moved to this state from New York when I was only a few years old. My mother never trusted the neighborhood, and hated that my father had been relocated. Our apartment complex was tucked into a valley passed a trailer park. The narrow road led through the trailers and opened on up the left side into a newer apartment community. The road continued further, but my mother never let me go that way.

I was allowed to ride my bike around the parking lot—which was a good size—and that is how I spent most of my time outside. There were other kids a bit older than me, but I wasn’t allowed to play with them. They came from the trailer park near the main road and my mother forbade me to hang out there.

When I turned ten, a family moved into an apartment across from ours. They had a boy that looked to be my age, so naturally I was excited. He was a short kid, light brown hair and bright green eyes. I remember him looking at me that first day. I was drawn to him. He had a certain aura about him that was impossible to resist.

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Tell me about your fitness journey! How did you get started? How do you like to stay fit? What are your motivations? What are some of your struggles? What are some of your successes? Let’s chat!

Well I was always rather active but around grade 9 school took up most of my time. I won’t let this happen again with University. I like (rock) climbing and bouldering, jogging, swimming and most activities at the gym. My motivation is to get the good feeling back (feeling good about my body, strength and endurance). My struggles are exam phase(s) and healthy cooking. I already feel more at home in my body and I see some gains in my legs and arms.

Besides health and fitness, what are some of your other hobbies and interests?

I like Metal, cuddling, reading books and goofing around.

Tell me about your favorite recovery snacks after a workout.


What are some of your guilty pleasure TV shows?

Brooklyn 99, Vikings, The walking dead,….

Is there anything new you want to learn?

Yes, I want to get into Yoga and learn Sign Language

What is a food ingredient you’re obsessed with?

Cheese and potatoes :)

How do you feel about rainy days?

Depends, mostly I like the atmosphere and staring outside

Show me some of your favorite songs of all time!

Lordi - The Riff                                                                                                 Carpe Noctem - Storm of the Fury                                                          Equilibrium - Blut im Auge                                                                               Sona Jobarthe - Musow                                                                         Winterstorm - Into the light

What is your favorite potato chip flavor? Ice cream flavor?

Nacho Cheese or Paprika for chips and Joghurt & Chocolate for ice cream


You know what I’m mad about? And this happened nearly a month ago but I’m still pissed. My school cancelled GSA on the one year anniversary of the pulse shooting for some stupid ass rewards ceremony that was only honorary and didn’t effect anyone’s grades at all.

They cancelled the last GSA meeting of the school year on the one year anniversary of the mass shooting with the most casualties in American history that specifically targeted latinx LGBTQ people. Even if it was unintentional… how insensitive is that? How disrespectful? The day of the pulse shooting was one of the worst days of my life. I was devastated. It was sandyhook all over again. I was only 12 when sandyhook happened but I’ll always remember it. It was the first time I truly understood what death was. Both pulse and sandyhook hit so close to home. They still do and they always will. I had to take my APUSH final an hour after I heard the news about the pulse shooting. Needless to say I scored ten points lower than I did on my practice exam. I was crying the whole time.

I will never forget the sorrow and the anger I felt. I needed to take a test on American history when I was right there living it. I couldn’t even imagine (and I still can’t) what the families and friends of the victims were going through.

We didn’t even have a moment of silence on the anniversary. No one spoke a word of it except for the people in GSA.
It’s just plain cruel. Cruel that they forced everyone to come to a meaningless rewards ceremony when every queer kid in school was suffering in silence.

I fucking hate my school (and not just for this, they’ve done many other things that are nearly inexcusable.) fuck.

Distraction - 10 (Harrison Reader)

Season 2 folks! If you haven’t watched it yet be warned!!! 

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You walked toward Cisco’s lab walking a couple days later. He was the one you ran names by. You turned the corner, “Cisco, I have a few names for baby Taco to run past you…you’re not Cisco.”

You crossed your arms staring at Harry. He looked at you from the computer he was working on, “No, I’m not.”

“Do you know where he is?” You stared at him.

“No. I don’t.” He stared at you intently.

“Okay…thanks.” You turned to walk out. Seeing him still made you uneasy.

“Why baby Taco?” He asked before you made it out. You’d notice that he’d been trying to find a way to approach you, this was as good as any.

A small amused noise escaped from you as you looked back at him, “When I finally came too…and found out I was pregnant…All I ate was tacos for nearly month…among other things of course, but mostly tacos. So of course, Cisco, started calling her Taco.”

“Her? It’s a girl?” He leaned forward in his seat.

“Yeah.” You nodded watching him carefully, “I’m still struggling to find a name for her.”

“Believe me…when you see her, you’ll know.” He smiled a little. It was different then the Wells you knew. Harry’s was softer more genuine.

“You sound like you have experience.” You took a step back into the room. His eyes never left your face.

“I name many things.” He looked at his hands for a second before looking back at you, “When you’re name and face is everywhere, there’s a certain expectation to name things with finesse.”

“Uh huh…” You took a slow breath putting your hands on your tummy rolling them over the baby bump.

“Are you alright?” He stood up putting his hands on his hips, obviously concerned.

“Yeah…yeah, she’s just really strong. I’m really surprised I don’t have visible bruises.”  You told him, “She probably got it from her father.”

“Wells Prime?” You smiled at him using Cisco’s name. He rolled his eyes, “It’s easier to say then doppelganger…”

“To answer your question. Yes…” Your face fell speaking about ‘him’.

“I’m sorry…seeing me must be hard.” He was closer to you now.

“You have no idea.” You looked at him and was startled to see him looking at you. You could see he did understand, it was hard to hide that feeling.

“You made a comment earlier, ‘when I finally came to…’ what did you mean by that?” He crossed his arms over his chest holding his elbows.

You walked toward his chair and sat down sighing, “I was in a coma for a month…I was four weeks at the time it happened. I didn’t know and I didn’t think about because I was so wrapped up and confused by what he was doing. Which was lying to us all if you haven’t picked that up yet.”

He let out a half laugh, “Yeah, I got that.”

You watched him lean against the table waiting for more of an answer before you pointed at him trailing your finger up and down his figure, “You want to know what caused the coma, is that what this sexy lean is all about?”

“What? No…I mean yes, I want to know and yes I was waiting for you to continue, but I was not implying…” He started talking with his hands as he tried to remain calm.

“You don’t have to imply Harrison, you exude sex appeal.” You smirked at him enjoying the feeling of toying with him, “Wells Prime…threw me from a building.”

“What?” He stood up aggressively, “Why?”

“Because he saved me from falling in the first place and in doing so revealed that he was the reverse flash.” You swallowed, “He claimed he was sorry, but then called me a liar when I told him I was carrying his baby. He was so focused on his revenge that he hurt everyone around him.”

He sighed heavily again placing his hand on his hips in a thoughtful manner, “We are more alike than I’d like. I get that way…focused…so much so I forget some of the little things. Family dinners, appointments…”

You sat there in silence for a moment, “You knew me, didn’t you?”

“What?” He looked up at you surprised by the question, “What makes you think we know one another?”

“Not you and I, of course, but a version of me.” You pointed between yourself and him, “Were we together? Cause sometimes I see you looking at me as if you want nothing more than to be right next to me.”

He looked away from you putting a hand on the back of his head before he answered, “Yes, I knew you. Seeing you threw me far…far back into my past…”

“Like…a few years?”

“Try a couple decades…” He finally looked at you, “I know it won’t makes sense, but my Y/N, went to high school with me.”

“Of course it makes sense. Different world, different instances. Cause and effect.” His eyes lit up as you listed of the many reasons it could makes sense, “My parents there could’ve met earlier, or maybe my mother got knocked up and raised me as a single mom. The reasons and pathways are infinite. Don’t think that I’m just here to be a pretty face, Wells. I get about 95% of what’s going on here.”

He leaned back against the desk and smiled, “I never meant to imply that either, I’m just not used to people catching on so quickly.”

“Well, you’re going to have to try harder to get something past me.” You smiled at him.

“You were right though, your parents met earlier, therefore they had you earlier there. We…” He looked down at his hands, “We dated…”

“Got it…and then something bad happened.” You frowned seeing that this was hard, “You do know how hard it is to look at someone, because she died.”

He nodded, “I was a grade ahead of her, so naturally I went to college and she stayed home. A weekend that we were supposed see one another got canceled. Some family thing came up and you had to go.”

You listened as he recanted the tale, “You said goodbye to me on my front porch and told me you would make an effort to come visit me at school next weekend. You got into the car with your family and six hours later…your car hit black ice…the car had flipped so many times. No one survived…”

Your hands were planted on the top of your tummy as you listened to him finish, “Harrison, I’m sorry…”

“It was almost twenty years ago…I thought I was over it. Two decades helps you move on, but then I saw you.” He looked at you taking off his glasses and pushed off the desk, “And I knew you would be a distraction, especially in the state you’re in.”

“Wow…at least you’re up front about that.” You started to stand up struggling, “Oh god I want this baby out of me…”

He stepped over helping you up and for once you let someone help you, “She’ll be here soon enough and I didn’t mean a distraction in a bad way. Pregnancy looks good on you…”

Your face flushed quickly, “Thank you…Harrison…”

“You’re the only one who calls me that, why?” He walked with as you headed for the hall.

You smirked, “It’s your name, and even though you look like Wells…you’re not him. You’re a different man.”

“It only took you a couple days to come that conclusion, your friends are still struggling with that…” He stopped putting his hands in his pockets.

“Well they have big hearts, and you are a big risk to them and they don’t want to get hurt again. I guess I don’t have such a big heart.” You looked at him with half smile, “Give them time. I have to go pee…talk to you later.”

He laughed a little watching you walk away he whispered to himself, “Y/N, you have more heart then you realize.”

“What are you staring at?” He heard Cisco behind him and turned removing the smile from his face.

“Crisco…I heard something, it must’ve been you.” He walked in away from him, “Y/N, was looking for you. You should see what she wanted.”

Chapter 4 - You Weren’t My First Kiss

My first kiss was with a girl I met at a christmas party 2 years ago. Daehyun had made me go then got drunk and within 2 hours he was passed on the bathroom floor, waiting for me to take him home. To be honest I didn’t remember the party very well. I drank a little, but so much happened in the small time I was there that I couldn’t even remember much of the kiss or how our lips felt against each other.

The girl asked me out the next day and I said no. I wasn’t interested in dating and I thought if my two best-friends had left me after us knowing each other since the second grade, what hope could I have of having a nice relationship. Jang-il had only died maybe two or three months before. The memories of what I’d went through were still fresh and Daehyun was taking it worse than me. In some ways my reasons for saying no was right but also very flawed, and now almost two years later I wondered what I would be like if I said yes.

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