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For Your Own Good

I felt like writing something sad the other day and poor Tiggy became the victim of it. XD

Tig cheats on you after Dawn dies because he wants you to leave him so nothing like that happens to you.

After his Dawn was killed, Tig had started pushing you away. He wanted you to think you two were growing apart, hoping that you would just leave and he didn’t have to do anything drastic. He knew you were okay with what the club life entails and even Gemma was impressed with how well you adapted to club life, but what happened with Dawn, he couldn’t let happen to you. He loved you too much to let you be around him anymore.

Pushing you away and practically ignoring didn’t work, he knew in the back of his mind it wouldn’t. You knew him too well, you probably just thought he was grieving and gave him his space to do so. Besides, giving up was never like you, that’s why your relationship had worked so well. Despite that, he knew staying close to him would only put you in danger. He needed to make you would leave him permanently.

He knew you were headed over to the clubhouse so he had it all planned and, well, it had gone according to plan. You walked into Tig’s room only to find him balls deep inside a croweater.

He had turned around when he heard you open the door. He tried to keep his face expressionless when he saw you standing there looking shocked and hurt. You were still working things through your mind as the croweater frantically got dressed and left, fearing the fury of an Old Lady.

Tig watched your expression changed from hurt and shock to rage as he put his pants back on.

“What the hell was that, Alex?!” You yelled, shoving him. He let you shove him and just shrugged it off.

“A croweater.” He replied plainly.

“Aren’t you going to explain yourself?!” You screamed.

“There’s nothing to explain, doll.” Tig scoffed. “I got bored of you. I found someone else to fill my time.”

“What?” You were suddenly quiet and the color rushed out of your face.

“You heard me.” He shrugged. “I found someone else.”

“But you said you loved me.” You whispered, a tear ran down your face. Tig’s jaw twitched. It took everything he had to keep from stopping this act and begging on his knees for you to forgive him. The only thing that kept him going was the feeling that he was doing this to protect you.

“That was just to get you to stay.” He said coldly. “Don’t take it personal, doll.”

He stood there, waiting for your reply. Your expression turned angry again, your brow furrowed and your jaw clenched. Tig wanted you to get angry. He wanted you to scream and shove or slap him again but you didn’t. You just looked at him and said in a hurt filled voice,

“Well, fuck you too, Tig.” Then you left, shutting his door behind you and that was the last he’d seen of you.

He’d gone to your house a week later, hoping that things had cooled off enough to where he could get his things and return his key. Your house was empty except a couple boxes of his stuff with his name on them.

You’d left no note, no sign of where you had gone. That’s when Tig really realized how badly he had screwed up but he pushed it from his mind, telling himself that he would have only gotten you killed.

He returned to the clubhouse and started gathering up all your things from his room in case you ever came back for it. Tig’s door opened without anyone knocking. It was Gemma.

“That was a damn good woman you shit on, Tiggy.” Gemma crossed her arms, standing in his doorway. “You really messed up now.”

“I know, but I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if anything had happened to her.” Tig shook his head.

“That’s bullshit, Tig and you know it.” Gemma told him. “She knew what the club life was and she would have stuck with you through thick and thin but you threw that all away because you were too damn afraid to face it. I hope you can live with that.”

Then she left but her words stuck in Tig’s head. Now he realized how big of an idiot he’d been. You had only ever been there for him and this was how he repaid you? How could he have thought that he was actually protecting you?

He picked up a photo strip that he had of the two of you from the photo booth at a carnival from a while back. You and Tig looked so happy, so carefree. He hadn’t realized how much of a weight you took off his shoulders until you were gone. Now it felt like his world was crashing down around him. He hadn’t realized you were his rock or that you were the only sane thing in his crazy life.

He sat down on the edge of his bed and rubbed his face with his hand. Maybe you’d come back. Maybe he could beg you to take him back and try to fix this.

Now it’s been months since Tig had last seen you. He didn’t realize how much he’d miss you when you were actually gone. All that time he had spent pushing you away you had still been there but now… Now you were gone and he didn’t know where you were or if you were safe. He missed you.

He stared at the bottom of his empty glass and wondered how he’d managed to screw up everything he’d ever done right in his life. He should have accepted the support you offered instead of being a coward and pushing you away. He should have married you instead of forcing you out. He could still tell himself that you were safer wherever you were now than you had ever been around him but it no longer made him feel any better.

What made it worse was that he could never escape you. Every time he closed his eyes all he saw was the hurt on your face. Every dream he had was about you. He tried to drown you out with croweaters but all he could think of when he was with them was you.

His heart was empty without you. It made his grieving worse. He missed his daughter. He felt guilty for her death, he knew it was his fault. He hadn’t realized just how much simply having you around had helped him cope and now he had lost you from his life too. All he could do now is keep lying to himself that he did this for your own good.

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Bisexual Mary Winchester

You know, I’m never gonna argue anyone out of a bisexual ANYONE reading of a character.

The only reason I could think it might actually even become relevant to the plot makes it sound like a fanfic… if she was trying to assure Dean that she’s okay with HIM being bi…

See what I mean? Sounds like a fanfic.

Doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, though.

I do think it would take a lot of time, and likely an extraordinary connection with someone, for her to enter a relationship with ANYONE. Who knows how the cupid match that bound her to John works, you know? Either way, she’s currently traumatized. She’s going to be struggling for a while just absorbing the entirety of the last 33 years that she’s missed out on, but as far as her family goes, the vastly expanded supernatural universe that Sam and Dean have experienced– everything from angels and even God being real and kinda buddy-buddy with the Winchesters to heaven, hell, purgatory, leviathan, Eve, and everything else, and her own personal adjustment to life in a world that’s nearly completely different than the one she just died in back in 1983.

She doesn’t know what the internet is. Or a cell phone. Trust me, as someone who remembers 1983 vividly, 2016 is as good as a different planet.

Otherwise I don’t really think she’s being brought back to be anyone’s romantic interest in canon…

But then again, in fanfic, I kinda want her to spend some serious time with the Wayward Daughters crowd. Not only was she deprived of mothering her own children when they were young (which is likely another point of sadness and loss she’s going to be suffering), but she could be not just another mother figure to some young girls who would probably be equally thrilled to help her adapt to modern society, and also a very experienced hunter who can pass on her knowledge of the supernatural. Even Jody and Donna could benefit from her experience.

Oh, please let Mary’s return be setting up a Wayward Daughters spinoff! Oh gosh. That’s the best idea ever. Thank you anon friend!

Okay, so based on my current understanding of Voltron’s ages taking into account what the showrunner’s said is “a safe range” for their ages and my experience with how old everyone was in college, I am going to start posting Sheith art/fics again. I don’t have any problem with two people going to college at the same time starting a relationship, I feel much more comfortable with this understanding and it still completely works with what the showrunners said. I’m super sensitive about age gap issues, so this is good for me.

If there are any issues with folks who follow me, I’ll be tagging things so you can blacklist.

antis are so wild. honestly…I started talking to this girl at work who also likes 1D and I mentioned how adorable larry were during X factor and then she turned and made eye contact with the utmost intensity and was like “louis and harry aren’t in a relationship. they never were and they’ll never be” and I was like…okay…chill. I just mentioned they were adorable when they were younger I didn’t go off on a spiel about how they’re married w/ 3 cats or anything

i’m just dead. always. at what tony says in this one moment bc it’s so disarmingly simple and kind and the huG but then there’s what it actually means

how many times have superheroes felt like atlas carrying the weight of 192483958 things between saving lives, protecting the world, maintaining their alternate identities and relationships, working jobs and having responsibilities. how many times have superheroes sacrificed what they think are relatively insignificant priorities for world-saving and supervillain-fighting and in the end, felt like they’ve let everyone down. 

tony knew what she needed to hear and knew exactly how to say it and he promises her that it’s true. that even though she might be a hero of the people now and an avenger, making time for herself and her personal life is always going to be okay. this is so important. it’s so important, especially for kamala who’s a young adult and has ten times the amount of pressure and expectation upon her shoulders, to hear that putting herself and her family and her future first is never going to be something she needs to be sorry for.

i just. (*˙︶˙*) tony stark. and his empathy. and how much he cares about people. how much he loves and wants the best for his avengers.

Small Moments Part I

To cover the (small) best aspects of one of the best relationships of this century. Total opinion but also facts. I decided to do a five part mini series on why these two humans are married.

I don’t think it’s a secret that Niall loves Zayn’s art work. Vice versa. So lets go over the big and the smalls.

Niall has no six pack and Zayn trying to draw Niall Dragon Ball style makes me laugh but the fact that they sat next to each other and Niall was goading Zayn to draw him is pretty special. Especially since you had no abs Niall.

Okay but how about Zayn drawing all four with no input. One of these things is not like the other.

And I’m not just talking about how Zayn draws a ♥ over the i in Niall either.

This was ridiculous. It just needs to be pointed out based on prior evidence that Zayn Malik is a top tier liar on all accounts.

Here are some of the pages from the sketchbook that was taken from Zayn’s luggage. I don’t have to go into deep analysis to explain how flirty these pages are. I get these were done with private intentions. I don’t condone that behavior but the glimpse we got to see of this was really BIG.

Also has been said but the amount of trust Zayn has in Niall to look and write in his sketch book speak volumes.

Seriously though, “fuck you” and all Zayn does is reply with a heart. I hate them. And asking how “Neil” is doing. Wow.

Zayn under selling himself while Niall wants Zayn to get the credit and recognition he deserves makes me sigh very heavily.

A compliment and keeping the original work. What else could Niall possibly have?

Zayn went out of his way to give proper credit to Niall for his icon and his photography expertise. Lifting each other up like this doesn’t get anymore beautiful.

But this has been happening since the beginning so I’m not REALLY surprised.

Like of all 1000 tattoos on those 4 boys and he picks this tiny little robot on Zayn which I think is still skeptical. But very endearing. And if you listen closely to the video before Niall gives his answer, Louis tells Niall “don’t fuck it up.”  👀

I love Niall appreciating Zayn’s tattoo’s and the dorkier they are about it the better. Done.

This speaks for itself but they literally went on a roadtrip to get Zayn something he really wanted. 

Now for the real talk right?

Remember these?

And it’s not really news that Zayn likes the skull design nor that he likes doing his own fashion.

Now I’m no detective or anything and sadly these were the only shots of Niall this day but that back design looks very Zayn? You can side by side some of Zayn’s skulls for comparison and it matches very heavily to his style. 

I don’t blame Niall. I’d love having the privilege to wear his art.

like the only real problem i have with being called queer is that when i was first questioning, i saw “queer” attached to everything lgbt-related on tumblr and i was young and felt like queer was a way out of claiming the dreaded Lesbian Label, and tumblr encouraged that and i was often told that queer was better than identifying as a lesbian because it was a catch-all and more inclusive and was becoming more accepted by the mainstream. no one can deny how often “lesbian” is spit out with the same disdain and contempt that queer is, (because at the end of the day it always will be a slur, regardless of your personal relationship with it) and sometimes more. basically i just feel like there’s a lot of truth to the idea that many lesbians have to actually work to reclaim lesbian in the same way many people have reclaimed queer. queer has never ellicited the same reaction from me that lesbian has and i worked hard to be okay and proud to call myself a lesbian and i don’t appreciate being called and thought of as queer when i don’t want to call myself that anymore. i’m a lesbian and that’s what i want to be called

Poly!Relationship Masterlist

Just a quick reminder!

I DO NOT take requests anymore for poly relationships. DO NOT send any in please!

  1. Men And Their Bunnies (Poly! Relationship w/Hanjoo)
  2. Cold Snacks (Poly! Relationship w/VMIN)
  3. Awkward (Poly! Relationship w/Chenhun)
  4. Bath Bomb (Poly! Relationship w/Namjin)
  5. Fatherly Duties (Poly! Relationship w/Sugamon)
  6. Group Cuddle (Poly Relationship w/Baekyeol)
  7. Comfortable (Poly Relationship w/Krisyeol)
  8. Cliche (Poly Relationship w/Meanie)
  9. Round Framed Baby(Poly Relationship w/Soonhoon)
  10. Spreading Love (Poly Relationship w/Xiuhan)
  11. (Poly! Relationship w/Hyunghyuk)
  12. The Next Step (Poly! Relationship w/Jingyeom)
  13. Big Spoon (Poly Relationship w/SoonSeok)
  14. Make It Up To Me (Poly Relationship w/ Jackmon)
  15. How To Feed A Baby (Poly Relationship w/Jindeul)
  16. Childish (Poly Relationship w/Taegi)
  17. We’ll Be Okay (Poly Relationship w/JunHan)
  18. Bubbles (Poly Relationship w/Jicheol)
  19. Team Work (Poly Relationship w/Taejin)
  20. Tattooed Love (Poly Relationship w/Sugamon)
  21. Stray Love (Poly Relationship w/Vkook)
  22. Growing Family (Poly Relationship w/Jeongcheol)
  23. Best Friends and More (Poly Relationship w/Meanie)

Also word of wisdom: if you’re a young’n and you’re still trying to find yourself, ignore relationships. Do not worry about getting romantic approval because what you need to focus on is yourself and building yourself. Then when you’re ready you can get into that relationship and you can say no to any bad shit that turns up because you know your boundaries, you know where you stand, and you know how to tell that person to gtfo and stop crossing those lines. You can tell the difference between what is and what is not acceptable because you’ve been working on yourself.

If you’re young you’re totally okay to ignore peer pressure and not get into relationships. Let yourself grow first, let yourself figure out who you are and where you are. Let yourself be ready. 

Okay but

Manorian shippers can’t use the “Dorian described Manon as the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen” argument because GUESS WHAT.
I’m rereading Crown of Midnight right now and you know how Celaena described Archer?
“It was hard to look away from Archer, who had been and still was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen. Not handsome—beautiful.

We all know how that relationship worked out.

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Seeing as how the Lion themselves are technically magical robotic sentient wonders, what do you think are their thoughts on their Paladins? Like, does Black feel slightly wary towards Shiro after he lost control of him (at the end of the season)? Thanks~~~

Black Lion

  • I feel like it had trusted Shiro from the beginning, seeing as in epsiode 2 he was able to do an expert-level training skill and saw though his lion’s eyes.
  • Is probably worried about him because of how mentally, he’s not okay, and he’s leading the team.
  • However, even if they hit speed-bumps, the lion trusts Shiro and vice versa.

Blue Lion

  • It is interested by him. Allura didn’t really get to finish her statement on what it is like, so we have to guess that it’s just as full of itself as Lance is.
  • Probably thinks that it’s the greatest, too.

Green Lion

  • They have a pretty good relationship. They’re trying their best to work together, but they still need more time before they’ll fully understand each other and work together as best they can.

Yellow Lion

  • It probably really cares about him and appreciates his caution.
  • The lion has been fighting since like, day 1, though so it might get tired of him getting scared easily because it’s seen some shit and a little fall or monster is no biggie to it anymore.

Red Lion

  • Since they are both hot-headed, the lion probably feels the same way about rushing into things as Keith does.
  • It probably enjoys it, too.


The day was quickly approaching. Aiden wasn’t quite sure how to feel – Excited? Nervous? Like this is a mistake? He hoped for nothing more than for this relationship with Pixie to work. Aiden was in love with her; but this wedding was causing more stress than expected. “Maybe we can just get married here – just us.” Aiden spoke, his voice shook with anxiety. “No, no..” He muttered. “I’m just really fuckin’ nervous, Pix.”

Gay Space Angst™

read it on AO3 at

by Colorblocking

Lance realizes he missed his birthday and is sad about it so he and Keith make out I promise it’s way more romantic than this summary

Words: 1997, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at
How I Report My Daily Activities To Her Through Text
  • Pagkagising sa Umaga - Good morning, Baby kong mahal na mahal!
  • Papasok Ng Office - Papasok na ako babe, pasakay na ako.
  • Pagkasakay ng Jeep / FX - Nakasakay na ako ng Jeep / FX, Babe.
  • Pagkababa sa tapat ng Office - Nakaka baba na ako baby ko. Mag in na ako, babe! Work na po ako. I love you! :*
  • Pagmag lunch sa Office - Lunch break baby kong mahal, kain ka na diyan. Hope you’re doing okay. I love you! :*
  • Pag uwian na / Mag Out na sa Office - Baby, out na po ako! Good morning! (Night shift eh). Uuwi na ako!
  • Repeat number #3 bullet.
  • Nakauwi ng bahay  - Baby! I’m home! Kakain na ako ng dinner. Muuaaahhh! :)
  • Matutulog Na - Baby! Good night! I love you! Sweet dreams! :* Muah!
  • Pag rest day na, Quality Time na with her.


So on! For 4 years and still counting of my relationship with her, ito na yung naging daily routine ko in life. At nasa sistema ko na to, buhay na buhay pa rin at active. Kaya wala siyang nagiging problema sakin when it comes to updates and communication. Kapag aalis ako, magpapaalam ako syempre kung saan, kelan, sino kasama ko at what time ako uuwi. Kaya kahit sino ang magtanong sakanya alam na alam niya kung nasaan ako kahit nakapikit pa yan. Sa buong 4 years, sa style kong yan nabuild ko yung trust niya. At araw araw ko tong itutuloy ng walang kasawa sawa just to keep my girl happy. Hidi ko ala kung anong style din ng ibang lalake pero for sure, effective din yun sa sarili nilang pamamaraan. Kanya kanyang diskarte lang to to keep a girl.


“If you don’t mind, could you make a call out post for this guy? I’d appreciate if my url wasn’t associated with it.

I went on the ddlg tag on omegle and got a pedo. I said I was 14 and he said he was 19 and was fine proceeding with kik exchange and stuff, so he’s clearly alright with entering into a ddlg relationship with a minor that is 5 years younger than him. Here’s all the info I got.

(Sorry about the quality of the omegle image.)”

This was submitted to me, I didn’t know how to post things on anon so I copied and pasted, hope that was okay! Please tell me if some of the images don’t work!!

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Since your Rossi stories have been amazing I am going to ask for more. Okay so reader and Rossi have a relationship and reader wants to broke up because she is going to join the BAU so she doesn't want to effect team dynamic. He doesn't have a lot of choice so he let her go but still thinking about how to win her back and he decides to make pizza for her :)

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this. I have had writers block and been so busy lately. I hope you like it.


“This is not going to work David.
I am joining the team and our relationship will
not work while working together.”
“Y/N that’s stupid, of course it will work. We can make it work.”
His rushed voice tried to reason with you.
“David…” you lowered your head and sighed.
“I don’t want to change the dynamic of everything.
I think… that this is for the best.”
You loved him very much, you have told him that many times before,
but Joining the team will change a lot.
“I am sorry David.” you turned and left his house.
The cold crisp air made you shiver as you walked to your car.
You sat in silence for a minute taking in what you had just done.
A lone tear rolled down your face as you turned the heater on.
Sniffing and wiping away the tear you pulled out of the driveway
and onto the road, leaving David standing,
watching you from the window.

Some uncomfortable weeks passed as you started your new job.
The occasional hello and nod from Rossi.
He was upset still, which was understandable.
You assumed the team noticed the awkwardness in the
air when the two of you were in the same room.
You stood at the kitchen counter, making your usual morning coffee.
You could feel his presence as he entered the staff kitchen.
His throaty voice brought a slight smile to your face.
Remembering the days you would wake up next to him.
“Morning” You replied rather quietly.
His clothing ruffled as he leaned against the counter.
“How was your weekend?”
You looked up a little surprised.
“It was alright. Caught up on some reading.”
You watched as he smiled faintly.
“Coffee?” You asked holding up the pot.
“Yes please.”
Silence filled the air again as you poured him a cup.
“would you like to have lunch with me today?”
he asked, calmly looking into your eyes.
“I made pizza. Your favorite…”
You bit at your lip. A little habit of yours,
trying to figure out what exactly he was trying to do.
“David….Are you trying to win me over with pizza?”
He open his mouth about t speak, but closed it again.
You laughed lightly and shook your head.
“you can’t expect me not to try Y/N”
You nodded and started biting your lip again.
“I miss you Y/N” his voice wavered.
“I miss you too.” you lowered your head, trying to rest your feelings.
Voices from the hallway distracted you both. It was JJ.
David sighed “We have a new case.”
You nodded “I guess we better go then.”
“Yeah…I am going to grab the pizza before we go”
You laughed out loud at him.
“I spent a few hours on preparing that pizza.
I am not leaving it behind.”
He stood in the doorway smiling at you “You coming?”
You laughed again “Yeah yeah, I am coming.”

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Can I just say how great Jesse's trust in Cassidy is now that they've made their apologies and fixed their relationship. Like Jess is just about certain he's screwed now because his whole plan relies on using the phone except 'Aw shit, I need an angel hand to make it work!' And Cass just goes 'Oh no worries mate, I can get you one,' like he's got a case of them stashed in his attic or some shit. And Jesse's just '...Okay.' Like who keeps severed angel hands?! But he trust that Cass does.

This is so true?? 

I’m beyond glad they kept this characterization from the comics, wherein Jesse is initially appalled at learning that Cass is a vampire… but goes back to being a devoted friend real damn quick. We can see in this GIF-set in particular that Jesse is VERY CONFUSED about where the hell Cass is gonna get angel hands… but he doesn’t question it. At all. He trusts Cass beyond believe. (Except it is believable. Given his acceptance of Jesse’s power, trying to tell him about the ‘government clones,’ immediately trying to help Jesse with Eugene rather than judge him for it… Cass has proven himself to be very reliable.) 

And that for me is what’s equally fascinating, Cass’ trust in Jesse. I mean sure, Jesse has done a lot of awful things, but from Cass perspective it’s all “justifiable”:  

  • Broke a man’s arm? He started the fight. 
  • Killed an angel multiple times? Obviously self-defense. 
  • Sent a kid to hell? Jesse said it was an accident. 
  • Even letting him burn? Well, Jesse did put him out quick. 

Basically Cass is REALLY GOOD at coming up with excuses for Jesse. As funny as it is, this other post isn’t far off the mark… Cass even says during their reconciliation something like, “What do you have to be sorry for?” like even after Eugene and this whole fiasco he honestly can’t conceive of why Jesse would apologize to him. He can do no true wrong. Jesse, in Cass’ mind, deserves all his trust and more because he’d never betray that trust, right? And if he did then Cass must have deserved the betrayal. We can’t forget that he was willing to die if Jesse decided he should burn. 

So yeah, a cache of angel corpses? Pff. That’s nothing in comparison. Especially when said friend is offering to bury another body with you at the same time. Jesse isn’t exactly in a position to judge lol. 

Huh… one third of the trio is digging up old bodies… one is helping to burying a new body… the third is about to create one… 

They’re coming together and I couldn’t be happier <3 

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okay, i haven’t been finding comfort in anything lately and i think it’s why i’ve been feeling so on edge about absolutely everything. my theory is, i have some unresolved personal issues regarding identity (who doesn’t) and personal relationships + environment and i have no real solution currently so i’m just looking at everything through anxiety filtered goggles and perishing. i also have to work through my jealousy issues, a lifelong journey.. and better learn how to be alone. actually; it’s not the being alone part that bothers me because i actually really love to be alone, it’s the fact that it’s my only option and i have no real means by which to productively exercise any passions of mine. this is why i need a new environment … anyhow i don’t know why you would but don’t reblog this 

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Hi I was wondering if you could offer some advice on this: I think I want to continue with therapy for another year or so. I'm doing better but there are still some things that need resolving and I'm okay with that and willing to work on them. However, it worries me that I can't really see a future without therapy. I was wondering, how does one differentiate between needing more time in therapy to "solidify" the work that's been done and wanting more time in therapy cause one is comfortable?

I think that’s an excellent point, and definitely an issue that comes up for lots of clients who have benefited from therapy and/or have a strong relationship with their therapist. My usual answer to that is to create a goal around it. It can start out with something like, “how will I know I don’t need therapy anymore?” that you can discuss with your therapist, and then work towards completing those pieces. That might mean working on ambivalence you have about what kind of future you could have if therapy wasn’t in it, or how to get your needs met outside of therapy, or how to solidify the work you’ve already done. 

para: window shopping

After a couple days of Quinn walking on eggshells around Violet, things were getting back to normal. Their relationship had faced a trial and survived it and Quinn was that much wiser; or that’s how it felt. This whole being-an-adult-thing was working out okay after all. With their money situation sorted after a few signatures and initials on a couple forms, Quinn decided there was no better time to go check out places to rent for the summer.

She’d expected to face a little difficulty at the realtor’s office given the kinds of properties they were interested in and how young they were, but apparently eighteen year olds with massive trust funds were a planned-for occurrence. She and Violet let themselves be whisked off on a whirlwind tour of Lima’s top-tier rental properties.

The first was apparently a Spanish Colonial-style house, their realtor, Jane, informed them, at which Quinn just hummed thoughtfully as they walked inside the expansive home, like she was intimately familiar with Spanish Colonial architecture and this was indeed a fitting example. All Quinn knew was that it was huge and even fancier than the Fabray mansion and it could be all theirs for a few months. It was surreal.

They left Jane at the foyer and went to explore, and Quinn grinned as they entered the industrial kitchen, hopping up to sit on the granite countertop like they owned the place. “This is crazy,” she said. “This could be ours. What do you think, babe?”