this is how deep i am in star trek

new fan theory generated with @calamitylena: cardassians are nocturnal.

evidence for this is actually kind of overwhelming:

  • cardassians constantly complain about how bright certain locations are (garak in the wire immediately comes to mind). based on occupation era flashbacks (the collaborator, etc.) we know ds9 used to be kept a lot darker when it was run by cardassians, which supports the theory that, although they universally have pretty sharp eyes, cardassians have better night vision than day vision.
  • almost every time we see cardassia (pre-dominion war), the sky is red/orange or dark, which suggests that cardassians wake up at twilight and are active during the night.
  • cardassians take pleasure from sunbathing, especially from sleeping in the sun, or laying on heated rocks, which would make sense if they’re usually asleep during the peak of the day.
  • not to mention, cardassia prime is a desert hellscape where temperatures can reach well over 120 degrees fahrenheit. although cardassians can easily withstand that kind of heat (and even flourish in it, as proven by dukat’s behavior on dozaria in indiscretion), it would make sense for them to rest during the hottest parts of the day to avoid heatstroke.

also, this makes for really fun worldbuilding opportunities like:

  • cardassian cities that are especially beautiful/active in the early hours of the morning, and are designed to be viewed and used when the world is dark. imagine how beautiful cityscapes must be.
  • cardassians getting super cranky when they’re asked to prescribe to diurnal timetables. like… “i have to wake up at 8am? in the morning? that’s usually when i’m going to SLEEP! ugh diurnals are the worst”
  • cardassians being taken out to watch the sunrise on new year’s and literally hissing as it comes over the horizon like they’re gonna scare it back to the other side of the planet
  • cardassians dressing in colors/fabrics designed to be especially appealing by the light of streetlamps, or the moon
  • cardassians referring to diurnal species as “daywalkers”
  • nocturnal cardassians

Been seeing a lot of Julian and Garak on my dash and was like?? I haven’t drawn these nerds yet??So here we are.