this is how drunk i was

getting drunk with Tae

- HELL of a good time
- he knows how to have fun
- is never uptight, he lets whatever happens, happen
- he doesn’t know his limits, so you’d have to keep an eye on him
- isn’t a pro with alcohol, doesn’t really know the right drinks for the right occasions
- l i g h t w e i g h t
- be prepared to take care of a sloppy, blacked out taehyung that night
- “y/n-ahhh you’re soo nice to meee”
- “y/n-ahhh why are you soooo niiice”
- “y/n-ahhh you’re so preettyyy”
- he’ll never ever shut up until he goes to sleep
- you’ll leave him in the bathroom while he’s puking his brains out to get a glass of water for him, and come back to him fast asleep on the floor
- “tae come on, lets get you to bed”
- “y/n, baby, can you carry me?”
- you’d drag him out of the bathroom all the way into bed
- he’ll pull you into bed with him cause he doesn’t want to be alone
- “I love you love you love you y/n”

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While reading the "most popular fics in the rival universe", I kept screaming on the inside because what if Yuuri and Viktor saw this??? as if it was real RPF and because of secondhand embarrassment when I thought about their reactions. Actually, on that subject, what would they think of the fics? I think you mentioned before they tend to avoid the shipping stuff, but in a situation where they did read them for whatever reason (Chris dared them? Who knows), what would they think?

Yuuri especially tends to avoid the shipping stuff because he doesn’t want to see all the speculation about his and Viktor’s private life but Viktor would definitely get drunk at one point and read extracts out loud to Yuuri and they would laugh about how inaccurate and out of character they all were

*That red-haired high school bully when he told me I was not, in fact, pretty enough to even rape.* *And I was drunk and whispered back into his ear the cruellest, nastiest thing I could ever think of saying.*

*him glaring*

*Him* “How dare you?”

*Me* “But who cares though, right?”

*Him* “You’re a venomous, nasty little c***.”

*Me* “At this point, I can’t disagree.”

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I want to punch you Sirius and then fucking high five you because what a sleek mofo you are man love you and I want to give Remus hot chocolate or tea, I'm great at making both of them and Remus deserves so much more but my abilities are limited lmao and then I'd like you guys to sneak me into the Slytherin dungeons BECAUSE ITS ABOUT TIME I WENT HOME

I don’t know how I feel about getting punched in the face. Let me get drunk and then have at me. But to everything else, 😏

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yuta 28

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

28. “How drunk was I?”

You wake up in to an alarm at nine in the morning, and it’s got to be the most annoying thing in the whole entire universe. You were hungover; how dare it try and tell you to get up this early?

You reach for your phone across the bed, searching for the noise only for your hand to hit someone. That was weird. You don’t remember your roommate getting into your bed last night. Then again, you don’t remember much.

You open your eyes to look at who exactly is in your bed, only to see your worst nightmare, Nakamoto Yuta laying next to you. Naked.

You pause for a moment, trying to gather your thoughts and quickly look down at yourself, seeing you were also naked.

“Oh- how drunk was I?” You ask yourself. This was gross. You can’t believe you slept with Yuta of all people.

Just to piss him off, you shove him off your bed, earning a yelp and a “what the fuck” from the other. That already made your hangover better.

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It would have been really funny if Killian had enlisted Smee and the rest of his crew to serenade Emma while he proposed to her. LOL But something tells me that the Jolly Roger Crew probably isn't the Four Tops. LOL

Ha you never know. I came across a couple comments on the gifset of the sneak peek where Henry asks how Hook proposed and he said something about him maybe proposing on the Jolly or Hook enlisting the help of Smee and his crew to serenade Emma as it happens, and someone said maybe that’s foreshadowing. 

Maybe in the musical episode, Hook proposes again through song and they get married then and there. It seems like a fun idea and it could totally happen.

But yeah, I don’t think the JR crew is a group of singers, might have to get them drunk first lol

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your poetry was wonderful! it reminds me of a time when I went to a party and got super drunk and texted my gf (me and her had just started dating) terrible, terrible lesbian poetry, then cried because I couldn't figure out how to put it in iambic pentameter and the only sonnet form I could remember was petrachan and it upset me a lot, while my gf was dying laughing on the other end........ except yours is better, ofc

omg I thought this was an insult and I was like BINCH

the best uber/lyft ride i had was when i got in the car and this guy was listening to conspiracy theory podcasts about how everyone was a reptilian and he didn’t say a word to me the entire ride

the worst one i had was bc of me and it was a sweet old lady and i was absolutely stoned and drunk as hell

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I mean just cause It was played differently doesn't mean he wasn't drunk that's obvious to me? it's common sense, he drunk almost an entire bottle of whiskey? do people not know the effect of that. I think they needed him not to be slurring etc like the other time because they wanted to explain his pain and how bad things have got to him but he was still drunk.

Yeah, some people in this fandom are very good and twisting things to fit their own narrative. 😑😑

So I am not surprised their doing it again. Ryan played it different, Robert was still extremely drunk. I’m not always the same type of drunk, when I drink. Sometimes I get tired, other times I’m all smiles and overly happy, it’s different.

But we know he was anon. Let me have what the f* they think they have and we’ll stay over here, in our happy zone. 😀😀

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Tbh yeah its annoying how some shippers are but L knows how much of a big deal camren is obviously. She brought attention to it AGAIN. It just brings negativity u know. Why cant she just talk about what shes always talked about that is a positive thing. Who really benefits from that? I think shes high or drunk or some shit to be acting on impulse AGAIN like that. Like who cares. The other one ignores it. Nobody benefits really. I think she got mad we attacked lucy thats why.

Tbh I think we deserved it, that TT about Laucy was unnecessary like all the others about Camren,all the hate towards Lucy etc. So I understand why Lauren answered

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Today I learned that while drunk me makes out with people, high me just gets hit with a sudden wave of how much I love my friends to the point where I feel like I could be a yugioh protagonist - drunk anon (who gave up alcohol for lent and possibly forever bc it makes me super anxious while weed just makes me feel soft and free)

Im happy that you feel soft and free XD please weed responsibly 

“Once I believed love poems were foolish, yet now I do nothing but dream about love”

Summary: after a single drunken kiss blossoms into a wonderful relationship, Chuuya reflects on how his love for Akutagawa has grown since the day they first met. 

Notes: okay so the beginning part of this is kind of a direct sequel to my first chuuaku fic, but if you havent read that, all you really need to know is that Chuuya got drunk and spent the night at Akutagawa’s apartment and they kissed, and Akutagawa is pining after him because he doesn’t think Chuuya really cares about him. also this was meant for rarepair week day five, so sorry this is a day late, ive been super busy and wasn’t able to finish on time oops! still, its here now and I hope you all enjoy it!


It had been almost a week since Akutagawa had let Chuuya spend the night in his apartment. Akutagawa had hoped the memories would burn less brightly in time, that, swept up in the endless deluge of missions that characterized mafia life, he wouldn’t have time to recall how gentle Chuuya’s hands been, the warmth of his small body under the blankets, or the sweet sensation of those soft lips on his.

To the contrary, Akutagawa found himself thinking of Chuuya more and more as the days passed. He began drifting off mid-mission with a finger pressed to his lips, forgetting where he was for a moment as he pictured Chuuya sitting on his counter, laughing and drinking hot chocolate. Even when Akutagawa returned to the present and destroyed his enemies, he did so with a look of dreamy distraction on his usually taciturn face.

At home, he was even quieter than usual, staring in silence at the couch, the counter, the sink Chuuya had touched. Akutagawa laid in his bed for hours, wondering how it was possible to feel so cold when mere days ago he had felt so warm when he laid beside Chuuya. He buried his nose in the sheets and sniffed deeply, but he found only his own empty scent. Missing Chuuya, Akutagawa thought, felt rather like mourning someone who was still alive.

If Gin noticed a change in Akutagawa, she didn’t say. However, she did take to bringing him cups of tea when he was lying in bed, always giving his hand a quick squeeze before leaving without a word. The tea grew cold on the bedside table, untouched, until Gin swept in with another cup, beginning the cycle anew.

Then, one day-

“Executive Nakahara-san.”

Akutagawa glanced up from the papers he had been pretending to read so quickly he almost gave himself whiplash. He, along with the other members of the Black Lizard Squad, were gathered in a mafia warehouse going over the briefing of their latest mission, when Hirotsu called attention to the little executive leaning in the doorway.

Chuuya’s pose in the doorway- an arm raised above his head, back slightly arched, one slender leg thrust out, hips slung to the side- was so seductive that Akutagawa could not help but wonder if Chuuya had practiced it ahead of time. The thought of Chuuya rehearsing in a doorway at home, scowling and jotting down notes about whether or not his arm was raised high enough to lift the bottom of his shirt just enough to expose a glimpse of his smooth yet muscled torso, would almost have made Akutagawa smile if the mere sight of Chuuya hadn’t sent his heart into a panic.

“So, Black Lizard Squad, eh? Long time, no see.” Chuuya looked around the room, his eyes seeming to skip over Akutagawa. “Well, I’ve got some good news for you- your mission for the day’s been taken care of.”

Akutagawa stared at Chuuya with wide, hungry eyes shining with desperation. Fortunately, Chuuya seemed to be looking at anything but Akutagawa’s face. Akutagawa clenched his hands into fists, not even noticing the slight sting as his fingernails bit into his palms. Why wasn’t Chuuya looking at him? Was he embarrassed? Akutagawa’s heart sank. Of course he was embarrassed; that’s all their kiss was to Chuuya- an embarrassment, a mistake, a moment of drunken indiscretion.

“You’re all free to go for the day,” said Chuuya with a careless wave of one gloved hand. Suddenly, his eyes latched onto Akutagawa, and a small smirk crossed his face. “Except for you, Akutagawa,” he said, his voice a low, sultry purr. “I have a special mission for you.”

The other members of the Black Lizard filed out in silence. Gin flashed a quick glance at Akutagawa over her shoulder. Even though she was wearing a mask, Akutagawa could tell she was smiling. He glared at Gin, but she just raised an eyebrow at him and left.

Once everyone else had gone, Chuuya crossed the room, slowly at first, his footsteps falling in time with Akutagawa’s pounding heartbeat. Then, without warning, Chuuya threw himself the last couple steps, leaping at Akutagawa and pinning him against the wall, plastering kisses on every inch of his face. “Damn it, Aku,” he breathed between kisses. “I’ve missed you these past few days.”

Akutagawa was too stunned to react. When he finally found his voice, it was breathless and faint. “You- you missed me?”

Chuuya laughed, incredulous. “Missed you? You’re all I’ve been able to think about! Every time I remember how you I felt when you held me, I-” Chuuya cut himself off, blushing. He offered Akutagawa a small, almost shy smile. “Yeah, I missed you.”

Akutagawa thought he had never seen Chuuya look as beautiful as he did in that moment, a soft smile on his face, cheeks slightly flushed, blue eyes shining with a clean, pure radiance as they drank in Akutagawa’s face. Looking Chuuya in the eyes was like staring at the sun: Akutagawa could only manage short bursts and sideways glances before his eyes started watering. It was too much, too strange to be the focus of such warm, luminous eyes. Akutagawa didn’t know what Chuuya saw in him, but he knew there was nothing within him worthy of such light.

“Aku, what’s the matter?” Chuuya asked. He lifted one hand to stroke Akutagawa’s cheek, then let it fall, taking a step back. “It seemed like you were into me before. But, then again,” he added, grimacing. “I was drunk off my ass and could’ve misread the hell out of the situation.” He clenched and unclenched his hands. “This might not have been the best idea,” he admitted. Pause. “This might have actually been a really fucking stupid idea.” Chuuya sighed, staring at the ground. “Shit, Aku, I’m sorr-”

Akutagawa stepped forward and pulled Chuuya into a crushing embrace. “Don’t apologize.” Without meaning to, the words came out as a snarl. He paused and took a deep breath, hoping Chuuya couldn’t feel his heart pounding. “I-” Akutagawa swallowed, then coughed. “I-I liked it when you were kissing me,” he whispered, his words pouring out in a rush.

Chuuya’s face blossomed into a smile so wide Akutagawa wondered if his cheeks hurt. “Great, then we proceed as planned!” Chuuya took Akutagawa’s hand and pulled him forward, practically sprinting out the door. “C’mon, let’s go!”

“Where are we going?” Akutagawa asked, as if the answer would have changed anything. Chuuya could have led Akutagawa into a pit of poisonous vipers and he would have followed gladly as long as they were holding hands.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Chuuya replied with a cryptic smile, whipping car keys out of his pocket and spinning them around his finger.

After a particularly enthusiastic twirl, the keys slid off Chuuya’s finger, but with a slight motion of his hand, they came flying back as if tethered to him by an invisible string. Akutagawa’s breath caught in his throat as he watched the keys soaring through the air, tracing a graceful arc as fluid and elegant as the brushstrokes of a master calligrapher. Even Chuuya’s ability was so beautiful…

Akutagawa coughed, using his free hand to cover his mouth. “Your ability, Nakahara-san,” he began, glancing at Chuuya’s face momentarily before dropping his gaze, embarrassed. “It’s very… efficient.”

Chuuya smirked. “Thanks.” He gave Akutagawa’s hand a quick squeeze. “You’re looking really efficent today yourself, Aku.”

Akutagawa blushed and scowled at the ground. “I look the way I always do.”

“Gorgeous?” Chuuya suggested. “Stunning? Breath-taking? The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life?”

The blush on Akutagawa’s cheeks darkened. “Don’t- don’t say things like that.”

“Babe, you’re blushing.” Chuuya smiled, caressing Akutagawa’s cheek. “I’m gonna keep saying things like that until the end of time,” he promised. Chuuya held Akutagawa’s face in his hands and tilted his head to the side for a moment, studying Akutagawa’s eyes. Before Akutagawa knew what had happened, soft lips pressed against his, pulling away almost as quickly. Far too quickly. “I’ll tell you how beautiful you are over and over,” Chuuya whispered, taking Akutagawa’s hands and squeezing them. “I’ll tell you so many times, you’ll get sick of hearing it.”

Akutagawa gazed into Chuuya’s eyes, blue and sparkling with infinite possibilities, like the clear sky above the haze of the city. What Chuuya saw in his ashen eyes, Akutagawa would never know. All Akutagawa knew was that, no matter how many times he heard of it, he could never get tired of Chuuya calling him beautiful.


Akutagawa was breathtaking.

They had been dating for months, but Chuuya still couldn’t seem to get over it, especially when Akutagawa seemed to grow more beautiful by the day. Akutagawa’s eyes never failed to captivate Chuuya; the softness that stole into them when he thought no one was looking melted Chuuya’s heart, and he never tired of realizing how his eyes were gray, not as steel is gray- firm and cold, unrelenting- but gray as mist is gray in the mornings, delicate and ephemeral. Akutagawa had always struck Chuuya that way, as if he could vanish at any moment.

Chuuya could still remember the first day they met. Dazai, of course, had dragged that poor boy straight to mafia headquarters without so much as offering him a change of clothes- he was still wearing an assortment of rags collected on the streets, as well as Dazai’s own black coat- or a bite to eat, and Akutagawa trembled with every step. Chuuya imagined the boy’s bones rattling beneath his skin, collapsing in on themselves whenever he stood still. The boy hardly spared a glance at Chuuya, enraptured with Dazai as he was, but for the brief moment their eyes met, Chuuya saw a flash of the helpless creature he had been before Kouyou had taken him in, mired in a burning, feral anger.

Dazai had seen that anger, too, Chuuya knew, and he would mold it into a weapon. He would turn the fractured pieces of this boy’s shattered-glass heart into knives, into shrapnel, and the fragile boy struggling to stay on his feet would become a ticking time bomb, living only to destroy.

And so Chuuya waited for him. He loitered outside headquarters long after Kouyou was expecting him home, until Dazai strode through the doors- cocky bastard, always strutting around like he owned the place- with his new protege lagging several paces behind him, coughing hard enough to make Chuuya wince in sympathy. Chuuya marched up to Dazai, glaring. “Where are you taking him?”

Dazai’s visible eye widened. “Who?” He glanced at the boy, dismissing the idea that he could matter in any way with a wave of his hand. “Oh, him.”

“Does he have a name?” Chuuya asked, crossing his arms.

Dazai stared at the boy for a moment and shrugged. “Do you, boy?”

The boy’s face fell; Chuuya gathered that he had probably told Dazai his name earlier, and the bastard was pretending to have forgotten. Chuuya’s full lips pressed together in a thin line, and he decided to go especially hard on Dazai the next time they were training together. Chuuya was so caught up in ways he would punish Dazai that he almost didn’t hear the boy’s name.


“Akutagawa-kun,” Chuuya said, smiling. “Nice to meet you, I’m Nakahara Chuuya.”

Akutagawa did not reply; he kept his gray eyes fixated on Dazai’s back.

“So, where are you taking Akutagawa-kun?” Chuuya asked a second time.

“Nowhere.” Dazai gave a careless shrug. “I don’t know why he’s following me, anyway,” he added, raising his voice slightly. “Mori-san said he could join the mafia; he’s on his own now.” Dazai turned to Akutagawa with a sickly sweet smile and made his voice mockingly warm. “You’re a big boy now, aren’t you, Akutagawa-kun?” he cooed. “Or do you need me to be your mommy?” he asked, his voice snapping right back into its usual coldness.

“Well, whose subordinate is he?” Chuuya asked, his voice rising. “I’m sure whoever’s in charge of him would-”

“Mine.” Dazai studied his grotesquely long fingers. “He’s mine.”

“And you don’t even have a place for him to stay the night?” Chuuya cried, scandalized. “If I had subordinates, I’d at least try to take care of them!”

“That’s why precisely why you don’t have subordinates, Chuuya,” Dazai cut in coldly. “And why you never will.” Dazai swept off, leaving his partner and his new subordinate behind in the looming shadow of mafia headquarters.

After shouting a few choice curses at Dazai’s retreating figure, Chuuya turned to Akutagawa. “Sorry about that, Akutagawa-kun,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair “He’s my partner, and kind of an asshole, as you’ve probably figured out for yourself.”

Akutagawa coughed, saying nothing.

Chuuya extended a hand to Akutagawa. “You can stay with me for the next couple days, until you figure this whole thing out,” he said with a welcoming smile. “I’m sure Ane-san won’t mind.”

Akutagawa’s eyes narrowed. “Your sister?”

Chuuya nodded. “Yeah. I haven’t talked to her yet, but once I explain the situation, she’ll let you stay.”

“I have a sister, too.” Akutagawa spoke so quietly, Chuuya had to lean in to hear what he was saying. “I would not mind sleeping on the streets a few nights longer, but if a space in your home could be spared for her-”

Chuuya put his hand on Akutagawa’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it,” he said, giving Akutagawa his most reassuring smile. “I’ll take good care of you.”

Akutagawa coughed, neither agreeing or disagreeing, but his eyes were clouded with doubt. Still, he turned to a nearby bush and nodded, and an equally thin and ragged child rolled out of the foilage, holding a twig like a knife. “Gin,” said Akutagawa. “He’s letting us spend the night with him.”

Gin nodded in silence, giving no response when Chuuya tried to introduce himself.

“Tough crowd,” Chuuya muttered, shoving his hands in his pockets and leading the way to Kouyou’s apartment.

Kouyou was less than pleased when Chuuya returned home more than an hour late with a couple of street orphans in a tow, but, just as Chuuya had predicted, she did not turn them away and, somewhat grudgingly, said they could stay for up to a week.

Chuuya had the next day off, and Akutagawa would not be given his first mission until evening, so they had an entire day to spend together. Although Akutagawa seemed content to lie in bed until his meeting with Dazai, Chuuya had other plans.

Chuuya had gotten up far earlier than usual to cook up a simple breakfast, making sure to set a plate aside for Kouyou; she had already left, but perhaps she would be hungry when she returned. Chuuya carried plates to each of the Akutagawa siblings; Gin woke up the moment she smelled food, devouring everything without pausing to taste a bite, but Akutagawa merely scowled and turned over, trying to go back to sleep.

Chuuya put a firm hand on Akutagawa’s bony shoulder. “Hey, you should eat something,” he said, setting the plate on the ground.

“I don’t need your charity,” Akutagawa snarled over his rumbling stomach.

Chuuya bristled. “And I don’t need your bitch-ass attitude, but I’m getting it anyway. Besides,” he added, inspired. “How do you think your meeting with Dazai’s gonna go if you collapse with hunger on the way there?” Akutagawa’s eyes widened at the mention of Dazai, and he began grudgingly picking at the food Chuuya had prepared for him.

“Thank you,” Gin murmured to Chuuya once Akutagawa left to go to the bathroom. “And Ryuu says thanks, too, but he won’t say it out loud.”

“That’s okay,” said Chuuya, feeling the beginnings of a smile on his face. “I’m not doing this because I want to be thanked.”

Later that day, Chuuya took Akutagawa shopping, convincing him that Dazai would much prefer it if he arrived at their meeting in actual clothes rather than rags when Akutagawa tried to protest. Akutagawa sulked as Chuuya presented him with various outfits, denying all of them seemingly out of spite, until finally settling on a white dress shirt with ruffles on the bottom. Then, catching sight of Chuuya smiling in the dressing room window, glowered at his reflection.

“I don’t like this shirt,” Akutagawa declared as they approached the register, clutching the shirt close to his chest. “But I dislike shopping with you even more. I’m only doing this to keep you from prolonging my suffering.”

Chuuya just laughed and paid for the shirt, as well as a pair of black pants and matching black dress shoes. At the last minute, after noting how Akutagawa took to the ruffled shirt, he threw a white cravat onto the pile as well.

They returned to Kouyou’s apartment so Akutagawa could change before his meeting with Dazai, and when he stepped out of the room, dressed in the clothes Chuuya had bought for him as well as Dazai’s black jacket, Chuuya’s breath caught in his throat.

“You look-”

Akutagawa glared at Chuuya, daring him to finish that statement.

Chuuya blushed “-warm. You look- you look really warm in those clothes. A lot warmer than you did in that old stuff, anyway.”


That was what Chuuya wanted to say, what he meant from the bottom of his heart, and Akutagawa’s beauty only increased when he held still long enough for Chuuya to straighten the cravat around his neck, stiffening when Chuuya’s fingertips softly brushed against his skin. Akutagawa gasped slightly, then tried to cover it up with a cough.

Chuuya had found Akutagawa beautiful from the day they met, back when he was a ragged, rageful boy full of bitterness. He had seen the softness in his eyes when he spoke of his sister, the shadow of a smile in his face when he first put on that ruffled shirt, heard his gasp when Chuuya first touched him- he wasn’t used to being touched so gently, to hands meeting his skin with anything other than cruel intentions- and saw beauty.

Chuuya never could have predicted how deeply he would grow to love Akutagawa; now, he could never imagine who he would be if he didn’t love Akutagawa. Chuuya loved Akutagawa with all of his heart, and he was determined to shower Akutagawa in affection, to drown him in love until he had no choice but to accept that he was worthy of it. He wanted Akutagawa to know a love as faithful and constant as sunrise, so that a gentle touch did not startle him but felt natural, so that he no longer stiffened under Chuuya’s touch, but melted into it.

Chuuya wanted to love Akutagawa until he felt as beautiful as he was.

And now, Akutagawa was beautiful because he allowed himself to be. Akutagawa allowed Chuuya to brush his hair until it was soft as silk and shone like starlight, allowed Chuuya to gently massage lotion into his dry, aching hands, allowed Chuuya to cook not only breakfast for him but to offer food whenever he was hungry, always making an effort to stomach at least a couple bites of whatever Chuuya had made. Akutagawa allowed himself to be cared for, and his willingness to be loved made him more beautiful still.


Ryuu…” said Chuuya, sing-song, as he held Akutagawa’s face in his hands. Akutagawa had not reacted when Chuuya crawled on top of him, but he gasped when Chuuya nuzzled his face into Akutagawa’s neck and left a trail of soft kisses leading to his collarbone. “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?”

“Yes, you. Every day.”

Chuuya laughed, pulling back for a moment just so he could lean down and kiss Akutagawa again. “That’s good, baby. You deserve it.”